Chapter 56: Your name is Bruce-Wayne?

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Tang Mo looked at the top of the white-collar woman's head, then at the top of the doll-faced youth's. He withdraws his gaze and does not speak, but neither does he deny it.

Seeing Tang Mo's acquiescence, the white-collar woman looked again at the doll-faced youth.

This tall, thin young man has been leaning against the window since a while ago. He is standing crookedly, staring smilingly at Tang Mo and the white-collar woman. His dopey look made the white collar girl frown and say, "Now that's a symbol on all three of our heads, so I guess we're teammates, no surprise. Do we know each other?"

Tang Mo looks at the white-collar woman.

The white-collar woman volunteered, "My name is Wang." After saying this, she looked at Tang Mo.

In every multiplayer game Tang Mo has played since Earth came online, the team introduces themselves at the beginning to get to know each other. Multiplayer games are generally co-operative, and it's a way of bonding. At first the players would introduce themselves by name and identity, without too much wariness. As time went on, Tang Mo became more and more suspicious of the players she met, and no longer gave away too much information. I didn't realise that this female player had started to introduce herself without saying her first name, just her surname.

This is the player who has reached the level of the attacking tower.

Tang Mo thought for a moment and wanted to say his surname was Mo. But then he remembered what Fu Wenduo had said: all players who had cleared the first level of The black tower knew of a man called 'MOMO' who had cleared the tower attack game on hard mode.

Tang Mo paused for a moment and said, "My surname is Zhao." He found a random surname for the little fat man and passed it off.

The white-collar woman nodded, then looked at the baby-faced youth.

In the empty corridor, three people stand not too close to each other, in an equilateral triangle. Tang Mo stands in the middle of the corridor, the back of the white-collar woman pressed against the painting on the wall. The baby-faced young man leans against the stained glass window, and when he sees Tang Mo both looking at him, his gaze lifts slightly, his eyes skimming upwards, and he smiles: " Bruce."

The white collar woman was surprised, "You're a foreigner?"

There are now many foreign players in China, two of them in the Atak organisation (Jackass and Lizzy). Many foreigners were in China at the start of the game and when it happened, they were unable to return to their home countries for a short period of time, so naturally they had to play their own games in China.

Except that the baby-faced youth looked nothing like a foreigner and his Mandarin was pure.

The doll-faced youth looked at the white-collar woman, still smiling oddly, without answering her question. Tang Mo followed the line of sight he had just taken. Only to see a superbly handcrafted three-dimensional relief sculpture above the wall that was hung with paintings by famous artists. The delicate pattern and excellent carving work had brought to life a tiny black bat with its thin, deflated wings hanging from the top of the wall.

The bat statue was the size of a human palm and stood there quietly. When Tang Mo looked at it, he felt a chill run up from the soles of his feet. Whoosh! The black bat's small eyes seemed to move suddenly and turned towards Tang Mo. Tang Mo immediately looked back, only to find that it seemed to be an illusion, but it was still a small, lifeless stone sculpture.

After a moment's observation, Tang Mo withdrew his gaze and looked at the baby-faced youth. He said faintly, " Bruce-Wayne?"

The doll face pretended to be surprised: "You know me?" His poor acting skills were worse than those of an iron cobbler, so close to putting four words directly on his face, "I'm acting".

The white-collar woman hadn't reacted to the familiar name, her eyes hovering over Tang Mo and Doll Face, "You know each other?" With a three-person squad, if the other two teammates knew each other, it was all the more important for her to be on guard. Because these two could team up and screw themselves over at any moment.

Tang Mo looked at the baby-faced youth's do-gooder expression and said coldly, "Batman?"

The doll face smiled cheekily, "You still know my nickname."

Even though people may not have given their real names, it's a little too blatant and rampant to use Batman's name directly to catch people out.

The white-collar woman reacted then, and was obviously very upset about this teasing. She gazed coldly at the baby-faced youth, "Although we don't have to be friends, we are now teammates after all." She pointed to the top of each man's head. Only a small green pattern was seen hovering three centimetres above the three men's heads.

It's a little man with his arms open and asking for a hug, a very common emoji for friendship before Earth went live, and one that Tang Mo has used many times before. The fact that all three of them have this symbol above their heads, coupled with the fact that The black tower prompts "Teammate information is loading" before entering the game, means that in all likelihood, the three of them are teammates.

The white-collar woman lowered her hand and continued, "Since no one has any desire to get to know each other, let's get straight to the game."

Tang Mo doesn't dismiss the suggestion and the baby-faced youth called " Bruce" just looks on playfully, never giving an opinion.

Perhaps it was the 'look into my big, innocent eyes' ability that did the trick, but Tang Mo didn't stand out to the white-collar woman when she took a look at him. None of them wanted to waste time, so the white collar girl gave the order: "We haven't been given any hints about The black tower yet, but we can't just sit here and wait. Let's get out of this corridor first. There are currently three ways to get out."

She pointed to the left, "There's a door there," and then to the right, "There's a door there too."

Finally, she looked behind the doll-faced youth, "And then there is breaking the window to get out. Of course, it's not impossible to break through the wall if you can, but I suggest we all go together now and see if those two doors can be opened before we make a choice. How about that?"

Whichever way you think about it, leaving this corridor through the door is the most correct solution. Breaking the window and smashing through the wall might lead to some bad results. Tang Mo nodded and said, "Well, then we'll go together and check out the two doors first."

No player wants to go it alone in a dangerous tower siege game. Going it alone is the death FLAG of a horror film, perhaps the player has just walked up to the door and encountered a horrible monster that will devour him into his belly.

The white-collar woman looks to the doll face.

"I'm not against it." The baby-faced youth said.

The white-collar woman nodded slightly as she walked to her left and said, "Then we'll look at this one on the left first ......"


A strong crash suddenly sounded in the narrow corridor, shaking the whole corridor. The white-collar woman was so startled that she didn't even finish her sentence, her eyes widening as she turned her head to look. Tang Mo also looked at the baby-faced youth in disbelief. This time, even he was caught off guard by the sudden movement of the baby-faced youth.

In the ominous red moonlight, the baby-faced youth withdrew his fist from the window. With a disgusting smile on his face, he said in a matter-of-fact manner, "Well, it looks like the window won't be broken. We can go watch the door now."

The white-collar woman stared at him, unable to speak for half a day.

Tang Mo slowly pursed his lips and looked at the doll-faced youth with a slightly more complex gaze.

Quickly, the white-collar woman said angrily, "Going out through the window is the worst option! We are going to see if we can get out through the gate first, and then we will try the window route last. Are you responsible if you break something and cause a bad result?"

The baby-faced youth said matter-of-factly, "Did it cause any results?"

White woman: "You ......!"

Tang Mo said, "You smashed this window with all your might?"

The doll face was smiling at the white collar woman's angry look, as if he found her amusing. When he heard Tang Mo's words, he turned his head to look over. Tang Mo looked at him expressionlessly, not showing any anger at his self-assertion. He stared at Tang Mo for half a day and then lifted his steps towards the door on his left.

"With all my might."

The baby-faced young man walks at the front, the white-collar woman is angry but has to finish the game and has to follow. Tang Mo walked at the end of the trio. He looked at the back of the doll-faced youth's head from the back. The man also walked with a flippant posture and seemed unreliable, but judging from the result of the punch he had just slammed into the window, causing the whole corridor to shake with it ......

"A very powerful man." Tang Mo mentally makes a judgement while classifying the baby-faced youth as extremely dangerous.

Luo Fengcheng has said that not being afraid of a difficult game, a tough opponent, or even a pig teammate is not the most frightening thing; the most frightening thing is a smart and powerful teammate. The more powerful a teammate is, the more terrible the damage he can cause.

But then Tang Mo thought, "It's a tower attack game, and if you lose, you die. I don't think anyone would take it for granted."

In any case, he will keep an eye on this baby-faced youth at all times.

As he reached the window, Tang Mo quietly reached out and pressed his hand on the stained glass. He walked without slowing down, pressing his fingers hard against the glass at the same time. The glass was harder than he had thought, extremely hard and tough. The force of this baby-faced youth could not be underestimated, as he was able to smash the glass with such force.

The three men did not speak again.

Walking over to the door on the far left, the doll-faced youth pulled the handle directly.

It was best to have someone willing to do such dangerous things, and Tang Mo and the white-collar woman watched silently from the sidelines. Dollface pressed and the door was deadlocked and could not be opened.

WHITE COLLAR WOMAN: "Let's go see the other door."

The three of them walked together again towards the door on the right. This time when the doll-faced young man pressed the knob, there was a clear sound of the lock and key fitting in the air. He gave a surprised "eek", Tang Mo, who sounded not surprised at all, but with a hint of joy and delight in his voice.

He seemed to be looking forward to what would happen when he opened the door.

The baby-faced youth turned his head for advice, "Open the door and go out?"

The white-collar woman said, "Wait a minute. In case something bad happens once we open this door, stay away from this door when we open it."

The three men agreed to the proposal.

After walking to a stop a metre from the door, the doll-faced youth laughed, "I like doing this kind of thing best." As soon as the words left his mouth, he lifted his foot and kicked the door with a thud. The red wooden door was kicked open and an even longer and more ornate corridor appeared in front of the trio.

The white-collar woman stepped forward and took a closer look, "It's fine, you can come over."

Tang Mo walks through this door with the doll-faced youth and joins the white-collar woman in a second, wider and taller corridor.

Tang Mo's voice was calm as he said, seemingly casually, "What's your favourite thing to do, kick in doors?"

"Of course I'm kicking in the door, what else do you think ...... is kicking in?" The baby-faced youth laughed.

Tang Mo did not say anything.

The three of them had just left the corridor where the paintings were hung when they heard a rumble and the small red door they had just walked through closed behind them. The white-collar woman hurried to open the door again, but could not pull the handle. At that moment, a clear child's voice rang out in the large corridor -

"Dingdong! Trigger side mission: reach that glass flower house in ten minutes."


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