Chapter 214: Noah's dinner on the ark.

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Chapter 214

Like a fierce beast, the raging flood screamed with irresistible force as it broke down the walls of the labyrinth.

The walls, indestructible to players and monsters alike, were like papier-mâché, shattering at the touch of the flood. The walls slowed the flood slightly, but more and more floods came in from outside the maze, swallowing up half of it in the blink of an eye.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo ran at the front, followed by Mu Huixue, Bai Ruoyao and Andrei.

As they moved towards the centre of the maze, they saw many humans rushing towards it from all directions. In the distance, Tang Mo saw a large, magnificent ship. The ship was made of gold and gilded with gems set in its masts and jasper in its hold.

The ship sits firmly in the open space at the centre of the labyrinth, like the apple of a poisonous snake luring man to take a ride on it. If they took it, they would surely be able to leave the place and avoid the terrible flood.

At the sight of it, that name springs to mind for all -

Noah Ark.

But his heart sank when Tang Mo looked down and saw the dark circle of heads surrounding the ark.

The muscular wolf-grandmother, with her hungry green pupils, looks wistfully at the humans dashing towards her; the tall Father Christmas drives his sleigh in circles around the ark, blood and flesh still drying under his sleigh wheels.

There is also the head of the Strange Circus, Queen of Hearts, Peter Pan and Schrödinger.

There are six The black tower bosses surrounding Noah's ark, looking at the swarm of players with the eyes of ants.

Players stop in their tracks.

Behind them, the flood waters had already reached the core of the maze. Although all the players present were able to stay underwater for more than an hour, and some even had props to survive in the water, they did not dare to take the risk.

Mu Huixue: "The black tower's side quest is to get us out of the maze. Obviously, the exit to this maze is here." She pointed to the ark surrounded by monsters in the distance and said, "That water behind us can break down the maze walls that we can't even destroy, so what it is or isn't is up for debate. Tang Mo , Fu Wenduo , cooperate for a hand?"

Tang Mo turned his head and looked at the other man, "Out of all this, I think Granny Wolf is the strongest, and Santa never kills humans."

Fu Wenduo : "He just doesn't kill himself. He's stronger than the circus leader I judge."

Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily: "What about Peter Pan and Schrödinger? I'd say Peter Pan is not as strong as Santa, but Schrödinger is definitely the weakest of them all. I've met Schrödinger before when I was in one of the subs. He's really, really weak."

Andrei said sullenly, "But la cat has a lot of very Lee harmful props."

Attacking towers with advanced players is that easy.

Of the six The black tower monsters, the only one Tang Mo has not come into contact with is Peter Pan, but Bai Ruoyao has fought him. Mu Huixue fought with the Queen of Hearts, and Andrei fought with Schrödinger. The five men combined their information and concluded, "The breakthrough is Schrödinger!"

Meanwhile, players in other districts have found their subjects.

Tang Mo glanced around, "Lian Yu Zheng, Ruan Wangshu and Ning Zheng are not here, they may have died or left the game." As soon as the words left his mouth, a wretched figure appeared to his left, Tang Mo stared, "Lian Yu Zheng?"

The man was covered in blood and had a gash across most of his cheek.

Practising Yu Zheng saw Tang Mo and came over quickly. She opened her mouth and said, "The head left the game. We ran into Queen of Hearts and she was so strong that Head and I together were no match for her. At that moment she saw the six The black tower bosses gathered underneath the ark and her eyes narrowed as she practiced Yu Zheng looking at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo: "The head said that if I could meet you guys next, I should listen to you and hope to work together."

The six of them will be better equipped to deal with The black tower monsters.

By this time, a total of twenty-two players had all gathered in the centre of the maze. There may have been players still to come, but the flood was coming and the players had no more time to wait for the new arrivals.

Twenty-two players have vaguely divided themselves into groups. The dark-haired, dark-eyed Asians stood together self-consciously, and the Westerners formed a single group. They all seemed to have chosen who they were going to attack, and had no intention of joining forces with each other. But there was one thing they could all do -


Twenty-two players suddenly attacked together.

Six monsters, twenty-two people, and an average of three or four players against one monster. But everyone wanted to attack the weakest monster, so Peter Pan and Schrödinger became the breakthrough. As a result, the other The black tower bosses all attacked. The situation was so bad that it became a melee.

Schrödinger was held in the arms of the robot butler and kept throwing all sorts of props at the player. As he did so, the little black cat yelled angrily: "What kind of cat do you treat like that? Damn it, I don't even want to be here, who wants to be here if not The black tower, I want to go back to my fortress!"

Turning his head, the little black cat saw Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. With big round eyes, Schrödinger snarled, "Santa, if you kill them for me, I'll make you a new solid gold toilet with automatic flushing, solid gold!"

Father Christmas, who was driving his sleigh and playing with the two Eurozone players, turned his car around and headed towards Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, his eyes lighting up.

"Hahahahahahaha, Marry Christmas!"

Tang Mo raised his right hand and several steel needles appeared beside his hand. With a swipe of his right arm, the needles were fired at Father Christmas in unison. On the other hand, Fu Wenduo rushes straight at Schrödinger. The black weapon slashed at the black cat, but the butler raised his hand and blocked Fu Wenduo's blow with his elbow.

The sound of steel clashing resonates through the maze.

Fu Wenduo narrows his eyes and attacks Schrödinger and his machine butler again. He knows Tang Mo is no match for Santa and can't hold off for long, so he has to make it quick. On the other side, Queen of Hearts is pitted against Mu Huixue, Andrei and Bai Ruoyao, with two American players on their side. Together, Queen of Hearts are losing ground.

Mu Huixue found a moment to fling a whip at the ark and his whole body used the force to prepare to fly onto the big ship.

Queen of Hearts yelled back, "Damn you Grea, you keep kissing Noah's boat over there and not coming over to help, I'm definitely going to chop you up and use you as my flower fertilizer!"

Yes, there are only five The black tower monsters that get their hands dirty with the player from start to finish. There is also one The black tower monster - the head of the Strange Circus - who holds Noah's Ark with rapt attention, kissing the jasper cabin and fondling the gold used to carve it.

Queen of Hearts blocked Mu Huixue's path and turned her head to scold her again, before Grea gave Baby Ark a lost look, pressed her hand against her bowler hat and sighed, "Well, it's a very un-hatty thing to keep a lady waiting, though you're not exactly a lady."

As the words fell, the corner of his mouth curled up and the next moment, a small, delicate cane shot at the American player with incredible speed, piercing his arm. The American player let out a scream of pain.

The floods continue to erode the labyrinth and are about to reach the centre.

These The black tower monsters had no intention of leaving and fleeing as they slaughtered the players in a frenzy. Finally, one of the players was slaughtered in two by the Wolf Woman's claws. He was not dead yet, and he took out a golden coin in terror to leave the game before the wolf-woman killed him completely, but before he could say a word, the wolf-woman opened her mouth wide and ate his head into her stomach, belching.

"Hey hey hey, thanks for the gold coins."

The death of someone, coupled with the threat of a flood, made these players, who thought they were strong, no longer dare to slow down.

Originally they did have the idea of having these The black tower monsters kill the players to reduce their competition. But after someone really died quickly, they finally realized that they simply couldn't get through this side quest without cooperation.

A strong man with brown hair and blue eyes shouted in English, "Attack Schrödinger ."

The little black cat glared in shock, "Why is it always directed at me!"

Because you're the weakest!

All the players answered this question in their minds and turned in unison to attack Schrödinger. The combined attack of a dozen Tier 5 players broke Schrödinger before they had a chance to use any props. Once the defences were forced, it wasn't long before players were pulling out strange props and running into the air on Noah's ark.

By the time Wolf Grandmother and the others arrived, seven or eight players had already boarded the ark. As soon as they boarded, The black tower's emotionless prompting sounded in their ears -

"Dingdong! The side quest 'Leave Noah's Labyrinth' has been completed."

Mu Huixue tied a whip around the fence of the ark and dragged himself and Andrei all the way up. Tang Mo, however, was caught up in Father Christmas and could not get out. Fu Wenduo was supposed to be dealing with Schrödinger, who could be the first on board. Seeing that Tang Mo was unable to leave, he turned up without hesitation and together they took on Father Christmas.

As Fu Wenduo moved away to make way for a seat, Bai Ruoyao said with a smile, "Then I'll make myself at home." The baby-faced young man was about to get into the boat when a black shadow suddenly lunged at him, and Bai Ruoyao's face changed and he jumped back.

The wolf grandmother was seen licking her sharp teeth and looking at him viciously.

"Human, your meat may stink a little, but you've ruined my dress and I'm going to eat you!"

Bai Ruoyao : "......"

You broke your fucking dress!

One player was stabbed through the chest with Grea's short staff and one player was forced to use a prop by the Queen of Hearts and leave the game. More and more players came aboard, eventually leaving only Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Bai Ruoyao, and two European players.

The flood waters broke down the last wall and came towards the large ship in the centre.

Mu Huixue stood on the deck and found an opportunity to fling the whip at Fu Wenduo , tying it directly around his arm. " Mr. Fu School, pull Tang Mo up here!"

The red whip wrapped around Mu Huixue's arm several times and tightened. She shouted angrily and pulled Fu Wenduo up with all her might. Seeing this, Andrei and Yu Zheng came to her aid. Together, Fu Wenduo was soon pulled up and he grabbed Tang Mo's arm and pulled him in too.

The water had forced its way into view and one European player was swept into the flood, while another European player gritted his teeth and took out some sort of prop in a fleshly fashion and flew up in the air at once, towards the ark.

As Tang Mo is pulled by Fu Wenduo towards the deck, he catches a glimpse of Bai Ruoyao. Bai Ruoyao, who was unable to get away from the wolf, looked at Tang Mo with his eyes wide open. Somehow Tang Mo subconsciously reached out his hand, "I'm a man who wants to be the King of Thieves", and a thin rubber cord shot out from Tang Mo's hand, tying Bai Ruoyao's wrists and pulling him along.

Santa's sleigh washed up and Santa gave a disappointed "ahh" as the players on the ark saw him and his sleigh wrapped in a giant bubble and floating on the flood waters.

Likewise, Granny Wolf, Peter Pan, Schrödinger and Queen of Hearts, who are wrapped in transparent bubbles as soon as they encounter the flood.

The red-haired loli queen puffed out her mouth in indignation, "Bastard Noah, can't your shitty maze be bigger and your bath water slower, I could almost kill these stinking humans!"

The black tower monster is hit by the flood and turns out to be wrapped in bubbles before leaving the area with the water. But all the players on the big ship knew that the humans would not be so lucky. No one wanted to try to find out what would happen if they fell into the flood.

The other players gave a weird look when they saw the three Mu Huixue trying to pull the three Tang Mo. Some tried to step forward to stop them from saving their lives and thus eliminating their opponents. Practising Yu Zheng released his grip on the whip and stared at them coldly, flashing his silver dagger.

The players from the other zones pondered for a moment and watched intently from the sidelines, not stepping forward.

With Fu Wenduo, Mu Huixue and Andrei's strength, they could have dragged twenty men onto the boat, not to mention two. But just as they were about to pull Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao up, a terrifying force suddenly appeared. Mu Huixue's entire body was dragged forward three steps by the whip and almost lost the whip.

She looked up and her eyes constricted.

" Glea Sykes!"

A black cane was seen firmly inserted into the cabin of the great golden ship, keeping its owner suspended in mid-air, untouched by the flood. The water was flooding around the gentleman in full regalia and could have touched him at any moment, but as long as it didn't, he was safe from being covered in bubbles.

The circus master smiles and turns his head sideways, holding his cane in one hand and holding Bai Ruoyao's calf firmly in the other. He doesn't move his hand either, he just looks at Bai Ruoyao and Tang Mo from the bottom up, smiling. He made a mouthpiece: give up your teammates, human, and be the hypocritical you that you are.

Bai Ruoyao's eyes twitched at the corners and he wanted to kick the bastard down, but he couldn't do it.

Grea could have done it at any time, even looking for a chance to kill Bai Ruoyao and Tang Mo, but he didn't, as if he was waiting for a good show.

Fu Wenduo, Mu Huixue and Andrei, together, could not pull Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao up from Grea's grasp, only managing to maintain a balance.

Grea laughed softly, "Are all humans so hypocritical, my dear Tang Mo, don't you give up yet? If you don't let go, I'm going to have to take on your opponents together."

Tang Mo looked at Grea in silence, then he looked at Bai Ruoyao.

Grea was wrong about one thing: he and Bai Ruoyao were never teammates. Tang Mo wouldn't have blamed himself for letting go of Bai Ruoyao's hand, or for kicking the guy off the flood. Surely Bai Ruoyao must have had an escape plan, and presumably a king's gold coin in hand.

Tang Mo didn't even think about it, the one-minute power limit on the rubber rope had ended and he could release it at any time and throw Bai Ruoyao down. Just as he was about to do so, a gnashing voice came from below: "Tang Mo, don't let go!"

Tang Mo was stunned, then rightfully asked in return, "Why?"

Bai Ruoyao : "......"

Wait, there really doesn't seem to be any credentials.

Bai Ruoyao was silent, his voice calm, "I want to pass the seventh floor, and the seventh floor is very important to me. How about you save me this time, I owe you a favour."

Having never heard such a serious tone from a psychopath before, Tang Mo looked at the other man in surprise, only to see Bai Ruoyao staring at him coldly.

In the end, Tang Mo didn't untie the rope and he sneered, "Remember, you owe me a favour."

He didn't let go, partly because Tang Mo was a bit moved by Bai Ruoyao's favour, and it seemed worthwhile to make such a psychopath owe a favour. On the other hand, and more importantly, he believed in Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo will surely find a solution.

Fu Wenduo looks down and thinks for a few seconds before releasing his grip on the whip. Mu Huixue looks back at him curiously as Fu Wenduo turns his hand over and takes a long silver metal object from his pack. At the sight of it, Mu Huixue's face changed: "An M70 anti-tank grenade? I can't believe you have one of these!"

Fu Wenduo yanked off the bottom of the grenade and threw it into the distance with great force. He threw it so far that it missed Grea completely. However, as the grenade fell into the flood waters, a dull, powerful bombardment sounded from under the water. The crowd instantly understood what had happened.

In a flash, the flood was overwhelming.

The shockwave sent a ten-metre-high tsunami into the Noah ark in a frenzy.

The ship was already rocking in the water and as the tsunami came, all the players on board cursed angrily and immediately found a place to steady themselves from being swept away by it. The tsunami was getting closer and closer and Grea sensed something was wrong, pulling Bai Ruoyao with one hand and pulling out his cane with the other to get underneath and kill Tang Mo.

However, he was only halfway through his dash when Bai Ruoyao stopped him. The baby-faced youth narrowed his eyes and smiled dangerously, "Get lost." With a kick, he kicked the man away.

The next moment the flood hit, and the moment Grea touched it, he was encased in a transparent bubble. Slowly he withdrew his cane and looked up in the direction of Noah's ark.

A second before the flood was due to arrive, Fu Wenduo pulled Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao up onto the deck with a few men.

Inside the bubble, Queen of Hearts cursed in disgust, "Damn Grea, I could have killed one more human if you had kissed that piece of gold less often."

Grea spread her hands and smiled, "Blame it on me."

The redheaded loli grunted and brushed her head away.

Santa stroked his beard regretfully, "What a shame, we won't be able to mess around after this."

Behind the six The black tower bosses, the Noah's Ark bounced up and down in the waters as the raging flood swept over the ship. Tang Mo stepped onto the deck and was greeted by the sound of The black tower. But he didn't have time to think about it, the tsunami was upon him in an instant. All the players were up and down in the violent waves. When everything subsided, the players breathed a sigh of relief.

The battle with The black tower monster inevitably left everyone wounded, and after treating their wounds, the seventeen players on the ark looked warily at each other.

They all knew that the people standing on this boat were all advanced players who had cleared the fifth floor of The black tower. Among them, Tang Mo and Mu Huixue had the most eyes on them, while others quietly looked at Yu Zheng.

Tang Mo's name has just been revealed, and naturally they know who Tang Mo is. Apart from this, the young Asian woman with a sexual face, a feature most likely to be Mu Huixue who is number one on the time chart.

Time passed by as the ship moved slowly through the sea, when suddenly the cabin door banged open.

Everyone looked alertly towards the door.

"Dingdong! Please ask the player to enter the Noah Ark."

The black tower informed the crowd again. There was no other way out at the moment, and one by one the players entered the ark. As they entered the ark, all quietly surveyed those around them, taking each person's information to heart.

As they entered the ark, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo walked last, with Bai Ruoyao in front of them.

Tang Mo's faint voice rang out, "Don't forget, you owe me a favour."

With a slight lurch in his steps, Bai Ruoyao turned his head and said sadly, "Tangtang, in your heart, is my life worth a favour?"

Tang Mo raised an eyebrow and said, "Of course it's not worth it."

Bai Ruoyao : "......" Why do I feel that this is not right?

The next moment, Fu Wenduo pulled Tang Mo past him, leaving behind the words, "Your favours aren't worth much."

Bai Ruoyao : "......"

" Tangtang , Mr. Fu School, you bully!"

Bai Ruoyao was the last to run into Noah's Ark, and as he entered, the door slammed shut behind the group. All the players stop in their tracks and stare suspiciously at the door. The black tower's clear, childlike voice rang out -

"Dingdong! Successfully triggered the main quest: Noah's dinner on the ark."

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