Chapter 221: By the time I write this line, Tang Mo has already eaten Fu Wenduo's ......

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In the darkness, a young, shapely, shady-looking man slowly comes up the stairs, none other than Southeast Asian player Abdullah.

The old white man looked at the two men and confessed, "I'm the first one here, and I've only been here half a minute, and this Don is here too. This is the attic, so I assume you're here for the same reason I am." As soon as he opened his mouth, he cleared himself of any connection and explained his purpose: "I came to see if the body was still there."

Tang Mo : "Me too."

Abdullah gave the two men a look, "The same."

Old George was silent and asked, "Come in together?"


The old man's hand pressed on the attic door handle and gently twisted it open. Dim light streamed through the window and into the attic. The doorway opened wider and wider, and Tang Mo's gaze became more and more focused. But he was slightly relieved to see the body still resting in the attic.

Abdullah : "He's still around."

Old white man: "I have little interest in this corpse."

Tang Mo : "Go out and see?"

The crowd agreed to his suggestion, "Good."

There are a total of two hours in the evening, but this does not mean that the player has to stay outside for the full two hours. Not going outside is allowed by The black tower, and going out and coming back in soon is also allowed by The black tower. During the day, they are faced with a dozen players, whereas at night there are only three, making it easier to observe each other.

However, the three did not intend to move together, and when they came down from the attic and walked to the stairway on the first floor, they separated.

This is a rare opportunity to investigate the castle on its own.

During the day, all conversations are held around the long table. Even when searching for clues, everyone must work together. This is to ensure fairness and also to prevent monsters from sneaking in and removing clues.

Tang Mo chose to go to the ground floor lobby, while the old man and Abdullah chose to wander around the first floor.

As the three men parted, Tang Mo quietly looked up at the backs of the two men. The old white man chose to go left and Abdullah chose to go right. The two men did not cross paths and were simply looking for clues on their own, as if they really did not want to waste any time and were cautiously trying to find out the truth.

Tang Mo walks down the stairs to the long table.

In the centre of the long, narrow wooden table are thirteen small puppets. On the backs of the wooden chairs, the names of Lena, David, Anatoly and Bai Ruoyao are all crossed out. When night falls, the players cast their votes and leave them upside down on the table, leaving no one to worry about their whereabouts. Tang Mo looked closely at the table and saw that there was not a single white vote, nor was there a single red vote.

One by one he walked past the chairs where each player had sat.

Then he went to the fireplace and turned over the thick ashes. Then he went to the kitchen and searched carefully in the cupboards.

Half an hour later, the sound of clattering footsteps sounded on the stairs. Tang Mo was carrying a candlestick, the dim light of which reflected on his face in a rather sombre manner. His face was expressionless as he walked up the stairs, past the first floor and up to the third loft. At the doorway to the attic, he stopped and brushed his head back, looking down the stairs.

A grim face is faintly illuminated by candlelight.

Tang Mo was silent for a moment: "You're light on your feet."

Abdullah : "I've always walked very lightly." After a moment, "Oh, you'd think I'm a monster because of that?"

The sarcastic laugh raised Tang Mo's eyebrows and, without replying, he turned and opened the door to the attic.

Looking steadily at the scene inside the door, the next moment Tang Mo turned back, his voice calm: "Who stole the body, do you think?"

The narrow, dimly lit attic was seen to be hugely empty.

Bai Ruoyao's body is missing!

Abdullah looked up abruptly, "What are you trying to say? I didn't steal it."

Tang Mo holds up the candlestick: "Not me either."

Abdullah : "Oh, it's the old guy."

Tang Mo inhales and sniffs the air. There was only the scent of dust that had been sealed for a long time, no other smell. He held up the candlestick and leaned down slightly, letting the light from the candle shine into the corner of the attic door. Looking at a brown mark on the corner of the wooden door, Tang Mo reached out and wiped it lightly.

It can no longer be smeared with anything, but it is wet.

Tang Mo : "Where did George go, the old man."

Abdullah's dark eyes reflected the dull candlelight: "I didn't see him."

Tang Mo held the candlestick and curled his lips slightly: "Is this your blood or his ......" Before he could finish his sentence, a harsh crack of wind sounded from behind Tang Mo, who threw the candlestick directly at him. Abdullah shattered the candlestick with a single punch and stood at the bottom of the stairs, looking at Tang Mo with a cold, snake-like gaze.

It was the first time Tang Mo had ever seen him smile, and his grin was eerie and ominous, especially in the darkness.

"You're going to die anyway, so what's the point of asking so many questions."

As the last word was spoken, the fist came as expected. As the punch was about to hit Tang Mo, Abdullah's five fingers opened up into a claw shape and punched Tang Mo right in the heart. Tang Mo sidestepped and pressed one hand against the stair rail. Abdullah's claws were in the shape of eagles, and his attacks came at Tang Mo like shadows.

His nails had turned black at some point, and as he grabbed the stair rail with one claw, he managed to gouge out five finger marks in a raw manner. Where his nails touched, the wood made a nuisance sound and quickly rotted and melted.

Tang Mo didn't dare to be careless when he saw this, he used his hands to brace himself and rolled down the stair rail to the first floor.

Abdullah came straight after him.

Once the terrain opened up a bit, Tang Mo was no longer passive and he started to attack.

Abdullah is not strong and is even a little thin, but he is fast. His body was soft and he attacked Tang Mo from all angles, and whenever Tang Mo tried to touch him, he was able to bend his body to avoid it, slipping like a fish.

With another blow, Abdullah's five fingers were embedded in the wall.

This is the opportunity!

Tang Mo's eyes lit up and with a cry of rage, he pulled out a metal handrail from the castle stairs and stabbed Abdullah with the sharp end. In the next instant, Abdullah pulled out his five fingers. The next thing he knew, Abdullah was pulling his five fingers out and a smile appeared on his grim face.

Abdullah roared and attacked Tang Mo, stabbing him right in the heart. Tang Mo dodged quickly, but he still managed to gouge out a large chunk of flesh from his waist. The flesh began to rot and melt where the black nails had touched it. Without hesitation, Tang Mo cut off a chunk of flesh and kicked at his opponent.

Both men took three steps backwards each.

Tang Mo : "There was some coincidence where you attacked, which forced me to pluck out this piece of flesh."

Abdullah smiled coldly, "You're still smart, if you had dug into the flesh a second later, my alien poison would have killed your heart."

Tang Mo gave a soft laugh, "You don't know what I mean."

Abdullah ignored him, "Die!"

This time, Abdullah's attacks were more intense and rapid. He didn't seem to have any time to dwell on Tang Mo, seizing every second to attack. As Tang Mo was pushed back, Abdullah kicked the fireplace to pieces, blocking Tang Mo's view of the rubbish bricks. As he did so, he attacked quickly. His claws were about to pierce Tang Mo, but his body suddenly bent in an uncanny shape to avoid the blow.

Abdullah immediately realised: "So this is your power?" Having figured out Tang Mo's cards, Abdullah looked determined to win. "No wonder that guy said that if you don't have your powers, you'll die easily. You're not very good at fighting at all."

Tang Mo didn't have time to speak as he was forced backwards by his opponent.

In the castle, Abdullah's claws leave a trail of claw marks on the walls. He grows more and more frantic, as if his powers will fail if he doesn't kill Tang Mo soon. With great difficulty, he cornered Tang Mo at the dead end of the stairs. Tang Mo could not avoid it and his black poisonous claws dug straight into his chest.

At that very moment, however, a metallic crash sounded.

Abdullah's eyes widened and he looked down incredulously at his right hand. The black fingernails had clearly reached Tang Mo's chest, but they hadn't made it in. Not only that, but his fingers trembled slightly and the black nails made a crisp click as three of them snapped off in unison!

"No way, you can't use a prop, unless it's a rare level prop, there's no way something can stop my nails ......"

The sound stopped abruptly and Abdullah slowly lowered his head to his abdomen.

Tang Mo leans his back against the wall, panting woefully and raggedly. Sweat drenched his cheeks and his clothes were stained dark red by the blood running down his waist.

Abdullah's pupils trembled gently as he looked at the sharp object that had been stabbed into his body.

Only to see Tang Mo reach out and stab him through the stomach with his right hand, forward, in the same position as him. The only difference was that his claws touched Tang Mo's chest and were cracked by something as hard as iron; Tang Mo's right arm transformed into a pitch-black, three-pronged weapon, the cold weapon stabbing straight through Abdullah's body.

With a strong taste of blood pouring from his mouth, Abdullah's eyes turned red and he tried to attack again. Tang Mo didn't give him the chance and drew his black weapon and with the next blow stabbed Abdullah right through the skull.

The Southeast Asian player's mouth was wide open, a black, bloody hole in his forehead. His voice was hoarse as he tried to say the words "You have two powers", but the blood clogged his throat. Without being able to utter a single word, he fell to the ground and lost his breath.

Tang Mo's fingers tremble as she pulls her shirt open and looks at her chest.

[Ability: Genetic Recombination]

[Owned by: Fu Wenduo (Reserve)

[Type: Genotype].

【Function: Any cell in the body can be steeled, the resulting steel body has rare prop-level hardness; recovery ability is accelerated, 100 times that of ordinary humans; cells can be regenerated.

[Grade: Grade 9].

[Restriction: Extremely difficult to evolve].

[Remark: The last player to have this ability became Eve.

[Tang Mo Edition Instructions for use: Can only be used once a day for 30 seconds each time. Cell regeneration is 50 times faster than normal humans and can last up to 5 minutes. By the time I write this line, Tang Mo has already eaten Fu Wenduo's bleep- and not paid for it!

Tang Mo's heart is a black patch of steel skin. Slowly, the skin becomes as it was, but there are still five black finger marks on it. As the black toxin slowly worked its way down the skin, Tang Mo raised his right hand without blinking and used the black sharp object to pluck the flesh from his chest.

He grunted and wiped the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

After a minute's rest, Tang Mo walks up to the attic and opens the door.

Inside the quiet, empty attic, the floor is covered in blood from the hundreds of pieces of meat left by the American player David two days ago.

There is no body of Bai Ruoyao.

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