Chapter 239: The little girl who sold matches ~

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As darkness falls, the sixth day of the Tower Attack game is over for now.

Like a fire that has just been lit, it is extinguished as soon as the first glimmer of light appears. The world fell into dead silence at that moment. Tang Mo looked at the heavy black tower behind him, his lips parted slightly, a word suddenly flashed through his mind, and then six voices rang out simultaneously in the forest of Snow White -


"A package of things?!"

The six looked at each other, and Chen Shanshan, after a moment of calm reflection, was the first to shake his head, "No, that's not possible. Although The black tower says that if you raid all five The black towers and collect all five treasures, the fact is that after we defeated Grea, we searched to see if he had dropped any treasures."

Yes, when the Tang Mo Six took the first The black tower five days ago, they carpeted the one in Changping.

The Circus Master left quickly, leaving no words behind, let alone any treasures.

It was then that Chen Shanshan analysed, "It's likely that this treasure is not something substantial." The young girl first read the rules of the game carefully, and then said, "You can raid The black tower by defeating the tower guardian. Raid The black tower, and you will get the treasure. But we haven't gotten anything yet, and Grea has no intention of giving anything away. So could it be that the treasure is actually something spiritual?"

Tang Mo : "Like what?"

Chen Shanshan said, "For example, ...... the circus leader's admission of defeat."

Although the answer was a little unbelievable, they all believed in the fairness of The black tower.

Tang Mo searched carefully for a long time, but they could not find any treasure. This can only mean one thing, the treasure is not real. The black tower, since they had successfully raided the first The black tower, there must be no problem, there was no question of not getting the treasure.

Five days later, however, the disappearance of 2118 The black tower was a silent irony that pierced the hearts of every player.

Fu Wenduo pondered for a long time and said, "The reason we couldn't confirm the existence of the treasure five days ago was because the circus master had simply left without leaving us any clues. But this time, Snow White didn't disappear."

The crowd turned their heads and looked at Snow White, who had fallen to the ground.

Her long, snow-white dress is spread out on the floor like the petals of a blossoming flower. After eating the poisoned apple, Snow White loses her breath and lies still on the ground, "sleeping". It is true that she does not disappear, as she is no longer able to leave, but this does not mean that the player will be able to communicate with her later: she is dead.

Fu Wensheng regretted, "I should have finished the game later and asked her what treasures we could get if we passed the game and took her The black tower. After we were kidnapped earlier, she seemed quite nice to talk to, much better than that circus leader, maybe she will actually tell us ......"

Tang Mo's eyes rolled up and he suddenly said, "It's not like there's nothing we can do now."

Fu Wensheng was stunned: "Ah, could Snow White still be alive?"

Bai Ruoyao let out a laugh, "Hehehe, kids, Snow White is definitely not going to make it, but there are other The black tower monsters that are still alive."

"Eh?" Fu Wensheng was surprised at first, then he remembered something and his eyes slowly turned to Snow White's side.

The seven dwarves were venting their anger at Snow White's corpse in the empty and silent forest, almost as if they wanted to stomp on the woman, but every time they tried to do so, they thought to themselves, "Well, what a shame to stomp on such a beautiful face" and gave up. Suddenly, the seven dwarfs felt a sudden chill behind them, and they slowly turned around, and then ......


Seven voices shouted in unison, "Run!!!"

Tang Mo a few people went straight out and grabbed all seven of the dwarves and continued to tie them to the tree with ropes.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo approached the dwarves and tried to threaten them with Sleeping Beauty's octave box again, but unfortunately the prop was a disposable item, used once and gone. The dwarves also saw the prop disappear and they were emboldened by it.

"Heck, we're great dwarves, and even if you kill us, we won't tell you stinking humans anything about The black tower!"

"That's right, a soldier can be killed but not humiliated!"

"Long live the dwarves!"

The seven dwarves are united in a twisted rope, and have a great tendency to fight the players to the death.

If Tang Mo can't deal with them, it's not true. If they were that tough, they wouldn't have been enslaved by Snow White for so long, too afraid to speak out. Only then, Fu Wenduo flipped his hand and pulled a small pumpkin out of his backpack.

Bai Ruoyao and Andrei, who had never seen this pumpkin before, narrowed their eyes and stared at the object.

When Fu Wensheng saw it, he remembered what it was and exclaimed, "Ah, it's that little pumpkin from Cinderella!"

[Props: Cinderella's Pumpkin]

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Quality: Rubbish]

[Grade: Level 1].

[Attack: None, may hurt a bit to hit]

[Function: Delicious, the dwarves quite like it].

[Limitations: Nothing works, probably its biggest limitation].

[Remark: After working so hard to play the game, you are back to your former self. Think happy, at least it's pretty tasty.]

Yes, this is a game reward the four Tang Mo's got from a copy of Eve's game a long time ago. The boss of the game was Cinderella Wang Xiaotian, and after they cleared the game, they only got this strange little pumpkin. At the time, Tang Mo thought it was useless and a complete waste. Now that Fu Wenduo has taken it out, its purpose has become clear.

The mocking voices of the seven dwarfs came to an abrupt halt when the little pumpkin appeared in the air.

The dwarves looked at the pumpkin in Fu Wenduo's hand as if they had seen the most beautiful woman, even though it did not smell at all, and their eyes lit up with fascination, their mouths watering directly.

The moment this appeared, the dwarf shyster was no longer shy, and he cried out, "Give it to me, and if you do, I will tell you now what the treasure Snow White left behind is!"

Sneezy: "No, you give it to me, you give it to me quickly, I'll tell you anything if you give it to me."

"Bastards, go to hell all of you, it's mine!"

"Obviously I saw it first, it's mine, you stupid fat ass!"

When the dwarves saw the pumpkin, they went into a frenzy. They kept cursing their fellow players, wishing they could curse them all to death so that they could have the pumpkin all to themselves. Even though they knew that the pumpkin was a favourite food of the dwarves, its power was still unexpected to the players.

Fu Wenduo dragged the pumpkin with one hand and said lightly, "How about a snatch?"

The dwarves were suddenly silent: "Snatch?"

"This pumpkin will be given to the first person who says what treasure is hidden in this The black tower of Snow White ......"

"It's Snow White's anger! It's Snow White's anger!"

Seven voices rose suddenly, each dwarf shouting the words at the top of his voice with such force that their voices echoed through the forest.

Chen Shanshan stepped forward, "You mean that the treasure is not something real?"

The dwarf loves to be angry and says sharply, "You can't say that, it did exist once. That woman's poisoned apple, didn't you once have it? It was Snow White's treasure, and after you used it, it became Snow White's grievance, the treasure this tower hides."

The crowd was surprised, "Surprised?"

Following this logic, Chen Shanshan quickly cleared his mind: "In that case, the circus master's treasure would be his walking stick? We did 'get' it once, although he later took it away again."

Bai Ruoyao raised an eyebrow, "That's not necessarily true, maybe his greatest treasure is the money. ...... Ahhhh, didn't Tangtang and Mr. Fu take away his big treasure a long time ago. I know, the head of the Strange Circus went bankrupt a long time ago."

Deliberately adding an accent to "big baby", Tang Mo gave the baby-faced youth a cold swipe and ignored him.

Tang Mo returned to the topic: "In that case, we don't need to go back to Beijing to find the treasure that belongs to the circus master. We've got Snow White's treasure, so what do we need? Unless ......", Tang Mo's voice stopped abruptly as he thought of the worst possible scenario.

The possibility was so obvious that Fu Wensheng's face suddenly changed and the boy was dumbfounded when he thought of that possibility: "Could it be that the players from the other zones didn't manage to get any treasures from The black tower monster and even if they took the tower, we wouldn't be able to pass... ...No way, that can't be, it can't be like that."

Chen Shanshan's face wasn't too good either: "If that's true, then The black tower monster is gone and it's impossible to get anything more ......"

At that moment, Fu Wenduo violently covered Chen Shanshan's mouth.

The young girl looked up in dismay at Fu Wenduo. The tall man frowned slightly and looked around him with a grim expression. Like him, Tang Mo, Bai Ruoyao and Andrei also paled sharply and looked around. In the forest, the only sounds were the wailing of the dwarves and the rustling of the leaves in the breeze.

Yet the four senior players remained silent and listened carefully.

Suddenly, Fu Wenduo turned his head in one direction, and with a stomp of his foot, he was off in that direction in an instant. About two hundred metres away, a sharp black weapon sliced straight through a large tree, and the man who happened to be behind it took three startled steps backwards, bracing himself on the ground with one hand before he could stabilise himself.

The rest of the players followed at this point, and Tang Mo showed a hint of surprise at seeing each other.

The foreign woman with blonde hair and blue eyes was not surprised, as if she had known they were here. She was only slightly frightened by Fu Wenduo's sneak attack earlier. She stood up and looked over at Tang Mo and the others. At the sight of Bai Ruoyao, her eyes snapped open and she exclaimed, "It's you, how can you still be alive!"

Bai Ruoyao recognised the woman at once and said in a resigned voice: "You are a vicious woman, do you wish me dead so much?"

Li Xia : "......"

No. Should a dead man suddenly come back to life and be taken for granted!

This psychopath didn't look like a very nice person, so Li Xia didn't dwell on the issue. She didn't notice that the doll-faced youth had taken the opportunity to change the subject without letting her ask more questions.

Li Xia looked at Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo and hesitated for a long time before saying, "I am a China Zone 7 player, that is, a Chongqing player. I have been in this city for more than half a year, and I know that China District 312 is Fengjie, Chongqing. So when I heard The black tower announce your clearance, I knew you were here immediately, and I didn't think there was a The black tower in Fengjie." She explained the reason why she was here and continued, "I came here ...... to share with you the clues I got."

Tang Mo, keenly aware of a hint of anomaly, spoke with certainty: "This clue of yours, it's important."

Li Xia nodded and then shook his head: " The black tower never gives a useless clue. But before that, I'd like to know what your The black tower clue is."

The attack on the tower was over and there was nothing to hide. Tang Mo says: "Of the five towers, one is in Beijing and one is in Guangzhou."

Li Xia : "Sure enough, our clues are completely different."

Fu Wenduo : "What's yours?"

Li Xia was silent for a moment and uttered seven words, "...... The Little Girl Who Sold Matches."

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