Chapter 191: The psychopaths think widely, and the mentally retarded children have a lot of fun.

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Tang Mo didn't respond to his words, and the doll-faced youth spoke again, his tone sincere: " Tangtang, guess and I'll really give you the dice." On his white face was a big smile that stung the eyes.

"At first I wondered why Ning Zheng would come to this game." Tang Mo looked at Bai Ruoyao and Ning Zheng in the grid and said in a calm voice, "The only players who can play this game are those who have received a Christmas branch before. The survivors and returnees have just been through a big battle, and most of them would not enter such a dangerous game, so those who can come in must be the best of the best." Again, one should have either cleared the second level of The black tower or have a lot of confidence in their own strength.

Bai Ruoyao smiled and narrowed his eyes, "Go on."

Tang Mo: "Whether they are regular players, reservists or stowaways, their common enemy is the returnee. The returnees are in a very dangerous position in these copies. But The black tower says that a total of three returnees have entered the game. Leaving aside the reasons why the other two entered the game, Ning Zheng ......" The voice pauses and Tang Mo looks to the young man beside him, who looks at him in silence. He continued, "Ning Zheng is a very cautious man, he would not participate even if there was only a 30% chance of his life being threatened."

So in the Dodgeball Smash, it was clear that Ning Zheng had a chance of reclaiming his apple and even opening up Eve's reward. After leaving the elevated path, he chose to turn around and leave without looking back, forfeiting the reward.

Tang Mo: "At first I thought it was strange, but then it was a coincidence that you, me and Ning Zheng were in the same group. Given your character, even if you didn't know Ning Zheng at all, you would have deliberately provoked him. But just now, you talked to me and the other two players, consciously avoiding Ning Zheng, so I think you already knew each other."

Bai Ruoyao looks at Tang Mo with a smile and does not say a word, but a closer look reveals that the corners of his mouth curve up a little more, as if his mind has been guessed.

Tang Mo touched the 6-point dice in his hand, "You found him before the game began and joined forces with him. The tactics are nothing more than bullying." Tang Mo thought for a long time and looked up, "You are strong, but Ning Zheng is a returnee on the Time Rankings, he has participated in many more games than you, you won't have something that can tempt him. Lure is impossible, so it's ...... bullying? What have you got on him, Bai Ruoyao ."

"Pop, pop, pop-"

In the centre of the grid, the baby-faced youth did not spare himself the applause.

" Tangtang , you know me so well, I almost thought you had a crush on me. But you also understand Ning Zheng ...... you're such a philandering man." Bai Ruoyao frowned, "What should I do, I'm going to give you the dice?"

Tang Mo is noncommittal; he's not short of 6-point dice, and Bai Ruoyao's words can't even be trusted with a single punctuation mark.

As expected, the next second, the doll-faced youth raised his hand, "But what a pity, Tangtang, I would also like to give you the dice, but I don't have any 6-point dice right now." With that he turned his head to look at Santa, "I concede."

Santa listened with great interest to the conversation of Tang Mo's group, and as if he had guessed something, he said helplessly, "Alas, children, why are you all so kind and reluctant to fight your fellows, ending every duel before it has even begun? Well, Santa loves honest and kind children, so take your dice."

Bai Ruoyao smiles as he takes the 1 point lucky dice from his sock.

If Tang Mo guesses correctly, he gives Tang Mo the 6-point dice. Unfortunately, he has no more 6-point dice, so it is impossible for him to make another one for Tang Mo.

Bai Ruoyao walks back to his original position and winks at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo is oblivious. He looks calmly at Ning Zheng in the middle of the grid and watches as he jumps back to the start and ends his game.

" Tangtang?"

Tang Mo ignored Bai Ruoyao, his fingers gently rubbing the tiny lucky dice as his mind worked quickly.

What do Bai Ruoyao and Ning Zheng really want?

If it were any other multiplayer game, these two could indeed join forces and pose a threat to Tang Mo. But apparently, Santa's game ostensibly forbids violence, and their only chance is the big dueling stage in the sixth frame.

Bai Ruoyao triggers the duel for the first time, not choosing Tang Mo, but the young woman.

Now he deliberately switched the dice to Ning Zheng and took the 1 point dice for himself ...... What was his purpose? What good does this do them. In a game where the killer must die (and be punished by Father Christmas), what do these two fearful of death plan to do to him?

Tang Mo's heart swelled with a sense of foreboding. His hyper-intelligent mind made him smell that something was wrong, but his logic was such that he could not understand what was going on in the psychopath's head, nor could he translate it vicariously.

Closing his eyes and taking a long breath of relief, Tang Mo sneered and shook his head.

The way to deal with a psychopath is to ignore him and not treat him like a human being. The other side's plot will naturally come to light in due course anyway.

The truth came faster than Tang Mo could have imagined.

When it was Bai Ruoyao's turn to roll, he threw the dice into the sixth box without hesitation. Tang Mo's eyes twitched slightly as he looked at Bai Ruoyao, who had jumped into the sixth square in the distance and waved at him: "Tangtang, come and fight."

Tang Mo : "......"

Father Christmas has said that in the big dueling arena, players must not kill their opponents or they will be punished by Father Christmas. But injuries are inevitable.

Tang Mo walked into the sixth box with a blank expression and threw his dice into the Christmas stocking. The small white dice had just left his hand and had not yet reached the bottom of the stocking when a dark shadow flashed quickly and swished towards the baby-faced youth standing in the middle of the grid.

Bai Ruoyao gave a surprised "eek" and then sidestepped Tang Mo's surprise attack.

Tang Mo pulls the small parasol from his waist and opens it with a snap, knocking Bai Ruoyao away with its surface. The pink umbrella was like steel, and Bai Ruoyao subconsciously blocked it with one hand, but felt a heavy mountain of pressure when he touched it. This little parasol is not as fragile as it looks.

Bai Ruoyao laughed, " Tangtang, you're actually serious?"

The answer to Bai Ruoyao's question is the unmistakably sharp tip of the umbrella.

Tang Mo's moves were powerful, the wind was blowing and the small parasol was creating a streak in the air. Bai Ruoyao was constantly dodging from side to side as he opened his defence and closed his attack at times.

Tang Mo never wanted to admit defeat. Indeed, without the use of his powers and props, his physical strength and fighting skills were incomparable to Bai Ruoyao's. But now the two could use props.

Bai Ruoyao is clearly a man who does not often use props and relies on external objects.

Bai Ruoyao's eyes went cold and with a flick of his wrist, the silver butterfly knives flew out of his sleeves. The two knives flew into the air and Bai Ruoyao's side kick landed on the hilt, sending both knives flying towards Tang Mo. Tang Mo immediately opened his umbrella to block them, but the silver knives left two white marks on the umbrella and flew back into Bai Ruoyao's hand.

Bai Ruoyao danced his fingers around and snapped the butterfly knife shut. He looked at Tang Mo and smiled cheekily, " Tangtang, I'm really going to get on it."

The next moment, without even a hint of hesitation, the two rushed towards each other together.

Two hours had passed and a total of ten battles had erupted on Santa's grand stage of duels, the first nine of which were completely incomparable to this one. The difference in power was evident at this point. The young woman who was robbed of her dice by Bai Ruoyao was no longer able to catch Bai Ruoyao's and Tang Mo's attacks with her eyesight, and she swallowed fearfully, realising that Bai Ruoyao had just been teasing her, not taking her seriously.

The other two groups, Fu Wenduo and Mu Huixue, also noticed the battle.

Fu Wensheng was anxious: "Sister Shanshan, you said that Brother Tang was no match for that psychopath with just his physical strength and props. What should we do?"

Chen Shanshan breathes a little harder, she doesn't know much about combat and can't advise Tang Mo. But she chose to trust Tang Mo: "Brother Tang Mo must have his own judgement."

Fu Wenduo, arms clasped, watched the ferocious duel in silence through a red film of light.

Tang Mo didn't hold back at all, and Bai Ruoyao did almost everything he could. There was a constant thump, thump, thump between the silver blade and the pink parasol. Father Christmas was watching with great interest, almost shouting "Let's fight!

The sharp butterfly knife pierced Tang Mo's arm and his shirt was cut into a strip of rags, the sleeve completely resting on his arm. Red blood dripped down his skin and onto the floor, staining Tang Mo's hands. Bai Ruoyao was also slightly injured, but in a much better condition than Tang Mo.

Time passed and no one reacted when a cheerful 'Christmas Song' rang out in the white space.

Even Santa was dismayed, "What is this ......! It's time!"

Nice, Santa's big dueling stage has a five-minute time limit.

When time was up, Tang Mo was about to make another move, but Bai Ruoyao stopped first. Tang Mo had already guessed his intentions and stared at him coldly.

Santa said, "Ahhh that's a tough one. Both of you kids are very good, and there's no winner in five minutes. So it's up to Santa to give a fair verdict. I am the fairest and most democratic Father Christmas and I listen to every suggestion from the children. In my opinion, this round should go to this child ......"

"I concede."

Santa's voice stopped abruptly as he stared blankly at Bai Ruoyao. After a moment, he withdrew his hand from Bai Ruoyao and said with a low, muffled laugh, "So that's it. Well, since you yourself have conceded defeat, the child is the winner."

Bai Ruoyao wipes the bloodstain on his neck from the small parasol, smiles and walks over to Tang Mo, reaching behind him and pulling a 1-point dice out of his sock.

Tang Mo's expression is a little colder when he's clearly winning.

Tang Mo : "I have such a deep hatred for you."

It is an affirmative sentence, not a question.

The question actually got to Bai Ruoyao, who froze for a moment before he said with a cheeky smile, "I don't think so, but Tangtang, don't you think it's boring?"

Tang Mo : "Bored with what?"

Bai Ruoyao : "Every day is boring. Games, copies, attacking towers ...... you're so cute, I can only find you to play."

Tang Mo swept him off his feet, took his own dice and turned to leave.

Bai Ruoyao spreads his hands innocently.

Tang Mo cannot understand Bai Ruoyao's motives. If you think about it, it's true that their relationship is not so deep as to be a blood feud. Bai Ruoyao was attracted to Tang Mo because of his deathly aura, which was so strong that he could not die. Then Tang Mo forced him to cut off his own arm, and Bai Ruoyao remembered Tang Mo ever since.

The reason why Tang Mo used a big match on Bai Ruoyao and forced him to break his arm was because Bai Ruoyao had taken his moon flower away from him.

Only three players were left in the final copy of the Gem Corridor. Tang Mo, Bai Ruoyao and Fu Wensheng.

Bai Ruoyao and Fu Wensheng do not need the Moon Flower at all if they want to clear the level, the Moon Flower is their reward for doing so. Tang Mo wanted to pass the level, but had to put the Moon Flower in the Queen of Hearts' bedroom. So at the end, Bai Ruoyao suddenly turns against Tang Mo and takes the Moon Flower from her, thus getting two rewards.

He only took Tang Mo's, not the weaker Fu Wensheng, out of his own bad taste. He also leaves Tang Mo a way out, as long as Tang Mo steals Fu Wensheng's Moon Flower, Tang Mo will be able to pass the game.

Tang Mo, on the other hand, wasn't happy to take the kid's prize, he had the turkey eggs and could read the file and start again.

For the life of Bai Ruoyao, he could never have imagined how Tang Mo could have guessed his intentions in the first place and then driven him to the brink. But that didn't stop him from deciding to haunt Tang Mo and make his life less 'boring'.

Tang Mo walked back to the beginning having figured out that he and Bai Ruoyao had killed each other.

"Psychopaths think broadly, and mentally handicapped children have a lot of fun." Tang Mo concludes with a sneer.

At that moment Bai Ruoyao was jumping back to the start and hearing what Tang Mo seemed to have said, he came over, "Hee hee, Tangtang what did you say?"

Tang Mo smiled, "You're smart." After a pause, Tang Mo added, "And you keep your word."

Bai Ruoyao himself was amused by Tang Mo's comment, and he played it serious: "I'm very good at keeping my word, and when I have a six-point die next time, I'll give it to you."

Tang Mo believed him better than Fu Xiaodi and was not afraid of Fu Wenduo.

Would Bai Ruoyao really have given the dice to Tang Mo?

Tang Mo's gaze moves from side to side on his and Ning Zheng's bodies.

No, they are trying to fight a war of attrition.

Tang Mo did not win because he could not beat Bai Ruoyao. Bai Ruoyao did not beat Tang Mo because he could not finish the fight in five minutes and because he never wanted to beat Tang Mo. What he wanted was to injure Tang Mo.

Wounding the enemy a thousand times and damaging yourself eight hundred times.

This is what Tang Mo guessed Bai Ruoyao had in mind.

There is no doubt that the psychopath could have done this, and Bai Ruoyao's loss was not 800, but at most 400. It was a very good deal.

Killing is forbidden in Santa's copy, but what about out of the copy?

Once Tang Mo was seriously injured and unable to heal any time soon, it was Bai Ruoyao's chance.

The only thing Tang Mo can do now is to wait and see what happens and get through the game as quickly as possible. Soon, however, Ning Zheng threw the dice into the sixth compartment and looked at Tang Mo: "I choose him."

Tang Mo is silent and walks up to the grid.

Ning Zheng, unlike Bai Ruoyao, was more interested in winning the game, so instead of throwing the dice into the sixth frame at the start, he threw the first five frames first, taking one step at a time to get to the sixth frame. However, he still chose Tang Mo.

Tang Mo took out the dice: "You are not the same as Bai Ruoyao, I might win."

Ning Zheng is very strong, but he is also strong in his powers. Without his powers, it's hard to say who will win or lose against Tang Mo.

Ning Zheng was silent for a moment, "So now it's 6:00 for me and you."

The implication is: even if he loses, he has nothing to lose.

Tang Mo said to himself, "So that's why you and Bai Ruoyao switched dice.

Tang Mo smiled, "I'm curious what Bai Ruoyao has got on you to make you help him so much."

Ning Zheng's role as a triple agent in Dodgeball is still vivid in Tang Mo's mind. What would make such a cautious and life-saving man willing to work for a psychopath, even at the risk of his own life?

Without a word, Ning Zheng throws the dice into his sock and then turns to attack Tang Mo. At first, Ning Zheng's attack was not very aggressive and he did not seem to be doing his best. Bai Ruoyao put his hands to his mouth in the shape of a trumpet: "Ningning, you have to work hard to get stronger!"

Ning Zheng's eyes twitched as he flipped his hand and pulled out a crimson prop dagger and thrust it at Tang Mo.

After five minutes, Ning Zheng and Tang Mo had not been able to determine a winner. Tang Mo thought for a long time and then said, "I concede."

Ning Zheng gave him a look, "I won't take your kindness."

Tang Mo laughed, "Did I say I needed you to claim a favour?" With that, he took his own 6-point dice.

In Santa's hopscotch, players can throw the dice into any square they like, or even throw them into the sixth square at the beginning to trigger the dueling arena. However, at the end of the duel, whether the player wins or loses, the player loses the game and ends the round.

Apart from this, the duel is lost and the player's round ends.

Tang Mo concedes defeat so that Ning Zheng can continue the game. He says, "I don't need Ning Zheng's kindness", but the corner of his mouth curls up slightly as he walks calmly back to the start.

Next, Bai Ruoyao and Ning Zheng took turns to wear down Tang Mo.

The game was extremely short, and with constant battles against the best, Tang Mo's body was inevitably covered in wounds. Fu Wenduo watched the scene quietly from another group, giving Bai Ruoyao a cold glance. The doll-faced young man noticed the man's cold gaze and thought Fu Wenduo was trying to greet him, so he raised his hand and waved at Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo suddenly smiled, his thin lips curled up and he reached out with his right hand to wipe his lower lip.

In the third group, Fu Wensheng drew a cold breath: "Big ...... Brother is angry!"

Chen Shanshan : "???"

Fu Wensheng's scalp was tingling with fear and his desire to live was overwhelming: "Big Brother is really angry! What should we do, Shanshan? Can we pretend we don't know Big Brother after we leave the game too? I don't want to run into Big Brother like this!!!"

Chen Shanshan was about to say, "Even if Mr. Fu's school is really angry, it's not because of you", when suddenly, there was an ear-splitting system crash.

A loud system dangling sound rang throughout the space, and all players turned their heads in unison to look at the place where the sound was made.

At the front of the grid of "2" and "5", a black figure steadily landed in front of Father Christmas and stepped into the ninth grid with both feet. No one noticed when the woman had walked the entire length of the grid and arrived in front of Father Christmas. Perhaps it was because she moved so quickly that once she mastered the technique, she was able to learn it on the fly.

Mu Huixue was disoriented for a moment when she heard the familiar sound of a computer system crashing. Her hands are on the ground and there is a bloody gash on her forehead from the marshmallow strings she received in the fifth frame. Mu Huixue coughs and the blood drips from her forehead to cover her eyes. She wiped the blood away and stood up straight, looking up at the tall Father Christmas in front of her.

"...... I won?"

Santa stayed for a long time, the corners of his mouth widening a little to reveal a smile, "My boy, it is clear that you have failed at the game." Santa's smile was sinister and cunning, and the fact that he had to pretend to be very sorry and benevolent caused his expression to look a little funny.

Mu Huixue guessed as much. She moved her body a little: "So where did I lose?"

From the first to the ninth frame, she cleared each frame without a single extra step in any frame and managed to avoid the candies' attacks. Eventually she made it to the ninth square.

Mu Huixue thought: "Does it mean that coming to the ninth frame doesn't count as passing the game? Or do I have to go back to the beginning?"

Father Christmas: "No, son, in the right order, without breaking the rules of the game, you will pass the game by entering this ninth frame."

Mu Huixue : "I didn't break the rules of the game and made it to the ninth frame as well." Mu Huixue tapped her chin with her finger, "Surely, the correct order is not so simple." With that, she turned to look behind herself.

Behind her are eight large figures suspended in mid-air.

Above each of the eight squares, there is a huge number with a flashing red light. Just now Mu Huixue jumped step by step to the ninth square in the order of these eight numbers.

Mu Huixue chuckled, "That's interesting."

At the end of the sentence, she surprisingly did not question Santa again, but walked herself back to the start.

Santa was ready to humiliate the player, but when he turned his head and walked away, Santa subconsciously said, "Son, you're not even going to ask anymore?"

Mu Huixue : "Will you answer if you are asked?"

Father Christmas: "...... won't."

The woman in black smiled and grinned with a mouthful of white teeth, "SO~"

In three or two strokes, Mu Huixue jumped back to the start.

Father Christmas: "......"

The white space is silent.

Chen Shanshan kept thinking about the conversation between Mu Huixue and Father Christmas, while the other two groups could only hear Santa's voice and not Mu Huixue's, so they got much less information than the players in Chen Shanshan's group.

At the same moment, however, Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Bai Ruoyao and Ning Zheng ...... all realised: "The order is not right!"

Tang Mo turns his head to look ahead.

Nine large numbers are suspended high in the air, and from the beginning the players throw the dice and hopscotch in the order of these nine numbers. However, Mu Huixue has just failed.

Tang Mo believes that with Mu Huixue's strength, she could not have broken the rules, so she could only have gone in the wrong order.

What is the true order?

Santa's face was very sullen after his defeat at Mu Huixue. He vented in a loud voice: "Hey kids, Santa must remind you that I only have half an hour left before my kitschy shopping street closes. And yet none of you have made it through. You are truly the worst group of children I have ever brought in!"

Only half an hour left?

The players were in an uproar.

Fu Wenduo's eyes linger on each of the nine numbers before he finally walks up to the start and prepares to begin the game. On the other side, Bai Ruoyao's eyes widen in exaggeration: "Wow, there's only half an hour left. What should I do? Will I die here if I don't pass the game? Hee hee, let deer, Tangtang and Mr. Fu school be buried with me, oh yeah and Ningning ...... Don't look at me like that, I haven't forgotten you Ningning. It feels good for us to die here together too."

Ning Zheng : "......" He suddenly wanted to mutiny once more and slap this psycho away.

The young woman is not so concerned. She was anxious. She had long since realised that she was the weakest of the four in the group, not even comparable to the other three.

A maximum of three people per group can pass.

In any case, there was no way she was going to get through. What should she do? Was she really going to die here?

"Cooperation, how about it?"

Bai Ruoyao's disgusting laughter stopped abruptly and he looked at Tang Mo , and after a moment, laughed: " Tangtang , you actually want to work with me? I'm so open ......" minded.

"I say, how about the two of us collaborating and joining forces ......?"

The smile on Bai Ruoyao's face instantly fades and Ning Zheng frowns.

The young woman looked at Tang Mo in shock and pointed at herself, "...... You mean me? We work together?!"

Bai Ruoyao said lightly, "Tangtang, you don't seem to have a good eye for picking your teammates."

Tang Mo didn't look at him and looked seriously at the young woman, "He is currently the strongest returnee in Beijing, Ning Zheng on the time chart. His name is Bai Ruoyao and he is no less powerful than Ning Zheng." After a pause, he said, "You can't be top three with them around, and unfortunately, I have no intention of sacrificing for you to be top three. So does ...... cooperate? Only women and villains are difficult to raise, I used to disagree with that saying, now I think that villains do get on people's nerves."

Bai Ruoyao yelled up, " Tangtang , don't think I don't know you are talking about me."

The dark-haired young man looked calm, his gaze trusting and powerful as he curled the corners of his mouth.

"Hey, cooperating?"

The young woman's eyes grew hot. Her pupils quivered, she stared dead at Tang Mo, and the next second she said with force, "Yes, cooperate!"

Tang Mo smiles softly.

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