Chapter 202: I've killed more people than you've eaten!

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The blond foreigner's gaze was cold as he stared at the rabbit at the back of the herd, and the next moment he let out a cry of anger as his feet rocketed towards the other side. Chen Shanshan's physical attributes were not enhanced at all due to the limitations of her powers. She realised in an instant how she had been exposed, and without time to regret it, the young girl twisted around and ran behind the fox that had not yet gone far.

Pete's right hand formed a claw, and was about to grab the player. At that moment, a loud voice rang out, "Get the human!"

Pete looked quickly at the sound of the voice, a group of Underlander officials clustered together, and no one could be found to speak.


He knew that the speaker must be one of the two bastards from the customs team, but he wasn't in a position to know who it was.

The monsters roared at Pete and David, and the Undertaker officers swarmed over them. They knew they were no match for the humans, not once they got past the players on the second level of The black tower. But most of the The black tower bosses were simple-minded, thinking that there were too many of them on their side to be afraid of two human players.

"Catch them and eat them!"

"Ho! Get 'em, eat 'em!"

David and Pete are so skilled that the monsters and underground people can't even touch them. But in this tiny hut, the whole house creaked and shuddered as they fought. The gnome officer was furious: "Damn it, don't destroy my house, if you do we'll all fall into the River of Illusions!"

As soon as these words hit the ground, the monsters and the people of the earth immediately settled down.

But players also hear a hint of it: falling into the River of Illusion can be very dangerous?

With a twinkle in his eye, Pete took the opportunity to suddenly reach out, pointing to Bunny at the back of the crowd, "She's a bloody player too!"

The crowd turned to Chen Shanshan in unison.

Chen Shanshan's grip on the lollipop shrank, but outwardly her red eyes widened in horror and fear, "You, what are you talking about, I ...... I'm not a player!"

David was so angry that he cursed, "You bastard, don't think you can still hide, you're the player!"

The monsters and the underground people stared at Chen Shanshan in disbelief, and the little girl gritted her teeth: "I'm certainly not a player, I'm a rabbit who lives in the elven steppes. But you have just admitted that you are players. Catch them and eat them, everyone!"

Hearing this, the crowd all came back to their senses: yes, they didn't know whether this rabbit was a player or not, but these two wolves had just admitted that they were players. If they ate these two humans, they would definitely be able to improve their strength a lot.

Chen Shanshan has been pushed to the brink, and no matter how smart she is, she is still just a little girl with no physical boost. She had done her best, but none of the players who had made it to the fifth floor of The black tower were easy. The situation she feared most had happened.

Pete snickered, his bright red tongue licking his upper teeth, "Heh, bunch of idiots. This rabbit is obviously weak, even if she really isn't a player, you guys catching her would be like catching a baby chick, just grab it and tie it up first and put it next to you. As for us two ...... you fools can catch us too?"

A large hen monster raged, "You're the one who's just like catching a baby chick!"

The monsters were a bit silly but not really witless. The wolf was right, catching this rabbit would be no trouble at all for them, and if it really wasn't a player, it would be the wrong person to catch. In a flash, the two monsters and the three geoducks quickly rushed towards Chen Shanshan, one of the geoduck officers sneering as he snapped her hands shut.

The young girl's heart was in a cold sweat, but her face did not change.

...... She believes in Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Pete laughed madly when he saw that Chen Shanshan had also been caught. He was not at all afraid of these weak monsters and underground people, what he really needed to watch out for were the two players from the customs team. As Pete was staring at the customs officials, trying to identify the players from them, a faint voice rang out, "I, I don't know why you damn humans are framing me, is it because I just took more of your bribe?"

Pete and David stared at Chen Shanshan in disbelief.

The red-eyed rabbit gritted his teeth and said accusingly, "Aren't you just trying to smuggle in a bottle of banana wine? Banana wine is worth ten silver coins, but just now you bribed us with over 30 silver coins in order not to be discovered. Could it be that ...... this banana wine is actually something very important?"

Before David knew it, Pete was snarling, "Shut up!"

However it was too late.

The monsters were reminded of this and immediately understood that the bottle of banana wine was particularly important to the two humans. It would be difficult to capture the two humans, but if they went for the banana wine, the two humans would surely protect it and thus not attack well.

Somehow someone shouted, "The banana wine is hidden up his sleeve!"

Everyone rushed in and instead of attacking David and Pete, they went for their banana shots.

Chen Shanshan breathed a sigh of relief as an Underlander officer grabbed her hands and escorted her towards the glass hut. Still trembling slightly, Chen Shanshan tried to suppress her fear when she heard a smiling voice ring out from behind her ear, "Well done, Shanshan."

Chen Shanshan's eyes widened and she turned her head to look at the underground man who had grabbed her. After a few seconds, the little girl broke into a smile, " Brother Tang Mo."

As Tang Mo escorts Chen Shanshan into the glass hut, David and Pete are still on guard against so many monsters and underground people that a monster finally snatches the banana wine and the bottle is thrown into mid-air.

There's not a person in the entire world of The black tower who doesn't like banana wine. Even if it's not an important prop, monsters and underground people will go crazy when they see it. The monsters went crazy for the bottle of banana wine and David and Pete were furious and unable to get it. Pete flipped his hand and took out a red pistol, and with a flick of his wrist, he pressed the trigger.


A shot rang out and five bullets were fired from the muzzle in turn.

The five bullets accurately pierced the heads of the four monsters and one of the Geoduck officers, whose heads exploded like watermelons. Everyone was stunned and looked at the two wolves in horror.

His leather-booted foot crushed a monster's head so hard that brains burst onto his shoe, and Pete licked his muzzle bloodthirstily, "Punk, who dares to rob me!"

The banana wine had been pushed by the monsters to who knows where and no one could find it. But at this point, all the monsters and the Underlanders were afraid to go back to that damned banana wine.

They scattered and fled in panic.

The gnome officer screamed into a green feather, " Mr Peter Pan where the hell are you.

A horrific carnage began to rage and flood.

Tang Mo raises his hand to cover Chen Shanshan's eyes to stop her from looking back. He continued to walk on without looking back, as if he had not heard the movement behind him.

And while Pete and David were excitedly slaughtering, an unimpressive-looking Underlander official picked up a banana bottle from the corner. He pulled the brim of his hat down with one hand to shield his face. Then he followed the hordes, a frightened look on his face, and together they poured outside the hut.

But just as he was picking up his banana drink and standing up, a sour voice rang out from not far away, "Customs team player."

Fu Wenduo moves and slowly turns his head to look at his opponent.

It was a vicious, brutal wolf. With sticky saliva sticking out of its sharp teeth, Pete and David were not in the slightest bit of a frenzy of carnage, but rather staring calmly at Fu Wenduo, as if waiting for a hand to pick up the bottle of banana wine.

The two sides looked at each other for a moment before Fu Wenduo curled his lips, "I'm sorry to have underestimated your strength."

David made a fist with one hand, "I'll kill you!!!"

Tang Mo had no idea that the two players, who looked reckless and impulsive, were actually incredibly calm. They appear to be angry and slaughtering, but they are actually waiting for Fu Wenduo to take the bait. These two are definitely the best players in China at the moment, perhaps ranking in the top 10 in the country.

Tang Mo pushed Chen Shanshan onto the wooden suspension bridge: " Shanshan, run across to the other side. When you get to the bridge, Fu Wenduo and I will come over and we will go together."

Chen Shanshan nods vigorously, not even thinking of staying to help.

She is too weak and staying can only be a drag.

By this time, David's fist had smashed into Fu Wenduo's face. Fu Wenduo tossed his banana wine into mid-air and sidestepped the blow. Then he leaned down so hard that David realised his movement too late and landed a brave punch to the stomach.

David took a few steps backwards, his face hardened but unhurt.

Fu Wenduo lifted his hand just in time to grab the banana wine and put it in his pocket: "You are strong, but you don't know how to kill."

David sneered, "I've killed more people than you've eaten!"

Fu Wenduo was silent for a moment: "That's not necessarily true."

The next second, the two men rushed up together. Pete was about to go over to help when a rubber cord suddenly wrapped around his wrist. Pete whipped his head around to see an Undertaker officer extending a rubber cord from his palm and tying it around his wrist. Pete laughed and said through gritted teeth, "Another player?"

Tang Mo raised an eyebrow, "You're up against me."

By this time, it was no longer possible to conceal one's identity.

These two opponents were indeed very strong, and since they had already been exposed, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo simply went for it. They didn't know how strong Peter Pan, the dwarf chief, was, but assuming he was the leader of the Strange Circus, the five of them together might not be able to compete.

It must be done quickly.

Tang Mo doesn't hide his powers, he crosses his arms and shouts "Give me back my grandfather". A fierce fire filled the cabin and Pete flipped his hand into a metal shield, blocking it all. Tang Mo's hands rose and dozens of long, thin steel needles flew in mid-air. With a single movement of his fingers, the needles shot at Pete in unison.

On the other side, the battle between Fu Wenduo and David was much easier. Fu Wenduo was completely overpowering David. He was agile, agile and powerful, and watching Fu Wenduo's strikes was like watching an action movie, every move was beautiful. David, on the other hand, was clumsy, but his skin was like steel and could not be penetrated.

Fu Wenduo's eyes narrowed and his right arm turned into a sharp black weapon that stabbed David hard in the chest. David sensed something was wrong and turned to avoid it. It grazed his chest and cut through his clothes, leaving only a white mark on his skin.

Fu Wenduo no longer hid his clumsiness, and with a flick of his wrist, a pitch-black dagger appeared in his hand.

As soon as the dagger appeared, David smelled death. He cried out, then twisted his head and said, " Pete , give me your shield!"

Pete : "Fuck off, that's a prop for the old man!"

David : "Fuck, I'm going to die if you don't fucking give it to me!"

Pete throws the shield at David, who catches it. At that moment Fu Wenduo suddenly approached like a ghost and thrust his sharp dagger at David. David reflexively blocked it with his shield. The dagger and shield collided with a sharp metallic clash. They each took a half step backwards, and Fu Wenduo's gaze faded as he looked at the white gaping hole in his shield.

David roared, "That dagger actually managed to cut through your shield!"

Pete exclaimed, "What?"

Not to mention him, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were also taken aback. Fu Wenduo's dagger was one of the rare props he possessed, and its only function was a karmic effect that could break through everything in the world. But it didn't pierce the shield, it just made a cut.

It must also be a rare prop, or a rare prop with the same karmic effect!

Fu Wenduo doesn't want to be bothered with the other man, he looks up and sees that Chen Shanshan has almost reached the end of the drawbridge. The drawbridge is now blocked and no one can get out. If he wants to leave, he and Tang Mo will have to fight their way out together.

Fu Wenduo looks to Tang Mo: "Go!"


The two men were not in the least bit attached to the battle and turned and ran.

David and Pete couldn't let them get away and together they quickly caught up. The two ran ahead and the two chased after them. When they reached the front of the drawbridge, Fu Wenduo grabbed Chen Shanshan and held the young girl around his waist. Without hesitation, Tang Mo kicked the two Underlander officers guarding the drawbridge, knocking them unconscious.


When he reached the shore, Tang Mo turned to look at the drawbridge and took a giant match from his wrist. He waved the match and set the drawbridge alight, in a bid to cut Pete and David off.

This time the tower attack game is clearly a game of confrontation, if they succeed in clearing it, the other side will fail. The reverse is also true.

Flames crackled up and the drawbridge quickly fell. Pete growled in anger and two long iron chains appeared in his hands.

"You think I won't be able to find you guys this way!"

The chains flew towards the other end, one hooked on Tang Mo's leg and the other on Fu Wenduo's leg. They tried to break free, but found that the more they struggled, the closer the chains became.

Tang Mo's eyes were cold as he took out a luminous pearl from his pocket. No sooner had this bead been taken out than the two chains, as if they had met the deadliest temptation, flew violently towards the night pearl and were captivated by it.

David and Pete, each clutching the other end of the chain, were caught off-guard and tugged upwards by the chain, which had a tendency to throw them off and send them running towards the night jewel without a second thought.

David pressed down hard on the third link of the chain: "You will not live if I die!"

Pete's eyes widened: "You're crazy!"

But it is too late, David has already pressed the link and the chains, which had just been attracted by the night pearl, suddenly ignite themselves. A strange force pulls Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo downwards together, and they both fall into the River of Illusion. The moment Fu Wenduo was pulled down, she pushed Chen Shanshan out of the way, and the young girl landed firmly on the shore, looking back: "Brother Tang, Mr. Fu School!

With four thumps, all four fell into the River of Illusion.


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