Chapter 230: Dingdong June 19, 2018, Block 2118 The black tower randomly disappeared finished.

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The long red whip, like a soft snake, wraps lightly around the thin staff.

Grea raised an eyebrow in surprise. He was using the special effect of his short staff at the moment, constantly shifting his position. While he was teleporting, his walking stick was actually shifting 360°. Mu Huixue's ability to bind a moving walking stick is a testament to her strength.

Mu Huixue shouted, "I've tied him up!"

Tying up the short staff is the same as tying up the circus master.

Mu Huixue stomped to the ground, his hands gripping the whip with a firm grip as he fought against Grea. On the other side, Andrei roared and slammed down on Grea with his fists in both hands.

Grea was unable to move instantly because his cane was tied by a long whip. But this did not limit his strength and he was helpless, holding his staff in one hand and his bowler hat in the other as he dodged from side to side through Andrei's punches with agility. Andrei's fists were so fast that they exceeded Tang Mo's dynamic vision, and in the same way Grea's dodging speed created an illusion that even he could not see.

Mu Huixue is holding on and Andrei is attacking strongly from the front.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other, and they attacked directly from the left and right.

As the four of them work together, Grea's eyes narrow and she suddenly releases her grip on the staff. Mu Huixue took the thin staff and threw it directly at Tang Mo, trying to get him to use it. But Tang Mo said the incantation to use the staff, just as Grea had done, but saw no effect.

Grea smiled and said, "My lady, there is only one circus master in the world."

The staff is unusable, but an extremely powerful and rare item. Not a wholesale mass-produced parasol, Tang Mo simply tosses it aside and uses the staff as a weapon to attack Grea.

Fu Wenduo and Andrei were the main attackers, while Tang Mo and Mu Huixue kept sneaking in with light moves.

Soon all four men had wounds on their bodies. Grea side-steps Fu Wenduo's attack and on the other side Andrei's fist comes at him. He dodged the blow deftly and was met by the weapons of Tang Mo and Mu Huixue.

If this continues, the result will be obvious.

Unlike the strong, purely violent The black tower monsters such as Granny Wolf and Father Christmas, the Circus Master and the Queen of Hearts are both athletic The black tower bosses that are not necessarily stronger than the former two, but are able to stall for time in a group battle and keep their enemies from hitting them.

Fu Wenduo cornered Grea and Tang Mo immediately crossed his arms and shouted, "Give back my grandfather!"

The blazing flames instantly pounced on Grea and engulfed her.

In the midst of the fire, a black figure lumbered to the ground with one foot and leapt into the air. Mu Huixue swung her whip to bind Grea's legs, and as it wrapped around her ankles, she saw the red-haired gentleman lower his head and flash her an elegant smile.

Mu Huixue thought badly and immediately let go of his grip on the whip. Unfortunately, he was too late. Grea grabbed the whip with one hand and the lightning traveled down his palm to Mu Huixue's body. Mu Huixue was knocked backwards by the violent lightning strike and fell to the ground, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Tang Mo and the others look up at Grea.

The circus master took Mu Huixue's whip and landed it firmly on the ground. He laughed, "You took my weapon, so of course I had to get one back. This one seems good?"

Mu Huixue's whip was also a rare prop, and it finally dawned on the crowd that the circus master had the special ability to manipulate lightning.

With each swing of his whip, the ground splits into a deep crack and lightning scorches the earth with a black trail.

The four kept dodging his whip, when they realised that it was perhaps a better use for Grea than a short staff. The staff was too short and, unlike the whip, had a wide range of attack and now none of them could get close to Grea.

Fu Wenduo's eyes narrowed as he turned his head and said, "Together, I will cleave a path."


All three men chose to trust Fu Wenduo.

When he found an opportunity, Fu Wenduo flung his hands together and a black, three-pronged sharpened weapon appeared on both his arms. Grea sees him and throws a long whip straight at him. Fu Wenduo swung his arms and the black metal sharpshooter collided with the red whip with a fierce metallic clash.

Fu Wenduo's whip was so thick that it cleared a path, and Tang Mo rushed forward.

Grea's mouth curled slightly as he saw what was happening. His next strike tied Fu Wenduo's left arm, and Fu Wenduo frowned as he dodged away. A violent bolt of lightning struck Fu Wenduo's left arm with a long whip, severing the black weapon in its tracks.

Fu Wenduo let out a stifled grunt and jumped backwards three steps, bracing himself on the ground with one hand to stabilise himself.

His left arm was severed and blood ran down the ground. But on the other side, the Tang Mo trio were already in front of Grea. Grea had no choice but to retreat, almost certain defeat. At this point, he let out a low laugh: "One of you has to die, or The black tower will think I'm letting you off the hook."

With that, he flipped his hand and took out a small, seven-coloured ball.

The ball was a smaller version of the kind often used in circuses, a balancing ball, and when it appeared in the air, everyone's hearts fluttered and a sense of foreboding gripped their bodies. Tang Mo shouted, "Back!" But there was no time.

The head of the Strange Circus is a man with a very small heart. His heart was divided into three pieces, two for Tang Mo and one for Fu Wenduo.

Of the four, Tang Mo is the one with whom Grea has the deepest grudge.

He turned his head towards Tang Mo and crushed the seven-coloured ball, a dazzling coloured light slipping out of his hand. It turned into a rope and wrapped itself around Tang Mo with incredible speed and grabbed him in front of Grea. Grea grabbed Tang Mo's neck with one hand and took the staff from his hand with the other.

Tang Mo's eyes twinkled as he planned to use his powers to escape as "a very fast man". But Grea squeezed his hand and leaned down and whispered in his ear, "My lady, Cinderella only said you could beat me, not what it would cost you to beat me. Only one death means you are strong. Don't waste your props ......" After a pause, he smiled a deep smile, "Or powers."

Tang Mo's eyes fluttered, and Grea had no hesitation in tightening his grip on his neck. In just one moment, Tang Mo's neck would be crushed alive. There was no time to save him, Fu Wenduo rushed straight to his aid. But at that moment, Mu Huixue took out a small compass with his hand and held it in his palm while his other hand swiftly fluctuated the pointer.

"Fallacy, there is no such thing as an insoluble rope, I refute!"

In a flash, as if the sound of glass shattering, the colourful rope holding Tang Mo in place shattered all over the floor.

Grea gave a rare look of surprise when Tang Mo took out a large match and, with a cry of anger, set his right hand alight. Grea knew the match, of course, and while Mosaic was not very powerful, her props were interesting. He cut his right hand away without blinking, and as Tang Mo fled, he looked up at Mu Huixue, amazed, "How did the human get it?"

Tang Mo wiped the blood from her lips and turned her head towards Mu Huixue.

This is the same question he wanted to ask.

The Fallacy Compass, a rare prop in the same class as the Truth Clock.

There are also highs and lows between rare props.

The king's gold coin is no match for Grea's staff, and Grea's staff is no match for Santa's giant lollipop. And above that is the clock of truth and the compass of falsehood.

When Tang Mo first tried to take the fake clock from Schrödinger's Iron Fortress, he was ridiculed by Schrödinger as a fool's errand. But now Mu Huixue is in possession of a fallacious compass, the genuine article.

Mu Huixue puts away the fallacious compass: "There is no prop in the world that cannot be possessed, and I contradict you on this point."

Grea looked at her steadily for a long time, and then he laughed helplessly.

The circus master stepped aside and picked up the bowler hat he had dropped on the floor while dodging Tang Mo's large match. He put the hat back on and smiled gently, "I concede defeat and congratulate you on passing The black tower, which I guard. The black tower did not tell me that you also possessed a fallacious compass." He looked to Mu Huixue, as if observing something, and then said, "My lady, you have long been one with it. With it, no creature in the world can kill you. It's a dangerous thing to have a prop of this level, you've broken the fairness of the game, and The black tower will hold a grudge against you, and something bad will happen."

At that, Mu Huixue's body lurched, and then she said calmly, "Then I will wait slowly for The black tower's revenge."

Grea spreads her hands.

Despite the words of defeat, all four players did not let their guard down.

With his crutches on his good hand, Grea turns towards The black tower. Halfway to the tower, he stops and looks up at the sun slowly setting in the sky. There is no sunset in the world of The black tower, only a red-bronze body of light. He stared at it for a moment, as if he would never see such a beautiful sight again.

Grea gave a low chuckle as he lowered his head, pressed his bowler hat down and continued his walk towards The black tower.

"Welcome to the Cirque du Freak and a successful conclusion to tonight's show."

The figure of the circus master faded below The black tower, and it was only when he had disappeared that Tang Mo breathed a sigh of relief.

At the moment Grea disappeared, the black tower above the crowd burst into a seven-coloured light. A cheerful nursery rhyme plays and players all over the world stop moving and listen in amazement to the song.

As the song ends, The black tower's crisp, childlike voices make a global announcement...

"At 17:14 on June 19, 2018, official players Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, Mu Huixue, Andrey Petrov, Fu Wensheng and Chen Shanshan from China 58 have successfully cleared the first The black tower. "

"Ding Dong! June 2018 ......"

Three times in a row, The black tower concludes: "Six days to go, four The black tower's left in total, please work hard to attack the tower!"

Tang Mo looked up at The black tower and breathed a sigh of relief.

The black tower said that there were five The black tower on the seventh floor and now only four remain.

Grea disappears and Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng rush up to heal everyone.

The most seriously injured of these was Fu Wenduo. His left arm was severed and his body was covered in gruesome wounds as he fought off Grea's whip alone. But thanks to his genetic restructuring powers, he recovered so quickly that it wasn't long before Andrei was the most severely injured.

The crowd left first and found a place to settle down.

Tucked away in an abandoned office building, Tang Mo is about to ask Mu Huixue about the fallacious compass. Suddenly, a dull boom sounded from outside the window. It sounded like tens of thousands of tall buildings collapsing in unison, and the earth let out a wail. The crowd shuddered and quickly ran to the window and looked to the south.

Standing at the height of the 31st floor, Tang Mo's six eyes slowly widened as they looked out over the city not far away.

A skyscraper was seen collapsing across the vast expanse of land, divided by the junction of the two districts.

As if dissolved, human civilization was all but shattered in front of all the players.

Buildings high into the sky, long bridges and high towers, overpasses ......

The old and vicissitudes of historic buildings in the former cross streets of traffic ......

In the city, all memories of humanity disintegrated. The view was magnificent, like the last glory of the end of days, as tens of thousands of humans ran frantically out of the city, bathed in the last rays of the setting sun.

As the city crumbled to its last brick, the huge black tower that hovered directly above the city flashed a white light. In a calm voice it said indifferently, "Dingdong! China Zone 1 disappeared."

With those words, it was as if the pause button had been pressed on everything.

All the players who had not yet left the China 1 area stopped where they were, some of them still in a fleeing stance, some of them only a few metres from the Beijing line. But they stopped.

Fu Wensheng sees a young woman running through the rubble at the border between Changping District and Haidian District, and stops suddenly. Just half a metre in front of her, a white wall of glowing light rises, enveloping her and the entire city of Beijing in this curtain of light.

There was a crisp crumbling sound and over 10,000 players shattered with a bang and disappeared into the earth.

The black tower above the city also emits a soft clang and dissipates into a dazzling white light.

It all happened in just five minutes.

"Ding Dong! 19 June 2018, 2118 The black tower has randomly disappeared."

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