Chapter 240: June 25, 2018, humans are online!

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Almost instantly, a name flashed through Tang Mo's mind. But he didn't say it because he remembered that the little girl had deliberately removed part of her Mosaic from her face, just to spite him: don't think that everyone who uses matches is a little girl who sells matches.

However a laugh sounded behind him and Bai Ruoyao stroked his chin, "The little girl who sells matches, matches, girl ...... wow, Tangtang , do you ever feel like you've heard that one somewhere."

Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao were the opponents in a real-life copy of Peking University, and the boss of the game at the time was Mosaic.

Bai Ruoyao only deliberately pretended not to remember, but he saw Tang Mo's hesitant look and gradually narrowed his eyes, "What's the problem?"

Fu Wenduo also thought, "That match of yours?"

Tang Mo flips his hand and takes out a giant match.

This match is about the size of a man's waist and half a man's height. It looks out of place in Tang Mo's hands, and you can imagine how funny it would be if it were held by a little girl.

Tang Mo was silent for a moment and said, "Eighty percent chance that she is the little girl who sells matches. But we don't know where she is now."

At that moment, a shrill cry rang out, "I know I know!"

The crowd turned in unison to look at the seven dwarfs tied to the tree.

Each dwarf positively stretched his neck and scrambled to shout, "You give me the pumpkin and I'll tell you where she is."

"No, you give it to me, and I'll tell you all the gossip about the little girl who sold matches and her whole family!"

"I don't just know the family gossip, I know Cinderella's gossip too. Cinderella used to be good friends with Snow White and used to come and play with her, and we knew so many of her little secrets. Give me the pumpkin and I'll tell you all about it!"

"I'll go first!"

"I'll go first!"

The dwarves were writhing in anxiety, and if the ropes they were tied to wee not so strong, they would have escaped from the ropes. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other, and Fu Wenduo gently held the tiny pumpkin, his voice calm: "So ...... is still a snatch question, where is the little girl who sold matches?"

"She's on the tallest tower!!!"

Guangzhou , Haizhu District.

The sun sets towards the western sky, spilling its light over the land. Like a dawn light breaking through the darkness, a magnificent haze reflected off the slender little waist. Suddenly, there was a loud boom and somewhere in the middle of the Guangzhou Tower, a huge, strong pink figure swung his fist and smashed two giant glass walls with one blow.

The glass clattered downwards and hit the floor.

Wolf Granny landed on the ground with a thud, her feet making two huge craters in the concrete.

Around her were several corpses of players and some who had fallen wounded and unable to move. Some others were still standing on the ground, only they were also in a very bad way.

Ruan Wangshu's face was already sickly white, but now it was as white as a sheet. Panting, he pressed his hands to the ground, only he couldn't imagine that a monster as powerful as The black tower could leap hundreds of metres into the air at will, making it difficult for his powers to work.

The situation with Yu Zheng, Jackass and Tang Qiao is not so good either.

Combined with the senior players of Guangdong, they could only tie with Granny Wolf and were completely unable to defeat her. Granny Wolf had a rugged face and a lanky body, but moved with unparalleled agility. Once a few people practising Yu Zheng were not paying attention, she would sneak up on a weaker player, which led to several deaths and a number of people being seriously injured and incapacitated throughout the day.

The wolf-grandmother lifted her head and grinned her sharp fangs in a sinister, cunning smile.

Ruan Wangshu, with a cold face, gasped, "We have successfully raided this tower, why, you still want to attack us."

Yes, it is now the seventh day of The black tower seven-storey assault game. The morning before, Chosen arrived in Guangzhou with the Atak players and went under the Guangzhou Tower.

Luo Fengcheng had already organised a raid by Atak members on The black tower in Shanghai, which was guarded by the Iron Shoemaker and was not the real treasure of The black tower. When Ruan Wangshu arrived with a clue about The black tower in Guangzhou, Luo Fengcheng led a core group of Atak members to Guangzhou to help out.

By the time they reached Guangzhou's tower, the Guangzhou player was barely able to hold out against Granny Wolf's attack.

One of the Guangzhou players made it through to the fourth level and Granny Wolf started a game of The black tower. Unfortunately, no one was able to get through the game. When Ruan Wangshu arrived, he and Luo Fengcheng teamed up and cleared the game, successfully raiding the fifth The black tower. However, before the players under the Guangzhou tower could rejoice after The black tower issued a global announcement that all five The black towers had been breached, Granny Wolf gave a hoarse laugh: "It's all over, so ...... now I can eat you! can now eat you all!"

In a sudden turn of events, the Wolf Grandmother suddenly attacks the player.

The battle was fought for a day and a night, with the wolf-grandmother badly wounded and the players suffering even heavier losses.

Luo Fengcheng, a weak martial artist who has been protected by members of the Atak organisation, speaks up and asks the question for all the players, "Why?"

The wolf grandmother seemed to be feeling tired from the fight and was just taking a break to recuperate from her injuries. She lifted her sharp wolf claws and put them in her ears, lazily pulling out her earwax. With her other hand, she wiped the blood from her thigh, which had been slashed at her by Practising Yu Zheng, and was her worst wound, almost cutting off her leg.

"Why?" A low chuckle, "Heh heh heh heh, you have to beat the dog, don't you stupid humans know that."

One Guangzhou player roared, "Well, isn't that enough now! We didn't do anything to your granddaughter or daughter either, they were the ones who tried to attack us and we fought back."

The dark green pupils of the beast suddenly looked at the player who spoke, who was so shocked that he could not utter a single word.

Granny Wolf grinned her huge wolf mouth, "Oh, so that's just an excuse."

Ruan Wangshu clenched his teeth to hold back the sweet taste that rose in his throat, "So what's the real reason."

"The real reason ...... is that I want to eat you all ahahahaha!"

At the words, Granny Wolf attacked again. Her movements were fast and her skin was as hard as iron. She was able to carry the players' attacks hard, but the players could not withstand her claws. She was like a mad meat grinder, and wherever she went, players were bruised.

Jackass roared and pressed his hands to the ground, lifting a huge slab of stone and smashing it against the wolf-grandmother.

She didn't even duck, she came up to him and shattered the slab with a fist. Jackass was stunned and Granny Wolf seized the opportunity to lunge at Luo Fengcheng who was standing at a distance: "Smart human meat smells the best and you look the best!"

Luo Fengcheng reacted extremely quickly and although he too was taken aback, he did not turn and run - he knew that with his strength he could not outrun Granny Wolf even if he ran. Only then did he take a piece of chocolate out of his pocket and throw it out. The wolf granny's face changed at the sight of that chocolate and her body twisted over uncontrollably, leaping out after it.

Like a dog playing a roving game, she couldn't wait to take a bite of the chocolate, and after devouring it, Granny Wolf's eyes turned red as she turned and snarled, "Human, how dare you trick me and disgrace me! I will eat you!"

This is the reason why Luo Fengcheng does not use this piece of chocolate.

From this moment on, Wolf Granny took aim at Luo Fengcheng and attacked like crazy. Atak's players were no match for her, even if they were protected. In the nick of time, she was about to slice Luo Fengcheng in half with a single claw when a red whip flew over and tied Luo Fengcheng around the waist.

"I like you so much, it would kill you to like me a little!"

Luo Fengcheng froze, and his whole body was pulled by this red whip, just in time to avoid the attack of Wolf Granny.

He turned his head to look, " Shanshan ?"

Then, on the left and right, three figures immediately scurried out. There was still one person left in place, Luo Fengcheng looked at the other and frowned: " Bai Ruoyao ."

Chen Shanshan said, "Teacher, he is now considered our teammate too."

Luo Fengcheng hit the nail on the head, "Then why didn't he go and help kill Granny Wolf when Tang Mo and Mr. Fu School were both there?" After a pause, he looked at the burly foreigner who attacked Granny Wolf, "That's Russia player Andrei?"

The little girl nodded her head.

Fu Wensheng also wondered, "Why aren't you on?"

Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily, "With Tangtang and the others on board, it's enough, I'll stay here with you."

Fu Wensheng : "......" You're just plain lazy!

As it turned out, Bai Ruoyao was only paying lip service. With the addition of Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Andrei, the players' strength was greatly enhanced and Granny Wolf gradually lost her edge. But for a while, the two sides could not be separated.

Tang Mo flipped his hand and pulled out a small dart, and instead of shooting at the wolf grandmother, he shot at the baby-faced youth who had been watching.

"Stand over there again, and I'll kill you."

Bai Ruoyao caught the dart and said aggressively, "Tangtang is so mean." He said that, but he immediately attacked.

China's strongest players are all here to attack Granny Wolf together. Even though she was the strongest boss in The black tower, she was defeated little by little by the players. A huge slit was cut into her pink dress, revealing her white panties. The crowd felt hot, and Granny Wolf actually covered her body and blushed, "You rascals!"

With that, he slapped the nearest Tang Mo away from him.

Tang Mo subconsciously opened his small parasol to block the blow, and was slapped out of the way with a painful jolt to his tiger's mouth. Fu Wenduo grabbed his arm and yanked him back.

Her skirt was torn and Granny Wolf covered her body in shame and annoyance.

It was a sight to behold, a huge, ugly, fierce wolf looking at you with a shy gaze. Fu Wenduo covers Tang Mo's eyes without changing his expression, and with his other hand he raises his black three-pronged weapon and points it straight at Granny Wolf.

" Where's Mosaic."

Granny Wolf's eyes flashed, "How should I know. That little beast who doesn't like to study goes everywhere every time, who knows where she goes to skip class."

Luo Fengcheng notes: " Mosaic ?"

Chen Shanshan nodded: "Yes, the reason why all five The black tower have been breached this time and humans have not yet passed the seventh floor is because of the little girl who sold matches ...... also known as Mosaic. Teacher, the dwarf told us that the little girl who sells matches is on the highest tower. Originally we thought he said 'on the highest The black tower', but then when we thought about it, they were talking about the Guangzhou tower."

Chen Shanshan only gave a few key pieces of information, not explaining who the dwarves were or how they knew about the "little girl who sold matches". But Luo Fengcheng didn't need to ask, he simply said: "The Guangzhou Tower is the tallest tower in China at 600 metres, the second tallest in the world, after the Tokyo Sky Tree. Add to that the fact that Guangzhou is home to a hidden treasure, The black tower, and this is indeed the most likely place to be the 'tallest tower'." After a pause, he said, "I don't know who Mosaic is, but the little girl with the matches did appear here once."

Chen Shanshan's eyes lit up: "Where is she?"

Luo Fengcheng: "I don't know. Six days ago, she appeared on the Guangzhou tower, she set it on fire and had a confrontation with the Guangzhou players. She was defeated by the Guangzhou players, and then she went back to ......", he continues, "to get help from her mother. Her mother was also defeated by the player and ended up as Granny Wolf to help avenge their mother and daughter."

Chen Shanshan looked up and exclaimed, "Brother Tang Mo, the little girl who sold matches is really in Guangzhou!"

Tang Mo asked, "Where is she!" as he fended off the wolf-grandmother's attack.

Chen Shanshan's mind worked quickly and suddenly she looked up at the top of Guangzhou Tower: "Brother Tang Mo, I remember you saying that the little girl who sells matches likes to set fires. She must still be here, so wherever there's fire, there must be her. So ......" Chen Shanshan raised his hand and pointed to the sky, "there she is!"

Tang Mo looked in the direction of Chen Shanshan's hand and saw the top floor of the 600-metre-high Guangzhou Tower burning wildly in red flames. With Tang Mo's eyesight, he couldn't see if anyone was inside, but it was the only place nearby that was on fire.

Gritting her teeth, Tang Mo quickly turned her head to Fu Wenduo and said, "I'll go up to her!"

Fu Wenduo moved with a jolt as Wolf Grandmother slammed her fist into his chest, which he blocked with both arms.

The moment their eyes met, almost without words, Fu Wenduo nodded his head with a slight curl of his lips in trust. Seeing this, Tang Mo rushes ahead without hesitation and runs towards Guangzhou Tower.

Granny Wolf stepped in between the player and Guangzhou Tower, and when she saw Tang Mo rushing towards her, she sneered disdainfully and lunged directly at her.

Fu Wenduo turned back and said, "Give me that whip!"

Chen Shanshan immediately threw the whip to Fu Wenduo, and with a movement of his wrist, the whip was deftly tied around Wolf Granny's arm. The wolf grandmother gave a surprised "eek", only to hear a low voice ringing softly in the wind: "I like you so much, would it kill you to like me a little."

At this moment Tang Mo has reached a distance of 20 metres from the wolf.

At this point, Granny Wolf tried to rush forward to attack Tang Mo, but the whip on her arm lashed out, pulling her towards Fu Wenduo.

As soon as Granny Wolf made an effort and found she couldn't break free, she realised, "A bloody karmic prop?"

Tang Mo was about to storm Guangzhou Tower when a silvery female voice rang out from the side: "Say 'you're a good person'!"

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed and he looked up, only to see a beautiful young girl in a white dress appearing at Guangzhou Tower at some point. She didn't mean to help, but she shouted the words out loud. Seeing Tang Mo looking at her, she smiled and said, "I'm not helping, I'm just saying something, what's the problem."

Beside Snow White, the circus master took off his bowler hat and smiled as he gave Tang Mo a gentleman's salute. Queen of Hearts sat in the tree and grunted disdainfully. Father Christmas rode in his sleigh, he licked his teeth with excitement at the sight of so many humans and his heart broke at the thought that he could not eat them.

Also Iron Shoemaker, Peter Pan, Wang Xiaotian, Little Black Cat Schrödinger ......

Many of The black tower monsters had arrived at Guangzhou Tower at some point, but they did not intervene in the battle between the wolves and the humans, they just watched with interest.

Granny Wolf exclaimed, "You're a good man!"

The red whip was immediately released and Wolf Grandmother gave a hoarse laugh before rushing towards Tang Mo again.

However Andrei bellowed angrily and stepped in front of her, blocking her path. Two silver rays of light flashed past Granny Wolf, forcing her to stop moving. The butterfly knife returned to Bai Ruoyao's hand, when Fu Wenduo also rushed forward. There was also practice Yu Zheng , Jackass ...... Guangzhou countless players.

Seeing that Tang Mo had already entered Guangzhou Tower, Granny Wolf frowned and sighed helplessly, "Fine, then let me eat as many of you as I can hahaha."

Six hundred metres up, the lifts are out of action, so Tang Mo finds the stairs and races up one level at a time.

He was so fast that he sprinted up a flight of stairs in two seconds.

Below the Guangzhou Tower, players frantically blocked Wolf Granny. In the Guangzhou Tower, a black figure whooshes up the tall building and it only takes him a minute to reach the 107th floor.

Before we reach the top floor, a wave of heat hits us.

Fire surrounded the entire 107th floor. Tang Mo's eyes flashed and he opened his mouth, and a violent storm erupted violently from his mouth.

The alien power swallows all the miles like a tiger!

A strong wind instantly extinguished 50 per cent of the fire on this floor, leaving a path for humans to walk on. With no time to waste, Tang Mo quickly rushed into the fire in search of the little girl hidden in the blaze.

He searched every nook and cranny of the floor as fast as he could, not an easy place to hide, but made confusing and difficult to find by the fire that had destroyed it. When the little girl in red finally came into view, Tang Mo raised his hand and summoned a volley of steel needles.

There was a light crack of wind and ten steel needles nailed Mosaic in front of her, causing her to jump back. Turning back to the young man running at her, the twin-ponytailed girl's mouth dropped open. Her face was hidden under a thick layer of Mosaic, but the look of horror was impossible to hide.

"Ahhhhhhhh arrest people, I don't want to go back to school, don't arrest me!"

Mosaic is not very strong, but she is fast, and she dashes into the fire in a flash. She was able to navigate through the fire, but Tang Mo was not. But with no time to use her powers, Tang Mo pulled up an iron table embedded in the ground and shielded it from the fire.

Mosaic was so desperate that she wanted to jump off the building, she smashed the glass and jumped straight down. At that moment, a hand firmly grasped one of her ponytails on one side.

Mosaic : "......"

Tang Mo : "......"

The little girl cried, "Bastard Tang Mo, I haven't even grown up yet and you want me to become bald! Woo woo woo woo, you're bullying me again!"

Tang Mo was silent for a long time, then silently pulled the girl up by her pigtails. It was not easy to get at the little girl in the fire, so Tang Mo took Mosaic by the back of her collar and led her out of the fire to the 100th floor, where the fire had not burned.

Mosaic was so upset that her braid was tugged by Tang Mo and her hair strands were so crooked that they were strewn across her shoulders in a tangled mess. Not to mention the pain in her scalp, which almost killed her at Guangzhou Tower.

So angry, must bully back!

With a flick of his wrist, a silver pistol appears in his palm. Standing at the top of the tower, Tang Mo can clearly hear the thumping sound of the wolf's grandmother throwing players to the ground below him.

Not only that, but he saw through the window that the sun was about to dip below the ground.

As the full sun sets, buildings begin to crumble throughout Guangzhou, as far as the eye can see. In the red glow of the setting sun, it seems like the most magnificent collapse of the end of days, at 18:00 on the evening of the seventh day, the final death.

The black tower is running out of time for mankind.

With the black muzzle of a gun pressed against the girl's forehead, Tang Mo said quickly, "The black tower, seven floors, how the hell do you get through it."

Mosaic froze for a long moment.

Tang Mo repeats it again.

Mosaic : "I'm not the tower keeper, my grandmother is the tower keeper!" The implication is, why are you asking me!

Tang Mo gets straight to the point with that clue: "The little girl who sells matches."

Mosaic paused and grunted, "I'm not a little girl who sells matches. I told you earlier, don't think that just because you like to play with matches, you must be a little girl who sells matches, are you childish, I despise you ...... er ......"

The cold muzzle of the gun resting straight against her forehead, Mosaic didn't speak for a long time, and it was only when Tang Mo started winding it up that she said angrily, "I gave you the treasure a long time ago, what the hell else do you insatiable humans want from me! I'm so annoyed, I'm going to get Granny to kill you, I'm going to kill you!"

Tang Mo was astonished: "The treasure has been given? What is it!"

It was Mosaic who refused to talk about it.

Tang Mo thought for a moment and said, "If you don't tell me, I'll send you to your mother and grandmother, who must be eager to see you and catch you studying."

Mosaic rushed to say, "My magic matches, asshole!"

Tang Mo instantly identified three magical matches from his memory. But he said in astonishment, "I was the only one who had those three matches, and I was the only one who successfully cleared the level in the North University reality copy. If I hadn't found you, or if I had died long ago, would this level have been impossible to clear?"

Mosaic lifted his hand and touched the Mosaic on his eye.

White fingers, like an eraser, gently wipe away the thick Mosaic to reveal a pair of unorganic eyes. Gradually, a sly look appeared in those eyes. The fire had burned from the upper floors to the 100th floor, and with a bang it broke the stairs to the upper floors, only to see the Mosaic look up at Tang Mo and snicker as a matter of course: "...... Then the humans will die. Luck, too, is a form of strength, and humans are so unlucky."

Tang Mo breathes a sigh of relief.

He pulled out the three golden matches that he had almost forgotten about and said, "How do I use them."

Mosaic : "Light it and for each match, you can ask a question once, or be shown a vision." Said the little girl, muttering discontentedly, "It's clear that you can only have one match, it's all because you're a big bad man, blackmailing me and making me scare you into giving you two more."

Tang Mo reached into his pocket, then with one hand, still pointing the gun at Mosaic, he picked up a match with the other and rubbed it against the wall.


The fire ignites instantly.

It was a moment when time seemed to stop. Tang Mo saw that the Mosaic was slowly coming back on his eyes, but the moment the fire lit up, everything stopped.

The fire burning in the Guangzhou tower also stopped momentarily and the air froze.

Tang Mo holds the match in his hand and slowly lifts his head. Where the fire had penetrated, the blackened tower stood suspended and heavy to one side of Guangzhou Tower.

A question, or a vision.

Tang Mo's voice was calm: "The black tower is what it is."


Everything in front of him suddenly shatters and Tang Mo feels himself being pulled into endless darkness. Soon, a bright star appears in his vision. The magnificent river of stars is infinitely long and time stops endlessly as his consciousness is rapidly pulled into a different planet.

On every planet, there are endless numbers of The black tower.

Some are hundreds of thousands of seats, others only a few hundred.

When the seventh floor of The black tower is finished, The black tower dissipates and the life on the planet cries out in joy; when the seventh floor of The black tower is not breached, The black tower is annihilated in an endless river, with all the life on the planet destroyed.

And a year and a half ago, tens of thousands of The black tower descended on Earth.

Why are The black tower bosses almost always fairy tale characters? Because they are the beginning of human enlightenment, the droning and telling before bedtime over and over again.

This is the way that all human beings are most likely to recognise and accept.

During the six months of silence, these The black towers were like a thirsty sponge, frantically absorbing all the information of human society. Eventually, with its supreme civilisation, it created a whole new world - the world of The black tower - in which countless The black tower monsters emerged.

The black tower is exactly what it is.

Tang Mo opened his mouth and asked the question again.

'A test for all civilisations that touch the untouchable realm.'

A clear child's voice rings out in Tang Mo's head.

The second the voice dropped, Tang Mo was back in Guangzhou Tower. Mosaic didn't seem to realise that he had just asked a question and was still sulking with Tang Mo, calling him an asshole. But suddenly she realised Tang Mo had lit a match and she said curiously and sharply, "What did you ask ......"

No time to waste, Tang Mo said quickly, "What kind of aliens created The black tower?"

This is the second issue.

The next moment, a million images flashed before Tang Mo's eyes.

China, a secret science and technology institute.

Many old men with grey hair held up a silver chip the size of a fingernail in wrinkled hands and gazed at it with trembling, loving eyes.

USA, A National Institute.

A few old foreign scientists stand in front of a huge machine, and they shout excitedly "start". As they watched, the young researcher pressed a lever and the giant machine hummed to life.

UK, Japan, Germany ......

Aerospace, Biology, New Energy ......

In many areas that are completely inaccessible to ordinary people, mankind has touched that boundary that belongs to civilisation.

"The black tower was created by the very best individual human beings.

Tang Mo was shaken by this scene of power that belonged to the best of human intelligence before him, and his brain sent out a roar. Today he has long possessed physical strength and wisdom beyond the limits of humanity, but seeing this gathering of the intellectual efforts of thousands of human beings, he is still unable to participate, or even understand, and can only send a silent admiration to these people across the river of time.

It was they who touched that realm and were "created" to create The black tower, and The black tower came down because of them.

This fact reeks of irony, yet one cannot blame it, as if the universe had played the most ridiculous joke on all civilisations.

The second question ended and Mosaic was able to speak again, she hurriedly said, "Did you ask any questions or did you watch any phantom ......"

"The third question is why there is a test of the untouchable realm."

Tang Mo didn't see any more visions of this question, and the child's voice from The black tower answered him directly -

"There is an uncreated nature to the resources of the universe."

'Most civilisations fail to raise the level of civilisation after consuming large amounts of resources, wasting cosmic resources.'

'Passing the test is recognised by the universe as allowing the civilisation to evolve.'

At the end of the three questions, all three matches in Tang Mo's hand were burned clean. Time flowed again and Mosaic was curiously eager to grab Tang Mo and beg him to tell her what questions he had asked. She only expected Tang Mo to ask something interesting, but when she saw the silent look on his face, her lips parted and the words didn't come out.

...... This human probably asked some bad questions.

All three matches were used up, and outside the window, the collapse of Guangzhou came to an abrupt halt as if someone had pressed the pause button.

Across the planet, many humans froze and then cheered with joy as they saw the cities around them stop caving in. At this point, even the advanced players who had cleared the fifth floor of The black tower, like all ordinary players, felt nothing more than joy.

The black tower also played a timely rendition of Ode to Joy. There are no lyrics, just a cheerful melody. After this familiar music, The black tower's clear, childlike voice comes on - and the song is played in the background.

"Dingdong! China Zone 3 player Tang Mo has gained 'Respect from the Wolf Granny family' and successfully cleared The black tower level 7, all 7 levels of the tower attack ......"

The sound stopped abruptly, and at that moment, in every corner of the globe, the cheers of all humans also froze for a moment.

Tang Mo stands in the charred Guangzhou Tower and takes a white turkey egg out of his pocket. His finger has somehow drawn an 'L' on it, and on the white shell, a blue 'L' shines brightly.

The next moment, the little girl with the twin ponytails said in a disgruntled tone, "It's clear that you can only have one match, but it's all because of you, the big bad man, who blackmailed me and made me scare you into giving you two more."

Tang Mo turned his head to see the city caving in behind him, he counted the minutes, curled his lips slightly and lit a match again.

"The first question is whether, from now on, mankind will be tested in a similar way to the descent of The black tower."

The black tower did not speak for a long time.

Tang Mo asked again, "Will there be another disaster like this one."

"Human, you're greedy."

Tang Mo laughed, "Isn't that a prop within your permission?"

The black tower : "......"

'No, this is a test of eligibility for the resources of the universe. It does not come from any advanced civilization that has passed the test, only from the universe.

That is why it is absolutely fair.

Mosaic could speak again and she said sharply, "Hey, what the hell did you ask ......"

"The second question is whether the humans who died in this ordeal have any chance of being resurrected."

'Death means the recycling of resources, all of which are immortal, each particle of energy rearranging and converging to return to the resource itself.'

Tang Mo is silent.

Mosaic hurriedly said, "Just tell me exactly what you asked ......"

"One last question."

In the midst of the roaring fire, the handsome youth looked up with a broad, confident smile as he laughed -

" The black tower to mankind, how."

There was a long silence and finally, a cold child's voice said -

The test of the "non-creative resources of the universe" has appeared six trillion, thirty-nine billion, six hundred and sixty-two million, four hundred and twelve times, and the number of civilizations that have completed the test is three hundred and six billion, four hundred and twenty-one million, three hundred and sixty-six. The human race has completed the test eight human natural months, one person has passed the seventh level, nine have passed the sixth level, 97 have passed the fifth level, 26,320 have passed the fourth level, 160,000 have passed the third level, 870,000 have passed the second level, and 1,420,000 have passed the first level.

"Percentage of people completed: poor.'

'Speed of completion: excellent.'

'Eve Two hundred and seventy-six candidates survived, one passed the seventh level and six passed the sixth level.'

'Comprehensive Evaluation ......'

After a long pause, The black tower gave that answer calmly -

'Medium to high.'

Suddenly unsure of what to say, Tang Mo's lips open and close.

Tang Mo laughed, and at the other end of the turkey egg, Fu Wenduo, who heard this, also shook his head gently and gave a low chuckle.

Another Ode to Joy rang out across the globe as the surviving humans once again let out a bittersweet cheer. This time The black tower seemed to take on a hint of resentment when they briefed again, pausing briefly to add an extra name when they uttered the words Tang Mo -

"Dingdong! China Zone 3 players Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have gained 'Respect from Granny Wolf's family' and successfully cleared the seventh floor of The black tower, ending all seven floors of the tower attack."

"Congratulations to humanity, ending The black tower attack mode."

"Ding Dong! 25 June 2018 at 18:03, Earth players offline ......"

"Humans on line!"

The black tower was broadcast three times in a row, and humans all over the world were frozen in place, not understanding what it meant by that. Soon, however, a young girl pointed to the nearest The black tower and said in horror, "No, The black tower is disintegrating and disappearing again!"

Everyone panicked, but then they realised that the disappearance of The black tower had never again caused the collapse of human civilisation.

In every corner of the planet, all of humanity stood in silence, looking at the nearest The black tower and watching its demise.

It is like looking at yourself, who has tried so hard to survive in the past year, and at the more than seven billion people who have died in the cruel game of The black tower in the past year.

Beneath the Guangzhou tower, as The black tower dissipates, so do the bodies of The black tower monsters who stood by the tower watching the action.

The wolf-grandmother looked down and saw that her hand was dissipating, she sliced and looked up at the Guangzhou Tower. The ferocious werewolf gave a sinister smile and before she was about to disappear completely, she kicked the ground and flew violently towards the middle of Guangzhou Tower, slamming her fist down at the same time.

Fu Wenduo's eyes widened and he tried to stop it, but Granny Wolf had already broken Guangzhou's entire waist with a single punch.

The six hundred metre high building broke off in the middle and slammed into the ground.

Guangzhou players rushed to escape, Fu Wenduo went in the opposite direction and actually ran in the direction of the collapsed building.

With a loud bang, the Guangzhou tower collapsed and the black tower monsters disappeared from the face of the earth.

Queen of Hearts yawned, "Finally, I can go back and catch up on my sleep."

Snow White put his arms around him, "Heck, let's see if I don't make those seven bastards drink my footwash when I get back."

Granny Wolf said viciously, "That little beast must be made to study, there's no future in not studying!"

Father Christmas sets up his sleigh: "Ha ha ha ha ha, Merry Christmas!"


Schrödinger, the little black cat, grunts and twists his head around to bury it in the top of the machine butler's head.

With one hand behind him and one hand in front of him, the head of the Strange Circus gave a slight salute and smiled, "And the last show on Earth has come to a successful end."


The collapse of the Guangzhou Tower caused a violent cloud of dust that filled the world and made it impossible for anyone to open their eyes. Fu Wenduo walked straight into the rubble and started looking for the young man.

He looked calm and searched without uttering a word.

Bai Ruoyao came over and said with a cheeky smile, "Wow, even if we go, we'll still have to break Guangzhou Tower. How much Grandma Wolf must hate Tangtang."

Fu Wensheng was unhappy: "How do you know it wasn't her granddaughter Mosaic she was trying to get killed?"

Bai Ruoyao said, "Let's make a bet," but crouched down to look for Tang Mo, who was buried under the rubble.

Many players came forward to help find the player who had been crushed in the horrible ruins. The worst possibility was that Tang Mo had fallen into the Pearl River with the Guangzhou Tower, which after all was 600 metres high but only a hundred metres or so away.

One Guangzhou player whispered, "I don't think it's going to die."

Fu Wenduo raised an eyebrow and glanced towards the man. Before he could say anything, a warm hand suddenly grabbed his wrist. Fu Wenduo's body lurched and he lowered his head to look at the hand that reached out from the rubble. Lips curling slightly, Fu Wenduo took the hand and pulled the man out with a firm tug.

"Cough cough cough ...... Granny Wolf must have hated me so much that she tried to get me killed before she left."

When Bai Ruoyao saw Tang Mo, he hurried over to him: " Tangtang, how do you know that those The black tower monsters are gone, not dead? I think they are probably just like The black tower, they just disappeared. Hehehe, how about we make a bet?"

Tang Mo swept him off his feet, "Even if you bet, how will you verify the results?"

Bai Ruoyao is very righteous: "Maybe we can find a guy with divination powers to help us tell whether The black tower monsters are dead or alive." The more he said, the more it made sense, "A guy with that kind of power would be able to turn bad luck into good luck, maybe he's among the three million surviving players. Tangtang, let's bet on it, dare ......"

"Fine, just bet you lose and disappear and never show up in front of me again." Tang Mo interrupted him directly.

Fu Wenduo also immediately said, "I'm in."

Tang Mo looked at him curiously, "I'm betting with him, why are you joining in and taking my side?"

Fu Wenduo said, rightfully, "I trust you."

Tang Mo's lips twitched, looking at the man who surprisingly didn't know what to say and finally could only laugh.

Bai Ruoyao felt something was wrong: "Wait, Tangtang, why are you so sure? No, there must be a conspiracy, this is definitely not right ......"

Tang Mo laughed coldly and raised his hand to pull a thin book of supernatural powers out of the air. He opened the book of supernatural powers and a page fell out naturally. He cupped the fallen page and handed it to Bai Ruoyao, who took it and looked at it.

[Alien Energy: Existence is Reason]

[Owned by: Mu Huixue (Official Player)

[Type:Special Type

[Function: Existence is Reason Everything can exist. It can find the breakage of any object, and can affirm everything that cannot exist. The exact effect of use depends on the level.]

[Class: Grade 8].

[Restriction: When the possessor uses it to affirm the necessary existence of truth, this ability contradicts the fallacious compass and only the first function remains, losing the ability to affirm the necessary existence of all things. The effect of its use is difficult to guess, and is highly correlated with rank.]

[Remark: Even if I am ignored by everyone, my existence is justified].

Tang Mo's version of this power is a one-time power that can only be used once in a lifetime, regardless of any restrictions. For Tang Mo, this ability is no better than the moonlight on Guangzhou Tower. For many people, too.]

Bai Ruoyao holds this piece of paper and slowly crosses the corners of his mouth, laughing out loud.

Tang Mo raised an eyebrow and said, "A power that can only be used once in a lifetime, I've never seen a power that's so restricted."

Bai Ruoyao smiled and said, "Hee hee, so how do you use it, Tangtang?"

Tang Mo looked at him, then turned his gaze away from the city, which was already half in ruins.

After a long time, he said in a calm voice: "I say that the existence of human beings is justified."

Humanity exists and does not die out in any way. Everything that exists because of humans, such as The black tower monster, also exists because of it.

Bai Ruoyao spreads his hands, his face still wearing that disgusting smile, but as Andrei tries to take the piece of paper to look at it, he puts it away, folds it a few times and puts it in his pocket.

Andrei was silent: "What is it that Ni has put away?"

Bai Ruoyao : "Hee hee, guess what."

Andrei certainly wouldn't have guessed as he threw a straight punch, Bai Ruoyao sidestepped it and the two soon got big.

Ignoring them, Tang Mo took Fu Wenduo's hand in his own, and they turned their heads to look at each other.

This earth, already almost in ruins, has seen the destruction of all human civilisation, but an even more far-reaching civilisation is about to be born.

The sun sets below the horizon, leaving only the last rays of light to shine on Tang Mo's eyes like a fiery red hope.

Tang Mo suddenly said, "I am definitely not going to eat cilantro."

Fu Wenduo : "......"

He raised an eyebrow, "I'll eat your parsley later?"

Tang Mo : "Can't you just say that you won't eat anymore either?"

Fu Wenduo said seriously, "Maybe you should try it, it actually tastes pretty good."

The two men look at each other and the next moment Tang Mo curls his mouth. He shakes one hand tightly with Fu Wenduo and holds out the other: "It's over. So get reacquainted, hello, I'm Grind Sugar. Although I used to seem slightly inferior to Viktor in bridge skills, now I think I should be able to beat ten Viktors after having Shanshan's powers."

Fu Wenduo tried to take Tang Mo's hand, but he found that the hand he was facing was being held by Tang Mo. He could only take Tang Mo's hand with the same hand in a very awkward way, a deep smile in his dark eyes: "Ten Viktor? Viktor doesn't think so."

"Want to try it?"


"How long to try?"

"It's good to try it for life."

At sunset, tens of millions of The Black Tower's glazed and weathered buildings are in full bloom.

Buildings will surely rise again, and civilisation belonging to mankind has just begun.

The light of the sun shines on every human being like a ray of dawn burning in the darkness of night. A glimpse of the light of heaven, a glimpse of the future.

"Ding dong, June 25, 2018, humans are online!"

-[End of text] -


The author has something to say.

[Simplified Extra

On the first anniversary of the launch of Humanity, people have gradually forgotten about the cruel and massive game of The black tower.

Life must go on.

In China, players can be found in every corner of the country, working to rebuild their cities. We all have our own hometowns, and the places that have been destroyed and razed to the ground in the devastation are the most familiar and warm places in our memories.

After Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo returned to Beijing, it took less than six months for the city to come to life. Buildings were erected, and every day, everywhere you looked, you could see the hard-working players.

Beijing is one of the fastest recovering cities in China. It is a spiritual pillar for all Chinese people, with hundreds of thousands of players coming from all over China to work on rebuilding the city.

By the end of The black tower game, the following Christmas, Beijing had taken shape.

In the evening, Tang Mo rode his bicycle through the tree-lined lanes and returned home.

They still live in the same small two-storey building that Fu Wenduo used to live in. The house on the west side of the Forbidden City was reduced to dust along with the whole city of Beijing during the seventh floor of The black tower game, but the two men did not think twice about rebuilding it when they returned to Beijing.

Everything seems to be the same as it was before the Earth came online, except that the population has fallen dramatically and now only one or two people can be seen on a street in the once crowded and bustling capital.

Tang Mo is a man of few rituals, but when he returned home today, his eyes stopped at a jeep parked in the courtyard as he entered.

He looked at the car's number plate for a moment and then walked into the house.

Tang Mo: "Luo Fengcheng, they're here?"

Fu Wenduo was talking to someone on a communicator. When he saw Tang Mo coming back, he switched off the communicator and walked over to him, smiling, "Guess?"

Tang Mo shrugged, "Shanghai's license plate, Luo Fengcheng, I think. Why are they here all of a sudden."

Fu Wenduo reached out and wrapped his arms around his waist, and in a skillful gesture, lowered his head and placed a kiss on Tang Mo's lips. They kissed gently for a moment before Fu Wenduo: "What day is it today, do you know."

Tang Mo thinks for a long time: "Last month was the second anniversary of the launch of Earth, and now it's December."

Fu Wenduo : "Christmas."

Tang Mo : "......"

After a few seconds of speechlessness, he adds, "Luo Fengcheng still cares about such holidays?"

Fu Wenduo : "At least the first time I met you was two years ago tonight."

Tang Mo gets a little angry when he doesn't talk about it.

Two years ago, The black tower suddenly opened a Christmas surprise copy and all the players were pulled into a Christmas surprise game without any preparation. It wasn't a surprise at all, it was a shock! In that game, he met Fu Wenduo, who had just arrived in Shanghai.

At first he didn't even guess who he was, but after the first round he was beaten by Fu Wenduo and lost the game to him.

Tang Mo grunted softly and broke the man's arm.

Fu Wenduo chuckled lowly when he saw him like this.

Tang Mo : "And where are they? Luo Fengcheng? Shanshan is here too, right?"

Fu Wenduo : "And Jackass."

Tang Mo frowned: "So many people, coming all the way to Beijing just for a weird Christmas?"

"Of course not." Tang Mo looked back and saw the gentle young man with glasses walking into the house first, followed by Chen Shanshan, Jackass ......, Xiao Jitong, Chai Rong, Fu Wensheng, and The first person to enter the house was Chen Shanshan, Jackass , Xiao Jitong, Chai Rong, Fu Wensheng, and Ruan Wangshu, Yu Zheng.

When he saw so many people, Tang Mo's heart froze, and then he narrowed his eyes: "Something wrong?"

Luo Fengcheng looked at him warily and smiled, "Well, there is something, but it's not a bad thing. Sit down and talk. Jackass, can you help with the cooking?"

Jackass: "OK!"

Luo Fengcheng : "Jackass does most of the cooking for Atak, don't look at him like that, he's a good cook."

The crowd : "......"

It's hard to tell!

Jackass went to the kitchen and Chai Rong, who really felt he had nothing to do, scratched his head: "I don't feel like I can say anything." So he went along to help. When Fu Xiaodi saw this, he also said, "I'll go and help", but Fu Wenduo pushed him back.

Fu Xiaodi: "......"

QAQ Brother, there are so many people here, it's been two years, give me some face!

Tang Mo had already seen that Luo Fengcheng would not come all the way to Beijing just because of a meaningless Christmas. He's not that kind of person. There is so much more for him to do in Shanghai. If Beijing is the spiritual symbol of China's unity, then beyond that, it is Shanghai.

The Atak organisation is the leader of the reconstruction of Shanghai and is very busy. The same goes for Xiao Jitong and Chai Rong. Nanjing is no easier to rebuild than Shanghai.

But they are all here today.

Tang Mo's face sinks and he asks seriously, "What's going on?"

Luo Fengcheng looked at him and said, "It's a good thing. When I arrived in Beijing this morning, I didn't come to see you immediately, but first wandered around the city. There is no doubt that Beijing is the fastest and best rebuilt city in China, with at least half of the country's players coming to Beijing to rebuild it. But even so, after a year, it is still far from what it once was."

Fu Wenduo's eyes flashed, and he detected a hint of meaning: "You mean that this good thing you're talking about has something to do with the rebuilding of the planet?"

Not a word was mentioned, but it was possible to guess Luo Fengcheng's intentions precisely. Fu Wenduo, the number one stowaway in China, and indeed the most powerful stowaway in the world, has never been a mere player of force.

Luo Fengcheng: "Yes! Two months ago, when I was rebuilding Shanghai, I discovered a special psychic. His powers weren't very powerful. When he came online on Earth, he was only The black tower level 3 strong, and he survived in the end. But as time went on, his powers mutated a bit. As you know, after the disappearance of The black tower, human psychic powers not only did not disappear, but even changed to a greater or lesser extent. Some became weaker, some became stronger, and others underwent irregular mutations."

As he said this, Chen Shanshan poked Fu Xiaodi with his elbow, and the short-haired girl's voice was calm: "Keep your voice down and make some juice."

Fu Wensheng: "......"

What the hell are you guys doing?

Fu Xiaodi felt aggrieved to be stared at by a group of big men. But in this room, even the weakest sister Shan was not something he could afford to mess with. Fu Xiaodi wooed and took many cups from the kitchen and pressed his palm to the mouth of the cup. The next second, all he saw was orange juice gurgling out of his palm.

Ruan Wangshu picks up the cup and tastes it, his pale face slightly bloodied as he looks to Fu Wensheng : "It seems a little sweeter than yesterday's."

Fu Wensheng : "......"

If you can't talk, don't talk!!!

Yes, after the humans came online, Fu Wensheng's powers suddenly mutated one day. He used to only be able to produce mineral water with healing properties, but now, all of a sudden, he is able to produce an orange juice that increases human energy. The fact that Beijing rebuilds so quickly also has a lot to do with Fu Wensheng's powers. Drinking his orange juice, the players were able to stay up for two days and nights and still have energy.

Tang Mo took a sip of his orange juice and asked, "So, what was that man's psychic mutation?"

Luo Fengcheng looked up at Tang Mo and his gaze grew serious, "Super-engineered integrated architecture, that's the name I gave to his psychic ability."

Chen Shanshan : "And I named his ability, Urban Reconstruction."

[Ability: Super-engineered Integrated Architecture]

[Possessor: Zhuo Yun (Official Player)

Type: 4-D type

[Function: Ultra-short time, maximum efficiency, use of equipment]

【Level: Level 1

[Restrictions: Limited to construction equipment, and must have construction materials, cannot generate buildings out of thin air. Before generating a building, the building has to have knowledge of the absolute 3D condition of the situation.]

[Remark: Have you ever played My World, friend?

Luo Fengcheng tells how Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Ruan Wangshu ...... were all amazed at how fast the official player rebuilt Shanghai. Almost instantly, Fu Wenduo's mind was filled with plans for rebuilding China. The skyscrapers would rise and the country that had been buried deep in memory might indeed return.

He closes his eyes and his voice is calm and strong: "Where is that man."

Luo Fengcheng smiled, "I know what Tang Mo's powers are, so of course I'll bring him here. But he has family in Beijing too, so today he's gone to look for them first, not necessarily to find them, but never to give up hope. Tomorrow I will bring him here officially. He is also happy to contribute to the rebuilding of China."

Fu Wenduo: "Good."

Tang Mo gave Fu Wenduo a quiet look, perhaps knowing that of all the people in the room, Fu Wenduo had a great deal of expectation and seriousness about rebuilding China.

Every second, he never gave up on rebuilding the country to which he had pledged his loyalty.

Yu Zheng's soft, calm voice rang out, "It's time to eat.

The next moment, in the kitchen, Chai Rong and Jackass said together, "Is someone here to serve the food?"

Jackass: "Shanshan, come and help."

Chai Rong: "Keep your voice down, come over here."

Everyone went over to help serve the food.

The reconstruction was behind them for a while and everyone started to prepare for dinner. Just as they were about to move their chopsticks, Fu Wenduo's eyes suddenly turned cold and he held Tang Mo's hand over his chopsticks. After a few seconds, Tang Mo, Yu Zheng and the rest of the group also sank.

In a flash of lightning, Fu Wenduo got up abruptly, his body was like a charm, and he threw a small black dart out of his sleeve and shot it out the window.

Outside the window, there was a rustling sound of leaves blowing in the wind.

A baby-faced young man in a white T-shirt was seen walking slowly out, a match in one hand and a small dart cupped in the other. With an exaggerated expression on his face, Bai Ruoyao blinked accusingly, "Wow, that's too much, Mr. Fu School, you hit someone as soon as they come in after so long." He looked at Tang Mo and said piteously, "Tangtang, look, he's bullying me, I'm so pathetic."

Tang Mo gave a cold laugh.

Bai Ruoyao was so thick-skinned that he didn't care that the people in the room didn't even save a seat for him, he just pulled up a chair and sat down. Only when he entered the room did the crowd realise that he was followed by another person.

Tang Mo said in surprise, " Ning Zheng?"

Ning Zheng, dressed in black, walked into the room with a sullen face and did not sit down, but casually found a wall to lean against.

Bai Ruoyao smiled and said, "Ningning, sit down."

Ning Zheng glanced at him and did not say anything.

Chen Shanshan noticed the matches in Bai Ruoyao's hand and asked, "What's that?"

Bai Ruoyao winked, "How attentive, you noticed it right away."

The crowd: "......"

They noticed it the moment you entered the room, right?

Bai Ruoyao: "Or you can guess."

Chen Shanshan was silent: "Mosaic's matches?"

Bai Ruoyao: "You guessed it right!"

The crowd: "......"

Could your acting skills be any more fake!

The doll-faced young man was so speechless that no one wanted to talk to him anymore. Tang Mo said indifferently, "A year ago we made a bet in Guangzhou and you said it, so you'll never appear in front of me again?"

Bai Ruoyao: "Tangtang, that's not right, I didn't want to appear in front of you either. I was just desperate. I want to light this match, but I can't, even if I ask Ningning to help me. Isn't that right, Ningning?"

Ning Zheng wanted to find a hole in the ground and bury himself in it.

Bai Ruoyao smiles and says, "Ningning has a great prop that lights fires indiscriminately, just like that, chirp chirp chirp."

Ning Zheng : "......"

Bai Ruoyao looks sad: "But even such a powerful prop can't light this match. So Tangtang, I'm here to ask you for help."

Tang Mo looks expressionless: "How did you get the Mosaic matches."

Bai Ruoyao: "Wow Tangtang, do you mean that no one else can have Mosaic matches but you. How can you look down on others."

Tang Mo : "......"

He really has nothing to say to this guy!

Chen Shanshan : "Are you saying that you want Tang Mo to try out a big Mosaic match to light this match for you?"

Bai Ruoyao : "You're still the smartest."

Tang Mo : "I have the big Mosaic match and I can help you, but you should know that the function of this match is that once it is lit the fire will not go out unless it burns out. I think this is something you should know best."

The smile on Bai Ruoyao's lips faded for a moment: "Of course I know that."

Tang Mo gave him a deep look, "Okay."

Tang Mo flipped his palm and a huge match appeared in his palm. With a slight frown, he stroked the tip of the match hard on the ground, igniting the spark, then with a slight push, he raised his hand and lit the match in Bai Ruoyao's hand.

All eyes were fixed on the tiny match as it slowly ignited, and slowly the flame grew brighter and brighter. The warm, yellowish glow of the fire swayed gently, and in the silence of the flame, the crowd breathed in and out, seeing it reveal itself little by little as a tall, slender silhouette.

In the firelight, the woman with the high ponytail smiled slightly, gestured with her hands in a loving gesture, and smiled, "Merry Christmas."

The next second, the flames go out and everything disappears.

Mosaic's large match did not allow Mosaic's match to burn out completely. Bai Ruoyao took the remaining half of the match handle, Tang Mo , Fu Wenduo , Chen Shanshan ...... all watched in silence as he took a glance.

Bai Ruoyao gave a cheeky laugh: "Merry Christmas, little girl who sells matches."

Tang Mo : "What is the purpose of this match."

Bai Ruoyao was surprised, "Tangtang, you can't even guess?"

Tang Mo gave him a cold look. In fact, when Bai Ruoyao took this match and made these inexplicable requests, he had a vague guess of the truth. The little girl who sells matches, her real function when she lights them is never something that burns up all objects, nor is it answering three questions.

Rather, it was to see the person she most wanted to see.

Bai Ruoyao smiled and tilted his head: "All those who saw the match at the moment it was lit, the person they wanted to see most, the one who was no longer there, the one they thought about most, the one they wanted to see most, was the one the flame would eventually transform into. So you all want to see Deer so badly. I've run out of matches, so you should treat me to a meal after using such a precious prop of mine? Hey, what's this juice? It tastes good."

Fu Xiaodi : "...... you don't want to drink it ahhhhhhhh!!!"

Outside the window, the moon was rising and shining brightly.

Everything will be better, both now and in the future.


# Extra


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