Chapter 44: He and I have an understanding that is too much. ......

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In the white world, The black tower beeps and Zhao Wenbin and the white haired old man look at Pinocchio in bewilderment, not understanding what is happening. Pinocchio's comical and adorable puppet face remains stunned and surprised, but Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo don't give him time to react.

At the sound of the black tower's cue, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo stomp their feet and, like lightning, swish in front of Pinocchio's eyes.

Tang Mo opened his umbrella with a snap, waving the pink umbrella, not at Pinocchio, but with a crossed hand, hanging it behind Pinocchio, cutting off his path. At the same time, Fu Wenduo clenched his right fist and snapped his middle finger outward, striking Pinocchio in the face from a short distance. Pinocchio subconsciously ran backwards, but he was prevented from doing so by Tang Mo's small parasol, and turned around to take the punch.

Pinocchio is furious and he slaps his hands together and disappears from Tang Mo's sight. The next moment, he appeared behind Tang Mo, swinging his wooden arm around and striking Tang Mo in the back of the head.

His arm looked thin and small, but the force of it broke the wind. Tang Mo, not daring to be careless, turned his hand to hold the small parasol in front of him as he was knocked out of the way. On the other side, there was a crisp metal clash.

Tang Mo steadies himself and fixes his eyes on a stunned face.

A blackened metal weapon suddenly appeared where he had been knocked off his feet, blocking Pinocchio's renewed attack on his arm. Sparks of metal erupted as the two collided. Pinocchio took a half step backwards, but Fu Wenduo stood firm.

Pinocchio's face paled as the surprise attack was blocked. He snapped his hand and disappeared into the white world. In the blink of an eye, however, he reappears to the left of Fu Wenduo, who blocks his attack directly with his left hand before turning back to stab.

Tang Mo reacted quickly and stopped looking at Fu Wenduo's arm as he joined the fight, waving his small parasol.

Bang, bang, bang!

Pinocchio kept moving, attacking Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo from all angles. But the two men were in good shape. Tang Mo kept deflecting Pinocchio's attacks with his small parasol, while Fu Wenduo appeared from behind it and attacked Pinocchio.

The three were so fast that they formed shadows in the white world and their forms could not be seen, only the sound of hard collisions resounded continuously.

Standing in the grid, Zhao Wenbin and the old man with white hair fled backwards in horror, fearing that the sudden battle would affect them. However, their area of movement was limited to four squares, and they had to stick to the corners of the squares to avoid the battle.

"He's going even slower!" Tang Mo exclaimed, reeling the umbrella forward and piercing Pinocchio's little yellow hat with its tip.

Fu Wenduo appears from behind Pinocchio: "Together!"


Tang Mo opens his parasol and looks towards Pinocchio. Fu Wenduo thrusts another blow at Pinocchio from the left side, and Pinocchio immediately disappears to avoid the attack. Tang Mo's eyes widened and he held his breath, staring intently at the spot where Pinocchio had disappeared. His pupils dilated to the point where a blurred shadow appeared in his retina.

As if someone had pressed the pause button, Fu Wenduo's attack flashed before Tang Mo's eyes, frame by frame. The shadow he was attacking ran very fast, and as the sharp black weapon was about to pierce Pinocchio's head, Pinocchio took a step back, then twisted around and ran behind Fu Wenduo, raising his arm in a reverse attack.

"See you."

At that moment, Tang Mo swung his umbrella across. The pink parasol was suddenly in his way and Pinocchio immediately changed direction and rushed back towards Tang Mo. Tang Mo was not swinging the parasol as fast as Pinocchio and could not pull it back in time to protect himself. Just as he was about to hit Tang Mo in the face, a dark, sharp object came between Pinocchio and Tang Mo. In addition, a huge match appeared out of nowhere, the red end of which struck Pinocchio straight in the face.

Pinocchio cried out in pain and was sent flying by the match head, landing on the ground. He reacted and was ready to teleport again when Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo, each with one arm, imprisoned him.

Pinocchio was pinned to the ground by two players, unable to move. He was furious: "What do you want? You want to go against the rules of the game? I am a prominent figure in the Kingdom of the Underlanders, Pinocchio, and you won't get out of the game this time!"

Pinocchio is very strong and can teleport. But after The black tower declared that Pinocchio had been "stripped of his citizenship in the Kingdom of the Underlanders", his teleportation slowed down to a noticeable degree. This slowdown was not obvious to Zhao Wenbin and the others, who still could not see Pinocchio's shadow, but Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were gradually able to catch his silhouette.

In addition to this, Pinocchio's strength became much less. As time went on, he got slower and less powerful so that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo could catch him.


Fu Wenduo shook off his right hand, and the blackened triangular cone shaped weapon disappeared, returning to its original hand shape. Tang Mo glanced at his hand, and Fu Wenduo's low voice rang out, "Alien power."

This is an unsolicited explanation.

Tang Mo retrieves the giant match back to his tattoo and looks up at him, "It's also psychic."

Both men reveal their powers, so it's even. The match tattoo is only a power Tang Mo has collected, not his real power, but Tang Mo doesn't know what Fu Wenduo's power is either, and it's clear that Fu Wenduo's power can't just be an arm that turns into a weapon. Neither of them had delivered, and they were still even.

Pinocchio is still roaring, but he is struggling with less and less power.

"You want to go against the Kingdom of the Underlanders, against The black tower game! You're crazy!"

Tang Mo said lightly, " Mr Pinocchio, I must remind you that you have been stripped of your citizenship privileges in the Kingdom of the Underlanders. Also, this game we are playing is no longer 'Pinocchio's Honest Card Game', but 'Santa's Honest Card Game'. This game has nothing to do with you, will our imprisoning you ...... affect the game?"

Pinocchio was so gagged by these words that he could only curse one after the other. "You are the filthiest dogs in the kingdom of the Underlanders! You'd be disliked by the audience for being ugly and smelly even if you cut off your legs to become a gnome in a freak circus ......"

Neither Tang Mo nor Fu Wenduo reacted well to Pinocchio's tirade. Fu Wenduo takes out a very thin silver string. It was more like a long silver thread than a rope. He tied Pinocchio up with this string. Strangely enough, Pinocchio could not break free from the thin string and every time he struggled, it became tighter and tighter.

Here are the props.

Tang Mo thought to himself.

After dealing with Pinocchio, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo stand in a blank area and look up at each other.

At this moment on their eyebrows, a white light is still attached to their foreheads. This is a prompt asking the players to duel.

Just now Tang Mo played a slave card, and after the two cards entered the PK, Fu Wenduo's deck was crushed.

Fu Wenduo plays the King's card.

When two cards do not match, the king card disappears while triggering the dueling ring effect, and the two players representing that card duke it out.

Now Pinocchio is subdued and the game has been changed to 'Santa's Honest Card Game', but the light on their brows has not disappeared. Tang Mo frowns slightly as he ponders for a moment, slips his hand into his pocket and touches the white turkey egg.

Just as he was about to take the turkey egg out, he heard a click.

The white light connected to the two men's eyebrows suddenly crumbled and a loud, cheerful voice rang out from a distance.

"Hahahahahaha, merry Christmas!"

The reindeer roared forward and the bells on the sleigh jingled. Everyone turned their heads to the sound and saw Father Christmas, dressed in red, laughing as he came from afar. The four majestic reindeer stomped on the ground, hoof after hoof, and the ground shook with each hoof.

As Santa approaches, he seems to come with his own BGM, the sound of the 'Merry Christmas' song ringing out around him. He laughs and pulls the reins tighter, bringing the reindeer sleigh to a stop in front of the four players and Pinocchio. His huge body seems to be a mountain, forming shadows that press down on everyone's heads. Even when he is smiling, the terrifying pressure forces Tang Mo's body to tense up.

It's a boss that's not at all on the same level as Pinocchio.

Tang Mo grips her small parasol and looks defensively at Santa.

Santa's sharp gaze swept over the four players present and finally fell on Pinocchio. Poor Pinocchio was tied up and fell to the ground. Trembling with fear at the sight of Father Christmas, he struggled to escape even though he was tied up, wriggling his body outwards a little.

"You devious, cunning Pinocchio!" Santa roared, his voice hitting Pinocchio and causing him to yelp. Sitting on his sleigh, Santa said, "How dare you steal my golden star and open a copy all by yourself? My poor children, they are good, honest and kind children, and yet you have deceived them. Assuming that any of them do win, you will eat them all as soon as the race is over!"

When Zhao Wenbin heard this, he turned white with fear.

Tang Mo didn't expect this ending either. He thought Pinocchio would only possibly eat the stowaways at the end of the game, but he didn't expect him to even eat the other players?

Father Christmas opens a large pocket full of presents and points it at Pinocchio. Pinocchio screams and is sucked into the red pocket.

Santa tied the bag with a string, he gave the bulging bag a firm pat and turned his head to look at the four players again. He smiled slightly with a kind and benevolent smile: "Let me see, oh, thankfully, children, I've come just in time and you can still end this honest card game in peace. It's Christmas, and here are my Christmas presents for you, which fortunately can be reissued to you."

Tang Mo looked at a smiling Father Christmas, pondered for a moment and asked, "Santa, may I ask, what is your Pinocchio's bet all about?"

At the mention of the word "bet", Santa's face showed his anger: "That damned Pinocchio, he is the worst and most insidious of all villains. He asked me out for a drink the night before Christmas and when he heard that I was going to give presents to the good children on Christmas Eve, he tricked me into making a bet with him and ended up stealing my most precious golden star while I was drunk."

"Pinocchio's nose gets longer when he lies. " Fu Wenduo said.

Santa nodded: "Yes, his nose does get longer, but he never had a longer nose when he bet me, he was telling the truth. There are so many children to hand out presents to that I do need Pinocchio to take my place and help me play the game with the children. But I didn't think a peaceful honest card game would make the kids dishonest and made the bet with him. Yet never in a million years did I expect him to steal the golden star and use it as a gift for winning the game!"

Tang Mo immediately understood: "Aren't golden stars the reward for the winning team?"

"Of course not. Even I only have ten of these golden stars, so how can I give them to the good children of the world." Father Christmas made a gesture with his right hand and the golden star, suspended in mid-air, flew towards him, burrowed into his sleeve and disappeared. "I will give a branch of the Christmas tree equally to every child who participates in the game, and look, this is the branch. This is my Christmas present to each child."

Tang Mo looked at the branch in Santa's hand and took out his own from his bag. Like him, each person took out the branch of the Christmas tree they had entered their copy with.

Tang Mo suddenly felt a little helpless and a little amused when he looked at this unimpressive branch.

It turns out that from the very beginning, they got the real prize.

Father Christmas: "Hahahahahaha, leave the wretched Pinocchio alone. He is no longer a citizen of the Kingdom of the Underlanders and I will immediately exile him to the world of monsters, where I am sure they will love him. Children, let's get on with the game. At the end of the game, you'll get a present from Santa."

"Ding Dong! The Christmas Eve surprise copy of 'Santa's Honest Card Game' officially begins. Rules of the game -"

"First, each team will have four cards each ......"


"Fourth, when cards are played they are shown on the back of the card and the opposing player may not see the contents of his or her side's card."


"Sixth, the team with not a single card is considered to have failed."

"Father Christmas is always stingy with his gifts, a twig, only he could have thought of that. But don't despair, it might be an extraordinary branch, it's called Santa's branch after all."

"Santa's Honest Card Game" is different from "Pinocchio's Honest Card Game" in that there are only six rules. It removes the rule "Inconsistent cards trigger dueling effects", the line "Pinocchio does not know the contents of both cards" and, most importantly, the rule "Queen's card privilege ". Without a dueling ring, there would be no need for one side to have an advantage over the other, nor would there be a need for the queen's privilege.

This is a symbolic game that the players play casually after getting a gift.

Father Christmas sat on his sleigh and laughed: "Come on, my child. Play this heartwarming honest card game with Santa for a beautiful Christmas. merry Christmas!"

The game starts again and Tang Mo walks back to the grid as the white wall gradually falls away. With the wall completely blocked in front of him, Tang Mo looks up at the man in black standing directly opposite him. Fu Wenduo gives him a small smile and Tang Mo slowly curls his lips.

The wall falls away completely and Tang Mo sighs with relief.

...... will not get the King's gold, but this is probably the best way to end it.

When he heard the rules announced by The black tower, Tang Mo noticed that Pinocchio was also written into the rules by The black tower. This is the first time in all his games that a sub-boss has been written into the rules.

From the first game of "Who stole my book?" to the present day honest card game, Tang Mo has played eight games, none of them with rules that relate to a copy of the boss. Only Pinocchio.

Tang Mo does not doubt Pinocchio because of this.

He really got the idea to "eliminate Pinocchio first" before the second game was played. In the first game Tang Mo's minister card was crushed by Fu Wenduo's king card and before the white wall fell he told Fu Wenduo that he would play the queen card in order to gain as much advantage as possible for the next game. So on the next play, Pinocchio asked him curiously if he had really played the queen card. When Tang Mo really wanted to tell him, he was extremely resistant, as if he was afraid of something.

In hindsight, he was afraid that if Tang Mo told him that he had played the queen card, The black tower would assume that he had been informed of the hand. Even if Pinocchio hadn't admitted it, but Tang Mo had told him, there was a chance that The black tower might actually rule that way. Pinocchio was dreading any chance of being judged by The black tower to be against the rules.

So, after seeing this scene, Tang Mo had a bold idea.

Since Pinocchio is written into the rules of The black tower, how will The black tower decide if Pinocchio breaks the rules ......?

There are actually four endings to this game. Tang Mo wins, Fu Wenduo wins, both sides end the game peacefully, and the game ends with Pinocchio eating the player.

Tang Mo hadn't had much contact with Fu Wenduo, but he knew that the man was thoughtful. If he could think that behind Pinocchio's "how can people die in a Christmas benefit game", it could mean "you can kill anyone as long as the game is over", then Fu Wenduo could think the same.

Tang Mo is a full-fledged player himself, and most of the monsters in his copy of the game are of no interest to him. But Fu Wenduo is different. He is a stowaway.

Pinocchio has shown an early appetite for stowaways, so if the game does go to Fu Wenduo, will ...... Pinocchio keep his promise to let him out after the game is over. Or will he stop by for a bite before releasing his body safely?

No one knows.

The King's gold was too big a temptation for Fu Wenduo to give up easily. Tang Mo first used the privilege of the queen's card to ascertain Fu Wenduo's attitude and that he was not so bent on getting the king's gold. Then, after that, he began a partnership that was not a bet, but a way to take out Pinocchio.

"It's really hard to convince him ......" Tang Mo couldn't help but lament.

Zhao Wenbin was much more relaxed after Santa appeared, at least it looked like his life was saved. At this moment when he heard Tang Mo's words, he thought for a moment and said, "To be honest I was scared to death when you guys just rushed out to fight Pinocchio, that ...... later if possible, we are teammates after all, can you let me know in advance what your plan is? "

Tang Mo: "Every word we say is heard by Pinocchio."

Zhao Wenbin thought, "Oh yes. Pinocchio has been lying on the wall eavesdropping on us." He thought again, "But this game seems to be almost over and we won't be teammates anymore ......"

Tang Mo didn't answer him.

The hardest part of this collaboration was to get Pinocchio to let his guard down and act against the rules of the game. To do this, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo put on a show to get Pinocchio into this seemingly simple, but most effective, trap.

The collaboration began with a seemingly childish bet, in which Tang Mo kept reminding Fu Wenduo that...

'Pinocchio cannot know the contents of the cards'.

He reminded him of this over and over again, saying it again and again. He was not disappointed, Fu Wenduo understood what he meant and agreed to the bet. In fact, it was not the bet that he agreed to, but the collaboration.

With Pinocchio in the room, Tang Mo was afraid to communicate in any way with Fu Wenduo to determine which square they would stand in. This bet was the set-up for the rest of the play, and Tang Mo could only continue to work together to trick Pinocchio if he won the bet.

Tang Mo immediately thought of using turkey eggs to talk to Fu Wenduo.

There are two ways to use the turkey egg. One is a normal call, where a player can contact another player by tapping three times on a fire egg, but they speak in a voice that can be heard by everyone around them. The other is to turn on the archiver. When the archiver is on, their voice will ring in the other player's head and will not be heard.

When Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were gambling, Pinocchio was standing right next to them, watching too closely for Tang Mo to have any chance to turn on the archiver. When he got back behind the wall, he drew an "S" on the turkey egg when Pinocchio wasn't looking. Unfortunately, he didn't hear any sound.

At first Tang Mo thought the turkey egg was unusable, but soon a light flickered on his turkey egg - and

Fu Wenduo also has the archiver turned on.

He still could not hear Fu Wenduo's voice, but the archiver was on.

The probability of Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo standing in the same square is only one in four. After pondering for a while, he stood in the middle of the two squares. He was sure that his opponent would be able to guess what he was thinking and choose this as the most likely way to make the bet stand.

Fittingly, the white wall went up, both men stood on the grid and the bet was made.

When the white wall rises, Tang Mo hears Fu Wenduo's voice. When this wall fell, he could not hear a single sound, and when it went up they could communicate freely. It must be that the rules of the game eliminate any possibility of communication between the two players; as soon as the wall falls, no communication is allowed, and even the exchange of fire eggs is forbidden.

The play was made easier by the fact that he was able to communicate with Fu Wenduo under the nose of Pinocchio. But even with the fire eggs to communicate in private, the level of understanding between him and the man seems a little too high. Sometimes it's just a glance and you understand what the other person is saying.

...... for being too smart?

Tang Mo can only think of this seemingly narcissistic reason. It also seems to be the only reason that holds water.

"Ding Dong! After three minutes, all players are asked to stand in the respective squares of the cards that were decided to be presented. The cards in that compartment are considered to be the cards presented for the next game."

The game cue sounds and Tang Mo has his hands in his pockets. He touches the turkey egg in his pocket as he walks to a stop in front of the queen's card.

This time, he did not have to suppress it by force, and Zhao Wenbin also went to the queen's checkerboard.

Zhao Wenbin: "Everyone has the same reward anyway, so of course we're better off with a draw. We pick the queen card, they pick the slave card, and our queen card is restrained. Next game, we'll all play slaves together, so we can end the game peacefully, right?"

Zhao Wenbin's voice was very soft and he thought Tang Mo was a stowaway, so he didn't dare to talk to him.

The white wall slowly rises and the slave and queen cards slide into the blank area, the queen cards shattering and disappearing. This time no dueling arena effect was triggered and only Father Christmas laughed out loud as he delivered his blessing, "Hahahahaha, that's it, well done boys!"

After laughing, Santa suddenly pulled a pocket watch out of his pocket: "Oh, children, I have to rush off to my next copy. I heard that the dastardly stucco man tricked me and he actually tried to harm my lovely children. Let's hurry up with the last game and end this fun and honest card game."

The white wall falls and Tang Mo and Zhao Wenbin stand on the last slave card.

After five minutes, the two slave cards turn into light and disappear together. Both teams lost their last card at the same time and the game was officially over. Father Christmas laughed out loud as he pulled up the reins and flew around the white world.

"Kids, merry Christmas! hahahahaha ......"

A red Father Christmas in a reindeer sleigh soon disappeared at the end of the white world. At this point, the four Tang Mo's were finally free to walk out of the grid area.

The white haired old man seemed to be afraid of Fu Wenduo and stood far away, not daring to approach. Zhao Wenbin also stood still, not daring to move, just waiting to be teleported out of the copy.

When Santa had left, Tang Mo's hand, which had been clutching the parasol, finally loosened. He put the parasol back into his backpack and looked up to find Fu Wenduo standing in the lattice, smiling at him.

Tang Mo's foot lifted slightly, but he took only a small step before retracing his steps.

He did not come forward to make contact with Fu Wenduo, the two men remained far apart and just looked at each other.

After a long time, Tang Mo smiled: "Mr. Fu, good to work with you."

Fu Wenduo said, "Good cooperation."

"I rarely have Christmas." Tang Mo slung his bag back on his back, his voice calm, "but I think this might be the worst Christmas I've ever had."

Fu Wenduo's voice was low: "For me, it was a very interesting Christmas."

Tang Mo looked at him steadily at his words.

For a moment, the two laughed together.

Tang Mo said loudly, "I'm in Pudong."

Fu Wenduo stared blankly, then quickly said, "Okay, I'll see you again if I can."

A dazzling white light shone in the middle of the white world. Tang Mo could no longer see Fu Wenduo's expression, he could only vaguely see a black figure. Like the first moment he saw him, this man always stood straight as a peak no matter what time of day it was, and he stood there as a steadfast mountain that would not waver.

"With special training and this standing aura ......" In the white light, Tang Mo closed his eyes and whispered to himself, "What kind of man is this."

The white light engulfs the four players' figures and the next moment Tang Mo opens his eyes again, he is back on Earth.

It was Christmas Eve and it was dark. Tang Mo leaves the copy and immediately turns and runs away, finding an unoccupied factory to hide in. He took the white egg out of his pocket. On the shell of the egg, an "S" character is still glowing. Tang Mo covered the egg with both hands and the white glow faded away as the archiver shut down.

"I didn't get any reward, but I wasted an archiving opportunity for nothing." Tang Mo laughed bitterly.

Using the archiver in the game was a last resort, but it had to be done. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo decided to let Pinocchio break the rules first, but no one knew what would happen to the game if Pinocchio was eliminated, so the archiver had to be used. Assuming Pinocchio didn't let his guard down and was judged to have broken the rules by The black tower, they would read the archive, go back to the beginning and re-determine the winner. This is a way back.

Tang Mo said heartily, "When he and I are in the same copy, either of us using the archiver will be judged to have used it for both of us, synchronising the archive and reading it at the same time. This means that if I am really hostile to him in the future and I want to use the archiver, even if he agrees, he will read the archive at the same time after I read it."

Tang Mo's fingers tapped on the turkey egg. Each time he gets to the second tap, he pauses for a moment and then goes on to the third, preventing three consecutive taps from connecting with Fu Wenduo.

After thinking about it for a long time, Tang Mo stopped tapping his turkey egg fingers and came to a conclusion, "Not another copy with him. At least not another hostile relationship." On the one hand, it is too restrictive to use fire eggs, on the other hand: "If I really want to play a game of hostile relationship with him again, I don't know who will win next time ......"

Tang Mo saw Fu Wenduo's powers this time, but what Fu Wenduo saw was only the tip of the iceberg of Tang Mo's powers. But Tang Mo's possession of the king's gold coin was discovered by Fu Wenduo.

Tang Mo thought for a moment, expressionless, and decided, "I lost."

Blood loss!

After recalling all his actions in the game, Tang Mo lay on a bed in the factory office and took the Christmas tree branch, which looked like rubbish, out of his backpack.

The cold moonlight shone through the window and shone on his face as Tang Mo looked closely at the branch.

The branch is narrow and bare, without a single leaf, and seems to be an ordinary tree branch. But it was for this branch that one of the eight players in the "Pinocchio's Honest Card Game" was killed, and three players went into the tower attack game, dead or alive.

Besides them, there are probably more people in other copies who are going through all kinds of games for this branch.

Tang Mo took the branch and looked at it for half a day before shoving it back into his backpack. With his current physical condition, he could sleep once a week and be refreshed, so he closed his eyes and thought about more things. As the minutes ticked by, Tang Mo thought about the words he had blurted out in the copy, "I'm in Pudong", and slowly opened his eyes.

"Go to Atak tomorrow and see how Chen Shanshan and the others are doing."

No return to Suzhou for now.

The land of China was quiet as many of the players who had emerged from their copies of the Christmas benefit were heartily clutching their Christmas tree branches and finding places to hide.

As soon as 12 o'clock arrived, a blinding light shot out of Tang Mo's backpack.

Tang Mo immediately opened his eyes and looked into his bag. A long object glowed in his bag, and the light penetrated the large canvas bag and lit up the room. Tang Mo's heart tightened and he opened his bag carefully, always ready to respond.

Just as he opened his backpack, a glowing Christmas tree branch flew out of his backpack. Tang Mo reacted quickly and reached out to grab the branch. But his grip was empty as the branch turned into a full glow and flew out of the window and into mid-air.

Tang Mo gets up and walks to the window and looks up at the sky.

In the darkness of the night sky, tens of thousands of white lights flew out from all corners of China and flew high into the sky. All the branches were joined together and slowly stitched together to form the shape of a Christmas tree.

This huge white Christmas tree covers an enormous area, spanning most of China. It glows so brightly that the night is as bright as day. Just as the light is so bright that everyone can't see it with their naked eyes, a loud and cheerful laughter breaks out.

"Hahahahahaha, my lovely children, Merry Christmas!"


A 'Merry Christmas' song rang out over the city as a giant Father Christmas pulling a sleigh appeared from behind the Christmas tree and four reindeer raced forward, crashing headlong into the massive to terrifying tree.

The Christmas tree is smashed into a billion points of light and flies towards the ground. One of the star-like points of light flies out of these countless points of light and flies straight into Tang Mo's face. Tang Mo held out his hand and the tiny dot of light hovered in his palm.

In Tang Mo's palm, this tiny dot of light shines brilliantly. The white light envelops Tang Mo's body and Tang Mo closes his eyes. Five minutes later, he opens his eyes and the glow in his palm has disappeared.

Santa laughed out loud with gusto, and as he did so, he pulled up his reindeer sleigh and flew off into the distant sky.

Tang Mo clenched his fists and moved his wrists and limbs a little more. His body felt lighter and the strength hidden in his muscles was thicker. This small dot of light had improved Tang Mo's physical fitness a little more. As he was already in better shape than the other players himself, and was among the best of the official players and stowaways, the boost from this light dot wasn't too noticeable to him, but on other players, it should have been a terrifying boost.

End of Christmas Eve.

So this is the real Christmas, the real Christmas present.

Tang Mo smiles helplessly and turns away from the window, intending to rest again.

In the sky, the hundreds of millions of dots of light have also found their home, bringing this Christmas gift to every player who has survived the game.

Just as Tang Mo turned around, a clear child's voice rang out over China to the soundtrack of a cheerful 'Merry Christmas' song.

"Ding Dong! Version update notice. 1 January 2018, The black tower version 2.0 will be available soon. Please familiarise yourselves with the new version rules as soon as possible. New version of the game rules ......"

Tang Mo's head swivelled and his eyes widened at the huge black tower hovering in the middle of Shanghai.

The dark tower was now glowing with colourful light, just as it had been the day it announced that "Earth was online", and the same "Merry Christmas" song was playing. Its voice doesn't stop there, as it continues with the rules of the new version of the game in a loud, childish voice.


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