Chapter 24: The one wearing the red hat is not necessarily a little beauty, it could also be Mario.

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The young man's expression was sincere, and he did not approach, standing two metres away, at a safe distance from Tang Mo's three men. Seemingly afraid that Tang Mo and the others might misunderstand, he hurriedly explained, "What I mean is that these four bodies appear to have died as a result of self-murder. Their corpses match the characteristics of the second copy, there is the entrance to the second copy near here, and you guys happen to be here, so I want to ask if you are players who just came out of that copy?" He was a little concerned about whether the three were human, or The black tower creatures.

The beer-bellied man was beaten out of his temper by Tang Mo and sank to the ground without a word.

The old man nodded, "Yes, we did just get out of a copy, but I don't know what you mean by copy number two."

The man asked tentatively, "So these four people died in that copy, and ...... you got out?" He pointed to the four bodies on the ground.

Old man: "Well, it's just the three of us out here."

The young man's eyes slowly widen, and soon he pulls a silver whistle from his pocket and blows it hard. Within a minute, a man and a woman arrived from a distance. They reacted exactly the same as their companions when they saw the four bodies on the ground, and then the three Tang Mo men next to them.

The young woman exclaimed, "They wouldn't be ......"

"Yes, they just came out of copy number two, they cleared copy number two."

The three men turned their heads in unison to look at the beer-bellied man, the old man and Tang Mo.

The young man who blew the whistle took a step forward, and Tang Mo saw this and pressed his right hand to the match tattoo on his wrist without moving. The man said, "My name is Nie Fei, and these are my companions, Tang Qiao and Ye Yuanze. The three of us heard that some corpses had suddenly appeared in this neighbourhood, so we came here to see if there was an entrance to copy number two."

"What's copy number two?" The beer-bellied man couldn't resist asking.

Nie Fei explained patiently, "This is the code name we gave to the copy you played before. The three of us are part of a small, elite group of 17 people who only recruit people of a certain level of ability. After The black tower game started, we found seven copies. One of them, the one you experienced, was number two."

The young woman nodded and continued, "Yes. Four days into the game, in case you haven't noticed, The black tower is not only a tower attack game, but also a duplicate game like copy number two. The way this game is triggered is so bizarre that any action can trigger a copy. For example, the seventh entrance to copy number two is in a small, unassuming shop on the side of the road. Just take any one thing in that shop and the copy will be triggered."

Tang Mo started to think about it.

He didn't doubt where these three men came from, or whether they were lying. There was no need for them to lie, or to make up a non-existent organisation. The two sides had only met in passing, and now that Tang Mo had barely revealed anything, the other side had already said a lot of things Tang Mo had never heard of.

In today's world, information is far more valuable than gold.

Assuming that the second copy is "Mario's Monopoly", it is not surprising that its entrance is in a small shop. After all, Tang Mo had just entered the copy by touching a flower bed on the side of the road.

Tang Mo stood behind the old man and the beer-bellied man, five metres away from the three.

The old man asked, "So you're telling us all this now for some purpose?"

The three men looked at each other and said, "We would like to invite you to our base and explain in detail what is going on in copy number two. The most characteristic feature of the entrance to Copy Two is that there are always corpses around, usually between five and seven in number, and there are clear signs of self-murder. Since discovering copy two, we have found a total of 391 corpses and no survivors. You are the only players to have won copy number two."

The old man frowned, "Do we get anything out of telling you?"

What the old man wanted to ask was also what Tang Mo wanted to ask. Tang Mo had no interest in such a thing as a shifter organisation. He didn't want to join a random organisation. In this world, joining a small team of people who work well together can greatly increase the chance of survival, but a group of seventeen people is too many and can easily become a target, which is very dangerous.

Nie Fei: "You must have something to offer if you've made it through to the second copy. Not surprisingly, we will invite you to join the organisation."

So that's the benefit.

Tang Mo throws the beer-bellied man's jacket casually into a rubbish bin on the side of the road and turns to leave.

Nie Fei gave Tang Mo a strange look and did not stop. Each of the three Tang Mo knew what was going on inside copy two, and if only someone was willing to go to the base, they could learn the truth; it didn't matter if one or two people went.

The old man said, "I'm not a shifter and won't join your organization." The offer was not very attractive.

Nie Fei thought for a while: "Well, it's okay not to join the organisation, because our organisation also has a certain threshold, and not just any psychic can join. We can exchange information between us. You will give us the inside information on copy number two, and we will give you information of the same value."

Tang Mo's steps stop as he turns around and walks slowly back to stand beside the beer-bellied man.

The beer-bellied man said in horror, "I thought you left, why are you back?"

Tang Mo swept him off his feet and said lightly, "Can't we just take a walk?"

"OK ...... OK ......," the beer-bellied man simply dared not speak.

Nie Fei and the three of them instantly understood and looked at Tang Mo together: this man is probably the backbone of the three gamers on the pass.

The base of the alien group was in Pudong, and after about half an hour's walk, the mall came into view. Beer Belly, whose right leg had been broken by Tang Mo, walked at the end of the group, limping along. On the way to the base, the old man expected the three men to tell him a little about the group, but they didn't reveal a word, just led them to the base.

This mall is located between several neighbourhoods and is made up of five consecutive mall buildings connected by an extremely large area. It is surrounded by all the buildings of the neighbourhood and this is the only mall. There are many people gathered around the mall, constantly entering and leaving the mall. When they saw the strangers approaching, the crowd cast a glance at them, but when they saw Nie Fei, they looked away.

Inside such large malls are established supermarkets, clothing shops, and various home furnishing shops. When the planet came online, the manufacture of goods for humans came to a direct halt. To survive in the short term, one must find a suitable place to live. Home is no longer a place where one can live; malls and supermarkets are the most suitable places to survive. In such places, players are also most numerous.

Nie Fei's alien organisation was based in the fifth building in the innermost part of the mall. There were fewer and fewer players along the way and as they walked past a large supermarket, a tall, strong foreign man approached and asked in broken Chinese, " Nie Fei, who are they? How did you get them to the base?"

Nie Fei said, " Jackass, they are the winners of the second copy."

The expression on the foreign man's face became very exciting as his eyes widened and he scanned the three Tang Mo's from top to bottom. As he looked at Tang Mo, Tang Mo was also looking at him.

The strong foreign man was about two metres tall, with a swarthy body of tendon meat, and his strong arms alone were as thick as an average woman's waist.

There are those whose powers are hidden and undetectable, such as Tang Mo, who, before he took out the big match, no one even knew he had powers and didn't think he was dangerous. There are those who are dangerous in a way that shows through, such as this strong man. Tang Mo has no doubt that he could lift himself up with one hand and throw him dozens of metres.

The burly foreign man called " Jackass ", who was a little more talkative than the three Nie Fei, led the group as they pushed open a door and descended the stairs into the underground garage of the mall. He said, " Nie Fei, you must tell me how they managed to get past copy number two. Even the S3 copy was hard enough for me to break through, and it's amazing that any human was able to break through copy number two."

Nie Fei said, "I'll talk to you after I've met Dr. Luo."

"Good, and don't ever forget to tell me about it. Maybe I can get inspired by it and see how to beat that big earthworm at the end of the S3 copy!"

The strong man only dropped them off at the basement level of the garage and went back to watch the door. Tang Qiao and Ye Yuanze left first and Nie Fei led Tang Mo to the second basement level. He pushes open a lighted room and walks in first.

"Dr. Lowe, I've brought over the three players who cleared copy two. Perhaps you can get some information about The black tower from them."

In the bright light, a young man in a white research suit removes his glasses and looks at Tang Mo with a smile.

Tang Mo was surprised for a moment and nodded at him, " Luo Fengcheng ."

Nie Fei was surprised: "Dr. Luo, you know each other?"

Luo Fengcheng stands up from his chair and walks over to Tang Mo. He turned his head to his companion, "I see you never asked his name. Nie Fei, this is Tang Mo, the official player who survived the ground floor of The black tower with me on the 19th."

Nie Fei realized: "So you are Tang Mo!"

Tang Mo did not speak.

Luo Fengcheng extended his hand warmly and Tang Mo returned the gesture. Looking at Luo Fengcheng's face with a big smile as if he was reuniting with an old friend, Tang Mo raised his eyebrows and waited for his next words.

"If I'm not wrong, the second copy should have been cleared by you." Luo Fengcheng let go of Tang Mo's hand and made a conclusion, "If it was you, there is indeed a possibility that you could have cleared that difficult copy. All right, Nie Fei, you take the two guests out first. This friend's leg seems to have been injured a little in the copy, so go to the pharmacy on the first floor and get something to treat his wound."

Nie Fei nods his head.

The beer-bellied man scans back and forth between Tang Mo and Luo Fengcheng's bodies with an odd expression on his face before he finally clenches his teeth and leaves the room with Nie Fei, dragging his leg, which Tang Mo has broken, with him.

Now only Tang Mo and Luo Fengcheng are left in the room.

"You don't need to look at me like that," Luo Fengcheng pulled out a chair and sat down, telling Tang Mo to take a seat, "although we're not really friends, we're still teammates who have lived and died together." After a pause, Luo Fengcheng added, "I won't screw you over, don't worry."

Tang Mo pulls out a chair and sits down. He placed his backpack on the floor and looked up at Luo Fengcheng: "I thought only psychics could join this organisation. Are they also fellows of the state?"

Luo Fengcheng: "You mean Nie Fei, Tang Qiao and the others? No, I don't. When the game started, I was the only one left as a researcher at The black tower in Shanghai, and almost all of the leaders had disappeared. Nie Fei was a senior student before he came online on Earth, and Tang Qiao was a dance student. You don't have to be a psychic to join the organisation, as long as you are strong and recognised by all members. By the way, do you know how to log into The black tower?"

Tang Mo doesn't try to hide: "Full players are required to play and win The black tower game during those three days, and stowaways are required to have killed at least one person during those three days. As for the reserves, they need to win some other games." He gave some very vague information in general terms.

"Pretty much." Luo Fengcheng poured Tang Mo a glass of water, "We'll make those three days the 'three days of the candidate'. During the candidate's three days, the reserve needs to eliminate a player, including and not limited to the way the game is played. The first way, as long as the opponent admits to being eliminated, is a success."

Tang Mo's breath tightened as he realised what Luo Fengcheng was going to say to him next.

Luo Fengcheng said with a smile: "The second type of reserve is a reserve who has been approved by The black tower for the difficulty of the game, or who has done something special during the game that The black tower approves of. There are 52 full players and 823 reserves in this mall. It's very easy for me to get that kind of information."

Tang Mo said calmly, "If I join you, I can get that information too, right?"

Luo Fengcheng nodded, "Yes."

The two men did not speak again and looked at each other.

After a long time, Tang Mo opened his mouth: "Information exchange. You tell me what a copy, copy number two, copy S3 is. I'll tell you what's in copy number two."


Luo Fengcheng had already told Tang Mo some information about the reserve game. Although there was some information that Tang Mo already knew, the other party had already shown their sincerity, and Tang Mo did not mince words: "The name of the second copy is 'Mario's Monopoly Game', and the boss of the game is a Mario who is stronger than the big mole we saw in the underground The boss is a Mario who is even stronger than the big mole we saw in the underground cave."

Luo Fengcheng listened intently.

"This Monopoly game has a total of 150 squares, including 30 bonus squares ......"

Tang Mo briefly described Mario's Monopoly game, and Luo Fengcheng's brow furrowed when he said that after five rounds of dice the game triggered the "who wants to share your misery" effect. "So that's why those people died."

It must be admitted that the majority of the players who died in Mario's Monopoly died at the hands of one of their own. Not to mention the fact that they had no chance of making it to the end of the game, losing to six consecutive prisoners. According to normal dice rolls, at least six out of every eight players will not make it beyond 100 frames before the "share the pain" effect is triggered and at least one of them will die.

After Tang Mo explained the way he walked to victory, Luo Fengcheng nodded lightly and said, seemingly casually, "You're really lucky."

The chances of the first compartment being a prisoner compartment are also high. Tang Mo bet on the right one, isn't that lucky?

Tang Mo said lightly, "Luck is also a form of strength."

Luo Fengcheng gave him a look.

Tang Mo: "I've finished, it's your turn next."

Luo Fengcheng: "Our group is called 'Atak', or attack, and I joined it by coincidence after leaving the ground floor of The black tower on the 19th. They entered The black tower game on the 15th and were given full player status. They didn't know they were official players at the time, but they wanted to tell others about their experience, but found it impossible to do so. So one of them chose to post a hidden message thread on a large local forum in Shanghai, looking for companions. Over the course of three days they found eleven companions, and eventually the game officially started and the 'Atak' group was formed."

Tang Mo reads it out, "attack. attack the tower?"

Luo Fengcheng nods: "Atak discovered the first copy, number S1, after the official start of game 18, and so far we have found six S copies and three others. The 'Mario's Monopoly Game' you experienced is in the other copy, number two."

"What's the difference between an S copy and any other copy?"

"S is safe. all six S copies are safe for the average official player, and even if they can't pass, there are ways to leave the copy safely." Luo Fengcheng pulled open a drawer and took out a folder from it, handing it to Tang Mo: "The three other copies, copies number one, two and three, are ranked in order of difficulty, and no passers have been found so far. Oh yes, the second copy is closed. The copy will be closed automatically once you have cleared it, you have cleared copy number two."

Tang Mo picks up the folder. The first page of the folder -

[Copy Type: Other]

[Ref: I]

[Number of deaths found: 623].

[Number of Entrances Found: 42]

[Copy feature: Death by mastodon gnawing on chest, heart disappears; 6-10 corpses appear around entrance].

[Conclusion: Raider number one has about ten people, no apparent intelligence, extremely dangerous, and should not be entered].

Then comes the second page -

[Copy Type: Other]

[No.: II]

[Number of deaths found: 391].

[Number of entrances found: 30].

[Replica features: showing obvious player fratricide; 5-7 corpses appear around the entrance].

[Conclusion: The second copy of the raid has less than ten people and is most likely a split-team confrontation game, highly dangerous and not to be entered].

Page 3 -

[Copy Type: Other]

[No.: III]

[Number of deaths found: 156].

[Number of Entrances Found: 19]

[Copy feature: suffocated to death; 3-5 corpses appear around the entrance].

[Conclusion: The third copy is most likely to be an extreme condition survival type copy, dangerous and inaccessible]

Attached to the three sheets of paper was a detailed map of the Pudong District, marked with a black marker. Tang Mo took a quick look at them, quickly memorised the locations of the entrances to copies 1 and 3, and returned the folder.

Tang Mo: "You just said that copy number two was closed after the pass. It has closed and the information I gave you is not worth all this information you have."

Luo Fengcheng put away the folder, "Since you were able to pass copy number two, copies number one and three are not too threatening to you."

Tang Mo saw all the information about the dangerous copies and the known locations of the entrances in one go, and such information was too valuable.

Tang Mo looked at him steadily, and after a long time, he said, "Is that how your organisation wants to raid The black tower?"

"The strongest defense is the offense." Luo Fengcheng smiled slightly, "Originally the name of the group was 'Est', exist, just trying to survive. Three days ago, Fu Wenduo opened The black tower and all China players were dragged into the tower game, and two of the original eleven members of the Exist died in the copy. Only if you are strong enough, you are more likely to survive."

Attack is the best defence.

Tang Mo does not deny this view.

The second copy will be closed after it is cleared, and it is obvious that everyone in the group knows this. But the three men, led by Nie Fei, still wanted to get information about copy two from Tang Mo, even going so far as to trade their own information for it.

They did so for two purposes only. One is to learn the skills of raiding copies from it, and perhaps get inspired to raid other copies; the other is to use the difficulty and content of copy number two to speculate the difficulty and pattern of copies number one and three, and even have some judgment when facing more dangerous copies in the future.

Tang Mo gets the ruby from Mario's hand and gets the beer-bellied man's powers. His strength has risen again. There are bound to be rewards in other copies too. If you want to improve your strength, the fastest way is to brush up on your skills.

Learn about copy number two for raiding more copies.

This " Atak " organisation is a rather aggressive one, and while there is certainly more information to be gained in the organisation, there is also more danger to be faced. They will not avoid the risks and will look for ways to improve their strength in more dangerous copies and games.

Tang Mo was silent for a moment: "I'll give it some thought about joining."

Luo Fengcheng: "Good."

Tang Mo left the room, found an unoccupied shop on the top floor of the mall, locked the door behind him, spread out on the floor with a few pieces of clothes and prepared to rest.

He was lying behind the shop's cash register, the wide wooden cabinet blocking his body. Tang Mo listened carefully for movement around him, and with a sweep of his gaze, saw the camera in the corner. He took a dollar coin out of the till and with a flick of his wrist, the coin swished out and smashed the camera's wiring.

Even though the camera may not be working now, you should not be careful.

Tang Mo turned over and reached into his backpack, using its barrier to pull out the book of psychic powers. From any angle, the book looked like it had been placed in the backpack, not taken out of thin air. After pulling the book out, Tang Mo turned to the last page.

[Ability: Swallowing a thousand miles like a tiger]

[Owned by: Liu Feihao (Official Player)

[Type: Atomic type].

[Function: A violent storm emits from the mouth for 3 minutes, wind speed up to level 10]

[Grade: Level 2].

[Restriction: You can only choose to exhale or eject the storm during the same use; cooldown time 10 minutes].

[Remark: Qi Swallows Miles Like a Tiger? Liu Feihao: Meow~!

[Tang Mo version instructions for use: only spews violent storms for 1 minute, wind speed up to level 8, limited to two uses per day. It's up to the owner whether the power is hot or not. Does Tang Mo look like a Hello Kitty to you?

Tang Mo sends the alien book an indifferent Hello Kitty face.

Lying on the cold ground, Tang Mo turned the book of psychic powers to the first page and read it from the beginning.

In addition to the "eat it all and pay nothing" power, Tang Mo now has six powers. The first is the Storage ability, which Tang Mo has used to store large matches, which is equivalent to failure. The second is Li Bin's Curse ability, which is the one Tang Mo uses the most, not always for critical purposes, but for disgusting purposes.

The third ability, Tang Mo's ability to identify the player, is hardly ever used, and then there is the ability of the young Chen Shanshan girl. This ability is so subtle that Tang Mo never feels the exact manifestation of it, but it is present at all times.

The only other offensive abilities are the fire-breathing man's "Give me back my grandfather" and the beer-bellied man's "Swallow a tiger like a tiger".

Tang Mo's fingers tapped on the two pages of psychic powers, his gaze deep as if he was contemplating something. Returning the book to his backpack, Tang Mo pulls the ruby from his pocket.

The mall is silent in the dark of the night. The faint moonlight shines through the large glass wall at the top of the mall, reflecting into the small shops in the corners, leaving only an extremely dim glow.

In the darkness, the ruby is deep in colour, as if it were a rich red wine.

Tang Mo cupped the ruby in her fingers and moved it gently. When the stone is shaken, the red lustre inside sways with the shake, as if the stone were filled with some strange blood-red liquid. Tang Mo taps his finger on the ruby three times, just as he had done the first time he observed the turkey egg.

There was no response.

Tang Mo clutches the ruby in one hand and holds it firmly in his palm.

Still no response.

He held the ruby up in front of him and looked at it closely. Just as he held the ruby up and was about to touch his hair, suddenly a dark, red light flashed and a smelly, big hat fell from the sky and smashed straight into Tang Mo's face.

Tang Mo: "......"

Tang Mo almost fainted at the stench of sweat and removed the hat from his face. Before he had time to wonder where the hat had appeared from, he realised that the ruby he was holding was gone. Then he fixed his eyes on it again, then once again, "......"

This red octagonal hat is one of everyone's most familiar childhood memories, with a large brim topped by a white 'M' in English. Almost everyone has played this fun game, where the little man in the hat holds up a block of turning heads, kicks away monsters, defeats the dragon and rescues the princess.

Tang Mo had met the owner of the hat two hours earlier and when they last saw each other, the owner of the hat was on the stage crying. As he left, he was so moved by Tang Mo's wish for a long life that he fell on his head on stage.

While this was happening, another red light flashed and the red cap became a ruby again, and a line of tiny writing appeared on the gem.

[Props: Mario's Hat]

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Quality: Fine].

[Grade: Level 3].

[Attack Power: None]

【Function: Wearing this magical hat, you have a certain chance of using your head to bring out magical treasures】.

[Restriction: You must use your head to trigger the treasure, the chance of triggering is up to 10%; wearing the red hat will give you Mario's special moustache, which is very manly].

[Note: The one wearing the red hat is not necessarily a pretty girl, it could also be Mario.

Masculine Mario's moustache ......

Tang Mo's eyelids fluttered twice, and he read the lines three times carefully. He tried to hold the ruby above his head and in an instant, the brilliant gem turned into a smelly hat; he lowered the hat and the dirty, smelly hat once again turned into a bright gem.

No TV scam would dare to do this!

If it had been this stinky hat hidden in the Golden Hill, Tang Mo would never have reached for it immediately. At least three seconds of hesitation!

For the first time, Tang Mo regretted that he should not have taken the jewel in the first place. A gold coin would have been a better weapon than this stinking hat.

Tang Mo mentally cursed the stinky hat and Mario a hundred times, but finally put the ruby in the inside pocket of his jacket and zipped it up tight. After an hour of resting with his eyes closed, Tang Mo climbed up and packed his things in the thick of the night, carrying his large bag and quietly left the mall.

Tang Mo's footsteps are so light that they barely make a sound on the ground. But the next moment he leaves the mall, a dark figure turns and runs into the underground garage and knocks on Luo Fengcheng's door.

"Dr. Lowe, he's gone, should I go after him?"

Luo Fengcheng is studying something on the ground with a pen in his hand. At a closer look, the floor is covered with a two-metre long and wide piece of white paper, in the centre of which is a small stage, and from the stage outwards, 150 square grids are connected at the beginning and end. Luo Fengcheng is holding a dice in his left hand and a pen in his right, drawing something.

He stopped writing at the words of the visitor: " Atak is not a gangster."

The man nodded and turned to leave.

Luo Fengcheng stands up and walks over to the table, pulls open the drawer and takes out the folder inside. He opened it to the second page and saw that after "known deaths", someone had quietly drawn a slash over "391" with a pen and written on the side: 6461.

"You weren't planning to stay when you wrote this, were you ......"

Tang Mo moves quickly through the night and out of Pudong.

Leaving the mall late at night to try not to alert the Atak organisation, Tang Mo made sure he was out of Pudong's range, found a shop on the side of the road and hid out until dawn. He walked quickly this time, arriving at the gates of City North High School in just two hours. He entered the gymnasium, which was empty, and there was no one there.

Tang Mo found a piece of bread in the equipment room that had been left over. The bread had fallen next to a puddle of water and had a thick layer of mould growing on it.

It looks like the group of children left the next day after they left themselves.

Tang Mo was not too upset as he left the gym with his bag on his back. As he reached the door, Tang Mo suddenly stopped and looked down at a match that had landed on the floor in the corner. His gaze focussed on the match and he looked up at the white wall in front of him. After a moment's scrutiny, Tang Mo steps forward and, with a firm hand, smears away the layer of white ash that covers the wall.

[Brother Tang Mo.

We'll go first. We'll play the game together later and make sure we survive.

Chen Shanshan .

And Zhao Ziang!

The last five characters are so crooked that they are ugly compared to the previous ones, and it is clear from a glance that the little fat man himself shamelessly followed them.

Tang Mo hooked his lips in a rare smile, and with renewed force, he erased those words carved into the wall. Then he turned around, picked up his big bag and left the school for real.

A loud child's voice resonates throughout Shanghai as we walk to the entrance of the school.

"Dingdong! European Zone 3 stowaway Vanson Lister has successfully cleared The black tower level one!"

Tang Mo's steps pause slightly and he continues on his way.

Has anyone in Europe cleared the first level of The black tower yet? When did the tower attack game start in Europe?

In terms of time, Fu Wenduo took about three hours to clear the first level of The black tower; Mary Vanessa in the US took five hours. The European attacker should have been weaker than the China and US players, so his time must have been more than five hours.

If the tower attackers took seven hours in equal numbers, Tang Mo was still in Mario's Monopoly game when the European players started their attack.

With this in mind, Tang Mo walked forward without further hesitation and with a calm demeanour.

The sun was rising and the streets were getting crowded. Tang Mo had nothing else to do in Shanghai and was going back to Suzhou to see if he could find any surviving friends. He walks to the area near Nanjing Road, where people can be seen everywhere. There weren't many people, but wherever he went, there must have been at least two or three.

Tang Mo walks forward with his head buried in his large bag. He reaches the bottom of a flower bed in People's Square and suddenly Tang Mo's body freezes and he stops in place. Within three seconds, Tang Mo's eyes darkened, his fingers clenched and his face turned ugly.

For at this very moment, a clear and cheerful child's voice is ringing in his head at this very moment.

Tang Mo swiped his head and looked at the people walking around him to see if they had heard the strange noise. However, the three people passing by didn't seem to hear anything, and Tang Mo suddenly stared at them, startling them so much that they cursed "Nuts" and hurriedly left at a faster pace.

In Tang Mo's mind, the child's voice still rings out. It rang three times in all, and each time it was broadcast, the tone became more cheerful.

"Dingdong! China 2 official player Tang Mo has reached the first level of The black tower, ten days later, prepare to attack the tower!"

The black tower suspended in mid-air shines with dazzling light under the brilliant sun.


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