Chapter 203: River of Illusion's Gold, Silver and Banana Wine Game~

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As Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo fell, a clear child's voice rang out in their ears.

"Dingdong! Players Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have successfully completed the side quest 'Find the stolen goods', players Pete Gates and David Soffett have failed to pass the quest. Player Chen Shanshan has completed the side quest 'Assist the customs team to find the stolen goods' (difficult mode), opening the third version of the main quest."

The fall was not long, but Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo reacted in that instant by activating the prop 'a pair of magic boots'. With terrifying force, the two men forced themselves up in the air and brought their feet down before they came into contact with the pink water.

The boots touched the water, sending a ripple through the surface. They stood firm.

On the other side, the two foreign players were in a very unfriendly situation. David and Pete stumbled into the river, which was no ordinary river, and soon found themselves drawn underwater by a strange suction. Pete snatched the shield from David's hand, whispered a spell, and then flung it across the river.

The shield surprisingly also floats on the water.

David and Pete jumped onto the shield together, dripping with water, and stared coldly at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

As Tang Mo suspected, after completing the side quest, they left the customs hut and all four of them reverted to their original appearance. The two players had been speaking in English, and, minus the monster disguise, it was clear that they were two foreigners.

It is not uncommon to find foreigners in China, as long as they are in China, they are China players. This is the case with Jackass of Atak.

The current situation is more favourable for Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

David and Pete stood on their shields, which prevented them from falling into the river, but did not allow them to move very well. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were a different story. With their boots, they were able to step on the water as if it were a plane. But they didn't intend to fight, only to look at their opponents warily.

They knew that their opponents had not done their best in that battle.

It was in the customs hut that they had fought earlier. Before he died, the gnome officer had said that something very horrible would happen if they fell into the River of Illusion. So all four of them had tacitly restrained their moves, not wanting to fall into the river. Yet now they had fallen in anyway.

In terms of force value, these two men are definitely in the top tier of players Tang Mo has seen.

Tang Mo stared at the two quietly, his voice cold: "There are two foreign players among the returnees who are not on the time rankings but whose strength should not be underestimated because they often kill meat pigs and like to rest and use up all their rest time when they have it."

Pete sneered, "Wrong thing to say, we're not returnees anymore." He gestured to his neck, which was indeed devoid of golden numbers.

These are two returnees who have turned the corner.

David: "Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, so you are the two strongest China players. Oh no, I forgot about Mu Huixue, that woman is a pain in the ass, nothing good ever comes out of her. I've always hated the fact that the Earth survivors see you as the strongest in China, why? Because before we returnees came back, Earth was full of meat pigs and weak as hell, so you took advantage of being the first to get through the Tower Attack game?"

Fu Wenduo said indifferently, "What do you want to say?"

David lifted his chin: "Looks like we're playing against each other this time."

Tang Mo : "The side quests are really against the game, but now that everyone has completed the side quests, who knows if there will be any more side quests and what the main quests will be." The implication is that Tang Mo does not intend to make enemies in a dangerous game. If necessary, he did not mind working with these two people.

Pete gave a hoarse laugh and Tang Mo looked over at him. The blonde foreigner looked at Tang Mo with a mocking look, as if what he had said was utterly ridiculous. He reached up and rubbed his blonde hair, his turquoise blue eyes not hiding his disgust, "Cooperation? Wow, that's not impossible. After all, the Earth survivors are so weak, I wonder how strong the strongest Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, can be?"

Pete didn't really mean to make enemies with Tang Mo, but he had a bad reputation as a returnee, not only for his murderous nature, but also for his arrogant attitude. He didn't notice that the moment he raised his hand, Tang Mo's eyes fluttered at the red onyx bracelet on his wrist.

An identical bracelet flashed instantly in his mind, and Tang Mo breathed in and out for a moment, closing his eyes in silence and taking a deep breath.

He didn't feel much about the death of the God-Bearer, nor would he be too sad about it. So many people had died since Earth had gone online, and the God Stick hadn't known him well.

Just Chen Shanshan ......

David and Pete didn't notice anything unusual, but Fu Wenduo, who knew Tang Mo too well, gave him a slight look.

Tang Mo's hand pressed motionlessly on the small parasol. There was an 80% chance that the main quest would be completed without working with these two, and they would be able to do it. But there was still a 20% chance of not reducing the possible teammates at this point in time.

Tang Mo put his hand back, when a small bottle suddenly fell out of Fu Wenduo's pocket.

This is simply not possible!

Fu Wenduo showed a rare look of surprise, there was no way he would make such a mistake and let the quest prop just fall out. He reacted quickly and reached out for it. But the banana wine passed straight through Fu Wenduo's hands and fell into the pink river with a thud.

This surprise took everyone by surprise.

David and Pete didn't understand what the scene was all about, but a familiar image somehow flashed through Tang Mo's mind. Then the next moment, a ripple rippled out from where the banana wine had fallen. The ripples grew bigger and bigger, and eventually created a shocking wave.


Tang Mo opens a small parasol to cover herself and Fu Wenduo, keeping the pink water out.

A white glow tumbles up from the river and the white light dissipates to reveal an old man with a white beard in a white robe.

David was stunned: "What the hell is this?"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo but: "......"

Illuminated by the brilliant sunlight, the old man with the white beard smiled and raised his hand. Three balls of light floated out of his hand and drifted to the four Tang Mo men.

"Honest children, may I ask if you dropped the golden banana wine, the silver banana wine, or this plain banana wine?"

Beijing , 8th S.

Ruan Wangshu never puts its eggs in the same basket.

If Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo manage to clear all five levels of The black tower in three days, players in China will not be forced to attack the tower on June 10. However, this is only one of Ruan Wangshu's plans.

Since The black tower version 4.5 was updated, Chosen has been frantically collecting items of Fine grade and above for Ruan Wangshu and Yu Zheng to use in their tower attack games.

Yes, he and practice Yu Zheng will also be taking part in the tower attack game, only they won't be in as much of a hurry as Tang Mo. The mandatory tower attack on the 10th has nothing to do with them, they want to attack the tower simply because ......

"The first three players to clear the sixth floor of The black tower will receive a clue about the seventh floor."

Fu Wensheng is staying at Chosen on loan, and it's not good to eat for nothing. The children took the mineral water bottle provided by Ruan Wangshu and silently helped fill three bottles of water. "Do you really want to go? Although the offer is tempting, all the strongest people in the world must want to grab the first three passes, and my big brother and Brother Tang will definitely be there too."

Ruan Wangshu gave him a look, "Did I say I was going to rob with them?"

Fu Wensheng was stunned: "Huh?"

Practising Yu Zheng wiped his pocket knife next to him, his voice calm: "The first three players or teams to clear the sixth floor will get the clue. We want to work with Tang Mo."

Fu Wensheng understood it all at once.

Chosen has a bad reputation in Beijing, most notably because they are a stowaway group. But they are very strong. After all the ups and downs Tang Mo and Chosen have been through, they are now barely able to get along.

Fu Wensheng had already heard from Li Miaomiao that the reason why Chosen killed Tang Mo was because after Ruan Wangshu and Yu Zheng had worked hard to get through The black tower's second level of hard mode, their rewards were taken by Tang Mo first. I don't know if I should say they were unlucky or The black tower was just a pity.

But there is one thing, Fu Wensheng cautions, "The more people you have in a group attacking a tower, the harder the game will generally be."

Ruan Wangshu didn't need to tell him this, he understood it too.

Ruan Wangshu : "Cooperative tower attacks are just the best option."

Fu Wensheng was about to say something else when a sharp footstep came from the corridor outside the door. The door to the classroom was pushed open and a bald man gasped raggedly, exclaiming, "It's not good, chief, a foreign man is coming with two men to smash the place up!"

Fu Wensheng : "Foreigners?"

"Yes, go on, Miaomiao and Keung can't hold out much longer."

Ruan Wangshu's face suddenly changed.

A few people quickly walked to the entrance of the school, only to see a stout foreign man punch Li Miaomiao away, Li Miaomiao flew backwards and was caught by practice Yu Zheng. Seeing Ruan Wangshu coming, Li Miaomiao said, "Head, this man is simply sick, he came up and asked us if we were Chosen and wanted to find someone."

Chosen is used to being arrogant in Beijing and has rarely met anyone who comes to the door to pick a fight.

With a cold look in her eyes, Yu Zheng flipped her hand and took out her knife. As light as a swallow, she stepped on the steps of the flower bed at the entrance of the school and used her strength to fly at the strong foreigner. In the blink of an eye, they fought back and forth several times, with Yu Zheng not hitting hard at first, just testing. Gradually, she realised that the strong man had even kept his defences up and had no intention of killing her.

Ruan Wangshu : "Okay, stop."

Practising Yu Zheng immediately withdrew his sword and stood back behind Ruan Wangshu.

Ruan Wangshu looked coldly at the man who had wrapped himself in his fur coat, while Fu Wensheng looked at the sky and muttered "It's not winter yet, the sun is shining".

Ruan Wangshu stepped forward, "This is Chosen, what do you want?"

Obscure and awkward Chinese came out of the other man's mouth, "Call ...... a recognition."

Li Miaomiao didn't have the heart to say, "Head, he wants to find someone."

Fu Wensheng: "What does he want with Chosen? Is it possible that the person he wants to find is Chosen?"

"Call, call to recognition."

Li Miaomiao covered his bruised cheek: "Who the hell are you looking for?"

A confused look appeared in the eyes of the burly foreign man as he pointed to the English name of the school outside the eightieth secondary school and double-checked that this was indeed the eightieth secondary school. A few seconds later, two short, thin, middle-aged men came running from a distance, out of breath. They said urgently, "An, Mr Andrei, you've actually found it yourself?"

Andrei nods vigorously.

The two middle-aged men turned their heads to see Ruan Wangshu and the others, and they swallowed hard, understanding each other's identities.

Beijing's most powerful smugglers' organisation, they could have killed each other with ten lives. But this crazy Russian dragged them here and they had no choice but to ......

"Sorry, we are from Xinjiang, he is a Russian player. He came all the way from Russia to China to look for someone. We thought she was in Guangzhou, but when we went there, we found out she was in Beijing. We heard that Chosen is the most powerful organisation in Beijing, so we thought we could come and ask for information."

In fact, he had only just made the suggestion when Andrei went to Chosen without looking back. It didn't even occur to him that Chosen would do him a favour.

Fittingly, Ruan Wangshu looked at them coldly, "Chosen never helps find people."

The middle-aged man looked embarrassed as he slowly gestured to Andrei what Ruan Wangshu meant. Andrei was silent and took a long silvery white knife out of the broken backpack he was carrying. The eyes of Yu Zheng lit up at the sight of the knife and Andrei handed it to her.

"Jingliang prop, change, tell Su Su me where she is."

Practising Yu Zheng tried the knife and twisted his head, "Head, it's a good one."

Ruan Wangshu nodded, "Who are you looking for?"

Andrei : "Mu will learn."

Ruan Wangshu didn't understand for a moment: "Who are you talking about?"

Having been in China for so long, Andrei's Chinese has improved a little, and he says, word for word, "Mu, hui, xue."

"Pfft cough ......"

All heads turned in unison to Fu Wensheng.

Fu Xiaodi hurriedly said, "Don't look at me, I just choked on my saliva, it's okay." He really doesn't know Mu Huixue!

The next moment, a sandbag-sized fist broke through the air and slammed harshly into his eyes. Andrei's muffled voice whispered, "Where is she. Say, nest for you, the good stuff." It was clearly a threat, because of the odd accent, and how it sounded had a funny ring to it.

Fu Wensheng clenched his fingers nervously and at that moment a laughing female voice rang out from behind them, "So you're the ones looking for me together? Forget about me, don't scare that little kid, he really thinks you're going to kill him, he's so scared he's pissing his trousers."

Fu Wensheng was particularly keen to argue that he hadn't wanted to pee his trousers at all.

Andrei didn't understand the woman's words, but he withdrew his hand. He turned slowly and looked at the young woman sitting in the big tree. After a long time, he said sullenly, " Mu Huixue ."

Mu Huixue smiled faintly, "It's me, what do you want from me?"

Andrei was silent for a moment and said, "The pile doesn't fit, and the nest is going to kill Nee."

The next moment, a black shadow rushed onto the road with great speed. The tree trembled violently as the fierce punch smashed into the treetops, splitting them in half. Mu Huixue leapt onto the concrete, bracing herself on one hand, her long ponytail thrown behind her head, and looked up at her opponent.

She didn't get angry, but looked at the other woman steadily. When she opened her mouth, it was surprisingly fluent in Russian: "Are you serious?"

Andrei froze, as if he hadn't expected the other man to speak Russian. He replied in Russian, "I'm sorry, but I'm going to kill you."

The corners of his mouth quirked up as Mu Huixue drew the long red whip tied around his waist, "I accept your challenge."

Meanwhile, The black tower, the river of illusion.

The two foreign players had never heard of the story of China's River God, but Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo could not have been unaware of it. Tang Mo looked at the three different coloured bottles of banana wine and said, "The only way to get out of here is to choose the right banana wine?"

The river god nodded and then shook his head. He pointed his finger at the three bottles of wine in front of him: "Honest children, you don't need banana wine to leave here, you need something else. And now, it is time for you to make your choice. Which is the bottle of banana wine that you have lost?"

As soon as the words were spoken, The black tower's prompt sounded -

"Dingdong! Triggered the main quest 'The Gold, Silver and Banana Wine Game at River of Illusion'."

"The rules of the game--"

"First, take the real banana wine and leave the River of Illusion to pass the game."

"Secondly, there is no connection between the bottle and the drink. The golden bottle could also have held silver banana wine."

"Thirdly, of the golden banana wine and the silver banana wine, the golden bottle can be used as a boat, which can be piloted to leave the River of Illusion; the silver bottle can be used as a compass to find the right direction to leave the River of Illusion."

"Fourthly, each person can only choose a maximum of one bottle of wine, and the same bottle can be chosen by a maximum of four people. Once three bottles of wine have been selected, confirmation of use is required. Once the use of each bottle is confirmed, it cannot be changed."

"Fifthly, if you choose to use it in the wrong way, such as using real banana wine as golden banana wine, the boat will not run and the real banana wine will be nullified."

"Sixth, the game adopts a limited number of players to pass the game. When the number of passers is one, that player will receive a Hard mode bonus; when the number of passers is two, they will receive a Normal mode bonus; when the passer mode is three, they will receive a Wise mode bonus; when the number of passers is four, there is no bonus."

"Seventh, each player may make one request to the River God."

"Honest boy, did you lose this golden banana drink or this silver banana drink. Or is ...... your rare prop reward?"

On the long pink river, the white-bearded river god smiled mysteriously.


What the author has to say.

River God: Honest boy, did you drop this gold Tangtang, or this silver Tangtang. Or ...... is it this soft Tangtang that you can hold?

Mr. Fu : The soft one [breathing heavily]

Tangtang: ........................... ...

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