Chapter 220: Revenge?

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Two days and three nights, with time flowing at six times the speed, leaves the player with only ten hours left.

When Mu Huixue finished saying this, there was silence at the long table.

Each of the twelve players here is an advanced player who has been through numerous The black tower games, life and death trials. Even George, an old white man who seems to be the underdog, has already cleared five levels of The black tower and is not to be underestimated.

The strength of these players should make them more accurate in finding the monsters hidden among the players, but it is also the strength that causes all players to hide from each other and be wary. Even now, Tang Mo doesn't dare to say that he knows the strength of everyone here. Everyone hides too well, which makes the game even more difficult.

The more you hide, the less you reveal.

The same is true of the black tower monster.

East Asian player Takao Yamamoto mused, "I don't have a pass in mind right now."

Lian Yuzheng looked straight at him, "You mean, you don't think of it now, you will think of it later?"

Takao Yamamoto gave her a deep look, lowered his eyes, and spoke in a calm tone, "That method, I think all the players here know about it."

Lena Chopehos gave a mocking laugh of uncertainty, and her companion Donde looked at Takao Yamamoto with a smile. Abdullah, the South-East Asian player, remained with his arms around his chest, not participating in the discussion. The older white man and the two American players frowned, seemingly displeased by Takao Yamamoto's words.

Before they could say anything, however, Mu Huixue's smiling voice rang out, "There is something that I think we can consider. It was Fu Wenduo who said it." She turned her head to look at Fu Wenduo for a moment.

Mu Huixue smiled and continued, "The two players who died the next day were so badly mutilated that it was impossible to ascertain whether they had fought with the murderer before they died. Bai Ruoyao, who died yesterday, was identifiable as having been in a fight. Other than that, only Lena, who died on the first day, remains." After a pause, she added: "I'm talking about Lina Chocoru."

There were no signs of struggle on Lina Chocoru's body," said Yu Zheng.

Mu Huixue nodded: "Yes, so in private, Fu Wenduo mentioned two possibilities, which I think are very correct. Firstly, the killer was so strong that Lena was unable to resist and was killed. Secondly, the other person was someone Lena knew well, or at least knew. So she didn't take any precautions and was killed outright."

Although all players agreed to spend the day at the long table, with every word spoken for all to hear. But in private, players can certainly find opportunities to communicate. The six Tang Mo players, for example, had a brief exchange with the six Chinese players. Mu Huixue knew about Fu Wenduo's speculation, and Tang Mo knew that none of the five surviving players had been given the opportunity to go out at night in the past three days.

Takao Yamamoto nodded gently, "I agree with this speculation."

Mu Huixue added: "I can't really say which of these two guesses is more likely if I just go by Lina Chocoru's death. But two people died the next day, and one of them was also an American player, David Angus."

As soon as the words left his mouth, the blonde American player narrowed his eyes directly, "What do you mean."

Mu Huixue looked up at him, "I'm just saying that an American player died the next day as well."

Bell-Fusco sneered, "Returner Mu Huixue , you don't have to act here, I think everyone here understands what you are trying to say. You are trying to tell us that Lena, who died on the first day, was either killed by a single blow from a powerful player who could not resist, or she met someone she knew. And the two people who died on the second day, they were two people, or two players who at a glance looked like they were physically very powerful. How difficult would it be to kill them both at the same time? The more likely method would be to team up and kill one of them first, then backtrack and kill their companion."

Andrei said lightly, "Bell-Fusco, you said yourself on the third day that you knew David Angus."

I'm just saying I've heard of him, and I've probably gotten some information about his powers from other people. Don't you China players ever gather information, you know each other, don't you? You even work together. It was you, Mu Huixue, who pulled the three players in that chair onto the Noah Ark."

Mu Huixue looked up, "So now you admit that you do know David Angus, not just have heard of him?"

Bell was irritated to the core: "You ......!"

"That's enough, that's the end of it. Mu Huixue, what the hell are you trying to say?" Bell's sidekick, his companion John Bruce, interrupted, "We did know David, not as a teammate, but not as an enemy either. But we didn't kill him. As for Lena, we've heard of the guy, she's in the western US, we're all eastern players, too far away to have had any contact with her."

Mu Huixue looked up slowly: " Did you kill Bai Ruoyao."

John furrowed his brow, "I said we didn't."

"I actually kinda hate this guy, but you may not know this, but I've known him for years. We are fellow members of the same organisation and see each other very rarely, but anyway ......" Mu Huixue brushed his head up and at the same time a black dark weapon pierced the air with a whoosh and shot at John , "He is my companion! "

John sidesteps the concealed weapon and when he looks back, he sees that it is a small puppet fragment.


The red whip arrived in response to the sound.

The black tower prohibits the use of props, so the player's weapons cannot be used to their original effect, but it does not affect their use. John probably didn't expect Mu Huixue to strike out of nowhere, but he dodged the whip in a hurry, not fast enough, and still got hit on the back of his hand.

Bell immediately drew a pistol and shot it quickly at Mu Huixue.

The blond man and the brown-haired man worked in tandem to intertwine with Mu Huixue. The rest of the players remained in their seats, staring at their fight. The fight started abruptly, but it didn't last long, only two rounds before Mu Huixue's whip was caught by Andrei.

"Doesn't make sense." A hushed voice rang out as Andrei said, "They might not really be the ones who killed White."

Mu Huixue looks at her companion and after a moment she puts away her whip.

From the moment she entered the castle, Mu Huixue had been very friendly, even in the face of Lena Chopehos' provocations, and she had not been angry. Everyone forgets that she is in fact a returnee, and one with tens of thousands of lives and 260,000 hours of rest on her hands.

In the world of returnees, killing players of the same game is the most common thing to do.

Returnees are not the same as Earth survivors.

Seeing Mu Huixue's performance, Lena Chopehos' eyes lit up and she jumped at the chance.

When she sat down, Mu Huixue changed her face instantly and she laughed, "Sorry, just kidding. Guys, I didn't really think of any way to get through, did you?"

The simple act of striking was a shock to the other players. Everyone could see that Bell and John combined might not be able to kill Mu Huixue. This woman's strength was terrifying.

At that moment, a laugh sounded, "I understand now, you just struck out, not really wanting to avenge that so-called companion, but to tell us that it is impossible to kill you at night even if we come across you. Or maybe ...... you want to threaten us not to take you lightly until the last moment of the game?"

The speaker is European player Donde Visek.

Mu Huixue leaned back in his chair and looked at the other man with a faint smile, "Guess."

Donde's smile widens.

A whole day of unhappiness.

Before leaving, Tang Mo stood behind Fu Wenduo and said calmly, "Although I think it's pointless to talk about it, I'll ask it again. May I ask if any of the players admitted that they were given the opportunity to go out last night and met my companion outside the door."

There was silence in the castle and after a long moment Lena Chopehos said "stupid" in derision and got up to leave. One by one, the players left the lobby and went to their rooms on the first floor.

Tang Mo's question would have been very meaningless.

From the beginning of this game to the present, and even in the future, not a single player will admit to having gone out at night. Because as soon as a player who went out with them dies, they are unconditionally suspected. At this point, even if you are not The black tower monster, you will be boycotted and even killed by other players.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo returned to the room, and before they closed the door, they spoke quietly with the three Mu Huixue. After combining the strengths of the five, Fu Wenduo said, "If it's you at night, practice Yu Zheng , you don't go out. The others can go out and try."

As Bai Ruoyao had speculated the day before, the player voted to restrict his powers today was Andrei, not Tang Mo. This means that Tang Mo can still use his powers.

Practising Yu Zheng thought for a moment and said, "Will it affect the plan if I don't go out."

Tang Mo: "For the five of us here, the probability of no one going out for three days in a row was only 0.008, which is low enough to say that the five of us are very unlucky. The black tower won't let us go out again, that's not fair. If my calculations are correct, one of us will definitely be able to go out tonight, and tomorrow, too."

As night falls, the pendulum clock in the castle strikes heavily with a resounding sound.

A clear child's voice suddenly sounded in Tang Mo's ears, "Ding Dong! Get one chance to go out."

Tang Mo's heart fluttered and he subconsciously looked up at Fu Wenduo in the bed opposite him. He could clearly hear Fu Wenduo still talking to himself, and in the very next second he even heard his own voice. The tone of his voice, the way he spoke, the way he used words, the way he thought, this "Tang Mo" was exactly the same as the real Tang Mo. He spoke to Fu Wenduo for three minutes and Fu Wenduo did not notice anything unusual.

Tang Mo's mind took on a deeper awareness of The black tower and, as if he had now become a transparent person, he lifted the covers and walked towards the door of the room. Then ...... straightened through the door panel.

The moment he passed through the door panel, the sound of conversation in the door abruptly disappeared.

In the silence of the dark corridor, the clock ticked, the sound echoing between the walls of the castle. Tang Mo stands quietly in the middle of the corridor, he looks around calmly and does not see anyone. He thought for a moment and turned towards the attic.

The sound of clattering footsteps stomped up the stairs, one step at a time, to the third floor attic.

The moment Tang Mo's foot hit the top step, he suddenly drew his pistol, cocked it in a fluid motion and, with a flick of his wrist, pointed the cold muzzle straight into the darkness beside the attic stairs.

The light was dim at the entrance to the staircase, and without turning his head, the dark-haired youth pointed his gun into the darkness, without even looking, yet as if he knew there was someone there. After a few seconds, a white-haired figure stepped out of the darkness.

George Ansonia didn't panic a bit, he said calmly, "So it's you who can come out."

Tang Mo didn't put the pistol away, "When did you get here and why did you come here."

The old white man said, "My room is the closest to the attic and I'm only one step ahead of you."

Before the two men could finish their sentence, another footstep stepped softly up the stairs. Tang Mo and George turned in unison to look at the visitor. Around the corner of the narrow staircase, a pair of grim eyes poked out of the icy darkness and stared eerily at Tang Mo and George Ansonia standing in the attic doorway.

The three men looked at each other for a moment before George said, "It looks like the three men are here for tonight. Me, Tang Mo , and ...... Abdullah."

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