Chapter 232: Deer, I'm back.

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Europe, Berlin, Germany, 5.31 p.m.

Thick clouds of snow cover the sky, the snow has long since stopped, but the snow on the ground is already ten centimetres thick. The Brandenburg Gate was completely covered in white snow, and from a distance it looked like a white door frame. Suddenly, a black figure is thrown heavily against one of the Brandenburg Gate's stone pillars.

The two-hundred-year-old stone door trembled violently, and a narrow crack appeared in its body. The silver-haired woman who had been thrown up against the stone pillar had no time to rest and recuperate from her injuries; she landed in the snow, and the next moment she jumped backwards three steps with one hand on the ground.


A giant lollipop appeared where she had just fallen, smashing the ground into a large crater.

Santa had a kind smile on his face, but waved the lollipop: "Ha ha ha, play along, my sweet boy!"

The battle was almost crushing.

The bodies of those who died under the Brandenburg Gate were buried in snow, the silver-haired woman was the only survivor, but she was so battered and bruised that her movements and reflexes could no longer keep up. Another blow, this time one that the silver-haired woman did not dodge, and she was slammed hard by the lollipop. She fell to the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood, unable to stand any longer.

Red blood ran down the wound on her head, wetting her eyes. Holding her upper body up with difficulty, she saw the tall, strong Father Christmas step up to his sleigh, pulling on the reins and laughing: "So it's time for the last moment. Santa never kills anyone, my child, but if you lie in the snow and are accidentally trampled and run over by my reindeer, it's not Santa's fault. The old man's eyes are always bad, and all the kingdom of the Underlanders know that." At those words, Santa laughed and drove his reindeer towards the silver-haired woman.

Ye Lianna's eyes tighten as she tries her best to get up, but she is already exhausted.

The sleigh was only five metres from Ye Lianna when a sharp crack of wind suddenly sounded. Santa's face changed and he turned the car around to avoid the flaming shot. The flaming bullet was fired into the Brandenburg Gate, where it burst into flames and melted most of the snow around it.

Santa turned his head to look at the visitor and narrowed his eyes.

Ye Lianna, too, turned her head with difficulty and looked in that direction. Only to see that at some point, the snow clouds were clearing and the sun was setting from about to slide down to earth. Where the sky meets the horizon, six black figures, bathed in warm sunlight, walk towards the Brandenburg Gate. One of them, a young blond man, has his left arm raised flat, a musket covered in golden patterns resting on his arm.

It was obvious that he had just fired that shot.

As the six walked up to the Brandenburg Gate, Santa looked at the six humans and seemed to recognise one or two of them as he smiled, "Lovely children, it's been a long time, Merry Christmas!"

A middle-aged man pulled Ye Lianna up from the floor and asked, in french-sounding English, "Who are you?"

Ye Lianna said coldly: " Yelena Ivanovna ."

The young blonde came up to me: "Russia, the first one to clear the fifth floor of The black tower?"

Ye Lianna swept him off his feet without speaking.

The middle-aged man smiled and the crowd turned their heads to look at Santa.

"Just because Lena and Donde are dead, doesn't mean we're out of people in Europe. Europe's only global sensation, The Black Tower, Berlin, Europe 1, doesn't need to be raided by you Russians. Brothers, it looks like we've come to the right place this time." The middle-aged man pulled out a long knife and looked at Father Christmas with a bloodthirsty smile: "Kill him and take The black tower in Berlin!"

New York, USA.

Seizing the opportunity, Peter Pan leapt into the air and swooped down, his long golden spear stabbing Bell-Fosco right in the chest. But there was no sign of nervousness on Bell's face, and he smiled a winning smile. Peter Pan noticed something was wrong and, surprised, flew away, but it was too late.

John suddenly appeared from behind him and shot three bullets straight into Peter Pan's chest.

All over the globe, players are everywhere working hard on their towers.

China, Beijing.

It was dark and late at night.

The moon is bright and five figures walk down the ruined hill.

Fu Wensheng wipes his moist eyes and Chen Shanshan looks over at him. The child shook his head, "My eyes hurt a bit from the wind."

Chen Shanshan did not say anything.

The first returnee in the time rankings had a more advanced item than Tang Mo. The red whip was given to Chen Shanshan by its owner and the rest of the items were divided among the five.

Chen Shanshan found her voice a little hoarse as she opened her mouth, paused for a moment, and when she spoke again her voice was back to normal: "Although Bai Ruoyao has been revived, he has not been seen. The black tower says he's alive, so where is he? We have to go and find him."

Fu Wenduo: "He was in The black tower game when he died, and now it's most likely he's underneath The black tower."

The black tower hovering over the Forbidden City has disappeared along with the entire city of Beijing, but if Bai Ruoyao appears, it is most likely to be there. The five men gathered their things and set off in the direction of the Forbidden City. They were only halfway there when Fu Wenduo stopped dead in his tracks.

The crowd immediately looked at him.

Andrei closed his eyes for a moment and listened, "There are footsteps."

The city of Beijing has just disappeared for a few hours, and the original players on the land have either fled or disappeared along with the city. How could there be anyone left at this time?

A name comes to Tang Mo's mind and he looks at Fu Wenduo in surprise, and they instantly understand each other's meaning.

"Eh, who's that?" Fu Wensheng exclaims.

The crowd looked back.

A slim figure was seen coming over the horizon in the bright moonlight.

The baby-faced young man walked carelessly with his hands in his pockets, walking not too fast but not too slow, annoying to look at, just like the person he was, always underwhelmed. He took one step at a time, and when he saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, he made a deliberately surprised face: "Wow, what a coincidence, seeing you again, Tangtang, Mr. Fu School. Is this fate?"

Tang Mo gave him a faint look, "Did you come here on purpose?"

Bai Ruoyao winked, "What came over on purpose? Tangtang , I suddenly appeared on a mess of ruined rocks, which scared me." As he said that, he acted scared, but his smiling face didn't show that he was the least bit scared as he said, "I looked around a bit and recognised that the stones and bricks on the ground looked like those of the Forbidden City. Then I just looked in a random direction to see if there was anyone nearby and ask what was going on. Hee hee, Tangtang , you see that the fate between us is really recognized even by the heavens, to let me find you all at once."

Bai Ruoyao's eyes sweep over each of the five men, and when he sees Andrei he looks away quickly.

Instead of asking where the man who was often with Andrei and always being chased by him had gone, he cocked his head and said, "Where's my butterfly knife?"

Tang Mo, expressionless, takes two silver pocket knives out of his pocket and throws them over.

Bai Ruoyao takes the knife. His deft fingers stroked the thin hilt of the blade and flung two beautiful blows in the air. With a snap, the butterfly knife disappeared into his sleeve with a speed unseen by the naked eye, so fast that even Fu Wenduo did not see it.

Bai Ruoyao put his hands in his pockets again and curled his mouth, "So now can you tell me what has happened to ...... since I died?"

Tang Mo recounts in simple terms the events that followed Bai Ruoyao's death.

From the deaths of Lena and Donde, to the players breaking through six floors of The black tower. Then they get the clue and The black tower opens up the seventh floor of the tower, asking players from all over the world to attack the tower together.

Chen Shanshan said, "The clue from Chongqing player Li Xia is unknown to us for the moment, and I presume it is likely to be a message about the location of The black tower as well. But the third clue given by The black tower is you." After a pause, the young girl looked up at the doll-faced youth: "Do you know where the fifth The black tower is?"

Bai Ruoyao didn't answer her, but raised an eyebrow: " Beijing Changping, Guangzhou, Berlin and New Delhi. Are you planning to go to Guangzhou now?"

Chen Shanshan nodded: "The circus master is great, but he is not the strongest player in The black tower world. Grandma Wolf and Father Christmas are both better than him. Although Ruan Wangshu has already taken Chosen's people to Guangzhou to help attack the tower, but Mu ...... "The voice stopped and the young girl tightened her fingers as she continued, "But we've heard that Guangzhou doesn't have any But we've heard that Guangzhou doesn't have any particularly strong players, so we're planning to leave for Guangzhou now, the sooner we can attack the tower, the better."

Andrei's muffled voice suddenly rang out, "What the hell does Nee know about clues, Shrink!"

Bai Ruoyao turned his head to look at the tall, burly Russian man as his murderous aura snapped down. Andrei had never looked so fierce before, as if he would snap the baby-faced youth's neck if he didn't cooperate.

Bai Ruoyao gave him a fixed look, and after a moment he said accusingly, "What have I done wrong again, Tangtang, look at him, he's bullying me."

Tang Mo : "What do you really know?"

Bai Ruoyao puts away his acting.

After a long time, he said, "You're wrong about one thing. If the third clue given by The black tower is really me, as you say, it's me. Then it doesn't mean that I'm the only one who knows where the tower is, because I don't know anything about the game, and The black tower never told me anything like that. That clue is what it means on the surface, that it's me. And there is only one tower on Earth that is inseparably and intimately related to me ......"

"I've actually died once before, in a tower attack game on the first floor of The black tower."

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed, "What do you mean?"

Bai Ruoyao looked down at him and smiled cheekily, "That's what it means, Tangtang, would I lie to you, am I such a person? All right, all right, you foreigner who can't even speak Mandarin, don't hit me with your fist, I'll stop talking nonsense." At the end of the sentence, the doll face's fingers moved and a half bitten apple appeared in his hand.

" The black tower second level of the tower attack game, I was forced to attack the tower by The black tower when I was passing through a county. Originally it was just a normal tower attack game that could be cleared by completing the main game. But I made a bad choice ......." He looked to Tang Mo , "The first player in the world to pass the first level of The black tower hard mode is called MOMO, Tangtang, that person is you, right? I should have been the first to clear the second level of The black tower's hard mode, but I died there. But before I died I stole something and took a bite out of it and I came back to life. ...... Since then, my life has been forcibly tied to the boss in that game."

"She slumbered, but I lived."

" The black tower told me that the only way I could get rid of this damn apple and truly live was to break through the seventh floor."

Bai Ruoyao winked, " Tangtang, have you guessed who she is?"

Tang Mo looks at the half bitten apple in Bai Ruoyao's hand, bright red. A name haunts him and he almost blurts out -

"...... Snow White ."

Half an hour later, the six men arrived at the junction of Beijing and Baoding.

At the dividing line between the two cities, the six men stop dead in their tracks. It was not that they could clearly see a line separating the two cities; China's cities have never deliberately drawn city boundaries. But at this moment, they saw a line with their own eyes.

To the north of this line are the wretched ruins of humanity, and to the south of this line is a dwarf house.

At this point it became clear that they had left the city of Beijing and China 1.

Fu Wenduo looks behind him at the ruined city and turns to leave. The others also looked away to the north, watched for a moment, and continued to the south.

Tang Mo said, "All the stuff in Beijing is ruined and I can't find a car. There should be a car in Baoding, let's go to the city first and find a car, Chongqing is still a long way away."

Fu Wenduo said, "It's faster to split up and look for them."


Fu Wensheng was halfway there when he realised that the psycho-like guy hadn't followed him. He turned his head to look.

The doll-faced young man was standing at the junction of the two cities, looking away from Beijing, between the dawn and the dawn. With a flick of his wrist, a silver butterfly knife suddenly appeared in his palm. Fu Wensheng is startled, not understanding what he wants, and the next moment he throws the knife.

The beautiful butterfly knife made a beautiful arc in the air, cutting the only Little Bai flower in the weeds next to it and flying into Bai Ruoyao's hand. His force was so controlled that he had the flower in his hand at the same time as the butterfly knife fell back into it.

The doll-faced youth sniffed the flower and sounded disgusted, "Tch, it doesn't smell good at all."

Then he knelt down and placed the flower in the devastated earth of Beijing.

A small, ordinary wildflower stands quietly in the soil, swaying in the wind.

Bai Ruoyao pokes the flower with a smile, whispers a word, and then turns to leave.

Fu Wensheng felt that he had misheard him, when Bai Ruoyao walked past him and said in a pretentious manner, "Tangtang, did you cry when you saw me die, ah, were you sad?"

Tang Mo : "Shut up."

"Hee hee hee hee ......"

The six men continued their journey to the south.

"Did you really hear it wrong?"

The child stroked his head and followed the group forward.

The words dissipated on the wind over the ruins of Beijing.

---'Deer, I'm back.'

The moonlight dissipates and Chaoyang rises.

Soon, Fu Wenduo found an abandoned jeep in a county town in Baoding. The six men got in and quickly headed for Chongqing.

Bai Ruoyao had this to say, "Chongqing is huge, there are eight The black towers. The black tower was so bad that I just walked past it and it pulled me off the tower game."

Fu Wenduo : "Where is that tower?"

"Fengjie, Chongqing."

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