Chapter 84: Fu Wenduo must die.

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The huge turkey, huge but not bulky, hit Fu Wenduo with a whoosh, as if it were a giant bomb. Fu Wenduo rolls over to avoid the blow, and after a loud bang, two rows of shelves are knocked over by the turkey. Amidst the smoke and dust, the turkey turned its head and attacked again.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other, splitting into two opposite pairs, and pinning the big turkey.

The small parasol snapped open, stopping the sharp claws of the big turkey. Fu Wenduo then takes his dagger and scurries up underneath the small parasol at a speed unseen by the naked eye. The tip of the blade slashes upwards at the breast of the turkey. The turkey already knows the power of the dagger and presses a paw against Fu Wenduo's dagger.

The red chicken claw clashes with the black dagger, sending sparks of metal clashing.

"Gobble gobble gobble!"

With a whistle, the turkey swings its wings angrily and swats the parasol away. The turkey shakes off Tang Mo and attacks Fu Wenduo again, who ducks and retreats. In the dimly lit supermarket, the two men and the chicken stand five metres apart, in an isosceles triangle. The big turkey's sinister gaze wanders over Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's bodies.

In the next second, all three attacked at the same time.

Bang, bang, bang!

While Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo wrestled with the big turkey, Xiao Jitong and the boy quickly ran to the corner and carried the dying girl with short hair on her back. Xiao Jitong: "Find a safe place, and you get the banana wine ready."

The little boy nodded vigorously.

With Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo holding the big turkey, Xiao Jitong disappears into the supermarket with the short-haired girl on his back. They arrived at the manager's office on the ground floor of the supermarket. As soon as Little Qiao entered the room, he locked the door behind him and took out from his pocket a yellow box of drink, which looked similar to the banana milk sold in supermarkets.

'Banana Wine'

Underneath is a small, twisted line that reads: All the underground's favourite wine, sold a hundred times a year around The black tower!

Xiao Jitong took the box of banana wine, ripped open the straw and brought it up to the short-haired girl's mouth to force her to drink it. At this point the short-haired girl's companion sneaks up on her. She had been watching from a distance when the big turkey had attacked the short-haired girl, and she didn't dare to come close. Now, seeing her companion's tragic condition, the long-haired girl's eyes burst into tears and she hugged her companion, sobbing in a low voice.

The banana wine in the box is getting smaller and smaller, and the short-haired girl's face is getting flushed.

Outside the office, the sounds of the fight never cease. The big turkey is getting faster and faster, this time with more power than the last round of eagles catching chicks. It slams its claws into Tang Mo, who sidesteps it, and the wall is easily cut three deep marks by it, revealing the steel inside.

The turkey's skin is too tough for the parasol to penetrate and only Fu Wenduo's dagger can do any damage to it. But having learnt from the previous attack, the turkey was wary of Fu Wenduo's dagger and gave him no chance to attack. Sensing that Tang Mo was the weaker of the two, he attacked him repeatedly, forcing Fu Wenduo to pursue him.

The two men and the chicken fought their way through every corner of the supermarket floor. When Fu Wenduo ran out of bullets, the big turkey seized an opportunity and feigned an attack on Fu Wenduo with its sharp claws raised above his head. Fu Wenduo rolled on the ground to avoid the blow, but the turkey suddenly turned its head and flew towards Tang Mo with a kick.

Tang Mo was about to come to Fu Wenduo's rescue when something changed and he opened his parasol in horror, but the turkey was faster than him. The sharp claws were about to pierce Tang Mo's chest when whoosh! A silvery light flashed in front of Tang Mo's face. The big turkey immediately stops its attack and dodges the arrow. It turned its head to look.

Just above the automatic staircase, a cold, black-clad woman stood on the first floor of the supermarket, staring coldly at it. Ningning's hand held a silver crossbow, and it was she who had just fired the arrow that forced the big turkey to dodge. Tang Mo took the opportunity to run to Fu Wenduo and join him.

A dull whine escaped from the Great Turkey's nose, its tiny eyes shifting back and forth between the three players. Suddenly, with a roar, it rushed towards Ningning, who was alone.

Ningning pulled up her crossbow and a silver light appeared on it as she drew it. The next second she shot a quick arrow, three silver rays shot at the big turkey with great speed, which dodged left and right and rushed to the first floor of the supermarket.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo immediately rolled up the stairs and chased them over.

The black tower's delightful countdown rings out in the supermarket as the minutes tick by. The ground floor of the supermarket is deadly silent, while on the first floor, three powerful players are locked in a battle with the big turkey. Without the deadly blue droplets, Little Qiao's traps can only delay the turkey for a moment and do no real damage.

The three Tang Mo's joined hands so that the big turkey could not harm them, but they could not harm the big turkey either.

Fu Wenduo: "Watch out!"

Tang Mo rolled over to avoid it, but not before a thin gash appeared on his cheek. Red blood slowly seeped out.

Fu Wenduo's face shows a hint of seriousness as Tang Mo props himself up on the ground with one hand and wipes the blood from his cheek with the other. He looks solemnly at Fu Wenduo and then at Ningning. The three men nodded in unison, none of them saying anything, but they were in agreement.

Their speed has dropped.

That hunger wasn't apparent at first, and Tang Mo didn't notice it again when the fight started. But the hunger wouldn't go away. As they continued to fight the big turkey, hunger poured into their limbs. Tang Mo noticed that his speed had slowed and his strength had diminished. Otherwise he would not have been able to dodge the big turkey's attack earlier.

Tang Mo quickly said, "They've rescued the people, let's pull out!"


The three men immediately split up and fled, while the big turkey pursued relentlessly behind them.

In the supermarket, the countdown to The black tower continues -

"......60, 59, 58 ......"

Only one minute left. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo ran down the first floor of the supermarket, Tang Mo to the west and Fu Wenduo to the east. The big turkey didn't even look at Tang Mo and chased after Fu Wenduo. Tang Mo hesitated for a moment, but then he gritted his teeth and turned around and went after Fu Wenduo again. For a while, the turkey chased Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo chased the turkey. The two men and the chicken ran back and forth in the supermarket.

As the countdown reached the final ten seconds, the big turkey caught up with Fu Wenduo. It knocked over the shelf next to it with a crash, blocking Fu Wenduo's path. Then he stomped down and charged at Fu Wenduo. At that moment, a small pink parasol appeared in front of him and pulled him back by covering his big face.

Tang Mo shouted, "Fu Wenduo!"

Fu Wenduo immediately understands what he means. Tang Mo stands behind the big turkey and pulls its head down with a tiny parasol. Fu Wenduo stopped running and turned to attack. The black dagger, like a god of death, slashed up under the turkey's wings as if it were cutting tofu, tearing the hard wings in half with a single pull.

The roar of pain and anger from the big turkey echoed through the supermarket, when The black tower crisply stated the last two numbers -

"......1, 0."

"Dingdong! End of the spinoff game 'The Eagle Catches the Chicken'."

The furious cooing of the turkey still echoed in Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's ears, but it stopped as soon as The black tower beeped. With only one layer of skin left attached to its right wing, Tang Mo retracted its umbrella and stared at Fu Wenduo with bloodshot red eyes.

Slowly, its eyes turned black. The big turkey's body stiffened as it turned its head, walked over to the meat food section, rumbled to the floor and purred to sleep.

This concludes the second round of the eagle and chick game.

Tang Mo was relieved when the round came to an end. His adrenaline had been pumping so hard during the fight with the big turkey that he hadn't felt any pain or tension. But now that it was over, he felt a sharp pain in his arm. Tang Mo lifted his sleeve and saw an extremely deep bloody gash sliding down from his wrist to his elbow, revealing the gnarly white bone inside.

Fu Wenduo has also sustained some injuries, his thigh having been slapped so hard by the turkey that his leg bone is somewhat fractured. He didn't show it when he was running away earlier and now he limps over to Tang Mo's side and looks down at his arm.

Fu Wenduo: "What about it?"

Tang Mo rolls his sleeve up his arm to keep his clothes from touching the wound. He shook his head, "It's nothing. The big turkey just cut itself trying to break free of my umbrella when it swung its claws around. What about you?"

"It's okay, you should be able to walk normally in an hour."

The game of Eagle Catch is over and the big turkey is once again in a deep sleep. Ningning, who was hiding on the first floor, and Xiao Jitong, who was hiding in the office, came out again. The long-haired girl's eyes were red with anger at the sight of the sleeping turkey and she was tempted to go up and kick the turkey, but her companion held her back.

The short-haired girl had recovered from her banana drink and didn't look at all like she was on the verge of death just now, except that she was still slightly pale. She looked at the big turkey with utter hatred. She wanted to cut the turkey into pieces, but she knew it would be useless and kicking it would not help.

The short-haired girl took a deep breath and looked to Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo: "Thank you."

Tang Mo raised an eyebrow and said lightly, "It was they who saved you." He shot a glance at Xiao Jitong and the little boy.

The short-haired girl's gaze was steely: "But it was you guys who delayed the situation just now so that Team Xiao and Little Qiao could come to my rescue. I heard from Team Xiao, thank you."

Tang Mo didn't argue with what he was told, and he looked up at Xiao Jitong for a moment.

The big turkey was still awake and all seven players did not look very well. Xiao Jitong saw that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were wounded and took out a second bottle of mineral water to heal Ningning's wounds, which he then handed to Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo wasted no time in taking the mineral water and healing himself and Tang Mo.

With their recovery rate, they will indeed be able to move normally after an hour, but their wounds will not heal completely. Using props to speed up the recovery is the best option.

Xiao Jitong's face gradually sank as he dealt with the injuries of the crowd and made sure that the big turkey had not yet woken up. He looked at all the players present and said in a serious tone, "We were lined up in the wrong order just now." The big turkey might be deceiving, but The black tower was not.

The short-haired girl thought for a moment, "Team Xiao, is the order of Yuanyuan and I reversed? Let me switch places with Yuanyuan next time we line up."

Tang Mo: "Maybe it's more than that."

The crowd all looked at him.

Tang Mo's mind raced as he carefully recalled everything that had happened in the previous hour. The big turkey has a fixed target, it may hurt other players in the middle of the game, but the last person it wants to kill is her. But this time in the eagle catching chick game, the big turkey didn't go for her again."

Xiao Jitong continued: "Yes, we presumed that the big turkey had to follow the 'eagle catching the chick' rule and could only kill the player in last place, so we assumed Ningning was in last place. " After a pause, Xiao Jitong looked to Fu Wenduo: "...... But this time the eagle caught the chick game, it caught this Mr Donji."

The long-haired girl didn't understand for a moment, "Why is that? Shouldn't it be catching the player in last place?"

Tang Mo stared in thought, and Xiao Jitong did not speak.

Their previous reasoning was based on the fact that Ningning came last and Little Qiao came second. If Ningning is not last, then their assumption of "full player, reserve, stowaway" is likely to be overturned. Things would be back to square one in a heartbeat.

Fu Wenduo's low voice rang out as he gave a speculation, "The first time it can only catch the player in the bottom row, and when that player manages to escape, it can then move forward in order to catch the player in the bottom row."

Xiao Jitong: "It's a real possibility, but the rules are not the same as a normal game of eagle catching chickens."

Tang Mo has also thought about the possibility that Fu Wenduo mentioned, and his view, like Xiao Jitong's, is that this should not be the case. But there are only two answers to the question of the different targets of the two captures of the big turkey.

Tang Mo: "The first possibility, as Donji said, is that he can only catch the first chick in the bottom row the first time, and then move on to the second and third chick in the bottom row. But that's a bit of a stretch." Tang Mo thought for a moment and continued, "It doesn't fit the normal rules of the eagle-catching-chick game. There is a second possibility ......"

Fu Wenduo stated Tang Mo's suspicion directly: "Is the order changing?"

Tang Mo gave him a look and nodded, "Yes, the order is changing. Assuming that the big turkey is really only the last player in line, Ningning was really in last place in the first queue. Just now, Donji was last in the queue. In all likelihood, the queue order is changing. But ......"

"It's less than 20 percent likely." Xiao Jitong smiles and shakes his head.

The crowd looked to him.

Immediately after Tang Mo stated his two speculations, Xiao Jitong sensed his concern and stated what Tang Mo had been suspecting: "This game is very unfair to the players. Every game in The black tower has always been mostly fair. There is no absolute fairness in this world, and The black tower can't do that, but The black tower tries to be as fair as possible, at least not to the extent that both sides of the game are given too much of a slice of the pie. The black tower will only make concessions in the game itself if one of the players is too powerful. But this time the realistic copy game appears to be all about restrictions on players, not on big turkeys."

Xiao Jitong looks at the sleeping Great Turkey: "Players are not allowed to kill the Great Turkey. When the Great Turkey is transformed into an eagle, you may injure it, but you may not kill it. Subjective conscious harm to it when it is not transformed into an eagle is also not allowed. The Great Turkey, however, has only one restriction - in its normal form, it may not harm its own children. Contrast this with the fact that the player is restricted a lot. But The black tower is certainly fair."

Fu Wenduo begins, "It also has a limitation. In the eagle-catching-chick game, it can only kill a certain fixed player."

Xiao Jitong's voice suddenly stops and he looks at Fu Wenduo. Not only him, but Ningning also turned his head to look at Fu Wenduo.

The short-haired girl and the long-haired girl didn't understand Fu Wenduo's meaning, and the long-haired girl said, "Isn't that what we knew before, that it has to kill the player in last place and it has to follow the rules of the game where the eagle catches the chick." Why do we have to say it again?

Fu Wenduo didn't say another word as Tang Mo stood by his side and said with a calm expression, "Let's go on without this."

The two little girls were confused and the little boy looked at the adults strangely. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he said two words in astonishment, "Could it be", but he soon covered his mouth and stopped talking.

If the main game 'Queue the Worms' is a restriction on the player, then the side game 'The Eagle Catches the Chicken' is actually a restriction on the big turkeys altogether.

First of all, the big turkey can only kill a certain fixed number of players in the game, i.e. the player who is in last place. It can hurt other players as much as it wants, but if it really wants to kill, it can only kill the last one in line. This is a fact that we found out in the first round. What Fu Wenduo has just said is something even more cruel.

In that round of the eagle-catching game just now, the big turkey did not expect at all that he would die with a casual swing of the short-haired girl. This was also unexpected for the big turkey. He hadn't really done much attacking and it would have been an accident if the girl had died, which he didn't want to do. The turkey was stunned for a few seconds and then its first reaction was to go to Fu Wenduo.

It was trying almost with all its might to kill Fu Wenduo, or at least Fu Wenduo had to die before the short-haired woman was born dead.

In the first round, it only revealed its desire to kill Ningning at the end of the game. This time, with the short-haired girl on the brink of death, the game has barely started for ten minutes before the big turkey is hunting Fu Wenduo without a care in the world, bent on killing him.

If the death of the short-haired girl triggered the "Distraught Turkey" effect, which immediately lifted the turkey's schizophrenic state and ended the game of Eagle Catching Chick, then it didn't need to be in such a hurry, it was just game over. At that moment, the turkey's anxious behaviour was not at all like "since one player has already died, I have to rush to kill a few more", it was more like grabbing a straw to save its life.

It must kill Fu Wenduo before the short-haired woman lives and dies, and it must kill him.

The eagle is required to catch the last player in line. Suppose the eagle catches a player who is not in last place?

Eagles would be against the rules of the game.

The fifth rule of the game, which appears to be a hint to the players that they can end the game of Eagle Catch by killing their fellow players, is actually also a constraint on the Great Turkey. It can injure any player it wishes, but there is and only one last chick it can kill. The death of a chick in another position in line at the hands of a player has nothing to do with it; death at its hands is a violation of the rules of the game.

This is the biggest limitation for the big turkey.

Tang Mo's gaze slid over the body parts all over the ground, and he couldn't help but wonder what it was that these players who had survived to the end by killing their fellow players saw at the end. What had they encountered when there was only one person left that prevented them from discharging the real order?

Tang Mo thought helplessly: perhaps when the last of the seven was left, the big turkey would hand him the bodies of the six who had died and tell him that there was still a queue.

It was all just speculation on Tang Mo's part. But there is no doubt that at least half of the previous hundred and fifty or so players died by killing each other. It's just a shame that none of them discovered the game's true limitations on the Great Turkey. Had they found out, they might have devised a way to make the Great Turkey kill the players by mistake instead of killing their fellow players themselves.

This way the big turkey violates the rules of the game and the game is lost by the player even if he does not win. The ending remains the same.

Neither Tang Mo nor Fu Wenduo, of the seven current players, have any interest in counting their fellow players and using the 'big turkey kill on the wrong person' as a way to get through the game. At least not until the very end, Tang Mo thinks.

...... unless there is really nothing that can be done about it.

Things are back to square one.

Xiao Jitong said: "I believe the order of the queue is fixed. The fourth rule of the game says that players can ask questions to the big turkey, and the big turkey cannot lie. Assuming the order keeps changing, the correct answer from the turkey should also change. For example, if I ask him what position Little Qiao is in, he should tell me that this round Little Qiao is in second place, the next round is in third place, and so on. But it didn't say that."

The short-haired girl thought, "Maybe it's not lying if it just says the order of the round?"

Xiao Jitong: "That would make this game even more unfair to the players."

The short-haired girl thought for a moment and stopped talking, agreeing with Xiao Jitong.

"If the order of the queue is varied, even regularly, it will have some impact on the player's questioning. There is no guarantee that the answer that comes out of the question is definitely a clue, and the player is at a huge disadvantage in terms of access to information. This is not fair to the players." After a pause, Xiao Jitong continues, "It's not impossible that the order of the queue changes regularly, but it's less than 20% likely. I prefer the order to be fixed."

The little boy raised his hand, "I think so too."

Ningning: "No comment."

The two young girls also nodded their heads in acquiescence.

Xiao Jitong looked at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, who stood to one side and did not say anything. Fu Wenduo stood by Tang Mo's side and did not interrupt. It was clear that everyone was in agreement. Xiao Jitong smiled and said, "In that case, in the next round of queuing, we will follow the same order as earlier, except that you two switch places."

Two little girls: "Good."

Tang Mo: "So what do we ask questions about?"

Xiao Jitong paused in his movements and turned his head to say "let's discuss this" when a stretched out yawn sounded behind them. Everyone stiffened and turned to look at the large turkey that had woken up from a deep sleep.

After five minutes of sleep, the blood on the turkey's wings has dried and the wound is gradually scarring. It has a terrible ability to recover. Fu Wenduo had almost chopped its wings off just now, but now the tender flesh is growing back at a speed visible to the eye, and it is estimated that its wings can grow back in a child, only it will not have the same fierce strength as before.

With a twist of its head, it sees its seven chicks.

The big turkey cooed and laughed: "Coo-coo, my sweet boy ......" It looked like it was laughing, but the sound was laced with hate and anger. Having been so badly injured and having just nearly killed the short-haired girl by mistake and inflicted a breach on itself, the big turkey was no longer in the mood for a good show of mother-son love. He glared angrily at the seven players, but his mouth was full of concern and kind words, like a smart old mother hen. The big turkey gritted its teeth and said, "My children, mummy is going to find you worms again. What do you guys want to, eat, this time, huh?"

When he says the words "what do you want to eat", the turkey adds his voice and stops his eyes on the players. It seems that The black tower will not hesitate to pounce on its seven children and eat them all, skin and bone, if it allows.

Tang Mo had already thought of the question to ask and stepped forward: "She ......" The voice stopped and Tang Mo considered his words: "From the beginning to the end of the game, where did Yuanyuan come in. "

The long-haired girl never thought her name would come out of Tang Mo's mouth. She looked at Tang Mo with dismay and felt something odd.

The big turkey stared at Tang Mo with narrowed eyes. It would not forget that it was this human and that human who had just joined hands and almost cut off its own wings. With a sneer, the Great Turkey looked up at Xiao Jitong: "What question do you want to ask this time, my lovely boy?"

Xiao Jitong smiled: "From the beginning to the end of the game ...... is a good statement. Then I would also like to ask, Mum, from the beginning to the end of the game, where does Little Qiao come in?"

The big turkey's grim gaze darted over Tang Mo and Xiao Jitong's bodies for a long time before it laughed morosely, "That's two good questions. Then mummy will tell you that he certainly comes second." The turkey pointed at Little Qiao and then turned to the long-haired girl, "She's in fifth place."

Xiao Jitong nodded thoughtfully, and he was about to say a few more words when the big turkey suddenly said, "Mummy's going to catch the bugs for you." With that, he turned around and walked away, his angry feet seemingly able to crack the floor. It was clear that it was furious and no longer wanted to say another word to this group of players. It couldn't wait to turn into an eagle and tear these players to pieces.

The sudden departure of the big turkey surprised the players for a moment, but soon stopped caring about it.

Everything has to be ready for anything. Xiao Jitong: "Just as I guessed, Little Qiao is still in second place, it's not lying. It's not lying. It's lying about the fifth position in the order. The correct order should not have changed, it was fixed. The reason why the chase has changed twice has nothing to do with the change in queuing order. There is an 80% chance that this time we will not go wrong by arranging them in this order and will end this absurd game."

The crowd nodded their heads.

After a while, the long-haired girl suddenly thought, "Wait, Team Xiao, if ...... if the order is still wrong, then it, it's going to start catching players again?"

Xiao Jitong is silent for a moment and nods.

The long-haired girl's eyes widened, "The first time I caught the first in the bottom, the second time I was in the second to last place. So wouldn't the next time be me ......" The voice stopped abruptly and the long-haired girl jerked her head to look at her companion as she realized, "No, I'm not fifth, the fifth is ...... is Xiao Yun?!"

The short-haired girl's face was white as she bit her lip to keep quiet, which was soon bleeding from her bite.

In this game, no one can help you. Normally Tang Mo would not watch a girl with short hair die, he would save her. But if the short-haired girl is being chased by a big turkey and her life is not in danger, he will only help her if it is safe for him to do so. The same goes for everyone else.

The only person who could help the short-haired girl was herself, but she knew that she was no match for the big turkey.

The short-haired girl kept her head down and didn't say anything.

In the quiet supermarket, everyone had their own business to attend to and no one offered to comfort her.

At this point, Ningning, who hadn't been expecting it, suddenly spoke up: "There's clearly a trap in this game. It wants to mislead the players to kill each other and get a chance to survive. But more than a hundred and fifty people have died in front of us, and not a single one of them has made it through. So killing your companions is definitely not the way to get through at the end, and even the reduction of companions might have an effect on the queue."

The short-haired girl looked up at her quickly.

Ningning had no expression on her face, but what she had just said had already hinted at the short-haired girl: at least people weren't going to watch her die, because this game was clearly not a game where you win by killing your partner, and the death of your partner might well lead to another trap. As for if she got hurt in any way it was her own problem. No one is obliged to help her.

Instead of pestering the other players for help, the two girls searched the supermarket on their own and pulled out their few scarce props to try and save their own lives.

As the crowd prepared themselves, it was almost time to queue up and the seven men gathered together. Tang Mo takes out a packet of compressed biscuits and hands them over to Ningning, who is standing next to him and the first person he hands them to is Ningning.

Ningning looks up at Tang Mo with no expression and no movement.

Tang Mo: "Just found this in the corner of the supermarket, it's not expired. Have something to eat, maybe it will reduce the hunger a bit."

Ningning had also noticed earlier when fighting alongside Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo that their speed and strength had dropped because of this strange feeling of hunger. Without refusing, she took two biscuits and ate them quickly. Next, Xiao Jitong and the others all ate their biscuits too.

The hunger doesn't seem to have diminished, but at least the crowd will be somewhat comforted psychologically.

Xiao Jitong: "This hunger is perhaps a hunger that belongs to the chicks. The chicks should have eaten the worms a long time ago and we have not been discharging them in the right order to eat them, and this hunger will get stronger and we will lose strength, making it more difficult to avoid the big turkeys. There's no way to drag this game out to the end. With the strength of a normal player, it is impossible to last past three rounds at most without killing your companions, and then you will have to let the big turkeys play and tease you, and have a mental breakdown."

The sound of Tang Mo biting off a biscuit was his reply, and Fu Wenduo then took a biscuit from Tang Mo's hand and bit it off with a click.

Xiao Jitong smiles and shakes his head without further ado.

Knowing why does not help; they will still be hungry and their strength will decline.

The hour was up and the big turkey returned on time. This time it came back empty-handed. Tang Mo watched carefully for a while before finding a tiny green worm in its paws. The big turkey didn't even bother to look the part this time as it threw the tiny worm to the ground and asked with a sneer, "Have you lined up yet, my lovely children."

The crowd wasted no more time. Tang Mo finished the last biscuit and came first. Next came Little Qiao and Xiao Jitong.

Seven players take up their positions, each one keeping a wary eye on the big turkey.

When Ningning was the last one to stand up, the big turkey smiled oddly. The next moment, it didn't even waste a second and charged wildly at Tang Mo. Even though Tang Mo was prepared for it, he was injured by it and a deep bloody cut was made on the back of his hand. A clear child's voice sounded like the trumpet of death, ringing over the heads of the crowd...

"Ding Dong! Player queue error, big turkey schizophrenic, open spinoff ......"

Desperation had inevitably set in and the short-haired girl's eyes became watery as she turned and ran without looking back. Luckily Tang Mo was standing closest to the big turkey, who attacked him first, giving the girl time to escape. Tang Mo dodged several attacks with his little parasol and found an opportunity to escape while he was still in position.

In the huge supermarket, the seven players were once again in hiding as the big turkey stood in the middle of the meat food section, its small red eyes dripping and staring around. The next second, it ran wildly. Terrifying laughter and the sound of its feet hitting the ground echoed through the supermarket as it searched for the players and laughed like a madman, "Come out, come out. Kill you, I'll kill you coo-coo!"

A game of eagle catching chicks turned out to be a game of hide-and-seek.

The big turkey searched the ground floor of the supermarket for twenty minutes without finding anyone and it quickly ran to the first floor of the supermarket.

Players cannot leave the supermarket, but can walk anywhere inside it. The short-haired girl cowered in fear as she slumped into the supermarket's ventilation ducts, fear sweeping through her brain. She was relieved to hear the turkey running to the first floor, a drop of sweat falling from her forehead and down the vent to the floor.

The waiting sound of sweat drops hitting the ground didn't ring out, and the short-haired girl's body stiffened as she slowly lowered her head.

Below the vent, a large turkey, covered in blood, stood at the bottom, raising its head and looking at her with a grin. Its chicken paws lifted upwards to catch the drops of sweat. The corners of its beak slowly scratched wide as it looked at the little girl and said softly, "Here comes my little chick ...... mother oh."


The big turkey's claw cracked the stone on the ceiling and the short-haired girl cried out in pain as she smashed to the floor. But she didn't have time to hesitate and be afraid, she got up and ran. The big turkey chased after her as if it were toying with a prey. The girl ran as hard as she could, with the big turkey just a metre behind her. Keeping this distance, it kept attacking her with its claws.

Knowing that her opponent was teasing her and could catch up with her at any moment, the short-haired girl didn't even dare to slow down a step.

She was just chased by the big turkey for half an hour. Bruised and battered, mentally on the verge of extinction, about to collapse at any moment. With only a few minutes left, a greedy glint flashed in the big turkey's eyes as it whispered and laughed, "Coo-coo, could eat you yet ......" and with that, another claw slashed down, not a random attack this time, it slashed at the short-haired girl's head.

The short-haired girl shouted in terror, "Help!!!"


A silver glint forced its way from behind and grazed the Great Turkey's paws. The turkey's smile froze as it turned to see Ningning staring coldly at it with his crossbow raised. In the next instant, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo attacked from the left and right. The little parasol snapped open and Fu Wenduo's bullets followed in their wake.

The bullet was the fastest and brushed against the parasol, forcing the turkey to take a step backwards. The turkey was unable to dodge and the parasol hit it right in the face.

Tang Mo quickly ran up, picked up the parasol from the ground with one hand, took Fu Wenduo's hand with the other and with one push, threw Fu Wenduo into the air. Fu Wenduo flew three metres into the air and stuck to the ceiling. He lined up his palm on the ceiling and used his strength to fall through the air. The black dagger flashed through his sleeve and when he looked again, his dagger had already cut through the chest of the big turkey.

"Gobble gobble gobble!!!" Blood dripped down from the chest of the big turkey.

The black tower The cheerful tone of the countdown -

"......198, 197, 196 ......"

With time running out, Big Turkey turned his head towards the short-haired girl and said angrily, "Kill her!!!"

Tang Mo opened his umbrella and, as he had done the previous time, pulled the turkey from behind with the body of his umbrella to stop it from going any further. This time, however, he had no idea that his umbrella was on top of the turkey and he had only been pulling for two seconds when he suddenly noticed that the turkey was no longer pushing.

Tang Mo's heart felt bad, and before he had time to speak up and warn, he saw the big turkey latch on to the small parasol and charge backwards towards Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo's brow locked and his reaction was swift as he dodged. But the big turkey's attack came suddenly, and his chest was cut by the big turkey, and blood gurgled down. A bone seemed to have been cut as well, and Fu Wenduo fell to his knees, his gaze cold, and raised his hand to wipe the blood from his lips.

The big turkey stood by the shelf and laughed sinisterly, "Coochie, kill him ...... kill him!!!"

At the end of the sentence, the big turkey rushed again, aiming at Fu Wenduo.


Author's comment.

Cousin Turkey: You guys are the worst group of players I've ever seen! The worst batch! [please substitute for class teacher face]

Tangtang: You won't have the next batch of players either ^_^

Published at: 05/02/2022 21:04