Chapter 28: The wolf grandmother in the monster valley

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The black tower beeps, and a blinding white light fills Tang Mo's field of vision, blinding him to the point where he cannot open his eyes.

Tang Mo prepared himself by closing his eyes and waiting to enter the game. Three seconds later, however, instead of cheerful game music, or some bizarre children's rhyme, his ears were greeted by a clear, loud bird song.

Tang Mo's eyes opened in surprise.

It is a vast and boundless forest.

The sky is frighteningly blue, as if it had been painted with azure paint, and a few cotton-candy white clouds float in the sky, shaped as if someone had used a drawing tool to draw circles, one after the other. The world is divided into sky and earth by the towering clouds, and the thick trunk of the tree rises straight up into the sky without a single forked branch.

Tang Mo is standing in this fairy-tale forest, looking stunned.

Soon, he calmed down and began to take in his surroundings.

The trees here are incredibly tall, with the smallest trunks measuring seven or eight metres in diameter, but the flowers and plants are of normal size. Tang Mo carefully avoids each one of them in case they make a noticeable sound when he steps on them. He wears a pair of soft-soled trainers, which are almost silent on the soft, moist soil.

Five minutes later, Tang Mo returns to the same spot, checking what he has with him.

The backpack contained two boxes of biscuits, a bottle of bottled water, a torch, and tools such as a lighter and string. Tang Mo had two small knives strapped to his right leg and four small darts hidden in the inside pocket of his jacket.

After checking everything, Tang Mo started to move forward.

Ten minutes had passed since he had entered the ground floor of The black tower. Unlike the last time Fu Wenduo pulled him into the game, Tang Mo was not given his main quest at first, The black tower only told him one message - welcome to the monster world - and did not reveal a word of the rest.

It's been ten minutes since The black tower released its game and mission, but Tang Mo can't sit back and wait.

Careful and cautious of his surroundings, he chose a random direction and walked straight in it.

It is easiest to get lost in these forests. Tang Mo doesn't have a compass and who knows if it will work in this world. Tang Mo's choice is to find the most obvious landmark and walk towards it, so that at least he doesn't go around in circles.

Tall trees block the sun, making it impossible to rely on it for direction. But in the midst of the dense foliage, a knife-sharp mountain stands straight on the ground. The mountain resembles a cleaver, thin in thickness but extremely steep and high. The top of the mountain was covered in a layer of white snow and ice, so Tang Mo took it as a direction to get out of the woods first.

He walked for an hour.

The chopper-like peak was still so far away that the bottom of the mountain was completely invisible.

The trees in the forest look exactly the same, and every ten minutes Tang Mo walks around, finding ten small stones and making a cross. Within an hour, Tang Mo had not seen the cross he had made.

"No detour, but still not out of this forest? ......"

Tang Mo pursed her lips and tried to pick up her pace as fast as she could, trying to find her way out of the forest.

Just as Tang Mo reached a tall redwood tree, his ears twitched as if he had heard a sound. Immediately, Tang Mo's steps stopped and he leaned against the redwood tree to hide himself and concentrate on the strange, faint sound.

He listened for ten seconds as the forest echoed with the pleasant sound of birdsong and the rustling of leaves, nothing else seemed to be rattling.

Tang Mo carries his bag and his eyes gradually coalesce. He plops down, braces his hands on the ground, leans his ear against it and continues to go to listen.

Slowly, he heard the strange voice.



"Knock knock--"

"Knock, knock, knock--"

The sound grows more and more urgent, as if someone is beating a huge drum, a dense drumbeat, thumping against Tang Mo's heart.

The sound is getting closer!

Tang Mo jumped from the ground in a flash, turned and ran back. He didn't care if he stepped on leaves and flowers or made a sound, he turned around and ran as fast as he could, but the thud was faster than he could run and three minutes later a large white shadow flashed through the air and smashed into Tang Mo's face.

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed.

"hiss ...... hiss ......"

A huge three-metre-tall rabbit stood in Tang Mo's way, staring down at him with its bright red eyes. Its huge paws plowed backwards so hard that a sofa-sized lump of earth was easily scooped up behind it and crashed into a giant tree with a loud thud.

Tang Mo backed away slowly, eyeing the large white rabbit without blinking.

A man and a rabbit stand between three trees surrounded by them, looking at each other together.

The next moment, the big rabbit's strong hind legs hit the ground and made a beautiful arc through the air towards Tang Mo.

Without hesitation, Tang Mo removed the large match from his wrist and sidestepped the large rabbit's impact while striking a match to the back of the rabbit's neck. The match struck the fluffy rabbit's fur, sending a blinding metallic spark. The rabbit's fur looked soft but was as hard as steel and Tang Mo's match sent the rabbit skidding forward, sending a ten-metre trail across the ground. Tang Mo was knocked off his feet by the tremendous recoil and smashed into a giant tree. His throat was so sweet that he almost coughed up a mouthful of blood and swallowed it back.

A dozen metres apart, one man and a rabbit stared at each other again, then met each other again.

The large, snowy white rabbit was not clumsy because of its size, it was so fast that it created a shadow in the air. Tang Mo was forced backwards, blocking the rabbit's paws with a large match, and was finally almost cornered in a tree.

Behind Tang Mo is a huge tree, ten metres in diameter, with dense undergrowth to the left and right. Without hesitation, he turned on his toes and ran into the bushes.

The big rabbit rushed after him, but saw Tang Mo not far away, standing behind a bush, with his arms crossed, looking angrily at the big rabbit and shouting out in a loud voice, "Give me back my grandfather!"

"My grandfather ......"

"Grandpa ......"

"Master ......"

The loud male voice echoed longingly in the vast forest. Tang Mo opened his mouth and made a circular muzzle. The big rabbit pricked up its two long ears, as if noticing something was wrong, and turned and ran. The next moment, a blast of hot gas erupted from Tang Mo's mouth, followed by searing hot flames.

The blazing flames erupted into the flammable undergrowth, stirring up a huge fire at once.

The ability "Goblin, give back my grandfather" can only be used once a day, when using it, you need to cross your arms and shout "give back my grandfather", it can shoot out 800℃ hot flame, the duration is 30 seconds.

Tang Mo spewed flames uncontrollably for a total of 30 seconds, and when he finally finished using his powers, the big rabbit was long gone and an endless sea of fire was in front of him.

Tang Mo grimaced, grabbed his backpack that had been thrown in the corner and ran.

Tang Mo does not want to use this power in the forest unless it is absolutely necessary. The forest is rich in vegetation and if a fire breaks out, it is impossible to control. With the rabbits chased away, Tang Mo had to get away. He would have to take another detour, and the hour-long journey he had made would be wasted.

The forest fires were burning more and more fiercely and Tang Mo could still see the fire he had just set from a distance, having run for dozens of kilometres.

A giant tree collapses in the red fire that engulfs the area. The forest fires would spread faster and faster, leaving Tang Mo with little time to spare. He ran frantically forward when suddenly a child's voice sounded in his ears.

"Dingdong! Trigger side quest 1: Disguise as Little Red Riding Hood and infiltrate Monster Valley."

Tang Mo's face changed slightly, and before he could react to the meaning of the words, he heard a shout of surprise.

"Oh my God, it's on fire! The Monster Forest is on fire!"

"Why is it suddenly on fire? I'm going to get Grandpa Elephant and put out the fire quickly!"

The sound of dense footsteps came from a distance, running closer and closer. From the sound of the footsteps, there must have been at least 20 of them. When Tang Mo heard them, they were already a hundred metres away and there was no way Tang Mo could run away. In desperation, Tang Mo climbed up a large tree and swished into the leaves to shield himself.

Five seconds later, Tang Mo's heart stopped for a beat.

He finally got a good look at those talking things!

Not people, all animals. Or rather monsters.

The leader was a large man with the head of an ape and the body of a human. He was dressed in a black vest, muscular, and ran in the direction of the forest fire with a huge tank of water the size of a room in his hands. After him came the pig-headed man, the monkey-headed man, and a giant snake crawling in a coiled hose.

Some have only the head of an animal, others have the whole body of an animal.

Tang Mo held his breath and hugged the tree for dear life. He heard his heart pounding, but the only thing he could do now was to reduce his presence as much as possible and pray that these monsters would not find him.

Suddenly, a dog-headed man stopped in his tracks, twitched his nose twice and raised his head to look at the foliage where Tang Mo was hiding.

Tang Mo's scalp went numb and his hand grabbed a small dart in his pocket and before he could throw it, he heard the dog-head yell, "Underlanders! There's an underground man!"

All the monsters stopped in their tracks and turned their heads in unison to look at Tang Mo.

"Catch the Underlander!"

"Get him!"

Tang Mo stomps on the trunk of a tree and uses his strength to jump to another tree.

Two huge monster monkeys climbed up the tree in three clicks and jumped to catch up with Tang Mo. Tang Mo had no time to hesitate as he kept jumping up and down the tree with the two monkeys close behind him and a group of monsters running after him on the ground.

Fuck! Shouldn't you have put out the fire first!

Tang Mo wanted to curse so much for the first time. He could only think about it in his mind, and he didn't even have time to speak as he hoofed it to the next tree.

The forest fires are burning brighter and brighter, reaching the trees on Tang Mo's side, but the creatures are still following him. Their eyes are bloodshot red and two giant monkeys look at Tang Mo with slimy saliva dripping from their sharp teeth.

Tang Mo is no match for a natural tree-climbing monkey. His arms were scratched twice by one monkey who took the opportunity to hang upside down from the tree trunk and grab Tang Mo's arms with both hands. A large match appeared in Tang Mo's hand and he swung it with no effort, hitting the monkey in the chest.

The monkey was knocked backwards by the blow, but before he did so, he also landed a kick on Tang Mo's chest.

Tang Mo's body fell free and hit the ground with a thud.

In the next second, the monsters all surrounded them.

"Underlanders!" The ape said, swallowing hard, "It's been a long time since I've seen such fresh underground people."

The pig-headed man looked at Tang Mo with glowing eyes, "Can I eat it?"

"Eat! Eat the Underlander!"

"Eat the groundlings!"

Tang Mo's mind worked quickly as he began to think about the powers and weapons he now possessed.

Big matches don't work, and matches are a great weapon, but Tang Mo can't fight so many monsters on his own, and I'm afraid he can't even escape.

Drawing a circle curse you can only curse one object, effect unknown.

Also my grandfather's powers used up, that was the only one that would have been a threat to this group of monsters in the forest.

There is also the ability to find friends, the ability to spit wind, and the ability of defensive nature ......

Tang Mo's face is getting ugly.

His powers combined couldn't handle so many monsters!

Do I have to archive first? Archive as soon as you enter the game. Damn, what would he do if he ran into danger again later. He's only just entered the Tower Attack game and doesn't even know the main quest!

Main Quest ......

Tang Mo suddenly remembered that The black tower had issued a side quest in the moment of crisis. He hadn't had time to think about it in order to escape.

There was no way The black tower wouldn't give him a way out. Tang Mo believes that he has done nothing wrong since he entered the game, and he recalls every single action he has taken and has not missed a single clue. If he hadn't used his "Give me back my grandfather" ability when he was dealing with the big rabbit, Tang Mo wouldn't have been able to get past the big rabbit.

So only ......

Tang Mo pulled a beautiful ruby out of his pocket, which he held high above his head. Suddenly a smelly hat appeared on Tang Mo's head and Tang Mo almost fainted from the fumes, he felt as if something had grown under his nose.

Tang Mo resisted the urge to vomit and spat five words out of his teeth, "I'm Little Red Riding Hood."

The monsters froze.

"Little Red Riding Hood?"

"Who is Little Red Riding Hood?"

"Have you ever heard of Little Red Riding Hood?"

Tang Mo is surrounded by these monsters. He keeps his head down and hides his expression under Mario's stinking hat. That was the only possibility he could think of at the moment. The black tower would not give him a certain death, otherwise this would not be a game, it would be a killing.

But if Red Riding Hood doesn't work, or if Mario's hat doesn't allow him to disguise himself as Red Riding Hood and fool the monsters, then Tang Mo has to archive and make a desperate attempt.

Perhaps The black tower was so bad that it tried to force Tang Mo to use the archiver at the start.

"Ah, I remember, wasn't that half-breed granddaughter of Grandma's named Little Red Riding Hood?" A parrot chirped, "That daughter of Granny's, do you remember? She ran away with the Underlander ten years ago and had a half-breed! Grandma was telling me yesterday that her granddaughter was particularly filial and was coming over from the Underlander kingdom to help her look after the land in a couple of days... is that her?"

The giant gorilla pointed to the beard on Tang Mo's lips, "He's a male groundhog, not a female."

Tang Mo: "......"

Tang Mo tore off Mario's beard with a grimace, got up from the ground and looked at the gorilla: "You're looking at the wrong thing."

The gorilla rubbed his head: "Ohhhh, I was wrong about that. So it's Little Red Riding Hood from Grandma's house, you didn't tell me earlier. Hey, you guys go and put out that fire. Little Red Riding Hood, come on, I'll take you to your grandmother."

When the gorilla finished, he turned around and was about to take Tang Mo back.

Under Tang Mo's nose was a burning pain. With his current body, it wasn't so much that he would tear the flesh when he tore his beard, but the excruciating pain would not be one iota less than it had been before Earth came online.

Gorilla: "Little Red Riding Hood, why do you smell bad?"

Tang Mo said coldly, "We underground people don't like to bathe."

The gorilla nodded, "No wonder, you must have had something dirty under your nose just now. We monsters love to bathe, you don't want to learn from those underground people."

Tang Mo is pinching his beard to death, not wanting to talk.

It took only half an hour for the two men, led by the gorilla, to emerge from the maze of forest that seemed like a maze to Tang Mo into a valley.

The valley was in the opposite direction to the chopper hill Tang Mo had seen earlier, and as the gorilla led Tang Mo into the valley, he said to him, "You are a very kind and understanding little Red Riding Hood. It's almost crop time, the busiest time of the year, and you're here to help your grandmother look after the land."

Tang Mo stands behind the gorilla, half a metre away from it, and gives a soft hmm.

Gorilla: "It's been a rough couple of years in our monster valley." The gorilla pushes aside a boulder and a dark hole in the ground immediately appears in front of Tang Mo.

The gorilla steps in, but Tang Mo stops dead in his tracks.

The gorilla looked back at him strangely, "Little Red Riding Hood?"

Tang Mo's mind was ringing with the words "dive into the valley of monsters" and he finally gritted his teeth and followed him into the hole in the ground.

With a thud, the boulder closed behind Tang Mo.

"Dingdong! Side quest one has been completed."

The gorilla picks up a torch that is placed next to a rock and lights up the hole in the ground. Tang Mo follows the gorilla and continues to walk deeper into the tunnel.

The tunnel is so spacious that it is more like a huge cave than a tunnel. At the top of the tunnel, black stalactites stand upside down, tiny droplets of water coalescing at their tips. Tang Mo follows the gorillas unhurriedly as they go further and further underground.

After about ten minutes of walking, the tunnel came to an end and the gorilla pushed aside the large boulder that was blocking the end of the tunnel.

Everything opens up in an instant.

Tang Mo's eyes widened at the vast space hidden deep underground.

"It's the ground floor that belongs to us at The black tower." The gorilla lamented, "I'm particularly uncomfortable every time I go up there. Eh yes, Red Riding Hood, how did you end up in the forest at the junction of the first and first floors?"

Tang Mo stammered and mumbled a few times to cope with the situation.

The gorilla did not seek to speak to him again either and led him into the valley.

Until one sees this valley, one would not believe that there is a world so vast beneath the earth.

The huge valley is surrounded by three triangular cone-shaped underground mountains, with a clear pink river in the centre. This river is brought in from outside the valley and eventually disappears at the other end.

Between the three large hills are houses built of thatch and mud. From far to near, there are more than twenty small houses that can be seen with the naked eye. In front of each house there is a vegetable patch, which at the moment is bare, with only ploughed fields and no crops.

There was no one in the valley, presumably they had all just gone out to put out the fire.

The gorilla leads Tang Mo along the trail deeper into the last mountain. Tang Mo walks slower and slower, his hand pressed against the matchstick, staring warily ahead.

A pink chimney pokes out of the hill and appears in front of the two men.

The gorilla pointed to the chimney: "Look, that's your grandmother's house."

Tang Mo presses the match tattoo and nods.

The gorilla doesn't recognise Red Riding Hood, but Red Riding Hood's grandmother does not. Tang Mo has followed The black tower's instructions and entered the valley of monsters. He has a feeling that the key to the tower attack, or the main quest, lies in this valley. If he was recognised by Red Riding Hood's grandmother, Tang Mo's only option would be to run away and hide in a corner of the valley to find the main quest.

Turning this corner, Grandma's house comes into full view.

A pink mud hut sits, in some very abrupt way, between two small, green trees. A golden hedge encloses the vegetable patch in front of the hut, in the middle of which a mirror-like stone is set into the ground, paving a stone path from the house to the courtyard gate.

The gorilla knocked on the courtyard door, "Grandma, Grandma, I've brought your Little Red Riding Hood."

Tang Mo was tense and focused, ready to turn and run. At that moment, he heard a muffled footstep. It was as if something huge was dragging across the ground, thumping on the ground step by step, sending a shudder through the whole mountain.


The pink door of the room was pushed open.

Tang Mo's right foot has turned and is ready to escape.

A tall humanoid creature in a white bowler hat and pink dress appeared through the door. She possessed a body of muscles so strong and knotted that she had to bend down to get out of the door of the pink hut. The little pink dress struck a mark on her body as if the big muscular man had worn a little girl's dress, beyond ridiculous.

The huge brim of her hat hides her face, and Tang Mo can only see her large, dark, shaggy hands.

She wriggled her feet, like a lady of the upper class, and took one small step at a time to reach the courtyard gate. Tang Mo, who was five foot eight, reached only flush to her shoulders, and she slowly released the hand that pressed the brim of her hat, revealing a large, protruding mouth and a pair of sharp, wolf-like ...... eyes and a pair of wolf eyes.

The gorilla laughed nervously, "Grandma Wolf, I've brought you your little Red Riding Hood."

Tang Mo turned and fled almost as soon as he saw the wolf grandmother, but her thick palm pressed down on his shoulder. Tang Mo was horrified to find that he could not break free from this palm. Simply by pressing so hard, the wolf granny held him in place, unable to move.

"It's really my little Red Riding Hood. I'll never forget her dad's stinky hat for the rest of my life, Uncle Ape, you don't know how stinky it was. See, it's just slightly better than this one she's got."

The wolf-grandmother opens her bloody mouth and laughs softly.

Tang Mo saw a finger belonging to a human in the crevice of her teeth.

Granny Wolf took Tang Mo's arm straight away and, with a little force, led him into her yard.

"My sweet little Red Riding Hood must be starving. Grandma is taking you home for dinner."

The giant wolf grandmother took Tang Mo by the collar with one paw and dragged him into the house, slamming the door behind him. Outside the house, the gorilla scratched his head, "Grandma is really grumpy today." With that, he turned around and walked down the hill.

Tang Mo was almost smashed into the house by Granny Wolf.

As soon as the door closed, Granny Wolf threw him straight against the wall. Tang Mo tumbled twice and steadied himself by the fireplace. He whooshed up, but Granny Wolf didn't care about him, no longer taking those disgusting little ladylike steps, striding over to the fireplace, grabbing a dried up human arm and gnawing on it.

The already too small dress was chipped at the rough movements of Granny Wolf, who, with an impatient curse, ripped the dress apart and casually threw it into the fireplace, where it burned to a pile of ashes.

"Take your damn hat off!" The wolf grandmother crunched her wrist off and chewed it with a click, "That stinking hat is exactly like your father's. Don't think I'm going to give you any good looks, you'll only get seven copper coins for these seven days, not even an extra penny."

On hearing this, Tang Mo relaxed, and one key word quickly flashed through his mind: seven days.

Tang Mo had long since stopped wanting to wear the hat, but he had only just taken it off when Granny Wolf gave him a vicious look and crunched the elbow joint of this arm like a duck neck: "The hair of the Underlanders is really the most disgusting thing in this world. Put your hat back on and don't let me see that hair again or I'll pull it all out of your head!"

Tang Mo: "......" Nima!

Granny Wolf chewed up all the meat, spat out the bone crumbs and looked over at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo put his hat back on and plucked the beard that had just grown on his mouth with a grimace.

Granny Wolf glared at him twice before finally turning her head away and continuing to eat her own dinner.

The pink room is also filled with pink furniture. The room is small and a small dining table has a thin layer of dust on it. Tang Mo can see that the table has not been touched for at least a month, so perhaps its owner prefers to leave the food on the floor and eat it with his hands.

Under the sofa was a rug, a pink fur like Tang Mo had never seen before. His eyes flicked around the room, finally turning to the fireplace, then lifting slightly to the head hanging over it.

Like every deer head set into the wall of a fireplace, this is a human head so stiff that it has been made into a taxidermy.

Long, slightly curly black hair draped over the sides of the human head's face, the middle-aged man's eyes were closed and his mouth open, as if he were asleep hanging on the wall, except that his face was pale and bloodless, flushed with the ebony colour of a dead body.

Tang Mo took one look at it and then looked away.

Granny Wolf had finally finished chewing on the arm and she threw the rest of the bone scraps into the fireplace. The flames crackled and a pungent smell of burnt bones wandered through the hut.

"Don't expect me to prepare your dinner." Granny Wolf wiped the blood and flesh off her mouth with her hand, "Seven copper coins is already the biggest reward for you. Starting tomorrow, you'll go catch that golden gopher for me, and if I don't see its corpse when I return in seven days ......"

Tang Mo lifted his head and looked coldly at the giant werewolf in front of him.

The wolf grandmother cracked her teeth into a morose and amiable smile, with an uneaten finger stuck between her teeth, "You are my dinner."

The house shook with every step Grandma Wolf took, and she slammed the bedroom door so hard that within moments Tang Mo could hear the thundering sound of snoring.

It was only then that Tang Mo started to move around the house.

He examined every table and chair, even the pile of human hair that had been hidden for who knows how long in the cracks of the sofa. The house was no different from an ordinary human hunter's hut, except that it was no longer the head of a beast that hung on the fireplace wall, but a human head.

Tang Mo is not so big-hearted as to lie down and sleep under a human head.

He takes his bag to the dining table and lies down on the floor. Gazing up at the ceiling of the pink room, Tang Mo recalls everything that has happened since he entered the ground floor of The black tower.

The first level of the black tower is underground, and the forest is where the first two levels meet.

Gorillas, giant monkeys, Granny Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood ......

Little Red Riding Hood has come to show the ground to Granny Wolf.

Seven copper coins for seven days.

Is this assignment for seven days?

Tang Mo knew clearly that he would never be a match for this wolf grandmother, so all he could do now was to wait for the main quest to be enacted.

The black tower will definitely enact the main quest.

Tang Mo spent the night staring at the ceiling with his eyes open and thinking.

At noon the next day, a rummaging sound rang out from Granny Wolf's bedroom. When Granny Wolf came out, she had changed into another pink lace-trimmed dress, her strong body wrapped in a tiny skirt that seemed ready to burst at any moment. She wriggled her little steps and moved a little to the door of the house.

"......" Tang Mo was too spicy to look at with his eyes.

Granny Wolf picked up a small pink parasol and pressed her large black hand on the doorknob. Suddenly she turned to Tang Mo: "You know how to look at the ground and catch that nasty golden gopher, don't you?"

Tang Mo is silent for a moment: "I don't know."

"Your mother didn't even teach you that? Damn it, I have to teach this, so that only leaves you with six copper coins for your payment ...... No! It's five copper coins, don't ask for more than one penny!"

Granny Wolf threw down her parasol in a huff and walked over to Tang Mo.

Grandma Wolf picked up a pink altar and threw it to Tang Mo: "Seven days from now is the season for sowing seeds. I heard that the circus leader has got a treasure and I have to go and see it. During the seven days that I go to see the treasure, you keep a good eye on the plot of land at the back of the hill."

Granny Wolf walks to the window and Tang Mo follows.

Through the window Tang Mo sees a vegetable patch more extensive than the courtyard. The dark soil had already been turned over and was just waiting to be sown. The vegetable patch sits at the foot of a mountain, and Tang Mo's eyes flicker to the nine large holes set into the mountain wall.

"When did those damn gophers dig another hole." Grandma Wolf was furious, "Today is the first day, you are to put food in one of the holes and hide it in the hole at exactly six o'clock every afternoon. When that golden gopher comes out to eat the food, you will hurry and catch it!"

Tang Mo immediately understood that this might be his next task and asked, "Can I put it in any hole? There are nine holes in all."

Of course," said Granny Wolf, rightfully so. As long as you put the food in that hole and you stand there, that stupid golden gopher will think you are going to throw it in. Golden gophers love you underground people, and as long as you're standing in the same hole as the food, he'll believe you. Of course, there's only an 80% chance it'll show up, and a 20% chance that it'll be a black-furred gopher that shows up."

Tang Mo furrows his brow, "What happens to the black-furred gopher?"

"Black-furred gophers love to eat you grounders." Granny Wolf laughed wistfully, "Pull the heads off the groundlings and dip them in fresh ketchup. Oh! That's the most delicious thing in the world! I wouldn't recommend catching that golden gopher on your first day, though. These are the seven days when the gophers are just coming out of hibernation and foraging for food, and golden gophers are lazier than black gophers and tend to sleep a little longer. The ones that show up on the first day tend to be black-haired gophers, well, at least a 50-50 chance."

Tang Mo took it all to heart while asking, "Where do I get the food for the golden gopher?"

Grandma Wolf gave Tang Mo a strange look: "Where's that altar you're holding? Put anything that belongs to your Underlander kingdom in it and it will turn out to be the Golden Gopher's favourite food, groundnuts. God knows why that silly golden-haired gopher likes you Underlanders so much. Groundnuts are not as tasty as the tender flesh of the Underlanders ......" Wolf Grandmother sucked in her saliva, her gaze lingering on Tang Mo's body.

Tang Mo had a rough idea of the task in mind and he finally asked, "Is it okay if I catch the golden gopher on any given day within seven days?"

"That's for sure. But if I don't see the golden gopher when I return in seven days ......"

Granny Wolf gave a heated laugh, picked up the small parasol and opened the door to leave the house. Her voice of sentimental anticipation penetrated the door panel and carried into the house, "O meat of the underground people ......"

A loud voice rang out -

"Dingdong! Triggered main quest: a pleasant game of gopher in Monster Valley."

"The rules of the game--"

"First, there is only one golden gopher in the monster valley."

"Secondly, there are nine caves in total."

"Third, the monster world, like Earth, has a 24-hour day."

"Fourth, put anything belonging to the Kingdom of the Underlanders into the pink altar to get a golden gopher's favourite groundnut. Food must be placed in the cave at exactly six o'clock or it is void."

"Fifth, when the player is standing in the same hole as the gopher, the probability of the golden-haired gopher appearing is 80% and the black-haired gopher is 20%."

"Sixth, the probability of a golden-haired gopher appearing on day one is 40% and a black-haired gopher is 60%."

"Seventh, players can only place food in one hole per day, placing more than two holes or players and food not standing in the same hole, the probability of the Golden Gopher appearing is 0."

"Eighth, before sowing, gophers are only active in their burrows."

"Grandma Wolf only planted this crop once a year, and the dreaded golden gopher was always stealing it. How to catch it was a headache for Granny Wolf until one day she suddenly thought that maybe her sweet granddaughter would have a solution."


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