Chapter 213: Fallacy, I refute!

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Tang Mo took a large piece of white paper out of his backpack, he marked an asterisk in the top right corner with a pen and then drew a straight line from the asterisk downwards: "Assuming a scale of 1:50,000, draw out roughly the route we just took. My memory can remember about five minutes of the journey, can you?"

Fu Wenduo took the paper and pencil and drew on the route Tang Mo had finished: "I can remember it for about five more minutes too."

A maze is something that, to the average person, is impossible to find your way around. But for Tang Mo, and especially for someone like Fu Wenduo, who is often on field trips and has a great sense of space, all labyrinths are just an overlap of angles and lengths.

By knowing the size of each turn and remembering the distance travelled, you can estimate the route you have taken and draw a map of the maze.

After Fu Wenduo's drawing, the two men looked down at the blank sheet of paper.

Tang Mo : "We haven't gone back so far, and common sense would dictate that we should be moving away from the centre of the maze and approaching the exit."

Fu Wenduo looks at the diagram: "Each labyrinth has a characteristic that the closer you get to the centre, the more corners there are and the shorter the corridors. Because the centre of the circle radiates, the length is greater outwards. So we are really moving away from the centre of the maze."

Now Tang Mo is even more confused: "Then we are indeed heading for the exit."

Fu Wenduo looked at the diagram steadily, and the next moment he looked up: "The exit of this labyrinth is on the outside?"

Tang Mo gave a physical boost: "What you mean is ......"

Fu Wenduo : "Is its exit perhaps in the middle?"

The sound of the water grows more and more urgent, from an inaudible sound at the beginning, to a sound that is now in the ears of almost every player and The black tower boss.

Once Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo understood their position and situation, they wasted no time in picking up the box from the ground and turning back. Halfway there, Tang Mo pulls Fu Wenduo to his feet and Fu Wenduo turns his head to look at him.

Tang Mo pondered, "If the exit of the maze is in the centre, then why are there more and more of these chests instead the further out you go. It would be difficult for the player to get to these chests if he is intent on finding the exit. So what is the purpose of these chests being placed here?" He looked up at Fu Wenduo.

For some reason, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo both felt that this was a case of déjà vu.

The exit is at the centre of the map and all players converge towards it. But the props seem to radiate from the stars, the further out you go the more there are, but the further in you go the less there are. The more players there are inside, the harder it is to grab a chest from inside. This kind of game Tang Mo seems to have seen somewhere ......

Suddenly, the two looked at each other in surprise as the name of a very red-hot game came to their minds.

"...... for chicken?!"

On the other side, the baby-faced young man runs hard, followed by a wolf granny in a little pink dress. The distance between them is so clever that Granny Wolf is the slowest of The black tower bosses on the first rung, but her slowest is the limit of Bai Ruoyao's speed.

Bai Ruoyao tried hard to escape and did manage not to be caught by the wolf-granny, but at this time he suddenly wished a little that the wolf-granny would run even faster and simply catch himself.

If this guy had been faster and hadn't given him hope, he wouldn't have had to run for as long as half an hour!

Physical exertion is inevitable and Bai Ruoyao's speed is gradually decreasing, while Granny Wolf is unaffected.

Seeing that Granny Wolf was about to catch up with Bai Ruoyao, the baby-faced youth had already flipped his hand and taken out two silver butterfly knives from his sleeve when suddenly, two sharp footsteps came from not far away. Bai Ruoyao looked up warily, his eyes cold as he looked ahead. When he saw who was coming, his fair baby face cut a huge angle and he waved happily, "Hello deer, what a coincidence, bumping into yo."

Mu Huixue managed to shake off Father Christmas and when she looked up and saw Bai Ruoyao, her brow furrowed slightly. When she saw the wolf grandmother chasing after Bai Ruoyao again ......

Mu Huixue : "...... Shit!"

Mu Huixue and Andrei both knew Granny Wolf and the moment they saw each other, they turned and ran.

"We just met and we're leaving, hehehe, deer, wait for me." Bai Ruoyao didn't think he was a problem at all, and he happily steered Granny Wolf in the direction of Mu Huixue and Andrei.

The three of them were being chased by Granny Wolf and suddenly they reached a dead end when Mu Huixue and Andrei turned back in unison. Bai Ruoyao saw them both scouting the way for him and shouted with a smile, "Thank you, yo." Then he turned a corner and ran into another corridor.

This time it was Bai Ruoyao in the lead, with Mu Huixue and Andrei in second place. Finally it was Granny Wolf.

This chase lasted for ten minutes.

Originally Mu Huixue and Andrei thought that there was only one Granny Wolf and that if she chased Bai Ruoyao, she would not be able to chase her. But Bai Ruoyao didn't give them a chance to get rid of him. He knew that if he ran into her alone, he would die, so he frantically pestered Mu Huixue and wouldn't let her go.

Finally, the three were cornered in a dead end by the wolf-grandmother.

Taking a hard bite out of the broken arm of the human clutched in her hand, the wolf-grandmother laughed sinisterly, "Still running?"

Mu Huixue unbuckles the long whip at her waist and looks at the wolf grandmother with a helpless sigh. Andrei clenched his fists, ready to attack. Bai Ruoyao ran and hid behind the two men and was lashed out with a whip by Mu Huixue.

Bai Ruoyao blinked and was about to speak when Mu Huixue smiled slightly, "Fly, don't you dare run away while we're dealing with Granny Wolf and leave this game, I'll kill you."

Bai Ruoyao froze for a moment, looking at Mu Huixue's smiling face as he pondered the consequences of being chased by the other man and the consequences of being defeated by Granny Wolf and giving up on this game. The baby-faced youth stretched out his hands in resignation, "Who said I was going to run away."

Andrei : "The nest will be silly too nee."

Bai Ruoyao snickered, "Learn your Chinese before you talk to me."

The three men each picked up their weapons, gave each other a silent look, and together they rushed towards the wolf-grandmother.

Wolf Granny gracefully drew her own little pink parasol and blushingly covered her bloody mouth, "It's not gentlemanly to bully a lady with so many people together." With soft words on her lips, this little parasol opens and smashes into Mu Huixue's whip with a boom, slapping it into the wall.

Mu Huixue flicks his wrist, retrieves the whip and is soon on again.

Andrei roared and swung his fists at Granny Wolf. Andrei's fists hit the surface of the umbrella and were deflected by the dancing surface. When the umbrella is open, the defence is like a rock; when it is closed, the attack is as strong as a tiger.

The same small parasol, the one in Granny Wolf's hand, is clearly much tougher than Tang Mo's, or at least of rare quality.

Bai Ruoyao is dexterous, Mu Huixue is a long-range attacker and Andrei is a close-quarters fighter.

Together, the three of them finally made a breakthrough for the wolf's grandmother. Bai Ruoyao's idea was to escape, and he shouted, "Go!" Mu Huixue had the same idea and fled with him. Mu Huixue was stunned, but when she recovered, she gritted her teeth and helped Andrei to attack again.

Bai Ruoyao ran a dozen metres and saw his eyes narrow as he chattered and returned to attack.

The three men pinned the wolf-grandmother down and cornered her.

The wolf-grandmother roared, "You damned stinking humans!"

The three of them felt badly, only to see Granny Wolf violently throw away her little parasol and land on all fours. She snarled and howled in anger, her little pink dress cut off by her rippling muscles.

Mu Huixue exclaimed, "No, her strongest point is not the umbrella, it's her body!"

As a lady, Granny Wolf's little parasol is her strongest weapon. But every inhabitant of The black tower knows that as long as Granny Wolf is a lady, everything is safe. When she stops being a lady, not even Father Christmas dares to look at the dreaded she-wolf.

The wolf's grandmother roared and rushed forward, attacking Bai Ruoyao with both paws.

This claw was impossible for Bai Ruoyao to avoid, and the light in his eyes flashed so brightly that no one could see what he had pulled out of his pocket. He bit it hard, and by the time Granny Wolf's claw fell, his body had already moved ten paces away in an instant.

The wolf woman left him alone and attacked Mu Huixue and Andrei again. The one closest to her was Andrei.

The big, strong Russian man stared at the wolf-grandmother with sullen eyes in silence, his best option was to turn and run, but whether it was him or Mu Huixue, the wolf-grandmother would always attack someone. Andrei didn't think much of it, in his mind, if he was going to fight, he would fight head on, he never backed down, let alone let a woman take the knife for him.

Andrei clenched his hands into fists and a beastly growl escaped from his chest. His hands turned a fiery red and he swung both fists forward to collide with the wolf's grandmother's claws.

The wolf grandmother's claws split open and blood seeped out. Andrei's hands were simply ruined, the bones breaking off in a bizarre fashion from the small arms, the white bones sticking out of the skin.

Mu Huixue had already taken a few steps back, when she saw this she cursed and turned to run up again.

Rarely wounded, Granny Wolf was furious and attacked Andrei again.

A female hand appears above Andrei's head, palm up, with a small compass in it. Mu Huixue looks up at Grandmother Wolf, her other hand lifts and toggles the compass's needle. A light shines in her eyes and she says, in one word, "Fallacy, I refute!"

The tiny compass glows bright red.


Granny Wolf's body suddenly inverted 180° backwards, her paws smashing into the wall of the maze.

Taking this opportunity, Mu Huixue grabbed Andrei by the collar with one hand and dragged him away.

The trio ran for a long time, the wolf grandmother completely out of sight. Andrei's hands were broken in an odd position and Bai Ruoyao was leaning against the wall, gasping for breath. Before the three could speak, two faint footsteps were suddenly heard from a short distance away.

Bai Ruoyao and Mu Huixue pick up their weapons and watch the corners of the maze warily.

The moment Tang Mo stepped around the corner, the silver butterfly knife flew towards him with a swipe. Fu Wenduo held out his hand to block Tang Mo's face as the butterfly knife collided with the silvery steel skin and returned to Bai Ruoyao's hand.

Both sides sighed in relief when they saw the visitor clearly.

At times like this, it's always a lot more friendly to have players from the same district than The black tower monsters and players from other districts.

Tang Mo looked at Bai Ruoyao and felt that the psychopath was less of an eyesore.

Fu Wenduo frowned at the sight of Andrei's almost severed arms, "Which The black tower BOSS did you run into?"

Mu Huixue : "Grandma Wolf."

Tang Mo's scalp tingled at the name. He looked around, "You guys got rid of her?"

Bai Ruoyao wiped the corners of his eyes where tears did not exist: " Tangtang , I almost died under the paws of that she-wolf. She was so fierce."

Fu Wenduo looked at Mu Huixue and Andrei and saw that there was no such thing as a deadly relationship between them. So he went forward, took a bottle of mineral water from the chicken nest and handed it to Andrei. Andrei understood that this must be a healing aid: "Shoe Shoe."

Fu Wenduo replied in Russian, "No."

Mu Huixue noticed at first glance that Tang Mo was carrying a big black bag with a lot of stuff in it. Tang Mo didn't have this stuff when she entered the game. She asked, "What is this?"

Tang Mo looked at the three of them with empty hands, "There are often black boxes on the floor of the maze, and you can get props by saying the tongue twisters on them. You guys didn't take it?"

The Cantonese Mu Huixue did not want to talk.

Bai Ruoyao, who was being chased by Granny Wolf and didn't have time to get anything, didn't want to talk either.

Only Andrei said, "The nest took three."

Tang Mo frowned, "If I'm right, these props are, in fact, of great use to this game. The exit of the maze is in the centre, but these props are placed far away from the centre. This is a test to see if we can detect this and then grab more props to get back to the centre."

Mu Huixue understood his meaning at once: "Are you trying to say that to leave the maze, you have to take props?"

Tang Mo : "That's just a guess on my part too."

Fu Wenduo : "We should be close to the centre of the maze now, have you encountered any players from other districts?"

Mu Huixue said, "I met two, one of them escaped and the other was killed by Santa's sleigh."

Bai Ruoyao : "There was a man, and when I was walking I saw Granny Wolf eating his meat. It seemed to be a foreigner, with blond hair, yo."

Tang Mo : "Then think it looks like at least two players have died."

Bai Ruoyao: "Hee hee, Tangtang, what do you think this game is all about? I feel like we're Little Bai rats, put into a maze full of scary monsters like Grandma Wolf. It's scary, I'm so skinny, the monsters don't want to eat me, do they?"

Tang Mo swept the doll-faced youth away and was about to sarcastically retort to him when suddenly, the five men's faces changed.

Tang Mo : "The sound of water is gone?"

Fu Wenduo affirmed, "The sound of the water is gone."

A sense of foreboding welled up in the hearts of the five men.

At their level, this bad premonition can no longer be considered a premonition at all, but also a subconscious speculation based on experience. Their subconscious senses that something bad is about to happen.

Tang Mo : "The place we are in now is actually perhaps an enclosed space. The air circulation is not good and there is no light whatsoever. There's also that sound of water ......"

Fu Wenduo: "The sound was very much like a closed pool. The sound of its water is not only from the water flowing against the water surface, but also the sound of the gas column vibrating. As the water flow increased, the sound of the vibrations of the air column became more frequent ...... The air column became smaller and that pool, to be filled."

Tang Mo : "The pool that was put full?"

The five men were lost in thought.

A pool that has been filled with water, what does that even mean. Why would a labyrinth have a pool that has been filled with water?

" Noah ......" Tang Mo murmured the name, " Noah's candy balls, Noah's toothbrush, Noah's bubble bath, Noah's underwear... ..."

At the end of his sentence, Tang Mo jerked his head up and met Fu Wenduo's eyes.

" Noah who is it?!"

Bai Ruoyao narrowed his eyes, " Noah Ark?"

Tang Mo : "Where is that ship, the centre of the maze? The exit of the maze?"

Andrei's Chinese is not that good, and Tang Mo speaks fast enough for him to understand. But he could understand Noah Ark, and the big Russian man said in a muffled voice, "What about the great flood."

The four men were silenced in unison.

In the silence and darkness of the maze, the monsters are heading towards the exit in the centre of the maze. The players also listened suspiciously to the sound of the water as they approached the centre of the maze. In the third minute after the strange sound of the water stopped, an eerily loud whistle sounded. The sound was so loud that it was as if a giant was singing loudly in the room, except that every note was out of tune.

He hummed happily for a while and then sang: "I am the great Noah, I am God's favourite. Noah loves to take a bath, to wash away the sludge and the sweat. Ah, I love a bath!"

The moment Noah sang the word 'bath', Fu Wenduo grabbed Tang Mo's hand and frantically dragged him towards the centre of the maze. On the other side of the maze, Bai Ruoyao's trio also ran as fast as they could towards the centre of the maze.

In all corners of the maze, some players may be slow to react, others may be faster. But without exception, by the time Noah finished the last word, they were all running towards the centre of the maze.

And after the unpleasant song, a sound of something heavy falling into the water rang out.

The next moment, countless waters poured in from all sides of the maze. The terrifying flood washed over the walls of the maze with irresistible speed, heading for the centre. All the players and monsters were running towards the centre of the maze, while outside the maze, a tall giant soaked beautifully into his bathtub and breathed an insatiable sigh of relief.

"Ah, the bath is so nice."

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