Chapter 45: New game rules.

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"Ding Dong! New rules for The black tower version 2.0 -"

"First, a copy of reality is available for players to play The black tower game on Earth."

"Secondly, the Rally is open. Once a week, players will be able to enter a copy of the rally in the area The black tower."

"Third, each player must attack the tower once every three months, otherwise entry is mandatory."

"Dingdong! January 1, 2018, a new version goes live. More rules, stay tuned."

The children's voices stop ringing, but the cheerful 'Merry Christmas' song continues to jingle over Shanghai.

In the darkness of the night, the dark tower hovered in the city like a huge, heavy object. Tang Mo watched from afar, his fingers clenching. Rather than rush through the night, he returns to his room, finds a pen and paper in a drawer and writes down what he knows about the rules of The black tower.

Firstly, there are the three ironclad rules that The black tower issued on the first day of the game.

All explanations are the property of The black tower.

Playtime is from 6pm-18pm daily.

All players are invited to work hard to attack the tower.

The first and third articles can be ignored, the second article should be the standard time of each region. The black tower divides the more than 200 countries on the planet into several zones, with the more powerful countries (e.g. China, USA), being set up directly as one zone, as China and USA. There are also many regions made up of multiple countries, such as the European region.

The first player to trigger the tower game in each zone will pull the entire zone into the game, and The black tower will announce his name globally. Then the first player in each zone to pass The black tower game, The black tower will also announce his name.

Tang Mo listed all the names of all the districts he had ever heard of on a piece of paper.

On the white paper, the black Chinese characters are divided into two lines. The first line is for a country and the second line is for a number of countries. The former is represented by the China zone, the latter by the Europe and East Asia zones.

Tang Mo's fingers are tapping on the China and East Asia sections.

"China belongs to East Asia, but the China zone is separated from the East Asia zone. What is the criterion, which divides each zone ...... " Under the dim lamp, Tang Mo gazed calmly at the names of the zones, and after a moment's contemplation, he began to write other rules.

The game time between 6:00 and 18:00 refers to the local time. For example, China uses Beijing time as the national standard time, so all players in the entire China region can only trigger copies during this time. The exception is the Christmas benefit copy, which is more of an extra copy.

Tang Mo was suddenly surprised: "Could it be that the US hasn't experienced a copy of the Christmas benefit by now?"

Tang Mo looks up at the clock on the wall, the minute hand has just crossed the '12' mark and is pointing at the '1' position. The second hand is ticking away, it is now 0.05 on 25 December in Beijing, and it is only 11.05 on 24 December in the USA.

The China zone officially enters the Christmas benefit copy at 6pm sharp, so has the US zone already experienced the Christmas copy as well, or will they experience it seven hours later?

Tang Mo has drawn two circles on the China section and the USA section with a black water pen.

In the quiet of the room, Tang Mo's head is bowed as he scribbles quietly on his paper, pausing now and then to think. Five hours later, the sky dawns and a faint blue-white glow appears on the horizon. Tang Mo gathers his things and gets up with his bag. Before he leaves, he crumples up the piece of paper he has written on, throws it into the rubbish bin, lights it with a lighter and burns it to ashes.

After making sure the paper was all ashes, Tang Mo left with his bag and quickly snuck into the mall where Atak's organisation was located in the not-quite-sparkling light of day.

When he arrived at the underground car park, there was no one in sight. He first went to Luo Fengcheng's office, but there was no one there. After a moment's reflection, he went to the Atak Infirmary on the second basement level. As expected, the room was lit and there was a faint sound of voices inside.

Tang Mo pushed open the door and the room immediately looked at him warily. The crowd sighed with relief when they realised it was him.

Under the bright lights, Tang Qiao and Lizzy are cleaning Luo Fengcheng's wounds with gauze and iodine. There are three beds in this makeshift infirmary, and at the moment, there are people lying on each bed and five others sitting on the chairs. The little fat man sitting at the far end of the room saw Tang Mo and rushed over: "Brother Tang, are you all right?"

Zhao Ziang looked Tang Mo up and down carefully and found no wounds on him. The little fat man sighed with relief: "You're not hurt?"

Tang Mo nods, "Yeah." His eyes sweep over the Atak members in the room.

One of the three members of the group lying in bed had been with Tang Mo in the sneak attack on the stowaway group. They were lying quietly on the bed with some bandages on their bodies. Luo Fengcheng sits on a chair while Lizzy dips a cotton ball in iodine, digs out the sand and gravel from his wound and applies the bandage.

After all this, Luo Fengcheng stood up and walked over to Tang Mo: "It's good that you're okay. Did you get your reward?"

"You didn't get it?" Hadn't everyone standing here successfully cleared the Christmas copy and received a reward?

Luo Fengcheng didn't answer, but the little fat man had already said sadly: "Many of us didn't get it. Brother Tang, after The black tower issued the side quest, we rushed to find the Christmas tree branch. But we had a lot of people in the mall, and there weren't enough branches nearby, so of the 18 people in Atak's group, only nine of us got the branch. Mr. Luo had one, Jackass and I didn't."

The little fat boy is still a student and does not like to call Luo Fengcheng doctor, but always calls him teacher, just like Chen Shanshan.

Tang Mo immediately remembered a problem and he looked to Luo Fengcheng: "There are more than nine people injured in this room."

Lizzy and Tang Qiao also had injuries to a greater or lesser extent, but they had not been injured before Tang Mo left in the afternoon.

Luo Fengcheng: "Let's talk as we go."

Tang Mo nods gently.

"Atak, a total of nine people got a Christmas branch, and I coincidentally got one, while Tang Qiao and Zhao Ziang did not. After getting the branch, I was immediately teleported into a copy of the copy, the boss of which was an unstoppable man. The content of the copy is not difficult, there are just a few traps, which are not important and I won't go into details with you for now. Apart from me and you who completed the side quests to enter the copy," Luo Fengcheng easily guessed from Tang Mo's reaction just now that he had also gotten the Christmas branch, " Tang Qiao, the kind of player who didn't make it into the copy, was forced to be pulled into the copy directly after the 30-minute time limit was up ."

Tang Mo: "So that's how it is."

"Right. I asked all the members of Atak while I was tending to my wounds, and we had difficult and easy copies, but the general feeling was the same. It should be in the same category of copies. Players from all of China were transported into the Christmas Benefit copy, only the players who entered the copy on a Christmas branch were rewarded with Santa's reward, the little star that enhanced their physique at the end of the game. Players who did not have a Christmas branch just participated in the game and did not receive any reward."

Tang Mo didn't expect this copy to be compulsory for everyone, even if they completed the game, and maybe there would be no reward. But he was more concerned about one question: "Did you just say that there are difficult and easy copies?"

The two of them walk to Luo Fengcheng's office, where he takes an old, yellowed book out of a drawer and opens it to the latest page. Tang Mo sees that there are many words written in water brush on this page, the writing is a bit rounded and seems to have been written in a hurry.

Luo Fengcheng handed the book over, "This is the general content of each member's copy of the game that I just recorded when I asked them about it."

Tang Mo looks down at it.

"Zhao Ziang and Jackass, by coincidence, were in the same copy. Their copy was the hardest of all the copies I know. Jackass said there were five of them, and apart from him and Fatty, there was also a very powerful psychic. Luo Fengcheng said, "Apart from them, the copy Tang Qiao entered was also a bit difficult. But it was much easier than Jackass' and Fatty's."

Tang Mo went through all twelve copies, he closed the book and looked up, "All much easier than mine."

Luo Fengcheng nodded his head and said, "Indeed, this copy is based on the strength of the player and adjusts the difficulty change." After a pause, he asked, "How difficult is your copy?"

"There were eight players in total, one player died instantly in the copy, and three others were forced into the tower attack game. Only four people, including me, made it out unscathed." Looking at Luo Fengcheng's thoughtful gaze, Tang Mo volunteered, "According to this speculation, the rewards of the Christmas copy are consistent, and players who fail the game are forced to enter the Tower Attack game, which is related to their level of difficulty. Then the copy I participated in wasn't just so difficult because of me, there was another player in that copy who was at a high level."

Luo Fengcheng took an interest, "Because of you and him, that copy of yours eliminated four people?"

Tang Mo doesn't want to reveal what happened to Fu Wenduo. His relationship with Fu Wenduo is a delicate one, as they don't know each other, but they both have fire eggs, so they are temporary companions. Fu Wenduo has the second highest hate rating of any player in China, and no one would dare to say the first. There is no need to tell Luo Fengcheng about this.

Tang Mo was about to think of an excuse when he suddenly froze and slowly looked up at Luo Fengcheng: "...... Wait, where's Chen Shanshan?"

There are twelve copies in that book, with thirteen names of members. There is no Chen Shanshan in it.

Luo Fengcheng's face slowly sank and he did not speak.

A sad voice came from the direction of the gate, " Brother Tang, Shanshan she didn't come out! All the players who have passed the game have come out, do you think, is ...... something wrong with her?"

Tang Mo's heart stuttered. He looked at the little fat boy with red eyes and then turned his head to Luo Fengcheng.

Luo Fengcheng nodded, "There are five members of Atak who have not yet left the Christmas copy. Among them are Chen Shanshan and Qiao Feifei."


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