Chapter 83: The correct order?

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Fifteen days ago, Nanjing, Sugo Supermarket.

Inside the dark, fetid supermarket, a giant, brutal turkey slowly stops raising its wings and stares with tiny eyes at the diminutive human standing in front of it. It was a thin, middle-aged woman, her body covered in blood, her whole body on its knees in a pool of thick blood, staring blankly at the ground, panting heavily.

Beside her is a young man who has just died. He was dead, a long, sharp knife in his hand, and his eyes were fixed on the middle-aged woman's direction as he died. On his chest were the four or five blackened muzzles of the gun that had killed him, which had landed between him and the middle-aged woman.

On closer inspection, the young man and the middle-aged woman look surprisingly alike.

The middle-aged woman's body trembled. After a long time, she covered her face in pain and roared in despair, "I'm the only one left, I'm the only one left. Even if you line up in a head-to-head order, I'm the only one, they're all dead. I didn't kill them, they deserve to die ...... No, I did. They're dead ...... all dead! I'm alone, I won, I got in line. I'm alive, I'm alive now ...... you eat worms for me!"

The woman was already a little frantic, talking incoherently. She suddenly looked up, her eyes red, at the huge turkey.

Five hours ago, seven of them were pulled into this game and this giant turkey asked them to line up. Seven people, how to line up. They didn't notice the trap at first that the hen could only answer with one correct answer and wasted several opportunities to ask questions. They were too weak to survive an hour-long game of eagle and chicken who had to kill.

As soon as someone dies, this terrifying turkey stops and opens the next round of queues straight away.

...... She didn't want to die, she didn't want to die at all. So even if she kills her own brother, she doesn't want to die!

The supermarket was dim and unlit, with only a ray of light coming in from the direction of the front door, barely illuminating a bright, straight pathway. As the middle-aged woman shouted this frantically, the big turkey's eyes had changed from bright red to normal black. It looked steadily at the frightened, and seemingly unusually excited, human in front of it, and slowly, it smiled.

The middle-aged woman's body froze and she looked up dumbly at the turkey.

The big turkey grinned sinisterly, laughing to the end, its sarcastic laughter echoing through the supermarket. It walked over to one of the innermost shelves, extended its claws and easily lifted a bloody, red piece of flesh. Then it went to the other side of the checkout counter and lifted out the body of a man whose stomach had been torn open. Then a female junior high school student, a beautiful young woman ......

Finally, it picked up the middle-aged woman's brother and, like throwing pork, smashed him directly in front of the woman's face.

Blood splattered on the woman's face as she looked dumbfounded at the Great Turkey, as if she did not understand what it was doing now. The Great Turkey hemmed and hawed and looked at the woman with a loving gaze and laughed, "My child, congratulations, you have survived to the end. Mum forgot to mention a few rounds ago that you are all brothers and sisters, and even if your brothers are gone, you can't forget them. So ...... get in line. Mummy has brought your brothers' bodies here, so you can just line up coo."

At the sound of the words, the big turkey picked up the young man's body and threw it heavily at the middle-aged woman. Her brother's widened eyes caused the middle-aged woman to turn and crawl backwards in horror, and she looked up as the big turkey placed a foot on her brother's body and smiled gently, "Where does he rank, do you think, Goo? Their bodies swing with you, and where do you rank ...... my boy?"

The nasty laugh grew louder and louder as the large turkey swallowed and gazed greedily at the middle-aged woman.

Whether the big turkey forgot to say it or deliberately told the truth when only one person was left has long been unknown.

The middle-aged woman's eyes reflected a large, vicious and horrible turkey, which looked mockingly at the human in front of her, a malicious smile on its face. The woman stared at it dumbfounded and after a long moment she looked down at her brother. She opened her mouth again at the sight of the people who had been torn apart by the great turkey and mutilated by the players as sacrifices.

"Ahhhhhhhhh ......"

The big turkey laughs even louder.

Fifteen days later, Sugo Supermarket.

When Xiao Jitong revealed the true identity of the long-haired woman, Tang Mo understood exactly what he meant when he asked that question.

Ningning is a stowaway, and the fact that she is last in the queue is likely to suggest that the order of queuing is in the order of 'full players, reserves and stowaways'. However, this does not negate the fact that the order could be "players who have not cleared The black tower, players who have cleared the first level of The black tower, and players who have cleared the second level of The black tower".

Ningning is a Tier 2 player in The black tower, and her status does not rule out this possibility. Xiao Jitong then asked "What is Little Qiao's number?

"If Little Qiao is third, that very simply confirms, with 90% probability, that the queuing order is the number of tiers each player has attacked the tower. Now that Little Qiao is second, it also proves that there is a 90% chance that the queuing order is the player's identity." Xiao Jitong smiles, "Little Qiao is a very special character. There are at most two official players in the field, and the fact that he is in the first two places proves the inference that 'player status is the queuing order'. And he's also the only player in the room who has only cleared one level of The black tower."

Fu Wenduo was a keen observer and spotted the big turkey's kill on Ningning right away and quickly came up with the eagle catching the chick. Xiao Jitong was also very clever as he understood Fu Wenduo's point and added a backhand, giving the player a huge advantage.

Every The black tower game has a game cheat. Whether it is a realistic copy or not, The black tower must give the player hope of victory. As is usual with The black tower, there must be some rules to the queueing order and it cannot be a haphazard one.

Full players, preppers, stowaways.

This is a queuing sequence very much in keeping with the style of The black tower.

The black tower loathes stowaways and the monsters want to eat them the most. So the stowaways come last, so that the big turkey, transformed into an eagle, can eat them as a matter of course.

Under the careful care of the short-haired girl, the unconscious long-haired high school girl finally woke up after the mineral water was applied. The mineral water prop worked well and after waking up, the long-haired girl's injuries slowly improved and she was gradually able to talk.

Tang Mo thought carefully about all the clues he had gotten before, and combined with Fu Wenduo and Xiao Jitong's speculations, he concluded, "Then the correct order of our queue is, me, this little friend, Mr. Xiao and these two little girls, Fu ...... Donji, and this Miss Ningning."

Xiao Jitong nodded: "Yes. Little Qiao is definitely in second place and Ningning is definitely in last place. In the middle it's me and these two little girls."

Tang Mo: "There is not much doubt about the order of the official players and the stowaways, what is more important now is the order of the three of you. You're all reserves."

"I used to be a reserve, but I've now cleared the Tower Attack game to become a full player. Eighty percent likely, I'm in third place." Xiao Jitong said.

Tang Mo was also very positive about this, but another more important question loomed before them: "So what order should they be in?"

The eyes of the crowd were directed at the two female high school students sitting next to each other.

The long-haired girl had not yet fully recovered and she was leaning against her companion's arms, panting softly. The short-haired girl had taken in what Tang Mo and the others had just said, and now she knew that the order of her position and that of her companion was crucial. She racked her brain for a long time, trying to get out all the information she knew: "Yuanyuan and I went to the same high school, but we were in different classes. We were in our first class the day Earth went online and suddenly everyone disappeared and we were the only two left in our school, and we've been together ever since ......"

The two young girls' experience of the game was similar to most preppers. They had no powers, they were not stupid but they were not smart either, and they were careful to avoid the copies at every turn to avoid participating in the game. They were most fortunate to live in Nanjing, where the reserve organisation searched as far as possible for the locations of duplicate entrances throughout the city and selflessly published this information. The two girls thus survived for four months, with a few games in between, but all without incident.

Players like them make up the majority of the surviving players. The two are not distinctive in any way, similar in strength and other aspects, and it is simply impossible to distinguish a front-to-back ranking.

Xiao Jitong ponders for a moment: "We've only been in line once, and this is a very small number of times. Even if you're wrong next time, it's not a big deal, as long as you can get through the eagle-catching-chick game. This time, you're in fourth place." He pointed to the short-haired girl, then to the long-haired girl, "You're in fifth place."

Fu Wenduo said indifferently, "On what basis?"

The crowd turned their heads to Fu Wenduo.

Xiao Jitong laughs: "Intuition. Mr Donji, as I've said before, I always trust my instincts in any game I play. It's like old cops who don't need a lot of clues to solve a case, they see a murderer and they get a feeling that 'this is the murderer'. I've played a lot of games since Earth came online, a lot, and my experience has taught me that intuition is sometimes more important than rational thought. And," he continued after a pause, "this is only the second time we've lined up. Even if we're wrong this time, we'll have another chance."

Fu Wenduo didn't say anything more, and indeed, Tang Mo thought so too.

Tang Mo, Little Qiao, Xiao Jitong, short-haired girls, long-haired girls, Fu Wenduo, Ningning .

This order became the default correct ordering of the seven players. Even if there was an error, it would be that the two young girls had their positions reversed. There is at least an 80% chance that they did not find the wrong way of sorting and did not put them in the wrong order.

Then it's time to wait in line.

Over the course of the hour, the long-haired girl gradually recovered from her injuries. It was impossible to be as healthy as before, but she was able to stand up and escape again. Next time she will stand in fifth place, the big turkey will not take her as the first target anymore and she should have a much easier time.

The short-haired girl cheekily borrowed another mineral water prop from Xiao Jitong, and she poured the small half of the remaining bottle over her companion's wounds, which recovered more quickly. I guess even if the queue is wrong and the eagle catches the chicken game starts, the long-haired girl will not be left without the ability to escape.

Tang Mo looked at the small, pale girl and something occurred to him. "It didn't want to kill her."

When Fu Wenduo heard Tang Mo's words, he immediately understood what he meant. He said, "The rules of the eagle's game of catching chicks say that it has to catch the last chick. So perhaps it can only kill that chick as well."

Tang Mo looked at Xiao Jitong, who was discussing things with his teammates in the distance, and he turned to Fu Wenduo: "The person it should have killed was Ningning, and before that, it didn't deliberately attack Ningning. It attacked all the players as much as it could, and all it needed was one more swipe of its paw and the girl would have been dead. But it did not do so. Two possibilities, first, it could only kill Ningning, not anyone outside of Ningning. Second ...... it wanted to hurt more players. Not to kill, but to seriously injure."

This is the horror of the Great Turkey.

In an hour-long game of Eagle Catch, the players can barely make a counterattack against the big turkey, they can only defend themselves, but the big turkey can easily scratch and maul the chicks, injuring the players one by one. It doesn't kill them, it just wounds them badly. This makes it even harder for these players to escape the next time they play.

There is even a chance that they may not last until the next game and simply die of serious injuries.

Although there was an 80 per cent chance that the queue was in the right order, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were prepared for anything. Fu Wenduo reloads his pistol. After his last experience, Tang Mo knew that the parasol would not be able to inflict any wounds on the turkey's body, but he chose this weapon anyway, at least as a shield.

Once everything was ready, the seven players gathered for the second round of the queue.

"Nanjing is a great city where most players of average strength can survive well, at least once Earth is online."

Tang Mo turns his head to Xiao Jitong.

Xiao Jitong is watching a large turkey waddling in the distance.

Xiao Jitong was not wrong, the city of Nanjing was safe, but it was also extremely dangerous. Tang Mo was silent for a moment, ready to speak, but before he could, a low male voice rang out beside him, "Within three months, each player must attack the tower once."

The smile on Xiao Jitong's lips lingered for a moment, but he soon continued to laugh, "Yes. The premise is that the players don't have to be forced to attack the tower."

Nanjing is a great city, provided the players are not forced to attack the tower.

Too much protection is, on the contrary, chronic suicide.

Nanjing's powerful players shelter ordinary players, telling them the entrance to every copy of the game and restraining stowaways from killing random people. But this also gives other players a cradle that is too warm. In this cradle, players without perseverance will not grow and will only live out their days.

Perhaps The black tower was so worried about this that they added a rule requiring each player to attack the tower within three months.

The big turkey was getting closer and closer. Tang Mo's eyes swept up the blood on the ground and he suddenly spoke, "There must be at least a hundred dead players here."

Xiao Jitong: "There are records, about one hundred and fifty people."

One hundred and fifty people, and not one of them had worked out the correct way to line up. This number made Tang Mo feel that something was wrong, but he couldn't think of anything at the moment. This was not like Mario's side, where more than 6,000 people had died. 6,000 people meant that there was definitely something wrong with the game and that the players could not have followed the normal flow to the end.

Tang Mo was still thinking when the big turkey approached.


The Great Turkey walked up to the seven players holding a giant black beetle-shaped worm, it threw the huge worm to the ground with a mighty thud. The bug was still trying to escape when the Great Turkey stomped on its shell with one forceful step, the bug hissed and its black shell was cracked by the Great Turkey.

Who knows where the Great Turkey found such a giant beetle as it stomped on the big bug, its grim, greedy gaze sweeping past the faces of all the players. The Great Turkey clapped his hands together and smiled kindly, "Have you figured out how to line up yet, my children, Goo?"

The short-haired girl glared at the big turkey with hatred and gritted her teeth, "Think about it."

The girl's sure determination made the big turkey look at her one more time, and the big turkey scratched his head, "Well coochie, let's start lining up then. Mummy can't wait to feed you all worms. Are you guys feeling hungry yet?"

Tang Mo was going to tell everyone to just get in line, now that the big turkey's every word was mocking the players and not giving any useful clues. But before he could say anything, he suddenly felt a hunger pang in his stomach. Tang Mo's eyes widened in dismay, and after feeling it carefully, he quickly looked over at Fu Wenduo .

The two men's eyes met in the air.

Fu Wenduo nodded and whispered, "Yes."

Not only them, but Xiao Jitong and the other players felt a pang of hunger that had been missing for a long time after the big turkey had said that. It was a strange feeling, Tang Mo had eaten only yesterday, and with his current physical condition, he would not feel hungry even if he did not eat for three days or three nights.

Tang Mo immediately thought, "Our fitness has dropped and our hunger has returned in the same way."

Fu Wenduo: "It's not back, it's hungrier. I ate a compressed biscuit this morning."

Tang Mo's heart is in awe.

The big turkey cooed and laughed at their words, its feet wriggling hard on the black worm's shell as it deliberately said, "Mummy knew you were all hungry. Come on and line up for dinner, my lovely children."

The feeling of hunger is so unfamiliar to Tang Mo that he finds it a little strange for a while, but it is fine once he gets used to it. This level of hunger is not so much that they can't move, but they are afraid that it will be doubly heightened.

Tang Mo stopped talking and before the big turkey could finish his sentence, he stepped forward and stood at the front of the line.

The big turkey froze.

Tang Mo gave it an expressionless look and turned around, "Get a grip."

Fu Wenduo understood what he meant, and Xiao Jitong guessed something terrible when he felt a long-lost hunger. He nudged the little boy and the blond boy rushed up to stand behind Tang Mo. Then came Xiao Jitong, the short-haired girl ......

Once Tang Mo stood in front of the big turkey, the big turkey narrowed its eyes and smiled sinisterly while fixing its gaze on every player who came up to the line. It doesn't show much abnormality, but this uncharacteristic display of its is also an abnormality. It seemed to be confirming that the order in which the players were now lining up was most likely correct.

As the long-haired girl shakily takes the fifth position, Fu Wenduo steps up to take the sixth. Lastly, Ningning.

All seven men stand still.

Tang Mo lifts his head and looks at the big turkey.

The big turkey's eyes retracted from Ningning's body and it lowered its head to look down at Tang Mo. Its black shadow loomed over Tang Mo, almost half of him shining through. The two look at each other in silence, Tang Mo's hand pressed against the parasol ready to strike back.

There was not a sound in the silent supermarket and the big turkey did not get outright angry as he did last time.

Tang Mo hears his heart pounding, pounding, heart beating fast in his chest.

Standing so close he realised that this turkey was really incredibly tall and incomparably strong. It seemed like a huge mountain blocking every player's path. When its eyes turned red and it transformed into an eagle, its terrifying speed and great strength, coupled with its exceptionally hard body, were all the most terrifyingly sharp weapons.

It wasn't just Tang Mo, behind him the little boy gritted his teeth and looked angrily at the big turkey. His fingers stirred in his pocket, expecting the queue to be in the right order this time and the game to be over.

Xiao Jitong looks calm, but he doesn't take his eyes off the big turkey as he too waits nervously for an answer.

Fu Wenduo looks calm, his dark eyes gazing silently at the big turkey, ready to attack.

In the dim light, the turkey stares steadily at Tang Mo, who stares back at him calmly.

Suddenly, the big turkey raised its tiny beak as it grinned oddly. The smile quickly reached the corners of its mouth and its small eyes turned blood red in a flash. The turkey suddenly slapped its wings at Tang Mo, who, even though he was prepared for it, was still stunned.


Tang Mo opened his parasol to block the blow from the big turkey, while his whole body was slapped back three steps by the force of the blow.

A clear child's voice rang out-

"Ding Dong! Player queue error, big turkey schizophrenic, open the spinoff game 'Eagle Catching Chick'. Game time is one hour. After the beep sound ......"

Tang Mo's eyes widened as he shouted, "RUN!!!"

In the next moment, seven players are running in different directions. The fastest of these is Ningning.

The eagle had to catch the last chick in the game. Ningning had suffered enough in the previous round, so this time Xiao Jitong had a long and careful discussion and gave Ningning many life-saving items so that she could survive.

Knowing that the turkey was targeting herself, Ningning ran as fast as she could up to the first floor of the supermarket, where Little Qiao had already laid a series of traps for the turkey with the remaining props. Without the blue water drops, their most powerful prop was gone. The other props couldn't give the turkey a lethal threat, but at least they could help Ningning out so she didn't have such a hard time escaping.

Although the ultimate target for the big turkey was Ningning, the other players didn't dare to take it lightly.

The long-haired girl burst into tears as soon as The black tower prompted. Her wounds had only just healed and she was weak as hell. She didn't dare ask for help, she had to run as fast as she could and pray that the big turkey wouldn't notice her.

Perhaps because of the ranking, this time the big turkey really didn't go for the long-haired girl first, but saw the blonde boy in second place. Tang Mo was so strong that he blocked the big turkey's attack and then turned to run away, leaving the boy first instead. The big turkey's eyes lit up and he slapped a paw at the little boy.

Xiao Jitong stood behind him, he wrapped his arms around the blond boy's waist from behind and with one force carried him onto his back. A claw from the big turkey came down and Xiao Jitong defended the boy, taking a chunk of flesh out of his arm. Xiao Jitong grunted and ran with the boy on his back.

By the time the big turkey tried to chase the man again, Tang Mo had already rejoined Fu Wenduo, and the two of them ran off into the darkness and disappeared. He tries to go after Xiao Jitong, but he has only taken two steps when he seems to remember how badly he has been tossed around by countless props, and he stops in his tracks.

In the end, its gaze was directed at the two weakest little girls.

"Coo ......" The laugh was strangely creepy, and the big turkey stomped on its feet and rushed towards the short-haired girl who hadn't quite hidden.

The little short-haired girl was originally standing in fourth place and she wasn't running that fast. When she realised that the big turkey was actually chasing her, she turned pale with fear and ran as fast as she could, about to reach the place where the little boy had laid his trap. By this time, however, the big turkey had already caught up with her. As it had done with her companion, the big turkey waved its wings and easily slapped the short-haired girl against the wall.

The girl's body hit the wall hard and she stifled a grunt of pain.

A crisp cracking sound of bones came and the short-haired girl fell to the ground, spitting out blood heavily. Bright red blood trickled down her forehead. The short-haired girl braced her arms to stand up before escaping, but somehow she fell to the ground, covering her stomach. Her body began to tremble and she was unable to speak, she could only keep convulsing.

The short-haired girl's injuries did not look as bad as the long-haired girl's before, but blood continued to trickle from her mouth. She struggled to run and the big turkey was already attacking again.

The big turkey gave a sinister laugh and thumped towards the short-haired girl, trying to attack again. It was halfway to running when the short-haired girl spat out another mouthful of blood. The big turkey moved suddenly, as if it sensed something, and a look of horror appeared in its eyes.

"Gobble gobble gobble!"

Tang Mo hid in the darkness and saw the scene, he first froze, then immediately understood, "She's dying?!"

Many people have injuries that don't look serious and don't mark the surface of their skin, but they are much more serious than people who are covered in injuries. Humans can easily die from an impact to the back of the head, and a ruptured blood vessel somewhere can also kill. The short-haired girl was simply swung lightly by the turkey and fell against the wall. Her companion hadn't even been killed by the turkey, so no one expected that with such a simple blow, the short-haired girl would already be near death.

Fu Wenduo stares calmly at the short-haired girl, observing her twitching reactions and her constant spitting of blood. He concluded, "She's dying. It should have been a broken rib that pierced her internal organs, or maybe even her heart. The player's health is reduced in this copy, this injury is not fatal to you or me and can be recovered from, but she will last another five minutes at most."

This outcome was not expected by anyone, not even the big turkey was on guard.

The big turkey stood in its place in dismay, looking at the girl who kept twitching. Apparently it also noticed that the player was actually close to death.

On the other side, in the dark. Xiao Jitong pulled Little Qiao aside to hide as he too spotted the situation. He frowned as Little Qiao exclaimed, "She's really dead if we don't save her ...... Captain, I brought a bottle of banana wine, should I save her?"

The same applies to Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Tang Mo's hand pressed against the earthworm's tears, he did not move, looking calmly at the short-haired girl who was dying not far away.

The minutes passed. The girl's breathing was getting lighter and lighter, her eyes were closed and she could no longer move.

As the blond boy watched the scene, he remembered something: "As soon as a player dies, end the game immediately ......"

Xiao Jitong whispered, "Save her!"

The next moment, two figures came out of the shadows, heading straight for the big turkey and the short-haired girl. Xiao Jitong and Little Qiao were a few seconds faster than Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, and before Tang Mo could fully make up his mind, they had already rushed out. Seeing them come forward, Tang Mo's eyes went cold and he said, "Go?"

Fu Wenduo had already drawn his pistol: "Go!"

Like black lightning, the two of them swished out of the shelf and ran towards the Great Turkey. The Great Turkey was also stunned to find that four players had actually rushed out, but it also knew that as long as the female was dead, it could no longer attack the players. A fierce glint flashed in the Great Turkey's eyes as it twisted its head to look behind it.

There is the handrail of the supermarket and Ningning is already hiding on the first floor waiting for him to go up.

The big turkey's feet thudded against the ground as it roared and charged forward. It swung its claws up and slapped at the man who was charging at him. Fu Wenduo did not expect the big turkey to turn at the stairway and charge at him instead of going up the stairs.


A bullet grazed the skull of the big turkey, cutting off a few of its feathers. The turkey kicked the ground so hard that the floor shattered. Tang Mo was so surprised by this that he stopped running towards the short-haired girl and turned towards Fu Wenduo.

With almost all his strength, the big turkey was fast and ran in front of Fu Wenduo, his sharp claws slashing down at his face. Tang Mo was just in time to run and he didn't have time to hesitate, shouting out the incantation. He stood behind Fu Wenduo and opened a small parasol to block the blow.

The impact sent Tang Mo flying, and Fu Wenduo took his hand and they both stumbled backwards seven or eight steps before they were able to stabilise themselves.

The big turkey was far more powerful this time than it had been last time. As if it knew the short-haired girl was about to die, it had no time to waste. The blow was unsuccessful and it gave Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo no chance to catch their breath, hissing shrilly and charging forward again.

It was so fast that Fu Wenduo took Tang Mo's hand and used the parasol to block a second attack from the big turkey. This time, as the parasol blocked the attack, Fu Wenduo fired an accurate and quick shot at the same time. The turkey was forced to duck and dodge, staring hard at the two players in front of him as he clung to the handrail of the supermarket.

Finally, it still looks to Fu Wenduo.


The next second, the big turkey rushed up again.


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