Chapter 59: My name is Fu Wensheng.

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On a high black wooden table, a large moonflower, covered in a glass lid, swayed its green leaves and looked at the three players in front of it. Its voice is soft and friendly, but its tone is full of malice, and its words cause Tang Mo to stare at it coldly.

The white woman studied the silver thread on the ground, and she looked up and said, "You said that one of the two paths is full of traps. So what happens if we don't go through it, but step over the line?"

Tang Mo had thought of the white-collar woman's method, but he sensed something was wrong.

The moonflower waved its branches and leaves in the moonlight and said wistfully, "Then you can stomp on it."

The white woman was stunned: "You ......"

Moonflower: "Come on over here and see what happens when you step on it. Come on over, I'm waiting for you here. But if I were you, I'd choose to walk down one of the paths. The line is so thin, who knows if stepping on it is walking down both paths ...... Oops, did I lie? I'm not really lying this time, I swear on the nose of the Queen of Hearts."

The white lady's face gradually sinks. Not only she, but Tang Mo too, is helpless against this lying moonflower.

The moonflower is a liar, but no one knows which of its words is true and which is not. Perhaps there is no trap in either path, it's all nonsense; perhaps there is a trap in one of the paths; or perhaps there is a trap in both.

In the face of such a lying flower, its words do not have any reference.

Tang Mo knelt down and looked up at the thin silver thread on the ground.

The line ran from their feet, ending at the high platform where the moonflower was located. The moonflower is enclosed in a glass enclosure from which, as it stands, it is incapable of escaping. It should be like the flowers in the glass bower: it can talk, but it cannot move. The white rose, for example, can only watch as it is plucked by the doll's face, unable to stop it.

"This line should have nothing to do with the moonflower, it's not the line it drew." Tang Mo said, "It could be a line that was already here, or it could be a line drawn by the guards carrying the moonflower. I'm more inclined to think that the line was added to the difficulty of our side quest by The black tower."

So far, the Tang Mo trio have met a total of two side quests.

The first task required them to reach the glass flower house within ten minutes. They encountered no danger on the way and could reach the glass flower house within the time limit if they increased their speed and ran as fast as they could.

The second task required them to find the moonflower that loves to lie. Now that they had seen the moon flower, all they had to do was pick it off and the job was done. In one of the rooms they encountered a fierce black panther that was so tough that if Tang Mo had not used his "A Very Fast Man" powers, he would have been seriously injured, but not life-threatening.

This second task, therefore, is not too difficult.

Tang Mo said, "So the statement 'this corridor has traps', should be true, it's not lying." Tang Mo looked to the white-collar woman and the doll face, "From our current position to that high platform, it's about ten metres away. Like you said, normally, we have three options - go left, go right and go up the line."

Dollface suddenly raised his hand, "I don't go from the line."

Tang Mo and the white-collar woman both looked at him.

The white collar woman wondered, "What are you doing, it's none of our business if you don't leave."

Dollface pointed at Tang Mo: "Doesn't he mean that the three of us should each pick a path and go from three different places?"

The moonflower suddenly made a strange laughing sound and when the three looked at it, it shook its disc. In the bright moonlight, this moon flower was high and elegant, and looking at its beautiful appearance, no one could have imagined that the sinister laughter had just come from it.

Obviously, it was Dollface's remark just now that made it snicker uncontrollably.

Tang Mo said lightly, "I don't want the three to split up, it's up to each person to decide where they want to go, I'm not forcing anyone, I'm just saying what the options are at the moment. But Mr Bruce, I'm curious, why don't you want to take the middle line?"

"Doesn't it say that if you take the middle line, you're even going both ways?" Dollface pointed his gaze sincerely at the moonflower.

The moonflower it was pointing at was watching the show, and when it was suddenly named, it froze for a moment and then quickly said gently, "Yes, I said that, and taking the middle line is walking on two roads. I'm really, really not lying."

The doll face laughed, "Yeah, so I believe you."

Moonflower: "......"

Probably even the moonflower itself did not expect that a human would believe in it so much. It froze in its glass enclosure as it shook its flowering branch, and only after half a day did it continue to shake.

Tang Mo gave Moonflower and Dollface a look and continued, "I personally wouldn't recommend walking down this line in the middle either. The line is too thin and even if you tiptoe on it, when you step on it, your feet are bound to step on the sides and the act is likely to be judged as stepping on both paths at the same time." After a pause, he looked to the doll face, " Mr Bruce, where do you want to go?"

Dollface: "I'll do whatever, look at you guys."

Tang Mo looks again at the female white collar.

The white woman hesitated for a moment and then asked Tang Mo, "Where do you go from here?"

There's nothing to hide at a time like this, because both of these people will see their props next, so it's better to just say it. Tang Mo said, "I walk through walls. I have a prop that allows me to ignore gravity and walk on any flat surface for ten minutes." Tang Mo made up how long the prop would take to use, "It could be dangerous to walk either way, so I thought I'd try walking through the wall."

The white lady looked at Tang Mo in amazement: "You can still do that?"

Tang Mo looked to Moonflower: "It didn't say no either."

But then Moonflower said, "But I hadn't thought of that either, it can still be like that."

Listening to Tang Mo, the white woman walks over to the wall in the corridor and begins to wonder about the possibility of walking on it herself. However, she soon gave up.

Ten metres long, without the aid of anything, Tang Mo couldn't have walked on it without her magic boots. This way of walking through walls is only possible for Tang Mo, it is impossible for white women and baby faces to imitate it.

The minutes passed and the white woman swung from side to side on the two paths. One minute she goes to the left of the silver line, the next to the right. Tang Mo is not in a hurry either. No one wants to be the first to try at this point. If the stalemate continues, I am afraid that none of the three will move forward.

The female white collar suggested, "The three of us will go together."

Tang Mo looks at her steadily.

Being watched by Tang Mo, the young woman's face did not change as she calmly said, "No one wants to go first, and to be honest, I refuse to be the first to go either. If we go on like this, we'll never be able to complete this side quest. So just go together. That's only fair, how's that?" She looked over at Dollface.

The doll face smiled and said, "I have no objection."

She then looks at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo looked calm: "Good."

The white-collar woman took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly. "Okay, so let's walk together. We'll all stand by this line now, and in ten seconds we'll choose our respective paths and walk at the same time. When we're ready, the three of us put our hands on each other's backs to prevent anyone from not wanting to go and using the other two as Little Bai Rats."

At these words, Doll Face looked at the white woman with a hint of inquiry and interest in her eyes. Tang Mo also stared at her blandly.

Half a minute later, Tang Mo and Doll Face said together, "That's fine with me."

WHITE COLLAR WOMAN: "Okay, then stand over here."

Tang Mo understood what the white-collar woman meant, and even before she made her suggestion, Tang Mo had thought about saying something similar.

Before this game of picking moon flowers has even begun, a seed of hidden trouble has been planted within the three of them as players. Although the three of them are not considered friends at all, if this game is not handled properly, conflicts may arise or even a big fight may break out before the three of them have chosen the right path.

Because no one wants to be the first to go.

There were only two paths in total. After the first one has gone, he reaches the opposite side without any problems, and the two remaining men can continue along his path. Suppose he runs into a trap, and the remaining two will not go this way anyway. So what makes the first man a Little Bai Rat for the other two?

At this point, the white woman stepped forward and said: three people go together.

Yes, the only way to avoid team conflict and maintain this ostensible teammate relationship is to go together. This way is the fairest for all three, it's just too harsh to say it and almost tears them apart. Because they had to make sure no one backed out secretly, the three of them would press their hands on the backs of the others. When the time came, they would push their teammates out.

You don't want to go, you have to go.

This is the intention of placing a hand on the back of the other person.

Choosing to walk through the wall, Tang Mo looked both ways and reached up and yanked the button off his sleeve. Tossing this button into mid-air, Tang Mo calmly catches it with both hands, then he opens his hand and looks at the front and back of the button.

Dollface walked past him, " Zhaozhao, you still believe in this?"

Tang Mo froze abruptly, not realising for a moment that this "Zhaozhao" was calling him. He took a half step backwards and said coldly, "Mr Bruce, my name is Zhaozhao, but don't call me that, it's disgusting."

Dollface smiled extremely thickly, "A nickname for you, isn't it nice? You have a better surname than her, you said if you called her Wang Wang, how unpleasant it would be."

The white-collar woman sneered, "Thank you for not calling me that."

After this little incident, the tension between the three of them eased a little. Tang Mo walks to the far left, the white-collar woman stands in the middle and the baby face stands on the far right. The three of them stepped in front of the start of the silver line and looked up and forward.

"How about I do the countdown?" Dollface suddenly spoke up, and Tang Mo and the white-collar woman both turned their heads to look at him. He said, "Whoever counts backwards anyway, if someone dares to push someone else out, the others will push him along with them. It's fair enough, it must go together. How about ...... letting me count down? I've always been lucky, people call me Lucky Remote ...... Lucky Bruce."

Yao? Is his last name Yao?

Tang Mo thought to himself.

White-collar woman: "I have no problem with that."

Tang Mo: "I'm fine with that too."

Dollface gave a low laugh as he pressed his hand to the back of the white woman, who pressed her hand to his and Tang Mo's back, who also pressed her hand to the back of the white woman. The three of them looked ahead together.

In the quiet corridor, all that could be heard was an unpleasant, off-key song -

"Ten that one~"

Tang Mo and the white-collar woman both frowned.

Dollface was still singing, in a strange voice, a song he had made up on the spot: "Nine is coming. Where's the eight? And ~ there's ~ seven ......"

"That's enough of you! If you don't count down, I'll count up." The white-collar woman couldn't stand it.

The doll face said helplessly, "It's not to give everyone a chance to relax and take it easy. Then I'll count backwards seriously. Ten, nine, eight ......"

Hearing the doll face start counting down in earnest, Tang Mo held his breath, ready to use his magical boots at any moment, and ran along the left wall. This was the result of the cufflink toss he had just made. The left wall and the right wall were also a choice, and he did as he was told and chose the left wall.

"Six, five ...... four, three, two, one, go!"

The last four sounds suddenly became faster, and in almost a second, the doll face counted down to four. Before Tang Mo and the white-collar woman could recover, Doll Face pushed the white-collar woman out with a slap. The white-collar woman, of course, was no slouch either. She cursed harshly and pushed Tang Mo and the doll face out with a slap.

Tang Mo put one foot on the wall and the other on it, and with the help of his magical boots he quickly steadied himself. He looks up and his face shows his surprise.

The baby face and the white woman actually chose the right path!

Although the probability of choosing each path is one in two, the probability of both of them choosing the right path is only one in four. The odds were not so small that Tang Mo was surprised for a moment and then sped up and ran on.

A total of ten metres, at his speed, he could have run to the finish in two seconds at most, or at least one second. But the moment he took one foot forward, boom! A deafening boom sounded in the narrow corridor, Tang Mo was standing on the wall at the moment, and the floor of the corridor suddenly caved in beside him.

Not only his side of the corridor, but also the side chosen by the doll-faced and white-collar woman, the floor of the corridor immediately caved in.

The crowd immediately understood.

The white-collar woman's voice was harsh: "You lie, both roads are traps!"

Moonflower lets out a conspiratorial, sinister laugh.

Both paths are indeed traps, but the traps on these two paths are surprisingly different. On Tang Mo's side, the floor disappears and what appears beneath is a bottomless, black hole. But right where the silver line had been, an invisible, transparent wall appeared out of nowhere, splitting Tang Mo's side from the white-collar woman's and baby-faced side, creating two separate spaces.

Dollface was the quickest to react, flinging a dagger forward at the same moment the floor caved in. The dagger clanged into the raised platform where Moonflower was, and Dollface stomped his foot into the wall, a wire in his sleeve connected to the dagger he had just thrown. He used the force of the dagger to flip his body deftly in the air and landed smoothly on the ground in one go.

Tang Mo, on the other hand, is in a very bad way.

Again, the floor disappears, a bottomless pit appears and a bloody hand suddenly reaches out of the bottomless pit and grabs Tang Mo. Tang Mo ducked and dodged against the wall as the hand smashed the wall with a slap. The hand drops and a terrifying suction force emerges from the bottomless pit.

The white woman was also close to reaching the finish line with the help of her concealed weapon, when it shattered with a crash under the force of this suction. She screamed and was sucked downwards by the force with only one metre to go. Tang Mo did the same. He was able to walk on the wall, but now that the wall was also shattered and the suction was coming up, in that split second Tang Mo didn't hesitate to look up at the doll face that was already standing at the end of the line.

Bruce-Wayne, possibly Yao, the baby-faced young man, is at this moment watching with amusement the dying faces of his two companions.

Tang Mo stretched out his hand, palm to doll face, and a rubber cord flew out of his palm and flew straight at doll face, binding his right arm. At the same time, the white-collar woman grabbed Dollface's trouser leg with one hand before falling completely.

A look of dismay crossed the face of the doll.

The suction was so strong that Tang Mo and the white-collar woman were both sucked down by it. The doll face was pulled by both of them and his body moved towards the bottomless pit. His gaze was cold, but his mouth was full of teasing words, "Hey, hey, you guys don't want to drag me down."

The white-collar woman looked at him with begging eyes, "Save me ......"

The doll face looked down at her, and he looked at the miserable white collar woman without moving. The two stared at each other for a second, and just a second after that, the trouser leg the white collar woman was pulling on was ripped off her. She looked at the doll face in despair and her whole body fell, her miserable screams echoing in the bottomless pit.

Tang Mo watched the scene and tightened his grip on the rubber cord.

The doll face looked at the place where the white lady had disappeared for a long time. From Tang Mo's point of view it was impossible to see his expression, but soon he looked up and looked at Tang Mo with a smile again: "That's an interesting rope you have, can't I untie it?"

[Alien Powers: I am the man who will become the King of Thieves]


【Function: The palms of both hands can radiate a very elastic rubber rope, the causal law effect, the tied object can not actively untie the rubber rope within a minute】.

This baby face is already trying to untie the ropes!

Tang Mo doesn't have time to hesitate as he counts the minutes in his mind. While bracing himself against the wall with one hand to keep himself from being led into the bottomless pit by Tang Mo, Baby Face grinned and tried to untie the rubber cord around his arm with his other hand.

Tang Mo makes no comment on this action by the doll face as he pulls himself out of the bottomless pit step by step, pulling the rope with both hands and arms. When the 60th second came, Tang Mo's feet were right on the ground.

He walked expressionlessly over to Dollface and untied the rubber cord from Dollface's arm.

Dollface moved his wrist: "Is that one of your props? Hmmm ...... time pauses, walking on walls, a rubber cord that I can't untie. All props? Or is that ...... psychic powers?"

Tang Mo did not answer him as he put the rubber rope in his pocket and pretended it was a prop. The rope went into his pocket and slowly disappeared. He suddenly crouched down and pretended to tie his shoelaces, pressing one hand to the ground and gently drawing a circle. Then Tang Mo looked up and fixed his eyes on the doll's face.

The doll face was still smiling at him.

The two men's eyes met in the air.

Three minutes later, Dollface let out a laugh, "You're thinking about how I didn't save her earlier? She ripped my trousers, they used to be my favourite trousers, if she's still alive I'll have to pay her back."

"It's none of my business." Tang Mo averted his eyes from him, "...... thanks." With those words, Tang Mo turned and walked over to the wooden raised platform.

At these words, Dollface's eyes narrowed and his lips curled up.

Dollface could have saved the white-collar woman just now, there is no doubt about it.

From this brief contact, Tang Mo knew clearly that the doll face's skills and reaction speed were definitely not inferior to his own, and more likely to be above his own. Not counting his powers and props, this doll face's hard power is probably better than his own. Tang Mo doesn't know what he did before he came online on Earth, but right now, Tang Mo only knows one Fu Wenduo who has better skills than this doll face.

In just a second, Baby Face was able to get out of the crisis of the floor collapsing and managed to reach the place where the moonflower was. He was definitely able to take the white woman's hand and bring her up in that second or two. Because that's something even Tang Mo could have done.

But he didn't do it.

Why he didn't do it Tang Mo wasn't interested in knowing, but if Tang Mo hadn't wrapped the rubber rope around Doll Face's arm just now, he would have fallen too. Even though Doll Face couldn't untie the rubber rope, he was forced to help Tang Mo, and Tang Mo said thank you.

Of course, thanks are to be said, and curses are to be cursed, which are two different things.

Tang Mo had not forgotten the way the doll face had struggled to untie the rubber rope as he pulled himself back to the ground a little. It was true that the doll face had no obligation to save himself, but Tang Mo had no obligation not to curse him either. So ......

Draw a circle and curse you ...... go you!

Tang Mo looks down at the moon flower in the glass enclosure, he looks like he is staring at the beautiful flower but in fact his attention is all focused on the doll face.

He had to be more careful with this one.

Not expecting the two humans to all arrive on their side, Moonflower said with a trembling, shaking branch, "You ...... are coming over here? So fast? Eh wait, don't take the glass cover away, don't pick me, pick me I'll be in danger."

Tang Mo said indifferently, "Picking you is in danger? Is that another one of your lies?"

I'm not lying, you really can't pick me, don't pick me! Don't pluck me! It's your own bad luck if you do!"

Tang Mo: "You have told more lies than your petals. Just now you said that one of the two paths was a dangerous one and one was a safe one. In fact, both paths are dangerous paths, and whichever path you choose, the floor will cave in and you will be sucked into the bottomless pit by that powerful suction force."

Moonflower defended herself pale: "But it's true that one path is more dangerous. It's the path you chose, that hand you saw, right? The two paths are different, one is a little safer, I'm not lying."

"Is that really the path you want us to choose?"

Moonflower's voice comes to an abrupt end.

Tang Mo said coldly, "In this corridor, it's not the path we have to take, it's the space. The path is the ground, and if there is no risk if we don't walk on the ground, then the walls I just walked on shouldn't trigger the trap. The real danger is the whole space. From there to your side, the whole space is a trap, and there is no way to avoid the danger if you want to come over. The hard part to pick you was never choosing which path to take."

It's the same whichever path you choose. It's all a trap, it's just that one way is harder and one way is harder.

Moonflower gave this option for only two purposes. One was to divide the two teams. What Tang Mo did just now was a "compulsory three-way", giving no one the chance to avoid retreating. If the other teams had not been as decisive as they were, they would have fought themselves before choosing that path, causing casualties and unnecessary losses before they had even chosen the path.

Another aim is to get the players to let their guard down. "One way to do this is to force your teammates to go first. Assuming Tang Mo was ruthless, he could have used force to force the white-collar woman to go first. He is not sure if he can beat the doll face, but the white-collar woman should be below his strength. He could force the white-collar woman to go, and if he did so, I'm sure Doll Face wouldn't stop him. When the white-collar woman chose one path and encountered a trap, Tang Mo would naturally go the other way.

Tang Mo Even though he had guessed that there might be traps on both roads, the white-collar woman had confirmed that there was definitely a trap on the other road, so he couldn't help but feel a little more relaxed when taking that road.

In this way, the trap is triggered and Tang Mo is even less likely to survive.

Moonflower has gone to great lengths to keep players from picking it.

In a decisive move, Tang Mo removes the glass cover and sets it aside, reaching out to grasp the rhizome of the moonflower.

The moonflower howls mournfully, "Don't pick me! Don't pick me, really! I'm not lying this time, the consequences of picking me would be too much for you to bear, you'd be unlucky! Don't pick me!!!"

The doll face walked over to Tang Mo and looked down at the flower: "But it seems we can't complete our mission without picking you. If we don't finish our mission, we can't leave here. How about ...... we stay here and chat and lie with you? Huh, that option sounds good oh."

"Don't pick me, pick me and you'll regret it ......"


Tang Mo plucked this moonflower with an expressionless face.

"Dingdong! Complete side quest two: find the lying moonflower."

A loud child's voice echoed up the corridor.

When Tang Mo plucked this moon flower, it seemed to lose its ability to speak as it lowered its moon-shaped bud and was dutifully held in Tang Mo's hand. Before Tang Mo could observe the flower, a rumbling sound rang out from in front of him.

Tang Mo and Doll Face immediately looked up, alertly ahead.

The wall in front of them slowly rose, revealing a little bit of the world behind it. Tang Mo gripped the handle of his small parasol and kept his eyes open for any enemies that might appear behind the wall. After a minute, the wall rose completely and Tang Mo's eyes widened in surprise as he saw the world behind it clearly.

Behind this wall behind the moonflower is a surprisingly equilateral triangular room!

On one side of the room, the wall rises to reveal a corridor on Tang Mo's side, behind which he and Doll Face stand, holding a silver moonflower. On the other two sides of the triangular room, the walls also rise up to reveal two identical corridors.

On one side of the corridor, a silver moonflower is covered in a glass enclosure, lazily spreading its leaves. On the other side, a schoolboy-like boy holds the same moonflower in his hand, staring warily at Tang Mo and Baby Face.

Above the head of this equilateral triangular room is a bright, full moon. The clear moonlight shines through the glass dome, illuminating the room and the three corridors. The radiant light shimmered on the walls and floor, and Tang Mo immediately stepped aside to let the moonlight shine under his feet as well. He realised that when the moonlight hit the floor and the walls, they seemed to turn into magnificent jewels, reflecting their brilliance.

His heart stuttered and he suddenly remembered a place.

"Dingdong! Trigger the main quest: the game of hide-and-seek in the Jewel Corridor."

"The rules of the game--"

"First, there are 999 forks in the Jewel Corridor."

"Secondly, at every fork in the road, there must be at least one fork in the wrong direction, pointing to a dead end."

"Thirdly, in every dead end, there are two guards of the Queen of Hearts on patrol."

"Fourthly, only those who take the Moon Flower may walk out of the Jeweled Corridor."

"Fifth, one end of the Jeweled Corridor is the Queen of Hearts' bedroom; place the Moon Flower in the vase in the Queen of Hearts' bedroom and the Jeweled Corridor will be closed forever."

"It is said that every human who stays in the corridor of gems for more than three hours will never leave this magical corridor again and they will be turned into stone statues by this corridor. It is an honour for every Underlander to become an animal stone statue of the Queen of Hearts. The Gem Corridor sees it that way too."

A clear child's voice rang in Tang Mo's head and the moment he heard it, he turned his head to look at the baby-faced youth next to him. The latter seems to have heard something too and turns his head to look at Tang Mo. They look up again at the young boy in the other corridor.

The three men looked at each other for a moment and walked together out of their corridor to the centre of the triangular room.

The little boy is holding a moon flower in his hand and he looks up at the top of Tang Mo and Doll Face's heads. Tang Mo and Doll Face are also looking down, at the top of his head.

The little boy stared at them cautiously and said, "You are green and I am red. We're not the same."

Tang Mo saw, of course, that the pattern on the boy's head was red. When Tang Mo had first met the white-collar girl and the baby face, she had known that all three of them had an identical green pattern on their heads. And now the little boy had a pattern on his head in the same shape as the one on Tang Mo's head. Only this one was red, not green.

Two adults on one side and an orphaned child on the other.

It was a dangerous game of tower attack, and when an unknown human suddenly appeared, Tang Mo wasn't sure if it was a trap. At this point he didn't mind using a little adult force of oppression as he said coldly, "What did you encounter before the walls went up. Tell us."

At these words, the boy clutched the moonflower and looked at Tang Mo.

At this moment, the boy had long since realised that he was at a disadvantage. Firstly these two adults had come out of the same corridor and they were most likely teammates. And these were two grown men, he was just a kid. In terms of force value, he was no match for these two men at all. Secondly, the graphics above their heads were different for the three of them. He was a red graphic and these two were green, which was easy to associate with them being opponents.

Thinking quickly, the boy quickly calmed down, "I'm going to presume for a moment that you had another teammate before you, that you were once three, right?"

Having been guessed, Tang Mo didn't answer as he continued, "What did you see and do before the walls went up?"

The little boy looked at Tang Mo's expression and, slightly relieved, he said, "Here's the thing, I had two more teammates before this wall went up. There are three of us and our mission is to find the lying moonflower. If I'm right, you two are in the same boat, right, to find the lying moonflower?" The boy pointed to the flower in Tang Mo's hand. He went on to analyse it, "If I'm right, then we're both on the same mission, and for that reason, we're not enemies. And I think you heard the main quest posted by The black tower just now, right?"

Tang Mo narrowed his eyes and his baby face smiled as the boy unapologetically stated the main task. Neither man denied it.

The little boy continued, "In any case, we are now in the Jewel Corridor. Does this main quest have you guys working against me, saying we are the enemy? It's not in my main quest, and I'm sure it's not in yours either. Since we are not really enemies, why don't we analyse ...... what the three moon flowers placed in different corridors mean, and what is going on in that corridor where no one is."

This boy looks 11 or 12 years old, but his words make sense one after the other. Tang Mo is almost trapped by him.

The boy was smart enough not to say his main quest, and Tang Mo didn't want him to say it outright. Because he didn't know what Dollface's main quest was. Assuming that Doll Face's main quest is different from Tang Mo's, the boy is likely to reveal something when he spells out his main quest.

The boy had the same task as the doll face and the two of them could easily have formed an alliance against Tang Mo.

The boy, like Tang Mo's main quest, knew at first hearing that something was wrong and would hide his true main quest.

Boy, Tang Mo and Doll Face, all three with different main quests, that's even more trouble.

For Tang Mo, there is only one thing that matters today: to leave the Jewel Corridor in three hours.

Seeing that Tang Mo and Doll Face were silent and had no intention of dealing with him, the young boy offered to hand Tang Mo his Moon Flower. Tang Mo was startled, only to see the boy calmly saying, "I can't beat you guys, I don't know what your powers are, but I know what mine are, and I admit, I can't beat you guys." So, I am going to take your word for it.

The boy didn't say the last sentence, but Tang Mo and Doll Face understood it.

If Tang Mo had really wanted the boy's moon flower, he would have just grabbed it and the boy would not have been able to keep it. But now that he has offered to hand over the flower, he is handing over his name to Tang Mo and Doll Face. He wasn't sure about the relationship between Tang Mo and Doll Face, but he had to show his sincerity and at the same time he was actually hinting at a mainline element.

'Only the person with the moon flower can get out of the corridor of gems.'

Moonflowers are incredibly important. Tang Mo has no way of knowing if the boy's rules of the game are the same as his own, but the boy proves it by his actions: he knows that moonflowers are important.

With this moonflower as a guarantee, the relationship between the three was stabilised for the time being.

The three walk to the last unoccupied corridor.

After Tang Mo had removed the moonflower, the floor that had caved in behind them returned to normal. In this corridor, the floor had not collapsed either. A silver moonflower, covered in a glass enclosure, noticed Tang Mo's arrival and said in panic, "Don't take me off, don't take me off, take me off and you will meet with bad luck and you will be in danger!"

Dollface: "Take you off and we'll find ourselves in the Jewel Corridor now?"

The sound of the moonflower suddenly stops.

Dollface waved his hand and looked over at Tang Mo and the little boy, "Just as I suspected, is this what you call a dangerous thing?"

Tang Mo ignored him. He opened the glass cover and plucked the moonflower off. But just as his hand touched the rhizome of the moonflower, the doll face suddenly reached out and plucked it before him.

Tang Mo turns his head to look at him.

The doll face laughed, "That moon flower was just picked by you, and the children's flowers were given to you. I don't have a single flower and you don't look like you want to give me flowers ...... This one is for me?"

Tang Mo: "You can take it if you want."

The doll face smiled as he plucked the moon flower and put it to his nose to smell it, "Tch, it doesn't smell good at all."

Picking away the moonflower, the three men examined the deserted corridor. A dark red stain of blood beyond the thin silver line caught Tang Mo's attention. He examined the mark carefully, and the boy's loud voice rang out at that moment: "It looks like they fought before they could choose a path. Did none of them get through that road in the end?"

Tang Mo turns his head to look at him.

The boy said, "We all actually understand that our mission to find the moon flower is the same and we encounter the same difficulties I guess. You already have my moonflower, don't you trust me yet?"

Tang Mo looks at this precocious boy and sees through him as if he were another child.

Tang Mo said, "I don't disbelieve you, I already believe you nine times over."

The boy asked, "There are still ninety-one points of disbelief left?"

Tang Mo did not reply.

Dollface gave a cheeky laugh and answered for Tang Mo: "Even if there was only one point of disbelief, he wouldn't believe you. He hasn't believed me so far, how do you think he can believe you?"

Tang Mo said lightly, "I trust him more than you."

Dollface spreads his hands.

The young boy's eyes hovered from side to side over Tang Mo and Doll Face, and after a long time, he said, "I think we all have the same task next, in all probability, or at least we should not be enemies. Since we're going to work together ...... my name is Fu Wensheng, real name, what's your name?"

Tang Mo blushed, feeling that something was not quite right.

The baby face smiled and said, "My name is Bruce, Bruce-Wayne. His name is Zhaozhao."


The author has something to say.

Tangtang: Say again, what's your name Fu? What's your name? Why is Mr. Fu always so haunted!

Mr. Fu: ......

Fu Wensheng: Sister-in-law!!!

Published at: 04/07/2022 21:04