Chapter 189: Lucky's big stage of fighting~

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In the sixth compartment, a red film of light quickly climbs from the floor, separating this room from the others. Bai Ruoyao didn't even expect this to happen, and he gave a rare look of dismay. The other two groups of players also looked over, but Bai Ruoyao soon calmed down, rubbing his chin and giving a long, meaningful "oh".

"Hmmm ...... fighting arena?"

Father Christmas corrected him: "It's Lucky's Fighting Arena. Santa knows that children don't like to play alone, they need to play with other children to have fun. So my sweet boy, who would you like to choose as your opponent? I'm really looking forward to it."

Bai Ruoyao asks, "Only three of them can be chosen?" He pointed to the three Tang Mo.

Santa regrets: "It seems you would like to play with the other children, but I regret to tell you that you can only choose these three. Santa's games are most democratic, and I never force children. This is the only restriction I have placed on you, you cannot choose the other two groups. But the choice is still yours. Come on, child, name the one you want to choose."

A brush of unsuspecting eyes fell on Tang Mo's body, making it impossible to ignore.

Tang Mo lifted his head and stared coldly at the doll-faced youth.

The two men look at each other from a distance, five rooms apart. Bai Ruoyao smiles crookedly, while Tang Mo looks calm and unmoved.

The other two groups could not hear Bai Ruoyao, but they could hear Father Christmas and The black tower. They watch warily and tentatively what is happening in Tang Mo's group.

The inability to use powers, and the use of props, does not help Tang Mo.

Fu Wensheng was a bit worried: " Brother Tang is not going to get into trouble, that psycho is really good, Brother Tang also said that Bai Ruoyao is very strong in close combat, he might not be a match for Bai Ruoyao."

Chen Shanshan calmly analyses: "Bai Ruoyao's lucky dice is 6 points and Brother Tang's is 1 point. If he wins the fight, he can swap points with Tang Mo or not. But in case Brother Tang wins, Brother Tang gets 6 points. A normal person would not choose Brother Tang to eliminate uncertainty." But Bai Ruoyao is not a normal person.

Fu Wensheng said, "Why do I think he'll pick Brother Tang, that kind of psychotic idea is beyond any of us ......"

Yes, anyone who triggers the "Dueling Stage" will definitely not choose a player with lower points than themselves.

Tang Mo's lucky dice is 1 point and Bai Ruoyao's is 6 points. Even if Bai Ruoyao wins, he does not get anything. On the contrary, if he loses, he will be switched by Tang Mo and become a 1-point player. Anyone with intelligence would know how to choose, but Bai Ruoyao is not without intelligence, he likes to do things to the detriment of himself.

This is something that Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng both know well.

Bai Ruoyao stroked his chin with a smile, his deep gaze resting on Tang Mo. Just as he was about to speak, a deep male voice caught Santa's attention: " The black tower says that violence is forbidden in this game. Is fighting considered violent?"

Santa froze and rubbed his head, "Yeah, The black tower prohibits violence ......"

As if he had only just realised the problem, Father Christmas mulled it over for half a day, clapped his hands and laughed out loud, "That's very thoughtful of you, son, but how could the great Father Christmas not have thought of this?" Obviously not even noticing the problem, Father Christmas pretended to know it all and said, "You have to unite and love each other, of course you can't fight, but this is just a sparring match. Friendship first, competition second, and of course no killing. Santa hates dishonest children the most, followed by children who kill. So you mustn't hit each other to death, and you have to grasp this!"

Fu Wenduo raised one eyebrow: "You can duel to injure, but not to kill?"

Father Christmas nodded, "Yes, no killing."

The interest in Bai Ruoyao's eyes dropped a few notches as he asked, bored, "What if you want to kill someone?"

Santa: "Then Santa will stop you at the first opportunity."

Bai Ruoyao's eyes suddenly lit up: "What do you mean by "first time"?"

Santa gave a heated laugh and a benevolent smile, "It's about stopping you as fast as you can."

The crowd was all silent.

What is the fastest speed?

Santa's strength is unfathomable, and if he really wants to stop players from killing, he will not miss a beat. But would he really do all he could to stop it?

To be fair, Father Christmas is a relatively player-friendly boss; he doesn't go crazy trying to eat players like Granny Wolf, nor does he loathe them as much as Schrödinger does, constantly looking for opportunities to kill them. But he stays out of the way, seemingly friendly to the players but not really protective of them.

Every player who dies in a hopscotch game reveals the true nature of The black tower monster.

No matter how down-to-earth he is, he is still The black tower BOSS.

Who knows how fast Santa will come in to stop Bai Ruoyao when he really wants to kill his opponent. Players stared at Santa with wary eyes, gaining a better understanding of the kind-faced, white-bearded old man.

Seemingly a little vindicated by this look of naked suspicion, Santa coughed solemnly and decided to redeem himself: "Children who kill people are bad children and Santa will certainly give them their punishment."

Tang Mo : "What punishment?"

Santa was speechless at the question and held his tongue for a while before saying, "I will expel all the bad children from my candy house and never allow them in again!"

Crowd: "......"

What a punishment!

Father Christmas: "...... So, I'll never give him a Christmas present again then?"

The punishment was so retarded that Mu Huixue laughed out loud, as if she wasn't afraid that Santa would get mad and kill her, causing the others to look at her.

Father Christmas slowly put away his smile and said in a husky voice, "Bad boys, there must be a punishment." The tone of the words was very different from before, and the players looked towards Father Christmas. By now Santa had returned to normal and he smiled at Bai Ruoyao: "Well, my lovely boy, you have not yet chosen your opponent. You must remember that you are not allowed to kill anyone, oh, and play the game properly."

Tang Mo made preparations for Bai Ruoyao to pick himself, only to see the doll-faced youth staring at himself with a malicious grin at the corner of his mouth, then pointed his right hand ......

"I'll take her."

The young woman's entire body froze in place, "I ......?!"

Bai Ruoyao : "Hehehe, it's you."

The young woman, urged on by Father Christmas, walked to the sixth square with a white face. Her body was trembling, she knew her own strength best, there was no way she could beat Bai Ruoyao, who would have killed her with ease. Beads of sweat rolled down her forehead, and she wanted to ask this baby-faced young man why he had chosen himself when he was so clearly an enemy of that man (Tang Mo), couldn't he have had the backbone to choose his enemy and kill him? Santa hadn't said he would kill the bad boy.

Bai Ruoyao threw the lucky dice into mid-air and caught them again steadily. He looked back and saw the young woman staring at him with crimson eyes and he gave a crooked smile, "Do I look so much like a fool?"

The young woman froze, "What?"

Bai Ruoyao laughed, "It's not like you get anything for beating Tangtang, he's so unlucky that the dice are all 1 point. I'm not stupid, why would I pick him, hehehehehehe ...... of course I'll pick you."

Surprisingly, it was in response to the young woman's query.

Although they could not hear the other group's voice, Mu Huixue and Chen Shanshan all guessed what Bai Ruoyao was saying. Mu Huixue gave a disdainful laugh, "Obviously you are afraid of death, what a nice thing to say."

Chen Shanshan gives Mu Huixue an impassive look.

In the sixth compartment, when the young woman stands up, two red socks suddenly appear in mid-air.

Father Christmas: "Put your dice in and the fight will officially begin. Whoever wins will be entitled to choose the socks first."

Bai Ruoyao stepped forward and curiously examined the two socks, going so far as to take a sniff of them. "No smell?" He was so bored that he simply shrugged and threw the dice into the socks, turning back to the young woman in the process and making a neck-wiping gesture to provoke the other woman.

Gritting her teeth, the young woman slowly walked up and threw her dice into the sock. Just a moment after her dice had fallen into the sock, Bai Ruoyao was still turning to walk back to her spot when the young woman suddenly stormed up. She bellowed angrily and pulled a small silver knife from her pocket.

The silver knife blossomed into a blinding white light, illuminating the entire candy house beyond recognition. No one expected the young woman, who looked scared and weak, to act so decisively and take Bai Ruoyao by surprise. Seeing that the strange silver knife was about to pierce the back of Bai Ruoyao's head, the young woman was also afraid: "No!"

She thought she was going to kill Bai Ruoyao and then be punished by Father Christmas.

In a flash of lightning, Bai Ruoyao sidestepped the knife, which slid through the air in a small circle as if it had eyes and shot him in the eye again. Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily, "Huh, this looks familiar." A concealed knife that tracked its target, something similar to Tang Mo's Checkmate's ability.

Bai Ruoyao moves his wrist and a silver butterfly knife appears in his right hand.

The silver butterfly knife danced in the air with a beautiful flower of blades, extremely fast. There was a crisp metallic clash and the white glinting knife was cut into two pieces and fell to the ground. Bai Ruoyao did not stop, but with a stomp of his right foot, his whole body shot out like a rocket and pointed straight at the young woman.

The woman's face was bloodless with fear as she pulled a number of small white flowers from her pocket and threw them with both hands. These flowers immediately exploded on the ground, restricting Bai Ruoyao's movement. But the difference in strength could not be bridged by a few fine level props, and the butterfly knife arrived in a moment, the silver god of death holding a scythe and placing the blade against the woman's throat.

The cold scent of death pressed down on the young woman so hard she didn't dare to breathe. All she had to do was move and the knife could easily slice her neck.

The smoke and dust formed by the small white flowers exploding slowly dissipated, and the doll-faced youth grinned a wide grin.

"I won."

When he finished, Bai Ruoyao took the butterfly knife back into his sleeve.

The young woman slumped to the ground, "I ...... I concede."

This lopsided crushing situation displeased Santa, it was so unexciting. He watched as Bai Ruoyao walked over to the Christmas socks and casually took one as the woman got up from the floor and walked back to the start. Only halfway there, Bai Ruoyao opened his mouth: "I didn't intend to do it, hehehe, it's all 6 points, just admit defeat. I didn't expect you, a bad woman, to try to beat me ......"

The young woman jerked her head around and looked at Bai Ruoyao incredulously.

"You clearly gestured at me and said you were going to kill me ......"

Bai Ruoyao winked, "I didn't say that."

"You ......!"

Tang Mo stands at the start, watching the scene from a distance. He turns his head and whispers to Fu Wenduo, who cannot hear the sound, but nods and speaks to him too.


There are only wrong names, not wrong nicknames.

He is obviously very afraid of death, but he likes to do all kinds of death.

Bai Ruoyao takes his dice and prepares to go back to the start. This time, however, he jumped back from square six and triggered a tornado attack of strawberry ice cream on square three. Bai Ruoyao shouted "I hate strawberries" and accidentally stepped on this one more time, losing the game in favour of Ning Zheng.

In the other two groups, a player also played to the sixth square. As he reached the sixth square, the black tower's crisp beep sounded again -

"Dingdong! Player Li Jue successfully triggered the 'Lucky Fighting Stage'. Please ask the player to choose any one player ......"

It turns out that the sixth frame is the trigger frame for the big fight arena!

The man stared, then slowed down. He was so excited that he hurriedly reached out and pointed to a certain young girl in his group. The girl's face instantly changed.

This is Fu Wenduo's group, the girl has a 4 and the man has a 3. It is clear that the girl is the least fit of the group, and even though the duel can be fought with props, it is no surprise that the man wins.

As luck would have it, the girl quickly surrendered after injuring an arm. The player called Li Jue excitedly took away her dice and continued his game.

When Santa groups the players, points 3 and 4 are in a group, 2 and 5 are in a group, and 1 and 6 are in a group. The first group is relatively similar and doesn't drive the players crazy. But the other two groups were so different that when the opportunity to swap dice was presented to them, most players who believed in their strengths would never pass up the opportunity.

This is where the weaker female players and children become the targets.

Fu Wensheng was also nervous. He was fine, he had 2 points and no one would choose him for a duel except a player with 2 points. Chen Shanshan was a different story. Without Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, Fu Wensheng could not protect Chen Shanshan and he could not even take care of himself.

Fu Wensheng worried, " Sister Shanshan, you have 5 points, will they ......"

Chen Shanshan patted the child on the shoulder: "Don't worry."

Fu Xiaodi is not at all reassuring.

He has learned from Tang Mo that Chen Shanshan is physically incapable of ever improving his physical abilities due to his psychic powers, and is at an inherent disadvantage in fighting. As a man, he cannot protect Chen Shanshan. If Tang Mo and his brother were here, they would have a way to deter the other players, but he cannot.

The child was rambling on when a slightly muffled female voice rang out from a short distance away, "I'll take her."

Fu Wensheng looks up and sees a short-haired woman staring viciously at Chen Shanshan, not hiding the greed in her eyes. The short-haired woman with two scars on her face and wheatish skin and thin muscles on her body was clearly a tough woman. But Chen Shanshan walks calmly to the sixth compartment, where she goes to the Christmas stocking to put her dice in.

Before putting it in, she looked up and asked, "Santa, is it okay to forfeit the Fighting Grandstand?"

Santa was stunned, "Huh?"

Chen Shanshan : "Forfeit, or admit defeat, is that OK?"

Santa didn't react and replied, "Yes."

Chen Shanshan nodded, threw the dice into his sock and in the next instant turned his head to the woman and said, "I concede."

Short-haired woman: "......"

Father Christmas: "......"

Chen Shanshan reached straight out and took the woman's dice out, leaving her with her own.

Short-haired woman: "Wait, you ...... you admit defeat?"

Chen Shanshan : "Santa said I could concede defeat, and I couldn't beat you, so I conceded." After a pause, she said, "Or are you trying to say that you don't want to take my dice, that you want to take your own original dice? Then I've made a fool of myself, and I can switch back with you again."

The short-haired woman felt like she had punched a cotton ball, but she couldn't say what she was angry about. She took Chen Shanshan's dice away, muttered "What kind of kids are so calm" and continued her game.

The abandonment is decisive and uncompromising.

This skinny girl was more composed than the players would have liked. She was not strong enough to win, and knowing that she would definitely not be able to win, she simply did not even fight and simply admitted defeat. No normal player would risk being punished by Father Christmas for killing her, her life would not be in danger, but this little girl didn't even try. Either she was cowardly to the extreme or calm to the extreme.

Now that Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng both have two dice, a player would not deliberately invite them to a duel in order to improve their points.

Fu Wensheng understands what Chen Shanshan is thinking, but he is not as decisive as the other man.

After holding his breath for a while, Fu Wensheng couldn't help but whisper, " Sister Shanshan, we only have 2 points now. The number of points on the lucky dice will actually affect the penalty triggered, right?"

Yes, it has been an hour since the game started and players have long since discovered that the lucky dice are not just to be used as stones to be thrown into the squares they want to enter. The number of points on the lucky dice affects the dangers that players may encounter.

Bai Ruoyao had 6 points, so he was very lucky to get to the fifth square before triggering a penalty. The first middle-aged man to die in the candy house had a point count of 1. He was unlucky enough to reach the second square before the penalty was triggered.

The same is true for other players' games.

The greater the number of points, the less frequently the penalty is triggered. The smaller the number of points, the more frequently the penalty is triggered.

Chen Shanshan Changing her dice from a 5 to a 2 does make her less of a target, but the more danger she starts playing later, the more likely she is to encounter it. And with a chance to permanently increase a player's luck value, this is the only one of the gifts Santa gives that all players want.

Chen Shanshan : "If you want to raise your luck value, you have to survive."

Fu Wensheng was stunned, and soon he understood what Chen Shanshan meant. He was surprised, " Sister Shanshan, are you saying that ...... many people will die?"

Before the words were out of his mouth, a harsh scream was heard. Fu Wensheng looked up to see a young man stepping into the fourth compartment, instantly triggering the chocolate bean ocean's punishment. The chocolate beans, which had just been calm, suddenly gushed out a huge three-metre-high wave, which lapped down and smashed hard on the man's body. The latter didn't even look away before thousands of chocolate beans smashed into his body, drowning him in the sea of chocolate beans.

Santa said with a heartfelt tone and a smile, "This poor child, why did you steal my chocolate beans. If you had been more honest, perhaps you would not have died."

The crowd dared not speak out in anger.

Chen Shanshan looked calmly at Santa sitting in the ninth house when she caught a glimpse of a tall figure. She turned her head to see Mu Huixue, in a ponytail, walking up to the start, leaning down and starting to press her legs. She did some warm-up moves and the rest of the group looked at her in amazement, thinking she was being redundant.

Chen Shanshan knows that the most physically capable player in their group is the woman in black who is doing a high leg warm up.

After a full set of exercises, Mu Huixue squats on the floor, presses his hands to the ground and does a starting pose.

"Ah yes, it seems that you have to throw the dice first and throw in the squares you want?"

With a slight movement of the wrist, a white dice slid through the air in a beautiful arc and landed in the first room. The next second, black lightning followed, and the dice were caught by a steady hand just as they hit the ground. When the crowd looked again, she was back at the start.

Still in the same starting position as earlier, even though many players had already played the first two frames, which posed no threat to her, she didn't take it lightly for a moment.

Mu Huixue hooks his lips and with a toss of his right hand, the dice fall into the second compartment.

This is followed by the third, fourth and fifth compartments ...... sixth compartment.

She moved like clockwork, no unnecessary movements, just a simple toe tap into the ground and flying into the next room. There were penalties triggered in between, but before those raging chocolate beans could touch her coat, she was already flying into the next room.

Finally, Mu Huixue falls into the sixth room.

Mu Huixue turned his head to Santa and said, "You really can't pick players from other groups?"

Santa nodded, "Of course not, my boy, otherwise what would be the point of grouping."

Mu Huixue smiled regretfully and lifted her finger, "I'll take her then."

Chen Shanshan frowned as Mu Huixue waved at her and spread a smile.

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