Chapter 212: Blackened fertilizer ash will evaporate ~

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In the darkness of the labyrinth, two silhouettes run ahead with a whoosh through the air.

As soon as Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo saw Grea, they decided to run. They had no intention of fighting each other, and they had not forgotten their experience with the senior boss on the fourth floor of The black tower. Now Tang Mo and Wenduo are much stronger, but they are no match for Grea on their own. Even if they join forces, they may not be able to win.

Yet it is a maze.

Tang Mo is holding a glowing night-pearl as an illumination to illuminate the front of the maze. However, the light could only reach a distance of ten metres in front of them. Only when the two of them ran into a corridor and entered five metres did they realise that it was a dead end.

The crimson gown flew backwards as he ran, Grea's right hand holding his cane and his left hand pressing his bowler hat with great grace to keep it from blowing away in the wind. He was no slower than Tang Mo, and when they found themselves at a dead end, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo turned to run again, but Grea was already there.

They looked at each other, and suddenly they attacked together, to Grea's left and right.

Grea raises a short staff to block Tang Mo's small parasol. On the other side, the left leg kicks up and goes up against Fu Wenduo.

The blonde circus leader smiled slightly, "My lady, it doesn't seem very nice to have to fight just before we meet."

Fu Wenduo said indifferently, "Take our heads?"

Grea's eyes lit up: "Do I have the pleasure?"

Tang Mo sneered, "Come and try!"

The little pink parasol opens with a snap and is thrown into the air by its owner, before falling heavily in a way that defies physics. The further it falls, the faster it gains speed. The rounded tip of the parasol comes straight at Grea's head, causing him to flinch.

If it were just Granny Wolf's little parasol, Grea wouldn't think too highly of it. But this has been given the Schrödinger treatment.

Schrödinger is the most popular scientist in the world of The black tower, and while it may look unreliable, its work is very assured. Not to be taken lightly, Grea slides backwards three steps to avoid the parasol attack and strikes it with his cane. The short cane collided with the parasol and Grea was surprised to feel the force coming from his wrist, "Just like that?"

He thought the little parasol would be stronger, maybe a rare prop!

It's not a rare in the first place, even if it's been enhanced by Schrödinger, it's still a fine item. But that's enough, Tang Mo grabs the flying parasol and turns on the Night Pearl's effect of attracting rares. As expected, Grea's cane is sucked straight towards the Night Pearl.

But the cane was not immediately sucked up.

Grea gripped his cane with one hand and stopped its advance with his other foot against the wall. His eyes lingered on the night pearl for half a second before looking back at his cane. "Attracting metal?" In the next moment, the blond earthling's right hand slashed down, severing all of the openwork patterned gold used to decorate the handle of the cane.

Grea's eyes twitched in pain as all the gold was sucked onto the night pearl. When he looked up again, he saw that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had taken the opportunity to make a U-turn and slip away.

Grea gritted her teeth and said, "Tang Mo! Fu Wenduo!" And then he went after them.

Chases such as these are commonplace in Noah's labyrinth.

It was the first time Bai Ruoyao felt so unlucky that he had run out of luck. The moment he saw her, Bai Ruoyao recognised that she was the famous monster in The black tower world, Granny Wolf.

There is no definitive answer to the question of who the strongest boss in the Underlander Kingdom is. From the information Bai Ruoyao has gathered, some players think Father Christmas is the strongest, some think Queen of Hearts is the strongest, and some think the Circus Master is the strongest. Then there is only one strongest monster in the monster world, and that is Granny Wolf.


With a whispered curse, Bai Ruoyao ran forward without looking back. If Tang Mo had seen this scene, he would have marvelled that Bai Ruoyao could still run so fast. One does not know how much potential one has until one is pushed to the limit.

But Bai Ruoyao was lucky. The information he had gathered did not tell him that the slowest of the bosses on the first rung of The black tower world was Granny Wolf. If it was the Queen of Hearts he was encountering at the moment, he would have had no chance of running and would have been torn to pieces immediately.

Peter Pan wielding a giant scythe, Father Christmas who rampages through the maze of corridors in a sleigh, shouting that he never hurts children while knocking players on their backs. There's also the violent Queen of Hearts and Schrödinger, a little black cat held in the arms of a robot butler. ......

Noah's maze is a giant city in which twenty-nine players are trapped and chased by The black tower monsters behind them.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo turned another corner and Grea was getting closer to them.

At that moment, Tang Mo suddenly saw a black box on the ground by the labyrinth wall. He and Fu Wenduo looked at each other, and while running at full speed, they approached the chest without moving. After reading the two lines of text attached to the box ......

Tang Mo : "......"

Fu Wenduo : "......"

On the tiny black box was seen a white board with a black pen on which was written -

'A life that has wisdom is worthy of being saved.'

"Black Fertiliser is volatile when it is grey"

What the fuck is all this!

Tang Mo understands that this chest is no ordinary item to be placed here. But Grea was hot on their heels and the two men had no time to stop and look at the box. Fu Wenduo bent down to retrieve the chest, but his hand bounced away when it touched it. He looked up: "I can't take it away."

Tang Mo also went to try it immediately.

An invisible barrier stood on the outside of the box, preventing the two men from touching it.

Grea was less than 20 metres away from the pair when Tang Mo made a split-second decision and shouted, "The black fertiliser will evaporate as it fizzes!"

"Dingdong! Official China 1 player Tang Mo has successfully opened treasure chest 104."

Tang Mo didn't have time to care what it was, he picked up the box and ran. As he ran, he unpacked the box. A pink ball of sugar suddenly jumped in front of him and Tang Mo reached out and grabbed it...

[Props: Sugar balls with Noah's saliva on them]

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Quality: Fair].

[Grade: Level 1].

[Attack power: average].

【Function: Shout "Noah help me" and the sugar ball will automatically grow to the same width as the corridor of Noah's Labyrinth】.

[Restriction: Can only be used once].

[Remark: It's a magic candy ball, lick it and you'll be able to kiss the great Mr Noah indirectly].

Without hesitation, Tang Mo shouted, " Noah, help me!" At those words, he threw the sugar ball behind him.

The pink sugar ball turned into a huge blob in the air and hit the ground with a loud bang, blocking the centre of the maze. The sugar ball topped the invisible ceiling wall of the maze and was held dead against the wall left and right. Grea braked sharply and stopped in front of the sugar ball. Noah's maze is protected by The black tower and all buildings are indestructible. The only way out is to smash the sugar ball.

The sugar ball was magnified and the drool on it was magnified several times. Grea's face darkened as he smelt the stink of saliva on the sugar ball. He heard Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's footsteps getting further and further away and gave a twitchy laugh, "Huh, Noah." Then he raised his cane and smashed the sugar ball with a single blow.

Disgusted, Grea wipes the drool off her cane and quickly goes after it again.

On the other side, Bai Ruoyao is on the verge of being caught by Granny Wolf countless times and escapes countless times. He was so exhausted that he couldn't keep the smile off his face. At that moment, he saw a dark box on the ground in the distance. His eyes lit up and he went up to look down.

'The black tower feels that the sins of mankind are great, and that all his days are filled with thoughts of evil.'

'Red Carp and Green Carp with Donkeys'

Bai Ruoyao : "......"

What the hell!

A similar black box appears on the players' escape route.

Each player saw the words differently, some saw the boxes written in English, some saw them in Japanese and others saw them in Chinese. The maze was filled with some of the most powerful players on the planet and they too understood the use of the boxes in a flash, but with The black tower monster hunting them down, many were forced to run forward before they could say the tongue twister to get the boxes.

Mu Huixue, being a Cantonese speaker, is not naturally very good at flat and warbling sounds. When she saw the tongue twisters, her face turned green. Behind her is Father Christmas driving a sleigh, shouting "Don't run, kid, Santa won't hurt you" while knocking other players off their feet.

It's true that Santa doesn't intentionally kill players, it's just not Santa's fault if his sleigh accidentally crushes you or bumps into you.

Coming across another box, Mu Huixue looked down: "......"

At that moment, a dull, husky voice rang out beside her. Mu Huixue turned her head to see Andrei staring at the words on the box, saying a series of Russian tongue twisters honestly, then picking up the box and running. As he ran, he looked back at Mu Huixue curiously: "Ni no run?"

Mu Huixue : "......"

For the first time, she hated that her mother tongue was Chinese.

Mandarin is fucking difficult, if this was Russian she would have been able to say the same string of words Andrei just said!

Nice, different players see different words on the boxes.

On the run, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo each carried four boxes. The fact that one of them is from the north and the other from the south makes up for the other's shortcomings. Most of the tongue twisters could be said at a glance, and in the rare cases where they couldn't, Fu Wenduo was able to adjust quickly, say the tongue twisters and take the boxes.

The box contains props that can sometimes fend off the circus leader and other times are ordinary weapons with average offensive properties. For better or worse, Grea never managed to catch up with them.

Another box, Tang Mo looks down and says the tongue twister on the box as he opens it.

[Props: Noah's favourite bubble bath].

[Owned by: Tang Mo

[Quality: Fair].

[Grade: Level 2].

[Attack Power: None]

[Function: Rub this foam-soaked sponge vigorously to create bubbles. Touch the bubbles to access them.]

[Restriction: The sponge can only be used once, the bubble effect is for three minutes and will disappear automatically when time is up].

[Note: Noah washed up every day and his wife didn't understand who her husband was going to meet when he washed up every day and went out.

Tang Mo's eyes lit up and he quickly kneaded the sponge. A bubble soon emerges from the sponge and Tang Mo pulls Fu Wenduo's hand up and touches the bubble. There was a popping sound, as if the bubble was breaking, and Fu Wenduo was sucked into the bubble. The giant bubble wraps around Fu Wenduo and slides against the wall twice as fast as they could have escaped on their own!

Tang Mo also rushed to fit herself into the bubble and the two used it as a means of transport, quickly losing sight of Grea.

Tang Mo turned his head and saw the blonde Underlander's silhouette getting smaller and smaller, and finally he stopped where he was, looking silently at himself and Fu Wenduo. Seemingly unable to catch up, Grea watched them in silence for a moment, then pressed his bowler hat, the corners of his mouth curling slightly, and turned to run back.

Tang Mo is relieved.

The bubble effect disappears and Tang Mo continues to navigate the dark maze.

Along the way they collected many props, including Noah's toothbrush, Noah's nail clippers, Noah's hair and even Noah's worn underwear.

They walked carefully through the maze, hiding as soon as they heard the footsteps of the monsters and waiting for them to leave before they emerged. Tang Mo found that they encountered black boxes more and more frequently, and encountered fewer and fewer monsters.

After walking for about half an hour, Tang Mo stopped and listened intently for a while.

"Did you hear something?"

Fu Wenduo listened for a moment and then stopped abruptly: "The sound of water?"

The sound of the water grew louder and louder, at first it was impossible to hear without meditating, but now even as the two men ran, they could hear a patter of running water.

Tang Mo's heart swelled with a sense of foreboding, he always felt that something was wrong with the sound of the water.

At this point, the two turned a corner and came across another crate. Before, when they were being chased by Grea, it took them half a day to see a box. Now they could walk two steps and see a box, and there were more boxes than they could count.

Tang Mo stepped forward to get the case when Fu Wenduo suddenly said, "No!"

Tang Mo turns his head to look at him.

"The circus master ran because he couldn't catch up with us?"

Tang Mo froze, his eyes widening as he thought about it, "He didn't come after us again because he thought we were bound to die?"

Fu Wenduo : "What was it that made him think that the two of us would surely die without him doing anything at all."

The two men stared at each other and the next moment, in unison, said -

"Unable to leave the labyrinth!"


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