Chapter 236: Night is coming.

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Fu Wenduo raises his arms to block Snow White's attack. The sound of metal clashing in the forest was loud and clear, and at the same time, Tang Mo attacked from different directions.

Andrei bellowed and uprooted a three-person tree. The huge tree came crashing down on Snow White with a loud thud, and the young girl, dressed in white, landed deftly on her toes, quickly landing on the trunk of a large tree. At that moment, two silver blades flew from behind her.

Snow White looked surprised as she leapt from the tree, dodging the two butterfly knives. The silvery blades quickly flew back into the hands of the baby-faced youth, and Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily as he made a beautiful flourish in his hands and the twin blades disappeared into his hands. No one knows when or where his next attack will come from.

On the other side, Tang Mo also blocked Snow White's final exit.

The dwarf's hut is located in an open area of the forest. The area is surrounded by huge trees, so tall that the five figures stand beneath them, as small as ants.

Snow White is surrounded by four players. Yet her face was not a bit alarmed, but she looked at the four male players with interest. With a curious twinkle in her jewel-like eyes, the young girl rubbed her chin and suddenly clapped her hands together, "I see, you're all here because of my beauty. You are all honoured to meet the beautiful me."

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed, locked firmly on Snow White's body.

In the circle, Snow White was still talking seriously, "Fu Wenduo, the most famous stowaway of all time, Tang Mo, who had a serious problem with the circus master, Andrei, who came all the way from Russia." Her voice trailed off as she turned her attention to the baby-faced young man who was slowly approaching, "Oh, and the disgusting man who stole my apples and put me to sleep."

Bai Ruoyao blinked innocently, "Beautiful Princess, they are all entitled to be called by their first names by you, why am I so unfortunate?"

Snow White's mouth curled up in a sneer, "I don't think you've finished my apple by the looks of it."

Bai Ruoyao : "I only took one bite, really only one."

Snow White regrets, "That's a shame. If you had eaten that thing, you would have helped me solve a problem. But now you have not eaten it, and you have put me into a deep sleep. And when I wake up, you bring so many dirty and ugly men to my forest to trick me into eating apples ......" and with a wailing sound from her nose, Snow White said angrily: " The black tower knows that the thing I hate most in the world is apples. There is no one thing I hate to eat more than an apple, and I have eaten no more than five apples since I was born."

Fu Wenduo raised his eyes indifferently and smoothly took a red object out of his sleeve and tossed it directly behind him.

Fu Xiaodi catches the apple firmly and runs away with a whoosh into the woods.

Snow White saw this and said, "So this is the apple you just stole from my kitchen."

Fu Wenduo's fingers rested in his pocket and gently touched something. He didn't answer Snow White's question, and of the four, Bai Ruoyao was the only one who was particularly happy to communicate with Snow White, saying, "Beautiful princess, may I ask why you don't like apples?"

Snow White justifiably asked in return, "Why should I like apples? That's for dumb people, don't I look dumb?"

"A beautiful woman would be more lovable if she were a little more stupid."

Snow White looked at him steadily and smiled slightly, "Are you saying I'm not cute enough?"

Bai Ruoyao spreads his hands, "I didn't say that."

Snow White's clear eyes fixed on the doll-faced youth, she gave an odd "ooh" and lifted her feet towards Bai Ruoyao. Just as she was approaching Bai Ruoyao, Tang Mo suddenly said, "Run!"

Snow White was startled when Bai Ruoyao turned and ran without hesitation, and quickly turned his head in the direction of Tang Mo.

Behind him, Fu Wenduo raises his left hand and throws a silver object. The object traced a parabolic path through the air and fell straight towards where Snow White was standing. A sense of impending doom washed over them and everyone turned and fled to find a safe place to hide themselves.

There was a moment of silence in the air as the silver grenade landed on the ground.

The next moment, a rolling hot shockwave pressed against the ground and exploded with a loud bang.

The whole forest trembled at this moment, the earth shook and the trees were engulfed in a terrifying explosion. Fires blazed, quickly scorching dozens of trees. At the centre of the explosion, smoke rose. When the aftermath of the explosion had completely dissipated, the four Tang Mo men stood up from behind the boulders and looked cautiously towards the middle of the forest.

Tang Mo's heart tightened at the sight of the object across the centre: "What's that!"

A silvery laugh rang out, "This is how the whole forest loves me."

At the sound of the words, a quick rustling sounded behind Tang Mo. His mind reacted quickly to what it was, but his body could not keep up with the speed of his brain. Three thick vines wrapped around Tang Mo's legs at breakneck speed and threw him heavily into the air before slamming him down.

It was so powerful that Tang Mo was easily lifted high into the air. As it hit the ground, Tang Mo recited a mantra and hurriedly opened the parasol. The parasol acted as a shock, deflecting most of the force and allowing Tang Mo to land firmly on the ground. But it didn't end there. The three vines continued to bind Tang Mo, swinging him like a swing, swinging him into the air and slamming him into the ground.

The same applies to Fu Wenduo, Bai Ruoyao and Andrei.

The forest seemed to appear to think, and when they discovered that these four humans had dared to inflict harm on that beautiful young girl and blow her up with a bomb, they were utterly furious.

Bai Ruoyao grabbed the vines in one hand and cut them with his butterfly knife. He was the first to hit the ground and then, without a moment's hesitation, flung two butterfly knives straight at him. The two knives cut right through the vines binding Tang Mo and Andrei, while Fu Wenduo freed himself from the vines.

Once the four were safe, they looked at each other and attacked Snow White together.

The Seven Dwarfs once said that Snow White was all-knowing and that she was the darling of The black tower. However, this doesn't mean that Snow White really knows everything, she knows the powers of each player and the props that the player has used.

When Andrei plucked up two large trees with both hands and smashed them at Snow White, she was prepared and quickly dodged. She laughed softly as Fu Wenduo cut through the vines with a sharp black weapon and stomped towards her, "I'm so scared, are you really going to kill me for being so lovely." Before she could finish her sentence, two large trees frantically stepped in front of Snow White, preventing Fu Wenduo from attacking her.

Snow White is second to the Queen of Hearts in terms of ability, and the four Tang Mo's teamed up and were supposed to be able to overpower her. But the forest was her helper.

She knows each player's powers and the props they have used, and Tang Mo's powers are almost useless in this forest. He uses his "Give me back my grandfather" ability, which Snow White immediately picks up on, and catches the ability's inability to change direction easily, dodging it with alacrity. Tang Mo uses his "draw a circle and curse you" ability and before he can finish drawing a circle, Snow White throws his weapon and disrupts Tang Mo's half-drawn circle.

"As long as you don't draw that circle, you can't curse me oh. I know." The young girl winked playfully.

Tang Mo narrowed his eyes and flipped his hand to remove the large match.

"It doesn't matter if you know about the powers and props, so she can't hide!"

The four of them attacked together, blocking Snow White's retreat at every turn, with Tang Mo constantly looking for opportunities to ignite the fire. It wasn't Snow White he was trying to light, the law of causality of the match was such that if it lit a fire, it couldn't be extinguished until the object was burned out. So Tang Mo can burn down an entire forest by lighting a tree.

But these trees are cunning.

Tang Mo had a hard time lighting a small tree, which surprisingly and unbelievably took the initiative to cut off the part of itself that was lit and throw it on the ground.

With Forest as their helper, Tang Mo had a hard time taking Snow White down, but they gradually gained the upper hand.

It was at this point that the light dimmed.

The sun sets towards the horizon and the moon rises from the eastern sky.

Snow White, who had just been chased by Tang Mo, suddenly stopped in his tracks as the last rays of sunlight fell into the earth. Tang Mo's heart was in his mouth, but Fu Wenduo was one step quicker, taking him by the arm and turning to run. The four fled as fast as they could, when the young girl slowly turned around with a malicious smile on her face: "Sorry, now ...... it's time for my hunt."

The next moment, Snow White stomped to the ground and charged at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo exclaimed, "She's twice as fast as she was a moment ago!"

Andrei dodged a blow only to see Snow White land a fist that sent three trees to the bottom in quick succession. "She's got a lot of strength yeh hate much."

Tang Mo's pupils constricted, "Game rule number four ...... night is when Snow White goes out to hunt players."

Who would have thought that Snow White would be twice as strong by the end of the night!

As Snow White was getting closer, Fu Wenduo pulled another grenade out of his pocket, pulled the clasp and threw it behind him. Snow White knows all the props the player has used, so using a human-created weapon is more effective than The black tower prop.

As it happens, Snow White stops alertly in the face of an unfamiliar weapon. She waited for it to explode before moving again, by which time the four Tang Mo's had run away.

The darkness of the forest echoes with the chirping of birds.

A faint footstep echoed softly through the forest as Snow White hummed, looking for the four players while smiling softly, "Humans, why don't you come out and play with me? I love to play with humans, don't you like to play with me?"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo got separated from Bai Ruoyao when they were running away.

Tang Mo's back is pressed against a huge rock and he can clearly hear Snow White's footsteps less than twenty metres away. He held his breath and turned his head to look at Fu Wenduo.

How sure are you?

Less than 50%.

Snow White knows all of Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's powers and the props they have used. This has definitely weakened them for the player. The inability to use their powers unexpectedly and Tang Mo's ability to use his powers is weakened by half.

Fu Wenduo leaned over to Tang Mo's ear and lowered his voice: "There are two hours in total during the day."

A total of two hours had passed since they had entered the game. As is normal for The black tower, the night should also be two hours long.

Tang Mo clenches his fingers: ...... duck down.

Fu Wenduo : Good.

Snow White, suddenly strengthened at night, and protected by the entire forest.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's best option now is to wait for the dawn to come.

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