Chapter 190: You still not on?

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" Sister Shanshan!"

Fu Wensheng shouted out nervously, but Chen Shanshan gave him a reassuring look and turned to the sixth square himself.

The short-haired girl took one step onto the lattice, looking calm with a composure unbecoming of her age. She looks at the other girl calmly, Mu Huixue smiles at her and waves, revealing a broad smile.

No one could understand why Mu Huixue had chosen Chen Shanshan as her opponent. She had a 5, Chen Shanshan had a 2. Everyone knew the girl looked weak, but she had a 2. Even if the chance of losing was 1 in 10,000, if she lost, her lucky dice would be a 2. Mu Huixue should have chosen a player with a 5, so that win or lose, neither player would lose.

"Is she so confident in her own strength?"

The crowd thought.

Chen Shanshan looks calm, but a million thoughts pass through his mind.

Mu Huixue picked her as a sure winner, not sure about the others, but she knew it very well. But Mu Huixue could not have lost if she had chosen any of the players in this group. The difference in power was like a gap in the sky, so why did Mu Huixue choose her when it was the same for anyone?

The super-intelligent mind kept thinking, but Chen Shanshan still couldn't figure it out.

There is absolutely no logic to this matter.

One can only improvise.

Chen Shanshan was pondering Mu Huixue's intentions when a smiling female voice rang out, "You don't seem to be gaining much fitness?"

Chen Shanshan looks up at the other man with a start.

Mu Huixue lowered his voice and laughed at a volume that only two people could hear, "After eating that chocolate ice cream, all the players' fitness has increased to a certain extent. I have roughly divided everyone's fitness into an order of magnitude, so if your fitness is 1, then everyone else has increased their fitness by 1-2. You're the only one that didn't improve at all."

Chen Shanshan was shocked. She hadn't even made a single move in Santa's copy, and she had surrendered when invited to challenge him before. How could Mu Huixue tell?

"Breathing, walking, every second of every day, a person's muscular strength and five senses are not resting." After a pause, Mu Huixue tugged at the corners of his mouth, "You don't necessarily need to be in combat to see a person's physical abilities, even walking can tell a little bit about them. How old are you, little one? It looks like you're a little older than that little boy."

Chen Shanshan was silent.

She couldn't be blamed for not thinking about it; she really knew very little about such matters of physical strength.


Mu Huixue : "It's small."

Chen Shanshan : "Shall we start the duel?" With that, she took her own dice out of her pocket and walked towards the Christmas socks. The little girl placed the dice in the socks and then deliberately walked to the corner of the grid, away from the pair of socks.

Mu Huixue needs to put the dice in her sock before the two can begin the duel. Mu Huixue is so strong that he can kill her in the blink of an eye without giving her a chance to surrender just after he puts the dice in his sock. Chen Shanshan is prepared for any surprises.

Mu Huixue walked over to the sock, spun the tiny lucky dice, and with a glint in his eye, threw the dice in.

"I recognise ......"

"I concede."

Chen Shanshan was interrupted by a crisp female voice, and the young girl looked at the other girl in disbelief.

The tall woman in the black tights reached into her sock and pulled out the dice Chen Shanshan had just put in. With a lazy look, she walks to the middle of the sixth square and prepares to continue her game. Mu Huixue looks up and sees that Chen Shanshan has not yet left the grid. She raises an eyebrow, "No? I'm going to continue the game."

Chen Shanshan looks at her steadily for a few seconds, turns around and walks back to the start.

Fu Wensheng exclaimed in a small voice, " Sister Shanshan, what does she want ......"

Chen Shanshan put her index finger to her lips in a gesture of silence. She watched the staid, knife-like, black-clad woman in the sixth square skip lightly across the six squares back to the start. She had encountered two sudden crises along the way. Luck points turned to two and bad luck poured over her in an instant. But she was unfazed, still in that clouded state, but not letting her guard down and leaning in with all her might.

Seeing Mu Huixue jump to the seventh square again, Chen Shanshan whispered to Fu Wensheng, "She wants to see if I can keep this dice, and perhaps she is also curious about how I have survived so far with my inability to improve my physical qualities, and what my powers are that will help me to go to which square. "

On the other side, Tang Mo, after seeing Mu Huixue give up the dice to Chen Shanshan, thought for a moment and understood her intentions.

Before the game began Mu Huixue said that she had come to Fu Wenduo in the hope that Fu Wenduo would kill her.

That was not a lie, she said it with all seriousness. She really wanted to die.

Giving up the dice to Chen Shanshan might have brought her more danger, but Mu Huixue wasn't afraid.

Underneath Bai Ruoyao's infinite acts of death is a heart that fears death beyond measure. Underneath Mu Huixue's cautious exterior is a real determination to die.

People who are not even afraid of death are actually the most terrifying of all.

Tang Mo withdrew his eyes and walked to the grid. With a point count of 1, if he rushed into the game, he would surely face a more horrible punishment than Mu Huixue with a point count of 2. Tang Mo is not about to take any chances. He throws the dice, and the tiny dice make a parabolic line through the air, landing firmly in the sixth square.

Father Christmas gave a surprised "eek" and looked up at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo said faintly, "Can we go straight to the sixth compartment?"

Santa chagrined, "And that's allowed? Well ...... well, I really don't seem to have said that it's not allowed. You're so clever, kid, to catch Santa's loophole. Guess I'll have to add that rule to the rules of the game next time."

There is no doubt that Tang Mo's choice was the young woman.

The latter's face was ugly and her eyes were red as she glared at Tang Mo, wanting to cut him to pieces. However, this woman, who was perhaps a mid-range player among the nineteen, was no match for the three Tang Mo's in this group. She struggled with Tang Mo for a few moments before the parasol was about to reach her throat and she conceded defeat.

Tang Mo took her dice and returned to her original position.

On the other side, Chen Shanshan takes the dice and walks to the start. Fu Wensheng watches her back nervously as the thin little girl walks to the front with her back straight and silent. She looks at the dice in her hand, tosses it into the first compartment and then walks in and out with ease.

Then comes the second compartment.

Chen Shanshan's physicality cannot be improved, and that is compared to other players. She is certainly much stronger than she was before she came online on Earth, except that her enhancements are as far as normal human training can take her. With her strength, jumping around every room-sized grid and not leaving a second footprint is the limit, and if she encounters danger, she will have a very difficult time escaping and will definitely lose the game.

Fu Wensheng tried to persuade her to take the easy way out and not to risk passing the game.

Chen Shanshan jumped three squares in a row without encountering any danger.

Fu Xiaodi rubs his head: "A 5-point lucky dice is so useful?"

Mu Huixue stands with his arms clasped around him, his dark eyes gazing at Chen Shanshan in thought.

Chen Shanshan threw the dice into the fourth square again, and she jumped slightly over four squares and back. Just when everyone thought she was ready to bar the fifth square, she suddenly put the dice away and said to Santa, "I give up, let's move on to the next person."

The crowd looked at her in surprise.

Mu Huixue also froze for a moment, watching as the young girl walked back to Fu Wensheng.

Fu Wensheng: " Sister Shanshan, why don't you continue?"

Chen Shanshan : "Next time there should be a danger of triggering a penalty."

"How do you know?"

Chen Shanshan watches as a player follows her and begins to roll the dice and play the game. After watching for a moment she turned her head and explained, "Whisper, do you think the punishment mechanism of this game is completely random? There are nine squares in total, the last two squares no one has been to so far, and in the first seven squares, is the punishment the same difficulty for each square?"

Fu Wensheng pondered: "I'm not sure if the punishment is random, but the seven squares have different levels of punishment difficulty. There was a male player who went through the glass candy ball and chocolate bean penalties in quick succession. The glass candy ball was the second grid and its punishment was like Zombies, constantly spitting out candy balls to smash people. The chocolate bean one was even scarier, with the entire grid being taken over by chocolate beans. If you don't leave the grid within two seconds you are sure to be overwhelmed by a sea of chocolate beans and never escape."

Chen Shanshan : "So the difficulty of the punishment of the grid is different, and the probability of encountering danger is also different based on the number of dice points each person has. There were sixteen players who had started the game before me."

"Sixteen?" Fu Wensheng didn't expect Chen Shanshan to even keep track of the other two groups of players' play.

Chen Shanshan: "Yeah. I roughly calculated the number of times they encountered the penalty, which round they encountered it and what their luck points were. I had 5 lucky points, so normally I would have hit two penalties before I got to the fifth frame. But Mu Huixue played the game ahead of me and she triggered the penalty a bit too many times." Said the little girl, glancing at Father Christmas sitting in the ninth square, "It's him, who's manipulating the game."

"He wanted very much to kill all the players present, but he couldn't do it under the watchful eye of The black tower. He even had to control the number and frequency of penalties to ensure fair play. Mu Huixue was very strong, so even though she had 5 luck points she encountered too many penalties. I'm weak and it doesn't matter if I'm given a slight sweetener, just give me a penalty in the fifth square and I'm all but lost."

Fu Wensheng exclaimed, "Father Christmas is in control?"

Chen Shanshan : "This is also just my guess. Holders of the same number of lucky dice will encounter more penalties for stronger players and less for weaker ones. I only observed sixteen people and the sample was too small for this to be an accurate guess. But luckily, it proves out a 100% fact ......"

Fu Wensheng : "What are the facts?"

Chen Shanshan looked at the children seriously, "Keep your voice down, there is no way we can both get through this game."

Fu Wensheng : "......"

It's not fucking good at all!!!

On the other hand, Tang Mo hadn't thought about Chen Shanshan's level. It is now Ning Zheng's turn to play in their group.

Ning Zheng's point was 1. He stepped up to the starting point and without hesitation, learning from Tang Mo, threw the dice into the sixth compartment. The tall, clean-cut young man steps up to the grid and sweeps his eyes over each of the other three players in the group. The young woman is the least worried, as she has a 1. Ning Zheng throws the dice directly into the sixth compartment, clearly wanting to open the big fighting stage and switch dice with someone else, choosing no one but her.

Tang Mo looked coldly at Ning Zheng, watched Ning Zheng turn his attention to Bai Ruoyao, and spoke, "I choose him."

Bai Ruoyao stretches his hands and walks up with a playful smile.

They each put the dice in their socks and prepared to duel. Just then, Tang Mo gave a laugh, drawing the attention of both men.

Tang Mo looks at Bai Ruoyao: "Are you ready to give up the dice to him?"

Bai Ruoyao looked at Tang Mo , slowly scratching the corners of his mouth, " Tangtang , what are you saying, why can't I understand?"

Tang Mo : "I say, you're going to deliberately let the dice go to Ning Zheng this round."

" Tangtang , you have wronged me, why should I let the dice." The doll-faced young man said sadly, "I am so selfless in your heart. I should have given you the dice if I wanted to, what kind of relationship do I have with you."

Tang Mo : "What your relationship is with me, I don't know. But it's obvious that your relationship is not very simple." After a pause, Tang Mo turned his head to Ning Zheng and uttered four words, "...... You're still not on?"

Ning Zheng's face darkened.

Tang Mo laughed: "When did you guys hook up, when you visited the Candy House ...... or earlier?"

Bai Ruoyao narrowed his eyes at Tang Mo and after a few moments he burst out laughing.

"Hee hee, you guess? Guess and I'll let you have the 6 point dice."

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