Chapter 58: A crying flower~

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Mission 1 was completed with ease. Tang Mo rushed into the glass flower room as fast as they could at the end of the time limit. Now that they had completed the mission, they were all a little tired. After taking a break to rest and breathe, Tang Mo lifted his head and looked around.

This is a twelve-sided glass bower. A transparent dome envelops the spacious, clean bower, and golden sunlight shines through the glass, illuminating the flowers that flourish in the bower. There is no one else in the quiet bower, but it is as if you can hear the birds' hoof beats.

It's silent and beautiful, Tang Mo After resting up and discussing with the white-collar woman and the doll face, the three of them decided to split up and check out this flower room.

The flowers in the flower room are too numerous to count, and the room is not too big, but it is densely filled with them. They were all very tall, one red moonflower the size of Tang Mo's face and another petunia the size of his palm.

The three of them split up and searched the entire glass flower room.

I didn't find anything strange, it just looked like a very ordinary flower room," the white-collar woman said. I went to look for the 'lying moon flower'. At the moment we don't know what a moonflower looks like, but in this flower room, every single flower is a flower that exists on Earth, not a moonflower. Of course, maybe the moonflower is an alias for some kind of flower in The black tower world, there's no way of knowing for sure."

Tang Mo nodded, "I couldn't find anything related to the name Moonflower either."

The white-collar woman looks to the doll face.

The baby-faced young man was still smiling at Tang Mo and the white-collar woman, and when they both looked at him, he said, "I haven't found any moon flowers either."

The white-collar woman asked, "Did you look hard enough?"

Dollface froze for a moment and laughed, "Looked very hard."

The white-collar woman ran her suspicious eyes over him, but didn't ask any more questions. The baby-faced young man gave the white-collar woman a glance before his gaze quickly shifted back to Tang Mo's body. As if he had seen something, the smile on his lips widened a little. He kept staring at Tang Mo with that meaningful, odd look that would have made anyone else very uncomfortable, but Tang Mo glanced at him lightly, unchanged, and looked at the white-collar woman.

"We only have two hints. One, Moonflower loves to lie, and two, it's called Moonflower." Tang Mo wasn't going to leave it up to the white-collar woman to make up her own mind when it came to the tower attack game. The second clue looks like it could be useful," he says. Whether the name Moonflower is an alias or a real name, we should be trying to guess why it's called Moonflower."

The white-collar woman thought for a moment, "Most likely, it looks like the moon."

Dollface interjected, "It likes to grow under the moon?"

Noticing that the baby face was actually part of the discussion, Tang Mo gave him an extra look and nodded, "It's all possible. There are generally three ways of naming flowers around the world. The first one has to do with the habit of the flower, such as the moonflower. It's called the moonflower because it opens every month, blooming all year round, and is also known as the moonflower."

The white-collar woman said, "I think I've seen this one somewhere, too."

Tang Mo continues: "The second nomenclature is related to the shape of the flower, such as the five-star flower. It has five distinctly shaped petal corners, like a five-pointed star, so it is called a five-star flower. If the moon flower is named in the first two ways, it is very easy to find, or at least to trace. If it is named in the third way, we have too few clues this time. Some flowers are named according to fanciful legends and stories, such as the forget-me-not and the lingonberry. Those aside for now, now that The black tower hasn't given us any hints as to where to look for the flower, the moonflower should not be named in a third way, otherwise it would be almost impossible for us to find it."

It's a game and there's a way to get through to victory.

In the absence of any clues, the word 'moonflower' is the only clue the Tang Mo trio have right now. The fact that it is called the Moon Flower must have something to do with the flower itself, not with all the strange stories and legends.

The white-collar woman nodded approvingly.

A laugh sounded at that moment, "You know a lot of flowers, you used to run a flower shop?"

Tang Mo looked at the doll face and said lightly, "I've read some books." When Tang Mo used to work in the library, he would read books in his spare time. He had read a lot of books and his knowledge base was a little more than the average person, but certainly not as much as Luo Fengcheng.

The doll face said, "Oh" and added, "So many books, what did you do before?"

The white-collar woman finally couldn't help herself, "That's enough of you, this time is mission-oriented, this useless nonsense will be discussed after the game is over. Right now our priority is to get to the moon flower, do you have a clue?"

The baby-faced youth shrugged, "I don't know. He's read a lot of books, maybe he knows." He points to Tang Mo.

Tang Mo: "......"

You've read a lot of books to know what a moonflower is? What kind of logic is all this.

Tang Mo recalls a book hunting game he once played with Mosaic. In that game, Tang Mo and Mosaic had to pull out tens of thousands of books from several shelves to find the book. There was a time limit on that game, and in the end Tang Mo didn't find the book by "searching through every book", but now there is no time limit on the game.

Tang Mo intends to propose that the three of them pick every single flower in the bower. As long as the moon flower was among them, it might be considered as a completion of the side quest. However, just as he was about to speak, the doll-faced youth suddenly reached out and put his hand in front of Tang Mo's face.

Tang Mo was astonished.

The smile on the baby-faced youth's face narrowed slightly and slowly he smiled again.

The white-collar woman frowned, "What are you doing?"

Tang Mo did not open his mouth. The doll face's movements were clearly preventing Tang Mo from speaking. Only he pulled a mobile phone out of his pocket. All electronic devices are inoperable after the Earth goes online, no internet access, no phone calls, no text messages, no more than a watch to check the time. Tang Mo had already thrown away his dead mobile phone.

I didn't expect the baby-faced young man to carry a mobile phone with him. He turned it on, tapped on the memo and typed a line and handed it to Tang Mo.

[Don't move, that flower behind you just moved slightly].

Tang Mo's eyes flashed with awe.

The white woman also saw the line and her eyes widened in surprise, but she was smart enough to keep her mouth shut and not make a sound.

Tang Mo took the doll-faced phone and typed: [Are you sure you saw that flower behind me move? I remember a white rose bush behind me, I checked there just now and found nothing different.]

Dollface quickly typed.

[It moved, the rhizome moved about six millimetres, I saw it.]

...... six millimeters, he saw such a fine distance and was so please accurate.

The baby-faced young man's face is a constant smile. He had found a strange flower that could well have been a moonflower, but Tang Mo's face showed no excitement or triumph, but rather an eerie feeling.

Tang Mo calmly typed: [I won't move, you two look for a chance to catch the flower that has moved. Maybe it is the moon flower.]

The white-collar woman glanced at the doll face and the two nodded gently. Tang Mo pretended not to notice anything as he spoke calmly, "Since the side quest is for us to find the moon flower, then ......"


Just then, White Collar Woman and Doll Face moved together. The two players, who had reached tower attack level, rushed behind Tang Mo at breakneck speed and in the blink of an eye grabbed a giant white rose that was tall and strong. The spikes on the rose's roots could not pierce their skin and they had a firm grip on the rose with two men and four hands. Then a mournful cry rang out through the glass bower -

"aaaaaaaaah help!!! Stinky human players got me!!!"

Tang Mo suddenly felt that something was wrong, and before he had time to react, he then heard another piteous shout, like a mountain coming down on them with a bang.

"What are these human players up to, are they trying to capture us for a dip!"

"I don't want it! I'm so good looking, I haven't given my pollen away yet, I don't want to be taken over by humans for a bath, let alone for their tea!!!"

Thousands of flowers screamed like a roar in this tiny glass flower room. The loud sound formed a bombardment in the ears of the three players, and with their powerful physical qualities, all three players' ears were shaken by such a horrible sound.

For the first time, the smile on the doll-faced youth's face completely disappeared as he fiercely squeezed the white rose with one force. Only a click was heard, and the long rose's rootstock was snapped right off by him.

The screams of the flowers suddenly stop.

A second later, even more miserable cries rang out again.

"Aaaahhhh he really is trying to pluck us for a dip!!!"

"It doesn't have to be a bath, it could be a tea, it could be made into a balm, into anything he wants to do!!!"

"I don't want it, I don't want to be plucked away from him!"

Tang Mo stepped forward and took the white rose, which was crying for help while trembling with flowers, from the hands of the doll-faced youth. The young man looked at Tang Mo without saying anything, and Tang Mo asked, "Are you a moon flower?"

The white rose's weeping stopped for a moment, and when it didn't answer, the flowers around it spoke for it.

"The moonflower? Isn't it a white rose, when did it become that lying moonflower?"

"It's not a moonflower. The moonflower has long since been moved elsewhere by Queen of Hearts, it's a white rose, a special glassy white rose."

Chattering voices buzzed in the trio's ears, and Tang Mo caught the key word: "Moonflower was moved by Queen of Hearts?"

A giant peony the size of a basin poked its large bud in front of Tang Mo's eyes, its red petals twitching gently as it said, "Are you three humans looking for a moon flower?"

Tang Mo's face changed as such a huge flower suddenly appeared in front of him, and he soon calmed down and said, "Yes, we're looking for the Moon Flower."

The moonflower is not here," said the large peony. I know all the flowers in the glass flower room, but the moonflower was moved yesterday by someone from Queen of Hearts, to her bedroom I'm told, and also to the jeweled corridor, and I'm told it was given away by Queen of Hearts. You will not find the moonflower here."

The other flowers echoed, "Yes, yes, the moonflower is not here."

Tang Mo asked, "So how do we get to the moonflower?"

Big Peony shook his head for a while and said, "We've been in this glass flower room since we were seeds, and none of us know what the outside world is like, or where the moon flowers really are. But when those two guards moved the moonflower away yesterday, it was from that spot that they left."

The large peony stretched out its large green leaves and pointed to the vine flower's trellis. "Those two guards left through that door, perhaps you can find the moon flower if you go out through there."

The white-collar woman walks up to the flower stand. The wisteria on the shelf covers its petals with its leaves and moves aside with a shy "oops". The curving vine branches and leaves are plucked away in layers to reveal a small wooden door.

The white-collar woman turned back and said, "There is indeed a door here."

Tang Mo turns his head again to look at the giant peony. He gazes calmly at the frighteningly large peony, as if he wants to see through its tightly packed petals whether the other side is lying or not.

The large peony, who seems to be the leader of the glass bower, saw what Tang Mo was thinking and said, "In the glass bower, only the moon flower lies. We are all good flowers that don't lie. Yesterday, two guards did remove the moonflower from here, right through that door."

Many flowers echo the words of this peony.

Tang Mo looked at it for a while.

The white-collar woman said, "It sure doesn't look like it's lying."

Tang Mo also said, "Yes, I think so too."

The doll-faced youth smiled again, "So now we're going to walk through that door and get to the moonflower?"

The three of them discussed the matter for a while (basically Tang Mo and the white collar woman discussing the matter, with doll face looking on) and unanimously decided to leave the glass flower room and go in search of the real moon flower. Tang Mo looked at the broken white rose in her hand and wondered where to put it.

The white rose wailed and cried as it said carefully, "Can you ...... stick me back in the dirt where I was just now ......"

Tang Mo stuck the flower back into the soil where it had been, right next to its half-broken rhizome.

Back in the soil, this white rose sways with delight. It stretched its leaves happily and kept poking its head higher and higher, as if trying to get more sunlight. But because it had been broken in half, it was shorter than the other white roses beside it, which blocked it from the sun, and it only got a poor share of sunlight from the tops of its petals.

The white rose wailed again and several white roses around it reached out their leaves to comfort it.

The three Tang Mo men turned towards the small door. The baby-faced youth stretched out his foot to kick in the door again, but Tang Mo stopped his leg with a small parasol.

He looks to Tang Mo.

Tang Mo: "There have been guards from the Queen of Hearts in and out of here, let's not make too much noise so as not to attract unnecessary trouble."

The white-collar woman carefully pushed the door open, making sure there was no danger beyond it, and the trio walked through the small door and out of the glass flower room.

Two months ago, Tang Mo wouldn't have believed that there were flowers that big and that could talk. Since the launch of Earth, he has experienced too many copies of the game and seen all kinds of game bosses, even Mario and Pinocchio, not to mention a bunch of talking, crying flowers.

Behind a trellis of vine flowers is a narrow, narrow corridor.

This corridor is somewhat similar to the one before, with small fire pots hanging every ten metres from the walls on either side, illuminating the entire corridor, only this time the flames on the pots burn more vigorously, illuminating the corridor as if it were daylight.

As he walked past the fire pits, Tang Mo's gaze remained fixed on the patterns of the fire pits. The patterns are similar to those on the fire pits in the tunnels, they all look irregular, as if they were drawn by hand, but there is something wonderfully familiar about them.

Tang Mo watched for a while, and in the afterglow he suddenly noticed a man who had been watching him.

He turned his head quickly to get a better look at the other man and said coldly, " Mr. Bruce, what are you looking at?"

Knowing that Bruce-Wayne is a pseudonym, Tang Mo still says it with a straight face, as if the baby-faced youth is really called that.

The doll face smiled and said, "Look at a funny thing."

Tang Mo "Oh", his voice quiet, "I'm the funny thing?"

The doll face asked rhetorically, "Don't you think you're funny?"

Tang Mo gave him a fixed look and averted her eyes without answering his question.

The three of them continued on their way. The white-collar woman had long been disgusted with the doll face, and she always stood at Tang Mo's side, keeping her distance from him. Now even Tang Mo walks away from him, leaving Doll Face alone with his hands in his pockets, seemingly happy and smiling as he walks on ahead.

Crossing this corridor, the three came to a dining room. There was a set of gilt cutlery on a long table in the dining room, and the white-collar woman examined it carefully and said, "There are still some meat drippings on the plates, and the knives and forks are still a little warm, so they must have been eaten not long ago. Be careful, there might be someone here."

The three men watched their surroundings cautiously, yet nothing strange happened until they left the restaurant.

Tang Mo closed the heavy white door firmly behind him and he turned to find the baby-faced youth looking at himself again. Tang Mo's face slowly sank. This time the doll face's eyes were even more odd, as if, as he said, he was really looking at something interesting, for Tang Mo noticed that he was looking at himself with no other emotion mixed in, only a ...... strange anticipation and leap of faith.

Tang Mo did not believe that this stranger, whom he was meeting for the first time, had any special feelings for him, because at the beginning, when the three met in the corridor of the painting, the doll face looked at himself with this look.

He must have seen something.

Tang Mo grips the handle of her small parasol.

The Queen of Hearts' jeweled castle was so vast that the three of them walked for ten minutes before they reached the end of it and met no one. This time they passed through a great hall made of gold and the white-collar woman pushed open the back door of the hall and she gave a surprised "eek": "No more light?"

After leaving the glass flower room, every corridor and room that the three men had come all the way through was illuminated. Some were illuminated by flames, others by gems. The lighting was varied, but without exception, it illuminated the majestic and magnificent castle in all its splendour and splendour. Once again encountering an environment without light, the white-collar woman discreetly took out her torch. She illuminated the room to make sure there was nothing out of the ordinary and turned her head, "It's an empty room, no problem." With that, she lifted a step and walked in.

Dollface followed her in.

Tang Mo switched on his torch and was the last to enter the room, while he closed the door. Just as he closed the door behind him, a quick gust of wind came down over his head. Tang Mo reacted quickly by taking two steps backwards, but the object was faster, the cold, sharp object slashing hard across Tang Mo's chest. From his left shoulder to his right abdomen, Tang Mo's shirt was cut by the sharp object.

It was so sharp that by the time it had cut through, a tiny bead of blood had seeped out along the tiny wound. The cut was not deep, as Tang Mo only cut the skin even though he dodged it. But the cut was so long that it soon stained the clothes on Tang Mo's chest and looked horrible.

In the darkened room, the white-collar woman hurriedly turned on her torch to illuminate the object in front of Tang Mo.

"The leopard!" The white-collar woman exclaimed.

The moment her voice rang out, the black cheetah lying by the door hissed, stomped on all fours and charged at the nearest Tang Mo. Its front paws were stained with red blood from the slash it had just made across Tang Mo's chest. Tang Mo lifted the small parasol and quickly recited the incantation. The parasol opened up in front of the black panther, who slapped it with a paw.

The force was far beyond Tang Mo's expectations and he was knocked back a metre by the terrifying slap.

The white-collar woman said urgently, "It's too powerful, we're no match for it. There's the door, run!"

The white-collar woman said shining the light of her torch back on as she hurried towards the door on the other side of the direction. The doll face looked at Tang Mo and gave a laugh, turning his head to follow him and fleeing with the white collar girl. Tang Mo was at the end of the trio and had no time to worry about the white collar girl's words. He turned to leave the room with his companions when the panther roared and opened its bloody mouth, and a dazzling white flame shot out of its mouth.

Tang Mo's eyes widened in disbelief.

No one could have imagined that this very ordinary-looking black panther could actually breathe fire!

It all happened in the blink of an eye. Both the white-collar woman and the doll face saw the fire, but they had already run to the door, the white-collar woman's hand pressed against the doorknob. Only Tang Mo, who was closest to the Panther, could barely avoid the sudden attack of flame.

Yet for just a second, the white-collar woman's eyes blinked softly and her baby-faced hands were in her pockets, watching with interest as Tang Mo's figure was about to be engulfed in flames.

It was this second when the white-collar woman finished blinking this once, and the corners of the doll-faced mouth had just curled up.

Tang Mo raised the parasol and stabbed it into the back of the panther's head. The white flame disappeared instantly and the panther fell to the ground with a hiss of pain. Thick blood quickly spread out from underneath him and trickled down to Tang Mo's feet.

After finishing the panther, Tang Mo walked up to the white-collar woman and the doll face with an icy expression and said, "I don't know what this panther is from, and now that it's dead, we'd better get out of here."

The white-collar woman looked at him in shock: "You, how did you just ......" Her voice stopped short of asking.

Tang Mo opened the door, "Let's go."

The white-collar woman looked at Tang Mo with a complicated gaze, and she walked out of the room without asking more questions.

That was Tang Mo's prop ...... or psychic ability, and in any case, they were only a makeshift team, and Tang Mo didn't need to tell her about the way she had just moved instantly and killed that black panther. It was just that she looked at Tang Mo with a little more caution and caution in her eyes.

Tang Mo and the white-collar woman left the room and noticed that Doll Face hadn't actually followed them out.

The white-collar woman turned around and said, "What's wrong?"

Dollface's figure was shrouded in darkness, and the two men could only see his feet, not his expression. Half an hour later, Dollface stepped out of the darkened room and he smiled, "Nothing much. A bit spooked by the sudden appearance of that black panther just now, keep going?"

Not a word of truth comes out of this man's mouth.

The white-collar woman didn't believe he was frightened by the panther; with the man's level of psychosis, she and Tang Mo had been the ones receiving scares from each other all along the way. The white-collar woman gave him a cold sweep, her baby face still smiling.

Tang Mo looked at him with this disgusting smile and narrowed his eyes.

...... is not the same as it was before.

He was still laughing, but it didn't feel the same as the previous laugh.

The doll face seemed to notice Tang Mo's gaze and he turned his head to look at Tang Mo. The two men looked at each other without speaking.

Soon the three of them were crossing the room. With the surprise attack by the black panther earlier, the white-collar woman was more cautious this time when leaving the room. She opened the door and jumped back a quick step to make sure there was no surprise attack before looking cautiously inside the door. Her gaze scrutinised every corner of the next room before finally her eyes suddenly stopped and stared straight ahead.

"Is that a moonflower?!"

Tang Mo and Doll Face both walked over.

Behind this door (Tang Mo had walked through numerous doors by now) was a long, dark corridor. The walls on either side of the corridor are covered with beautiful murals of angels painted with special paints. The moonlight shines through the glass roof of this corridor, and on the frescoes the beautiful angels glitter as if they were painted with diamonds.

And at the end of this corridor is a small jewelled raised platform with a circular glass cover over it, enclosing the silver flower in the shape of a curved moon.

The corridor was too long and the flower wasn't big enough for Tang Mo to look as hard as he could to make out its moon-shaped bud.

The doll face laughed, "Looks like a moon flower?"

Tang Mo affirms, "That must be the moon flower."

The three of them looked at each other and with the white-collar woman taking the lead and the doll face padding behind, the three of them cautiously walked into this corridor. As they entered the corridor, the door slammed shut. Tang Mo and the white-collar woman immediately looked at the doll face.

The doll face said innocently, "I didn't close the door hard, it closed on its own."

The credibility of this statement was questionable, and Tang Mo and the white-collar woman were still staring coldly at each other. Doll Face said helplessly, "It's rare to say something true, and you both don't believe it."

Tang Mo withdraws his eyes and continues to walk towards the moonflower that has been placed at the end of the corridor.

The white-collar woman said, "The side quest is for us to 'find the moon flower that loves to lie'. If it was just a requirement to find it, then we would have been considered 'found' by now. But The black tower doesn't prompt us to complete the quest ......"

"It's about us getting that flower in our hands, and that's really what 'finding the moon flower' is all about." Tang Mo added.

With no time to lose and already here, the three of them hurried through the corridor towards the moon flower. Tang Mo's eyes passed over the frescoes of angels on either side of the corridor. The frescoes are similar to those found in many church buildings, in that they are scenes of angels at play, except that the paint used to paint them is so special that it reflects the light of diamonds in the moonlight.

Walking to the end of the corridor, the three men were only about ten metres away from the moonflower.

So close, Tang Mo could clearly see this graceful and beautiful silver flower swaying gently in the moonlight. Perhaps it is the moonlight's original lustre, or perhaps it is its unique colour, as its moon-like buds burst into layers of silvery petals. As it gently stretches its branches in the glass enclosure, a silvery wave ripples across its dense petals. The moonlight shines through, making it look surreptitious and beautiful.

The white-collar woman's breath caught as she quickened her steps to hurry up and pick up the flower, but they had just reached a position ten metres in front of it when a soft, seductive voice rang out in the narrow corridor -

"Do you really want to come over?"

The white-collar woman stops in her tracks.

Tang Mo looked at the flower with surprise and curiosity on her baby-faced face.

Through a layer of clear glass, the silvery moonflower turned its beautiful buds towards Tang Mo's trio. Its inclusive and moving voice seemed like a feather that gently tickled the hearts of the three. "O three poor humans, have you come this far and still not found that thread on the ground."

Tang Mo immediately looks down. The white-collar woman and the doll face also looked to the ground.

The three men looked carefully for a while before the white-collar woman said, "It's here!"

Tang Mo followed the direction of her finger.

There were no particular lines on the flat, smooth floor, and Tang Mo looked sideways for some time before finally spotting an extremely thin, silvery, straight line. The line was ten metres long and ran parallel to the direction of the corridor, splitting the two-metre wide corridor in half. It appeared suddenly from beneath the feet of Tang Mo's three men and stretched all the way to the foot of the high wooden platform where the moonflower was located.

At this moment, Tang Mo is standing at the beginning of this line.

The moon flower said gently, "Now you have two choices: come from the left side of the line and pluck me, or come from the right side of the line and pluck me. O three poor human beings, which path will you choose?"

The white-collar woman calmed down and asked, "What's different about these two roads?"

Moonflower: "Two paths, only one is the right path. Poor child, there is a price to be paid for treading the wrong path. In your short human life you always have to make choices, sometimes forced choices, sometimes choices you make on your own initiative. Many times you stand in the middle of a choice unable to discover that this choice may determine your whole life. For example, right now ......"

The moonflower waved its beautiful petals: "One path is full of traps, the other is calm. Human, which path do you choose to come over and pluck me?"

Tang Mo lifted her head, looked at the seemingly gentle and gracious moonflower, and said faintly, "Did you just lie?"

Moonflower's voice comes to an abrupt end.

A moment later, it let out a strange laugh, its voice still unmistakably soft, but the gloating laugh it had just given away its sinister and cunning mind.

"Human, guess if I just lied?"


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