Chapter 229: Fu Wenduo's stamina is really good ......

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Although not all information on the remaining four towers was available, Guangzhou, New Delhi and Berlin were unexpectedly revealed. It was a pleasant surprise that the locations of these three towers were revealed.

Andrei whispered in Russian: "The furthest away is Berlin. I'm leaving for Berlin as soon as I leave this game."

Mu Huixue : "Is it too late?"

Andrei: "We have to go even if it's too late. The two most powerful players in Europe, Lena Chopehos and Donde-Sevco, are all dead, and if no one takes the Berlin tower, it won't matter if we take the others."

Mu Huixue thought for a moment, "I'm with you."

Andrei froze, and after a long moment, he looked at Mu Huixue: "I thought you had something to do."

Mu Huixue : "...... Maybe I can go too."

The two men did not speak again.

On the other hand, Wang Xiaotian may feel that she has been tricked by Chen Shanshan, and the young girl's second question makes her feel that she is at a great disadvantage. The black tower has five hidden treasures, and the first challenge for the players is not to raid the black tower, but to find the five The black towers.

Now, as soon as she opens her mouth, she reveals the location of the four The black towers.

Beijing Changping , Guangzhou , New Delhi and Berlin.

"It's a good thing no one knows where the last tower is, otherwise it would be really annoying, humans are so annoying." Wang Xiaotian mumbles glumly to herself. When the camera caught up with her, she instantly turned into a happy woman again. She waved happily at the audience and said, "So, here's the third question. As regular viewers of Happy Quiz know, the third question is the last easy one. Hey, I wonder how these six guests will answer it?"

With that, Cinderella's eyes swept over to the six men.

She licked her lips, gritted her teeth and stared at Chen Shanshan, finally grunting and averting her eyes. Her face was smiling, but she was secretly determined to get rid of these human bastards.

Wang Xiaotian flipped through the booklet quickly, as if trying to find a puzzle to puzzle Tang Mo's men.

The questions she asks are one more difficult than the other, but not completely insurmountable. It was as if she was bound by something that prevented her from asking questions that were impossible for the players to answer. Wang Xiaotian was in a bad mood when she didn't get the player. When she saw the third question, and it was Chen Shanshan who came up to her, her mouth twitched and she suddenly regretted coming here to help Grea guard the tower.

But then she seemed to think of something and bristled with disdain.

"Ask away, little one, feel free to ask whatever you want."

Chen Shanshan looked at her steadily and after a long moment she asked, "Third question, please, how do you defeat the circus master, Glea Sykes?"

Wang Xiaotian froze, then she turned to Grea.

Like her, Grea froze for a moment when he heard the question. He slowly turned his gaze to look at Chen Shanshan with a soft, sticky gaze, and after a long moment he laughed, "Did Tang Mo or Fu Wenduo tell you to ask that question, my lovely little lady, hmm?"

Chen Shanshan's face did not change, as if he did not notice the murderous aura that was so strong that it almost became a substance. "I asked for it myself."

Fu Wenduo stares at Chen Shanshan with rapt attention, as if trying to find traces of her lies in the child. But in vain he returns. Grea smiles, tapping his fingers on the small round table and propping his chin up with one hand as he watches Wang Xiaotian and Chen Shanshan with great interest.

Wang Xiaotian spreads his hands helplessly: " Sir Grea, that's not what I wanted to say, she asked the question." The implication is that I'm not to blame, it's these damn humans who are counting on you.

Wang Xiaotian replied: "It's very easy to beat Glea Sykes, you just have to be better than him. But in The black tower world, there are only no more than three people stronger than him, so it's very difficult to really beat him. But if it's the four of you - Fu Wenduo, Mu Huixue, Andrei and Tang Mo - you have a 70% chance of defeating him with the props you have. Just watch out for his walking stick, it's a very magical and rare item. No one in the world of The black tower knows what it can do, because no one can make him use it to its true effect."

Grea laughed, "Should I thank you for at least not spilling the beans on what my crutches actually do?"

No sooner had this been said than another round of questions ended and Chen Shanshan stepped forward again. She looked at Wang Xiaotian and said, word for word, "Fourth question, what exactly is the effect of circus leader Glea Sykes' walking stick."

Wang Xiaotian : "......"

Grea : "......"

Wang Xiaotian replied through gritted teeth: "When his cane touches an enemy, Grea himself can instantly move to any position of that enemy with the enemy as the centre of the circle and the cane as the radius. The prerequisite is that the cane always touches the enemy and that he keeps it in his hand."

Chen Shanshan nodded, "Thank you."

Wang Xiaotian : "......"

I thank Nima!!!

Wang Xiaotian suddenly felt that in all the episodes of Happy Quiz he had recorded, he had never been so frustrated. It was Grea who was at a disadvantage, as his cards were known to Tang Mo. With the strength of the four Tang Mo players, his chances of winning against him were low. Now that Fangzhi has been told what his weapon does, his chances of stopping Tang Mo from raiding The black tower are even slimmer.

Grea shakes his head helplessly as he gracefully lifts his cup of tea and takes a gentle sip of black tea.

On the other hand, Wang Xiaotian was furious.

She struggled through her booklet to find the hardest questions that The black tower would allow. But even if she did ask a question, one of the six players would always be able to give her the answer.

This time, Wang Xiaotian asked Fu Wensheng a very difficult question, and it looked like Fu Xiaodi was about to fail to answer it. At this point, Tang Mo said softly, "Choose C."

Fu Wensheng, without hesitation: "I choose C!"

Wang Xiaotian : "......"

"Wait, that's a question I asked him, who are you to answer it!"

Tang Mo curled his lips and looked at Fu Wenduo: "I remember the rules of the game given by The black tower, did it say that bystanders cannot speak?"

Fu Wenduo gave a low chuckle at the dark-haired young man's sly look, "Well, no."

Wang Xiaotian : "...... damn damn damn damn, starting today, I'm adding a rule to my show! No off-court help!"

However, the players managed to get through the fifth question without any problems. It was Wang Xiaotian's turn to be asked.

Cinderella suddenly calmed down when she saw Chen Shanshan come forward again. She touched her microphone and smiled, "What would you like to ask?"

At the height of his anger is an almost frightening calmness.

Wang Xiaotian knew that the first six questions might have been easy for them. But the last four questions, those were hellishly difficult questions. Six of them, twenty-four questions in total. She could guarantee that there would be at least one question out of the twenty-four that none of the six players would be able to answer.

Does it matter how long you wait to get back at these damned humans.

Cinderella smiled slightly: she had all the patience in the world. Even if that player was forced to quit the game with the King's gold and not participate in the quiz, that was something she had earned.

The King's Gold is the only rare item that can be used to exit a tower attack game, one less than the other.

Wang Xiaotian was ready for Chen Shanshan to ask some more very odd questions. She said, "You say you know everything, so I want to ask you ...... what my father really wanted to say to me before he died."

At these words, Tang Mo looked down at the little girl in front of her.

Chen Shanshan is so smart and so calm that one often forgets she is only fifteen years old.

When Tang Mo was working at the Suzhou Library, he heard a colleague gossip that after his divorce from his ex-wife, the godfather had been trying to visit his daughter in Shanghai, but his ex-wife wouldn't let him. As a result, the father and daughter had not seen each other for three years.

Fu Wensheng was dismayed to hear Chen Shanshan's words and said, "Is that even a question?"

This question certainly works.

The only thing forbidden in The black tower is to ask questions about the pass, and Wang Xiaotian said she knew the answers to all the questions. As such, it is certainly not against the rules for Chen Shanshan to ask this question.

Wang Xiaotian looks at Chen Shanshan with a puzzled look, and behind her, Grea suddenly lets out a laugh.

Cinderella turned back to the Circus Master and looked curiously at him, " Monsignor Grea?"

Grea smiled, "Go on, I just thought it was an interesting question."

Wang Xiaotian didn't know why, and she replied, "Your father wants to tell you to live well."

The answer was a golden one, as a father would want his daughter to live in a sudden game of The black tower. But Chen Shanshan didn't say anything when he heard such a ribald answer, and accepted it.

Wang Xiaotian took out her pamphlet with a fist in the air, wanting to make things difficult for Tang Mo's six, but before she could open it, Mu Huixue's smiling voice rang out, "I'm curious about one thing."

Wang Xiaotian looks up at her.

"If I am correct, this The black tower belongs to the Circus Master, and the The black tower that you, Cinderella, are guarding is another one nearby. So now you are here to 'help' him, what about your own The black tower? Don't you need to go over there and guard the tower."

Wang Xiaotian could have left this question unanswered, as it was not her time to answer it. But she doesn't care, she says lightly: "Other players who go to my The black tower will also enter the Happy Quiz game."

Mu Huixue : "So it's like when we first got here, it doesn't really make a difference if this game has you or not. You sit there with the circus leader and drink tea, and those players before you were able to play the game on their own, answer questions and get punished."

Wang Xiaotian's heart tightened, but she remained calm and asked, "What do you want to say?"

Mu Huixue did not speak as she turned her head towards Tang Mo.

Tang Mo raised his hand and took out a thin book of psychic powers from the air. He turned to a page in the middle in front of Wang Xiaotian, then took out a pen and wrote a few lines on it.

Wang Xiaotian did not know what he had written, but she sensed that it must be very bad for her. She grunted softly and said coldly, "What tricks are you trying to pull again."

Chen Shanshan : "I don't know if I'm right in surmising that you're not omniscient until someone asks you a question."

Wang Datian froze violently.

"If you really know everything, why don't you know what questions I'm going to ask of you, and hai will be surprised and angry when I ask those questions. You are not omnipotent. But just now you have answered three kinds of questions for me in all. The first one is a cosmic formula that humans don't even know about, you know, but this is something that even the circus master doesn't know."

Chen Shanshan continued: "In terms of strength, I don't think you're better than the circus master, but you know more than he does, which is a very unconventional thing. Apart from that, you have answered my second question. You told me a piece of information that all The black tower monsters don't know, but you do. That is what the circus master's walking stick really does."

Wang Datian had already figured out what was wrong, but she couldn't refute it, so she sneered, "So what? This only proves that I am really omniscient. Unlike The black tower BOSS, I am the host of Happy Quiz, Wang Datian ......"

The voice stopped abruptly and Wang Datian said in dismay, "No, my name is not Wang Datian, it's Wang Datian ......"

With her mouth hanging open, Cinderella tries her best to say her name, but no matter what she thinks, she thinks her name is Wang Datian. It was as if something had changed her perception, not only her, but also Grea, the black tower bosses who knew her, and the audience, who all agreed that her name was Wang Datian.

Yet in front of her, on the grid where she stands, the words " Wang Xiaotian" still shine in gold.

Again, the six words "Presenter: Wang Xiaotian" on that slim booklet have not changed.

Once the name is written in the book, the name cannot be changed.

But today, the Cinderella in the presenter's chair is no longer Wang Xiaotian. The thin booklet flies out of Wang Datian's hand, straight up into the sky and hovers in the centre of seven exclamation marks.

Yes, the moment Tang Mo wrote the new name " Wang Datian" in the book of powers, the exclamation mark suspended in the sky changed from six to seven. A brand new exclamation point hovered above Wang Datian's head, ready to fall at any moment.

Chen Shanshan : "You answered three questions that you shouldn't have answered at all, and the answer is that you took it all for granted. Especially the third question, the answer you gave was not a golden answer, everything in your demeanor tells me that the answer you said is the right one."

"Truth, secrets, emotions."

"No one should be able to answer all three of these questions, and yet you know all of them."

"If I've deduced correctly ......" said the short-haired girl after a moment's thoughtful wording, "the host has an immutable law of cause and effect on this show _ whenever a guest asks her a question, whatever the question asked is whatever the question is, the host is bound to know. The premise is that the player asks the question, and you don't know anything that the player doesn't ask. So ......"

"So she doesn't know that I have a psychic power, one that can change anyone's name." Tang Mo tucked the power book back into the air as his voice calmed, "It's a karmic power, and the way it works is actually quite demanding, requiring me to know a big secret about the person whose name I'm changing. The more important the secret, the higher the success rate of the name change. I guess your biggest secret is the truth of the Happy Quiz game, right? It's lucky that I guessed it correctly."

[Alien Powers: Your Dad is Still Your Dad]

[Type:Special Type

[Function: Has a certain chance to change the name of the subject, works for seven days, can be used once every ten days. Karma Law Ability, cannot be reversed.]

[Restriction: You must know the name, face and birth date of the target. The better you know the target, the greater the chance of the power working.

[Tang Mo version usage instructions: It works for three days and can be used once every 30 days. After use, the subject will receive one of Tang Mo's most important secrets.

Tang Mo laughed, "Coincidentally, there is nothing I can't tell you right now. Even if that secret is known to you, I don't care."

Cornered by the six human players, Wang Datian clenched his fingers and bowed his head.

She knew that she had lost.

The game could no longer continue and she turned to Grea and cried, "Sir Grea, unfortunately I cannot continue to guard your tower and the game is unilaterally terminated. You must avenge me, for they have done this to me, a poor, helpless girl."

Grea stands up and hands over a handkerchief.

Wang Datian wiped the non-existent tears from her eyes, only to hear Grea say, "Actually you're having fun too, aren't you, My lady?"

The feigned sobs ceased abruptly and Wang Datian looked up from his handkerchief with wide, beautiful blue eyes at Grea.

Grea touched her head gently: "Congratulations, My lady, you did your best, you're relieved."

Wang Datian smiled happily as she suddenly took a step and stepped out of the yellow grid. The moment she stepped out of the grid, there was a sound of breaking glass in the air and the yellow grid disappeared beneath the feet of all six Tang Mo members.

"Dingdong! Congratulations to players Tang Mo , Fu Wenduo ...... Chen Shanshan , Fu Wensheng , for successfully passing the 'Cinderella's Happy Quiz Game'."

Wang Datian walks with a much lighter step, oblivious to the fact that her name has been maliciously changed from the lovely Wang Xiaotian to the inexplicable Wang Datian. She claps her hands and a pumpkin carriage appears below The black tower, which she happily walks up.

Just as she was about to leave the place, she suddenly pulled on the reins of the carriage and lifted the curtain.

Wang Datian grunted proudly and looked at Tang Mo , she smiled, "I don't know what exactly your powers are that you can actually change my name, but the moment you changed my name, a secret about you suddenly appeared in my heart."

Tang Mo is very calm. His biggest secret is that he has been secretly in love with Viktor for a long time, and now that he is with Fu Wenduo, it doesn't matter if Wang Datian tells him the secret, it's only open to the two kids.

Wang Datian was seen cocking the corner of her mouth with a sweet smile, "I'll tell you what, this guy, player Tang Mo, his biggest secret is ......"

Tang Mo interrupted her and said lightly, "I'm with Fu Wenduo."

Mu Huixue was surprised for a moment, then thought better of it and was quickly relieved. Andrei, on the other hand, was unconcerned and gave an indifferent "oh".

The two children were the most reactive, Chen Shanshan was dumbfounded for a moment and when she came to terms with it, she muttered, "No wonder I thought there was always something wrong between Tang Mo's brother and Mr. Fu's school. It seems that I know too little about relationship matters and I need to make up for that knowledge in the future."

Fu Wensheng, who heard this, was in a bad way: "......"

Wait, why is it that your first reaction, Sister Shanshan, is that you feel you need to replenish your knowledge base!

The most important issue now is that Big Brother and Brother Tang are actually a couple!

Why does everyone just take it so easily!!!

Tang Mo herself blurted out the secret, and Wang Datian froze for a moment. She said oddly, "You thought I was going to say this?"

Tang Mo's heart tightened as he realised something was wrong: "Wait, you ......"

With a sudden sense of revenge, Cinderella, no longer caring about her ladylike demeanour, burst out laughing: "Hahahahaha, I'll tell you what, his biggest secret is that - Tang Mo has always thought that it's a good thing that all of them are now in better physical condition. Otherwise they would have had enough to do once in their lives, Fu Wenduo's stamina is really good."

Dozens of silvery steel needles cut through the air with great speed and shot at Wang Datian. But Wang Datian quickly closed the curtains and drove away in his pumpkin carriage.

The air is embarrassing.

Even the circus leader, who always likes to target Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, coughed and decided to be a human being and not add to the mess.

Fu Wenduo didn't think Tang Mo's secret would be this.

Mu Huixue turned her head awkwardly, pretending not to have heard anything, but the corner of her mouth couldn't help but curl up and snicker a little.

Fu Wensheng, one of the two children, didn't understand what this meant and asked Chen Shanshan, "Sister Shanshan, what does it mean to have good stamina and what does it have to do with Brother Tang?"

Chen Shanshan : "......" How can this be explained.

Andrei was the most direct: "What did she just shrink, so fast, the nest didn't understand."

Tang Mo : "......"

Closing his eyes, Tang Mo looked calmly at Grea. His hand gripped the handle of the parasol, while Fu Wenduo, Mu Huixue and Andrei also took out their weapons.

They didn't have time to waste elsewhere.

Glea Sykes smiled slightly as he leaned on his crutches and laughed, "My lady, you want to get it on together? I never go down on children, and most of the time I don't go down on women. But the likes of the player Mu Huixue, I don't think of her as a woman." After a pause, he continued, "So ...... are we going to fuck together now?"

Before she could finish her sentence, Grea suddenly looked aghast.

In front of him, Chen Shanshan pulls Fu Wensheng quickly aside, while Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, Mu Huixue and Andrei, disappear into the air at great speed. They were so fast that they created shadows in the air as they ran. The four of them suddenly attacked Grea from all four directions, and Grea did not dare to be careless.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the show ...... has begun!"

With those words, a crimson light flared up on Grea's staff. His staff gently touched Andrei's chest, and at the moment of contact, Andrei's fist swung hard, but only into a cloud of air. Grea had somehow managed to get behind him, holding his staff, the end of which was pressed against Andrei's back.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo look at each other and Mu Huixue throws a long red whip.

Instead of panicking, Grea waved her short staff and wandered between the four players as if in a grand dance of grace.

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