Chapter 205: Tang Mo : I'm still his lover.

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The pink water keeps crashing into each other, hitting the reefs at the bottom and creating a layer of white foam.

Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo calmly, and Fu Wenduo looked down at him. They looked at each other, neither of them speaking. Tang Mo had rarely looked at Fu Wenduo with such quiet eyes, as if he was recognising him for the first time. If David had asked the river god to tell him how to kill Pete, he might have taunted Pete, or perhaps angrily warned Pete: "You can't kill me, you piece of shit, you'll be killed by me!"

But Tang Mo's response was to look at Fu Wenduo in silence.

With a wave of the River God's great sleeve, two figures suddenly appeared on the River of Illusion.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo turned their heads in unison and looked at the two men. Tang Mo" did not hesitate to pull out his umbrella, and with a stomp of his feet, he attacked first, not giving Fu Wenduo a chance to strike first. However, Fu Wenduo only gently side-stepped the blow and avoided it.

The pink parasol collided with the black triangular cone shaped weapon, and the powerful force of the wave created by the river of fantasy. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's powers and props had been mapped out by David and Pete earlier, and Pete had speculated about the special abilities Tang Mo used, whether they were powers or props.

On the surface, the two aliens have been taunting Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo about their rebellion and the fact that Earth survivors can kill their teammates for profit. But when the phantom figures fought, they couldn't take their eyes off them. A second observation leads to a suspicion in Pete's mind, and he turns his head to exchange a look with his teammate -

This man seems to possess many psychic abilities.

Like Tang Mo, who once met a female player who could "duplicate her powers and use them once for a short time just by touching her", David and Pete have killed many people, and one of them has the ability to collect powers from others. He could collect other people's powers into a disposable sphere, and when he wanted to use it, he could throw the sphere and use it, but each sphere could only be used once.

Pete guessed that Tang Mo's powers were probably the same.

But this ability looks very powerful and can collect other people's powers. But what you collect is not your own after all. The more powerful the powers, the more restricted they must be and the harder they are to collect, which is fair enough for The black tower to demand. So Tang Mo must not have collected many powerful powers.

Pete is more wary of Fu Wenduo's psychic powers.

From beginning to end, in the illusion, even when he pierced Tang Mo's chest at the end, Fu Wenduo had only partially displayed his powers. He could sense that this man had not used his full strength, that he still had his cards hidden.

The two foreign players stared unblinkingly at the battle between Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Tang Mo didn't hide, he used all his powers, a small parasol, a large match, and even a night pearl and an infinite non-probability pocket watch. He quickly toggled the hands of the pocket watch, only this time the infinite non-probability pocket watch was not triggered. So David and Pete didn't take the pocket watch seriously, thinking it was just a junk item that didn't do much.

The end was obvious. Two minutes later, "Fu Wenduo" coldly shot Tang Mo in the head and killed him from behind.

Tang Mo was no match for Fu Wenduo in terms of sheer strength, and if it wasn't for Eve's apple, which had boosted his fitness, Tang Mo might not have lasted even two minutes.

China's most powerful stowaway, and arguably the world's most powerful stowaway, Fu Wenduo, is as powerful as they come.

The river god smiled benevolently and said, "Do you see clearly, my son, how you should kill him?"

Fu Wenduo looked up and asked, "By doing so, I can kill him completely?"

River God: "Yes, he will die."

Fu Wenduo nods, signalling clarity.

Tang Mo stood by with his arms folded, not contesting his companion's request, as if unaware that his partner had just spoken the words that were intended to kill him. But as Fu Wenduo tried to walk back to him, he pulled out his parasol and stabbed Fu Wenduo right in the throat with its tip.

Fu Wenduo narrowed his eyes and said faintly, " Tang Mo ."

Tang Mo sneered, "Get out."

David and Pete burst out laughing, "Is this what friendship is like between Earth survivors, hahahahaha!"

It's David's turn.

The blonde foreigner shot a look at David who laughed, "Stupid Pete, do you think I'm that stupid that I didn't think of that. I know what you mean."

Pete snorted, "I'm just afraid your all-water brain will come up with something useless."


The two foreign players cursed at each other once, and David, unable to win the argument with Pete, came forward in frustration. "As much as I'd like to make a request right now, I'd like you to kill my bloody companion, Pete!"

River God: "Sorry, son, I can't kill the player."

David : "I know, that's why I'm not going to make that request either. Before I make a request, old man, let me ask you, is the place we are in still the River of Illusion."

The river god laughed, "Of course, my son, you are now standing on the waters of the river of illusion."

David raised an eyebrow, "So that means I'm just surrounded by a thick fog and that these damn rivers will pull me to the bottom once I get on them? Is that what it means?"

"Yes, boy."

David spreads his hands, "How nice that is, I've got my last request in mind." At this point, David stops abruptly. Slowly he turned his head towards Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo. The brown-haired foreigner smiled coldly, "Don't think I don't know that you've guessed how this game is going to be played. The black tower game always likes to confuse the players with some trickery. It says that if you take the real banana wine and leave the river, you're through. But it doesn't say that the only way to get out of the river is to take the golden banana wine bottle and use the silver banana wine as a compass."

Tang Mo's body shook slightly as he stared at David.

David Ha Ha laughed, "Earth survivors, we returnees have played more games than you have killed. You can't imagine in your lifetime what every returnee who struggled to survive in that world before the Time Charts appeared went through. It's been six months since the Time Charts appeared, six months since we went from beast to man, and we've re-clothed ourselves in that human skin. But before that ......"

The smile brushed off the brown haired foreigner's face as he licked his upper lip, "We've long since ceased to be human, we're all beasts who only play games."

Tang Mo, who is a long way from Fu Wenduo, says calmly, "I don't understand what you're talking about, and I don't know what the pass is for this game."

Pete: " David, it turns out that The black tower is five levels of Earth survivor, and that's it."

David: " Pete, isn't the best thing they can do is play dumb."

Pete said grimly, "That's up to them. A lot of meat pigs like to play dumb in front of us, thinking they can muddle through. But they don't know that we like nothing better than to kill stupid people who think they're smart and steal their time. Don't they just want to wait for us to make our demands and then follow us out of the river. David , spell out your demands."

"If I'm right, that rabbit is actually one of your teammates too, I think you know each other. She's pretty smart, so now that she's on the shore, she won't be stupid enough to jump off the river to save you guys." The brown-haired foreigner gave Tang Mo a malicious grin and a provocative downward thumbs-up, then he looked to the river god and said in somewhat accented Chinese, "Hey, old man, I want you to tie a line to me and that stinking rabbit. This thread is not to be broken, but as soon as I die, the thread will immediately snap. Can you do it?"

River God paused for a moment, then nodded, "Yes."

David burst out laughing. He looks over at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo: "Can't believe it, can you? As you know, golden banana wine, silver banana wine, it doesn't matter. Only those stupid low-level players are fooled by The black tower, which does what it says. All we need to get out of this river is one direction. But now, as soon as I die, this direction that guided you will immediately disappear."

Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo's faces kept changing.

David: "Come on, kill me." After a pause, he said to his teammate as well, "Dear Pete, now you can't kill me either, unless you don't want to pass the game."

Pete said disdainfully, "When I want to kill you, when I can't."

David : "Chit."

Tang Mo's eyes slowly sink.

These two foreigners are probably one of the most powerful players Tang Mo has ever encountered in The black tower game.

Mu Huixue is very strong, but Tang Mo has never been hostile to her. Bai Ruoyao is also very strong, but she knows her enemy. Bai Ruoyao knows Tang Mo, and Tang Mo knows Bai Ruoyao. He knows that Bai Ruoyao is afraid of death and loves to die, and this is Bai Ruoyao's Achilles heel, which puts him at a disadvantage against Tang Mo time and time again.

These two foreigners are different.

They are so smart that they can think of anything that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo can think of. They were strong enough to fight alone, and Tang Mo was not necessarily a match for them. At the same time, they are cold-blooded and ruthless enough.

The ability to playfully say "kill your teammates" while sounding serious and not at all joking. , , and

This is perhaps what The black tower is trying to produce, a real game raider.

Suddenly, a soft chuckle sounded and David and Pete turned their heads in unison to look at each other.

David furrowed his thick eyebrows, "Bastard, what are you laughing at."

Tang Mo looked up and stopped smiling: what am I smiling about? You guessed right, me and the rabbit and this stowaway," he pointed at Fu Wenduo, "we three do know each other. And this time you do have my lifeblood; if I kill you, we will lose our way and no one will be able to leave the River of Illusion."

David : "Heh, you're only going to die."

Tang Mo : "That's not necessarily true. Just because I can't kill you, doesn't mean you can kill me."

David : "We'll see then."

Tang Mo smiles again.

David said angrily, "What the hell are you laughing at!"

Tang Mo didn't answer, instead talking about something else: "I know that bunny, so I know that she ...... is very little girl, in every way."

"What do you mean?"

"You just had the river gods tie you to her with a thread, didn't you?"

David didn't get it: "So what."

"I wonder what the thread will look like when it manifests itself. If it was tied to her body, I think it would be a seven-colored glow with pink lace trim. Something like that tied to your body ...... should look good?"

David : "......"

What the hell is this!

David winced as he thought for a moment in his head about the long, lace-edged strands of seven-coloured light. He took Tang Mo's words with a pinch of salt and just assumed that the Earth survivor was so angry that his brain had gone bad. The next moment, however, as the river god confirmed to him that he was ready to hold that thread for him, Pete muttered, "Lace-trimmed sepia thread, tsk, suits you, David."

David : "Shut up!"

As soon as the words hit the floor, a seven-coloured light was suddenly tied around David's wrists, binding three layers hard around his body-hair covered arms. The pink lace trim nestled into the thick black body hair, looking weird and disgusting.

Pete laughed out loud and David yelled at the river god, "What are you doing!"

River God: "Boy, I thought you liked that, didn't I?"

David : "......"

I fuck you for liking it!

So angry that I want to kill all these bastards and throw them in the river to feed the crocodiles - if there are any in there.

After all four requests had been made, the River God waved his large sleeve and slapped three balls of light in front of the four Tang Mo's faces. Seemingly unable to understand David's rant, he smiled and said, "It will soon be time for the river of illusions to rise, so children, choose the banana bars you want. Choose them and proceed to tell me what drink you think you have chosen."

Three glows floating above the river, Tang Mo reaching out and seizing a golden banana flask, Fu Wenduo seizing a silver one.

The black bottle was left in place and Pete grabbed it. David was still struggling with the lace-coloured thread on his wrist, which he wanted to throw away in disgust, or at least cover up with something.

River God: "I must warn you that once you say what this bottle of wine in your hand really looks like, it will become what you say it is. If you are right, it will become what it is. If you are wrong, it will immediately shatter and you will get nothing. Now, let's begin." He looked at Tang Mo: "What do you think is in your hand, my son?"

Tang Mo : "It's a real banana wine."

At the end of the sentence, there was a clear sound of breaking glass. Tang Mo immediately released the bottle from his hand, only to see the bottle of golden banana wine suddenly turn into countless rivulets of pink water and fall into the river of fantasy at their feet.

The river god said regretfully, "What a pity, my son, you are wrong." He looked to Fu Wenduo: "What do you think, my son, what exactly is that wine you are holding?"

Fu Wenduo : "Banana wine."

The crowd prepared themselves to watch the bottle in Fu Wenduo's hand shatter, however, all they saw was a white flash of light and a silvery pattern faded from the silver banana wine bottle. A black banana wine appeared in Fu Wenduo's hand.

Pete whistled, "Wow, good luck finding a real banana wine on the second one. I'll take a wild guess then ...... I've got a real banana wine too."

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo swiveled their heads and looked at Pete.

But then Pete smiles and throws the shard in his hand into the river of fantasy, raising an eyebrow at them.

The four men looked at each other for a moment and Tang Mo : "Knowing full well that the bottle was definitely not banana wine, you deliberately broke it. You were worried that you had guessed correctly and the bottle turned into a compass. If it were a compass, we wouldn't need that guiding thread to kill your companion. But you could have said the bottle was golden banana wine and made it into a big boat."

But Pete didn't do that, he broke the bottle on purpose.

Pete scoffed, "I'll do whatever you say? I'd be happy to break it, hahahahaha."

In this way, the real banana wine was already in Fu Wenduo's hands and they knew the right direction to leave the river.

Without the golden bottle, they can't take the big boat and break through the fog. But Pete and David can use the magical shield as a boat, and Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo can use their boots and walk on the river. In fact, the situation is now the best for the four men -

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo hold the wine while David and Pete take the wheel.

It is the threat that leads to the best cooperation.

They form a perfect shackle. Neither wanted to make the first move to kill the other, having to worry about the other fish destroying the prop.

Seeing that all three bottles of wine had been chosen by the players, the river god stroked his long white beard, "My task is over, children, leave the River of Illusion, this is no place for you." The wave hits from behind the river god and drowns his body. This wave grew smaller and smaller, and the river god faded away, the river once again returning to peace.

Pete, with his hands in his pockets, smiled and said to Fu Wenduo: "There is no reward for four people to pass, three people to pass although it is retarded mode ...... but it can be considered a bit of a reward oh. You have banana wine in your hand, which is quite important. David can't die either, he can't get anyone out if he dies. By the way, just to be clear, David is not going to kill me. And if I die, David will die with me."

David taunted, "Who said that?"

With all this talk, David had no intention of doing anything, nor did he retort. He acquiesced to Pete's words.

Tang Mo's heart went cold.

...... This is instigating Fu Wenduo , killing him.

Tang Mo's hand is pressed against the small parasol, always on the lookout for enemies around him.

At this moment, on this river, he is the only one in danger.

David and Pete wanted to kill him, and Fu Wenduo had just asked how to kill him. David couldn't die, and neither could Fu Wenduo. Pete had David to protect him, no one could kill him.

So, only he remains.

Of course, it was the strangers who were more dangerous than their own teammates. Tang Mo kept his eyes on David and Pete, as if he was afraid they would take a swing at him. But in a flash, a faint metallic sound rang out from behind Tang Mo. Tang Mo immediately turned his head to see Fu Wenduo's right hand flip into a pitch-black weapon. His foot was hard and he was coming straight at Tang Mo.

Seeing this, David and Pete also wanted to get in on the action, and the pair manned their shields and, with a cry of fury, charged at Tang Mo.

The black sharpshooter glowed cold and stabbed Tang Mo in the chest with a vengeance. Tang Mo immediately opened his parasol to block it, and by then David and Pete had already closed in behind Tang Mo. They raised their weapons and brought them down on Tang Mo. In that brief moment, the parasol snapped shut and Tang Mo crossed his arms, giving him a platform to lend a hand. Fu Wenduo stomped on his palm, flipped it in the air and then kicked Pete in the chest, sending him flying.

At the same time, the black sharpshooter stabbed David straight in the heart.

David's eyes widened in horror and he hurried to get out of the way. But the sharp object still pierced his shoulder, bleeding and staining his sleeve.

David looked up angrily, "Are you crazy, how dare you put your hands on me! Don't you want to get through the game!"

Behind Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo slowly stepped out. He puts his hand on Fu Wenduo's arm and Fu Wenduo looks down at him, the corner of his mouth curling slightly as he temporarily puts the black sharpshooter away.

Tang Mo laughed: "If Mu Huixue were here, she would know that Fu Wenduo would never have killed his teammates. All you know is that he was a stowaway, that he entered the game as a survivor because he killed people. But you don't know ...... Fu Wenduo , China's youngest major and leader of the Lordship Dragon squad. He's a soldier who would never turn the tip of his sword on his teammates. And I am his teammate ......"

There was a slight pause in the voice for a split second, and the sentence that followed, Tang Mo, did not come out. He silently filled in the sentence in his mind.

I am still his lover.

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