Chapter 193: Pass means victory?

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Bai Ruoyao looks quietly at Tang Mo, who is sitting in the middle of the first pane, looking at him with a slight tilt of his head and a smile on his lips.

The two thus stare at each other silently through a thin film of red light.

After a few seconds, Bai Ruoyao laughed: "I've played in a total of four rallies, none of which ended in certain death. Just because you fail a game, it doesn't mean you'll die. It's possible to trigger another game, or take some kind of punishment that you can live with, which is dangerous but not necessarily dead. The black tower is a shortcut for players to improve their strength. Tangtang, I'm suddenly happy that you're so angry with me. You care so much about me that you're deliberately stalling for time. I'm so important to you."

Tang Mo : "Is that what you think?"

Bai Ruoyao winked: "With a 6-point lucky dice, the most Santa could do to get you down would be to open three penalty squares. With your strength, three penalty squares is not a difficult task. Even if you can't use your powers or props, just hurry up and you'll be able to get past them in a minute."

Tang Mo gave a fake "oh" of surprise, and then said, "What if I jump in the wrong order?"

Bai Ruoyao, who was even more dramatic than Tang Mo, covered his mouth, "Wow, that's a mistake, so Tangtang you're really stupid, and such a stupid Tangtang is not my best friend."

Tang Mo didn't say anything, but Bai Ruoyao laughed and teased him some more.

One sits steadily on a mountain, the other laughs constantly.

There is no hint of tension on Bai Ruoyao's face, as if he really doesn't care about the outcome of the game. It seems impossible for Tang Mo to play fast enough to give him time to get through the game, and he is doomed to fail. But he doesn't care.

In the other two groups, someone notices Tang Mo sitting in the first compartment and no longer moving. He looks at him in surprise for a couple of seconds and then looks away. Everyone is busy with their own games and no one has time to waste on a strange player.

With only four minutes left, it would take at least a minute for any more powerful player to get through the nine frames.

While the Fu Wenduo group's game went well, the Mu Huixue group had a bit of an accident. No one knows what the two children said to the woman in black when they found her before the game started. When the woman started the game, she played normally at first, throwing the dice one by one, grid by grid. When she threw the dice into the sixth frame, she chose the little boy as the dueling target.

This is normal.

In this group, Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng were the highest priority for all players.

Apart from the player with a 2 on the dice, they may choose the player with a 5 on the dice to challenge them a little, thus increasing their chances of passing the game. Players with a 5 will choose these two kids to play because they will immediately admit defeat and not waste their game time.

As expected, Fu Wensheng reached the sixth square, threw the dice into the Christmas stocking and then hurriedly said, "I ...... concede!" Then the children's eyes widened and they looked nervously from the bottom to the top, quietly watching Mu Huixue.

Mu Huixue looked at the young boy with a smirk, turned his head and whistled to the boy's companion, the short, thin, short-haired female, then reached out and took the boy's dice from the sock in which he had thrown them.

The players looked at Mu Huixue with dismay.

She's got the wrong one, hasn't she!

They were completely baffled as to what the female player was thinking.

The boy's dice were 2 points and hers were 5 points. Had she got the wrong sock? No, the boy had just thrown the dice in a second before, no fool would mistake it!

The players are confused and soon Mu Huixue returns to the start and again ...... throws the dice into the sixth compartment!

At this moment, there are only six players left in the group. Apart from Fu Wensheng, there are three other players with five dice, two male players and one female player. When one of the male players saw Mu Huixue throw the dice into the sixth compartment again, his face darkened as he cried out in disbelief. When Mu Huixue pointed his finger at one of the female players and asked her to come up and fight, the male player's face was already dark.

He quickly ran over to the only other male player left with a 5 and whispered, "She's deliberately changing the dice points for someone else!"

The man was startled, "What?!"

The male player hurriedly said, "Can't you see, she deliberately switched the 5-point dice to that little boy. This time she shouted to that woman to go up, because she wanted to take away the 5-point dice from her hand. If I'm right, those two kids didn't know what they said to her and actually made her willing to help and help them get the 5-point dice!"

The man was horrified, "No way, even if those two kids got the 5 point dice, so what, we can still find them both to duel and get their dice back. Those two kids are so weak, they wouldn't be able to keep it if they got it."

"If, say, you get it back, she's bound to help duel again to get the dice back ...... Will you still go and get the two kids'?"

Things went downhill towards the worst case scenario predicted by the male player.

When Mu Huixue played the game again, she actually chose Chen Shanshan as the duelist, swapping her 5-point dice for her again. This time, however, she happens to see Tang Mo's group, where the young woman chooses Ning Zheng as the duelist. She raises an eyebrow, "Is that still possible?"

Mu Huixue then challenged one of the two players who had already passed, instead of challenging the group who had not yet passed.

The man was very confused and did not understand why Mu Huixue was challenging himself.

He knew he was not as strong as this terrifying woman, who had already "cleared" nine frames, and immediately admitted defeat.

In this way, Mu Huixue, Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng all had 5 points in their hands in the last three minutes.

The more time passed, the more players rushed to challenge the game at the end. No one was willing to give up their chance to challenge because every second meant a second closer to the end of the game.

Only Tang Mo is in this group.

The dark-haired young man sat calmly cross-legged on the floor as the doll-faced youth smiled broadly and narrowed his eyes at him.

With two minutes left on the clock, Bai Ruoyao smiled and said, "Tangtang, this woman will probably be very sad when you do this. So that's what you are Tangtang."

Half an hour earlier, Tang Mo had promised the young woman that he would take her through the game. But Tang Mo sits here, for one thing, to stop Bai Ruoyao from getting through the game, and for another, to stop her from getting through it.

The woman's forehead was beaded with sweat and her pale face seemed to confirm that Bai Ruoyao had spoken her mind.

In the last minute and a half, Bai Ruoyao is still out and out flirting with Tang Mo. The smile on his face is so wide that it is clearly an act, with a hint of sarcasm. It is not until the last minute that Bai Ruoyao finds Tang Mo still sitting on the floor, propping his chin up and looking at him with a light smile. Bai Ruoyao's voice came to a screeching halt.

Tang Mo looked at him quietly for a moment and smiled, "Why don't you say something?"

Bai Ruoyao brushes his head up and looks at Santa.

The next moment, his gaze was cold and his expression was as ugly as it had ever been. Bai Ruoyao's face was as cold as if he had been taken out of an ice cellar, and he exclaimed, "What the hell is going on with that dice!"

Santa was stunned by the question and subconsciously asked in return, "What's going on?"

Bai Ruoyao stepped forward and pointed at Tang Mo: "He didn't even try to pass the game!"

Santa strokes his beard and says to Tang Mo, "Son, you don't want to play games? You really make me feel bad. Did Father Christmas not do a good enough job with this game and that's why you don't want to play? My child, why are you doing this?"

Tang Mo followed his words and said, "Yeah, why would I do that?"

In the other group, Fu Wensheng could not hear Tang Mo's voice, but could see Bai Ruoyao's face change instantly and questioned Father Christmas.

Fu Wensheng frowned, " Why on earth did Brother Tang do that?"

"Because for this game, passing doesn't mean winning, and not passing doesn't mean losing." Chen Shanshan touched the 5-point dice and put it carefully in his pocket: "Father Christmas has been telling us this answer since before the game even started." After a pause, Chen Shanshan looked at Fu Wensheng: "Whisper, do you remember what Santa said before we threw the lucky dice and decided which dice we would get."

Fu Wensheng thought for a moment and suddenly understood: "Ah ...... he said this is his last reward for us!"

"Nice, lucky dice, that's the last reward a player can get in Santa's Rally copy."

The two children turned back in unison and looked at the woman in black who approached them.

Mu Huixue put her arms around her and smiled, "Go on, I'd like to hear what you think too."

Chen Shanshan gave her a look and continued, "I think all eleven players in the room (eight dead) now understand the correct order of play for this game. Father Christmas is a democratic The black tower monster who cares deeply about children. The numbers hovering over the grid were the order he had marked the grid in, but that was not the order we chose. The order we chose was the order we got from the two votes we took when we visited the candy house earlier."

"The map for the hopscotch game is -




4, 5


7, 8


Chen Shanshan looked at the huge game map in front of him and said, "There's nothing wrong with the seventh and eighth rooms, we voted them out in the same order as Santa marked them. But in the fourth and fifth rooms, we chose the opposite order. So to pass the game, you just have to follow 1, 2, 3, 5, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, switching 4 and 5 in the same order, and you'll be successful. That's how Mr. Fu School did it."

Mu Huixue laughed, "You really do know Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo."

The young girl instantly realized that she had been careless enough to say something about her acquaintance with Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo. She blamed herself for a moment of silence and said more cautiously, "The players of this game are basically advanced players, the correct order is not difficult to guess, after the failure of Mu ...... Sister Mu, some of them have already guessed the truth." Since he had already revealed his identity, Chen Shanshan simply didn't hide it anymore. "However most people don't realize that the real purpose of this game is not to get the player through the game, its real purpose ...... is the sixth frame."

In Tang Mo's group, Tang Mo tilts his head slightly and says, "Grid six, the big stage of lucky duels. This grid is ostensibly designed to allow for player interaction, making this a non-single player game and creating an opportunity for players to engage. It also fits with Santa's mindset of wanting players to consume themselves and preferably all die."

Santa smiled and said, "Hey, hey, the great Santa loves children, how could he want them all to die."

Tang Mo ignored him: "But, assuming the lucky dice are the last reward Santa gives the player, there is no reward for passing the game. Santa will set up a game that is useless, The black tower never does. Just as The black tower will never measure players on a single criterion, whoever is lucky gets to throw a bigger number of points and gets better luck later? It doesn't work that way."

The fairness of The black tower is evident between the Returners and the Earth survivors.

The returnees are unfortunate, they have experienced a harsher world. But they are not always unfortunate, they can return to Earth through their own strength and be more powerful than the Earth survivors.

The sky is the limit and so is The black tower.

Tang Mo : "A man who is lucky might get a 6-point lucky dice at the beginning. But he is poor in force and he can't keep the 6-point dice in the big fighting arena, then he will get the 1-point dice. A player with a good mind who is not strong enough can get himself a higher point dice by other means, such as sharing his information with a powerful player."

After a pause, Tang Mo sat down and smiled, "Is it important to get through? It doesn't matter at all. What matters is what time the dice are in your hand at the end of the game. I've forgotten, Lucky Fly, what time is the dice you're holding now?"

The moment the words fell, a cheerful 'Christmas Song' rang out over the entire candy house.

Father Christmas leapt off the giant lollipop and landed on the ground with a loud thud.

"Hahahahahaha, kids, game over! Merry Christmas!"

Those who did not pass the game looked pale, fearing that they would be punished. Those who passed the game were not all happy. Ning Zheng's expression did not change much when Tang Mo first started talking. By the time Tang Mo was halfway through, he had already guessed the truth about the whole game.

"Tang Mo!" Ning Zheng's hand was squeezing his lucky dice to death, almost crushing them to pieces.

From the very beginning, The black tower reminds the player of what is really important in this game.

It is the sixth compartment.

A copy of Santa's Curious Shopping Street, opens on June 6, 2018 at 6:06 am.

The Lucky Dice are the last reward given to players by Santa.

Santa will not hurt the children, even if he wants to kill them, but he is bound by The black tower, so he will not die if he fails the game.

Binding powers and limiting players to using props in the Grand Duel arena is the last bit of fairness that The black tower gives to less fit players, making them more likely to get high point dice.

Even in this game, guessing the correct order does not mean that the game will be passed. The player will encounter more penalties for having too few points, and the player himself wants to get a higher number of points.

But what Bai Ruoyao and Ning Zheng didn't realise was that the game wasn't about getting players through, it was about exchanging dice points between players.

Bai Ruoyao's head was bowed, the shadows spilling over the doll's face, making it hard to read his expression. After a long time, he looked up and curled his mouth, but no longer made that oddly deliberate cheeky laugh, " Tang Mo , what makes you so sure that nothing will happen even if you don't pass this game."

This is one of the last things Bai Ruoyao did not understand.

Bai Ruoyao could have guessed this, but was not as sure as Tang Mo. This is the fundamental reason why he did not see the truth, and even if he did, he did not dare to risk it.

Tang Mo winked in the manner of Bai Ruoyao, "Guess."


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