Chapter 141: Tang, you're fucking kidding me again!

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The werewolf leapt into the air on her hind legs, like a bomb, smashing a huge hole in the ground with a loud bang. She was huge, rampaging like a giant, but not clumsy, and she was incredibly fast. In the spacious courtyard, the werewolf mother thudded and darted, her sharp claws jabbing at Tang Mo.

A man and a wolf are chasing each other around the yard, forming two dark shadows.

The werewolf's target is Tang Mo, and the remaining three players naturally dodge, not intending to help.

Tang Mo had guessed that werewolves were strong and could easily kill players, but he had never expected that they would be this strong. Although he didn't have the same sense of oppression as Granny Wolf or Father Christmas, he was not much worse than them.

Tang Mo dodges, reaching into his pocket and trying to make an "S". At first he could reach into his pocket, but later he could not even put his hand into his pocket, and had to run away as fast as he could.

The werewolf leapt into mid-air, its black body blocking out the sun, and came at Tang Mo with a roar.

Tang Mo rolled on the ground to avoid it, but the werewolf attacked again with a claw. Tang Mo's eyes went cold and he crossed his arms: "Give me back my grandfather!" Hot flames erupted from his mouth, catching the werewolf off guard. The flames were so intense that the werewolf at first dodged them, but when she realised how hot they were, she sneered and pulled out a wolf's tooth stick from behind her waist.

"You human teachers, you know all these crooked ways, you don't know how to teach properly!"

The werewolf wielded a wolf's tooth stick in both hands, spinning and swinging. The black wolfsbane danced so fast that it formed a circular shield. The werewolf smiles sinisterly and swings the wolf's teeth as she approaches Tang Mo. From the looks of it, the werewolf has found a way to fight the flames and if she steps closer to Tang Mo, she will be able to catch him. But just as the werewolf lets her guard down and approaches Tang Mo, suddenly Tang Mo dashes away and the flames disappear.

The werewolf was still wielding her wolfsbane when the flames suddenly dissipated and she froze for a three-second gap. Taking this opportunity, Tang Mo reached into her pocket and drew a crooked "S" on the violently shaking turkey egg as she ran.

In a flash, white light flickers up on the turkey egg.

Tang Mo sighed with relief and turned around to meet the werewolf's attack again. The werewolf looked at him in a daze, and after a second, suddenly turned his head to look at Lin Qian, a few drops of wet saliva dripping from his sharp teeth: "Hey hey hey, watching from the sidelines, thinking I won't eat you. You're a fine human woman ...... why don't you teach that damn little girl to read properly!"

Lin Qian's eyes widened in disbelief and when she reacted, the werewolf had already slammed down with a wolf's tooth club. Lin Qian dodged the blow, but her arm was severed and her whole right hand flipped outwards in a twisted position.

"You useless governess, I'll eat you up!!!"

The tide turned and the wolves stopped chasing Tang Mo and instead chased the young woman, attacking her repeatedly with their wolfsbane. Lin Qian was the least powerful of the four and after two minutes she was covered in bruises. The werewolf catches her off guard and swings his wolfsbane at her head, and Lin Qian throws a small white porcelain toy out of her pocket, her face pale.

The wolfsbane struck Lin Qian's head with a horrific bone breaking sound. She spat out a mouthful of blood and her whole body flew backwards. Lin Qian's head was bleeding profusely, but she didn't die. She fell to the ground and immediately got up and fled again, shattering the little porcelain figure.

The werewolf was not surprised to see this, and with a large cruel grin she stomped the little porcelain man's pieces to pieces.

When Lin Qian ran near Liu Wansheng and Bai Ruoyao, the werewolf turned around and attacked Liu Wansheng again.

In the courtyard, the little girl is trapped in the middle of the grid, staring pitifully at her mother as she monkeys around with the four humans. After teasing Liu Wansheng some more, the werewolves attack Bai Ruoyao again. Of the four players, Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao were the only ones with the strength to fight the werewolf. Her attack on Bai Ruoyao was the shortest, and after only a minute, the werewolf suddenly stopped moving. Her large wolf mouth moved and her voice was hoarse, "Hmm? This tastes ......"

Mosaic sniffles too.

Tang Mo stood in the corner of the courtyard, staring warily at the werewolf who had suddenly stopped. After a few moments, he finally caught the faint smell in the air: "...... The smell of roast turkey?!"

The werewolf's green eyes twitched and he laughed twice in a low voice, "It's too late, the funeral is about to begin. Whoever it is, this turkey of his is now mine, hahahahaha ......" With that, the werewolf pinned his wolfsbane to the back of his waist, turned around and leapt out of the North University gates.

As soon as she left, the black tower's undulating beep sounded -

"Ding Dong! Game 5, number of players who can advance: 5."

"Players are invited to return to their grid and prepare to begin play."

Everything is the same as before, as if the werewolves had never appeared at all, and The black tower coldly asks the player to start the game again.

Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao are in good condition and have no damage. At most they had some bruises from being chased by the wolves and have now fully recovered. Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian, on the other hand, are in a somewhat less favourable condition, with many wounds and their blood all over the stone floor. The woman's right arm was completely broken, and at the moment her hand was being held by a layer of skin to keep it from falling, swaying helplessly in the air.

But no one has time to think about their injuries.

"I don't know when the werewolf will be back again ...... According to common sense, she went to a close friend's funeral and was supposed to come back after the funeral. But now she's suddenly back, saying she forgot to bring an offering. Maybe next time she'll forget to bring something again, come back suddenly and leave again suddenly." Liu Wansheng quickly analysed to Tang Mo as the blue film of light rose. He was about to say more about his speculation when he heard a calm male voice ring out.

"She's definitely coming back a second time. This game will end with the player passing or the player being killed by the werewolf." Tang Mo speaks a little too quickly and doesn't give Liu Wansheng a chance to speak, "Forgetting to bring the sacrifice is just one reason, the purpose of her return is to drain the player's energy and create a sense of time pressure. If the four players taking part in the game have been stalemated and refused to make a decision quickly and choose a way to pass the game, her arrival has forced the players to face up to the problem and even act out."

Liu Wansheng was stunned: "Excessive behaviour?"

"If the four players who took part in the game knew each other, they were eager to eliminate their opponents and pass the game in those four games just now, but they were in the way and could not say harsh words directly. But this time, the werewolves came and made it clear to them that 'they could be killed by the werewolves at any time if they didn't pass the game'. A lot of things that they wanted to do before but didn't, they can all do now. If it was a normal game, our next game would end and someone would die."

Liu Wansheng's heart fluttered: "You mean, he ...... that psycho Bai Ruoyao is going to kill someone?!"

Tang Mo looked at him coldly and spoke quickly, "He's been trying to kill you for a long time."

Liu Wansheng Silence.

Indeed, Bai Ruoyao had wanted to kill him, and Liu Wansheng would have been dead if Tang Mo had not stopped him.

The easiest way to get through this game is to eliminate your opponents. Kill your opponent, leaving only yourself and your teammates on the field, then start a random game and win easily.

However, Tang Mo could not have done so, nor would he have allowed Bai Ruoyao to do so.

Tang Mo looks up to find Bai Ruoyao looking at himself and Liu Wansheng with narrowed eyes. When their eyes met, Bai Ruoyao waved at him, but Tang Mo turned his head away, blushing a little.

Liu Wansheng thought Tang Mo was feeling bad about the situation and was as worried as he was that the werewolves would return again. He said, "If we can't, the four of us should work together. It's the best way to get through."

Tang Mo looked at him steadily, "Impossible."

Liu Wansheng was surprised: "You don't agree to cooperate?" He thought Tang Mo must have agreed to cooperate.

Tang Mo: "Before the werewolf appeared, we still had a chance to cooperate. After the werewolf appears, he will not agree to cooperate." Tang Mo pointed his hand at the baby-faced youth standing opposite him. Bai Ruoyao had no idea what they were talking about, but he smiled slightly in the bright sunlight, giving a nasty smile as if to confirm Tang Mo's "no to cooperation" statement.

Liu Wansheng wondered, "Why?"

"Why?" Liu Wansheng didn't notice that Tang Mo, who had been calm and thoughtful before and rarely spoke, had suddenly become a little more talkative. Tang Mo said quickly, "Because the next time the werewolves come out, the most likely to die is that woman, then you. Then it will be me. He's the only one who can't die."

Tang Mo's words echoed in Liu Wansheng's head as he pondered what they meant, and suddenly he stared straight up: "Wait, priorities?

Tang Mo did not speak.

Yes, priority.

The werewolf has been back for ten minutes, excluding the initial angry rebuke of the girl for not reading her book and her sudden departure at the end. In the middle ten minutes, she attacked Tang Mo, Lin Qian, Liu Wansheng and Bai Ruoyao in turn. When a normal person is being chased by a werewolf, he or she is not in the mood to calculate how long he or she is being chased, let alone how long others are being chased. But Tang Mo kept counting the minutes in her mind.

The werewolf chased him for a full four minutes, and immediately switched subjects when time was up.

Lin Qian is three minutes, Liu Wansheng is two minutes and Bai Ruoyao is one minute.

Because of the priority rule, Bai Ruoyao is first on the grid and Tang Mo is last. This priority is clearly more friendly to Tang Mo, and Bai Ruoyao, who really has a higher priority, is at a great disadvantage. However, it is only now that the order of priority has been revealed for what it is -

It's not the priority of walking the grid, it's the priority of being chased by wolves.

In this game, Bai Ruoyao is the hardest to kill and Tang Mo is the easiest to kill.

If the four players are of equal strength, the order of death is bound to be the same as the order of priority, and Bai Ruoyao is destined to survive to the end. Tang Mo has his hands in his pockets, his right hand gently fondling the glowing turkey egg. Little did anyone know that the voice from the other side of the table was ringing in his head.

The sound of a violent crash, the sound of a fight, the voice of Fu Xiaodi, an unfamiliar middle-aged male voice and the occasional response from Fu Wenduo are all Tang Mo can hear. This is all Tang Mo can hear.

Fu Wenduo hadn't spoken to him since he turned on the archiver and there seemed to be a very tense battle going on over there.

Tang Mo listened in silence to the voices ringing in his head, and the fingers touching the turkey egg gradually tightened. Finally, he tightens his grip on the turkey egg, closes his eyes, exhales gently and slowly opens them.

...... He was almost emotionally affected by the situation over there.

That's his teammate, it's Fu Wenduo ......

It's Viktor.

After Earth came online, Tang Mo had almost forgotten what it was like to panic as he became more physically and mentally fit. This time, he was nervous for the first time in a long time. Not because of himself, but because of Fu Wenduo's tower attack game. Yet here he was, and the only thing he could do for the other side was to turn on the archiver. He had to finish this copy of reality quickly to free up time to find out what was going on over there.

Tang Mo's gaze grew steadfast.

As is The black tower's habit, if the werewolf will come back once, she's sure to come back a second time. And the second time will definitely be more difficult than the first, and it is likely that the time she spends hunting the player will increase exponentially.

The blue film of light dissipates in the air and on the grid, twenty items slowly reveal themselves.

Tang Mo suddenly spoke, " Bai Ruoyao, cooperate."

Liu Wansheng looked at Tang Mo in a strange way. Tang Mo had just said that the psychopath would definitely not agree to cooperate, but why was he asking now?

Bai Ruoyao gave a cheeky laugh, "Cooperation? Tangtang, are you begging me?"

Sure enough, they refused to cooperate.

After Liu Wansheng understood the true order of priorities, and then looked at the disinterested smile of the doll-faced youth, his heart gradually grew cold. Of the four players, Bai Ruoyao was definitely the last to die, so he wouldn't work with anyone, instead they had to beg Bai Ruoyao and let him work with them.

Tang Mo did not reply to Bai Ruoyao's off-colour remark.

Liu Wansheng had expected Tang Mo to tell the young woman that if the next werewolf came back, she would be the first to die. But Tang Mo did not. Liu Wansheng was surprised when Tang Mo gave him a wink and he immediately shut up, not daring to say anything more.

There was a somewhat strange atmosphere among the players.

Mosaic leaned over the table and looked at the four humans with a grimace and muttered, "Why aren't they the same as the previous humans ......"

No one answered her question.

All twenty items are revealed, this time with only one book in the compartment.

The black tower beeped and the players continued to walk the grid in silence, still failing. When the round ends and The black tower asks the players to return to their squares, Mosaic sits up straight with excitement and almost has five words written on his face - begging to kill each other. But the humans didn't fight, they just stood up and went back to their squares.

Mosaic's expectant smile froze on her face, and after waiting a few more seconds to make sure these players really weren't going to kill each other, she buried her face in the belly of the table in depression.

Tang Mo glanced at her, thinking fast as he listened to the voices in his head.

Generally speaking, players will not kill each other that quickly. Normal players will decide to kill their enemies only after the werewolves have appeared. Bai Ruoyao is a different kind of player in that he tries to kill Liu Wansheng earlier. Because Bai Ruoyao has brought this forward, they are not killing each other now. And because Bai Ruoyao is the highest priority, he is sure to live even if Tang Mo dies, so he won't do the boring thing of killing each other again. As long as he doesn't mess up, the others won't.

Liu Wansheng was in a bad mood after the light film rose: "Shit, are we going to keep going like this and wait for the werewolves to appear next time?" Lin Qian was the weakest, but Liu Wansheng was not very strong either. He had a feeling that the next time the werewolves attacked, he and Lin Qian might still be able to survive. But the third time the werewolves came back, Lin Qian would definitely die ...... and so would he.

What exactly should I do?

How to break the deadlock?

For the first time, Liu Wansheng regretted that he had said something like, "Please, let us work with you". If he had thought about working with both sides from the beginning, they might have worked together to get through the game.

"I've also played The black tower game several times, and The black tower still tends to have players working together, not killing each other." Liu Wansheng After all, he has passed the first level of The black tower and has some understanding of The black tower game, "Tang ...... Tang Mo, we really only have to cooperate in order to pass the game. You and that psycho seem to know each other quite well, what do you think ...... he'll do to cooperate?"

The answer to his question was silence.

Liu Wansheng turned his head to look over, " Tang Mo?"

Tang Mo's eyes were closed as he heard the sounds of the fight in his head suddenly stop. Tang Mo held his breath and waited patiently for a voice to come from the other side. After half a minute, a low male voice with a chuckle sounded softly in his ears, "It's alright, Tang Mo ."

Tang Mo breathes a sigh of relief.

"What's going on?"

In front of a huge glass mountain, Fu Wenduo and a middle-aged man sit against the wall. Fu Wensheng places his hands directly over Fu Wenduo's arms, a spring of water gushing from his palms, moistening the bloody wounds. Just listening to Fu Wenduo's faint voice, Tang Mo could never have imagined that at this moment, Fu Wenduo's right arm was bitten off flush, the wound shocking to the eye. The neck is also marked by the bite of the beast, and the throat is almost severed.

With Fu Wensheng's healing powers, combined with Fu Wenduo's genetic restructuring powers and powerful restorative abilities, his pale complexion gradually returned to normal.

After the wound on his throat had healed completely, Fu Wenduo spoke a long string of words, "I just encountered some very powerful The black tower monsters, but I'm fine now. What's your situation?"

Tang Mo: " Bai Ruoyao followed me into this copy of reality."

Fu Wenduo frowned slightly, "Did he go in too?"

"It doesn't matter, he's not on the same team as me, even if he messes up he won't cause too much trouble. What's up with you guys, the third floor of The black tower isn't that hard, is it."

With Fu Wenduo's strength, he could have cleared all three levels of The black tower a long time ago. So when he and Fu Wensheng went to challenge the tower, Tang Mo didn't worry too much and didn't ask for the king's gold to be given to them. How did it get so bad that he had to turn on the archiver?

The flesh on his arms was growing at a visible rate, and the sensation of a new limb was not pleasant, Fu Wenduo's brow furrowed as he leaned against the wall of the glass mountain and muffled his words. He mentally counted the minutes and before Tang Mo was ready to ask another question, he said, "I think Whisper has accidentally switched on hard mode."

Tang Mo was shocked: "Three floors of The black tower in hard mode?

"Our tower attack game this time was vaguely described as to how the pass would work. We had two other teammates, a total of four people attacking the tower. I was raiding the third level and they, like Whisper, were raiding the second level. We had a bit of trouble at the start of the game and one of us died, and Whisper killed an underground man to save his life." Fu Wenduo's arm grew fully and he moved his fingers as he continued, "A minute ago, Whisper used a prop he got after clearing the Jewel Corridor with you."

Tang Mo: "Moonflower?"

"Right. He used the prop to see exactly how we were supposed to get through. Then he found out that to get through, he needed the help of the already dead underground man to open a cave."

Fu Wenduo's voice is not overwhelmed by the fact that he is in a situation he has never seen before. He says, word for word: "Now it seems that the normal way of getting through is definitely out of the question. We have to choose a second way. I haven't found another way yet, but any game of The black tower is bound to have more than one way through."

The easy way to get through the game is with the normal mode.

Passing with difficulty is the hard mode.

So Fu Wenduo says that they should have accidentally turned on the tower attack game on hard mode.

However, at the end of his sentence, there was a sudden silence from Tang Mo.

Fu Wenduo, keenly aware of the difference in Tang Mo, asked in a low voice, " Tang Mo ?"

"...... any of the The black tower games, there must be more than one way through?"

Fu Wenduo raises his eyebrows.

Tang Mo sighed and laughed helplessly, "The copy of reality I encountered this time wasn't too difficult, but it was torturous. When you come back, I'll talk to you about it. It's actually very simple."


The archiver was still on, it was only twenty minutes old and there were still forty minutes to archive. Neither of them had any intention of turning off the archiver, either to avoid any further accidents at Fu Wenduo's or ...... Tang Mo didn't want to turn off the fire eggs. He didn't know what Fu Wenduo was thinking, but he didn't want to turn it off. If Fu Wenduo doesn't mention it, he won't mention it either.

"In that case, that seems to be an early word." The man chuckled in a low voice, his voice nice and magnetic.

Tang Mo didn't respond, "What?"

Fu Wenduo reads word for word, "...... grind sugar, good job."

His heart skipped a beat as the words he had read countless times on his computer were read out by this man for the first time. Tang Mo's eyes widened, and an indescribable feeling filled his chest like a tidal wave. After a long time, he also smiled and said softly, "Then you should also have a good job ...... Viktor ."

Beneath the towering glass mountain, the handsome, tall man couldn't help but hook the corners of his mouth and smile.

Fu Wensheng said in horror, "Brother, you ...... Why are you laughing?"

Fu Wenduo immediately curbed his smile and glanced at his silly brother, "You're looking at it the wrong way."

Fu Wensheng: "......??"

No, that's not very convincing when you're so happy and your eyes are bent out of shape! And it's scary to smile like that when your legs haven't even grown yet!

"A problem?" Fu Wenduo said indifferently.

Fu Xiaodi immediately straightened her body: "No!"

A roadie teammate: "......"

...... Is this guy really Fu Wenduo?

Tang Mo is unaware of what is happening on the other side of the fire egg. The film of light slowly dissipates and twenty items blossom into a blue glow and appear in the grid.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo have an understanding that is hard to explain in words. For example, Tang Mo only said one very short sentence, saying that the game was actually very simple, and Fu Wenduo could immediately tell that Tang Mo already knew how to get through the game.

Yes, he sensed the real way to pass this game.

In fact, everything was so simple that when he perceived the truth and then looked back he realised that everything made sense, they were just blinded by something.

Tang Mo is 90% sure that he will get through. But to be on the safe side, he won't do it at will.

The sixth game began without much ado, as before, with both teams walking the grid together, before Tang Mo changed the light and dark of the Mosaic grid, preventing both teams from passing.

The same went on for two more rounds.

In the ninth game, another twenty items appeared. Bai Ruoyao looked at the grid where the two books were located, he looked up and first stared, then blinked and spoke in an ambiguous tone, " Tangtang, you seem to have been staring at me these past few innings. Hee hee ...... am I so good looking?"

Tang Mo: "Well, you're very pretty."

Bai Ruoyao: "......"

Bai Ruoyao's deliberately provocative remark was not met with laughter when Tang Mo actually said it. He watched Tang Mo cautiously, as if trying to find out from Tang Mo's expression the reason for his sudden comment. Suddenly, Tang Mo asked, "Do you think I look good?"

Bai Ruoyao: "......"

This is definitely not the Tang Mo I know!

Tang Mo smiled slightly, "So do you think he's good looking?"

Bai Ruoyao subconsciously looked at Liu Wansheng.

Liu Wansheng was flabbergasted.

Bai Ruoyao didn't hesitate: "Ugly."

Liu Wansheng: "......"

Tang Mo: "It's okay, if he takes off these black-rimmed glasses, it's not bad."

Bai Ruoyao curled her lips, "Hehehe, it depends on who you're comparing yourself to. Tangtang, compared to you, he's ugly."

Tang Mo raised an eyebrow and did not speak.

The black tower's crisp, childlike voice is heard at the right time -

"Ding-dong! In the ninth game, player #1 may progress forward: 6, player #2 may progress forward: 6, player #3 may progress forward: 4, player #4 may progress forward: 3."

In this game, the two books are in compartments B2 and C1. Bai Ruoyao, Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian all have access to the squares with books, but Tang Mo definitely does not. As before, Lin Qian and Tang Mo have fewer moves, and neither Bai Ruoyao nor Liu Wansheng move when they take their first two moves. On the third turn, Lin Qian takes a step forward and enters square A2.

Both Bai Ruoyao and Liu Wansheng have access to the squares where the two books are located. All Liu Wansheng has to do now is to grab at least one of the squares and not let his opponent take all the squares containing books.

In the last move, Bai Ruoyao stops in cell C1 and Liu Wansheng in cell B2.

Bai Ruoyao's light film is light, Liu Wansheng's is dark and Mosaic's is light. Lin Qian's face does not change as she watches the situation. She is on frame B3 and as long as she doesn't go into frame B4 and light up Liu Wansheng's frame, Tang Mo can't win this round. Tang Mo is unable to influence Liu Wansheng's grid.

Lin Qian didn't even think about it, so she planned to go to compartment A3, as long as she didn't enter compartment B4, nothing else mattered. However, just as she lifted her foot, a calm male voice rang out: " Bai Ruoyao did I tell you that when the wolves appear again, you will definitely be the first to die."

Lin Qian jerked to a halt and turned his head to look at Tang Mo.

The handsome young man with his hands in his pockets in the spacious blue light compartment spoke quietly of a fact: "Werewolves chase players in order of priority. The last time she appeared and chased you for three minutes, your right arm seems to be broken and unrecovered to this day?"

Bai Ruoyao suddenly spoke up, "Hee hee, Tangtang?"

Tang Mo ignored him, still looking steadily at Lin Qian: "My instincts are always good, as your teammates know. I have a hunch that she will show up again soon. And the next time she shows up, she won't just be after you for three minutes. It could be six minutes, it could be ten minutes. ......" After a pause, Tang Mo said calmly, "Lin Qian, can you hold out for six minutes."

Lin Qian says calmly: "Priorities? I know, my teammate and I talked about it and we discussed it."

Bai Ruoyao winked, " Tangtang, in your mind I'm the one who betrayed my teammates by not even telling her such things."

"So did he also tell you that the next time a werewolf shows up, he won't let you die, he'll help you. Because if you die, he's alone against the two of us, and the situation is worse for him."

The smile on Bai Ruoyao's face froze for a moment, and Lin Qian's eyes widened.

Tang Mo: "What if I told you that the next time a werewolf shows up, not just you ...... my teammates will die too."

Liu Wansheng's body freezes.

"If you are the only one who dies, the situation is certainly not in Bai Ruoyao's favour, and he will not allow that to exist; he will definitely help you. But next time, my teammates won't be able to resist the werewolf either, because who knows what will be different after helping him, maybe the werewolf will be even more vicious and kill both of them. Even I won't help Liu Wansheng, what makes you think ...... Bai Ruoyao will help you?"

Lin Qian's lips fluttered open and he did not speak.

Bai Ruoyao's eyes slowly grew cold. But he could not refute Tang Mo's words.

In terms of character, from the moment he entered this copy of reality, everyone could see that Tang Mo was far more trustworthy than he was. If Tang Mo is a 60-point teammate, Bai Ruoyao is not even a 0-point teammate, he is a negative teammate.

Even Tang Mo would not help Liu Wansheng fight off the werewolves, so how could Bai Ruoyao help Lin Qian?

Lin Qian rasped, "But if I die, he'll be alone against both of you ......"

"Miss Lin," Tang Mo interrupted Lin Qian, "you may not have understood what I just said. I mean that when you die, my teammate, Liu Wansheng, will definitely die too. With both of you dead, only Bai Ruoyao and I will be left on the field. 1v2 will be bad for him, but 1v1 will be fine for him. Besides, I will definitely die in front of him. When I die, he will definitely win. Haven't you understood until now ......"

Tang Mo lifted his head and smiled, "Miss Lin, your life is nothing in Bai Ruoyao's eyes."

The loud voice echoed throughout the courtyard for a long time.

Mosaic holds his chin in his hands and blinks at Tang Mo and then at Lin Qian.

In the next second, Lin Qian turned his head and looked at Bai Ruoyao.

Bai Ruoyao shrugged and smiled cheekily, "Don't look at me, I didn't say anything, it was all his words."

Lin Qian was in a state of shock.

How could she believe this man's words!

Tang Mo opened his mouth, "Miss Lam, why don't you go into compartment B4 and help my teammates light up the grid."

Bai Ruoyao's smile faded and he looked at Tang Mo with a strange gaze. Lin Qian's body trembled as she looked at Tang Mo, her lips moving, but not a word could come out.

"Now, only you and I are left without the grid, we each have one step left. Whether our two teams work together or not has nothing to do with Bai Ruoyao or Liu Wansheng, but only with you and me. As long as you go to grid B4 and help my partner light up the grid, I will go to grid E4 and not extinguish Mosaic's grid. That way, Bai Ruoyao's and Liu Wansheng's squares are both lit and they can give the book to Mosaic together. That's how we work together."

Bai Ruoyao's voice suddenly rang out, "Two teams will give the book to Mosaic together, and there is a chance that all four of them will be killed by the wolves."

Lin Qian stiffened and twisted his head to look at him again.

Tang Mo laughed: "If the stalemate continues, and they both die, only you and I will be left, I don't care about this choice. After that, Tang Mo looked at Lin Qian: "Miss Lin, whatever you want, it's not really my choice. All you need to know is that you will never be able to withstand the next attack by the werewolves, while Bai Ruoyao and I, will survive."

Bai Ruoyao: "Hee hee, little Lin Qian ~"

Liu Wansheng gritted his teeth and said helpfully to Tang Mo, "Miss Lin, the two of us have been in this copy together for days too. If I could, I wish I had never been in it. Now Tang Mo is right, he was the first player in China to clear the third level of The black tower, so there is no doubt about his strength. The way he gave it was definitely the best way to keep all four of us alive. I choose to trust him."

Bai Ruoyao fanned the flames again, "We'll all die together~"

Liu Wansheng was so angry that he wanted to shut this psycho up, but he didn't dare.

Lin Qian is standing on grid B3, but is slow to move.

The black tower's icy voice rang out -

"Ding-dong! Please ask player #3 to advance the number of frames."

Bai Ruoyao: "It feels good to die with Tangtang too."

Liu Wansheng: "Miss Lin, I believe in Tang Mo."

Tang Mo laughed, "Well ...... what should I say then, I believe in myself too?"

Lin Qian's breasts were panting up and down as she kept breathing deeply. Her forehead is covered in sweat and her clothes are drenched in it. Bai Ruoyao's gloating voice, Liu Wansheng's expectant pleading voice and Tang Mo's unconcerned voice, which seemed to be really just a random suggestion, formed a stereo sound in her head, making her shiver.

"That's enough!"

Suddenly, her eyes opened and her eyes turned red. She took a hard step forward and stepped on B4 Gerry.

In a flash, Liu Wansheng's grille lights up and a thin book is wrapped in a film of light, emitting an eerie blue glow.

Bai Ruoyao's face is devoid of emotion, still smiling. He didn't seem angry or happy, everything was hidden in that weird smile that was so inscrutable.

Liu Wansheng is almost out of breath. He wants to live too, and if Tang Mo doesn't save him, he really won't survive the werewolf's second attack, and now if Tang Mo just walks one random square without affecting the light and dark of the Mosaic grid, they'll be through.

Tang Mo sees Lin Qian's choice and an imperceptible smile crosses his eyes. He takes a step into compartment E4, without affecting the light and darkness of the Mosaic grid.

The next moment he stepped into this grid, a cheerful music sounded across the BYU campus. Dozens of children's voices chorused in unison, the sound of happy nursery rhymes reaching the ears of every player in the room, and Mosaic's ears, causing her to plug her ears in depression.

Mosaic: "I don't want to hear this aaaaahhhh!!!"

"The sun is shining in the sky, the flowers are smiling at me, the birds say good morning, why are you carrying your little school bag ......"

By the end of the school song, Mosaic had slumped down on the table, wailing and crying.

"I don't want to read, I don't want to read, I don't want to read at all, boing boing boing ......"

On the 5×5 grid, all twenty-one light films dissipate, and other useless items disappear along with the light films. In the grid where Bai Ruoyao and Liu Wansheng were, two books were floating in mid-air. Liu Wansheng reached out and took the book, while Bai Ruoyao shook his head and muttered, "How boring", while picking up the book.

The game is over and the two are ready to hand the book over to Mosaic. But just as they are about to step up to Mosaic's grid, the music ends completely and the bright child's voice of The black tower rings out--

"Dingdong! Player Tang Mo has completed the main quest 'Everything is inferior, Mosaic is superior', and has cleared the realistic copy of 'Everything is inferior', rewarding the item 'Mosaic's Magical Matches '. Tang Mo has been detected to have cleared the real-life copy of 'Everything is Down' alone, with the additional reward of 'Mosaic's Kiss'."

The black tower came to a screeching halt, and the next moment Bai Ruoyao, Liu Wansheng, Lin Qian and even Mosaic looked up at Tang Mo in disbelief.

Bai Ruoyao's hand tightened its grip on the thin book, squeezing it tighter and tighter. This was the first ...... no, the second time he looked at Tang Mo with such a look. He stared deadly at the youth with a calm face, and the next moment, his fingers were so hard that the book turned into pieces in his hands.

Bai Ruoyao laughed in anger: "Tang, you're fucking with me again!!!"


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Tangtang: It's a very retarded game.

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