Chapter 26: Kill Bill!!!

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Main task: Kill Bill in 20 minutes.

Tang Mo didn't have time to hesitate, but with a paraffin lamp in one hand, he walked quickly into the darkness of the cave.

The further we go into the tunnel, the higher the humidity of the soil and the air, the more the air in front of us becomes almost tangible droplets of water. Deeper into the tunnel there is a strange hissing sound, accompanied by a thumping crash. Tang Mo tries to keep each step to around 70cm, counting the seconds in his mind.

You can't go too fast, in case you're too late to defend yourself from a sneak attack, or too slow, as you have a 20-minute deadline.

As Tang Mo silently counted to 560 seconds, a faint whimpering sound caught his attention. His heart tightens, he identifies the sound carefully and soon realises it is a human voice.

Tang Mo walked on at a brisk pace for thirty seconds and came upon a bloodied blond man at the edge of the tunnel.

The man, dressed in the same McDonald's uniform as the red and brown haired man, was breathing heavily, lying against the wall. On the left side of his forehead was a large black hole, from which bright red blood trickled down, wetting the left half of his face. His right leg was twisted in a strange position, the calf at a 90 degree right angle to the thigh, the white calf bone straight through the flesh, exposing half the white tip of the bone.

Suddenly seeing the light of a paraffin lamp, the blond man lifted his face with difficulty, saw Tang Mo and yelled, "Go! Get out of here! That monster is horrible, you have to go!"

"Ding Dong! Hint: You currently have the option to exit the copy, whether you are sure to exit the copy."

Tang Mo has silently counted down to the 610th second, halfway to the end of the 20 minutes. He mentally replies, "No quit."

Tang Mo's eyes darted to the blonde man's body. With his red vertically striped T-shirt and bright yellow waistcoat, the uniform was no different from the red-brown man's earlier. The T-shirt was right on the shoulders and the trouser legs were the right length. The shirt was his own.

It seems that this man, like the red and brown haired man who had just escaped, must have been an employee on some kind of duty here.

Tang Mo took one last look at the name tag on the man's left chest and pronounced the blond man's name, " Kavis, what is that monster?"

At the sound of Tang Mo calling out his name, Kavis looked up in a daze: "You know me?"

Tang Mo's face didn't change and he spoke very quickly: "I'm a new employee here for the shift."

"So it's a new colleague." Kavis struggled to brace his upper body with his hands so that he could lie better against the wall. Tang Mo stepped forward to support his body so that he could lie more comfortably. Kavis smiled bitterly, "I don't think I'll live much longer, half an hour at the most, maybe not until the others arrive."

Tang Mo looked at the big hole in his head and thought, "If this were a normal person, he would have died long ago.

"That's the devil in there. Don't you go in there, it's horrible, it's mad!" As if remembering something terrible, Kavis' terrified face twisted even his features a little as he kept saying, "I can't escape, you can still escape, just leave me alone and go. Maybe you can still escape!"

As the minutes tick by, Tang Mo is tempted to ask Kavis to stop talking nonsense and tell himself what's inside. But he had to be patient: "Kavis, you're not going to die. What is it?"

The hissing sound came closer and closer, and suddenly the creature let out a sharp whistle. The tunnel began to shake violently and the back of Kavis' head slammed hard into the wall, leaving another bloody hole. Tang Mo almost fell too. He simply dropped to one knee, braced himself against the wall with one hand, and asked again, "What is it!"

Kavis finally cut the crap this time: "It's a big earthworm! My God, you've never seen an earthworm that big. It's a monster. The troupe manager says that the audience loves to see this kind of hunting, you know, every audience that comes to the circus wants to see nothing but things that they don't see in normal life, the more hunting they do the more they like it, they seek excitement."

Big Earthworm, Circus.

Tang Mo makes a note of these two key words.

"I told you a long time ago that an earthworm this big is simply a monster. The regimental commander had to take it to make money. Now this worm is mad, it's going to kill me, it's going to get out." As soon as the words left his mouth, the hissing sound came even closer and Kavis immediately said, "No, companion, you go first. It must have broken out of its cage. Go away and leave me alone!"

"If it's just an earthworm, I'll kill it."

Tang Mo doesn't have a lot of powers now, but he can kill an earthworm with no problem.

Kavis thought Tang Mo was refusing to give up on him and was moved to say, "If you really want to kill it, I have a weapon here, so take it and use it. I just used it to hit the big earthworm in the head before I escaped from the cave, it didn't catch up with me and saved a life."

Kavis handed Tang Mo a large wooden stick from the ground.

Tang Mo intended to refuse, and before the words could be spoken, his face changed and he took the large wooden stick in silence.

Kavis: "Companion, you must be small ......"

No sooner had the last word "heart" been uttered than Kavis saw the strange new colleague swish out of the room. With a paraffin lamp in his left hand and a large wooden stick in his right, he rushed into the depths of the tunnel at breakneck speed.

Kavis muttered curiously, "What's the rush for a new colleague ......"

What Kavis didn't know, of course, was that as soon as he pulled out the large wooden stick, a loud child's voice rang out in Tang Mo's head.

"Ding Dong! The single player copy game 'Kill Bill' is officially open! During the game -"

"First, the use of psychic powers is prohibited."

"Secondly, players may only use paraffin lamps for lighting."

"Thirdly, only large wooden sticks can do damage to earthworms."

"The circus master has three treasures ready to surprise the Dungeon crowd tomorrow night, however he is doomed to go broke. The Dungeon is known even to rats, Bill See no light."

With only five minutes left on the mission, Tang Mo had no time to talk to Kavis. He ran forward, straight into the depths of the tunnel. When he had been running for a minute, Tang Mo suddenly hit the wall with his left hand and rolled backwards, landing firmly.

The paraffin lamp in his hand shakes gently, spilling a few drops of lamp oil. In the dim light of the paraffin lamp, a huge shadow appears in front of Tang Mo.

Tang Mo's heart stuttered and he tried to calm himself down.

This huge earthworm is much bigger than Tang Mo could have imagined! The earthworm's body takes up half of the two-metre high tunnel. Where the paraffin lamp does not shine, the worm's tail thuds against the wall. When it saw Tang Mo, it hissed shrilly, raised its huge dark brown head and, without saying a word, charged at the paraffin lamp in Tang Mo's hand.

Tang Mo reacted quickly by side-stepping and running back three metres to place the paraffin lamp on the ground. This distance was just enough to allow the light from the kerosene lamp to reach the earthworm's ring band and to avoid the lamp being hit by the worm.

Finding itself unable to destroy the abominable light, the great earthworm hissed in anger and the next moment it opened its tiny, toothless mouth and bit into Tang Mo's shoulder.

Tang Mo stomped his right leg to the ground to avoid the blitz. He swung his large wooden stick and, as the worm turned its head to bite him, struck the ring on the worm's back. The stick was used with ten per cent force, but Tang Mo was sent flying against the wall by the tremendous recoil, and the earthworm twisted its body in pain, with only a small crack in its back.

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed as he rushed to attack again.

The shell of the earthworm is like the hardest iron armour, and each blow of Tang Mo's stick leaves at most a crack in its body.

Only now did Tang Mo realise why Jackass, who looked so powerful, was so annoyed that he had to find a way to beat the big earthworm at the end of the S3 copy.

Tang Mo had his life planned for the next ten days after being informed by The black tower that he was going to play a game of tower attack.

The first seven days are spent finding as many stowaways as possible and copying each other's powers. The second three days are spent using the Atak organisation to enter various S-ranked replicas to try and clear them and gain prop rewards.

At first Luo Fengcheng only showed Tang Mo the entrance maps of the three most dangerous other copies, he did not show Tang Mo the maps of the seven S-class copies. Tang Mo had no choice but to go to the mall and follow the members of Atak to see if he could find the entrance to the S-class copies from them.

Whenever a member of Atak enters a copy, it is an S-rank copy. Other copies are too dangerous for any player in the world to take the risk, and Tang Mo wouldn't dare.

Tang Mo spent a day and a night squatting around the mall and eventually came across Jackass. During this time he heard the other preppers in the mall talking about Jackass being one of the most powerful psychics in the Atak organisation. His power lies not in his intelligence, but in his unstoppable body.

Tang Mo thought that S3 was probably an intellectual puzzle and Jackass had missed some key clues to defeat the mighty The black tower monster in S3. But now he finally realises that powers are not allowed and he's only allowed to hit the giant earthworm with a wooden stick! That's why Jackass is willing to go through S3 again and again. Any other player of his physical ability would have given up in despair after one playthrough.

Tang Mo is nowhere near as fit as Jackass and he uses the narrow terrain to keep the big earthworm at bay. But the worm's steel shell doesn't give him the chance to hit him hard either. One man and one earthworm clash as if playing hide-and-seek in the tiny hole in the ground.

Tang Mo slipped on his feet and was hit in the stomach by the head of a large earthworm. He flew backwards and landed next to a paraffin lamp. Tang Mo reached out and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and looked tensely at the big earthworm sliding over from a short distance away.

The big earthworm raises its huge head again and hisses a warning at Tang Mo. Suddenly, it tried to hit the paraffin lamp with its head again, and Tang Mo grabbed it and ran back.

The light from the paraffin lamp flickers in the tunnel. Tang Mo runs faster and faster, and the big earthworm chases him faster and faster.

As the two were running to where Kavis was lying, a voice rang out in Tang Mo's head.

"Dingdong! Time has expired and the main quest 'Kill Bill' has failed."

Tang Mo's heart tightened as a white light flooded his vision, blinding him. The white light fades and when Tang Mo opens his eyes again, there is darkness before him. The strong smell of earth lingered in his nose and the thud of large earthworms hitting the tunnel disappeared. Tang Mo takes a deep breath to suppress the tension and fear in his heart. After a few moments, he takes out his torch and turns it on, looking around.

A wide, damp underground cavern with a two-metre high circular tunnel in front of it.

He was back where he had started.

Tang Mo lowers his head and looks at his hands. He opens his five fingers, then clenches them again. This is repeated three times.

"I'm still alive. Failed mission, no death, no punishment ...... This is an S-rank copy?" Tang Mo whispered to himself.

He checked his back and left arm. He had inevitably been hit by his opponent several times during the fight with the big earthworm, and with its great physical strength, it didn't need to have teeth to bruise its opponent.

Tang Mo's back and left arm were once hit directly by a large earthworm with his head, but now he has no wounds on his body.

Tang Mo then looks at his right tiger mouth.

Three minutes earlier, he had struck the earthworm with a large wooden stick in both hands. The earthworm's body was cracked several times by Tang Mo and Tang Mo's tiger mouth was cracked by the powerful recoil.

But his hand is now back as good as new too.

Tang Mo pursed his lips and turned his head straight away, rushing into the tunnel once more. This time he was extremely fast, and three minutes later he met the red and brown haired circus employee carrying a paraffin lamp.

"My goodness, are you a colleague sent over to take over?"

Tang Mo looked at the other man carefully. His face did not look good because he had just failed in his mission.

Seeing this, the red-brown-haired employee said, "Companion, what's wrong with you? How did you happen to come in at this time of day. Bill's gone crazy! Look at all these bruises I've got, all from Bill!"

"I'm here to take over, Bill. What's going on?" Tang Mo looked down at the two cuts on his chest.

Covered in blood were two shocking cuts, the white flesh flaring out to the sides, but fortunately they were not deep enough to cut through the ribs. Kavis can speak normally with a bloody hole in his head, so it's understandable that the red-brown man can now run and jump.

The man seemed to remember something horrible: " Bill ...... Bill ...... How the hell do I know what's going on with Bill, attacking me out of nowhere! Ah yes, companion, you're just in time to take over the shift, so wait here while I go find someone. I'll be back, I'll be back!"

Tang Mo expertly took the paraffin lamp and, without looking at the man, dashed deeper into the tunnel as fast as he could.

A minute later, he met Kavis.

Kavis is still lying on the ground, breathless. His brilliant blonde hair was wet with blood and stuck to his scalp, and when he saw Tang Mo, his first words were, "Go, go! That monster is horrible, you ......"

Tang Mo: "No exit."

Kavis couldn't catch his breath: "......?"

Ignoring him, Tang Mo picks up a large wooden stick from the floor and dashes into the dark tunnel. But after only three steps, Tang Mo turns back to Kavis, who is lying motionless on the ground.

Kavis swallowed, "Same ...... companion, why are you back again?"

Tang Mo eyes calmly looked down at him, and in the next second, suddenly leaned down and started ...... picking off his clothes!

Kavis was horrified: "Same ...... companion! I'm not gay! You ...... what are you doing!"

Tang Mo ignored him and stripped Kavis of his uniform. Looking at the socks and white underwear that were left on Kavis' body, Tang Mo hesitated for a moment before taking them off again and turning around with his McDonald's uniform in his arms.

"You ...... you ......" Kavis' voice choked. He lay naked in the muddy tunnel and watched as this strange new colleague took his clothes and walked into the tunnel.

When Tang Mo ran deeper into the tunnel, he saw the big earthworm break free from its cage.

At the end of this narrow tunnel is a wide crypt. A cupboard, a table and two chairs were placed on one side of the cave. There are unfinished beer bottles on the table and many peanut shells thrown on the floor. The cage of a large earthworm takes up most of the space in the crypt and when he sees Tang Mo, the large earthworm bursts out of the broken cage and hisses as he attacks him.

Tang Mo ran backwards and into the tunnel.

The large earthworm immediately followed.

Tang Mo opened the lid of the paraffin lamp and put Kavis's uniform on the fire to light it. The faint flames of the fire hit the cotton material and immediately burst into flames. Tang Mo did not waste any of his clothes, he used every piece of Kavis' clothing to the best of his ability. Shirts burned to one side of the tunnel, waistcoats to the other. Even the red bow tie was burned separately and thrown in the centre of the tunnel as a small fireball.

The big earthworm chased into the tunnel, and before it could touch Tang Mo, it was stirred by so much fire that it fell backwards, trying to return to the underground cave it had just been in.

Tang Mo took off his jacket straight away, lit it with a paraffin lamp and threw it as hard as he could behind the big earthworm, blocking its path.

The big earthworm almost got its tail burnt by the fire and it turned its head in anger and hissed at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo takes off his thin white jumper with one hand and places the corner of it on the flame of the paraffin lamp, slowly lighting it. In the crackling light, Tang Mo's face appears to be aloof. He throws his jumper to the left of the big earthworm and looks at it with a cold gaze, naked.

"So now, there's fifteen minutes left. We can play for a long time."

The big earthworm hissed angrily and Tang Mo waved his big wooden stick and charged straight on.

Rule number three of the game: only large wooden sticks can cause damage to earthworms.

In the short ten minutes between failing the mission, returning to square one, and running to the cave where the big earthworm was imprisoned, Tang Mo first triggered the main quest, then rushed deeper into the tunnels as fast as he could to save time while pondering how to defeat the worm.

The only thing that can do damage to earthworms is a large wooden stick, but earthworms are afraid of light.

The common earthworm fears sunlight because earthworms are invertebrates that breathe through their skin. They must keep the surface of their bodies moist, and if there is not enough moisture on the surface of their skin, they cannot breathe and eventually die. This is the reason why many earthworms "sunbathe" on the road after rain. They don't actually die from sunbathing, they suffocate before they die.

Fire must have an effect on the earthworm and it cannot fail to burn it. However, the rule given by The black tower is that "only large wooden sticks can hurt earthworms", so Tang Mo cannot use fire on earthworms.

But he was able to use fire to restrict the movements of the large earthworm.

There were so many fires gathered around its body that the earthworm swung its tail to block Tang Mo's stick while angrily trying to extinguish them with its head. The fires were not the faint flames of a paraffin lamp, however, and the earthworm's efforts to hit them only made the flames a little smaller, but not extinguished.

The earthworm hissed more and more intensely, and finally, as if it understood something, it stopped foolishly trying to extinguish the fires and turned its head to look at the culprit.


Tang Mo sneered, "Come on, ten more minutes."

The thick wooden stick hit the earthworm's head, causing it to hiss in pain. The fireball on the ground traps the earthworm's movements and it can't swing its big tail as it would have done last time, knocking Tang Mo off its feet again and again. When its body touches the fireball, the flames do not burn its body, but cause it to pause in its movements for a second.

Tang Mo spotted this and took the opportunity to keep hitting the most conspicuous ring on the big earthworm's body.

The earthworm's body is symmetrical on both sides and the segments on its back look identical, making it difficult to distinguish the position of each segment in a short time. The only thing that stood out was its naked pink ring, and within five minutes Tang Mo had focused on this one spot and struck it so hard that he had made a huge gaping hole in the earthworm's link, from which pink blood gurgled out.

For a while, Tang Mo had the upper hand.

However the fire on the ground grew dimmer and dimmer, the extremely high humidity of the air and soil dimmed all the fireballs at a rate visible to the naked eye until they went out. When Tang Mo's white jumper was also doused by the moisture in the air, the big earthworm was freed at once and it hissed at Tang Mo, rushing forward in a furious haste.

Tang Mo's eyes shrink and he leaps into the air to avoid the earthworm's impact. The tail of the big earthworm suddenly swung over at this point. Tang Mo was unable to change direction in the air and was knocked out of the way. He gritted his teeth and looked at the rejuvenated earthworm. The earthworm was staring at him with imperceptibly small eyes.

With little hesitation, Tang Mo stripped himself of his trousers, lit them with a paraffin lamp and threw them at him.

"Hiss! Hiss!"

There was only a ball of fire, but it still infuriated the big earthworm and he charged at Tang Mo again. Tang Mo also rushed at him with a wooden stick.

Eight minutes later, Tang Mo stood expressionlessly in the darkened hole in the ground, feeling his clothes on his body.

The clothes that Tang Mo himself had just taken off and burned were now all back on his body.

"So this game's backfile should be a backfile in the full sense of the word, a true safety level copy." Tang Mo said heartily, "If you die while fighting the big earthworm, can you also backfile?"

Tang Mo pondered for a moment and answered his own question, "I don't think so."

Entering the tunnels for the third time, Tang Mo was in no hurry as he slowly made his way through the tunnels, closing his eyes and contemplating every scene he had seen on the first two occasions. From meeting the red-haired man and triggering the main quest, to running into Kavis, gaining weapons and learning more about the rules of the game, all the way to the end, when he twice tangled with the big earthworm.

If you use a big match, you should be able to kill the big earthworm. But The black tower has been set up in advance so that the only thing that can hurt the earthworm is a wooden stick. It is not enough to use fire to limit the earthworm's movements. The earthworm is afraid of fire, and the stick can hurt it, not use its powers. These three rules, given by The black tower, are instant restrictions, but they are also hints in a sense.

How on earth do you beat that earthworm to death with a wooden stick ......

Tang Mo's footsteps suddenly stop.

Wait, can that stick really kill an earthworm?

The stick was just a normal, hard wooden stick with absolutely no special reinforcement, but the earthworm's skin was at least as hard as thick ceramic. It took all of Tang Mo's strength and the use of a fireball designed to block the earthworm's movements to break a bloody gash in its ring belt.

That was almost the limit of what he could do.

Can any player really beat it to death with that wooden stick?

Jackass can't do it, otherwise he wouldn't be challenging for an S3 copy. Can Fu Wenduo do it?

Tang Mo didn't use MOMO to contact the other side, but his mind had already given him the answer: it couldn't be done.

Without the use of psychic powers, one can only use wooden sticks, and no amount of physical prowess can beat the inferiority of weapons.

"The use of psychic powers is forbidden, players may only use paraffin lamps for illumination, and only large wooden sticks can do damage to earthworms." Tang Mo reads the rules of the game given by The black tower over and over again, "...... dungeons even rats know that Bill See no light. See no light ......"

A sharp footstep sounded from the dark tunnel and Tang Mo stopped in place and looked up at the red-haired man who was coming towards him step by step.

"My goodness, are you a colleague here to take over?"

The third time he heard this, Tang Mo didn't react, he looked calm and asked, word for word, " Who the hell is Bill."

The red-haired man stared, " Bill? Bill is ...... ah yes! Bill's crazy! Look at all the bruises I've got, they're all from Bill!" The familiar words rang out once more, but Tang Mo didn't listen to him carefully this time, instead he looked down at the wounds on his chest.

The red-haired man shirked his responsibility again by shoving the paraffin lamp into Tang Mo's hands.

"Go and see what's going on, and don't let that monster out! I'll be back, I'll be back!"

Tang Mo didn't even look at him as he carried his paraffin lamp and headed deeper into the tunnel.

He didn't walk fast this time, and as he did, he looked down at the ground as if he was thinking about something.

He had been walking for fifteen minutes when a dismayed and surprised male voice came from ahead: "Ah! Where are my clothes! Why are all my clothes gone."

Tang Mo walks towards the man who spoke.

Kavis, who has blonde hair and is wearing nothing but a pair of underwear and socks, is staring in horror at his bare body. There is light coming from the side of the tunnel and Kavis turns his head to look. In the dim light of the paraffin lamp, he could see Tang Mo's face clearly.

Looking at Tang Mo with such a calm and collected look, Kavis said urgently, "Go! You have to go! That monster is horrible, you have to go!"

Tang Mo held a paraffin lamp in one hand and asked, " Bill - Kavis ?"

Kavis asked curiously in return, "You know me? What are you calling my name for?"

Tang Mo silently closes his eyes.

The next moment he picked up the large wooden stick from the ground and struck it hard against the bloody hole in Bill Kavis' head.

There was a crisp crack of the skull and Bill's eyes widened in shock and disbelief as he looked at Tang Mo.

"For ...... why ......"

Tang Mo drops the stick: "I don't get it either, but The black tower wants you dead and can only say ...... sorry."

Bill Kavis' eyes were deadly open as he stared unblinkingly at Tang Mo, who fell to his right with a loud thud, hitting the ground and quickly lost his breath.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Pudong District .

As the sun set over the old well cover outside the factory, a burly foreign burly man suddenly appeared next to it. As soon as he appeared, the young woman, who had been waiting nearby, said, "It just so happens that I'm in the neighbourhood trying to clear copy S2, so I stopped by to see you. What's the matter, Jackass, have you cleared copy S3 this time?"

Jackass said glumly, "You don't have to talk about it, you know, this morning I was strong enough to crush a diamond with my bare hands, that's why I was so happy to come and break through and try to kill that damn annoying big earthworm. But you'd never guess, Tang Qiao, that I actually killed it this time! I tried three times in total, the last time following Dr Lowe's method of squeezing the wooden stick flat and wrapping it around my hand, then going to hit it. I managed to crush its ring band with both hands the third time in time for the 19th minute, but God ...... it was dead! But I still failed in my mission. This is why!"

Tang Qiao said in shock, "No way! Did you make a mistake, you killed that big earthworm and still failed the mission?"

Jackass nodded angrily, " The black tower isn't lying to me, is it?"

"I don't think so," Tang Qiao pondered for a moment, "Did you not make this copy clear to Dr. Luo? You're the only one who likes to challenge this S3 copy, I'm not interested in this kind of dirty place, others in the organization also lost interest after only one challenge, Dr. Luo is not suitable to come to this kind of copy that requires fighting without awakening his powers. Did you describe the copy wrongly, the main task is not to kill that big earthworm?"

Jackass scratched his head, "No, I cleared it with Dr. Law. First I met a red-haired man, then I met a blond man who was dying, then I triggered the main quest to kill the earthworm."

Tang Qiao was also puzzled: "It's also past 18:00 now, the game time is over. You should go back and talk to Dr. Luo in detail about what you encountered this time, and then come back tomorrow to clear the game."

"Well, it'll have to do."

In the dark, damp tunnels, Tang Mo stares blankly at Bill's body on the floor when he finally hears the beep of The black tower.

"Dingdong! On November 30, 2017 at 18:13, player Tang Mo successfully cleared the single-player copy game 'Kill Bill' and received the reward 'Tears of the Earthworm'. "

Tears of the earthworm!

When he heard the final reward, Tang Mo's face darkened and he was slow to respond. He had stood in front of Bill's corpse for ten minutes, waiting for The black tower to teleport him out of the copy. Now, even if he wanted to exit the copy, there was no Bill Kavis to speak to him and trigger the option to exit.

The way The black tower was cleared last time in Mario's Monopoly, I'm afraid you really have to get the reward before you can leave the copy.

Tang Mo was silent for a long time, then finally silently picked up the large wooden stick and paraffin lamp and walked deeper into the tunnel.

This time it was strange that the big earthworm hadn't broken free of its cage and run into the tunnel after he had been out there for a long time. Tang Mo went all the way to the underground cave before he saw the worm.

From a distance, before his paraffin lamp could reach the shape of the large earthworm, he heard a strange hissing sound. These hissing sounds were no different from the previous two, yet this time they suddenly became a clear, lovely boy's voice to Tang Mo's ears.

"Ooooooooo ...... my ring band, so much blood ...... who hit me, ooooooooooo ...... why did you hit the baby... ..."

Tang Mo: "......"

"The baby is a good baby, the baby never eats them underground people, the baby only likes to eat leaves, why are you grabbing the baby ooooooooo, where is this place ...... why are you hitting the baby, what did the baby do wrong ...... it hurts so much ooooooo Oooh ......"

Suddenly, the brittle boy's voice shrilled, "Ah! There's light!"

The hissing stopped and the large earthworm hovering in the ragged metal cage stopped licking its wounds for a moment and turned its head to stare at the paraffin lamp in Tang Mo's hand. It gave a quick hiss, "No light, no light!" Then it quickly rushed towards the paraffin lamp, looking as if it was going to attack Tang Mo because of its sheer size.

Tang Mo immediately smashes the paraffin lamp.

The world was once again plunged into darkness, and the great earthworm's body was frozen in mid-air, staring at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo can't see it and doesn't know what it's doing now.

One man and one earthworm just froze.

After a few minutes, Tang Mo heard the sound of something heavy dragging across the ground and breaking the air in his ears. It was as if something was crawling on the ground, and by the sound of the movement, it was cautiously crawling towards Tang Mo's direction.

The voice came closer and closer, and finally stopped slowly. Even if he could not see it, Tang Mo could vaguely feel this thing circling around him a few times, as if it was sizing him up.

After a few seconds, something slippery rubbed against the back of Tang Mo's hand.

Tang Mo was a little disgusted by the association with the large, slimy, wet head of the big earthworm. But the hissing voice came back, "So wet and slimy, love it ......"

Tang Mo's hands were wet, of course, with Bill's blood standing on them.

Sighing, Tang Mo fought back his nausea and stroked the big earthworm's head, trying not to sound too malicious: "I'm sorry for hitting you."


Author has something to say.

Big Earthworm: oooooooooh, why did you hit the baby QAQ ......

Alien book baby: Humph! You don't want to steal this baby's position (ノ`Д?)ノ !

Tangtang: You cry to me!!! [stepfather face

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