Chapter 204: I want to kill him.

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After The black tower's cue, there is a brief moment of dead silence on the River of Illusion.

After a few moments, Tang Mo spoke first: "Can you do anything I ask?"

River God laughed, "Sure, as long as I can."

Tang Mo immediately had an answer in his mind, but instead of asking, he looked to the two foreign players at his side. The four of them looked at each other in silence, none of them saying anything.

Tang Mo said calmly, "Each person can only choose a maximum of one bottle of wine, but to pass the game, someone has to choose the real banana wine, someone the gold banana wine and someone the silver banana wine. That means there are four of us, and we have to choose at least one bottle and at most three bottles."

A chuckle escaped the blonde foreigner's throat, "As you guessed, it's a cooperative game."

It's nice that the side quest on the fifth floor of The black tower is a team-up game, and that its main quest is a co-op game.

To pass this game, you must take the correct banana liquor, and leave the River of Illusion. The former is easy, just pick the real banana wine. The latter requires coordination.

Tang Mo turns his head and looks at the three bottles hovering in front of the river god, which are gold, silver and black. However, the black bottle does not necessarily contain real banana wine, and the golden bottle does not necessarily contain golden banana wine.

The bottle does not correspond to the wine, the bottle is a blindfold.

That's the really hard part of this game.

David is no fool to have raided the fifth floor of The black tower. He said, "So now we're working together, right? First we have to sort out what each of the three bottles belongs to, then find someone to choose the real banana, one to choose the golden banana and one to choose the silver one. The gold guy turns the bottle into a boat and the silver guy turns it into a compass? That doesn't sound too difficult. Anyway, we can just ask this old guy for four requests to help us find the bottles."

"It won't be that simple." Fu Wenduo said indifferently.

David knew, of course, that the fifth level couldn't be that simple, but he just couldn't stand the two Earth survivors. He said provocatively, "Wow, China's most powerful stowaway has something to say? Then say something, I'd like to know how you want to get through."

There was no point in taking up this provocation. Tang Mo interrupts him and asks bluntly, "Cooperation?"

David and Pete stared at Tang Mo in unison, shutting their mouths.

Tang Mo's face is expressionless: "It's one or the other, co-op or no co-op. If you cooperate, the game is much less difficult, but if you don't cooperate, you can't see a way to pass the game at the moment. You need at least three people to get through this game."

Pete laughed mockingly, "Three people?"

Tang Mo pulled out his small parasol with a swipe and pointed it at the two men.

David said angrily, "What for!"

Tang Mo has no intention of taking the umbrella back: "For the moment Fu Wenduo and I are walking on this river as if we were on level ground and our force is not restricted. Not so with you, you can only stand on the water with this shield. If we really fight, we will surely win."

Pete : "How do you get through when we're dead? Three people have to choose the three correct bottles to get through. How can you get through with just the two of you. Or do you guys want to get that bloody monster team one guy back? Haha, she looks weak enough to stay on the shore alone, she'd probably have been captured and eaten by the Underlander officials long ago."

At that, Tang Mo's eyes narrowed. Pete's words had struck a chord in him, and Tang Mo was indeed a little worried about Chen Shanshan's safety. Chen Shanshan was very intelligent, but not capable of defending herself. It seemed more dangerous for her to be out there on her own than to fall down the River of Illusion. But the situation was urgent and they had made the best of it.

Tang Mo ignored Pete's words and pushed the parasol a little closer, his voice cold: "Cooperate or not?" It was like a fish out of water if you didn't cooperate.

Pete had no intention of tearing it up, he just wanted to piss Tang Mo off: "Cooperation."

David and Pete didn't see anything wrong with the way Tang Mo treated them both. As returnees, they were faced with threats to their lives every time they participated in the game. There was no trust between the returnees and if it came to the point of death, Pete would not hesitate to kill David to get his rest. David does the same.

So in The black tower game, even your teammates can stab you at any time.

This is the world of the cruel returnees.

But Fu Wenduo looked at Tang Mo without moving, sensing his different attitude.

Tang Mo doesn't seem to have any intention of actually working with these two men, and certainly not the two foreigners.

The rules given for The black tower require that at least three players must be alive and choose three bottles of wine. But when they open the bottles and leave the river of fantasy in the golden bottle boat ...... after killing their teammates, it doesn't seem impossible. It doesn't seem to violate any of the rules of the game, at least for now.

And with a 90% chance, it's perfectly in line with the rules of the game, because rule number six of the game -

Gold, silver and banana wine game in River of Illusion, with a limited number of people to pass mode. One person will be rewarded with rare items. The more people you have, the worse the reward. For four people, there are no rewards.

If three people had to be alive to pass the game, then The black tower would not have been able to open this mode at all. Since this mode exists, it means that the game can be played with only one person at the end.

Each of the four men had their own calculations in mind.

Fu Wenduo walked up behind Tang Mo and bent his head slightly: "Who are they."

Tang Mo froze and turned his head to look at him. When their eyes met, Tang Mo immediately understood what Fu Wenduo meant.

...... He saw that he had a different attitude towards the two foreigners.

Tang Mo was silent for a moment: "They should have killed Shanshan's father. The one on the blonde's wrist is the bracelet Shanshan's dad had been wearing. I recognise it, there's a crack in one of the beads on it."

This answer was not what Fu Wenduo expected.

Tang Mo looks up at the river god.

It was an old man with a white beard wearing a white robe, and while the four players hadn't moved since the game began, River God was in no hurry at all. A benevolent smile graces the corners of his mouth and three white balls of light hover in front of him. Spotting Tang Mo looking at him, he looked kindly at Tang Mo and said again, "Honest boy, did you drop the gold banana wine, the silver banana wine, or this ordinary banana wine?"

Tang Mo said, "Feel free to make demands of you?"

River God laughed, "Of course. It's just that, son, please ask what I can do, within the limits of The black tower's permission."

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other and he looked to Pete: "Me first?"

Pete shrugged, "Whatever."

Tang Mo looked at River God, "I was hoping that you could demonstrate a way to get through this game." After a pause, he continued, " The black tower has stated in the rules of the game how to pass the game, so I guess that would be within The black tower's permission?"

River God smiled and nodded, "Of course."

As the words fell, the River God waved his large sleeves and three bottles of wine floated into the sky.

The crowd watched the scene in amazement; none of them had expected that the River God could demonstrate the passage method in this way.

One of the bottles keeps getting bigger and bigger and finally becomes a big glass bottle boat with room for four people on it. The other bottle keeps getting smaller and smaller and finally turns into a compass pointing in the direction of the exit of the River of Illusion.

The last bottle of wine "sits" on a large boat and rattles away from the river of fantasy.

On the pink river, the thick fog was slowly broken apart by the large golden boat. A piece of land suddenly appeared in front of the crowd, and the four men's eyes widened in surprise, yet the next moment, the river god waved his sleeve once again. The fog suddenly clustered back and the big boat, the compass and the flask all flew back, turning into three flasks.

River God kindly reminded, "Just because I just demonstrated, it doesn't mean that the order of the three bottles of wine is the same as it was just now."

Tang Mo nods and says nothing more.

As if there was some sort of consensus, after Tang Mo's request, Pete rubbed his chin and said, "If I'm right, if I say, 'You help me find out the real order of the three bottles,' you'll say no. Because The black tower doesn't allow that."

River God: "Yes, my son, it is beyond my power."

Pete : "Gee, that's no fun, so what else can you do?" The blonde foreigner slowly turned his head to look at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. The corners of his mouth slowly curled up and his right hand was raised in front of his neck in a wiping motion. "Ah, then how about you tell me how I can kill these two guys, haha, and show me how?"

David laughed along with him.

Still smiling benignly, the river god nodded, "Of course, my son."

With that, the River God waved his sleeve and a man who looked exactly like Pete appeared on the River of Illusion. Soon after, two more figures appeared, and they were Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Pete's eyes lit up and Tang Mo was interested, watching with Fu Wenduo as the three appeared.

The river god warned, "Look carefully, my son, the time may be short."

Pete : "What's the nonsense, don't hurry up ......"


The sound was still in his throat when an earth-shattering sound exploded and the River of Illusions splashed with water. The four of them thought it was real water from the River of Illusion, and Tang Mo opened his parasol to shield them from the water - the water of the River of Illusion had a mysterious attraction, and who knew what would happen if it hit them.

However, the water splash hit the parasol and went straight through, penetrating Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo as well.

Tang Mo said in surprise, "Fake?"

Fu Wenduo : "It's an illusion."

On the River of Illusion, the blonde foreigner had already been fighting Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo for several rounds. Tang Mo's face had gone cold as he saw the illusion himself pull out prop after prop and use more and more of his powers. He had thought that this River God was very mysterious and might be able to simulate some of his own fighting moves. But he had never expected that the river god could even mimic what props and powers he possessed.

On the other hand, Pete's face slowly darkened.

"FUCK, stop it, stop it! You're exposing all my powers and props to them like that, why am I fighting!"

The river god said in disbelief, "My son, this is your request and I am only fulfilling your wish."

Pete was furious, but he stopped talking when he thought that he was seeing the props and powers of Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, and Tang Mo could only see his alone. At least David hadn't been exposed, so it seemed that they had made a profit.

The battle looked fierce, with the entire river of illusions lapping away at the water, creating huge waves. But in fact, it only took place for three minutes.

At the same moment, Fu Wenduo pierced Pete's head from behind with a black triangular cone. Tang Mo's injuries looked serious, but not necessarily fatal. Pete, on the other hand, was certain to die.

River God explained, "Using just you, son, you have a 45% chance of killing player Tang Mo, a 25% chance of killing player Fu Wenduo, and a 10% chance of killing players Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. What the River of Illusion has demonstrated for you is the most likely outcome."

Pete sneered in exasperation, "So the result is that I'm bound to die and there's just a chance that one of them will die?"

This is probably a great shame for Pete.

Although he got this result by playing one against two. But before that, he could have killed players on the time chart by himself.

Being high on the time charts does not necessarily mean that you are the strongest. Two Earths ago, Ruan Wangshu received information that two foreign players in China were scorned by many of the players on the Time Rankings, even though they were not on the list. They are not on the list because they don't want to attract attention and make a fortune by killing people in silence, but it doesn't mean they are not powerful.

Pete couldn't wait to see for himself what the real outcome of a four-man battle would be. So he didn't notice the flicker of surprise in Tang Mo's eyes as the three men's illusions disappeared. Fu Wenduo also narrowed his eyes slightly and stared at the spot where the three men's visions had disappeared, pondering.

At this point, two people had already made their requests, leaving David and Fu Wenduo without a word.

"Oh, like it doesn't even need a disguise anymore?"

Tang Mo looks up at Pete.

Pete licked his upper teeth: "I guess your next request is to see what powers and props David has, right? Come on, let's not pretend, none of us are really going to cooperate. You're welcome to tell us that we'll kill you when we get the right banana drink and sail away. Don't give me that look, that's what you all think too, isn't it."

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo do not deny it.

David said disdainfully, "You Earth survivors are hypocrites. What's there to hide about killing people? I can get a better reward for killing you. Four people get through and there's not even a fart. If this guy didn't have several rares and killing him for a rare wasn't worth it, I would have killed him and cleared this game alone." He pointed at Pete.

Instead of getting angry, Pete said, "Stupid David, I've always wanted to kill you, too."

"Come on then."

The two men stared at each other with murderous eyes, and even though they were quick to hide it, for a moment they did have the thought of killing their companion.

Tang Mo : "Did I say I wanted to kill you guys?"

Pete and David turned their heads in unison. Pete sneered, "Earth survivors are all just as hypocritical as ever. If you don't want to, why are you asking the River God to demonstrate the correct way to get through."

David and Pete didn't question Tang Mo's request for the River God to demonstrate the way through, after all, The black tower had clearly stated how to do it, because they would have asked for it too -

Demonstrate the way through once.

There was no doubt that they were not allowed to kill anyone, or at most one person, until all four were in the boat. There had to be three of them before they could sail the boat, use the compass and leave the River of Illusion. But what about after the boat has been opened and the compass has shown the way?

The big gin-bottle ship, which was not very wide, was the real battleground for the duel.

David: " The black tower is divided into a side quest and a main quest, which generally test only two things, intelligence and force. That fucking side quest is mainly a test of intelligence, and this main quest, a test of force. We all know what's going on, so why pretend, hypocritical Earth survivors."

This time, Tang Mo did not retort. He looked to Fu Wenduo, who gave him a reassuring look. Just as Fu Wenduo was about to make his request to the river god, David suddenly said, "Hey, Earth survivor, I'm the last one to make a request, but I'm not going to make any requests related to banana wine."

Fu Wenduo turns his head, narrows his eyes and looks at him steadily.

David, who had been smiling mockingly and proudly, was suddenly met with this cold, piercing stare, and the smile on his lips froze for a moment. Soon he said arrogantly again, "I know what you're thinking, I'll be the last to make a request, and you must think I'll make a request about banana wine. I tell you, I won't mention it."

Pete patted his good buddy on the shoulder and said, "Of course, we're not going to make such a stupid request. Earth Survivor, do you think we don't know that you are going to get the River God to tell you what David's powers and props are? Just like I just did, you can ask the River God to use the River of Illusion to demonstrate how you should defeat David so that you can get all the information about his powers and props. Do you think we're that stupid? I tell you, if you dare to do that, we dare not to mention the request about the banana wine either."

Pete said sarcastically, "Heh, the reason you were the first to make the request in the first place was so that we two would be the last ones to make a request and have to make a request related to banana wine to determine the location of the real banana wine. Too bad to disappoint you, we would never have made that request."

The atmosphere was stiff and cold, and the pink river crashed into white foam. The four men watched each other, none of them giving way.

After a long time, Tang Mo said coldly: "Until now, this has been a cooperative game. Even if we have to strike afterwards, it's not certain who will win and who will lose. But for now, no one can get through without finding out the real banana wine."

"You don't have a life-saving prop or two?"

Tang Mo narrows his eyes.

Pete grinned his white teeth: "We have oh. If we can't, we can quit the game. I know why you're attacking the tower now, because The black tower has been updated to version 4.5. We're here to attack the tower just to get through level five early enough to challenge level six, complete the six-grab mode and get the clue to level seven. As for the lives of these meat pigs in China, what does it matter to us. If we don't clear the fifth floor this time, we'll come back another time. But it's not the same for you guys."

David hadn't thought of that, "Huh, they're coming through for that mandatory tower attack in three days?"

Pete said with disgust, "My stupid friend, you mustn't tell me you're just now thinking of this."

David's mouth twitched, "Shut up!"

Pete shrugs nonchalantly and looks to Tang Mo: "So what's happening is that for you guys, you're keen to get through early and not waste time. For us, it's fine when we get through, it's not our business if the China players live or die, it's better if all the meat pigs are dead, it's useless if they're alive. So ......"

The blonde foreigner spread his hands and spoke slowly and maliciously to Fu Wenduo: "Earth survivor, have you thought about what you want to ask for?"

In fact Pete and David were also trying to get through the fifth level of the game.

The props that can abandon the game are bound to be of a rare level, and they are all heartbroken if one is missing. Besides, they wouldn't like to start all over again after getting through the game so easily. They are only saying this now to threaten Fu Wenduo and force him to make a request related to banana wine.

Dark eyes fixed on the blond foreigner's malicious smile, Fu Wenduo did not speak, but instead curled his lips slightly. It had been a long time since he had been threatened like this, and it was a strange and interesting feeling.

Pete has seen a lot of powerful players. He knows Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo are very powerful, but he's not intimidated. He had killed more people than either of them had ever seen. He ignored Fu Wenduo's dangerous smile and grunted in contempt instead.

Fu Wenduo calmly withdrew his gaze and looked at the river god, "Now this moment begins, if I were to kill him, what should I do."

David was about to say "I really wouldn't ask for banana wine", but his mouth slowly closed when he saw who Fu Wenduo was referring to. David laughed out loud, "I thought you Earth survivors had a strong friendship, but you want to get through the game alone and be rewarded with rare items? Haha, kill your companion, that's a good question, even though you foolishly didn't figure out the whereabouts of the banana wine, but for that idea, I can consider figuring out the location of the banana wine oh."

On the pink river, Fu Wenduo pointed calmly at Tang Mo, who raised his eyes to look at him.


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