Chapter 27: Welcome to the world of monsters!

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Tang Mo had already discovered that after the game was archived, his clothes were restored by The black tower, but Kavis' clothes, which he had stripped himself of, were gone forever. It seems that The black tower only archives all data from the player's entry into the copy, not the creatures inside. So Tang Mo's second challenge almost shattered the Great Earthworm's link, and now the wound on the Great Earthworm's link has not healed.

Of course the big earthworm couldn't understand Tang Mo's words: "He seems to be a good underground man, he shouldn't hit me as soon as he drinks like that underground man ......" so hissed the big earthworm, rubbing more and more happily.

Suddenly its back accidentally brushes against a sharp spot, and in the darkness, the ringband, which had only just scarred, is punctured again.

The big earthworm whimpered. Tang Mo immediately reached out to catch the tears, but it took him half a day to realize that ......

This big earthworm it's practically dry howling! Not a single tear!

Tang Mo's face turned very ugly.

If this copy is like the copy of Mario's Monopoly where the only way to leave the copy is to take the reward, then Tang Mo must get the Tears of the Earthworm.

The paraffin lamp was broken and Tang Mo still had a torch on him, but he didn't turn it on for a while.

Trying to overcome the nausea that was welling up inside him, he tried to forget that the slimy thing that was rubbing against him was a giant earthworm, and he reached out and gently stroked it over its head.

The wounds on the earthworm's body were indeed inflicted by Tang Mo, and he was a bit vain in comforting him now. When he thought about it, Tang Mo's head strokes became more natural.

From the very beginning, before Tang Mo even entered the copy, an extremely deep message was buried in his subconscious mind: the final boss of the S3 copy was a giant earthworm.

When Earth came online, Tang Mo's memory was so good that he chose to spend more than an hour in front of the mall and finally followed Jackass because Jackass had said in the underground car park that he was going to try to get through S3 again and defeat the big earthworm at the end.

Tang Mo remembered Jackass' words exactly, so his first thought upon entering the copy was to defeat a large earthworm.

Although he was a little surprised by the format of the copy, he had expected it to be a simple fighter's copy, not one with so many restrictions. So with a preconceived notion, Tang Mo chose to attack the big earthworm as a matter of course the first time he cleared the copy. The second time around, he simply thought it would be too difficult to defeat the big earthworm. His mind was so focused on finding a way to defeat the earthworm that he didn't pay attention to the other key points.

It wasn't until the third time through that he started to get out of the misconceptions Jackass had set him up with and discovered a lot of suspicions.

Firstly, the tunnel is long and Tang Mo was so careful on his first run that he reached Bill halfway through the twenty minute time limit. This was despite the fact that he tried to keep up a pace that was "not too delayed and not too deadly", leaving him with only five minutes to face the big earthworm at the end.

In the place of many preppers, I'm afraid I wouldn't have had the chance to meet the big earthworm and it would have been over in twenty minutes. This time is a bit unreasonable and barely gives the player a chance to get through the game once.

Secondly, there are the obvious suspicions that can be spotted if one looks closely enough. For example, the wounds on the red-haired man's chest were clearly not something a large earthworm could have caused, but were cut by a sharp object; and his ever-vague statements, several tiny verbal clues, all suggesting that Bill was not an earthworm.

In addition to this, there is the implication and misinformation of The black tower. The black tower says in the rules that "only large sticks can do harm to earthworms", and then says "Bill is not allowed to see the light of day". The black tower uses two nouns, and if the earthworm is Bill, it would not normally make two different pronouns.

But again, The black tower is misleading the player.

Earthworms are afraid of the light and Bill is not allowed to see it.

Tang Mo is unable to explain why Bill cannot see the light, but if you think in that direction, the sentence is too ambiguous. You could say that Bill is as afraid of light as an earthworm (although he does not react to the sight of a paraffin lamp), or you could say that he is a man who cannot see the light.

An animal that is afraid of the light is called a man who cannot see the light, and a villain who has done something wrong is also called a man who cannot see the light.

This is an extremely well-hidden linguistic loophole.

The big earthworm is still whimpering and dry-whistling.

Tang Mo stroked his big head while pondering how to trick a small child into tears.

This disgusting and somewhat ugly-ugly worm is lying in Tang Mo's arms, faking crying like it's a thing.

Tang Mo reassured him for a while and then said helplessly, "I can't blame you entirely for injuring you. I ran as hard as I could and didn't waste a second, but I only had 15 minutes left to get to you. A normal person might not be in such a hurry the first time through, but if you fail, you'll be in a big hurry to get through again. So no time to pay attention to the hints and loopholes ahead ...... isn't that hard to understand?"

The earthworm should not have understood Tang Mo's words, but he inexplicably "cried" louder.

"......" Tang Mo silently touched it twice more, thinking, "Forget it, it's all my fault, OK?

This is not the way to go. Tang Mo stroked the worm for a long time, but finally the worm stopped howling. Tang Mo wondered why this disgusting, ugly little creature had stopped hissing, and then he heard a loud snorting sound.

Tang Mo: "......"

You just escaped from the cage, can't you be a little more alert!

Although it was impossible to fully recreate the earthworm's escape from the cage, Tang Mo was able to make some vague guesses based on the words of the red-haired man, Bill and the earthworm.

The circus master has caught the big earthworm from somewhere and wants to treat it as a treasure to be presented to the audience tomorrow night. The ringmaster has arranged for a red-haired man to guard the worm with Bill, who likes to beat it with a stick when he is drunk. The red-haired man said that Bill had gone mad, meaning that Bill suddenly hit him so hard that he almost killed the worm. The earthworm then resisted violently.

The cage would have been the one that broke during the resistance.

The red-haired man certainly couldn't sit back and watch Bill beat the chief's treasures to death and must have stopped him.

Tang Mo's gaze went to a certain spot in the dark cave. On his second entry into the cave, he saw a table in that corner with some beer bottles on it and some imperceptible fragments of bottles on the floor.

If the cut on the red-haired man's chest was made by Bill drunkenly cutting himself with a beer bottle, that would explain his claim that Bill was mad.

The wounds on Bill's body were inflicted by a large earthworm, the wounds on the back of his head were impact wounds, and the wounds on his legs were probably broken when the earthworm was flung away.

Although the cage was locked tightly, it was still broken by the large earthworm.

Bill says it took everything he had to escape from the big earthworm's cave, but he was halfway there when he realised his leg bone was too completely broken to really walk again. The red-haired man, of course, ignores him; on the one hand, Bill is mad and injures him, and on the other hand the monster breaks free of the cage and abandons his companions to escape first, both of which are quite understandable.

"If you had broken free of the cage and gone after Bill, wouldn't you have taken so many beatings?"

Tang Mo's response is an even louder purring bubble from the big earthworm.

Twenty minutes is the limit that The black tower places on the player, leaving them no time to pursue more clues. But it is also a protection for the player. As long as the player is not too weak, a normal prepper should be able to stay alive for twenty minutes. Then he has the option to exit the copy and finish the level.

This is the S-class copy.

In terms of difficulty, it's not even in the same league as "Mario's Monopoly". If you don't get greedy, you won't die.

Tang Mo sat on the ground for half an hour waiting for the big earthworm to sleep. Finally, the big earthworm poked his snoring bubble and woke up. Tang Mo heard him hissing, "I'm so hungry, I miss my mum... ooooooooooo ......"

It wasn't crying, it was still dry howling.

Tang Mo stands up and the large earthworm immediately straightens its upper body.

In the darkness Tang Mo cannot see the big earthworm, but he thinks that he can see what he is doing. Tang Mo ran his hands along the walls of the cave and tried, step by step, to walk into the tunnel. When the earthworm did not move, Tang Mo reached the mouth of the tunnel, turned back and beckoned, "Come here."

The large earthworm did not respond.

Tang Mo didn't know if this method would work, but they had to get out first. Otherwise, when the red-haired man did call out to some of his colleagues, I'm sure the circus leader wouldn't give Tang Mo a hard time.

Tang Mo walks into the tunnel. He walks slowly, stopping every now and then to turn back and make a waving motion, hoping that the big earthworm will follow him.

The ten-metre walk took a minute, but the big earthworm still hadn't moved. When Tang Mo was about to give up and decided to turn back and find a way to collect the earthworm's tears, he heard the sound of something heavy sliding across the ground.

Tang Mo's mouth curled slightly as he ran his hands along the wall towards the start of the tunnel.

The big earthworm slowly followed behind him. At first it was a long way off, but after a few hundred metres, the worm was mindlessly rubbing itself against Tang Mo's back, even rubbing its big head against Tang Mo's hair and leaning its entire upper body against Tang Mo's back.

Tang Mo almost wanted to slap the slimy thing, but fortunately he held back, took a few deep breaths and continued on his way.

Walking over to Bill's body, the large earthworm smelled and hissed in fear: "Badass Undergrounders!"

Tang Mo rubs his head and continues on with the big earthworm.

Finally back to the start.

Tang Mo was unable to turn on his torch and in the darkness he touched the head of the large earthworm. He could feel that the big earthworm had become visibly more excited since arriving in this place, and kept impatiently slapping the ground with its tail.

"If you want to go, before you leave ...... can you give some tears?" Tang Mo tried to negotiate, "One drop would be enough. How about a slightly less fake cry for once, a real cry?"

The big earthworm hissed, "So hungry, so hungry, go home and see mummy, mummy!"

Tang Mo who worked so hard to bring the big earthworm here: "......"

The big earthworm never stopped slapping the ground with its tail, and Tang Mo thought at first that it was just too excited to express its elation in this way. Suddenly its tail slammed heavily on a piece of dirt and there was a click as if a door had been slapped open.

Tang Mo looked in surprise at the direction of the sound.

Big Earthworm: "Home, home, home!" He said, slipping and running in the direction of the door.

Tang Mo pulled sharply at the worm's tail: "Wait, can I have a tear?" After a pause, Tang Mo thought, "Hiss, hiss, hiss, hiss?"

Big Earthworm: "How strange, what is this underground man barking about."

Tang Mo: "......"

The big earthworm twists and turns, breaking away from Tang Mo's hand and sliding straight towards the exit of the tunnel. Just as it is about to leave, the sound of its sliding stops and it slides slowly to Tang Mo's side, rubbing its head against his face.

He is unaware that while he is rubbing his face, Tang Mo's right hand is pressed against his left wrist, gazing indifferently at him in the darkness.

Can't leave the copy without getting the earthworm's tears.

Now that the main quest is over, you can use your powers and you can use the big matches.

One way or another, he must get out of here.

"Want to go home ......" hissed the voice.

Tang Mo's eyes flashed and a huge match suddenly appeared in his right hand. He swung the big match up high and struck it directly at the big earthworm's ringband. It shouldn't kill it, but it would certainly keep it. Staying would give him the chance to slowly find the earthworm's tears.

The match head had almost touched the earthworm's ringband when the hissing voice came back, "You're good for the ground."

As the words fall, a drop of wet liquid lands on Tang Mo's face and the big earthworm hisses, twisting its head and sliding in and out with a whoosh. Its huge body thumped against the ground and within a few moments it had disappeared into the cave.

Tang Mo froze in place. After a moment, he reached up and touched the tears on his own face and put the match away in his tattoo.

A blinding white light suddenly flashed before his eyes and when Tang Mo opened them again, he was back in the abandoned factory in Pudong District.

Tang Mo enters the copy at noon and exits at mid-moon. The time flow in the copy doesn't seem to be the same as outside, so Tang Mo makes a vague note of the time in both, and then leaves the factory without stopping, in case someone is crouching near the entrance to the copy.

He found an unoccupied car repair shop, closed the door and hid inside.

Tang Mo reached out and plucked the earthworm's tears from her own cheeks.

The tear was liquid when it first landed on Tang Mo's face, but it quickly became solid when it came into contact with the air. Tang Mo did not turn on the lights in the garage, so he lay on the floor and used a torch to illuminate the tear.

The crystalline tear looks like a tiny diamond in the light, a teardrop-shaped diamond.

Tang Mo struck the tear three times and there was no response. He raised the tears above his head again, but they did not respond either. Tang Mo tried burning the tears with fire and soaking them in water. When he wiped the tears with a rag, small lines of writing appeared on the tears.

[Props: Earthworm's Tears]

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Quality: Fair].

[Grade: Level 1].

[Attack Power: None]

【Function:Wipe the tears on the wound, it can heal quickly and can repair the broken wound】.

[Restriction: Can only be used three times]

[Note: I don't think Tang Mo wants to remember how he got this tear for the rest of his life].

Tang Mo thought about it for a moment. This time the alien book was wrong, if he could get a prop for getting his face rubbed by an earthworm once, he would be willing to get rubbed by ...... again, just once.

The reward for this copy is far from Mario's hat and turkey egg in terms of quality, it's only average quality, but it's an essential item for Tang Mo nowadays.

In the past seven days Tang Mo has collected a total of six powers, none of which have a restorative effect.

He is now in such high physical condition that as long as he does not break an arm or leg, he can heal his wounds after a period of rest. However, if he is injured by his opponent in a fight, Tang Mo does not have time to wait for the injury to recover slowly. At this time, he can immediately regain his fighting strength with a wipe of the earthworm's tears. The tears of the earthworm can also be used to repair broken arms and legs.

"Shame you can only use it three times. the S-rank copy is much easier than the others and not too life threatening, but the rewards will be worse? ......"

Tang Mo rests his hands on the back of his head and looks at the ceiling of the car repair shop.

Shanghai Pudong, underground car park of a shopping mall.

The burly blond man with a muscular face sat down in his chair with a bitter grimace and honestly told the story of the strange events he had encountered today.

Luo Fengcheng's face changed slightly when he heard Jackass say, "You can't pass the level even if you kill the big earthworm," and he sat up straight: "Are you sure you killed it? An earthworm's body doesn't die even if it breaks into two or three pieces, so how did you kill it?"

Jackass was aggrieved: "I really did kill it. Dr. Lowe, I did as you said and broke the large wooden stick into two sections with force, then bent the stick over my own hand and strangled the worm with both hands. I did manage to choke it with my strength, which was not difficult, but it was a little difficult to choke it in twenty minutes until each segment could not regenerate, and it took me many tries to succeed today. But it died, and I still failed in my mission."

Luo Fengcheng stood up and took two steps around the room. He turned around, "From now on, you tell me every single thing you experienced in the copy, every single thing, in detail. The rules of The black tower, the words of those two men, word for word, tell me everything."

Jackass scratches his head, struggling to remember.

An hour later, Luo Fengcheng slammed his fist on the table, looking unimpressed: " Bill, it's not the worm, it's the blond man on the floor you're trying to kill."


"So the S3 copy isn't as hard as you said, it just lays a trap of directed thinking for you to think that the monster that appears at the end must be killed." Luo Fengcheng rubbed his eyes tiredly, "Tomorrow you go and kill the blond man and you'll be through."

Jackass nodded happily, not bothering to ask what he had misunderstood, and turned to leave the room.

The next day at noon Jackass took his two companions from the organisation to the factory and entered the copy: "I thought this copy was my favourite type of fight, but I didn't expect to have to use my brain. I hate this type of copy, so I'll leave it to you and Dr. Luo instead of this type of copy. You guys wait, I'll be out in a while."

Jackass stepped on the manhole cover and stepped on it for half a day, but it didn't move.

He stomped twice as hard as he could in dismay, and the other two men came around strangely.

One person said, "It looks like someone has already cleared it. According to Dr. Luo, this copy is not that difficult, and there are many entrances. Jackass, you should not be too brutal when you encounter a copy in the future, you still need to think more."

Another person also reassured, "Forget about this copy, let's go and try the S1 copy."

Jackass' expression was a bit depressed, but when he heard about the S1 copy, his eyes lit up: "Let's go, S1 copy is the most interesting, let's go fight the last gorilla together!"

Tang Mo didn't know that Jackass had missed out on a chance to get through S3 with his lethargic development. But even if he did, he wouldn't take it too seriously. He was following Jackass in order to get through the copy first (which is one of the reasons he entered the copy and didn't think much about it, as he was only thinking about fighting the big earthworm), to get the copy reward and increase his chances of winning the tower attack game three days later.

With two days to go after clearing S3, Tang Mo was crouching around the mall again, ready to try and clear another S-rank copy. But this time, before he could follow the Tang Qiao member into the copy, he accidentally triggered a copy himself halfway through.

This copy is also a single-player copy and is not very difficult. It is a little easier than the S3 copy of Earthworm, but extremely time consuming.

It was early morning on the tenth day when Tang Mo emerged from his copy.

At 17:00 on 23 November, Tang Mo was informed by The black tower that he was ready to take part in the tower attack. The black tower's time has always followed the human time system, with the "three days for candidates" starting at 8am on the 15th and ending at 8am on the 18th of November.

At this rate, there are still ten hours left before Tang Mo is pulled into the Tower Attack game.

Tang Mo checked his backpack to make sure he hadn't missed anything, then picked up his bag and walked into a hardware shop. The contents of the shop were torn up in a very messy manner, and it was clear that players had already been here since the start of the game looking for weapons.

Tang Mo found a sharp pocket knife in the rubbish. He went into the small room behind the hardware shop, took out a large match and used it to start sharpening the knife.

The wooden handle of the large match rubbed against the sharp blade, and instead of a single chip of wood falling off, the blade was sharpened to a sharper and sharper edge, reflecting a cold metallic sheen.

Tang Mo sharpened two pocket knives and four small darts in the same way. He straps the knife to his right leg and hides the four small darts in his pocket. The big match is more powerful than these small knives and darts, but it is not foolproof and sometimes the small knives will be more useful.

With his weapon at the ready, Tang Mo found a convenience store and retrieved half a bottle of water and a packet of biscuits from under the counter to replenish his strength and hydration.

After Earth came online, Tang Mo found himself needing less and less food and water as he strengthened his body. This became even more evident after Mario's Monopoly game. Tang Mo has calculated his need for food and water and a packet of biscuits and half a bottle of water is enough to keep him from feeling hungry for three days and to keep him physically active for four days.

In case the copies took too long and ran out of food and water, Tang Mo sought out a few more convenience stores to replenish his resources.

By this time it was 1pm.

Tang Mo was sitting in a small restaurant, staring calmly out of the window. It took about five minutes for a person to walk past the window, but he kept looking for a long time in silence, without speaking or moving, for over an hour.

In three hours, Tang Mo will take part in the Tower Attack game.

Half a month ago all China players were dragged into the ground floor of The black tower by Fu Wenduo and forced to participate in a tower attack game. At that time, Tang Mo and his team were playing in "retarded mode". This time Tang Mo knew that they were not facing retarded mode, this would be a real tower attack game.

The black tower has seven floors and on the first day of the game it announces the three rules of The black tower.

The third of these iron rules: all players are invited to make an effort to attack the tower.

A game written in ironclad law can never be as easy as an S-rated copy, and will be even harder than Mario's Monopoly game.

Tang Mo is not sure if he will survive.

Every second now could be the final countdown to his life.

The restaurant is located on the corner of a shopping street, a few plastic green leaves shading the edges of the windows and a few tiny pots of flowers placed along the window, easily a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Before Earth came online, this shop would have been a very secluded place. Perhaps business wouldn't have been good, but there would have been a few regulars who enjoyed their time here, as if they were escaping the world and giving themselves a space to relax.

Tang Mo slowly closes his eyes as he takes a deep breath and exhales slowly.

It was 3pm.

Tang Mo took out the turkey egg and struck it three times as he whispered, " Mr. Fu ."

A strange music sounded in his ears, and Fu Wenduo did not answer immediately. After a few minutes Tang Mo heard a "Mission 2 completed" and Fu Wenduo said, "What's wrong, is something wrong?"

Tang Mo: "Are you having a game?"

Fu Wenduo's voice was low and somewhat nice: "Well, I accidentally got pulled into a copy and just finished the second side quest."

It turns out that the stowaway Fu Wenduo also gets punked into a copy.

Tang Mo's face was expressionless as he leaned back in his chair, his voice calm, " Mr. Fu, it's like this, I'm going to a tower attack game in two hours."

The sound of fighting on the other side of the fire egg stopped for a few seconds and soon returned to normal as Fu Wenduo said, "Attacking the tower game? Is it to raid the ground floor of The black tower, the black tower that pulled you in?"

Tang Mo now has nothing but peace in her heart when it comes to this incident.

"Ten days ago The black tower informed me that I was going to play my own tower attack game at 5pm today. I've prepared as well as I can, but before I do I'd like to ask you ...... if you could tell me a little bit about what you encountered during the attack?" After a pause in his voice, Tang Mo added, "It's okay if you don't want to talk about it."

Fu Wenduo answered quickly this time: "When I entered The black tower, I was given a main quest to take a turkey's most precious turkey egg from it. This turkey egg is our archiver. But I entered the game with four other people, five in total. They didn't know who I was, but from what I heard from them they were very hostile to me. At the same time their task was to protect the turkey egg."

Tang Mo frowned, "You have the opposite mission?"

"Yes," Fu Wenduo said, "I hid my main quest from them and entered a vast underground world with them. The humans there are known as the Underlanders. The dividing line between humans and monsters is clear, in the middle of their world there is a pink river, on the left bank of the river is the kingdom of the underground people, on the right bank is the monster world. The turkeys are in the monster world."

At this point, Fu Wenduo's voice stops as a fierce scuffle comes from the side of the fire eggs.

Five minutes later, Fu Wenduo, breathing slightly, continued: "We descended into the kingdom of the Underlanders, and to get to the Monster World we needed to cross the Powder River - as I shall call it for the moment. There is a ferry on the Powder River, and the way to cross it is to play a game. For the ferry to move forward, there must be a boatman, who is a man from the ground. Up to three people can be in the boat at a time, but no less than two. Once the boatman was the only one in the boat, he would take the boat away ......"

Tang Mo listens intently to Fu Wenduo's words. He taps his fingers on the table, thinking carefully about the three games Fu Wenduo is talking about.

Fu Wenduo's final struggle with the turkey sounds the easiest of all.

Fu Wenduo doesn't introduce his powers, except to say that a giant turkey suddenly attacked them, killing three of his four companions and leaving only one to escape. He was discovered by the turkeys as a stowaway and they were determined to eat him, so he fought them to a standstill and eventually managed to find the most precious archival turkey egg out of thousands of turkey eggs, thus passing the first level.

Tang Mo ponders for a moment.

The three games that Fu Wenduo went through were not impossible for him to get through, but they might take some effort. The hard part is the final fight with the turkey.

Fu Wenduo doesn't say, but it's clear that his powers are offensive. The giant turkey should be no weaker than the big mole, which Tang Mo was completely unable to fight off last time, and now he feels he might be able to escape from the big mole, but the chances of defeating it are less than 20%.

But he is not a stowaway.

Fu Wenduo is a stowaway and all The black tower monsters want to eat him. This is where Tang Mo has an advantage over Fu Wenduo.

After listening to all the information, Tang Mo looked down at the turkey eggs on the table and, after a long silence, said, "Thank you."

Fu Wenduo has long since finished his copy of the game. He replied in a low voice: "I don't know if I can continue archiving the game if there is only one fire egg left. I hope you can get past the first level of The black tower, I quite need the archiving function of this fire egg."

Tang Mo knew this already, so he knew before he approached Fu Wenduo that the other side would not be stingy with information.

If Tang Mo wasn't about to play a game of tower siege, Fu Wenduo wouldn't be so quick to give out information. But this is a matter of life and death. Tang Mo doesn't have the cheek to think that this stowaway, who has been villainised by all the China players, will take a liking to him in just a few exchanges, that they are friends and don't want him to die. Yet once he's dead, there's no guarantee that the turkey eggs will remain available.

The legendary quality of the prop turkey egg is not something even Fu Wenduo would give up easily.

But Tang Mo still has to say, "Thank you."

He said it a second time, and Fu Wenduo's voice fell silent for a long time. After a long time, Tang Mo heard a low chuckle, an imperceptible hint of laughter in Fu Wenduo's voice: "You're good, live. You're not a stowaway, you should have an easier time than me."

Tang Mo suddenly wondered a little how the other man had become a stowaway and what he had actually killed. But he didn't ask, he just gave a laugh too, "Don't worry, I don't want to die."

In silence, Tang Mo turned off the turkey eggs.

Tang Mo puts the turkey eggs in his pocket, puts his bag on his back and walks out of the small restaurant. He had returned from Pudong to the Jing'an district this morning, near Nanjing Road. He is now in a relaxed mood as he walks step by step towards The black tower suspended over the Huangpu River, his gaze determined and calm.

The sun sets slowly, casting a golden glow over this eastern metropolis as if reflecting a golden veil.

On the west side of the city, at the end of the highway, two black dots appeared. The black dots grew larger and larger and finally ran up to the Shanghai toll booth, racing as hard as they could into the city.

One had a broken left arm, with a layer of unpeeled flesh still attached to the bloody break. The other man was covered in blood and was struggling with every step, as if he would collapse at any moment.

A middle-aged woman passed by on the street and ran away in fear at the sight of the two men.

A young girl of fourteen or fifteen came out from around the corner, so frightened that before she could run, she was pulled by one of them. The man, trembling, took the girl's arm in a death grip and asked, almost as if he were crying, " Shanghai ...... Shanghai have they? Shanghai Have they? Are there any?!"

The girl was so frightened that she was on the verge of tears: "What are you talking about, what are you people? My friend is an official player, he has psychic powers, you guys don't want to harm me. If you guys make a move on me, he ...... will take revenge for me!"

The man with the broken left arm has a hoarse voice: "Stowaways! Shanghai Are there any? Are there any of them?"

Girl: "Of course I did."

The two men, their eyes wet with blood, suddenly filled with despair and fell to the ground together.

"Is there a stowaway group here ...... here too ...... is there them too ......"

The girl wondered, "What stowaway group? Are stowaways organised?"

The man with the broken arm climbs up physically shaking and grabs the girl by the shoulders: "No?! Shanghai No those murderous demons, those stowaways who kill on sight? No!"

The girl was so frightened by him that she cried out straight away, choking back her sobs.

Meanwhile, Tang Mo stands beneath The black tower and looks up at the huge, lofty tower.

He curled his lips, only to hear a cheerful piece of music ringing in his head, accompanied by a clear, loud child's voice--

"Ding Dong! The first level of The black tower (normal mode) is officially open and the single player game is starting to load ......"

"Sandbox Generation ......"

"Data loading complete ......"

"Welcome to the world of monsters!"


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