Chapter 233: Damn Mr. A and Mr. B!

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The Earth rotates from west to east, the sun sets and rises, and the sun falls below the horizon.

At 18:00 on 20 June, the second day of The Black Tower Scavenger Hunt came to an end. As the sun dips below the ground, players from all over the world, in all regions, look in horror at the nearest The black tower. Many clever players found the junction between the two zones, waiting apprehensively for the day's world to collapse.

When the moment came, the earth let out a cry of sadness, and in an instant, one seventh of the world's cities began to collapse in a frenzy.

Many players, having prepared the day before, found that The black tower in their area had started to disappear and they immediately ran to the adjacent area to escape the disaster. But there were also some who stood at the junction of the two areas, looking at The black tower on their left and right, eyes wide with despair.


The two huge black towers relentlessly begin to cave in together. On the left side of the city, the towers are like an avalanche; on the right side, the earth trembles and washes away all traces of humanity from the ground.

Tears welled up in their eyes as they cried out in anguish and despair, frantically trying to leave the two districts, but it was too late.

One seventh of the world has disappeared once again, and The black tower has issued a global notice -

"Ding Dong! 20 June 2018, Block 2118 The black tower disappears ......"

After a few moments, The black tower continued, "2118 The black tower has disappeared." After these words, without giving the surviving humans a chance to react, The black tower continued, "Dingdong! On June 20, 2018 at 18:01, South Asia 1 player, successfully cleared the second The black tower."

"Ding Dong! June 2018 ......"

Three times in a row, like a sudden glimmer of hope after the end of days, more than two million people heard the announcement from The black tower, and before tears of despair could fall, smiles of joy and excitement appeared on their faces.

"Win, win! Another win for The black tower, another win!"

"Five days countdown, three The black tower left, please try to attack the tower!"

In this moment, the victory of the South Asian players became a victory for humanity worldwide.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo are driving the car across countless urban ruins to reach Henan Province. Along the way they also come across an area that is collapsing, but luckily they react quickly and Fu Wenduo drives the car to get everyone out of the area.

Listening to the words of The black tower, Fu Wenduo was keenly aware of an anomaly and frowned: "The black tower has not announced which players have raided the black tower this time."

Tang Mo thought about it and said, "South Asia 1, I think it's the one in New Delhi, India, The black tower. There was no announcement of what people had cleared ...... because there were a lot of people who had cleared it?"

Chen Shanshan thought for a moment, with the news being so closed, it was clear that they had no idea what was happening in India, but a strange thought suddenly sprang to her mind. The young girl blurted out, "There is another possibility, all the players who raided that tower are dead."

Tang Mo was startled and turned his head towards Chen Shanshan.

Chen Shanshan was also shocked by what she had just said. She was tempted to say that she just didn't know why she had suddenly uttered that sentence. Yet both she and Tang Mo knew that the psychic super-intelligent mind, without any evidence, had a maximum 50% chance of being correct in any speculation that came out of its mouth.

Chen Shanshan would not have stated a speculation for no reason.

Tang Mo turned his head and looked ahead, his voice calm: "The players attacking the tower in South Asia 1, all of them are dead."

Delhi Gate, New Delhi, India.

The pungent smell of blood filled the air and the city's air seemed to stop flowing as the warm sunset shone on the blood that littered the ground, mapping it with a golden glow. Red blood stained the gloriously lofty gates of Delhi in vivid colours, and a small red figure was pinned to them by a lance.

The delicate Little Wang crown crashed to the ground and the redheaded loli trembled as she tried to pull this gun out of her chest, but she spat out a large mouthful of blood and was at the end of her life.

Beneath her feet was a mountain of bodies and blood.

The South Asian players have paved a high bridge with their lives and poured out a lance with their blood. This lance now penetrated deep into the Queen of Hearts' chest, leaving her with no more strength to resist.

Tang Mo and Chen Shanshan were wrong about one thing: the South Asian players suffered heavy losses, but there were not really no survivors. At the sound of The black tower, those who had survived the mountain of corpses froze in their tracks and then cried out.

They howled.

Half a month ago, The black tower forced a raid on the fifth floor, and that time, all the senior players in South Asia were wiped out, and none of them got a chance to raid the sixth floor. And now, they have succeeded.

Queen of Hearts' lips twitched as if she had something to say, but she was running out of strength to even open her eyes.

She wanted to tell the damned guys that there was more than just killing the tower guardians, there were many ways for advanced players to attack the tower. But then she remembered that the most powerful human in the group below her had only raided the fourth floor of The black tower, and she could only close her eyes, unable to utter another word.

The red-haired loli could barely even keep her eyes open, and the moment before she closed them completely she felt as if she had been taken into someone's arms. The man was very rough and not at all gentle as he pulled the lance right out of her chest. He laughed helplessly, "My lady, why don't you be polite and let them attack the tower some other way."

Queen of Hearts was so angry that she cursed in her mind: if only one of them had passed at least five levels! If she didn't have five levels, she couldn't even start a game if she wanted to.

The circus master gave a soft laugh and disappeared beneath The black tower, carrying the Queen of Hearts.

"My lady, I saved your life, you now owe me ten moon flowers, no installments."

Queen of Hearts : "......"

I'll fuck you!

On the morning of 21 June, the third tower, The black tower, was also breached.

When the Tang Mo six arrived at the border of Chongqing, Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily, "Wow, so now there are only two towers left, Guangzhou and Chongqing?"

Andrei glanced at him and said icily, "The fifth tower is in Lari, nee lead the way."

The baby-faced youth laughed out loud, "How come after all this time, your Chinese still hasn't improved at all."

Andrei smashed a big tree behind Bai Ruoyao as a threat to shut the guy up. Bai Ruoyao turned around and harassed Tang Mo with a grin as if he hadn't heard anything: "Tangtang, Mr. Fu is not a good driver at all, how about I drive?"

Tang Mo said coldly, "You lead the way."

Bai Ruoyao, who has made a fool of himself, can only show his hands helplessly.

At 16:58 on the afternoon of June 21, a jeep crossed the Fengjie Kui Men Bridge to Fengjie County, Chongqing.

As the car pulled out of the bridge, Fu Wenduo suddenly stepped on the accelerator and everyone looked at him. He turns his head abruptly, his gaze like a torch, and with a flick of his wrist. A black dart pierced the air with a whoosh and was fired at an abandoned newsstand not far away.

As if something had flashed in front of the newsstand, darts shot through it and it was soon in ruins.

Fu Wenduo said quickly, "There is something in this city."

Everyone saw the thing, but he was running so fast that no one could see exactly what it was.

Andrei said, "It's a very small cave west, very short and not supposed to be human."

Bai Ruoyao raised his eyebrows, "Bear, why not a human, in case it's a small child or a dwarf."

At the word "gnome", Tang Mo's heart fluttered: "Gnome?"

Bai Ruoyao laughed, "Yeah, there are always gnomes in Snow White's stories. Hee hee, Snow White ...... and the seven gnomes."

Crowd: "......"

They are seven dwarfs!

The unknown is always the most frightening danger.

The crowd abandoned their cars and walked, taking the opportunity to take a closer look at the city.

Six months ago Bai Ruoyao was forcibly dragged into a tower attack game here, raiding the first floor of The black tower, but he was just passing through and didn't stay in the city for long. Chongqing Fengjie is one of the many counties in the city and is not very impressive. It is nestled between mountains, with the Yangtze River running through the city and the sound of the water lapping against its banks, splashing a white foam.

Everything here is no different from before the Earth came online.

A quiet county hidden in the mountains, a town with a small population and green water. Except for ......

Tang Mo gripped the small parasol: "Did you see anyone?"

The crowd shook their heads in unison.

Along the way, the six men didn't spare every corner of the city, but they didn't see a single person.

Fu Wenduo concluded, "Not counting the suspected dwarf we met on the bridge earlier, there is no one in the city." He finished by looking at Bai Ruoyao.

Bai Ruoyao held up his hands, "Don't look at me, when I passed by here, it was no different from any other district, there were many players oh. Maybe half a year has passed and they didn't manage to attack the tower and all died in the game?"

This possibility is not out of the question.

The black tower used to have a last-place elimination game, so if a player from Fengjie was weak and was chosen by The black tower as the last-place eliminator. It is not impossible that not a single player in the entire district will make it through. Perhaps there were players who made it through, but they left the city for richer resources.

And yet, Tang Mo says, "Something's not right."

All six of them are advanced players, even Fu Wensheng has raided the fourth floor of The black tower. The whole city seemed frozen, no signs of fighting or blood could be seen. If it was an area that had been through the Last Man Standing game, it shouldn't be like this.

They walked cautiously towards the centre of the city.

Suddenly, Tang Mo turned his head towards a milk tea shop on the street. His eyes were fixed on the door of the shop, which was wide open, and the dark shop looked like a monster, waiting for its prey to enter with its mouth open. Tang Mo stared at the shop steadily for a moment before he exchanged a glance with Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo nods as Tang Mo pulls out his small parasol and walks gingerly towards the shop.

Just as he was about to enter the shop, a black figure came out from the side with a whoosh, wielding a wooden stick and striking Tang Mo viciously. Fu Wenduo was even faster than it was, and with a stomp of his foot, the black, three-pronged sharpshooter stopped the stick straight in its tracks.

When the skinny dwarf saw that he had been stopped, he bared his teeth in a vicious manner. But when he saw Fu Wenduo's face, he was startled. Likewise, Fu Wenduo frowned at the sight of him. He recalled in his mind's eye where he had seen this face before, but he could not think of it at once.

Likewise, Tang Mo felt that the dwarf was a familiar sight.

Soon a shrill cry was heard, "Damn Mr. A, you're the damn Mr. A, ahhhhh, and damn Mr. B! It's you guys, I'll never forget your two ugly faces in my life! You're the ones who got me fired by the circus master, who got the Strange Circus closed down, who got me fired from my job and who had to come back and pour footwash for that bloody Snow White!

Swinging his big stick again, the sneezing spirit slashed angrily at Fu Wenduo.

Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily and reached out to block the blow. He pretended to be surprised, "Huh, it's so weak, much weaker than I thought."

Sneezy tried to pull the stick out of Bai Ruoyao's hand, but his strength was no match for his opponent's.

At this point, Tang Mo finally remembered and he looked at Fu Wenduo in surprise: "The assembly copy of 'The Amazing Night of the Strange Circus', this is the member of the gnome circus who paid us silver coins to escort the big earthworm?"

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