Chapter 222: ...... In fact, he has returned the favor to me.

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"No, this time the death is not like the one sung in the nursery rhyme!"

When Mu Huixue and Andrei open the door, they hear a loud female voice. The two men looked at each other and walked downstairs together.

At the corner of the stairs on the ground floor, Li Xia, a female Chinese player, and two European players are gathered around the handrail, looking at something.

At this, Lena Chopehos sneered, "Is this killer so arrogant as to tell us that it is either The black tower, The black tower monster, or a human being who is killing people? He doesn't even bother to hide it."

Hearing their conversation, the rest of the players descended the stairs one by one.

Two male American players came down the stairs together, followed by Takao Yamamoto, an East Asian player, and then George, an older white man. After a few minutes, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo came downstairs.

When the old white man saw Tang Mo, he gave a slight pause, which he quickly concealed, as if he didn't know Tang Mo and hadn't left the room last night. Tang Mo's gaze remained fixed on his body and the corners of his mouth curled slightly.

Mu Huixue bent down to examine Abdullah's death: "Stabbed in the brain with a sharp object, must have been a long struggle, and there are a lot of marks on his body. Also, look around us at these walls and stairs."

The crowd followed Mu Huixue's line of sight.

Mu Huixue: "When Bai Ruoyao fought with his killers yesterday, he didn't leave these claw marks and round holes. So, these claw marks and small round holes must have been left by Abdullah and his killers last night. If I'm right," Mu Huixue grabbed Abdullah's fingers and saw that his nails were black on his ten fingers and three of the nails on his right hand were broken off at the base, dripping with blood. "The claw marks were left by Abdullah, the rest by the murderer."

Takao Yamamoto thought for a moment, "Abdullah's fingernails are clearly unusual, and it is highly likely that this is his ability."

Lena Chopehos looked around at everyone with disdainful eyes, "So, who killed him?"

Mu Huixue was about to speak when she suddenly looked at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo as if she had remembered something.

The three men looked at each other.

Tang Mo nodded gently and Mu Huixue was surprised for a moment, then changed the subject, "Was this the only one who died last night?"

Abdullah's body was by the stairs, and the group then remembered to look for another body.

They went through the entire third floor of the castle, and when they reached the attic, everyone noticed that Bai Ruoyao's body was missing.

Li Xia clenched her fingers: "Sure enough, the killer is trying to take everyone's bodies. What was he trying to do?"

"Wait, I think I've found his body."

The crowd immediately looked towards the sounding place.

Takao Yamamoto was seen standing at the stairs outside the attic, looking down the direction of the stair rail. "Is that his body?"

All walked down the stairs again in unison.

As they reached the corner of the first flight of stairs, they walked further back, to the back of the stairs, where a body on the floor immediately came into view.

Tang Mo's lips opened and closed.

He did not expect the other side to hide Bai Ruoyao's body in such a place. At night, the back of the stairs were dimly lit and you couldn't see anything without taking a closer look with a lamp. Tang Mo had been here before, so after he killed Abdullah last night, he went to the second and third floors and searched for the body, but found none. He didn't think that Bai Ruoyao's body would be hidden here either.

John, the American player, furrowed his brow: "What does that mean. Last night's killer didn't take this body?"

Why didn't they take the bodies last night and all the bodies from the previous two days?

Did the murderer even pick the person?

Practising Yu Zheng was about to speak when a low chuckle sounded. European player Donde Visek hid his lips and smiled a little, seeing the crowd look at him strangely, he smiled gently and said: "There is something that actually concerns me very much. Before today, for three days in a row, these two China players ...... also known as Don and Fu, you have always left the room early and even arrived at the scene of the crime first. But today, you guys stayed in the room for a really long time ......"

Donde looked at them curiously and laughed, "I'm a bit curious, what are you doing in the room?"

As soon as the words left their mouths, the players' faces paled.

A peachy-looking remark that, at this point in time, no one would have given any extra thought to.

Donde added, "Could it be that one of you is injured and wants to take some time to heal?"

Lian Yuzheng, she understood who Abdullah's killer was and immediately said, "If I remember correctly, you three American players also came out very late, right?"

The two young players retorted directly, "What do you mean? We came out a little later, but not much later at all. Our room was already at the far end, so what's wrong with moving slower than you?"

Practising Yu Zheng : "What about him?" She is referring to the old white man.

The old white man said, "I had some personal business to take care of and tried out my powers in my room to see if they would work properly, that's why I'm late."

Lena : "All good reasons, what about you?"

The cold, short-haired woman looks at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo with a sneer, as if she had seen them kill someone.

The three Mu Huixue men looked displeased, yet to their surprise, Tang Mo smiled slightly, "Yes, I left the room last night."


All the players looked at Tang Mo in disbelief.

The smile on Donde Visek's face disappears, as if he senses something is wrong.

And the next second, Tang Mo said in a calm tone, "By the way, I killed him."

Mu Huixue : " Tang Mo ?"

The two American players immediately drew their weapons and looked warily at Tang Mo. Lena and Donde were also serious.

Tang Mo walked up to Abdullah's body and said, "We started the fight from the attic. I jumped down from the stairs," he gestured, "and he came after me. Then we fought from the dining room table to the fireplace, where he kicked the fireplace, and later I stabbed him through the head with my weapon. You should be able to find a complete line to prove me right if you're looking for tracks."

Lena : "So you're admitting that you killed all the people? Where did you put the three bodies from before."

Tang Mo : "Did I say that I killed all the people before? Last night, he was the one who attacked me first and I fought back. At that time I thought he had already killed the other man and that's why I struck. But I soon learnt that I was wrong; Abdullah had not killed the other man and Bai Ruoyao's body had been hidden by that man. His intention was simple, to mislead me, or mislead Abdullah, so that we would suspect each other and thus have a big fight and end up with one dead."

Andrei : "Who is the other one."

Tang Mo pointed directly at the old white man, "Him."

The old white man looked calm: "I don't understand what you're talking about, I didn't go out last night."

Tang Mo laughed: "You got that blood stain on the attic door, didn't you?"

The old white man's gaze flashed and he asked rhetorically, "What blood."

Tang Mo led the group upstairs, where he knelt down and touched a completely dried reddish-brown bloodstain on the attic door panel. "You did a clever job of arranging the blood stain in such an inconspicuous place so that when it was discovered, it would be perfectly disguised as if the killer hadn't noticed before leaving the blood stain. But you knew deep down, or you believed in me and Abdullah's strength, and you knew that whichever of us went up to the attic first would surely find the blood stain and think you had been killed by the other side, who had also stolen Bai Ruoyao's body."

Old white man: "I do manage to do all that you say, and your reasoning seems seamless. But the fact is, I don't go out, and I don't have to do so much, and what good would that do me?"

Tang Mo : "The benefits are out, Abdullah is dead."

The old white man frowned, "What good is that, and what business is it of mine if he dies?"

Tang Mo : "You've got one less competitor."

The crowd's eyes darted back and forth between Tang Mo and the old white man.

The old white man stared intently at Tang Mo for a long time before he laughed, "While you're right about everything, I really didn't go out."

Tang Mo does not contradict him, but takes a bottle of reddish-brown liquid out of his pocket. He opens it and hands it to Fu Wenduo, who smells it once and hands it to Mu Huixue. Everyone passes it on again in turn.

The old white man gave a suspicious look when he saw Tang Mo bring out such a bottle. He took the bottle of brown liquid and smelled it down: "Red wine?!"

"Yes, it's red wine." Tang Mo's tone was light, "I poured some out of the red wine bottle on the table the first day and put it in the little bottle I carry with me. When red wine is left in the air for a long time, the flavour fades. This little bottle is so faint that none of us can smell it unless we get close enough. So last night I took it with me when I went out, and by the way found the opportunity to sprinkle a little on both the players I came across."

The old white man's eyes widened in shock and he looked down towards himself.

Tang Mo laughed, "Don't look for it, it's behind you. I touched you last night when I closed the attic door."

Bell immediately went to the old white man's back and, as expected, found a finger-sized brown mark on the back of the beige suit jacket he was wearing. Bell leaned in to take a sniff and sneered, "It really is red wine. Last night, you were one of the three players who came out!"

The old white man was silent for a moment, and when he spoke again there was no panic at being revealed: "I didn't expect that you were so prepared. Yes, I went out last night, but I didn't do anything last night. I denied it before because I didn't want to get into trouble and make you guys suspect me. And as you have heard, he has just admitted that he killed Abdullah and that I had nothing to do with it. You know very well, and I have always known, that in terms of fighting ability, I am the weakest of the 17 players. So last night, after searching the castle, I went back to my room. I was afraid of being killed by him," he pointed to Tang Mo, "and it's a good thing I came back, or I would have been a corpse like Abdullah."

Tang Mo: "Are you denying that you removed Bai Ruoyao's body and deliberately left bloodstains?"

The old white man asked rhetorically, "Why should I do that, what good does it do me? Even if you all die, I can't get through."

A low male voice rang out, "Didn't you just say why."

The old white man turned his head towards Fu Wenduo.

The corners of Fu Wenduo's mouth curled slightly: "Because you are weak."

Tang Mo: "Mr Takao Yamamoto, can you now tell us exactly what you said yesterday during the day when Mu Huixue asked if anyone had thought of a way through?"

Takao Yamamoto was silent as he looked at Tang Mo for a moment before deciding to speak up: "The day Noah comes, it's not really necessary to find the monster and grill it to give it to Noah. We just need to outlive the other players. The black tower said that if Noah doesn't eat the barbecued monster, he'll eat all the players. So ...... if we set that person on fire that day while Noah is eating them, there's always one, and he'll eat the real monster."

He concluded, "So the only thing I have to do is to stay alive, for as long as I can. But that would just mean staying alive, passing the game without any of us finding the monster, not being able to write our names on the red ticket, and not being able to finish Rob Six mode and get a clue to the seventh level." But more than the clues, he wanted to stay alive.

The last words Takao Yamamoto closed his mouth and did not say them.

Andrei looked at the old white man, "This method is actually known to all of us. So, you must be the first human to be eaten by Noah."

The old white man's face darkened, and he quickly regained his composure. He laughed coldly, "Perhaps you are all right, but I am the weakest and I cannot kill anyone. Last night, I did not participate in your battle, and that was the first time I was given the chance to go out. None of the five players who have died were killed by me."

John mused, "He's right. Not to mention David and Anatoly, who were killed the next day, and even Lina Chocoru, who died the first day, he shouldn't have been able to kill."

Mu Huixue suddenly smiled, "It's true that he didn't kill him."

John turns his head to look at her.

Mu Huixue wrapped his arms around his chest and gave a low, seemingly helpless laugh as he said softly, "The brain circuits of perverts are, at times, quite different. That's what my dead companion said. He was a very psychotic man, but he wasn't really a pervert, so he guessed some things, but not enough. For example, there are a few people in this castle who have thought of a way to actually get through Rob Six mode from the start."

Li Xia said in amazement, "What method?!"

Mu Huixue: "I couldn't put my name on the red ticket because I didn't know who the monster was. Even if you let The black tower eat the monster in the end, it's too late. So ...... what if you kill everyone except yourself? A monster is not the same as a human, no matter how well it hides or how well it disguises itself. The moment you kill it with your own hands you will understand whether it is a human or a monster." After a pause, Mu Huixue's voice was calm: "This, then, is the real way for a pervert to get through this game."

At the end of Mu Huixue's sentence, Li Xia's face dawned on them.

Takao Yamamoto also furrowed his brow as he pondered the feasibility of this method before finally sighing, "So this is still possible."

The day Bai Ruoyao died, the five Tang Mo men gathered together. It was only then that they understood the meaning of the last words spoken by the baby-faced youth.

Perverted brain circuits are sometimes really different.

Bai Ruoyao vaguely guessed this method, but he wasn't so sick as to kill all the players in the same game to gain his victory. So he ended up dying at the hands of a real pervert and didn't make it back to the room.

John : "You just said that a few people had thought of this method a long time ago, so they killed other players ...... Who were they?"

George Ansonia stood aloof and did not say a word.

Tang Mo took one look at him and everyone knew that the weakest looking old white man was actually a player in the killing faction. But what about all but him?

Tang Mo let out a chuckle from his nose, "It's rare for someone to find a way to steal a body without us finding out, it's rare for someone to think of such a miraculous method, there can't be two groups of people thinking of it together, it has to be the same group. The man who stole Lena's body, and the man who stole David and Anatoly, it's definitely not him." He pointed to the old white man, "If he had thought of that method, he wouldn't have left Bai Ruoyao's body behind."

Li Xia gripped his dagger tightly: " Who is it?"

"Yes ......"

The next moment, with a flash of silver, Fu Wenduo raised his wrist and a tiny dart shot out of his hand, straight at Lina Chocoru. The powerful European woman turned her head sideways, extended both fingers and caught the dart firmly in her fingers.

Donde Visek laughs, "What do you mean, Fu Wenduo?"

Fu Wenduo : "They don't know, but we know the strength of Bai Ruoyao. That man is very powerful, and he is especially formidable with the restriction of everyone's psychic abilities. If I were to kill him without mercy, the chance of his death would be only 30%. If Mu Huixue had done it, the chance would have been less than 30%. The probability of anyone in this castle, no matter who fights him alone, trying to kill him is less than half. But he died, so ...... it was two other players besides him who teamed up to kill him that night."

Donde defended helplessly, "My friend, Lena and I are not the only teammates in this castle. Your two friends are too, and besides, what about these two Yanks?"

"Bloody hell, you don't want to talk nonsense!" John and Bell retorted in an unhappy voice.

Mu Huixue : "Why do you think I suddenly took a swing at them yesterday."

Donde's eyes narrowed and the smile disappeared from her face.

Mu Huixue : "Because I want to verify if they have the strength to kill Fox or not!"

At these words, Mu Huixue sprang up, his red whip piercing the air like a fierce cheetah, and pounced on Lina Chocoru. On the other side, Tang Mo and his men also attacked Donde Visek.

Li Xia, Takao Yamamoto and the two American players hesitated for a moment, but did not make a move.

In time, Mu Huixue and Andrei took on Lena, Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Yu Zheng took on Donde.

The seven men tangled on the ground floor of the castle, splintering tables, chairs and tiles all over the place.

It was only when he did that Tang Mo realised why Bai Ruoyao had died at the hands of these two men, and why these two men had been the first players in the world to clear the fifth floor of The black tower.

They are very good in close combat, no weaker than Fu Wenduo!

These two also worked very well together, even when Tang Mo deliberately separated them and tried to break them down one by one. They were always able to join hands and help each other out, creating a one-plus-one effect. However, there were only two of them and they soon fell behind.

At this point, Lena turned back to the other players and yelled, "Damn it, why don't you come up here and help. George, you old man, don't you want to win! There are three places in total, and Donde and I only have one. Now we have three corpses on our hands, if the monster is among the three and we both die, can you find the corpses and still get through!"

When Li Xia heard these words, their faces flickered, but they did not make a move in the end.

The old white man weighed his options and suddenly had a hard heart.

Without that, there's no way he'll be rewarded with the Rob Six model!

The old white man shouted in anger and suddenly slapped the ground with both palms. A wonderful ripple of waves spread through the air and around, rippling through the bodies of Tang Mo and the others in the castle.

Old white man: "My powers are restricted by The black tower for three minutes!"

None of the players in the room knew what the old man's powers were that would allow him to make it to the sixth floor of The black tower. But then Tang Mo raised his parasol to block Donde's sudden attack. He couldn't open the parasol to use it, but it was a fine item and worked well as a shield.

But as Tang Mo lifted the parasol, he watched as Donde's knife struck the handle of the parasol, but his shoulder suddenly hurt.

Tang Mo felt bad and kicked Donde in the face, backing himself up. He touched his shoulder, blood staining his palm.

The same happened with Mu Huixue.

Mu Huixue's whip was clearly wrapped around Lena's arm, but a second later she watched as Lena failed to tie her up.

After exchanging a few rounds, Fu Wenduo exclaimed, "His psychic ability is to hypnotize your vision, causing a delay in the presentation of your vision for 0.3 seconds or less!"

The faces of the crowd sank.

Yes, the old man's psychic ability is revealed at this moment: visual hypnosis of the enemy.

To Tang Mo's eyes, he saw Donde's blade slash at his chest, but in fact, what he saw was 0.3 seconds later than it really was. When a master fights, the slightest difference is a thousand miles wrong. The old man himself is not much of a fighter, but his power is a secondary combat power that is even more terrifying than Ruan Wangshu's gravity suppression.

Three minutes may seem like a short time, but it was enough to change the game.

In the first minute, Donde and Lena took their chances and fought back. But in the second minute, Fu Wenduo is the first to adapt. His terrifying combat experience has led him to hypnotise himself quickly, delaying the scene before him to 0.3 seconds before he can roughly follow Donde's movements.

But in time, Mu Huixue and Tang Mo adapted to this terrifying power and began to counterattack.

Had they been up against two more opponents, or even one, instead of Donde and Lena at this moment, the outcome would have been very different.

Lena and Donde were being pinned down, and the old white man's powers were almost over. He was sweating profusely, suddenly feeling like he had chosen the wrong teammates and should not have trusted these two damned Europeans.

From start to finish, neither Lena nor Donde used any of their powers. Perhaps their powers, like Fu Wenduo's, had been used once two days earlier, when they killed Bai Ruoyao, and were now on cooldown.

Finally, the old white man's pale face withdrew his hands from the ground and he collapsed to the ground in a heap, his powers suddenly ceasing. Fu Wenduo seized the opportunity and with a flick of his right hand, the black, three-pronged weapon stabbed Donde straight in the heart. On the other side, Andrei's fists were like tigers, violently blocking Lena's path, and Mu Huixue tied a whip around her neck and yanked her to her feet.

Donde exposed his heart to Tang Mo to avoid Fu Wenduo's black sharpshooter.

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed as he flipped his hand and drew a tiny silver butterfly knife, stabbing Donde in the chest. But at that very moment, a sinister smile appeared on Donde and Lena's faces.

Time suddenly stood still, Tang Mo's hand holding the butterfly knife stopped in mid-air, and Mu Huixue's whip stalled in the air as she yanked Lena back.

It was just Lena and Donde, both of their bodies moving quickly. Time was running out and sweat dripped from Donde's head, landing on the ground with a popping sound. He rounds behind Tang Mo, raises his knife and slashes down.

The still river of time is flowing again, but Donde and Lena have taken a detour to the rear and are about to kill Tang Mo and Mu Huixue.



Two harsh gunshots rang out, and Lena and Donde looked down at their chests in unison, incredulous.

A huge black bloody hole was seen across their chests. As the blood gushed out, Tang Mo still had his back to Donde, his left hand holding a silver butterfly knife, while his right hand crept behind him, holding a pistol hidden behind his waist, and pulled the trigger. Likewise, Fu Wenduo's gun was unmistakably shot through Lena's heart.

Donde opened his mouth and blood spurted out of it.

"For ...... why, you know, early warning ......"

Tang Mo put away his pistol, he looked down at the silver butterfly knife and said, "When this guy and I first met, I forced him to cut off his right arm, and he's been trying to kill me ever since. He knows what my powers are, but he doesn't know exactly why I was able to kill him back in the first place and know his name." The secret of the fire eggs was only known within the squad, and Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo kept it well guarded, never revealing it to anyone.

Tang Mo put the silver butterfly knife away and turned his head to look at Donde Visek who looked desperate, his voice calm: "But he was smart, he must have known that I was in possession of some kind of power that could go back in time. So, before he died, he suddenly cut off his right arm, none of you actually understand why, right? "

Two days ago, Noah's Ark Castle.

Lena and Donde have never met such a powerful enemy.

It was a night of great luck for them, three qualifications that allowed them to go out, and they were both among them. The two of them teamed up and killing a player was as easy as pie. But they didn't expect that they would almost roll over.

Fortunately, Lena's powers are similar to standing still in time.

The baby-faced young man almost killed Lena and managed to escape, but at that moment, Lena activated her powers. The look of disbelief on his face was one that Lena had seen countless times on other players' faces, but each time it was delicious.

She licked the blood from her lips and drew her own knife.

"Stupid, die."

The moment the luck ran out, it was obvious to anyone that she and Donde had won and that the China player, who claimed to be so lucky that no one could kill him, was definitely dead.

However, at the moment before his opponent died, he suddenly got the strength from nowhere to slash his right arm.

Lena was too late to stop it, but neither she nor Donde thought there was anything wrong, and assumed that the other man had some kind of a way of getting away with it. After waiting for a while for something unusual to happen, and confirming that the other man was really dead, the two were about to collect the body when daylight was fast approaching.

There was no time to dispose of the body, so the two men had to hurry back to their rooms and attend to their own wounds.

The right arm fell to the floor behind them down the stairs, and the dull sound of the landing resembled the two shots that had been fired through Lena and Donde's chests at the moment.

"'Orgasms always come quickly,' and I trusted that guy enough to purposely leave this ability to you."

Stowing the butterfly knife in his pocket, Tang Mo put his hands in his pockets and looked up to the corner of the stairs, at the spot where the doll-faced youth had died.

"...... In fact, he's already given me back the favor."

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