Chapter 21: Tang Mo : After all, I am a good boy.

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The blinding white light faded to a loud and cheerful background sound, and the crowd could finally see the scene before them.

In the middle of the wide white world is a small circular stage surrounded by a circle of cheap colourful light bulbs, on which the two-metre-tall Mario stands, the bulbs flashing as he gleefully strikes the classic thumbs-up pose.

Above the stage, an LED sign hovers in the air, displaying a red number "6456".

With the stage as the centre of the circle, the white light recedes and things around it slowly emerge.

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed.

The whole white world, laid out in a giant Monopoly map!

Mario's stage is in the centre of the map, surrounded by a hundred and fifty squares, each with a side of one metre at the beginning and end. The squares are connected vertically in a long, thin rectangle, winding from under the feet of eight people, spreading forward, making nine turns and leading to Mario's small stage.

At Tang Mo's feet is a bright red square grid. This grid is different from the others.

The edges of the other compartments glowed white, but the one at the feet of the eight men was filled with red. Tang Mo had seen this colour before, a red like blood, and in the centre of the grid was written in English -


"Everybody, welcome to Mario's Monopoly Game!"

A loud male voice startled the crowd, who looked up to see that Mario had somehow stopped posing and was standing on the small stage with his arms crossed, saying, "My dear children, welcome to Mario's Monopoly game, I am your childhood best friend, Mario!"

Tang Mo used to play Super Mario as a kid, the mushroom-loving plumber who made history for Nintendo and was indeed familiar with Mario. But neither Tang Mo nor any of the other seven could relax at the sight of the giant Mario, each eyeing him warily.

As if he hadn't noticed, Mario said: "Oh, look at your eyes, don't cry, children, I'm your favourite Uncle Mario, what a moment of celebration. I'm your favourite Uncle Mario, and what a moment to celebrate. The children's affection has moved Uncle Mario to wipe his tears in the sewers every night. You love Mario so much that I have decided to run this game of Monopoly for you! Kids, this game is for all the humans who love Mario!"

Tang Mo didn't hear much of this nonsense. He looks like he's staring at Mario, but he's actually paying attention to the seven people around him and the Monopoly grid on the floor.

Now that he's in the game, he's not going to focus too much on getting back at the seven people who dragged him into the game, he needs to focus more on getting through the game.

The most dangerous thing today is this strange game.

A young man stepped forward and said, shivering, "What kind of game is this ......?"

"Good question, sweet boy." Mario swept his right hand up to the left in a thumbs up gesture, "It's a reward game. Every good boy who listens and understands will get a great prize from Uncle Mario. Come and play the game, children, come to Uncle Mario and all these prizes will be yours."

Mario sidled up and suddenly a small mountain of gold appeared behind him. Countless gold and silver jewels piled up on the small stage, forming a small mountain pile. Mario stood back up again and the gifts disappeared into thin air.

"Crikey, that much gold?"

"And diamonds, lots of diamonds!"

Mario gave a kind smile, "Boys and girls, these are yours."

Tang Mo said in a cold voice, "What are the rules of the game?"

"See these squares? The lovely Uncle Mario wants to play a game of Monopoly with you. Only the child who reaches the stage the fastest will get all the prizes. Have you ever played Monopoly, children?"

A young woman hesitated for a moment before stepping forward and saying, "I've played. There are different kinds of Monopoly games, but they all involve rolling a dice and advancing a corresponding number of squares according to the number of points rolled. Inside the grid there could be a reward, a penalty, and a possibility of going backwards? That's how it works, right?"

"Yes, that's right, I've played it." Someone else chimed in.

Mario laughed, "My children are so clever!"

The black tower game features the familiar Mario, who has been talking to everyone so kindly for so long that they have gradually become less defensive and brave enough to come forward and speak up.

Tang Mo still looked at Mario and did not say anything.

"In Mario's Monopoly game, there's a magic dice." Mario held out his hands and snapped them together. A huge dice falls from the sky and lands with a loud bang in front of the players, "This dice, is called the Lucky Dice. Each child throws it in order, and advances by whatever number of squares they roll. Whoever gets here first will be the last lucky one and will get all the prizes Uncle Mario has prepared for you."

Is it that simple?

Tang Mo frowned and was about to speak when an old, booming voice sounded before him, "Are these grids in danger?"

Tang Mo turned his head to see the old man who was pretending to have a twisted foot.

Mario said cheerfully, "How can a lucky boy be in danger?"

Tang Mo changed the story straight away: "What's in all these compartments?"

With Monopoly, players will basically encounter a reward or a penalty for every grid they walk into. In a normal Monopoly game, the reward is mostly getting gold or the privilege of going a few steps further, and the penalty is mostly losing the gold or even going back to the start and starting all over again.

Mario: "One hundred and fifty compartments with lots of little gifts for the children from Uncle Mario. The lucky children get these gifts and I call them reward squares. But there are good children and there are bad children, and sometimes children do things that make Uncle Mario sad, so there are also compartments where there are props to punish bad children, and these are the punishment compartments."

Hearing the punishment lifted everyone's heart.

The cute looking giant Mario, looked at everyone with dark eyes and his mouth slowly curled up into a quirky smile, "For the more obedient good kids, Uncle Mario gives them even better rewards. By entering these grids, you can get things you can't imagine, like a psychic power, like a chance to archive the game, those grids I call King Grids."

Tang Mo's breath hitches.


Game archive?

It's amazing that you can get this kind of thing in this Monopoly game.

The other seven were also all stunned, their eyes glowing and they could hardly restrain their hot gaze.

Tang Mo immediately calmed down. If there is a reward, there will be a punishment. With such a good reward, the corresponding punishment will be ......

"There are also grids, Uncle Mario calls them prisoner grids. Bad kids who have done big bad things are unforgivably bad. They don't like Mario anymore, they like the weird-looking Angry Birds and the coloured sweets that inexplicably bang and disappear!" Mario's expression instantly became unbearably grim, he was still laughing, but the look he gave to the crowd revealed hatred and disgust, " How many years has Uncle Mario been with you, that disgusting little bird, what's so good about it, why do you like it! Say!"


Mario stomped his foot on the stage and it was as if an earthquake had struck, shaking the white world violently.

"Oh, my lovely children, where was I?" Mario's face changed abruptly, and before the aftershocks of the earthquake had subsided, he had changed back into that kind face, " Uncle Mario knows that you are all good children, and good children don't come across those nasty prisoner grids, only bad children roll it. Uncle Mario has a fun grid especially for the playful kids, it's called the free jump grid."

The quake subsided, but Tang Mo's face was hard to read.

This giant Mario was stronger than he could have imagined, and to cause such a commotion, he seemed stronger than the Great Mole.

Mario, as if not sensing the fearful and scornful glances of the others, said to himself: "When someone enters the free jumping grid, they can choose at will which grid to jump to. There are two options: the first is to jump forward, up to 30 squares, and the second is to jump backwards, to return to any square behind them that they have not been to before. The kids love the free jumping grid, it's such a fun grid and you'll especially enjoy it."

"There is one last type of grid, and that is the biggest surprise Uncle Mario has in store for you, it is called the Passage Grid. Yes, you heard it right. If anyone is lucky enough to step on this grid, he will get a straight pass!" Mario waved his hands and spoke excitedly.

After a moment, he lowered his head and looked to the eight men, "So boys, the game is about to begin, are you ready?"

"Ding Dong! The massively multiplayer copy game 'Mario's Monopoly Game' has officially started. Rules of the game -"

"First, you may only advance or retreat the appropriate number of squares according to the rules for the number of dice or free jumping squares."

"Second, 5% of the total number of king's squares, with The black tower as the prize by default, may be taken out of the copy."

"Thirdly, the prisoner's frame is 5% of the total number of frames, as a penalty of certain death by the law of causality."

"Fourthly, the free jumping frame is 20% of the total number of frames."

"Fifth, the bonus and penalty grids are each 20% of the total number of grids."

"Sixth, the player who steps on the only clearance grid gets a direct pass."

"Seventh, the rest are blank cells."

"Eighth, an in-game death is an out-of-game death."

"The lovely Uncle Plumber loves children who listen and understand, but he is never soft on bad children."

The crisp child's voice rang in everyone's ears and the crowd's faces changed.

With great danger comes great reward. The black tower says so, and everyone understands that stepping on a prisoner's cell will kill you. But it only accounts for 5% of the total number of frames. But what if you step on the king's cell? The black tower said these things could be taken out of the game!

If they step on the King's Grid, if ......

Mario stands on the small stage with a smile on his face, looking down at the eight humans on stage. His huge body crunched with every movement, but no one dared to underestimate him. He said, "Oh, my children, let the games begin!"

Originally the young woman took the initiative to pick up the giant dice and hold them in her arms. Once she heard Mario say that he was going to start the game, she was shocked and looked to the young man next to her, "Lin ...... Lin Bangcheng, I don't want to roll this dice, you ...... go first."

"Why me," the young man blushed, "why did you take this dice in the first place."

When the woman heard this, she hurriedly threw the dice to the ground.

A balding, middle-aged man said hesitantly, "There has to be an order, right? I propose that we roll the dice in reverse order, in the order in which the game is triggered, for a total of eight players. The last one to trigger the game will be the first to roll the dice. How about that?"

The crowd bristled at Tang Mo and only the old man looked angry.

Tang Mo looked up at them calmly, "It's fine if I come first. You don't seem to know each other, and I'm more interested now in knowing why you all made a concerted effort to pull me into this game just now, outside."

Everyone was relieved to hear Tang Mo say he would be the first to roll the dice.

A middle-aged man with a beer belly said, "Little brother, I'm sorry too, you don't know how disgusting this game is. The moment we came across this flower bed, we were suddenly told by The black tower that we had triggered into some big copy game. But this copy is an eight-player game and you have to be in a group of eight people to access it. The black tower told us that if we didn't find all the people, we wouldn't be able to leave the ten-metre area around the flower bed and would be trapped there forever. And the other team had to touch the flower bed within the game time, which was something like 6am to 6pm. I've been waiting all day to get eight people together."

Tang Mo nodded thoughtfully, "So you're the seventh?" He looked over at the old man.

"I was tricked into this by a bunch of them liars!" The old man snorted coldly, "Why should we roll the dice from back to front? It was you people who tricked us into the game, when the first person to trigger the game should have rolled the dice first! She's the one who screwed everyone and got us all into this game!"

A middle-aged woman suddenly turned pale: "I ...... I didn't want this again, I just wanted to sit by the flower bed and rest, who knew it would turn out like this. I ...... I don't want to be the first to go, come from the back to the front!"

The seven men began to argue.

"If you hadn't triggered the game, the rest of us would have been pitched in? I think it's time to start with you."

"You obviously don't want to roll the dice from back to front because you're the fifth person, right? You were so dry when you were just punking that old man and that young man with us, now what are you pretending to be!"

"You ......!"

"No arguing!" Mario's thick, booming voice suddenly rang out, overpowering everyone else's. "Obedient children never quarrel, are you all disobedient children, eh?!"

Thinking of Mario's shocking kick just now, everyone's heart trembled and they dared not speak.

Tang Mo, who had been inconspicuous, suddenly raised his voice and said, "It's time to start the game. Lovely Uncle Mario, there are eight of us playing the game and only one dice, so there must be an order of precedence. When we entered the game, I heard The black tower announce the names of the eight of us in order, so why don't we start the game in that order?"

Tang Mo reacted so quickly, saying big words all at once, that the others didn't react yet.

After ten seconds, someone snapped back to attention and glared angrily at Tang Mo: "What the fuck do you mean ......"

"Oh, my clever boy, you have a point, it's Uncle Mario who hasn't thought it through. Then let's start in the order The black tower gave the names. Let's see ...... first one is Li Zhen ? Li Zhen, son, where are you, come and roll the dice!"

The middle-aged woman's face was blue, her shoulders trembled and she did not move forward.

Mario asked again, " Where is Li Zhen, my child, where are you?"

The middle-aged woman took a shaky step forward.

Suddenly, Mario's voice was cold: "My child, don't you want to play this interesting game?"

The temperature plummeted and a driving chill pierced the bones. The middle-aged woman was so frightened that she almost fell to the ground and rushed forward, picking up the dice: "I'll play, I'll play! I'll play now!"

Mario's gaze was like a knife, forcing the woman to throw the dice in her hand without thinking. The moment she did so, Mario, as if he had forgotten, and as if on purpose, let out a strange laugh and whispered: "Oh, my children, I forgot to tell you that the first place child gets a prize from Uncle Mario. But the child in last place is so bad at games that Uncle Mario is going to leave him here and teach him properly how to play."

Tang Mo's heart fluttered and he looked at the huge Mario.

Mario's face was beaming, but his dark eyes were not tainted with any laughter.


"5 ...... I am 5!"

The woman shuddered and said the number on the front of the dice and took a careful step. As soon as she stepped out of the "START" square, she ran frantically forward, as if something was chasing her, and made it to the fifth square in one go.

She stood on the fifth compartment, the white glow at the edge of the grid shifting to yellow, and the woman waited for a while on tenterhooks, nothing happening.

Mario smiled, "It's a blank frame, congratulations, my lovely boy."

The middle-aged woman fell limp to the floor.

The second roll of the dice was made by a balding middle-aged man. With a stern face, he picked up the dice, placed them on the "5" side and mouthed the words, "5 ......5 ......5! "

The die lands with a 6 on the front.

The balding man swallowed and walked nervously to the sixth grid. The moment he stepped on the grid, suddenly the edge of the grid changed from a white light to a red glow. Tang Mo stared intently at the light on the edge of the grid when the familiar music of Super Mario played in the air.

This turn of events caused the balding man to stagger a step in fear, almost stepping on the middle-aged woman's fifth gerry.

"Ding dong! Trigger the bonus grid to receive one of Mario's Red Magic Mushrooms. Consume the red magic mushroom to replenish your stamina, only works inside the copy and cannot be taken out of the game."

A large, round, colourful mushroom appeared out of the air and, baring its name, landed in the balding man's arms.

The man, who had just been shivering with fear, was suddenly rewarded and he froze in place for a minute before he held up the large mushroom in ecstasy and ate it all in three bites. The mushrooms were obviously raw and uncooked, but when the man bit into the flesh, a rich flavour came out. Many people could not help but swallow and stare at the man.

Ten minutes later, all seven people had rolled the dice.

The old man and the young woman were lucky to roll a six and, like the balding man, were awarded the magic mushroom.

The beer-bellied man stepped on the fifth frame, as did the first woman.

The young man and another middle-aged man who had never spoken before rolled to a four. They stepped on it fearfully and were both relieved when, fortunately, the fourth square was a blank square, as was the fifth.

Finally it was Tang Mo's turn.

Tang Mo has never felt very lucky. Since Earth came online, he has participated in a total of three games. Help Mosaic find the book, the first level of Tower Attack game, and Mario's Monopoly game, each of which he was forced into by others.

For the vast majority of China players, I'm afraid they've only been pitted once by Fu Wenduo and forced to take part in a tower attack game.

But for Tang Mo, his life ...... is full of cupcakes. Three games, none of which he entered voluntarily. The official players all have powers, others are fire-breathing, planting poisonous flowers, he got a book, and that book is particularly bitchy, every day without undermining Tang Mo twice it is uncomfortable.

In summary, Tang Mo's luck seems to have been really bad.

He looked at the dice in his hand with a complicated gaze and quickly rolled them.


The dice landed head-on on a "3".

No one had been to the third box yet, and as soon as Tang Mo threw in the points, the other seven looked at him curiously. The two men standing on the fourth square looked pleased: Mario had said he would leave the last player here, and now with Tang Mo in the room, they were no longer in last place.

Tang Mo walks towards the third square with a blank face and as he stands on the third square, suddenly the white square changes and turns red. Tang Mo's eyebrows tighten and he presses his right hand against the large match pattern on his left wrist, looking around him warily.

"Dingdong! Triggered Level 1 Punishment Grid, Punishment: within three minutes, name one bad thing you've ever done."

Tang Mo: "......"

You don't have to be this unlucky to be unlucky!

And what kind of punishment is that, looking down on people?!

Tang Mo was speechless, but outwardly he did not react, his mind was working fast.

A level one punishment grid, and perhaps later on a level two or three punishment grid. This punishment requirement is painless, and the other punishment grids will be as simple?

While thinking about all this, Tang Mo opened his mouth and said in a calm tone, "In junior high school I once smeared Five-0-2 glue all over the bench of my classmate who was the biggest bully and often bullied me, and he unknowingly stood up to answer a question during class and his trousers were glued to the bench, exposing his underwear. The teacher still doesn't know that I did it." After a pause, Tang Mo's face remained unchanged as he looked towards Mario at centre stage: "After all, I was a good boy."

Mario said approvingly, "That's good, punishing evil for good, you're a good boy!"

The other seven: "......"

In the meantime, outside one of the new districts of Pudong.

Two young men and a young woman walked into the neighbourhood and soon they found the six dead, strangely looking bodies in the garden in the middle of the neighbourhood. The young woman with the ponytail knot knelt down and carefully examined each one's wounds. Finally she returned to the first body, took off her gloves and placed her hand on the fatal wound on the middle-aged man's chest.

Her hand pressed up and a white light lit up from her palm. The young woman closed her eyes and locked her brow as if she was feeling something.

After three minutes, the young woman looked up and said, "It was killed by that man." She pointed to a body lying next to her. Then she stood up again, walked over to the other five bodies and pressed her hands to their wounds in turn. Finally concluding, "These six people died by killing each other."

The young man in the black duffle coat frowned: "It fits the characteristics of copy number two. There have been three such dumping points around here, there should be some entrance to Copy Two nearby. It's not game time and Copy Two is safe, so we need to hurry and find out where there is a possible entrance to Copy Two around. Now take this community as the centre, a five hundred metre radius is designated as a potential hidden area for the entrance to Copy Two, split up and meet up at this community garden at twelve o'clock."

The three men looked at each other, nodded and split up.

On the other hand, Mario's Monopoly game saw the first round of dice rolls end and eight people throwing three more rounds.

After four rounds of throwing the dice, everyone moved forward a dozen paces.

Tang Mo's luck seemed to improve from the second round onwards, as he advanced seventeen squares in a row and is now on the twentieth square. On his second to fourth roll, he hit a bonus square and two blank squares to move into second place in the field of eight.

In the bonus section, he was given an "Invincible Police Flower". It's exactly like the one in Super Mario, with strange mushrooms and flowers. By eating this flower, Tang Mo will be invincible for five minutes. Unfortunately, the flower must be eaten as soon as you get it and cannot be carried on your person.

After Tang Mo ate the flower, his body shone with a faint golden light, and from a distance, he looked a bit like a Buddha statue.

He really didn't fit in with the others either. He was the last one to be pitched into the game, unlike the first few that triggered the copy, who had been guarding the flowerbeds for a day or two and were slightly more familiar, if not strangers. And Tang Mo punked them before the game started, letting himself be the last to roll the dice.

The order in which the dice are rolled may seem unimportant because the number of dice points is random and does not change depending on how many rolls you are on. But in the first round, the order is actually the most important.

A roll of the dice is something that doesn't rely entirely on luck.

The angle and force of the dice roll can greatly affect the outcome of the roll. When playing flying chess, some people can often roll a 6 and make a big step forward in one go. This is not necessarily due to luck alone, but sometimes also to the skill of the dice roll.

In addition to this, the last person to roll the dice, if they step on a free jump square, can better choose which square to jump to with the reference of the previous person.

Tang Mo also had this in mind, which is why he wanted to roll the dice last, so that the seven people in front of him could scout for themselves and determine the contents of each grid. Unfortunately, it was only later, when he got his hands on it himself, that he discovered that the dice was too odd. It was so big and heavy that there was no way for a human to control the number of points it threw, and the dice spun freely on the floor as each person threw it. In four rounds of dice rolling, Tang Mo tried to roll a certain fixed number of dots each time, but never succeeded.

It should be that the game itself kills the possibility of the player controlling the number of dice points.

As the game stands now, the first player is on square 22, followed by Tang Mo on square 20 and the last player on square 14.

In four rounds, three players stepped on the free jumping grid. They were still smart enough not to choose to leap forward blindly, but instead jumped to known bonus squares and blank compartments that a player had stepped on, or chose not to jump and stay where they were.

At the end of four full rounds of dice, the last person to hold the dice was Tang Mo.

Twenty frames were the bonus frame, Tang Mo took the flower and it was then the middle-aged woman's turn to roll the dice.

The dice flew up in the air and into the hands of the middle-aged woman.

Tang Mo ate the flower and kept his head down, looking at the rhizome of the invincible police flower that remained in his hand. The flower body had been eaten by him, leaving only this long, thin, green rhizome. This reward may seem better than the magic mushroom (there are other mushroom rewards for other players stepping on them afterwards; the red mushroom is currently known to replenish stamina, the green mushroom enhances the player's strength for ten minutes, and the purple mushroom grants the player a sharp weapon that only exists for ten minutes), but the Invincible Policeman flower must be eaten immediately after getting it in your hand and exists for five minutes.

The eight men had made it to about twenty squares and had also triggered the other penalty squares.

Two of the punishment squares are as painless and casual as the third square Tang Mo encounters. But in one of them, when the young woman stepped into it, a huge black mushroom suddenly emerged. Screaming in terror, the young woman pulled out the fruit knife she had with her and fought the black mushroom for three minutes, finally killing it while suffering a bone-deep gash on her arm.

This punishment grid is a Level 3 punishment grid.

As Tang Mo imagined, there are levels of punishment, with the higher the level, the more difficult the punishment.

So what is the highest penalty level of ...... and what kind of dangers do you encounter?

Tang Mo's gaze tightens as he looks at the rhizome in his hand.

The Invincible Police Flower shouldn't be so chickenshit. Five minutes of invincibility may seem powerful, and it's a godsend if you run into that black mushroom, or some other horrible punishment grid monster, while invincible. But with eight people rolling the dice in turn, and Tang Mo's turn to roll again on the next round, it takes at least ten minutes.

The invincibility time is five minutes and there is a ten minute wait to walk to the next frame.

Tang Mo's five minutes were completely wasted in situ, without taking a single step forward and without the possibility of encountering any danger.

So what exactly is the purpose of the existence of the flower on ......?

What is the significance of this award?

Tang Mo squeezed the green rhizome, his brain thinking fast, but couldn't come up with an answer.

At this point, the middle-aged woman was about to throw the dice when Mario suddenly spoke up: "Oh, kids, I forgot to mention earlier. Uncle Mario is thirty-six years old, an old man in the gaming world. I can't believe I forgot to say such an important thing."

The middle-aged woman looks up blankly at Mario, holding the unthrown dice in her hand.

Tang Mo Mo sensed a hint of something amiss and a strange sense of unease welled up in him.

No, it's definitely not right ......

Something's not right!

Mario raised his large mouth and his dark eyes looked emotionlessly at each player standing in the grid, saying that he was smiling but with a certain gloating in his voice that was not at all disguised: "Starting with the fifth roll, players standing in the same grid will trigger the 'Who wants to share your misery' effect. Take square 19 for example, if you ......" Mario points to the middle-aged woman, "and you now roll a 2, then you will go from square 17 to square 19. Then, this becomes your grid. Then whenever anyone steps into this grid after you, frame 19 triggers the 'Who wants to share your pain' effect."

The smile on Mario's lips grew wider, and the gloating of excitement and arousal became more and more apparent.

"When the effect is triggered, whatever the grid was originally, it will immediately turn into a level seven penalty grid. Only when there is only one player left on the grid will the level seven punishment grid change back to its original grid. In any way, as soon as there is only one player left on the grid, or no player at all, it will change back to its original state." Mario added, "Oh yeah, it doesn't matter if you go to grid 19 now. There's a kid up there, but he's only gone to round four. The 'who wants to share your misery' effect only works on players after five rounds."

Tang Mo's eyes widened slowly and chills rose up all over his body.

The seven men did not understand Mario's meaning at first, but after a few minutes, one by one, they did.

The middle-aged woman sat on her buttocks in fear, her body shaking, "No, no ...... you're asking us to kill each other, you're asking us to kill people!"

Tang Mo finally understood the role of the invincible police flower in this moment.

If someone steps in the Invincible Police Flower, he becomes invincible for the next five minutes. The person who steps in after him however no longer has the Invincible Police Flower because the moment he steps in, the grid changes from a bonus grid to a level seven penalty grid.

The third level punishment grid is that of the dangerous black mushroom.

What would be the seventh level of punishment grid?

Tang Mo took a deep breath to suppress the unease that was building up in his mind and looked up. His eyes suddenly swept over the huge LED sign above Mario's head and he asked in a flash of light, "What does the number on that sign mean?"

In a white world, Mario stands on the stage and looks up at the four numbers "6456" above his head.

Mario gave a wry laugh and replied, "Ah, you ask that. You're very curious, my dear boy. This is the total number of children who have played 'Mario's Monopoly' with me. It's a pity that all of them were unlucky and disobedient children who didn't make it this far to win my prize. 6,464th child, would you be a lucky good boy?"

This is "Mario's Monopoly game".

This game has only really started by now.


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