Chapter 238: Five The black tower ~

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The black, three-pronged weapon was razor sharp, easily cutting through a century-old tree. Snow White sidestepped the blow, but Andrei's fist was already there as expected. The fist of a Russian tough guy is as rough and violent as he is, and the earth is smashed through a hole a metre wide.

Snow White said angrily, "How can you spare such a beautiful maiden as me!"

At her words, Bai Ruoyao, who had fallen to the ground, covered the side of her face and cried falsely, "Yes, you fake Snow White, how can you beat such a beautiful maiden as I am, Boing Boing." And she added an extra, pretentious wooing.

Snow White : "...... I can fuck you up!"

Snow White is convinced that a beautiful princess must be elegant and must not swear, and for the first time in her life, she does so with pleasure.

Fu Wenduo smiled lightly and said, "A good scolding."

Tang Mo put away his little parasol: "It's a good curse."

But Tang Mo didn't give her the chance to scold Bai Ruoyao again.

The attack was as violent as it was overwhelming to Snow White. If it were just Fu Wenduo or Tang Mo, Snow White would have a way to escape. But she was up against three of the best senior players. Even though she knew their powers and every item they had used, she was still losing ground.

Snow White turned and tried to run when she saw what was happening. But she could not be allowed to escape.

A small figure burst out of the bushes at some point, and on Snow White's way out, she whipped out her red whip and wrapped it around Snow White's arm. The Princess looked in astonishment at the red whip, and tried to shake it off, when a female voice said, without feeling, "I like you so much that it would kill you to like me a little."

Snow White's eyes flashed and his reaction was extremely quick: "You're a good man!"

Chen Shanshan's whip is suddenly released and Snow White has the opportunity to escape again. But the time Chen Shanshan held off was long enough for Tang Mo to use "I am the man who will become the King of Thieves" to bind Snow White. This power works like the Red Whip, but there is no spell to break it. Within a minute of being tied up, no one, not even Tang Mo, could untie the rubber cord.

Snow White was successfully caught by four men.

Not yet finished with his task, Bai Ruoyao remains in the shape of 'Snow White'. He walks up with his little skirt squeezed, looking at Snow White subdued by his companions.

Snow White was hot for his eyes: "Don't you make that face with my face, it's the biggest disaster I've ever seen in my life."

Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily and said, "Then look at me more often." As he said this, he brought his face up to Snow White's.

Snow White : "......"

"Damn it, don't you want to cut him, how do you put up with him!"

Tang Mo : "When we feed you the apple, you can cut him as much as you like."

Snow White : "......" That's a poisoned apple and you'll die if you eat it!

As if hearing the words in her heart, Chen Shanshan says: "Snow White ate the poisoned apple and died quietly. But her skin was still as rosy and her lips as bright as ever. The dwarves thought she was dead and put her in a special crystal coffin. But she didn't actually die, and when the prince kissed her, she woke up ...... Are you going to die?"

Snow White grunted and pulled away, "I don't eat apples anyway, they're the most disgusting thing in the world!"

Tang Mo : "Everyone has a food they hate, I can understand that, for example I hate cilantro."

Fu Wenduo said in surprise, "You hate cilantro?"

Tang Mo thought he was going to say, "You hate it too?"

"No, I like it a lot."

Tang Mo : "......"

What to do when you suddenly feel ready to break up.

Fu Wenduo gave a low laugh and did not speak again.

Tang Mo looked at the smile on his lips and raised an eyebrow before turning to Snow White, "We respect your intentions, so we'll give you some extra food before we feed you the poisoned apple, kind of a last meal to give something good to eat."

Snow White surprisingly asked, "Do you have spicy rabbit head." She hadn't forgotten the rabbit she'd caught the day before.

"...... has it."

Snow White shrugged, "Come on then."

Plates of fruit were brought out and placed in front of Snow White. In the middle was a plate of spicy rabbit's head, a dish as rich as a real severed head meal. Snow White was still tied up and the six of them looked at each other. Bai Ruoyao was about to say, "I'll be the one to feed her," when Tang Mo stepped forward.

The dark-haired young man picked up a plate of spicy rabbit heads with a blank face and fed Snow White a bite.

The beautiful young girl narrowed her eyes insatiably, "Ah, that's what it tastes like."

Bai Ruoyao looks at Tang Mo's back with a suspicious expression.

However, Tang Mo didn't do anything wrong and really kept feeding Snow White honestly. He fed him the spicy rabbit head and then a little salad. Finally he picked up a plate of white cut fruit, took a piece of the pulp and brought it to Snow White. Snow White opened his mouth and ate the piece of fruit.

As she chewed, she said, "Why does this taste weird, what is it?"

Tang Mo put down his plate and smiled slightly, "Surely, you didn't recognise it."

Snow White's movements suddenly froze and she immediately understood what the other woman meant: "You ...... How can this be an apple!" She didn't get a chance to get a reply from Tang Mo, however, when it suddenly and abruptly ended, and Snow White's face still looked stunned, but she had fallen to the ground, not breathing.

Tang Mo flipped his hand and took out a jewelled dagger. He looked down at the dagger and saw only a trace of the blade being glued together, as if it had once been broken.

[Props: Snow White apple peeler]

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Quality: Rubbish]

[Level: None]

[Attack Power: Poor]

[Features: quite beautiful]

[Restriction: No restriction required].

[Note: Snow White: "Do you peel your apples?"]

"Sure enough, once you peel the skin, you don't know the apple."

This is a prop that Tang Mo used to bump out when he first got Mario's hat. The dagger looks gorgeous and is associated with The black tower BOSS Snow White, so it should be very useful in any case. But it was brittle. Tang Mo cut it with his fingers and only now has Tang Mo found a real use for it: peeling poison apples.

There is definitely a way to get through any game.

In Snow White's game, this forest is her helper. The four Tang Mo's represent almost the strongest fighting force in existence, and if even they can't take Snow White, there are a few more advanced players who together would be no match for Snow White.

Is there really no way through then?

Certainly not.

A day earlier, Chen Shanshan lowered his voice and said: " The black tower gives a pass ...... to the player who can disguise himself as any one of them during the day. The disguise given by The black tower must be the most successful one and cannot be detected. So when Mr. Fu went to Snow White's school to trick her yesterday, she didn't notice anything was wrong, and it was only when we sneaked apple juice in that she noticed something unusual. So we can try to see if the forest can recognise a disguise that even Snow White can't recognise."

To verify this, during the second day, instead of choosing to attack Snow White, they decided to test their suspicions.

The six voted overwhelmingly to put Bai Ruoyao in charge of the burden of disguising Snow White. The baby-faced youth felt helpless, but did not object. And so the scene that Snow White saw in front of the cabin came to pass.

For the forest, they could not see through the disguise given by The black tower. When two Snow Whites appeared, they didn't know who to help, so Snow White's greatest help disappeared.

The seven dwarfs were so excited to see Snow White 'dead' that they came out of nowhere and gathered around Snow White's body.

"Great, she's finally dead, I'm going to throw her in the footwash!"

"I'm going to kick all her makeup in the balls!"

"I'm going to eat all her favourite spicy rabbit head, spicy chicken and sliced boiled pork in front of her!"

Tang Mo The six ignored the dwarves as a clear, childlike voice rang in their ears -

"Dingdong! Official China 312 players Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao ...... have successfully completed the game 'Snow White and the Poisoned Apple'."

The next moment, a loud voice reported across the globe -

"At 17:51 on June 24, 2018, official China 312 players Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, Bai Ruoyao, Andrey Petrov, Chen Shanshan, Fu Wensheng, successfully cleared the fourth The black tower! "

"Ding Dong! 24 June 2018 ......"

Three times in a row, the six men all froze.

It was then that they realised that three days and three nights had passed in the outside world.

The day in the game is only two hours long, but outside the game, it is a whole day. Three days and nights have passed and it's already the 24th of June, with one last day left!

There was a moment's silence before Fu Wenduo said, "Now it seems that only the one in Guangzhou remains?"

Tang Mo frowned, "We should be able to make it there now, at the speed we're going, we should still be in time."

There are only five hidden treasures in the world, which means that The black tower has recognised the strength of the Chinese players. But it is also a test for them. The stronger they are, the greater the responsibility. The last tower, they are determined to win.

With no time to hesitate, the six set off immediately for Guangzhou. But just as they had left the dwarfs' cabin, and before they had gone far enough to hear the dwarfs' complaints, a child's voice was heard around the world -

"At 17:58 on 24 June 2018, official China 3 players Ruan Wangshu, Lian Yu Zheng and Luo Fengcheng ...... have successfully cleared the fifth The black tower! "

There was a moment of silence for the whole planet at that moment.

The next second, the world let out a cheer.

China , Nanjing .

A blonde mulatto boy sits on a flower bed, hearing The black tower's announcement, and subconsciously turns his head to look at the dark-haired woman beside him. Ningning looked up quietly at The black tower, staring as quietly as she had for the past two hundred days or so.

Berlin, Germany.

The great battle of four days ago had left these senior players badly wounded and not fully recovered until now. They lay on the ground, feeling the pulse of the earth, listening to The black tower's briefing and laughing out loud.

New Delhi, India.

Blood flowed in front of the murky gates of Derry. As the sound of The black tower reached the land, it seemed to soften for a moment. The breeze blew, caressing the black blood that had dried on the ground.

New York, USA.

After a hard-fought defeat of Peter Pan, John and Bell heard the briefing from The black tower and both of them blanched.

John was displeased: "What the hell, we don't have a treasure in America, The black tower, that doesn't make any sense."

Bell was also very depressed: "Why did The black tower do this to us in America? I think we could do it all over again and give us The black tower!"

John turned his head to his companion and suddenly smiled, "Don't you cry then, Bell."

"You, you're the one crying, I'm the one crying from pain! Damn, Peter Pan is really strong, it hurts me."

And around the world ......

The battered and bruised humans on the patchy earth all looked up at the huge black tower suspended high in mid-air. It weighed heavily on everyone's heart for eight whole months, weighing down on the human race, unable to breathe, almost on the verge of extinction and collapse.

But now they have succeeded.

Humanity was weeping, and untold numbers of people sat down on the ground and let loose with tears.

The seventh floor of The black tower is finally finished and the game is finally over.

Before this moment came, they lost their parents, their loved ones, their friends, everything they once thought they could hold on to.

But it's finally over.

Tang Mo stands in the woods of Snow White, slowly raising his head to look behind him at The black tower.

It was as if everything had become unreal.

After a long time, he whispered, "Is ...... really over?"

Chen Shanshan's voice had an uncontrollable excitement in it: "It's over."

There were five The black towers in total, and in six days the humans had raided them all, completing the mission given by The black tower.

The sun is slowly setting, and the sun is waving a magnificent golden veil over the tall trees of the forest. Tang Mo loosens his grip on the small parasol and turns his head to look at Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo was also looking at him.

The two men's lips opened and closed, the words hidden in their mouths before they could be uttered, when a cruel and cold voice suddenly interrupted the global human revelry -

"Ding Dong! 24 June 2018, Block 2118 The black tower is gone."

The world falls silent at this moment.

The next second, Tang Mo turned his head in disbelief to look at The black tower.

"No way!!!"

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