Chapter 85: Five minutes ago he was a living, breathing, talking turkey!

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With a whoosh, the turkey sprang in front of Fu Wenduo, its huge wings flapping in the air with a loud clatter. Fu Wenduo had just been injured by his attack and now he was attacking again. A hand reached out from behind Fu Wenduo, pulling him hard by the waist. Tang Mo pulled Fu Wenduo back as hard as he could to avoid the big turkey's attack, but a piece of his own arm was cut off by the big turkey.

The big turkey stomped to the ground and didn't give Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo a chance to react, attacking again.

The thump, thump, thump, thump was a constant sound in the supermarket.

With only two minutes left, the screeching cry of the Great Turkey made all players' heads spin as it grew faster and more powerful.

Fu Wenduo's chest was already wet with blood.

Xiao Jitong and Ningning saw this and immediately rushed in from the side. The four men and the chicken were in a battle, each player losing strength as the hunger pushed them forward, while the turkey grew stronger.

Fu Wenduo was the strongest player in the field, followed by Ningning and Tang Mo. Now that Fu Wenduo is wounded, the big turkey's attack is even harder to defend against. Everyone who rushed it was swatted away by its wings as it pursued Fu Wenduo with single-minded determination.

The last ten seconds. With a furious roar, the big turkey soared into the sky, wings dancing, and leapt over Tang Mo and Ningning, stabbing Fu Wenduo with its claws out.

Time was stretched indefinitely in this moment as Tang Mo exclaimed, "Watch out!"

The big turkey had never flown before, and the crowd had no idea that it could fly. The blow was not expected by Fu Wenduo and could not be avoided. Fu Wenduo sidestepped the turkey's claws as far as he could, and at the same time his gaze flinched. Since there was no avoiding it, a black dagger appeared in his hand and he met it head on.

As The black tower counted down to the last second, the two exchanged blows in the air, almost too fast for Tang Mo and Dynamic Strength. Without him seeing what was happening, Fu Wenduo landed hard and the big turkey's body stiffened for a moment, stopping in mid-air.

At that moment, a clear child's voice rang out -

"Dingdong! End of the spinoff game 'The Eagle Catches the Chicken'."

At the end of the sentence, Fu Wenduo coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. One of his ribs was broken, stabbing backwards into his internal organs. The last blow from the big turkey had just gone straight through the right side of his abdomen and blood could not be stopped from flowing out of his mouth. Tang Mo quickly ran over and took the earthworm's tears out of his pocket and stuck them on Fu Wenduo's chest.

A warm white light shone in Tang Mo's hands and Fu Wenduo's face returned to normal. He seemed to hear the sound of his bones growing, and as the light faded, the wounds on Fu Wenduo's body gradually healed. On the other side, the wings of the great turkey rumbled and split from its body, falling to the ground.

The big turkey's body trembled, but the game was over and it did not make a sound as it walked stiffly towards the front of its body and fell into a deep sleep on the ground.

The big turkey's attack was so sudden that no one expected him to attack Fu Wenduo, and it used almost all its strength to kill him. It's understandable that no one has died in this game so far. The more questions the players ask, the more information they get, the easier it is to put them in the right order. So with the ability of the Great Turkey, the average player wouldn't last three rounds in its hands, or at most three rounds, and if they couldn't get the order right, they would lose the fight and the only thing waiting was death.

But Tang Mo and the others are still alive, if not dead.

Fu Wenduo's injuries were not particularly serious, and if his physical condition had not been restricted, he would have recovered on his own without the tears of an earthworm. Of course, this seriousness is relative to Fu Wenduo, if it were anyone else, I'm afraid they would already be dying, like the short-haired girl from earlier.

Xiao Jitong took mineral water to heal the men's wounds, and his eyes lingered for a moment on Fu Wenduo's black dagger. Fu Wenduo walks up and picks up the dagger he has left on the ground and in the blink of an eye, he receives it nowhere.

The battle was only two minutes long, but it was even more gruesome than the previous two. The players had lost too much fitness and strength, and the big turkey had built up its strength and deliberately swooped in at the end, leaving the players on the back foot in a flash and having to keep defending. The turkey is getting smarter too, as it deviously sets up all the players. Neither Tang Mo nor Fu Wenduo, nor Xiao Jitong, noticed who it was really trying to attack.

Everyone was a little wounded. Three queuing errors in a row, everyone was silent and did not speak, quietly healing.

A cooing sound rang out from the back and the big turkey had woken up. Feeling the pain of its broken wing, it opened its eyes and turned its head, staring at Fu Wenduo with a deadly stare. It stared at Fu Wenduo without a word, its eyes cold to the bone, as if it wanted to skin and tear this human to pieces. After a long time, it cooed and laughed, rose from the ground and walked up to the player.

"My lovely children, does anyone know how ...... mother's wings have disappeared?" It asked this, but its hateful gaze remained fixed on Fu Wenduo's body. It looked at Fu Wenduo and gritted its teeth, "Son, where did mama's wings go, can you tell ......"

"First question." A cold male voice rang out from behind Fu Wenduo, and Big Turkey brushed his head up to look at the other man. He saw Tang Mo with his hands in his pockets, looking at Big Turkey coldly. The crowd looked at him in surprise, not expecting him to speak up at this time either.

Tang Mo's voice was calm: "First question, he's number one."

Tang Mo refers to Fu Wenduo.

The big turkey's false smile froze on its face. It didn't answer and after a moment it smiled and asked, "And the second question, my sweet boy?"

Having asked the question, he had no choice but to continue. Xiao Jitong quickly thought about what to ask in the second question, when he heard Tang Mo continue, "Second question, which of the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh is he."

Xiao Jitong looked up at Tang Mo in dismay, and Fu Wenduo looked at him in surprise, quickly coming to his senses.

A look of consternation flashed across the face of the big turkey as it thought for a moment, not finding anything fishy in either question. They were both essentially the same question, asking where Fu Wenduo came in. Unless Tang Mo was stupid, there was no need for him to ask this question. After pondering over the question for a while, the turkey laughed and said, "Son, you can't ask the same question twice, don't you know that?"

Tang Mo: " The black tower prohibits players from asking the same questions?"

The big turkey's smile faltered as it quickly said, "Mum's just worried that you're at a disadvantage asking the same question."

Xiao Jitong nodded thoughtfully when Tang Mo didn't say anything. He watches Tang Mo's performance and, although he doesn't know exactly what Tang Mo has discovered, he knows that Tang Mo already knows the correct order of the queue. And he didn't know it yet.

Xiao Jitong closes his eyes and carefully recalls everything he has experienced since he entered this copy of reality. From the queue at the beginning, the first round of eagles catching chicks, to the four questions asked by the players in six hours. What exactly did Tang Mo find out and what exactly was the correct order ......

As everything went through his head, Xiao Jitong suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Tang Mo. That's when he heard Tang Mo, seemingly in jest, ask a question that everyone found incredibly strange: "...... What happens when there is only one last person left in the game?"

The big turkey's smile slowly faded. He looked at Tang Mo steadily for a long time and then he laughed: "Good question. My child, you have a great curiosity. Coo Coo, Mummy thinks the second question is interesting and the answer is simple: even if there is only one child left, Mummy likes a good boy in line. You have to queue up to eat the worms oh. And the first question ......"

The big turkey's eyes kept rolling as it seemed to be thinking about something. The next second, it blurted out, "This kid is in fifth place, yeah."

Tang Mo's two questions had the big turkey wondering. If he had been able to guess what the players were thinking in the first four questions, he was now completely baffled by the two questions Tang Mo asked. Especially the second question. Why ask what happens when there is only one player left, does it mean that this player is ready to kill and plans to kill his teammates for a chance to survive?

The big turkey had a vague feeling that something was wrong and a strong feeling of unease welled up inside it. It looked again at the other players. Xiao Jitong looked at him with a smile, and the human who had cut off his wings, standing with his arms clasped around the human who had asked the odd question, looked at him with a dark gaze as well.

...... is not correct.

The big turkey turned and tried to run, at least to get out of the place first: "Mummy's gone to find you worms, what do you want to eat ......"

"What's running." A low male voice rang out.

The big turkey turned its head in dismay and looked at Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo curled his lips and looked at him calmly.

Xiao Jitong laughed, "Isn't this worm still alive." The turkey turned its head to look at him again. Xiao Jitong walked up to the big turkey and picked up a tiny black worm from the ground. It was the small worm that the big turkey had just casually taken out to fool the players. The small worm was so tenacious that it had lived longer than the two big worms and had not died yet.

Xiao Jitong said, " The black tower says the queue is one hour and the eagle catching chick game is also one hour. I don't think we need an hour to get in line now." After a pause, he looked up, "Can we queue now?"

The big turkey's face shifted, and he was just about to speak when a cheerful child's voice answered Xiao Jitong's question directly -

"Dingdong! Player queuing time is capped at one hour, with a variable lower limit."

The big turkey opened its chicken beak, it didn't have time to speak when Xiao Jitong said, "Then let's get in line."

Of the seven players present, the two young girls, Ningning and Little Qiao, were all confused. Little Qiao tugged on Xiao Jitong's shirt and whispered, "Captain, what's wrong? Don't we have to discuss how to line up again? How the hell should we line up?"

Xiao Jitong didn't answer him, he turned to Ningning: "You and Mr Donji switch places."

Ningning didn't know why the switch was made, but she trusted her captain unconditionally: "Good."

Tang Mo's voice rang out, "You two line up in the second position."

The two young girls looked at Tang Mo in confusion, they didn't understand anything and could only nod their heads.

The big turkey listened in disbelief. He didn't know who Donji was, and he saw that the players were ignoring him and arranging the order of the fourth queue straight away. What was going on here, did they already know the correct queuing order? It couldn't be, there was nothing special about the two questions it had just asked, and it had deliberately thought carefully before giving its answer.

Big turkey: "My boy, are you so impatient to get in line for the worm gobble?"

Tang Mo: "Yes, Mum."

The Great Turkey: "......"

Xiao Jitong often calls the big turkey "mama" without changing her face, but this is the first time Tang Mo has called him mama. The turkey doesn't feel half warm and fuzzy, but rather panicked. He wasn't very smart in the monster world, nor was he particularly powerful. It was just sinister enough and perverted enough to qualify as a real-life boss, just like the mighty Iron Shoemaker.

The big turkey rolled its little eyes and wanted to say something more. In fact it thought it was unlikely that the group of players had been in the wrong order before and now, after asking two irrelevant questions, they suddenly all understood. But it didn't have time to speak, Tang Mo had already stepped forward and stood in front of it without looking back.

Tang Mo has stood in front of it twice, but this time the big turkey breathes a sigh of relief.

It seems that something is not quite the same as before.

The little blonde boy rubbed his head and muttered "What do the captain and this guy want?", then he too came forward and took second place. Next came Xiao Jitong, the girl with short hair and the girl with long hair.

Sixth, Ningning, with a cold face, even if her heart is full of confusion, she has no expression on her face, standing coldly over.

Last but not least was Fu Wenduo. He calmly stepped forward and stood behind Ningning.

The moment before Fu Wenduo was about to stand up, the big turkey's eyes widened and he exclaimed, "Wait, my children, actually mommy just lied to you. He's not even the fifth, he's the ...... first. Yes, he's first!"

Fu Wenduo, as if he had not heard, gave a low laugh and went straight to the last place.

Seven players positioned in line, the big turkey's small eyes widened to their maximum, its wings, which only had one left, twitching gently.

In the next second, a clear child's voice rang out -

"Dingdong! Players are correctly lined up to complete the main quest 'The obedient chickens have worms to eat'. Pass the realistic copy of 'A golden nest is better than your own chicken nest' and obtain the reward 'My Chicken Nest'. Hint: This reward is automatically obtained after the chicken cubs eat the worms."

The hunger all but disappeared in this moment, and everyone clearly felt as if all their psychic powers had returned.

The two young girls were still in shock that they had just cleared the game and hadn't come back, the young boy stepped out of the queue in horror, looking back and forth three times without seeing why he had to queue like that. Ningning didn't understand anything, but she grunted in high dudgeon, not bothering to get it.

Then, they remembered what The black tower had just said. The crowd looked at the small black bug on the ground and everyone swallowed, a chill running down their backs.

Mixed emotions flashed through the turkey's mind as it heard that The black tower game was over. It looked at its own wings that had fallen to the ground not far away, and then finally looked at the seven players. Its hateful gaze swept over Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Xiao Jitong and the others, and the turkey cooed as it memorised all seven of them, then waved its wings and turned to leave.

At that moment, a male voice rang out from behind it, "Planning to leave now?"

"Coo-coo?" The big turkey's heart froze as it turned to look at Tang Mo. Only to see the clean, white looking human smiling slightly at it, then he flipped his fingers and a giant match suddenly appeared in his hand.

At the sight of the familiar match, the turkey cooed in terror and ran, flapping its wings in a frenzy. The next moment, however, Fu Wenduo flung his right hand and a sharp black weapon appeared under his arm. Fu Wenduo moved more than a little faster than before, almost like a black bolt of lightning, and charged straight at him. Ningning froze for a second and rushed forward too.

Tang Mo bellowed angrily and the huge match head rubbed against the ground, burning up a dazzling beam of flame.


Five minutes later, the two young girls looked at the four players sitting around the fire with mixed expressions. The only ones sitting there were Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Xiao Jitong and Ningning, and even the little boy looked shocked, not quite daring to sit with them.

The tantalising smell of meat permeates the supermarket, laced with the fresh scent of meat and oil. The crackling and sizzling sound of the flames tickles the heart of every player as a drop of oil falls from the tender turkey and drips into the flames with a wonderful splash of zippy sound.

Little Qiao and the two young girls stared blankly at the roast turkey and gulped like crazy.

Ningning cut off a piece of juicy turkey meat with a knife and handed it to Little Qiao: "Didn't you say you wanted to eat turkey? Oh, it's not cooked yet, wait a bit longer." He threw the piece of turkey into the fire.

Little Qiao: "......"

This was a live, breathing, talking turkey five minutes ago! A talking turkey, not just any turkey!

The little boy couldn't take it in for a moment. The big turkey was so human, thinking and talking, that he couldn't bring himself to eat it. At that moment Tang Mo tore off a piece of turkey meat that was closest to the fire and already cooked. He chewed it twice and said lightly, "I feel stronger in my powers after eating it, and my body is a level stronger."

Little Qiao: "......"

Two little girls: "......"

A minute later, seven players were sitting around the roast turkey, waiting for it to be cooked.

While the turkey was roasting, the short-haired girl held her tongue for a while and finally looked at Tang Mo. She asked curiously, "Mr Viktor, can I ask why that queue order? If the order of the queue remains the same, the big turkey in the first game of eagle catching chickens ......" Smelling the tantalising aroma of turkey, the short-haired girl couldn't help but turn her head to look at the fat and greasy roast turkey and she swallowed, forgetting what she was going to say.

She came back to her senses after a long time. "Ahem, I mean, why was this Miss Ningning the first one it caught. Wasn't she in second to last place?"


What the author has to say.

Little Qiao & Two Little Girls: We don't eat it because it's so delicious and smells so good, we eat it because it strengthens us! It's for strength!!!

Tangtang & Mr. Fu: So, this turkey is our Valentine's Day dinner?

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