Chapter 234: Okay, let's have spicy rabbit head tonight.

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Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo recognised the sneezing spirit, and with their eyes narrowed, they reached out for the dwarf without hesitation. But the Sneezy sneezed away with great speed. He abandoned his big wooden stick and turned and ran. The dwarf was not very strong, but he was so fast that in a matter of seconds he disappeared into the deserted city without a trace.

The next moment, the whole city suddenly burst into song, as if hundreds of children were singing in unison, singing through the valley.

"Magic Mirror Magic Mirror, her skin is as white as snow."

"Magic Mirror Magic Mirror, her lips are as red as blood."

"Magic Mirror Magic Mirror, her hair is as black as an ebony window."


"Mirror, mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?"

The song starts from the west and then from the east. When the last question was asked, the song stopped abruptly and seven pairs of eyes peeked out from the bushes on either side of the street. A gruff male voice said, "It's not that bad woman."

The second voice was slightly more shrill: "It's no one but the bad woman."

A third voice swallowed slowly: "That damned woman, why isn't she dead yet."

A fourth voice: "Stupid, who can kill her."

A fifth voice: "Haven't these humans returned with poisoned apples."

The sixth voice seemed to have seen something and suddenly rose to the top: "Aaaahhhh, bastards, I saw those two bastard players! They're the ones who cost me my job as customs officer of the Underlander Kingdom, they're the ones who did it!"

The seventh voice was much more familiar, the sneezing spirit of the Strange Circus: "Damned fools, how can you have a grudge against them too? Kill them, they can't wake the bad woman, let her sleep for the rest of her life!"

At the first sound, the six Tang Mo men were already armed and ready to attack. The dwarves were treacherous, their voices coming from all directions. Fu Wenduo carefully identifies them, and by the time the sixth dwarf speaks, he has found a direction. When the last dwarf had finished speaking, Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, Bai Ruoyao and Andrei rushed out in unison.

Screams pierced the sky, "Aaaaaahhhh they've found us, kill them!"

"Kill them!!!"

Fu Wensheng pulls Chen Shanshan into a restaurant, where he pulls a pistol out of his backpack. The twelve-year-old boy hid his body behind a table in the restaurant, protecting the short-haired girl behind him who could not evolve her body. He holds the gun, aiming each shot at a dwarf, who is forced to reveal his body by his bullets.

When the dwarf slows down, Tang Mo's attack follows immediately.

The blackened, three-pronged cone-shaped blade slashed down and broke a thick tree, startling the dwarfs into a momentary wakefulness and they never dozed off again. Tang Mo's small parasol was sharp as a tack, and as he held it open, he used its hard surface to push the two dwarves in front of Bai Ruoyao. The two dwarfs fumbled with their hair as the silver blade glinted and they said in horror, "Don't shave off my hair, it's all I have left to hide my baldness!"

Andrei, on the other hand, is a little kid with a punch.

Each of the seven dwarfs is incredibly weak, but their speed is inversely proportional to their strength. They are so weak that they are no match for the six Tang Mo's. Chen Shanshan could probably beat them in physical strength alone.

But they were fast as hell.

Tang Mo looked at each other and Andrei slammed his fist into a giant billboard on the street, knocking it to the ground and blocking the way of the four dwarves.

Bai Ruoyao blocked one way, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo each blocked an exit. The seven dwarfs were blocked to death, and the wisest dwarf, Wannabe, had a twinkle in his eye: "I'll go and find the smelly woman, you wait."

The other dwarves were not happy: "You are clearly trying to run away!"

Marvelous was incomparably sinister, even though his purpose had been revealed, he did not blush, and even managed to say with a straight face, "One can escape, I am not going to die with you." But no sooner had he finished speaking than a rubber cord wrapped tightly around his arm. Marvelous looked at the other man in dismay.

A thin rubber cord was seen shooting out from Tang Mo's palm and tying the dwarf's arm in a death grip. No matter how much Marvel struggled, he could not untie this rope.

Andrei stepped forward and tied the seven dwarfs together in turn, like candy canes on a string.

The seven men seemed to have been printed from the same mould, all short, dry, thin midgets. After being tied together, they began to grumble at each other.

"I blame you, I told you I couldn't care about these bad humans, they're awesome."

"How did I know they were so powerful, the humans weren't that strong before. "

"Of course they're good. They're the ones, the two bastards, who cost me my job at the circus. They even had the audacity to offend the Honourable Grea!"

Tang Mo looked at the dwarf who spoke, and after a moment's examination, he recognised it: was this actually the dwarf officer of the Underlander Customs?!

"I know that big guy, he's a pain in the arse, he's the one who stole my private bottle of banana wine in the Banana Lounge that time!"

A dwarf dressed in green glared angrily at Andrei, who, after a moment of recollection, said in English to the dwarf in green, "Was it a single-player copy of a game I once entered last year that allowed me to steal a bottle of wine from the Banana Tavern? It's been almost a year."

The dwarf shouted in annoyance, "You haven't paid for my banana drink in a year!"

Andrei : "......"

Each of the six Tang Mo players is an advanced player who has experienced numerous The black tower games and their names are well known in the The black tower world. They have also made enemies with many of the The black tower bosses because they have played so many The black tower games.

All seven dwarfs were tied up with ropes and the six gathered together and began to discuss what to do with the seven guys.

Tang Mo: "They are seven dwarfs, and with their strength, they are certainly not the guardians of The black tower. The real guardian of the tower is Snow White. Using them, they can find Snow White and even threaten her."

Fu Wenduo, in a rare contrast to Tang Mo, points to one of the dwarves and says in a calm voice: "He just said that he really wants to kill Snow White. This is The black tower world, not a fairy tale. Snow White is a dangerous The black tower boss, and her relationship with the dwarves is obviously not good either."

Bai Ruoyao: "So what should we do, should we let them go? If we let them go, maybe they will go back to Snow White and give them a message."

Tang Mo looked to him, "Didn't you say Snow White was asleep?"

Bai Ruoyao gives a mysterious smile as he pulls out his backpack, unzips it and shows it to Tang Mo.

Tang Mo glanced over, "What for."

Bai Ruoyao: "Hee hee, Tangtang, don't you see anything missing?"

Missing something?

Tang Mo takes a closer look at this backpack.

A few seconds later, his eyes widened in surprise, "Where's the apple?"

Bai Ruoyao smiled, "It seems that the apple disappeared from my backpack as soon as I entered the city. Ah, could it have been found by its owner and gone back to Snow White? Well, Snow White has woken up by now, hasn't he?"

Crowd: "......"

Tang Mo wants to lift his foot now and kick this bastard baby-faced youth into the Yangtze!

Such an important piece of information, and you're just fucking saying it now?

As if hearing what Tang Mo was saying, Bai Ruoyao was a little aggrieved: "I only just found out about it."

But no one believed him, it was the story of the wolf. Having been fooled so much, people don't even believe Bai Ruoyao's words, not even for the punctuation.

Before the six could come to a discussion, the dwarves shouted first.

"Ahhhhhhhh she's awake?"

"Bastard bastard bastard, that stinker woman actually woke up!"

"I don't want to pour her footwash, I don't want to wash her socks, she's going to die quickly aaaaahhhhh."

Chen Shanshan grasped the point and calmly asked, "Is the ugly woman you are talking about Snow White? Do you want her dead too?"

The seven dwarfs nodded their heads together as if they were mashing garlic, moving in a neat and tidy way that actually had a special sense of joy.

"That's for sure, who wants to meet that stinking woman. She's nothing but a face!"

Chen Shanshan : "In that case, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Do any of you know how to kill Snow White?"

As soon as Chen Shanshan finished speaking, a clear child's voice rang out -

"Ding Dong! Triggers the single player challenge co-op game 'Snow White and the Poisoned Apple'."

"In the dense forest of The black tower lives a beautiful and kind princess. She had skin like snow, lips like blood and black hair like ebony. All the animals in the forest loved her so much that the birds would sing for her ......"

Just as the words were spoken, the city, suddenly, came to life with the squawking of crows.

"The flower is willing to bloom for her. "

On both sides of the road, bushes that had just been budding suddenly withered.

"The seven dwarfs willingly became her servants."

The dwarfs like diced turnips: "I pooh-pooh!"

The black tower continues: "Snow White is the most popular woman in the forest. The most beautiful girl in the kingdom of the Underlanders, she suffers countless attacks on her life every day. If beauty is a sin, she has already sinned a great deal. Beauty is always more moving when it comes to a screeching halt at the climax. So said the circus master."

"Ding Dong! Game rules -"

"First, the only thing that can kill Snow White is the poisoned apple."

"Secondly, once a day during the day, players will have the opportunity to poison Snow White in the manner of their choice and with the person of their choice. When poisoned, the player can automatically change into his or her desired appearance. Note: Only one player can change their appearance each day."

"Third, players have a total of three chances, three days and nights to find a chance to kill Snow White."

"Fourth, daytime is when players are poisoned and nighttime is when Snow White goes out hunting for players."

"...the whole world is jealous of my beauty! Snow White lets out a shout."

After all the rules had been announced by The black tower, a huge turquoise tree sprang up unannounced. Huge trees magically burst out of the concrete, some growing in the road and others between two buildings, squeezing them to the sides.

Trees and grasses, flowers and birdsong.

Three seconds later, a silent forest appeared in front of the crowd. Who would have thought that this forest would have been a human city just a few seconds ago?

The forest is still a remnant of the city, but there are so many trees that the whole of Fengjie County is covered by them as a primeval forest. Surrounded by the trees, a huge black tower hovers in mid-air.

At that moment, a beautiful singing voice came from the distance.

The sweet song was like the most beautiful song of a nightingale, and even the six Tang Mo people were so moved by the perfection of the song that they were lost in thought for a moment. The next moment, however, the song came to a screeching halt and the other party hemmed and hawed, "Look what I found, a wounded rabbit! Okay, let's have spicy rabbit head tonight."

Crowd: "......"

This is definitely not Snow White!

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