Chapter 192: Bai Ruoyao, are you begging me?

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Only half an hour left on the clock.

Tang Mo pulled the young woman aside and whispered something into her ear. Bai Ruoyao stretched out his ears and didn't hear a sound, he curled his lips: " Ningning, do you think Tangtang spoke or not. At such a close distance, neither you nor I could hear a sound ...... Did he really speak to that woman?"

Ning Zheng looked at him, not saying anything.

Bai Ruoyao did not want to get an answer from Ning Zheng.

He watched Tang Mo's back with interest, his eyes twinkling, wondering what idea had come to him.

Off to the side, the young woman's face continued to change. From nervous anticipation at first, a hint of panic suddenly crept in, and finally a pallor. She looked at Tang Mo with a complicated look in her eyes, doubting the young man in front of her, but her situation left her with no choice.

Don't believe Tang Mo , she couldn't have got through the game.

I believe Tang Mo , too, may not be able to pass the game.

Either way, you're dead ......

"Okay, I get it, I trust you."

Tang Mo looked up at Bai Ruoyao who immediately waved excitedly at him.

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed as every image of his encounter with this psychopath flashed through his mind. As he pondered how he had gotten himself into trouble, he heard an apprehensive voice whisper: " Tang Mo, the first official player in China to clear the third and fourth floors of The black tower, I know you. A month ago, on the Third Ring Road in Beijing, I watched from afar and didn't dare to go up. But I know you're a very good advanced player."

Tang Mo turned his head to look at the woman, and for the first time he took a good look at her.

This is an ordinary-looking young woman, no more than twenty-five years old. Without The black tower, she would have been a normal white-collar worker, going about her day-to-day life like everyone else her age. But now her gaze is steely, and even though she knows that she is the weakest of the four players in this group, and that she is likely to lose the game and face death in half an hour, she is still determined to trust this strange player in front of her.

"My name is Bai Lu." The young woman said her name for the first time, " Tang Mo , I want to know ...... why you want to help me?"

Tang Mo looked calm: "I didn't help you."

The young woman froze, "What?"

Tang Mo's mouth curved imperceptibly, "I just don't want to make it easy for that psycho. And by the way, I don't want to make it easy for his companion either."

Half an hour was a matter of seconds for the other two groups of players.

Most players were shocked and confused when they saw that Mu Huixue had failed to clear the game. However, some players quickly figured out the key to the game and made good time. Tang Mo's group continued as usual and Bai Ruoyao seemed completely unafraid that he would not be able to pass the game, rolling the dice into the sixth frame and inviting Tang Mo to a duel.

On the other hand, Chen Shanshan's dice became 2 points again.

Mu Huixue gives the 5-point dice to Chen Shanshan, but there is no way she can keep them. As soon as someone opened the dueling stage, she had to give up the dice. Fu Wensheng was a little stronger than Chen Shanshan and held once. However, the two kids were too much of a thorn in the side of the players and in the last half hour, both dice were down to 2 points.

Fu Wensheng said urgently, "Sister Shanshan, what can we do... how can we possibly skip these nine squares when we only have two points and the 5-point lucky dice are in such terrible danger?"

Chen Shanshan : "Weren't we supposed to not be able to pass this game."

Fu Wensheng : "......"

He suddenly remembered what Chen Shanshan had said earlier.

The child said glumly, "No, so you're still so calm, Sister Shanshan?"

Chen Shanshan thought for a moment, "Whisper, would you like a better reward?"

Fu Wensheng : "Of course I want to. But I thought we couldn't even get through the game ......"

Chen Shanshan pulled Fu Wensheng to herself and she held out her hand, making two gestures to Fu Wensheng. Fu Wensheng froze: "That's it?"

Chen Shanshan nodded, "That's it, go ahead."

"Are you sure Brother Tang understands what I mean?"

The short-haired girl laughed helplessly, "Go on, it's too late if you don't."

A minute later, Tang Mo's eyes caught sight of a small, thin figure. When he looked, he saw Fu Wensheng lying on his back on the red film of light set up by Father Christmas, tapping it repeatedly to attract his attention.

Tang Mo calmly walks over and looks at Fu Wensheng with a blank expression.

Fu Wensheng holds out both hands. With his left hand, he raised his index finger and made a '1', while his right hand made a thumbs-up gesture. Fu Xiaodi has no idea what this gesture means, but Tang Mo's gaze changes and he quietly glances up in Chen Shanshan's direction. After a long moment, he curled his lips and gave a thumbs up with his right hand, then turned to leave.

Fu Wensheng ran back and showed Chen Shanshan the gesture Tang Mo had just made.

Chen Shanshan : "Well, I saw that."

Fu Wensheng: "Sister Shanshan, what are you and Brother Tang selling in your gourd? I just gave a thumbs up, and I get a better reward?"

"Not yet, but it will be soon."


Chen Shanshan took two steps forward and suddenly stopped, and the short-haired girl's face showed a rare trace of shyness. Chen Shanshan coughed and lowered the volume a bit: "That, whisper ...... have you ever begged anyone?"

Fu Wensheng : "Huh??"

Ten minutes later, a pleasant 'Merry Christmas Song' suddenly rang out, and Santa, sitting on a giant lollipop, also froze and turned his head to look behind him. Only to see behind him, a tall, handsome man in black wearing thick military boots gently kicked the white dice on the floor.

The tiny dice flew into the air with a grunt and he caught them securely.

Fu Wenduo lifted his eyes and looked at Father Christmas. In the next second, he asked in a low voice, "I got through?"

Santa's mouth hung open for a long time before he muttered sullenly, "Why are all players so strong these days", and then quickly changed his face to a gleeful smile: "Boy, you are so clever, yes, you got through. Congratulations, you've completed Santa's hopscotch game."

At these words, a gasp rang out throughout the white space.

Most of the players in Fu Wenduo's group noticed the order in which he jumped, and they were so surprised that they scrambled to jump the house. Fu Wenduo had already cleared the level, so he must have jumped in the right order, and if they followed his order, they would definitely clear the level. In the other two groups, most of the players did not pay attention to Fu Wenduo's side.

They were chagrined, but the more resourceful players were in no hurry, staring silently at the Fu Wenduo group, trying to find the correct answer from the order of the remaining players.

It was the first time Mu Huixue had ever played a game that someone had beaten her to it, and it was quite refreshing. She was playing with a small dice in her hand, a smile on her face, wondering what she was thinking. The next moment, she turned to look behind her. The two children hadn't even gotten close enough for her to spot the trail.

Looking steadily at the two children, Mu Huixue smiled, "What, something wrong?"

Fu Wensheng knew Mu Huixue's identity and buried his head in silence.

Chen Shanshan tilted his head: "Yes, something."

Mu Huixue raised one eyebrow, "What is it?"

The young girl begged with a straight face and said with a straight face, "Please help and take us through."

Mu Huixue : "......"

The other two groups were in full swing, perhaps because there were more players, and both groups were eager to play without wasting any time. The middle group was a little quiet. Tang Mo, Bai Ruoyao, Ning Zheng and the young woman - none of the four went first.

Up until the last round, Bai Ruoyao and Ning Zheng were still taking turns to challenge Tang Mo, draining him and injuring him. But now there were only ten minutes left.

Without further hesitation, Ning Zheng stepped forward and decided to start his own game.

This group is frighteningly quiet.

Ning Zheng threw the dice into the first compartment, the second compartment, the third compartment ...... and then the sixth compartment in turn. He jumps into the sixth compartment and his expression becomes complicated. He lifted his head to look ahead, his gaze tracing over Tang Mo's three men. Finally, he said, "I'll take him."

Tang Mo was prepared for this and expertly walked to the sixth compartment and stood in front of Ning Zheng.

Two red Christmas stockings appeared in mid-air and Tang Mo and Ning Zheng stepped forward and threw their dice into the stockings. At that moment, Tang Mo's hand hanging in mid-air with the dice, he let out a laugh, "Your alliance with Bai Ruoyao doesn't seem to be very solid either."

Ning Zheng's body shook and he threw the dice into his sock without saying a word.

Tang Mo's voice is loud and clear: "There are four of us in this group, only you and I have a 6. The number of lucky dice has to do with the penalties and traps that will be triggered. Even if Father Christmas wants to wipe us out, he has to abide by the principles of The black tower. A player with a 1 must be punished many times more than a player with a 6."

Father Christmas was listening with great interest and when he heard this, he complained for himself: "Children, I didn't mean to kill you, I'm the Father Christmas who loves children the most."

Santa's words could be heard by all the players, and one player lowered his voice: "Are you not you still don't have some Bs in your heart ......"

Santa was not ashamed, but proud, and his face grew even wider.

Tang Mo went on to say to Ning Zheng, "You chose me to open the dueling arena because you and I were the only ones with 6. Even though the woman was clearly below you, you didn't want to take any chances. In case she had an unexpected prop that could beat you, even if there was only a one percent chance, you wouldn't let it happen. So you chose me."

Ning Zheng : "What exactly are you trying to say."

Tang Mo reached back and pointed, "Why don't you pick him."

Bai Ruoyao pointed to himself, "Hee hee, Tangtang, you mean me? Yeah, Ningning, I'd like to know why you didn't pick me too, we're good friends."

Ning Zheng's face is hard to read.

Tang Mo answered for him: "Because you don't believe in him. He has a point of 1 and the chances of him beating you are extremely high. As long as he doesn't concede, you could easily lose the dice and lose the game and have to start all over again. You trust me more than him, Ning Zheng. Every previous round of the game has been about draining my strength, only this time, you take it seriously. Time is running out, you don't want to die, you want to get through. In this duel, you must win, and you must also get the 6-point dice."

Ning Zheng : " Tang Mo , I don't have ......"

"So I'll make you whole."

The sound stopped abruptly and Ning Zheng looked at Tang Mo in awe.

Clutching a dice in his fingers, Tang Mo smiles slightly and releases his hand, the dice falling steadily into the Christmas stocking. The moment the dice fell in, Tang Mo smiled and said, "I concede." With that, he reaches into the stocking and takes his dice out.

Ning Zheng stared blankly at Tang Mo as he saw him slip the dice back into his pocket and walk straight back to the start. Without looking back, but as if he knew he was watching, Tang Mo lifted his hand and waved it away, very spontaneously.

Ning Zheng's lips pursed up as he turned his head to retrieve his dice and continue the game.

Soon after, a second 'Merry Christmas Song' rang out in the white space. Ning Zheng stood in front of Father Christmas, glanced at Fu Wenduo and sighed softly in relief. He turned his head to look behind him and saw Bai Ruoyao coming up to Tang Mo again, chattering about something. Tang Mo ignores him and pushes the young woman to the starting point: "You do it."

Bai Ruoyao's voice stopped: " Tangtang , are you going to have the duel of the century with me?"

Tang Mo : "Showdown of the Century?"

Bai Ruoyao: "Hee hee, yeah, it's just you and me. The game is so simple that almost everyone knows the sequence. But knowing the sequence is one thing, getting through is another. Now you're the only one left with a 6. If the dice are 1 ...... Tangtang, can you handle the hellish level of punishment?"

The implication is that he will definitely take Tang Mo's dice.

Tang Mo asked directly, "You want to duel with me?"

"You don't want to?"

Tang Mo : "Okay, I'll wait for you in the sixth compartment."

Bai Ruoyao was about to say something else when a trembling female voice rang out, "I ...... I choose him!"

Bai Ruoyao subconsciously turned his head to look at the other woman, only to see the young woman pointing her finger at Ning Zheng standing next to Father Christmas!

Bai Ruoyao was amazed, "Is that even possible?"

Young woman: "Santa ...... didn't say you can't challenge players who have already passed the game either. We're all good kids who love Santa, the game is entertainment, and Santa said the Dueling Arenas are for us to exchange our feelings, even if ...... even if we've passed the game, we can't play."

Santa stroked his beard, "It's true that you can challenge players who have already passed the game, it's a hidden rule. Few people pay attention to that, you're a clever boy."

Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily: "You're really clever, knowing that if you take a 1-point die, you'll die within two frames. Tangtang taught you this?" He came over to Tang Mo and teased, "But Tangtang, how can she beat Ning Zheng. She could have chosen you and you could have conceded and given her your dice. Aren't you partners, the kind that trust each other?"

Ning Zheng walks to the sixth compartment and takes his own dice out of his pocket. The young woman walked timidly to his side. Ning Zheng looked down at his opponent and suddenly felt that he had just been a little too careful. How could a player like that have hidden props that could beat him?

He should not have chosen Tang Mo, he should have chosen this woman.

However, he had already chosen Tang Mo, who whispered those words to him at the end.

Ning Zheng's eyes darkened as he threw the dice into his Christmas stocking. The young woman pulled out her most powerful prop, and as soon as Ning Zheng made his move she was the first to dodge and admit defeat loudly. But Ning Zheng said indifferently, "I concede."

The smile on Bai Ruoyao's face froze for a moment.

Ning Zheng takes the young woman's 1-point dice from the Christmas stocking and walks back to the ninth compartment.

It all happened extremely quickly and the young woman was frozen in place, not looking back.

Bai Ruoyao's fingers tightened and an obscure laugh escaped through his teeth: "So that's why you deliberately provoked Ning Zheng and me to admit defeat. Tangtang, I didn't even know you were such a gentle person. Even if this woman had taken the 6-point dice, with her strength, she would only have a 10% chance of passing this game. What makes you think that both of you can pass this game? And that she can keep this dice?"

Tang Mo : "Why do you think she can't keep it?"

Bai Ruoyao: "She has just played a round and according to the rules, she cannot play immediately. The only people who can play the game at the bottom are you and me. If I were playing the game, I would definitely throw the dice into the sixth compartment, pick her again and take back the six-point dice."

Tang Mo narrowed her eyes, "She and I both have 6 points, why don't you pick me and definitely pick her."

Bai Ruoyao laughed: " Tangtang , do I look like a fool."

This is the second time Bai Ruoyao has said this to Tang Mo.

Bai Ruoyao is scared to death of death.

At a time like this, he won't tangle with Tang Mo in order to get through the game, he'll just take the 100 per cent win path and save his own life.

Tang Mo looks quietly at Bai Ruoyao: "I'll get her through."

Bai Ruoyao laughed, "Then you can try it."

"Unlike you, I promise people things and I make them happen." Tang Mo paused for a moment, "You first, or me?" He looked pale, not very willing.

Bai Ruoyao wanted to roll first, to snatch the 6-point dice right out of the young woman's hands and smack Tang Mo in the face. But before he could say anything, he shut up again, thinking of a more interesting game. He deliberately said, "Ladies first."

Tang Mo gives a rare smile: "You remind me of a The black tower BOSS."

Bai Ruoyao : "Who?"

Tang Mo : "A guy who, like you, isn't very pleasant to be around."

Tang Mo was not polite as he threw the dice into the first compartment, clearly intent on playing the game in earnest. The dice snapped into the grid and Tang Mo leapt in with one foot and slowly made his way to the dice. As he bends down to pick up the dice, he surprisingly does not get up again, but simply sits down in a smooth manner.

Through a thin film of red light, Tang Mo picks up the dice and looks at Bai Ruoyao with a smile.

The smile on Bai Ruoyao's face faded as a sense of foreboding welled up in his heart. Slowly, he cut the corners of his mouth: " Tangtang , what are you doing, wanting to sit down and chat with me. Five minutes left oh, do you still have time to get through. Even if you do ...... make it in time for this little lady friend of yours."

Tang Mo sits cross-legged on the floor and occupies the grid without moving: "Santa's hopscotch game has nine squares, of which the ninth is the end square and each of the other squares is the same size as the room. In other words, it's a very large map. Each time, except for the square where the dice are thrown, the player can only leave one footprint per square, otherwise it is considered a violation and is subject to a penalty. The square where the dice are, however, because the player is going to get the dice back, Santa doesn't specify how many strokes they can make or how long they can stay."

Bai Ruoyao suddenly realised something, his eyes darkened as he stared at Tang Mo and spat two words out from between his teeth: "Tang Mo!"

Tang Mo laughed, "So I can stay in this gerry for as long as I want, it's none of your business."

Bai Ruoyao laughed in anger: "Surnamed Tang, you don't want to get through the game yourself in order to keep me from getting through? So this is what you mean by keeping your word. You promised this woman that you would let her pass, and this is how you let her pass in the end?"

" Bai Ruoyao , are you afraid."

Bai Ruoyao was silenced and looked coldly at Tang Mo with a murderous look on his face.

Tang Mo laughed and said it again, " Bai Ruoyao , tell me, are you afraid now."

" Tang Mo!"

Things have taken a turn for the worse.

Tang Mo propped up his chin and smiled, "There are still four minutes left, and with your strength and mine, everything is still in time. Tell me, are you afraid, are you afraid that you won't be able to pass the game and die here. Is it particularly tempting to beg me, to beg me to continue the game and not pull you down?"

Bai Ruoyao's nails dug deep into his palms, and for just a second he laughed: "Yes, I am afraid of death, I am especially afraid of death. Tang Mo , go on with your game, is it worth it to let yourself die here for someone like me?"

Bai Ruoyao's eyes lit up as Tang Mo stood up.

The next moment, however, Tang Mo surprisingly just changed his position and sat down on his butt again.

"It's worth oh."

Bai Ruoyao : "......"

" Tang Mo!!!"


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