Chapter 194: Life and death are destiny, the weak are the strong.

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Ten minutes ago.

Mu Huixue looks down at the serious-looking girl in front of her. Chen Shanshan's tone was calm and she did not seem to be speaking in an overtly beguiling manner, but Mu Huixue looked down and saw that the little girl's fists were clenched.

You are obviously nervous, but you pretend to be calm.

No matter how smart he is, he is still just a 15 year old.

At this thought, Mu Huixue curled her lips: "Begging me, to take you through? Why?"

The question is why, but in fact it is asking: why should I help you?

Chen Shanshan : "Because I can tell you, the truth about this game."

Mu Huixue : "You mean the correct order of play? It's very simple, I guessed it a long time ago. Just swap the order of the fourth and fifth squares and you'll pass. If that's what you're trying to say, then you're thinking wrong, little one." After a pause, she looked at Chen Shanshan's calm and collected expression and narrowed her eyes, "...... truth is not this?"

Chen Shanshan gets right to the point: "This game doesn't even need a pass."

Mu Huixue's heart lurched, but she wasn't too surprised. She smiled and said, "Go on."

Chen Shanshan said exactly what Tang Mo would later say. The two men never exchanged words, but what intelligent people think of, they always agree, just as history always moves in a similar direction.

Mu Huixue asks the same question as Bai Ruoyao: "What makes you so sure that this game doesn't need to be cleared?"

Mu Huixue had also thought about this, but she could not have been as sure as Chen Shanshan.

To this question, the young girl gave her the answer, "Because I can't possibly pass."

Mu Huixue is truly frozen for the first time.

Chen Shanshan: "You once said that you noticed that I hadn't grown in physical fitness despite eating the chocolate ice cream that Santa gave me. You're right, for some reason, I don't grow in any way. Six months ago, the Christmas surprise copy of the Christmas branch did nothing for me. This time, the chocolate ice cream from Santa is the same."

While Fu Wensheng is on the sidelines, Chen Shanshan's voice is calm, without a hint of fear. Knowing full well that the optimistic-looking woman in black in front of her is number one on the time chart, killing people like a sack of shit, with 260,000 minutes of rest, she still looks up at this man with a determined gaze.

Santa's nine compartments are each the size of a room," she said. Leaving at most one footprint in the grid means no second steps. I'm still physically better than I was before Earth came online, because I've been working out hard. But the limit of what my body can do is to leave one step in each grid. So there's no way I can get through this game."

An hour ago Chen Shanshan said to Fu Wensheng: There is no way we can get through this game.

In fact, this statement is wrong.

Fu Wensheng still has a chance.

If he gets a 5 point lucky dice and then gets extremely lucky with only triggering a penalty and gets lucky again to avoid it. Then he'll get through. Because Fu Wensheng's physical qualities can be enhanced, he is much more powerful than Chen Shanshan. He also carries mineral water made from his powers, which he can drink to boost his physical strength for a short time.

But Chen Shanshan is definitely not.

" The black tower never gives the player a game that is impossible to pass. This game is impossible for me to pass, so there is only one truth ......" the short haired female voice lifted her face, her eyes firm, "This game, never requires a player to pass."

The smart player Mu Huixue has seen many, but at this moment, she looked at this little girl who only reached her chest for a moment in silence, and suddenly burst out laughing.

Chen Shanshan's ears flush with worry at Mu Huixue's answer.

Mu Huixue asked, "So the last question, why are you sure I will help you?"

"Because ...... you're a good person."

Mu Huixue raised his eyebrows and made no further comment.

Chen Shanshan was relieved: she had gotten away with it.

Why did you decide to come to Mu Huixue for help?

A two-point dice is not a bad idea, it's good for the two kids to survive and get a reward. But Chen Shanshan asked Fu Wensheng to ask Tang Mo one thing.

The "1" gesture in the left hand means: first place in the time chart.

The thumb on the right hand, meaning: is she a good person who can be trusted.

Tang Mo's answer to this is: Yes, Mu Huixue is indeed a good person to turn to.

So Chen Shanshan boldly asked for help.

What happened next was that Mu Huixue helped the two children to blatantly swap the dice so that at the end of the game, both children were holding 5-point dice.

No one understands why Mu Huixue does this, just as most players have forgotten that the lucky dice are a reward from Santa after the game has started for so long. They treat the dice as a game prop, and it doesn't matter what time the dice are in their hands as long as the game is cleared.

Tang Mo was the only one in the whole house who was 100% sure that the game did not need to be cleared. Because only the four of them know that Chen Shanshan is absolutely impossible to pass.

It is only by affirming that "the game does not require a pass" that players will shift their attention from the pass game to the lucky dice, noticing that the sixth frame is not really about players killing each other, but about getting better rewards and ensuring fair play.

Father Christmas leapt off the giant lollipop and landed on his feet, shaking the whole space.

The players who did not pass were so pale that some sat on the floor in a state of defeat. Those who had passed were beaming with joy.

Ning Zheng stood still, looking coldly at Tang Mo's back. After a long time, he said hoarsely, "In the previous fourteen duels, you did not concede defeat voluntarily and allowed me to drain your strength in order to show me that you had the strength to fight me."

Tang Mo turned around and looked at him.

Ning Zheng continued, "You knew that Bai Ruoyao had grabbed hold of me and threatened me with an attack on you, so you sold me this favour so that I could injure you over and over again. Until the last time, when you conceded defeat straight away without wasting my time, sending my guilt through the roof ......"

Tang Mo: " Ning Zheng, you're the one who's overthinking it."

Ning Zheng looked at Tang Mo's pale expression as he gripped the dice in his hand, and suddenly as if he realised something, his eyes widened: "No, it's not just that. You did it on purpose! You knew full well that if you said, let me remember your favour I would instead disdain it, and with your last words to me, you made it so that I didn't need to remember it, but would instead make me decide to return the favour and give your companion her own six point dice to give her a chance to pass the game ......"

"It was you, you tricked me and took away my reward!" Ning Zheng gritted his teeth. Ning Zheng gritted his teeth, "Tang Mo, when did you start counting on me! Was it from the first time I chose you to duel!"

Tang Mo looked at him and did not answer.

Ning Zheng : " Tang Mo !"

Tang Mo slowly curled his lips, "Guess."

Ning Zheng was so angry that he wanted to rush up to the player who had taken his reward twice and tear him to pieces, but his sanity made him calm down. He glanced at Tang Mo and then at Fu Wenduo, who was standing on the sidelines, seemingly unaware of the situation.

...... He can't do it.

Tang Mo's smile deepened a few notches at the corners of his mouth.

For Ning Zheng, there is no need for Tang Mo to take away his 6 point dice. That dice wouldn't have been cheaper for Tang Mo to double his luck, only for a strange player. But he did it anyway.

Tang Mo has never been one to hold a grudge. Whatever the reason, Ning Zheng helped Bai Ruoyao to drain Tang Mo's strength, causing him injury. This is something that Tang Mo will certainly get back at him for.

Calculating is one thing, getting it right is another. If Tang Mo hadn't succeeded in his calculations this time, he wouldn't have bothered to do it again to Ning Zheng. But he succeeded.

Santa circled his fingers in his mouth and whistled hard. Soon after the sound fell, a violent vibration sounded in the white space. The sound was extremely weak at first, coming from the far side of Commercial Street. As the crowd looked into the distance, all they could see was a small black dot. When the crowd could see the small black dot, four fit reindeer whistled past and rushed into the long, kitschy shopping street.

They step out onto the streets of this shopping street and the shops that have disappeared begin to gradually return to their places.

Shops rise from the ground, bricks and mortar, walls and tiles are pushed backwards like fallen dominoes, restored to their original state at a speed visible to the naked eye. Candy houses, cake houses, gift shops and biscuit shops are restored one by one as reindeer pull their sleighs to a stop in front of Father Christmas with a long whistle.

"Moo!" The reindeer at the head of the pack raised its hooves proudly, scaring a player backwards three steps.

Father Christmas laughed: "Don't you bully my lovely children, you fellow."

The reindeer glared disdainfully at the player and dutifully retrieved its hooves.

Santa turned his head to look at the eleven remaining players and stroked his beard, "The fun is always so short, children, it's time to say goodbye again."

The words fell before the players could understand what was happening.

Father Christmas got into his sleigh, pulled up the reins and prepared to leave. It was then that a player responded, "Wait, what about the game? The game rewards ...... and the penalty for failing the game?"

Santa looked at him strangely, his expression exaggerated: "Punishment? Santa never punishes good children, only bad ones. Huh, are ...... you a dishonest bad boy?"

The player was so frightened that he immediately said, "I ...... I'm not."

Santa grinned his teeth in a wry smile, "So what else is there to do. Isn't the reward always in your hands, sweet boy? Do you actually want a reward, do you want me to give you a passionate kiss? You're such a greedy child."

Santa pulled on the reins and sighed helplessly, "Santa's candy house is not doing well this season, and for some reason the children in the Kingdom of the Underlanders have started getting cavities like crazy. I don't know why, but the children in the Kingdom of the Underlanders have started getting cavities like crazy. The damn cavities have put the children off eating candy. It's time for me to go, I need to hurry up and work on a candy that doesn't give people cavities."

The players' expressions changed as they listened to Santa's words.

The players who were slow to react heard the end before they understood what Santa meant. The players who reacted quickly, on the other hand, brushed their heads down and looked at the dice in their hands the moment Santa finished.

The young woman was ecstatic and she whispered to Tang Mo, "Thank you!"

On the tiny white dice, the players with the larger number of points were flushed with excitement and the players with the smaller number of points stared blankly at the dice, not understanding until then what the game was really about.

Other players glared angrily at the woman dressed in black: "You stole my dice, you knew all along that there is no winning or losing in this game, only good or bad rewards!"

The young man who had cleared the game but had been dragged back into the dueling arena by Mu Huixue and lost his dice was the most furious. Furious, he pulls a knife from his belt and, with a glare at his feet, rushes towards Mu Huixue.

A red shadow flashed past his eyes and the player, horrified, immediately sidestepped to avoid it. The long red whip snapped on the ground, causing it to shake slightly.

This power was far beyond his resistance.

Mu Huixue looked at him with a tilted head and smiled, "Something wrong?"

The young man opened his mouth, then closed it again with clenched teeth, retrieved his knife and turned away.

The winner is king.

The man had also taken the 5-point dice from someone else, and although he wanted to cut Mu Huixue to death by a thousand cuts, he wasn't stupid. If he really wanted to do it, the whip could have snapped his neck in the blink of an eye.

Santa let out an imperceptible chuckle of satisfaction as he watched the angry and daring expressions of the players. He kindly reminded them that "It's getting dark and the kitschy shopping street is closing soon, so good boys don't stay on the street." Then he waved the reins, laughed and shouted "Merry Christmas" as he drove the reindeer sleigh away from the shopping street.

A white glow lights up from the lucky dice in each player's hand. In the next second, the dice disappear and a ball of white light flies up into mid-air, then swoops down and into the heart of each player.

Tang Mo rubbed his chest as he suddenly felt a little more relaxed, as if something inscrutable had changed. Subconsciously he turned his head to look at Fu Wenduo, who was standing a short distance away, and before he could say anything, a dazzling white light flashed past his eyes.

Before the white light could dissipate, Tang Mo stomped to the ground and sprinted to his right.

Although he could not see, he clearly remembered Bai Ruoyao standing in this position before the white light came on. At the same time as Tang Mo, there were also two wind-breaking sounds. Bai Ruoyao started to run as soon as he left the game, but Fu Wenduo was faster than him. Fu Wenduo's body sinks and his right leg sweeps quickly into Bai Ruoyao's underhook.

Bai Ruoyao heard the wind and jumped twice on the ground with one hand on the ground to avoid the attack.

Tang Mo drew his small parasol and stood three metres away, its tip aimed at Bai Ruoyao. A silver pistol spun beautifully in Fu Wenduo's hand, its cold muzzle aimed at Bai Ruoyao's head.

Beijing Tiantan Park, 10am.

The players returned to Earth and appeared in unison on the flat area in front of the Temple of Heaven. Spotting Tang Mo's confrontation, the players turned and ran, not wanting to get involved. In time, only Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Bai Ruoyao, Chen Shanshan, Mu Huixue, Ning Zheng and Fu Wensheng remained in the clearing.

The baby-faced youth was sandwiched between Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, who looked left and right and blinked feigning pity: "Tangtang, Mr. Fu School, what are you doing." Bai Ruoyao's head swayed, and wherever he swayed, Fu Wenduo's gun moved with him.

Bai Ruoyao said in aggravation, "Wow, you guys are trying to team up to bully me." With that, he looked up at Ning Zheng, "Ningning, look, they're two against one, bullying me!"

Ning Zheng did not leave.

He glanced at Tang Mo and then at Fu Wenduo. With great speed, Ning Zheng mentally estimated his chances of getting back at these two men. If he were to fight alone, he would have less than a 10% chance of success. He was not Bai Ruoyao, who liked to get into trouble and die. Ning Zheng tightened his fingers and decided that he would never cross paths with these two people again after this.

Ning Zheng looked up and said, " Bai Ruoyao , I have done everything you asked me to do, I hope you keep your promise."

Bai Ruoyao's eyes went cold, and after a moment he smiled cheekily, "I will never break my promise."

Ning Zheng looked at him, "I hope you remember what you said." With those words, Ning Zheng turned around and left without looking back.

Tang Mo : "Seems like your only helper got away?"

Bai Ruoyao blinked, " Tangtang , you really want to kill me? How can you let go."

Tang Mo laughs: "I'm very willing to give it up."

However Bai Ruoyao did not answer his words, but slowly turned his head to look at the man in black on the other side. He looked at the other man for a moment and spat out three words, " Mr. Fu School."

Fu Wenduo curled his lips, "Fox."

Bai Ruoyao : "You want to kill me."

Fu Wenduo did not reply.

Compared to Tang Mo's undisguised murderous aura, Fu Wenduo merely held a pistol to Bai Ruoyao's head, smiling lowly and indifferently. Yet Bai Ruoyao could not ignore the cold, snake-like gaze, the first time he had ever felt such a bitter killing intent from Fu Wenduo.

Bai Ruoyao suddenly realises: this man is really angry.

He had played so many times, repeatedly messing up and causing trouble, that this time Fu Wenduo finally got angry.

Bai Ruoyao's mind worked quickly. It's not that he's not smart, there are only wrong names, not wrong nicknames, Fly is not wrong and Fox is never wrong. Bai Ruoyao is incredibly smart, and it's because he's incredibly smart that he's managed to survive his many screw-ups.

He has enemies all over the world in every country, but over the years, many of his enemies have died and he is alive and well.

Fu Wenduo Why are you so angry ......

Bai Ruoyao felt as if he sensed something, and before he could fully grasp it, he heard a surprised female voice ring out, "Are you guys really trying to kill Fly?"

Fu Wenduo looks to Mu Huixue: "Hmm."

Mu Huixue threw up his hands helplessly, "I'm not getting involved then. Although killing our peers is nothing to us, there are quite a few people who want to kill him, and there are many Chinese spies who want to get rid of this annoying and troublesome guy. But I'm not going to kill him. There is a life and a death, and the weak are strong, so you guys do it and I'll watch from the sidelines."

Bai Ruoyao just noticed her, "Hey, hey, Deer, is that how you see me die? We had a drink in Moscow."

Mu Huixue laughed, "That's why I don't interfere."


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