Chapter 20: Your hearts are too dirty!!!

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Tang Mo listened intently, and a faint rustling sounded in his head.

The sound is so soft that you can't even notice it unless you listen closely, but it's strange. It's not the wind, it's not the sound of leaves whirring, it's a bit like the hissing of electricity from the old black and white television sets of the last century that Tang Mo used to listen to as a child.

Since The black tower game started, all electrical appliances have lost their signal. TVs, computers, mobile phones, all of them have become brick and mortar. No one would ever use an electrical appliance at this time, let alone an old black and white TV.

Tang Mo is 80% certain that this is the current sound of a black and white television set.

"Voices ringing in your head?"

The other person didn't say anything directly, but asked the question. Tang Mo himself was fine, he was in no hurry: "Well, it was ringing in my head."

"Maybe it's because I'm contacting you differently than last time." The hiss of electricity became more pronounced, and listening more closely, one could still hear a little clash of iron, but the man's tone was calm: "I didn't go for the three knocks on the turkey egg this time."

Tang Mo caught a hint of something different: "What you mean is ......"

"I would like to use this egg. Mr. Strange, as I will call you, I am currently in a very strange game of The black tower. I won't explain the details, but I've decided that the game is not very easy. So I would like to use this prop, to pave a way back for myself."

Tang Mo already understood what the other man was trying to say, and his gaze narrowed as the man opened his mouth and said what Tang Mo had wanted most: "This egg is called MOMO, and it's a game archiver. If you've ever played a game, you should know what an archive is."

Tang Mo never imagined this rare prop would serve such a purpose!

Many single-player role-playing games have an archive function, which allows players to save the game at any time while playing. Once you have archived, you can exit the game at any time and read the archive if you want to continue playing, so you can go straight back to the archive point without wasting time. If a character dies at a certain level, you can read the archive and start again from the archive point.

A game archiver, a simple word to say, but an almost unbelievable tool in this game of The black tower!

Tang Mo's blood flows faster and adrenaline rushes. Anyone who knew they had a game archiver would not be able to calm down. Tang Mo didn't say anything, and the man seemed to be aware of the importance of what he had just said, giving Tang Mo a moment to adjust and not interrupt. For even he himself almost lost his temper when he got this rare item.

After a minute, Tang Mo calmed down and asked, "What are the restrictions?"

The black tower can't give players a game archiver with no limits. If it did, it would be a cheating tool and would be extremely unfair.

The other party was already prepared and quickly replied: "Three restrictions. The first is that it can only be used once every seven days and is not cumulative; the second is that the archive time is one hour, limited to The black tower game archive, and the archive can be read at any time within one hour of the archive, after which time the prop expires; and the third is the reason I wanted to find you this time."

Tang Mo frowned, "What's the reason?"

"To use the game archiver using str ......, both prop owners must have it turned on at the same time. Meaning neither I, nor you, can turn on the archiver alone." The voice paused and the male voice continued, "Mr. Strange, the way to turn on the archiver function is to draw an English letter 'S' on the turkey egg."

Tang Mo finally understands why this badass man would rather expose the secret of the turkey eggs than come to himself.

If he doesn't come to Tang Mo, the turkey egg will be a waste in his hands. It won't hatch, it won't taste good when cooked and it's a waste of backpack space.

Tang Mo wanted to talk and asked directly, "When do you need to turn on the archive?"

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Tang Mo knew that the reason Mr. Fu told him about the function of the turkey egg was to ask him to help him open the archiver. He had to tell him how to use it, otherwise Tang Mo wouldn't have known how to open the archives. Now that Tang Mo knows what the eggs can do, it is only logical that he needs to give them back.

This payoff is the opening of the archive.

The male voice paused, as if he hadn't expected Tang Mo to make such a decisive decision. After a long moment, he whispered, "Now, thanks."

Tang Mo holds a turkey egg in his left hand and draws an "S" on the white body with his index finger.

With the final stroke, an English character begins to flash on the white egg. Right where Tang Mo had just drawn the letter, an 'S' kept flashing a pale blue, as if to suggest that the archiver was now working.

"Information is shared between the two owners during the archive, so I'm sorry, I'm afraid you'll be hearing from me here uncontrollably for the next hour."

Tang Mo didn't have much to do next. The children in the gym had gone to bed, and Li Wen had just gone into the gym to rest. He walks alone along the campus boulevard, the leaves of the ginkgo trees wilting and falling under his feet, his shoes crunching on them. It's not a big deal to listen to the sounds of the game process in your head for an hour.

Yet he said, " Mr. Fu, this is something you didn't say in advance."

It is a vast, infinite world of white, the sky is pure white and the ground is pure white. In this infinite world, the ground is littered with all sorts of old household appliances. Old single-tube washing machines, sewing machines, big-bellied radios, and hundreds of old television sets with snowflakes on their screens were thrown into this white world as if they were rubbish.

A tall, handsome man walks through the old appliances, holding in his left hand a white turkey egg with a glowing "S" character on it. The words "You didn't tell me about this" come out of the turkey egg and Fu Wenduo pauses in his steps, his brow jumping a little.

"...... I didn't know about this restriction until after I turned on the archive too?"

Tang Mo said lightly, "But you're interrupting my time."

Fu Wenduo gave a laugh, didn't say another word and continued on his way through the world of electrical appliances.

Tang Mo puts the turkey egg back in his pocket and walks around the campus with his hands behind his back. There were strange sounds in his ears, sometimes the clatter of a sewing machine dropping a needle, sometimes the sound of a washing machine tumble-drying clothes. But that strangest of all, Mr. Fu, had not said a word since then.

Tang Mo had just said he was disturbed and was deliberately lying, but not to flirt with and tease a stranger, but to tell him: you owe me another thing.

The other owner of the fire egg traded the use and function of the fire egg for Tang Mo to help him open the archiver.

Since then, the two have owed each other no more.

But now Mr. Fu owes Tang Mo another thing, and that thing may work to Tang Mo's advantage in the future.

The Mr. Fu doesn't speak, and Tang Mo doesn't speak up either. He walks around the school, only twenty minutes later. He returned to the library again and sat in front of the pond, staring expressionlessly at the bent moon reflected in the water.

Forty minutes to go.

Tang Mo began to think about what he could do to pass the next forty minutes, but Fu Wenduo didn't let him wait that long. Five minutes later, the sound of a fierce struggle suddenly started, and Tang Mo's eyes fluttered as he listened carefully for any movement.

He heard the sound of metal clashing. The sound was so fast that the interval between each attack was definitely not more than 0.5 seconds. Tang Mo could hear that there were many things attacking Mr. Fu. For five minutes, this Mr. Fu did not make a sound. After ten minutes of continuous fighting, he started to catch his breath.

The countless heavy drops seemed to hint at how many opponents Mr. Fu had beaten.

But the enemy's attacks never stopped.

There was a growing sound of clashing and even the sound of a knife cutting through something heavy.

Fifty-five minutes had passed since the game was archived, and Tang Mo tensed his back and listened carefully to the voices in his head, not missing even a single detail.

He couldn't see with his own eyes what the other man was going through, but he understood by the sound of this voice that this Mr. Fu was too good for real combat. For thirty minutes, he did not stop fighting for a second. There were hundreds or thousands of opponents, and yet he had survived.

is really too strong.


A loud explosion sounded.

Tang Mo was shaken to his core, not to mention Mr. Fu, who was actually facing an explosion.

"Can't hold out ......" hissed the voice.

Tang Mo immediately said, "There is one minute left in the archive period, read the archive."

"It's too late."

Tang Mo was stunned, and before he knew what the words meant, the voice in his head suddenly disappeared. Tang Mo hurriedly took out the turkey egg, only to see that the "S" pattern on it had dissipated and was no longer glowing blue. Without waiting for him to think, the whole egg glowed with a faint light, the light of an active connection.

"The game just failed and I re-read the file."

It had all happened in ten seconds. Ten seconds ago, Tang Mo remembered the man's voice as hoarse and panting, as if he had been badly injured. But now his voice was the same as it had been an hour ago, and the familiar hiss of electricity was ringing in Tang Mo's ears again.

Tang Mo frowned:" Mr. Fu, you just said you couldn't read the file in time, so it says ......"

"To archive you need to draw an 'S' on the turkey egg and to read the file you need to draw an 'L' on the turkey egg. One is 'save' and the other is 'load'. I just fought a monster from The black tower, which was much stronger than me. There's less than a minute left, and after that the archive prop will expire and I won't have a chance to draw another 'L'."

Tang Mo didn't respond for a second: "You didn't get a chance to read the file, so you ......"

"There is another way to read the archive." The male voice was calm and collected, "When the game's archiver is on, death within an hour automatically reads the archive. So I just killed myself and read the archive directly."

Tang Mo is silent.

In a pinch, kill yourself without hesitation for a chance ...... Tang Mo would do the same, but I am afraid it would not be as decisive as this man.

"Wasted an hour on you, are you still busy now? Sorry."

Tang Mo, who has been watching the stars and the moon for an hour: "It's okay, it's fine." Just return the favour later, no need to be polite.

"I was just playing the second level of the tower attack game." The man's voice was low and calm, and his tone was calm as he spoke words that would leave all humans stunned: "When a player reaches a certain level of strength, they will be forced by The black tower to open the Tower Attack game. This is one of the ways in which the Tower Attack game can be opened, and I suspect there will be others."

Tang Mo's eyes widened in amazement when he heard "the second level of the tower attack game".

He suddenly guessed who this Mr. Fu was ......

The voice was low and magnetic, with a hint of imperceptible laughter, "Hello Tang Mo, my name is Fu Wenduo."

Tang Mo did not return to the gym immediately after this MOMO contact, but sat on a rock by the pond, staring stoically at the white turkey egg in his hand.

Fu Wenduo .

Stowaway Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo, who started the first tier of the China Zone Tower Attack game, was gnashed in the teeth of the entire China Zone players who wanted to hack him to death.

Li Wen joked with Tang Mo that if he ever met Fu Wenduo, the stowaway who had pulled all the Chinese players into the tower game early, he would hang him up and beat him up for three days and three nights, in a brutal way.

After reading the game archive, Fu Wenduo said he would find a way out of the game and look for another way out. With his current strength, he cannot pass the second level yet, so he has to give up for now.

Fu Wenduo told Tang Mo about his participation in the Tower Attack game.

Tang Mo knew that he didn't suddenly think he was nice enough to be a friend and share his secrets openly and honestly. He probably told Tang Mo all this just to return the favour of "you wasted an hour on me". But the favour had to be a bit bigger, and perhaps there were some other reasons for it.

All in all, Tang Mo now knows that if you reach a certain level of power, you will be forced to start a tower attack game. Fu Wenduo didn't start the first level of Tower Attack by choice, he was forced into it by The black tower and accidentally screwed over all the players in China.

But he was pulled into the second tier of the tower attack game today without "wreaking havoc" on the other players, and Tang Mo speculates that there are two possibilities.

In the first case, The black tower is only special to the first player to start the tower attack game, and will be broadcast globally, pulling players from the whole district to attack the tower together; in the second case, Fu Wenduo is the only person in China who has cleared the first level of The black tower, so no one else can raid the second level except him, and naturally no one can be pulled into the pit.

Tang Mo looks down at the clear pond, a small fish swimming across the bottom, creating a shallow ripple.

"...... He heard Chen Shanshan call me 'Brother Tang Mo'? Then what else was called 'Mr. Stranger' in the beginning."

Tang Mo tsked and went back to the gym to sleep.

After a long night of fighting, Tang Mo slept until 8am. The others were even more exhausted, especially the junior high school students, who slept until midday. They hadn't had a good night's rest in the past few days, and were mentally stretched. First there was the sudden attack on the tower, then the retaliatory attack by the stowaways. The children were physically and mentally exhausted.

At 2pm, Tang Mo and Li Wen went to the school supermarket to get some water and food. Several students woke up, shared the food and started eating.

Tang Mo replenished his backpack with two bottles of water and a few boxes of compressed biscuits.

At 2pm, he and Li Wen were ready to leave.

The little fatty was surprised, " Brother Tang, Lai, you're not staying and joining us?"

Chen Shanshan was aware of the situation and stood by without saying anything. A few other students also made a point of retaining the two.

Li Wen was a bit hesitant, but Tang Mo was very calm: "There are five of you, two full players and three reserves, all students. You're a very impressive combination anywhere. If you add us to the mix, you'll easily become a fat sheep in the eyes of others. Of course, only yourselves, too, are fat sheep."

The students froze.

Tang Mo: "I suggest you go in two directions, so that the five of you don't stay together. The official players can split up, little fatty and the two boys all the way, Shanshan you and this little girl all the way. You can move together again when you are each stronger."

Qiao Feifei is dumbfounded: "I don't want to be separated from everyone ......"

Chen Shanshan thought for a moment and nodded: "You have a point. The five of us do stand out together. The world is full of preppers at best, not many stowaways. But at a time like this, killing is no longer the preserve of stowaways. We've all sort of killed people. It's more dangerous for five junior high students to walk together, so we'll take a night off today and split up tomorrow."

The students listen to Chen Shanshan because she is always right. But they still don't want to be separated, and it is up to them to decide how.

Tang Mo looked at Chen Shanshan before she left: "I'm going to find my friend who also lives in Shanghai, but in Pudong, so I can't take you with me on the way. In ten days, if I have the chance, I'll come back to the school for a visit." Tang Mo does not have the strength to protect these children forever, and if they want to survive, the only person they can really rely on is themselves.

Tang Mo and Li Wen say goodbye to the group of children at the entrance to the school.

Li Wen is still a bit reluctant, but he has his own business to attend to, he has to go home and see if maybe his parents are still alive.

After they left the school, Li Wen said, "By the way, Tang Mo, you came back late last night, it must have been three or four o'clock. What were you doing out there, hanging out for so long?"

Tang Mo said casually, "I remembered what happened before Earth came online and took a walk outside." Tang Mo couldn't have told us about the eggs, and he couldn't have told us about the accidental contact with Fu Wenduo.

Li Wen let out an oh. As he walked home, he began to talk excitedly about his family. His voice was happy, but there was a constant writhe at the end of his voice and he was not walking fast enough.

Tang Mo gave him a look.

The man was only forcing his composure, he was worried that his home was empty and he was left alone.

Li Wen's home is in the Jing'an district, and he and Tang Mo walked for two hours, arriving at a villa area at six in the evening.

The closer we get to home, the slower Li Wen's pace gets.

But at last they walked up to a three-storey villa.

Li Wen stood in front of the big metal door, afraid to open it. He did not know whether he would see his parents or an empty house when he pushed the door open.

Tang Mo was going to Pudong and happened to be on his way, so he accompanied Li Wen on this trip. In this world, one should never let one's guard down and always be on the lookout for stowaways and other mischievous players. It is better to go with two people than alone.

Li Wen stands in front of the door, reaching for the doorknob every now and then, but not daring to push it.

Five minutes later, Tang Mo suddenly reached out and with a single push, the iron lock was broken by him. He pushed the door open straight away and turned his head, "At least there are no traps on the door, so there should be no stowaways."

Li Wen froze, staring blankly at Tang Mo. After thinking for a long time, he nodded: "Well, there is no danger ......"

Tang Mo opened the door for Li Wen on the pretext of being careful of stowaways.

Some things have to be faced eventually. As if summoning up courage, Li Wen strides into the garden. As he reached the cottage door, Tang Mo said, "Be careful, in case there really are enemies."

The two men looked at each other and Tang Mo kicked the door open.


The mahogany door falls to the floor, stirring up a very light layer of dust.

After confirming that the house was clear, Li Wen rushed upstairs and kept calling out "Mum and Dad". But the only response was an empty echo.

Tang Mo's parents had died a long time ago and he did not enter the house, but stood against the entrance door, listening to Li Wen call out his parents' names over and over again.

Li Wen rummaged through the house and could not find a soul. His voice grew desperate.

Suddenly, he exclaimed loudly, "My mother is alive, my mother is alive!"

Tang Mo looked into the living room in surprise, only to see Li Wen running over with a piece of paper, her face full of joy and her body trembling: "My mother is still alive, Tang Mo, look! My mother is still alive! My mum said that Dad had suddenly disappeared and there was no mobile phone signal, so she couldn't contact anyone. If I'm still alive, let me go and find her. Tang Mo, my mum is still alive!"

Tang Mo smiled, "Congratulations."

Li Wen got excited for a while, then suddenly stopped laughing: "My dad disappeared ......"

Tang Mo advised, "Go to your mother first."

Li Wen bowed his head in silence and after a moment he squeezed the paper in his hand and nodded his head.

Li Wen's hometown is close to Kunshan. His grandparents died very young and he did not have many relatives, his only relatives were his parents. Now that he knows his mother is still alive, he is bound to go looking for someone.

The two separated at the junction of the Jing'an and Huangpu districts.

Li Wen found Tang Mo a detailed map of Shanghai from a roadside newsstand and drew the route on it with a pen.

"Pudong is the closest from this side. The Huangpu River ferry is definitely not available now, so you go over the Nanpu Bridge and then around this way ......"

Tang Mo memorises the route and puts the map away. He lifted his head and looked at the silly white rich kid in front of him.

They looked at each other, neither of them saying anything. After a while, Li Wen smiled, "I'm too weak now, so I'll definitely slow you down if I go with you. I'll go to my mother first, Tang Mo, and we'll see each other later."

Tang Mo shook the map in his hand, "Thanks, see you sometime."

Li Wen laughed: "Then I should thank you even more? I'm so stupid, I need to use my head more when I encounter games in the future, or I won't even know how I'll die. Thank you for the past few days."

Tang Mo didn't say much and the two men said goodbye and left.

Li Wen had only turned around and walked ten metres when Tang Mo suddenly said in a loud voice, "I remember something, Li Wen, come over here."

Li Wen rushed back: "What is it?"

Tang Mo just looks at him and smiles without saying anything.

Li Wen was confused: " Tang Mo?"

"You came back when I told you to? Grow a pair, and not just to Fatty, but to you too." Tang Mo smiled faintly, "Stupid white rich kid, live it up."

Li Wen: "...... So you've been thinking in your mind that I'm a stupid, white, rich kid?! That's what you were thinking about me!!!"

Tang Mo: "......" Isn't the point that you need to be careful!

The two laugh away together, and this time it's a real goodbye.

After seeing Li Wen off, Tang Mo grabbed a map and started walking towards the new Pudong district.

When it was crowded, it didn't feel like it. Now that he is alone again, Tang Mo unexpectedly feels a little cold. He put the map in his backpack and made his way along the edge of the street, hiding his form in the shade of the trees.

In the evening, the streets are significantly less crowded. When the game began, even the world's top metropolises were no longer nocturnal. Darkness is more dangerous than daylight, invisible places are more likely to hide enemies, and no one wants to linger on the streets at night.

Tang Mo walked for more than an hour and came to a halt near the Nanpu Bridge.

He decided not to rush.

One never knows if there are stowaways hiding around the corner peeping and watching, and it's not just stowaways, it's dangerous whenever they are strangers.

Tang Mo found an unknown fast food restaurant, went in to check that no one was there and locked the door behind him. Instead of turning on the light, he pulled a chair against the door and placed a number of chopsticks on the edge of the window. One end of the chopsticks was propped up against the window edge and the other against the window. The frosted window was not visible from the outside, but once someone came through the window, the chopsticks would fall to the ground and make a sound.

He drew a tablecloth from the table and spread it on the floor.

The official player is extremely fit, and on a late autumn night like this, Tang Mo doesn't feel cold or even sleepy lying on the floor. He didn't enter the shop to sleep, but to find a place to spend the night and prevent any unnecessary danger.

Four days have passed since the start of the game. Four days have passed, and there is no room for complacency with the other regular players and reserves, except for the stowaways who have already killed people.

Perhaps they also have blood on their hands.

Tang Mo lies on the floor and raises his hands. The moonlight shines faintly through the frosted window, giving a faint glow to the fast food restaurant. Tang Mo looks at his hands with a calm expression.

He had already killed two people.

One was killed by mistake. The thief Qian Sankun was trying to kill him and he accidentally killed the other man.

There was another one that he killed with his own hands. He cracked the head of the fire-breathing big man with a large match.

Apart from that, there were several people who sort of died indirectly at his hands. The one-armed man, for example, and the gunman with the gun.

The faces of these people flashed before Tang Mo's eyes and he realised that he could not remember what Qian Sankun looked like anymore. When he thinks of these people, his heart doesn't ripple a bit, his heart beats steadily, as it always does.

"Stowaways? ......"

Tang Mo pulls a turkey egg out of his pocket. The light is too dim to see the white colour of the turkey egg, only a round shadow can be seen.

"The stowaway Fu Wenduo, who did he kill?"

One is in Shanghai and the other in Beijing. They are more than a thousand kilometres apart. Tang Mo is not afraid of Fu Wenduo, who has been stabbed by all the players in China, but if Fu Wenduo is good enough, can he fly to Shanghai and kill him? That's not possible. If he could do that, Tang Mo would be dead in a heartbeat.

Tang Mo's finger taps on the turkey egg. After two taps, he is about to make a third when his finger stops in mid-air. He takes the turkey egg back into his pocket and closes his eyes to sleep.

The next morning, Tang Mo left the fast food restaurant and continued on to the new Pudong district.

On the way, Tang Mo also met a young man who offered to talk to him. He was a university student who thought Tang Mo was also a university student and excitedly came over to ask him how he was doing.

Are there really so many silly people in this world? Not afraid of being tricked by strangers once the game starts?

Tang Mo suddenly wondered if he was too dirty-minded and overthinking. Should he also live a simpler life and believe that the world is full of love?

As soon as they left the Nanpu Bridge, Tang Mo saw two bodies.

The two men had their necks severed with a sharp instrument and were left in a hole in the bridge underneath. Their bodies had been stripped naked and the bags that came with them were empty, their contents presumably having been scavenged. Looking at the body, it had died last night.

...... Well, he's better off with a little heart.

The next afternoon, Tang Mo relied on the directions given by Li Wen to find the neighbourhood where his friend lived. When Tang Mo entered the neighbourhood, he saw an old man coming out with a large bag of things on his back. When he saw Tang Mo enter the neighbourhood, the old man took one more look at him in surprise and seemed to have thought of something before rushing out again.

Tang Mo frowns curiously.

The old man's reaction was a little strange.

When he walked into the cell, he understood why the old man had just looked at himself like that.

The neighbourhood is large and divided into two areas, east and west, separated by a road. Tang Mo went to the western part. There are six buildings in total, and his best friend from university lives in the innermost one. Tang Mo came to stay at his friend's house for two days last year, so he knew his way around.

In the middle of the six buildings, a garden is enclosed for the activities of the residents.

At this moment in the middle of the square in the middle of this garden, six bodies are lying. Tang Mo walks up and looks at them. There were no friends of his, but two middle-aged men, a young woman, and three young men. They had died here for some reason, and the bodies must have been dead for more than a day.

The middle-aged man had a kitchen knife in his hand and the young woman had a puddle of water under her right hand. One of the young men had a large, black, bloody hole in his chest that could not be pursed and but there was no weapon inside.

Looking at the wounds on the body, Tang Mo had already made a judgement.

The young woman was hacked to death with a kitchen knife and the young man perhaps died of some kind of psychic ability.

There is a 70% chance that the six men killed each other. Of course there may have been others involved in this fight besides them, but only the six of them died here.

Tang Mo appears to be observing the six bodies, but in fact he never takes his eyes off his surroundings. One never knows if the six men's companions might be hiding nearby. One must never let one's guard down when examining the bodies.

Tang Mo picked up the middle-aged man's kitchen knife and put it into the wound on the young woman's chest. The blade was precisely pursed and the woman had indeed been killed by this knife.

Having come to no other conclusion, Tang Mo left the matter alone. He touched the large match tattoo on his wrist.

The big matches were given to him by the students. Fatty said that his powers were too weak and the matches were too heavy and big for him to use. Out of gratitude, the other students decided to give Tang Mo the matches. Tang Mo did not refuse.

Tang Mo entered the building where his friend lived with a calm expression. He did not choose the lift, but walked up the stairs. His friend lived on the seventh floor and the whole building seemed to be empty, except for the soft sound of Tang Mo's footsteps climbing the stairs.

When he arrived at his best friend's door, Tang Mo kicked the lock off the door and opened it, then he went inside to check.

None of them.

Nor did she leave any note, as Li Wen's mother did.

Tang Mo walks over to the table and sees a small plate of mouldy pickled vegetables and a half-eaten bowl of congee on the table. The congee was covered with a light grey layer of dust and the soup was cloudy. One chopstick had fallen on the table and another had landed on the floor, as if the owner had suddenly lost his hand, causing the chopsticks to fall to the ground. It could also be that the chopsticks fell to the ground because they suddenly disappeared ......

The chances of surviving are less than 10%.

Tang Mo takes a bottle of water and two bags of instant noodles from the kitchen cupboard and puts them in his backpack. Before he leaves, he stops at the coffee table in the living room and looks down at the photo that has been placed in a wooden frame. It showed three older boys, all wearing bachelor's uniforms. One was Tang Mo, one was tall and thin, and the other was a fat, white man.

The three older boys celebrated their graduation by hugging each other happily and throwing their bachelor's caps into the air.

After a long look, Tang Mo stretched out his finger and flicked the fat man's face in the photo.

"Hao Zi, I'll live well alone."

Tang Mo turns to leave.

In the photo, the fat man is smiling uncontrollably.

There was still dead silence in the neighbourhood. Tang Mo walked down the stairs with the direct intention of leaving the neighbourhood. He walked along the road and turned a corner when he suddenly spotted a familiar figure.

Tang Mo stops dead in his tracks.

The old man who had just left the neighbourhood with a large bag was now sitting on a flower bed by the street. When he heard the sound, he looked up. When he saw Tang Mo, his eyes lit up and he waved his hand, saying loudly, "Little friend, I've twisted my foot, can you come and help me?"

Tang Mo watched him from a distance, his eyes sweeping over his feet without uttering a word.

Ten metres away, by another flower bed, there is a young man and woman sitting. When Tang Mo appeared, they also quietly looked at Tang Mo. When they heard the old man talking to Tang Mo, they immediately approached him. The young man picked up the old man's foot and casually looked at it twice: "Oh my, the old man has really twisted it. What should I do? What should I do with a twisted foot? Can you come over here and give me a hand, buddy?"

The young woman also said, "I don't know what to do either. Handsome, do you know what to do when you twist your foot?"

"I don't know." Tang Mo gave them a bemused look and walked away from the side in a roundabout way.

The old man suddenly said sharply, "We can't let him get away!!!"

With a brush, from behind the dense undergrowth, four people emerged. A middle-aged woman, and three middle-aged men.

Tang Mo turned and fled almost as soon as the old man spoke. The four men did not expect him to react so quickly and were momentarily frozen. When they reacted, not only the four men but also the young man and woman and the old man who had just said that he had twisted his foot joined in, scurrying away and running quickly towards Tang Mo.

Tang Mo was extremely fast, pulling away by more than ten metres in the blink of an eye.

"Get back here!!!"

Tang Mo was about to run around the corner when suddenly a strange wind whipped up from in front of him. The wind swept through the ground, blowing Tang Mo backwards in a powerful hurricane. Gritting his teeth, he braced his left hand against a flower bed on the side of the road, intending to use the force to make a dash for it. But the moment his hand touched the flower bed -

"He touched it!"

"He's touched it!"

Tang Mo's heart thudded.

"Dingdong! The massively multiplayer copy game 'Mario's Monopoly Game' has triggered. at 17:02 on 22 November 2017, players Li Zhen, Yuan Qi, Liu Feihao, Zhao Guo, Lin Bangcheng, Liu Simei, Qi Feng, Tang Mo safely entered game time. "

"Sandbox loading complete ......"

"Data loading complete ......"

The roads, trees and skyscrapers all around disappear cleanly in this moment.

An intense white light flashed in front of Tang Mo's eyes, blinding him so much that he couldn't open them. The world was coloured white by the extreme white light, and at that moment, an all-too-familiar video game music rang out in everyone's ears.


Worldwide, at least two billion people have heard this music.

Simple and upbeat electronic music echoes through this pure white world.

The music continued to play and the white light grew fainter and fainter. Tang Mo looked up and saw a giant two-metre tall cartoon character descending from the sky. He was wearing a red hat with a white "M" on it, a big nose and a pair of navy blue trousers.

He stands two metres tall, as if he were a giant doll made of wood, and moves slowly. Those big, dark eyes swept over everyone, and finally he glanced at Tang Mo, then suddenly raised his right hand and crossed it towards his left breast in a classic thumbs-up gesture.


Giant Mario landing on a stage of flashing lights -

"Everybody, it's me! Mario!"


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