Chapter 237: Ah, how could you hurt me, you fake Snow White!

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Time passed, and it was dark, with no sign of dawn.

But Tang Mo was counting the minutes in his mind.

Fu Wenduo's voice was low: "The day is two hours, The black tower is absolutely fair, so the night must be two hours too."

Tang Mo looked up at him, "She's gone far away."

Snow White's forest is so large that when it is dark, it can be difficult to find a human in this dense forest. Fortunately, The black tower is not so kind to Snow White as to offer to help her find someone in the forest, but she has to find them on her own, step by step.

Tangtang sighed with relief as the footsteps moved further and further away.

In the last three minutes, Tang Mo gripped the handle of the parasol and set off with Fu Wenduo to the place where the seven dwarfs had been captured. During the day, Chen Shanshan suggests that if the plan to poison Snow White goes wrong and everyone is forced to split up, they should meet back at that spot.

In the darkness of the night, two figures are bowing forward.

With only thirty seconds left, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have also seen the seven dwarves tied to the tree. The seven gnomes are chattering and bickering, by this time complaining to each other that they are being dragged down by their companions. Just as Tang Mo was about to enter the clearing, however, a silvery laugh rang out from behind him.

"Yah, got you oh."

Tang Mo's eyes fluttered and he subconsciously turned to open his parasol. But a myriad of vines came at him with a whoosh, to stop him from hurting the beautiful girl. But Fu Wenduo was quicker to react. Tang Mo was close to Snow White, and the moment Snow White spoke, Fu Wenduo grabbed Tang Mo's wrist with one hand.

Tang Mo exclaimed, " Fu Wenduo?"

A deep colour in his dark eyes, Fu Wenduo nodded and whispered, "Trust me." Then his arm shot up, throwing Tang Mo behind him in one swift movement.

" Fu Wenduo!"

Tang Mo shouted, but he didn't come forward to help. Dozens of vines wrapped themselves around Fu Wenduo's left arm and together they quickly pulled him in the direction of Snow White. But at that moment, a red whip flew out from Tang Mo's side and tugged firmly at Fu Wenduo's arm.

"I like you so much, it would kill you to like me a little!"

A soft female voice rang out and a light glow lit up the red whip. The dozens of vines that had pulled Fu Wenduo's feet into the ground could not have stopped the force of the vines from tearing him away. But the thin whip merely wrapped around his wrist and showed no sign of straining, and Fu Wenduo was pulled in turn in the direction of the red whip.

All that could be seen was a short girl tugging a red whip in her hand between the forest trees, pulling Fu Wenduo backwards and forwards. She didn't actually exert herself, but it was enough to grab the end of the whip, as it was a rare quality Karma prop.

[Props: a red rope that has fallen in love]

[Owned by: Chen Shanshan].

[Quality: Rare].

[Grade: Level 3].

[Attacking Power: Extremely Strong]

[Function: If any creature entangled in this red rope cries out, "I like you so much, would it kill you to like me a little?", the law of karma will work and the bound creature will definitely be dragged to the owner's side.

[Restriction: If the bound object cries out "You're a good person", the effect is immediately lifted].

[Note: I don't look like a whip, but I'm actually a red rope. I'm so cute, but my last owner never recited the spell.

The vines were unable to grab the red whip and when they did, they let go of Fu Wenduo and went straight for their master who was holding the whip. By then Bai Ruoyao and Andrei had returned. Together, they repelled the vines and trees. Snow White narrowed his eyes and was about to attack when suddenly a faint morning glow lit up from the eastern sky.

I can't believe I stayed up all night? My beauty sleep, my milk-like skin, my silk-like hair ...... I'm going to get a beauty sleep!!!"

As she walks away, Snow White seems to see the seven kidnapped dwarfs, and when they see her, they shout "Snow White, help us", but Snow White covers her face as she screams and runs away, not even thinking about saving the seven dwarfs.

The seven dwarfs were furious.

"Damn damn damn damn, I knew it, that bad woman doesn't have us on her mind at all. She wouldn't think of us if she didn't have to eat, take a bath and clean the house!"

"I must replace all the rose petals for her foot bath with cactus thorns!"

"I'm going to pour a jug full of apple juice over her meal!"

"I, I'm going to play the flute every day and make so much noise that she can't sleep and turns yellow!"

The seven dwarfs vented their anger, but still couldn't get it out, and in the end they were so angry that they cried.

The baby-faced youth leaned down fiercely and came up to a dwarf with a cheeky grin, "You're even uglier when you cry, oh."

Dwarf Sneezers: "......"

The next moment, he cried even louder: "Why are both humans and The black tower monsters such bullying perverts?

Fu Wensheng rushed to heal everyone's wounds.

The seven dwarfs finally cried until their voices were hoarse and they said no more.

Chen Shanshan summed up everyone's situation and after a moment of contemplation, she said, "If the whole forest is helping her, then all of us combined will not be a match for Snow White. She's not weak in her own right and is very good in close combat, plus this forest." The short haired girl looked up and around, " Snow White is a favourite of The black tower and this forest will help Snow White, we have two more days left, each of which we can disguise our image to poison Snow White... ..."

A bright light flashed in her eyes and the young girl said, "There it is."

After some discussion, Fu Wenduo took the lead and agreed to Chen Shanshan's proposal: "Well, that's the most likely way to go, and we have two more days to experiment."

The seven dwarves didn't hear what they were saying, but they could see the look on Tang Mo's face as they were determined to win. The sneezing spirit, who had just been bullied by Bai Ruoyao and was crying from ear to ear, let out a big green snot bubble and said dismissively, "Don't dream, that woman is more terrifying than you can imagine. Just about every ability and prop you've ever used in The black tower game, she knew all about it the moment she saw you."

Love got angry and sneered, "More than that, you guys tried to trick her into eating the apple? That's absolutely impossible. That damn woman only has a 'thing for apples'. Even if you bring her a durian and tell her it's a watermelon, she won't find it the least bit strange. It's only apples, even apple leaves, and she can smell them from a hundred metres away."

"Yes, she hates apples."

"As long as it's an apple, she'll never taste a bite."

"You stupid humans are about to die under her, and I'm going to fill every one of your mouths with footwash!"

A few of the dwarves got more and more energetic as they talked, as if they had already seen the misery ahead for the players.

Tang Mo curled her mouth slightly and looked to the dwarves, "Did you guys just say that she hates apples?"

Sneezy: "That's right, she's never eaten more than five apples in her life."

"Is that so ......"

Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily, " Tangtang, have you come up with any bad ideas."

Tang Mo ignored him, "There's something I've always been a bit bothered about, and it might be a good idea to try it out during this experiment."

Snow White's Forest, Fengjie, Chongqing.

The city of steel is cut through by a vast forest of trees, a lush primeval forest that hides human civilisation from view. The sound of birdsong echoes throughout the forest. And so the second day passes and the night comes.

Snow White stretched out and woke up from her beauty sleep. She muttered, "Huh, and those damn humans didn't bother me in my sleep?"

Snow White felt that something was wrong, so she thought about it, came out of the cabin, looked down and whispered something to a budding rose. The rose was thrilled and swayed happily from side to side. Snow White grimaced and spoke again and the rose nodded gently.

Snow White frowned in confusion, "Are these humans modified?" The next second, she sneered, "There must be a conspiracy."

Yet Snow White is undeterred by the knowledge that there is a conspiracy.

Which of the heroes of any fairy tale did not go through all sorts of hardships and difficulties before achieving the happy ending of a prince and princess living together?

She is Snow White and this is her forest, she is the woman who is favoured by The black tower.

Any danger is no longer a danger to her.

Snow White hummed a song and took a slow, loose start through the woods, stopping off to look for a few smelly humans. Only this time, the players were better at hiding. Snow White made a point of going to the clearing where the seven dwarfs had been kidnapped earlier, and sure enough, all that was left were a few rotten ropes, and the players and dwarfs were gone.

The image of the most beautiful young girl strolling through the dark woods is both beautiful and dangerous. Anyone who saw this scene could not help but worry for her, fearing that she would be attacked by the beasts of the forest. But nothing had harmed her on this journey.

When the thorn forest saw her, it gave way; when the tiger saw her, it happily bowed its head as the king of all beasts, like a big cat, and let her pet it.

Even The black tower was doting on her as she walked back to the lodge, just as it was dawn and time for her to go back to her beauty sleep.

But just as Snow White reached the cabin, she stopped dead in her tracks, her eyes widening in disbelief at the man standing in front of it.

Snow White : "......"

Snow White : "Hee hee hee hee."

The critters who followed Snow White back: "???"

Snow White's mouth twitched, "What the hell are you!"

In front of the dwarf's cabin, a beautiful young girl in the same white dress stood smiling in the doorway, as if she had been waiting for a long time. She had the same bright eyes, the same dark hair and the same red lips as Snow White, but she was not Snow White.

That underwhelming smile is so out of place on this stunning face!

Snow White had already guessed the identity of this person, she had seen him yesterday, so she was able to shout out his name accurately: "...... Player Bai Ruoyao , what do you want by taking my form. Do you think you can become the beautiful and lovely me like this? You copycat!"

Bai Ruoyao blinked in disappointment, "Ah, you've recognised that I'm not Snow White."

Snow White : "......" Nonsense, if you are Snow White, then what is she!

The corners of Bai Ruoyao's mouth slowly parted and he placed his index finger between his lips and gave a soft 'hush': "Don't be angry, my beautiful princess, you are so clever and wise that you can certainly recognise that I am a fake. But what's the point. Can you guess if this forest ...... can tell which of us is Snow White?"

Snow White's eyes narrowed as he suddenly understood what his opponent meant. But it was too late.

As soon as Bai Ruoyao finished speaking, three figures emerged from behind the hut and headed straight for a dazed Snow White. The trees and vines in the forest reacted at first to stop them. But Bai Ruoyao suddenly covered his heart and sat down weakly: "Ah, I'm hurt, how could you hurt me, you fake Snow White!

The vines and trees all stop moving at this moment, they don't seem to understand which is the one they are trying to protect.

By this time, Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Andrei were already in front of Snow White.

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