Chapter 23: I want to jump to ......

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Talking to a wise man is the least of your worries. Tang Mo asks Fu Wenduo to help him turn on the archiver and in three seconds he sees the "S" symbol he has just drawn on the white turkey egg start to glow.

In his head, the male voice rang out in a low tone, "There is only one hour, and when that time is up, the contents of the archive will automatically disappear. There is only one chance to read the archive."

"Well, thanks."

Fu Wenduo speaks succinctly and explains the function of the turkey egg a little more clearly. His voice was only audible to Tang Mo, and to Mario and the other two, all they could see was Tang Mo's sudden silence. Mario's patience ran out and he said impatiently, "Son, do you hate this game and don't want to play with Uncle Mario anymore? Why don't you choose the number of frames you want to jump to."

Tang Mo calmly put the turkey egg into his pocket, and looked up at the giant doll not far away: "From the beginning, I was thinking, 6456 players, participating in this game, only 150 grids in total, but not a single person has passed the game. The probability of that, isn't that freakishly abnormal."

Mario slowly narrowed his eyes, "Sweet boy, Uncle Mario doesn't know what you're talking about, make your choice."

Behind Tang Mo, the beer-bellied man also looked annoyed and yelled, "Choose which frame you want to jump to, don't waste time, and don't piss this guy off. If you piss this guy off, then stay away from us and don't get us in trouble."

But an old voice sounded at that moment: "Yes, the odds are unbelievable."

Tang Mo turned his head to look at the old man standing in frame 55.

Before the game began, with eight people still standing in the 'START' box, Tang Mo inadvertently asked the meaning of the number '6456' on the LED sign hanging above the stage.

Since then Tang Mo has had huge doubts about the game.

There were 6456 players, in groups of 8, for a total of 807 groups. These 807 groups, playing a game of Monopoly that ostensibly requires luck to win, are all wiped out. In Tang Mo's conjecture, this is the most likely scenario for any group of players at the end of the game -

Only one player remains and continues to play the game.

Two players entering the same grid will have a "who wants to share your misery" effect, exposing them to a seven-level penalty grid. Tang Mo doesn't think a normal player could beat the dreaded Black Mario, even if Fu Wenduo were to play, he wouldn't be a match for him. So, whenever the "share your misery" effect is triggered, more than one player is bound to die.

It's the minority of the group like Tang Mo's that has widened the gap and reached 83 squares with three players left. The real majority are those who kill each other to the end, leaving only the last player, who never triggers the "who wants to share your misery" effect again, and is the only one who keeps rolling the dice towards the end.

It's cruel to say, but that's the way this game is meant to end.

Tang Mo had wondered if the "last player left behind" was the reason for the game not being won, but Mario has just denied his suspicions. If there is only one player left, that player is a "poor kid" and is not considered by Mario to be in last place.

So, the odds of winning this game are freakish to perverse.

6456 players is a large enough sample size. With only 150 squares and a total of 30 penalty squares, the prisoner squares take up 5% of the total and no more than 8 squares at most. That's all, and the fact that not a single one of the 6,000 or so could make it to the end only tells us one thing.

Tang Mo's gaze is distant, sweeping quietly over the 120th to 150th squares not far away.

"These 30 compartments, there are six consecutive compartments, all prisoner compartments, right?" Tang Mo's voice was calm and light, as if he was just saying a common thing, but after he said this, the beer-bellied man's face paled and the old man tightened his grip on his gun. Tang Mo looked at Mario and repeated: "The prisoner grid is the law of causality, and The black tower says that a player who steps on the prisoner grid will not survive anyway. The six consecutive prisoner squares eliminate any hope of the player moving forward. No matter which point is rolled, the player is bound to step on the prisoner grid."

Mario's black wooden eyes froze for a moment as the lovable classic game character crossed his arms and burst out laughing, "Sweet boy, what makes you say that. This game is Uncle Mario's reward for the children, and Uncle Mario is going to share so many treasures with you." He turned his body sideways and gave Tang Mo another look at the mountain of gold behind him, " Wouldn't Uncle Mario give you the chance to get your reward?"

Tang Mo laughs: "There's definitely a way to win, but whether you want to give it or not is another matter."

Mario's smile disappeared from his face, "Boy, you are unlovely."

The beer-bellied man yelled, "Don't you provoke him! Are you sick, none of us can beat him, if he gets angry and rushes down from above, I don't care if your ...... you have nothing to do with us, kill you if you want!"

Tang Mo gave Beer Belly a look, "If he could have come down, would he have stayed up there that long?"

The beer-bellied man froze.

Mario couldn't say a word to refute Tang Mo's words.

Tang Mo believes that The black tower game can definitely be won. Just like the "Who stole my book" game he once played. Finding a book out of 23 bookshelves and hundreds of thousands of books may seem impossible, but there is a game to be played, and it can be done.

There are two things to keep in mind when playing Mario's Monopoly game.

The first is the flexible use of the free jumping grid.

There are two types of free jumping grid, the first is to jump forward as many squares as you like, with a maximum of 30 squares, and the second is to jump backwards as many squares as you like, without returning to the grid you have been to.

This jump proves one thing: there can't be a free jump from frame 120 onwards, otherwise the player could just jump to frame 150, which is not in keeping with Mario's nasty character. And if there was a jump, many of the 6456 players would have reached the last 120 squares and would have won by stepping on the free jump.

Secondly, remember the contents of every grid you and your teammates have stepped on.

Tang Mo's memory has improved since he became a full player. He kept track of the fact that from frame 3 onwards, the eight of them had stepped on a total of 61 frames in the first 83 frames. Of these, there were 16 free jumping frames, 13 penalty frames, 8 bonus frames and 24 blank frames.

There are 120 free jumping squares in total and 16 squares in the 61 squares that are stepped on, which is side evidence that the likelihood of a free jumping square appearing in the later squares is very low. The last 30 squares may not have a single free jump.

At the same time, the first 83 compartments are likely to be without a king's or prisoner's compartment.

Tang Mo suddenly thought, "The king frame can be linked to the prisoner frame, and consecutive king frames are followed by consecutive prisoner frames."

His voice was so soft that neither the beer-bellied man nor the old man heard it, but Mario heard it and laughed twice sinisterly, as if approving his words.

Gold, silver and treasure are not worth a penny to humans nowadays. Players play this game of Monopoly with no thought of getting those gold and diamonds. Apart from being hard-pulled in and having to participate in the game, what makes this game tempting to them is the 5% of the King's Grid.

If it is true that the king's frame and the prisoner's frame are set consecutively together, then the players who have managed to hold on to the end, with all their wounds, have almost seen the end of the line. Their joy at suddenly stepping on the king's grid is absolutely indescribable. The luckier players may keep rolling a very small number of points and step on several king squares, gaining many rewards.

However, after the King's frame was over, a succession of prisoner frames awaited them.

With no free jumping frames, as long as there are six consecutive prisoner frames, no one is destined to win this game.

Tang Mo shoved his hands in his pockets and looked up, his voice calm: "Think about the number of frames I want to jump to."

Mario didn't expect him to hesitate for so long just now, and now suddenly he was talking about skipping frames. Mario asked, "Gee, son, you don't have anything else to say and now you're just going to jump?" Continually exposed by Tang Mo, Uncle Mario continued to smile brightly. He straightened his red octagonal hat that was crooked on his head and said, "Uncle Mario loves smart kids, don't you want to tell me how many surprises Uncle Mario has in store for you?"

Six consecutive prisoner grids as a surprise?

Tang Mo gave Mario a cold look, "I'm going to jump back."

Uncle Mario waved his big hand, "Which frame do you want to jump to?"

"First frame."

"Oh, so it's the first ......" The voice stops abruptly and the giant Mario's entire body freezes in the air. It was as if someone had hit the pause button on an old television set from the last century, and the giant doll froze comically in mid-air. Two seconds later, he cackled and twisted his head around to stare at Tang Mo with big dark eyes.

The beer-bellied man wondered, "The first frame? Is that the wrong word."

The old man tightened his brow without speaking and stared in thought.

Mario scratched the corners of his mouth and smiled, "Am I hearing right, son, that you're skipping to the first frame?"

Tang Mo simply ignored him as he looked at the sky and said in a high voice straight away, "I want to jump to the first frame."

"Ding-dong! Select to jump to the first frame."

Tang Mo turns around, lifts his feet and takes a step towards the first.

Mario's voice rose abruptly: "If you go to the first box, son, you're at the bottom of the table. You'll have to play the game from the beginning. Even if all the two players in front of you fail and you're the only one left, will you be so lucky next time, kid, and keep from triggering the penalty grid above level six?"

Tang Mo doesn't even look back: "I like to start from scratch and challenge myself."

Mario was furious, "You're a bad boy who isn't cute at all! You're sure to meet the dreaded punishment grid next time!"

"I think I'm just cute."

Mario has never seen such a brazen human: "You ......!"

A low, short laugh suddenly sounded in his head and Tang Mo's steps stopped for a moment.

Fu Wenduo: "Not disturbing you, are you?"

Tang Mo knew that Fu Wenduo could hear all the conversations they had just had. But Tang Mo couldn't plug his ears, so he had to let this person listen in in order to archive the conversation.


In distant Beijing, the tall man has long since wiped the foam from his head and body and casually wrapped a towel around his lower back. Fu Wenduo sits on the sofa and, instead of taking a shower, takes a book on psychology from the shelf and flicks through it.

When the archiver is switched on, both parties uncontrollably must hear the opposite side.

Fu Wenduo has had very little contact with Tang Mo, but he knows that Tang Mo is not a stupid person. A game that is dangerous enough to require an archiver must be a very difficult game.

Fu Wenduo is not so bad as to take a shower while someone else is playing an important game. It's not that he doesn't care about the other person, Fu Wenduo doesn't care much about the game Tang Mo is playing, it's just that the sound of the water in his shower will reach Tang Mo's ears and perhaps disturb his judgement.

Of course, there were also reasons why he didn't want Fangzhi to know that he was in the shower.

But the point is that he is a good person and not so malicious as to disturb others playing the game.

Because the archiver was only turned on halfway, Fu Wenduo listened to Tang Mo's words while reading the book, and only picked up a few key words.

Mario, Free Jumping Grid, King's Grid, Prisoner's Grid ......

Sounds like a fun game.

The people who play the game are also interesting.

In Mario's game of Monopoly, Tang Mo is, of course, unaware that across from the turkey eggs, some man is sitting on the sofa with a towel all around him, listening to the sounds of his game with rapt attention. He gets to frame 70 and runs into the beer-bellied man.

The beer-bellied man stepped to the side to allow Tang Mo to walk past. When Tang Mo reached frame 69, he said, "Hey, are you sure you want to go there? What are you doing back in the first frame?"

Tang Mo looked at him with a little interest and said, "You have a wind-related power, don't you?"

The beer-bellied man froze and blurted out, "How do you know that?"

Tang Mo said faintly, "When we get out, I'll beat you to death."

Beer-bellied man: "......"

After a few moments, "You're a nervous man!"

Tang Mo has reached the old man's grid. The old man also sidled up to make way for Tang Mo, who didn't say anything but kept a careful eye on him and watched him move on to the grid ahead.

Tang Mo takes one step at a time, and the white play space is filled with beer-bellied men, old men and Mario watching him go. No one said a word, no one commented on whether Tang Mo was crazy or not. It is not until Tang Mo reaches the third square that Mario suddenly exclaims: "The 100th square is the king's square. It's the only king frame until 120. You have the option to jump to this square at the free jump square on square 83, so it's not too late to turn back. You will not necessarily be lucky enough to make it to frame 83 again if you run to the first frame now, even if you are not last."

Tang Mo's feet stopped as he turned and looked at the giant Mario: "I'm more than relieved that you said that."

"You wicked, bad boy! You're not human, you're the devil!"

Tang Mo's bland sarcasm: "It's hard to say if I'm the devil, but you're certainly not human."

"You ......!"

Mario jumped up and down on the stage in a frenzy of anger. He jumped in place over and over again, shaking the world from side to side, his eyes blazing with rage as he stared straight at Tang Mo's back. The beer-bellied man and the old man had no doubt that Mario now wanted to kill Tang Mo. But just as Tang Mo had said, Mario had only been bouncing around on that tiny stage.

His violent bouncing caused the cheap neon lights around the stage to crackle and fall to the floor as he trampled through the stage, but Mario didn't even leave the stage, just glared at Tang Mo with anger.

Tang Mo has long since turned around and he stands in the third compartment, looking down at the second and first compartments in front of him.

His gaze gradually narrowed, and his eyes looked back and forth between the second and first squares for a long time before he finally lifted his step and walked past the second square and stood on the first square. The moment he stepped on the first frame with both feet, Tang Mo's taut expression abruptly changed, he slightly hooked his lips and said like a sigh, "So you haven't lost your heart to that extent, wasting an archiving opportunity of mine for nothing ......"

Immediately afterwards, a clear child's voice rang out in the white world -

"Dingdong! Triggered the Passing Grid. at 21:49 on 22 November 2017, player Tang Mo successfully passed the massively multiplayer copy game ' Mario's Monopoly Game' and received the reward ' Uncle Mario's Treasures'. "

The beer-bellied man stared at Tang Mo in disbelief.

The old man also looked at him in dismay, his eyes full of doubt and confusion.

Mario pounded angrily on the stage that had been trampled under his feet as he roared, "You devil, you're the devil! Those are my treasures, the treasures that Uncle Mario has worked hard for thirty-six years in the sewers to retrieve. You lazy humans, trying to take Uncle Mario's treasure without doing anything. Not for you, I'll never give it to you!"

As Mario says these words, however, a huge gold mountain emerges behind him in the white game world.

As the crowd watched, the gold mountain wobbled and floated up. Uncle Mario leapt up in fear, trying to pull the flying mountain, but his clumsy leap only allowed him to glean a gold coin from the mountain with difficulty. The huge gold mountain flew straight towards Tang Mo, flying behind him and falling with a crash.

Countless piles of gold and diamonds piled up behind Tang Mo, and a few gold coins rolled off the mountain and onto Tang Mo's feet. He leaned down and picked them up.

"Why the first frame?" The old man asked.

Tang Mo's eyes move away from the gold coins: "Because this game, there must be a way to get through."

The old man frowned and read in a low voice: "The first cell, the first cell ......" he kept saying, trying to find out something from the "first cell".

Tang Mo: "The fact that none of the 6,000+ people could pass the level proves two things, firstly, there must be no free jumping frames after 120 frames, and secondly, there are more than six consecutive prisoner frames in the last 120 frames. Given how bad this guy is ......" Tang Mo glanced at Uncle Mario who was lying on the stage chirping and crying, "he should have set the last six frames as the prisoner frames, before that it was a succession of king frames. "

It was hard to get to the end, and all of a sudden I got the king's frame of treasure, with only six frames left to go to the finish.

However, those players never make it to the end.

Because this game from start to finish is all about the player finding the only clearance grid.

"At first I wondered if the number of free jumping squares was a bit too much. 20% of the free jumping squares are 30 squares in total. Ninety per cent of people are able to step on a free jump grid at least once, but no one in their right mind would choose to jump to the first one. With the unknown ahead, players will usually choose to jump to a grid that has been stepped on, or go backwards and away from the group to avoid triggering the 'who wants to share your misery'."

The old man had done this, and the first time he stepped on the free jumping grid he chose to jump to the end of the line.

The beer-bellied man was still confused, "So why the first frame?"

Tang Mo: "In Monopoly, if there are no free jumping squares and there are 150 squares, which square is the least likely to be rolled by the player?"

The beer-bellied man thought for a moment and responded, "The first frame! Yeah, it's the first frame."

Not so stupid as to be hopelessly stupid after all.

Originally, Tang Mo had planned to beat the culprit who had brought him into the game half to death and break two of his legs (he was an official player with powers anyway, so he would probably be alive and well the next day). But the beer-bellied man had just voiced his concern, and now that Tang Mo's head was finally on straight, Tang Mo decided in his heart that he would break a leg.

What even a beer-bellied man can understand, the old man certainly understands.

Mario's Monopoly game has 150 squares. Many people would think that the most unlikely number of squares for a player to reach is something like 149 or 150, but in fact, the hardest square for a player to get into is the first square.

There are countless ways to get to the 150th compartment.

There are no free jumping squares and there is only one way to get to the first square: roll a point at the start.

There are two ways to go to the second square: roll a 2 point at the start; roll a 1 point and then a 1 point.

There are four ways to go to the third square: a straight roll of 3 points; a roll of 2 points followed by a roll of 1 point; a roll of 1 point followed by a roll of 2 points; and three consecutive rolls of a point.

Further on, the way to each frame is stacked geometrically.

If there is only one person, the probability of him getting to 150 squares is extremely low, even if he gets to 100 squares, before he might have hit the extremely terrible punishment squares and fallen in that one.

But before Tang Mo, a total of 6456 players had participated in this game. These 6,000 or so people must have stepped on every one of the 150 squares, maybe even the 149th square. But none of them had stepped on the pass square.

There are only two possibilities for this.

The first, Mario, deliberately sets the clearance grid after six consecutive prisoner squares. This way the player is already dead before stepping on the pass box, and it is impossible to touch the pass box at all.

But this is not the case.

There are already six consecutive prisoner frames and the pass frame is set after the prisoner frame. There is no way this game can be won. The black tower If you really wanted to kill all the players entering the copy, you wouldn't need to set up such a complicated game, you could just kill people. Mario alone could have killed every human that entered the copy.

So there must be a way to win.

The second possibility, then, is that from the beginning, it was impossible for all players to step on that clearance grid by luck.

Of the 150 squares, only the first square is the only one that the player has one and only one chance to step on by luck. But if someone starts off with a stroke of luck and hits a point, there is no point in playing the game.

The chance of rolling a point on the first roll is one in six. Mario can't afford to roll a point and take his treasure even if he drills a sewer for a hundred years.

So The black tower should have blocked out a bit of this option on the first roll of the dice.

The only way to get to the first grid is through the free jumping grid. Tang Mo has always wondered why there are so many free jump squares, as they don't seem very useful. Once it is confirmed that the first square is the pass square, the purpose of having so many free jump squares is obvious. It actually ensures that every eighth player has a chance to get to the clearance grid. It is also a hint to the player that the only way to get through the game is to use the jump squares.

Mario slumped on the stage, crying louder and louder.

Tang Mo took his own turkey egg out of his pocket, "It's time to close the archive, Mr. Fu. I've bothered you for so long."

Fu Wenduo had long since closed the book and was listening intently to the movement of the turkey eggs. He gave a low chuckle: "Doesn't seem to be using the archive function?"

Tang Mo said helplessly, "Yes, a waste of an archive feature. I would have expected this Mario to be quite deranged, 5% of the prisoner compartment is a very subtle number, 7.5 compartments, not sure if it's 7 or 8. Like the King's Grid, I think Mario should have put a prisoner's grid before frame 120. Most likely within 100 to 120 frames, he said himself that 100 frames is the king frame, then a prisoner frame directly after that within 6 frames, and it's fun to see the person who gets the king frame stomp into the offending personality."

Fu Wenduo: "He is very bad."

Tang Mo said: "If he had been more insane, he could have set the eighth prisoner cell, or the seventh prisoner cell, on the first cell. That would leave only one way to get to the second frame, with the same probability of rolling to the first frame. I'd prefer the pass frame to be the first, but if the first frame is really the prisoner frame, then at least you can read the file and start over, choosing the second frame. It's a shame that he's still a bit too gentle."

"You seem to be keen for that game boss to be more brutal?"

"He's brutal enough." Tang Mo spat expressionlessly, and suddenly he realised, "Sorry for talking to you so much and forgetting that you don't understand the game."

Fu Wenduo shook his head: "Nothing, it sounds like a very interesting game."

Tang Mo looked at the turkey egg in his hand, his face expressionless, but a strange feeling welled up in his heart.

Probably similar to that feeling of meeting kindred spirits and sympathising with each other.

Perhaps it was because of this feeling that he said so many extra words. After all, if he said these things to anyone else, Mario would simply look at cutting him down and wouldn't even listen; the beer-bellied man didn't look like a man with a brain. The old man would only inquire when he heard it, "If the first frame is the prisoner frame, aren't you dead?" Tang Mo won't tell him he has an archiver.

Tang Mo looks down at the turkey eggs with a deep gaze.

The game is safely over and Tang Mo has closed the archiver.

Mario flopped onto the stage in a pout, chirping and crying. His tears seemed to rain, piling up in the white world and before long they were flooding the soles of the trio's shoes.

Tang Mo all stepped on the clearance grid, and the three didn't go back from the white world. The old man came over: "Is it true that you have to take this Jinshan to be considered a pass?"

Tang Mo looks at the huge gold mountain in front of him.

"...... I don't think I might be able to take this gold with me."

"What is it?" The old man asked.

Tang Mo turns his eyes to look. In the middle of the gold mountain, there was a tiny red gem set deep within the gold coin, shining brightly. Tang Mo reached out and took the ruby out of the gold mountain and in a flash, all the gold disappeared and Mario's cries on stage got louder: "My treasure, my treasure ooooooooooooooo ......"

So this is the real pass reward " Mario's treasure"?

Taking the ruby, Tang Mo's three bodies fade away and are about to disappear into the white world.

Mario, seeing this scene, was so angry that he stopped crying and got up and roared, "You devil, you devil called Tang Mo! I remember you, I will ...... ah ...... ouch!"

Mario's face was entwined in a faint blackness, and he had just taken a step forward when he suddenly stepped on a pool of his own tears and his whole body fell backwards. With a thud, his head hit the ground and smashed against the edge of the stage. By coincidence, the gold coin he had just plucked from the golden mountain had somehow landed on the stage, and was caught in a small crevice.

The stage was collapsed and cracked because Mario was jumping around so much.

Because he stingy tried to grab back another gold coin, this one is now stuck in the crevice.

Because Mario was so angry and wanted to scold Tang Mo, he slipped and fell on his own tears and hit his head on the gold coin at once.

At once, the head was broken.

Tang Mo: "......"

Old man: "......"

Beer-bellied man: "......"

Mario, who had just been bouncing around without incident, suddenly and stupidly fell over, leaving the trio dumbfounded.

Tang Mo suddenly doesn't want the ruby so much as he wants the gold coins! Even Mario's head could be broken, this is not gold, this is a weapon! If Tang Mo really moves that gold mountain back, he won't have to fight at all.

However, it is unlikely that the vanished Gold Mountain will return.

Tang Mo looks down at the ruby in his hand.

I hope you won't be disappointed.

In another blink of an eye, the three returned to the flower bed.

It was still early evening when they entered the copy, and the sun was setting in the west. Now when they came out, the moon was already in the middle of the sky.

The evening wind whistled through the dark night, rustling the roadside trees. After the trio appeared, a body was thrown out of the air out of thin air. It was as if someone had cupped the bodies in their hands and roughly tossed them over the flowerbeds. The person was so strong that he threw them across the road in what appeared to be a casual manner.

The first to be thrown out were the bodies of the middle-aged women, then the bald men and the young men and women. Only the corpse of the middle-aged man, who has the least presence, is not thrown out. Tang Mo remembers that, in Mario's world, the man's countless flying fish gnawed away at his bones. Presumably that was why there were no bodies.

Although everyone got into the same game, the eight people didn't know each other.

Tang Mo The three men went across the road and confirmed that the four bodies that had been thrown out were indeed the players who had entered the copy with themselves. They took the coats off the bodies and put them over their faces. In this way, they did their best to meet each other.

The beer-bellied man lamented, "It's a good thing I made it to the end and didn't get killed by that disgusting Mario."

Old man: "Thanks to this lad. Sorry, I was forced to drag you in before, even ...... what are you doing here?"

The old man looked at Tang Mo with dismay.

Tang Mo is seen holding a large match in his right hand and looking calmly at the old man and the beer-bellied man in front of him.

Both men had experienced the power of the big match in their copies, and the old man took a cautious step back as the beer-bellied man chimed in, "What the hell are you ...... trying to do, are you trying to kill us?"

Tang Mo looked indifferent: "I just said in the copy that when I come out, I'm going to beat you to death."

The beer-bellied man's face paled, "You're not kidding about that?!"

"I never joke." Tang Mo twisted his wrist, "I'm done with the old man for now, he'll probably die if I go down with this match. As for you ...... sorry, your powers are etched in my mind."

At the words, the large match swung through the air with a hunting sound and slammed into the beer-bellied man without hesitation.

Tang Mo was never meant to be funny.

Mario's Monopoly game is a bloody example of how dangerous it is, and the 6461 people who died in it (including the five in this case) are each a bloody example. He was dragged into the game so forcefully that although he got out safely without incident in the end, to this day he still has two unhealed ribs and his lungs seem to be bleeding from being hit by Black Mario.

Tang Mo's decisive and quick movements left the beer bellied man with no way to fight back, his reaction time, strength and speed ...... were all much better than the beer bellied man. The huge match smashed into the man's right leg, which bent inwards to a degree visible to the naked eye and was broken straight away.

The man hissed in pain, "Don't think you're great just because you won a game, we can win without you. I'll cut you down now!!!"

As he spoke, the man's mouth opened wide, his chest puffed out and his eyes glared like copper bells. The next moment, he exhaled violently forward. A strong hurricane blew the trees backwards, and Tang Mo grabbed an old tree on the side of the road to steady himself. The old man was not so lucky and was blown against the edge of a flower bed.

The hurricane in the man's mouth blew for three minutes before finally stopping.

However, Tang Mo was only a little pale and unhurt, instead the old man was a little sore from the smashing.

The beer-bellied man looked at Tang Mo in horror. He had even used his psychic powers, and if Tang Mo tried to kill him again, he would definitely not be able to escape: "Yes ...... sorry ...... you spare me. Everyone is fine now, please spare me ......"

Tang Mo walks up to him and looks at him with a calm expression.

"You're the third one. Not everyone is fine, you pulled in and three died."

The beer-bellied man's voice stopped abruptly, as if he remembered something.

Tang Mo took back the large match as he leaned down and straightened out the beer-bellied man's jacket. The man looked at him in horror, not understanding what he was trying to do, Tang Mo looked at him coldly, "It's mine, I'll take it."

The men nodded straight ahead.

Tang Mo took the tattered jacket and turned decisively to leave. He intended to find a remote place to open the book of supernatural powers and see what the man's supernatural powers really were. He was going to teach the other man a lesson in order to teach the man a lesson, but also to get the other man's supernatural powers.

Tang Mo's offensive powers are too few and far between, and while the men's powers don't seem to be of much use, they do have some offensive qualities. If used properly, it can cause a surprise effect.

Just as Tang Mo was about to leave with his coat, a footstep sounded from the distance. Tang Mo immediately turned his head to look at the end of the road to see a tall, thin man looking at them in dismay, and soon he saw four bodies lying next to the trio.

The young man and woman were so obviously dead, both still had knives stabbed in each other's chests, that it looked like they had killed each other.

Tang Mo kept his guard up, cautiously sizing up this strange stranger. The man approached, looked at the four corpses for a long time, then turned his head and looked at them with an odd expression, as if he was determining whether they were human or ghosts, before saying, "Yes, I would like to confirm that you ...... are humans who walked out of the second copy alive?"


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