Chapter 57: The love that is not finished is not a representation of a love that has no ending.

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"This door is no longer openable, we can only go forward if we want to get to the glass flower room." The white-collar woman said quickly, "There's a ten-minute time limit, so hurry up."

The three of them speed up, and together they move quickly through this magnificent corridor.

The black tower's side quest came out of nowhere and was given a very short time limit. Ten minutes is a very delicate number, and it is impossible to say whether it is short or long. They didn't know where the "glass bower" was. If the flower house was far away from the corridor, they would of course need to increase their pace; if it was just down the corridor, they would be able to slow down and observe the surroundings.

But in any case, the prompt The black tower tells the player that there must be a way to reach the glass flower room in ten minutes.

Tang Mo was at the end of the group, the white-collar woman having been in charge from the start, at the front. Tang Mo ran forward, quietly watching the movements of the baby-faced young man to prevent him from doing something like 'banging on the window'.

Yet all this way, the doll-faced youth did nothing more perverse.

The trio crossed this corridor and pushed open the door to a darkened room. Suddenly entering the darkness, Tang Mo gripped the handle of her parasol warily, wary of the unknown dangers of the darkness. After two seconds, Tang Mo and the white-collar woman both took out a torch and switched it on.

The white-collar woman said, "It seems to be a normal bedroom." She took a torch and illuminated every corner of the room.

It is a European style princess room with lace curtains and a round princess bed, with a plush carpet on the floor. The dressing table is placed in the corner of the room and three small feather fans are inserted in a small crystal cylinder on the table, one with red feathers, one with green feathers and one with a strange bright purple colour.

After the three men had looked the house over, Tang Mo shone his torch behind him.

He gave a glance, "Not the door."

The white-collar woman hurriedly looked towards him, and in passing saw the tall white wardrobe behind the three. She exclaimed, "Didn't we just open a door to get in?"

Tang Mo reached out and pulled on this wardrobe, he used 70% of his strength but could not open the door. He said calmly, "I've come across the problem of temporal chaos in a game before. We did just open a small door and enter this bedroom, but now the door is gone and it has become this wardrobe. Maybe in this game, one has to be aware of the space issue."

The white-collar woman nodded, "Good. Two minutes have passed, let's hurry and find that glass flower room again."

Tang Mo followed the white woman's lead and continued on his way. The light of his torch flickered across the room for a moment, illuminating the face of the baby-faced youth. Tang Mo's gaze flickered past his face and he saw the baby face looking meaningfully at him with that odd smile again.

Tang Mo continues to walk on without changing his face.

Leaving this bedroom, he came to another strange tunnel. Tang Mo looked back again at the bedroom door he had just walked through and his gaze froze, "Sure enough, that door is gone too."

The white-collar woman also looked back, "This game does have some problems with space, but that could be because the glass flower room is so far away that it would be impossible to get there in ten minutes under normal circumstances with our foot power." That's why the game changes the space and shortens the distance.

There was a grain of truth in this deduction, and Tang Mo was about to point out the flaw in it when the white collar woman said, "Come on, there's only five minutes and 32 seconds left."

Tang Mo followed with a slight flicker.

...... This woman's sense of time is too strong.

Perhaps because time was running out, the three men did not break out into any further arguments or discussions along the way. When they encountered any problems, they all stated their guesses as quickly as possible, and then they made good time to catch up with the road.

The baby-faced young man never said a word, just followed Tang Mo and the white collar woman, smiling and walking. When Tang Mo and the white-collar woman discussed their problems, he listened as if he was interested. However, when they looked at him, the baby-faced youth would not give them any response, only that odd smile.

This tunnel is much longer than either of the two corridors encountered previously.

Every ten metres in the dark, narrow tunnel, small fire pits hang on either side of the wall. The dark flames flickered faintly on either side of the tunnel, and Tang Mo, walking at the end of the group, kept his eyes on the small fire pits on either side. The small black fire pits were carved with curved and twisted curves, no pattern, just these strange curves.

The curves on each fire bowl are different, as if they were drawn on by the craftsman's hand as they were being forged out, with no pattern.

"A fire pit placed in a tunnel like this really doesn't need to be carved with any beautiful patterns, and no one will see it." Tang Mo thought to himself.


"Ah! I love this!"

A loud voice echoed through the narrow tunnel, startling the white-collar woman and causing her to turn her head and say, "What are you doing!"

Tang Mo, already on guard against the doll-faced youth's antics, stared coldly at him, only to see the doll-faced man reach out his hand and touch a small fire pit on the wall. The black iron pot was scorching hot from the flames, and when the doll face put his hand on it, the sound of roasting meat reached Tang Mo and the white woman's ears clearly.

Dollface didn't seem to feel any heat or pain at all as he smiled and touched this fire bowl, pointing with his other hand at the curved pattern on it, "Does it look like a love heart?"

Tang Mo looks at this small fire pit.

This little fire bowl has a crooked curve on it, perhaps unintentionally, which, when bent, is vaguely in the shape of a love heart. Only the last stroke of this love heart is not closed and it is a love heart with a corner missing.

Dollface touched it a few times and withdrew his hand. He withdrew his hand so quickly that Tang Mo noticed that his hand was intact and had not been burned at all. He said with great regret, "It's a pity that the heart didn't finish. Do you think it's hinting at this game?" The doll face suddenly turned his head to look at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo looked calm and ignored him.

He smiled a little and looked at the white woman again, "The unfinished drawing of a love heart might represent a love that has no ending."

Female White Collar: "......"

"You're sick!"

The baby-faced youth laughed instead of being angry after being scolded. The female white collar stopped paying attention to him and grabbed hold of him and walked forward. The doll face followed suit. Tang Mo watched the youth carefully for a while before his eyes returned to the patterns of the fire pits. This time he stopped looking at the curves alone and began to notice the shapes they made.

The one heart pattern was purely coincidental, and Tang Mo had not seen any particular pattern like it since. But as he looked at the intricate curves, a strange sense of familiarity crept over him. His gaze began to rest on these curves and he could not take his eyes off them. But no matter how strong the familiarity was, Tang Mo could not figure out what it was.

The trio had been walking for three minutes and hadn't left the tunnel.

At that moment, a strange laugh came from above the trio's heads. Tang Mo immediately tightened her grip on the parasol, and the white-collar woman and the baby face looked up above their heads. The crackling sound of burning flames echoed softly in the long, narrow tunnel, and Tang Mo's eyes searched the top of this tunnel, and soon he saw something.

"What's that?!" The white woman said in surprise as she glanced further to the side, "There's another one!"

At the top of the tunnel, there were two tiny stone sculptures of ravens hanging on either side of the wall, looking at each other. When the white woman spotted the two stone statues, one of the ravens actually spoke up, "Charles, did you hear that the Queen has captured another underground man and thrown him into the Jewel Corridor!"

"Dear Reid, what gave you the illusion that you would be better informed than your brother? I know, of course, that the great Queen of Hearts has captured another dirty, smelly Underlander and thrown him into the Queen's favourite corridor of gems. I also know that the Underlander has been turned into a stone statue! Just like you and me, any Underlander who can't find the exit of the corridor becomes a stone statue, an ornament to the Queen of Hearts' beautiful jeweled castle."

The other crow statue opened its mouth and said, "My dear Charles, you were just born a minute before me, please stop claiming to be a brother, that really makes me sick."

"But dear Reid, even if I turn into a crow statue of stone, I've changed three seconds before you. That's why I'll always be your brother."

"This is awful!"

The two ravens rattled together, as if they were laughing, and as if they were competing with each other to see who could caw louder. When they had cawed for a while, one of the crows said, "Dear Charles, do you think these three humans will also be turned into stone statues? How many people in this world would have managed to get out of the Jewel Corridor like that little girl did. I think they will definitely turn into bedbug stone statues, exactly like that big bedbug outside the castle."

The big stinker, the big stinker outside the castle.

Tang Mo remembered that the Great Mole had once said that there was a worm on the first floor of The black tower. He also recalled that the iron cobbler had said that the poison Xing Feng used was the unique poison of the large centipede on the first floor of The black tower.

Queen of Hearts' jeweled castle is on the first floor of The black tower? That's the same number of floors as the tower he's attacking. So for the white-collar girl and the baby-faced young man, is it also the first floor of The black tower that they will be attacking?

"No good, only forty-five seconds left!" The white-collar woman shouted.

Tang Mo's heart is in awe.

When the crow statue suddenly spoke earlier, all three stopped in their tracks and did not advance any further. Now with only a few dozen seconds left, none of them cared about the others. Tang Mo stomped to the ground and ran as fast as he could towards the small wooden door at the end of the tunnel. He kicked the door open and before he could enter, a black shadow entered the door logically after he did so.

Tang Mo then ran in again, followed by the white collar woman, who was the slowest but made it out of the tunnel.

As the trio left the tunnel, a loud voice rang out in the trio's ears -

"Dingdong! Complete side mission one: arrive at that glass flower house."

"Dingdong! Trigger side quest 2: Find the lying moonflower."


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