Chapter 43: I'll make a bet with you.

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Almost instantly, Tang Mo realised where this man had learnt that he had the King's gold coins.

Having entered Pinocchio's honest card game, Tang Mo has always been careful not to reveal his strength. One never knows what kind of companions and enemies may appear in the same copy, and caution is the most important thing. So when Pinocchio said that the king's gold could be discarded for a game of The black tower, he, like Zhao Wenbin and the others, showed surprise and delight.

It must have been at that point that the man noticed something was wrong.

But it was all just speculation on his part, and no one knows whether Tang Mo actually possessed a gold coin of the king.

Tang Mo said faintly, "I don't understand what you're talking about."

Fu Wenduo smiled.

"When did you find out it was me?"

Fu Wenduo: "Before the start of the first game of cards."

Tang Mo is surprised: so early?

"I've been specially trained to be a little more sensitive to people's voices, their tone of voice and their diction." Fu Wenduo volunteered to explain, "When did you discover this?"

Tang Mo: "After the first inning of play is over."

At the end of the first game, Tang Mo pondered "why the opponents had unanimously decided to play trump", while also pondering the identity of the man in black. A stowaway, a very powerful stowaway, powerful enough to make The black tower change the rules of the game somewhat, giving the queens an unfair slant on the rules that was visible to the eye.

Yes, the Queen's card has the only right to ask questions once in the whole game, which is simply a reflection of the unfairness of the game.

Why should the queens have the right to ask questions and the Kings have to answer honestly or be considered defeated? What determines the position of the queens? Is Tang Mo lucky to have the Queen's card, or is there some reason he hasn't found that determines their team having the Queen's card.

Tang Mo turns his head to Pinocchio: "When the Underlanders play the Honest Card Game, do they get the privilege of a queen card every game?"

At that, Pinocchio gave a hearty laugh, and said loudly, "Of course not. We Underlanders are good citizens who believe in fair play, so how could we possibly do something that would make the game unfair. Queen's privilege only comes into play when there is a player on one side who is almost impossible to eliminate." After a pause, Pinocchio said in mock surprise: "Oh, did I forget to tell you? Don't forget this rule."

Tang Mo did not react too well to Pinocchio's deliberate sarcasm, but Zhao Wenbin, standing behind him, was confused for a while before finally realising and glaring angrily at Pinocchio.

Pinocchio's cheek was so thick that when he saw Zhao Wenbin's irritated expression, he became even more smug.

Fu Wenduo: "The last reason for guessing my identity is because of the privilege of the Queen's card?"

Tang Mo looked up at him, "Yes. You still sound a bit different from there, at least I don't think of who you are at once. But this perk is so outrageous and strange, it's like it's raw and forced on the Queen's team. So there's only one possibility, the presence of a game-breaking presence on the opposite team."

What kind of presence could upset the balance of this game?

Pinocchio's honest card game is actually divided into two parts, one for stage wins and one for final victories. To ensure that your team doesn't lose and get the king's gold reward, you have to get the final victory and beat your opponent on the cards played. However, inconsistencies between the two sides of the cards will trigger a dueling arena effect, producing one stage victory after another.

This dueling arena is the most unfair manifestation of the game.

Even if they beat their opponents, if they can't beat them, they will still be eliminated. The most unfair possible outcome is for Tang Mo's side to beat their opponents every time they play a card, but four games in, they happen to duel with the most feared enemy every time. The enemy eliminates their players again and again. When the fourth game is won again, even if the opponent is eliminated from the tournament, Tang Mo's team is left with only one player.

This is not fair at all.

It was because Tang Mo had guessed that "there was an opponent on the other side that no one could beat" that he was able to identify Fu Wenduo.

The black tower decided that even Tang Mo could not threaten the powerful opponent on the other side, so that opponent must have been noticed by The black tower and forced his way through the first level of The black tower.

Tang Mo doesn't know how many players in China have cleared The black tower level, but Luo Fengcheng, a well-informed member of Atak in Shanghai, doesn't know of any players who have cleared The black tower level (he doesn't know Tang Mo has cleared it). So in Shanghai, for example, there are very few players in China who have cleared The black tower level. And this guy is better than Tang Mo.

"...... such a powerful stowaway that it could only be you."

Fu Wenduo smiled, "I really didn't expect to meet under these circumstances."

"I didn't think it would be like this either." Tang Mo breathed a soft sigh of relief and raised his eyes calmly, " Mr. Fu, let's make a bet."

Fu Wenduo's eyes flashed: "What kind of bet?"

When Pinocchio heard this, he was instantly interested and approached him with curiosity.

Tang Mo swept him along, "Aren't you afraid that what we're about to say has something to do with the content of the cards being played?"

Pinocchio looked at Tang Mo with his arms crossed as if he were a fool: "The cards are played with both decks upside down and no one knows but yourselves. What cards do you say are the cards? I, Pinocchio, don't believe it! I can't tell if I'm lying or not when I say something about the contents of the cards. I Pinocchio, even if I believe 90% of it, as long as I don't admit it, who would dare to say that I know the contents of your cards?"

"So that's it."

Pinocchio waved his hand impatiently, "Okay, what exactly do you want to bet on. It's the first time I've seen someone play another betting game in an honest card game, Pinocchio."

Tang Mo ignored Pinocchio and looked to Fu Wenduo: "This bet has nothing to do with the content of the cards, and Pinocchio is fine with listening. Mr. Fu, we have played twice so far. Regardless of which card we choose and regardless of the outcome, both times it's coincidental ...... that we've been on the right side of the table."

Fu Wenduo: "So?"

"There are always many coincidences in the world. Although you have the upper hand now, the truth is that the situation is now undecided. At the end of the day, you are only slightly more likely than me to win. This game is not entirely based on strength; luck and split-second choices are also key in determining the game. It's true that our two teams' winning percentages are not quite 50-50, but as things stand, it's hard to say who will win and who will lose."

Fu Wenduo still seemed unmoved: "You're right, but luck is also a form of strength."

Tang Mo looked calm: "I don't want to gamble on the luck of the draw. A win-win is probably the best option than one side having to be eliminated."

Fu Wenduo did not make a sound.

Pinocchio was the first to sulk: "A win-win? Hahahaha, that's good, you're good friends. Best friends are the ones who hold hands and play cute honest card games together, no one can lie."

Tang Mo is still looking at Fu Wenduo: "The bet I want to make with you has nothing to do with the content of the cards, and it's fine if Pinocchio hears it." After a pause, Tang Mo continued, "The odds of us standing in the same square directly opposite each other both times are only one in 16. So ...... I'm betting that we'll be on the same square on the third hand."

Pinocchio: "Huh, what's this weird bet?"

"It does have nothing to do with the content of the cards." Fu Wenduo smiled, "If I win the bet, then you have to promise that the end of this game will not affect the relationship between MOMO and us. If you win the bet?"

Tang Mo: "I win the bet, Mr. Fu, let's end the game peacefully, no one takes any chances."

Pinocchio touches his nose, his eyes darting back and forth between Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo looks at Tang Mo steadily, without confirming the bet.

Tang Mo suddenly turned to Pinocchio and smiled, "I'm an honest human being, Pinocchio, and this bet really has nothing to do with the content of the cards, does it?"

Pinocchio was unimpressed: "Even if it has something to do with the content of the cards, I can't be sure if you're lying or not, and it doesn't matter if I hear it."

Fu Wenduo suddenly said, "Okay, I agree to this bet."

Pinocchio's voice came to a screeching halt as he hemmed and hawed and clapped his hands together, "Two good friends coming to a bet, this is the most interesting game of honest cards I've ever seen Pinocchio. I've watched over a hundred honest card games in the Kingdom of the Undertakers and I've never seen one end peacefully."

Tang Mo: "Maybe you'll see it today." With that, he turned and walked back to the grid of his own team.

Fu Wenduo also walks back.

Pinocchio grinned a sinister smile at the corners of his mouth. He said "I'm looking forward to it", but the anticipation and gloating in his eyes didn't even register, they were straightforward.

The white wall came crashing down, standing between the two teams.

Before the white wall separates them, Tang Mo is looking away from Fu Wenduo, who is also looking at him. They stared at each other in silence until the wall fell away and they could not see each other at all.

Tang Mo walks straight to a certain compartment and stands still.

When Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were talking earlier, Zhao Wenbin had no chance to speak. He watched Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo make a bet, and then found himself standing on a grid, without any intention of winning the bet.

Zhao Wenbin was so anxious that his face turned red. He hesitated for half a day and said, "Do you think standing in that grid, we ...... can really win?"

Tang Mo looked up at him, "Later you stand in the grid of the knight sign."

Zhao Wenbin understood at once: "Are you deliberately giving them the knight's card to show that we are sincere about this bet? No, we don't even have the knight card, so what if they break the contract and refuse to end the game peacefully? And even if that man in black doesn't break the contract, how can you be sure that this bet will be won."

The probability of Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo standing in the same square is one in four.

While Zhao Wenbin, the emperor, was in a hurry, and he was in a hurry, Tang Mo chose a certain grid from the beginning and simply stood in it.

Pinocchio had been lounging on the wall humming in his sleep during the previous two games. This time he had a change of pace, with a two-player bet, and was excited to look at Tang Mo's side of the table and then turn his head to look at Fu Wenduo's side.

While Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo can't see or hear each other, Pinocchio knows everything.

When Tang Mo looked up at him, Pinocchio lifted his chin, his red feather clip twitching in the brim of his hat: "Don't look at me, honest Pinocchio never betrays his friends."


"Well well well, dishonest Pinocchio would never tell you which position the human was standing in either. But ...... you can guess." Pinocchio's sharp laugh rang out as he looked wistfully at Tang Mo and rubbed his nose, " Pinocchio's nose gets longer when he lies, so maybe you could ask me some questions, like asking where the human was standing?"

Tang Mo simply ignored him, and Zhao Wenbin pondered half-heartedly: " Pinocchio, has the man in black already chosen a certain grid."

"Yes." Pinocchio's nose didn't get any longer.

Zhao Wenbin added: "And do you think this bet is ridiculous?"

"Of course ......" Pinocchio's voice lengthened and Zhao Wenbin waited excitedly for his next words, Pinocchio looked at him with a calmness that hid his excitement and suddenly laughed out loud. "Why should I tell you! You stupid human being, ha ha ha, you're like the stupidest stink bug in the banana tavern, so stupid it's cute!"

When Pinocchio said this, his nose didn't grow at all, and Zhao Wenbin first froze and then reacted.

"You ...... you tricked me!"

Pinocchio sits on the wall and slaps it with his hands in delight: "Stinker, stinker!"

Zhao Wenbin: "You ......!"

Tang Mo gave them a look and withdrew his eyes.

Zhao Wenbin was clever enough to make sure that Pinocchio had seen where Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were standing, at which point he asked Pinocchio "is this bet ridiculous". If Pinocchio thinks it's ridiculous, then Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo are not on the same grid and he thinks Tang Mo is a joke.

But Pinocchio only said that his nose would grow if he lied, but not that he would definitely answer Zhao Wenbin's question.

Zhao Wenbin is angry and frustrated when Pinocchio plays him for a fool.

Five minutes later, The black tower prompts the players to start selecting their cards. Zhao Wenbin's face is red with anger. He is anxious for Tang Mo, and for himself. But when the time came, Tang Mo swung up his parasol with a flourish, looking straight ahead without even looking, and the tip of the plastic umbrella was placed directly on Zhao Wenbin's neck.

He said faintly, "Come here and stand in the knight's grille."

Zhao Wenbin's breath hitched. He wanted to scold the cold-blooded stowaway (he thought Tang Mo was a stowaway) for not appreciating the fact that he had been working so hard for Tang Mo to help him win the bet, and instead let Pinocchio play him.

The small pink parasol moves a little closer and presses against Zhao Wenbin's neck.

Tang Mo: "Stand over there."

Zhao Wenbin clenched his fingers and gritted his teeth as he came to a halt in the grid of the knight's sign.

Pinocchio grinned heatedly, "Are you sure you don't want to reconsider and change your position?" Just as he finished, he made a fist with his right hand and deliberately slapped his head in a not at all cute pose, "Oops, I forgot, you have to stand in the knight's square or you both won't be able to play your cards."

Tang Mo looked straight ahead, without looking at Pinocchio.

Pinocchio made a fool of himself and slowly stopped being sarcastic about Tang Mo. He jumped off the wall with his hands on his hips and clapped his hands.


The white wall rises a little.

Zhao Wenbin held his breath and stared at the white wall with deadly concentration. He even bent down to get a first glimpse of the opposite side of the wall from underneath. When he saw which cell Fu Wenduo was standing in, Zhao Wenbin's body froze in the ice. He slowly stood up straight and said as if to reassure himself, "It's okay it's okay, there's still a chance, as long as you don't pick the wrong one next, it's okay it's okay ......"

The white wall rises completely, only to see Tang Mo standing in the rightmost square and Fu Wenduo standing in the leftmost square. The two men are standing in a complete diagonal, and even if they were made up, it would be impossible to say that they are standing in the same square.

Pinocchio then crossed his arms and laughed as he ran up to Tang Mo in a flash, looking at his face expectantly, "You lost the bet." He waited but did not see Tang Mo's look of frustration and despair, he remained calm and even turned his head to give him a quick glance.

Pinocchio got a little upset and frowned: "I said, you lost! You've lost, you've lost!"

"He's won." A low voice rang out from afar.

Pinocchio swiped his head and looked at Fu Wenduo: "What are you talking about, he clearly lost. You two aren't standing on the same grid."

Tang Mo: "But we didn't stand in any of the grids either."

Pinocchio's body froze. Everyone in the room, except Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, even Fu Wenduo's three teammates, looked in disbelief at the position of Fu Wenduo's feet.

In the white world, Fu Wenduo stands on the borderline between the two squares, and Tang Mo also stands on the borderline between the two squares.

It was not Zhao Wenbin and Tang Mo who chose the knight card, and from the beginning, Tang Mo did not choose any of the cards, only Zhao Wenbin chose the knight card. For The black tower, Tang Mo discarded his choice and Zhao Wenbin chose the knight, so the cards they played were still knights and did not affect the final result.

Yet Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo both chose not to stand in any of the squares.

The expression on Pinocchio's face suddenly became very exciting. No one knows how a puppet can make such a complex and rich expression, as his eyebrows start to jump up and down. After his eyebrows, his nostrils changed again and again. Finally, he roared in annoyance, "That's not funny!"

He wanted to watch the action, but ended up watching nothing but the action himself. Pinocchio, who by this point wanted to see the humans kill each other again, looked at Fu Wenduo: "You're not going to keep your promise, are you? That's the king's gold, the king's gold! You still have the advantage, you're likely to win him."

Fu Wenduo: "I will keep my promise."

Pinocchio: "......"

"Damn, so that's why I hate honest humans!"

To Pinocchio's grumpy background, the cards chosen by the two teams for this game slowly slid into the centre of the blank area. With a click, the silver iron deck on Tang Mo's side shatters. A silver light shot out from where the card had broken and connected to Tang Mo's brow. At the same time, on Fu Wenduo's side, the silver light connected to the eyebrows of the young woman and the old man with white hair.

"So that's it." Tang Mo said to himself.

After The black tower shuffled the deck, the knight and slave cards were all connected to Tang Mo's side, and the queen card was connected to Zhao Wenbin's side, as Tang Mo had two players and three cards. Tang Mo doesn't know what rules The black tower uses to choose which player to connect more cards. Maybe it's random, maybe there are other filters. But in any case, there are now three cards and four players on the opposite side, and the card they play is connected to two of them.

The light on the young woman and the old white haired man were seen to be constantly flickering, brightening and fading. Both waited nervously for the light to make its final choice, and after a minute, the light on the old white haired man faded and a dazzling white light connected to the young woman's body.

The woman gritted her teeth and stepped onto the dueling floor once more.

This time, as she had already revealed her powers in advance, she did not give Tang Mo a chance to react, drawing her pistol just as she walked into the dueling ring and firing a shot straight at him. The shot was sidestepped by Tang Mo and just as he dodged it, the young woman raised her left hand in front of her face, exposing only her right eye.



A second bullet whistled out of the silver muzzle and shot straight at Tang Mo's forehead. He quickly chanted a mantra and snapped open the little parasol, the bullet reflecting off it. However, it only reflected halfway, as the bullet turned in the air and flew again towards Tang Mo's brow.

The young woman raised her gun again and fired a third round.


Bang, bang, bang!

Four bullets in a row, like flying insects with eyes, traced a path through the air that defied the laws of science and kept coming at Tang Mo. Tang Mo waved his small parasol, using it to block each bullet as quickly as possible. The bullets hit the parasol with an ear-splitting metallic clang.

Everyone in the room was dazzled, except Fu Wenduo, whose eyes were fixed on Tang Mo's ability to dodge four bullets over and over again with great reflexes and physicality.

As time passed, the four bullets attacked at a slower and slower pace. The young woman's face was already pale by the time she fired the fourth bullet, as if she had suddenly aged several years, and now a grey hair was sprouting on her forehead. Seeing that Tang Mo was more than capable of handling four bullets, she gritted her teeth and raised her snatch with a shudder.


Immediately after the shot, the woman's hair went half white. But the moment she finished the sentence, Tang Mo swung his umbrella and knocked all four bullets away. With one hand on the ground, he looked up at the woman standing four metres away from him.

As if realising what was happening, the woman turned in horror and tried to leave, but her physical skills were dropping too quickly for her to react.

Four of the bullets were knocked out of the air and then turned again and shot towards Tang Mo. The fifth bullet came straight at Tang Mo. When the fifth bullet was fired, the speed of all the bullets slowed down again. Tang Mo stomped his foot on the ground and leapt out like an arrow, with the four bullets chasing behind him.

Tang Mo ran towards the young woman with a whoosh. Behind him, the four bullets came closer and closer. He put away his little parasol, his pupils dilated to the max, and, aided by his terrifying dynamic vision and physical reflexes, swung it forward and stabbed.


This tiny sound went unnoticed by anyone but Fu Wenduo, whose eyes widened in surprise as he watched Tang Mo split his fifth camera round in half with the tip of his umbrella.

As the tip of Tang Mo's umbrella rested against the young woman's throat, four bullets and two split-in-half bullets caught up with him in unison, pointing straight for his head. But the tip of I's umbrella was already at the woman's throat first. All the bullets stopped, and the young woman looked at him in open-mouthed horror, seemingly forgetting to even breathe, her face pale.


The bullet landed with a crisp sound.

Tang Mo did not collect his umbrella as he said coldly, "Admit defeat."

The young woman's hair was almost completely white as she shuddered and said, "I ...... I concede ......"

A huge black hole appears at the woman's feet and she falls screaming, disappearing into the white space. Tang Mo retracts her umbrella and turns to return to her place.

Pinocchio's bored face finally showed a little interest when he saw that someone had been eliminated. He claps his hands and the white wall falls slowly from the sky.

Fu Wenduo said loudly, "Next game, I'll play the minister's card."

Tang Mo turned his head to look at him and slowly curled his lips, "Good."

Pinocchio's eyes are burning with anger at this uninteresting game.

Five minutes later.

"Ding-dong! Game 4, player out."

With a click, the silver and iron deck in front of Fu Wenduo shatters. He did come out with the ministerial card. Tang Mo, representing the queen, stepped forward, and the middle-aged woman on the other side came out trembling. Tang Mo had just opened the small parasol when the woman said straight away, "I concede defeat, I concede defeat, don't kill me, don't kill me!"

Tang Mo is slightly stunned.

Surprisingly, he was treated like a stowaway.

The black hole appeared at the middle-aged woman's feet and Tang Mo's voice was soft as she collected her umbrella: "...... Sorry."

At the end of four games, Tang Mo's side is left with him and Zhao Wenbin, and Fu Wenduo's side is left with him and the old man with white hair. Each side has two cards left: the king and the slave, and the queen and the slave.

The white wall falls gently as Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo fight across it. Tang Mo: "Next fight, according to the rules of the Kingdom of the Underlanders."

Fu Wenduo smiled and said, "Good."

Pinocchio was already bored enough to pick up his broken radio and put it back together a little. After hearing Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's words, he muttered, "I should have known better than to do such a boring job", then put his head down and continued to fiddle with his broken radio.

As the white wall fell, Zhao Wenbin breathed a sigh of relief, feeling for the first time that he had come back from the dead. Although he had been oppressed by Tang Mo, by this time, seeing that he could safely leave the copy, he no longer dared to ask for any more of the king's gold. A good reward, without a life, could not be used at all.

As soon as the two sides next play the slave card together again, and finally the king and queen cards together. The king and queen can then hold hands and end this absurdly cruel game.

Zhao Wenbin walked over to Tang Mo: "...... Thanks." Thank you again. If it wasn't for Tang Mo, he would have died a hundred times at the hands of that man in black. Even though Tang Mo was a tough stowaway, at the end of the day, when the game was almost over, he was still willing to say thank you.

Tang Mo looks down at the ground as if he is thinking about something.

Zhao Wenbin didn't get an answer and asked curiously, "So, what are you thinking? Aren't we almost done with the game, are there any more questions?"

"I was wondering ...... how he became a stowaway."

Zhao Wenbin knew he was talking about Fu Wenduo, whom he had always identified as the powerful Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, who were both stowaways. He said, "He became a stowaway because he killed someone. The man in black had killed someone during the three days he was online on Earth, so he became a stowaway."

Tang Mo did not speak.

That wasn't the answer he was looking for.

In the second game, Tang Mo was sure that Fu Wenduo would play a knight card and not a minister card because he felt that, given both options, the player would choose to play a knight card against a knight card, nullifying both cards together and not triggering the dueling field effect. Instead, he uses the Minister card to suppress the Knight card, triggering the duel, and both teams must be one player short.

In the second game Tang Mo had no choice, if he played a knight, he could hardly win the next bet, even if he won, and there was little hope of even ending the game peacefully. But Fu Wenduo had the option of using the Minister's card.

He chose the Knight card. This shows that he will not stand by and watch others die or be forced to take part in a dangerous game of tower attack until it is absolutely necessary.

And ......

"He gave it a chance in the first inning, actually."

Zhao Wenbin asked, confused, "What?"

Tang Mo shook his head, "Nothing."

Although the first game was won by Fu Wenduo, he had the advantage. But if Tang Mo's team had decided to play their slaves and end the game peacefully, then Fu Wenduo would have lost. He seemed to have taken a big gamble and won, but at the same time gave the opposite team a chance.

Looking at the first game alone, it was not clear what his intentions were. It was only in the second game that Tang Mo realised that the man had really thought about letting the rival team off the hook.

What is it that people like this are doing to become stowaways?

"When the game is over, maybe we can find out." Tang Mo murmured in a low voice.

Pinocchio lost all interest in hosting the game, sitting on the wall playing with his radio as The black tower kept prompting players to make their card play orders. The white wall gradually rises, revealing the cards chosen by the two teams. Tang Mo and Zhao Wenbin stand in the slave grid, while Fu Wenduo and the old man with white hair stand diagonally opposite them.

Both sides looked at each other.

The old man with white hair stood trembling. With Fu Wenduo standing beside him, he didn't dare to move either way, but his face looked terribly ugly. Several times he tried to turn his head to speak to Fu Wenduo, but as soon as he saw Fu Wenduo's face, he shut his mouth and dared not move.

Zhao Wenbin gave the old man a curious look.

Pinocchio: "Play by yourselves, it's boring."

The two silver and iron cards slide close to the ground and into the blank area. A dazzling white light flares up and Tang Mo closes his eyes, waiting for the game to end.

Pinocchio is the only one who manages to keep his eyes open in this glow, but he is not interested at the moment in seeing the results of the cards, he concentrates on fiddling with his old radio. Until there was a crisp click. Not two, just one click, rang through the blank world.

Pinocchio looked up in astonishment at the crushed and broken card.

A white light shoots out from the centre of the broken light and connects to Fu Wenduo's brow. On the other side, on Tang Mo's side of the deck, a light also shoots out and connects to his brow.

Pinocchio watched the cards shatter, and the next moment he looked incredulously at Fu Wenduo: "Are you crazy! Why do you want to go out of the country to ace it? Do you want to lose the game? Do you know the rules of the game or not? You're not winning, you're losing!"

The white light dissipates and Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo open their eyes at the same time, looking at Pinocchio in unison.

At that moment, a clear child's voice rang out in the white world -

"Dingdong! Pinocchio has been informed of the contents of the card and has violated the rules of the game, stripping him of his citizenship privileges in the Kingdom of the Underlanders.

"Ding Dong! China Zone 2 copy #419 changed to 'Santa's Honest Card Game'."


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