Chapter 142: Tang Mo's first kiss~

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Tang Mo sidesteps the silver butterfly knife, the pretty little blade spins in the air and returns to the hands of the baby-faced youth.

Bai Ruoyao's feet kicked in and he flew off. Two slender butterfly knives flew between his hands, their silver glint like the blades of death, so fast that Tang Mo kept dodging them. Tang Mo pulled out the small parasol at his waist and opened it with a snap. The butterfly knife struck the surface of the umbrella with a metallic clash.

The two men each took three steps backwards.

There was no trace of a smile on Bai Ruoyao's face as he stared coldly at Tang Mo, who stared back at him.

After a few moments of staring at each other, Bai Ruoyao slowly curls his lips. His gaze shifted to the compartment behind Tang Mo. In that square, a giant match floated quietly in mid-air, not disappearing. When Tang Mo stepped into grid E4 and The black tower suddenly announced that the game was over, the light film in the grid all dissipated and the items disappeared. Except for the two books, and the match.

Bai Ruoyao's eyes scanned Tang Mo's body from side to side, as if he was looking at something. After a long while, he twirled his fingers and put two butterfly knives in his sleeve. Seeing that the psychopath had no intention of making another move, Tang Mo also put away his parasol and looked at him warily.

Bai Ruoyao lifts his feet and walks up the grid.

With his hands behind his back, he jumps from grid to grid. Each of these squares is a metre long, and Bai Ruoyao has to take a big step in order to step into a new one each time. As he jumps through the squares in this strange way, he suddenly bursts into laughter. His laughter grows louder and louder, and he seems a little mad.

As he reached the edge of the grid, he jerked his head around and looked at Tang Mo: "Is that the match?"

Tang Mo didn't pay any attention to him.

Tang Mo picks up the suspended match and walks over to Mosaic. The little girl in the red dress had not yet reacted and was sitting dumbfounded at her desk. When Tang Mo walks up to her and hands her the huge match, Mosaic takes it dumbly and then looks up at Tang Mo.

The thick Mosaic covered her face so Tang Mo couldn't see the little girl's face. But it was clear that Mosaic was very excited as she hugged the big match and jumped up and down from the stool in a flash of joy.

"I'm not going to read those damn books, those all-important books! Books should be burned, all of them!"

An odd voice rang out, "...... that match is important to her?"

Tang Mo glanced up at Bai Ruoyao for a moment.

Bai Ruoyao stood far away from all three of Tang Mo, laughing as he said, "Yes, that match is important to her, you know that, hehehe, Tangtang you knew that from the beginning, you knew that ......" The voice stopped abruptly and Bai Ruoyao's eyes changed, he was obviously laughing but his eyes were cold to the core: "Go E4g and wait until now to suddenly say something about me not planning to save that woman. These things, Tangtang, when did you start backstabbing me?"

Tang Mo had no intention of answering any of Bai Ruoyao's questions, but upon hearing this, he raised an eyebrow and said, "I backstabbed you?"

As if he had heard something funny, Bai Ruoyao burst out laughing.

Tang Mo said calmly, "I'm just getting through the game."

Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian, who are standing by, still don't understand what is happening. Now they suddenly saw Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao confronting each other and saying things they did not understand. These words they did not understand, Bai Ruoyao closed his eyes, countless images flashed through his mind, the smile on his lips grew wider and wider, finally he opened his eyes: "All things are inferior, Mosaic race high. frame E4, big match, light film of light and dark, you let that woman go frame B4 ...... "

The conversation suddenly stops as Bai Ruoyao's eyes rest on Liu Wansheng's body.

Liu Wansheng's heart fluttered and he subconsciously gripped his weapon, fearing that this psychopath would rise up and hurt someone at the end of the game. But Bai Ruoyao just stared at his face, or to be precise, at his eyes. He just stared steadily into Liu Wansheng's eyes for a long time before laughing, "Black-rimmed glasses? Tangtang, I really believe in you."

Tang Mo spoke lightly, "Thank you for believing in me."

"Hehehe, Tangtang, I want to kill you now, what to do ......"

Tang Mo: "So why didn't you do it?"

Bai Ruoyao pretended to be surprised: "Don't you know why? Ah, Tangtang, you're still acting with me now? You're breaking my heart like this. You knew what I saw, you knew you wouldn't die, and you still forced me to fight you. If I'm right, what do I look like in your eyes now ...... eh, it's not going to die, is it? Is it death at your hands?"

The cold wind blew across the empty courtyard as Mosaic got the big match and ran into the house, not knowing what to do. The four players stand in the cold wind and no one answers Bai Ruoyao's words.

Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian had no idea what Bai Ruoyao was talking about, but Tang Mo knew why the psychopath had suddenly stopped attacking himself.

He saw the deadly aura in himself.

Bai Ruoyao may seem like a psychopath who's determined to get into trouble every day, but in fact, he's not really that crazy. Everything he does is based on not interfering with the game's mission and making sure he can survive. Underneath his psychotic, annoying exterior, he is an intelligent, advanced player.

The two teams played the game together, something Bai Ruoyao, Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian had thought would happen. Suddenly Tang Mo was alone and the three of them were left out of the game, and it was impossible for the three of them not to have emotions. Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian did not dare to express their opinions, partly because they did not know what was going on and partly because they could not beat Tang Mo.

Bai Ruoyao is a different story.

He is on a par with Tang Mo and the man has a huge ego.

Tang Mo saw a fire start up from the house and soon blazing flames swept through the house. A little girl with twin ponytails ran happily out of the house, clutching a huge match. As she ran, Mosaic hummed a little tune as she bounced back into the yard and then into a second house to continue the fire.

The players stand in the courtyard, unsure of what to do next. Liu Wansheng struggles internally and chooses between Bai Ruoyao, who is "obviously psychotic and could kill at any moment", and Tang Mo, who has "cleared the game alone and has played them all". He chose the latter and walked towards Tang Mo. Lin Qian hesitated for a moment and followed him.

Amidst the roaring fire, Liu Wansheng couldn't resist asking, "Tang ...... Tang Mo, although I don't know exactly what's going on, I hope, you can give us an account."

Lin Qian also plucked up the courage: "Liu Wansheng and I have been in this copy for days, and we have seen too many players killed by werewolves and little girls. We actually stopped asking for rewards a long time ago, we just wanted to leave the copy and just survive. I don't have a problem with you getting through the game alone, I'm the one who's not as good as you, it's not me who won the game. But I also want to know ...... if you win alone, does that mean the rest of us will die?"

A contemptuous snort escaped the distant doll-faced youth at the young woman's gesture of affection. Bai Ruoyao sat on the ground, propping his chin up and smiling as he watched Mosaic set fire to the place.

Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian both looked at Tang Mo cautiously, they were very apprehensive. They were afraid that if Tang Mo was the only one to pass the game, did it mean that they would all be eliminated and eaten by the werewolves?

Tang Mo: "Do you see him nervous?"

Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian look in the direction Tang Mo's hand is pointing.

Bai Ruoyao cocked his head at them and smiled cheekily.

"I don't know how to do this, but you won't die. You've been in a lot of The black tower games before, right, and have you ever heard of The black tower boss killing people after you've cleared it the right way?"

Liu Wansheng was the first to react and said with delight, "You mean, all of us will survive? There must be no reward for four people to pass the level together, and there is a chance that they will be eaten by the wolves. Now instead all of us will survive?"

"If you don't believe me, you can believe him." Tang Mo pointed to Bai Ruoyao, "He shouldn't be bothering you now, but he can see that the four of us can't be dead now. This copy is officially over."

Lin Qian touched the invisible wall that didn't exist in the air: "But we still can't get out now."

Tang Mo: "When Mosaic comes back, we should be able to get out."

Tang Mo's voice was calm and his face not too expressive, he had no intention of taking extra care of these two players. But as he spoke, Liu Wansheng's and Lin Qian's hearts fell silent. Somehow, they felt that Tang Mo must be right. Neither of them would die, and they could both get out of here. But ......

Liu Wansheng looked at Tang Mo with curiosity, and after holding his tongue for a while, he couldn't help but say, "Tang Mo, I still want to know what happened to that match, how did you win all of a sudden?"

Liu Wansheng had just finished speaking when a red shadow burst out of a building. There was a loud boom and the building went up in flames. Mosaic laughed and clutched his matches as he continued to rush to the next place.

Tang Mo looked at the little girl's innocent, happy back and spoke, "She may like to kill and burn, but she's still a good girl."

Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian: "Huh?!"

The voice stopped and Tang Mo looked back at the two confused players with a slight smile, "I say, Mosaic, is a good girl who likes to kill and set people on fire."

The black tower boss, Mosaic, is not very strong and often uses the "giant match" to kill and set fire to people everywhere.

Hobbies: Murder and arson.

Aversion: reading.

The first thing Tang Mo does when she enters the game is to ask Mosaic what exactly is the way to pass the game. Mosaic gave the answer that if you give her the book and let her read, the mother werewolf will not eat the player and the player will pass the game. However, throughout the game Mosaic never says that this is the only way to pass the game.

"The name of this copy is 'All Things Fall Apart' and the main game is called 'All Things Fall Apart, Mosaic Saigao'." Tang Mo looks at the little girl busy setting fires everywhere, hands in his pockets, "In this game, everyone and everything doesn't matter, The black tower says it right from the start - Mosaic Sai Gao."

Liu Wansheng had a flash of light in his head: "Wait, but The black tower also used to say that survival or loli was the question."

Tang Mo looked down at him, "Is there a problem?"

Liu Wansheng: "The original quote is from Shakespeare, "To live or to die, that is the question. Doesn't The black tower mean that we have to choose between survival and loli? Choose Mosaic, help Mosaic and not let her read, and we will be eaten by werewolves?"

"Hee hee, did The black tower ever say it had to be one or the other."

The crowd turned their heads to look at Bai Ruoyao in the distance.

Lin Qian murmured, " The black tower ...... did not say."

Yes, right from the start, all players have fallen into a misunderstanding of how this game is really played through.

Who says every The black tower game has only one way to get through it?

In Tang Mo's Gopher game, you can pass by hitting enough gophers and saving up points, or by catching a golden gopher. There are two ways to pass. Then he and Fu Wenduo played an honest card game together, where they could pass by eliminating their opponents, or by working together as a team, but they chose to pass by eliminating the boss, Pinocchio. There are three passes in total.

Mosaic just said to give her the book and be able to pass it.

The black tower is clear from the outset: Mosaic is a race to the top. Between survival and loli, the player has to choose between loli.

So the question arises, what exactly is the right choice for Mosaic?

Liu Wansheng analysed: "She doesn't like to read books, so if we don't show her a book, we should be choosing her and not the werewolf, right? But we hadn't given her the book in each of the previous eight rounds of the game and we never won. So ...... is choosing her to give her the big matches she likes to set on fire?"

Liu Wansheng's comments were echoed by Lin Qian, who said, "This is too dumb. The black tower rules say that at least one book will appear in each round, but it doesn't say that the big match will appear in each round. If the big match never appears, won't we always be unable to get through the game the right way and have to kill each other and rely on other ways to get through the game, or even never get through?"

Liu Wansheng suddenly said, "Wait, this match doesn't only appear once."

Lin Qian was stunned: "What?"

Liu Wansheng looks up at Tang Mo: " Mr. Tang, doesn't this match appear before I remember? I think I've seen it once in a game round. ......"

Tang Mo nods and gives the answer, "Round four."

Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian didn't think much of it when they heard this. On the contrary, Bai Ruoyao, who was sitting at a distance, stiffened as if he understood something. He looks at Tang Mo, who catches his gaze. Their eyes met in the air and Bai Ruoyao blinked and made a gesture: "Tangtang, have you been plotting against me since that time?

Tang Mo turns his head.

...... This psycho is taking himself too seriously.

It was only after the fifth round when Fu Wenduo reminded him that "every game of The black tower must have more than one way to pass" that he realised what Bai Ruoyao had been looking at during the fourth round. He realised what Bai Ruoyao was looking at when he and Liu Wansheng looked at him during the fourth round.

He was looking at dead air.

At the beginning of the fourth round, Bai Ruoyao was staring at Tang Mo and Liu Wansheng with strange eyes, when Tang Mo guessed that this guy might be thinking of something bad, or he might be looking at dead energy. In retrospect, he was indeed looking at the dead Qi. As soon as all the items from the fourth round of the game appeared, Tang Mo and Liu Wansheng's deadly aura suddenly went up a notch.

The change was so sudden that even Bai Ruoyao did not react and Tang Mo noticed his abnormality. He thought that the deadly aura meant that "Tang Mo was likely to be killed by him", so he took action against Tang Mo. Only when the werewolves suddenly appeared did Bai Ruoyao realise that the deadly energy had come from the werewolves.

"The black tower is never a dead end. Tang Mo looked at Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian as they pondered, and thought to himself, "The black tower must give hints and clues to the players in various places."

It's like when Tang Mo used Mario's hat to knock out the Invisible Man pocket watch on day six of the game of whack-a-mole. It's not a coincidence, it's inevitable. The black tower gives him a chance to discover the truth about the overlap of time and space. The sudden increase in the amount of death on the players in the fourth round is not due to the imminent appearance of the werewolf, but to the appearance of one of the twenty items on the field -

Large matches.

Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian were still pondering the reason for the appearance of the big match when Tang Mo's calm voice rang out: "The wolves will only appear after the big match appears. This is a hint from The black tower to the players."

Liu Wansheng was frozen, and Lin Qian looked at Tang Mo blankly.

After a few moments, Liu Wansheng's eyes lit up: "...... Surprised?! Yes, in the fourth round of the game, the werewolf did appear after the big match appeared. As long as we use the Big Match to pass the game in advance, we won't let the werewolf appear and can save our lives. Why didn't I think of that before. The black tower was giving us a hint that the werewolf would only appear if the big match appeared. And vice versa."

Bai Ruoyao: "Hehehe, even I didn't think of it, is it weird that you didn't think of it."

Liu Wansheng's face changed, not daring to contradict Bai Ruoyao's words.

If Fu Wenduo hadn't given him a hint, Tang Mo would have had to wait for the second round of werewolves before he discovered the connection between the big match and the werewolves. By then, Bai Ruoyao would probably have discovered the secret too, and the game would have come to a standstill again.

But the truth is that Tang Mo found out the secret first and deliberately led Lin Qian into grid B4. On the one hand, he was asking Lin Qian to help him light up Liu Wansheng's grid, and the two teams were working together in a very justifiable way. On the other hand, Lin Qian's move also extinguishes the grid where the big match is, causing Tang Mo to light up the match when she steps in again.

At that point Lin Qian actually had the option of walking into cell B2 or cell B4, which would have lit Liu Wansheng's cell.

Tang Mo discarded the option in cell B2 and deliberately hinted to Lin Qian to go to cell B4. He skipped the first step and went straight to the ending, a move that even Bai Ruoyao didn't react to, and which allowed Lin Qian to enter frame B4 without even thinking about it.

Now Bai Ruoyao deliberately says that he can't guess the secret of the big match either, in order to get Tang Mo to talk, to find out how he could have suddenly thought of it. But Tang Mo ignored him completely, waiting patiently with his hands in his pockets. Only when the campus of Peking University had turned into a sea of fire did an excited Mosaic return to the courtyard, panting with delight.

"Eh Tang Mo, I'm looking at you extraordinarily, extraordinarily well now, you're a great guy!"

Tang Mo walked up to the little girl and held out her hand directly, "Reward."

Mosaic: "......"

After a few moments, "You're too much! I'm complimenting you, I'm seriously complimenting you, and you're not even happy about it." Mosaic put the big match on her back, crossed her arms and jumped in front of Liu Wansheng: "Tell me, if I praise you, will you be happy?"

Liu Wansheng doesn't want to offend a The black tower BOSS for nothing: "Happy."

Mosaic nodded in satisfaction and bounced over to Lin Qian: "Are you happy that I complimented you?"

Lin Qian: "...... happy."

The last one was Bai Ruoyao, towards whom Mosaic had just taken a step before silently retracting his foot and turning to run towards Tang Mo.

Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily, "I'm happy too, only Tangtang is not, don't praise him."

Mosaic turned back and made a face, "You're a pain in the arse, I'm not going to compliment you, huh?"

Bai Ruoyao's smile is even wider.

Mosaic returned, only to see Tang Mo not batting an eyelid, still making the gesture of reaching for a reward and looking at her with a blank stare. The little girl was very upset, even though she was happy that Tang Mo had saved her life, helped her get the big match and allowed her to set the fire at will. But this stinking human didn't know anything about girls, couldn't he just play along.

"You bad guys, I'm just a little bit weaker than mommy, a little bit. You all refuse to play along with me, all you know is games and rewards ......" Mosaic complained for a long time: "When I grow up, I'll kill all of you, all of you, all of you, huh?"

Tang Mo put his hand forward, "Reward."

Mosaic: "......"

This life is unbearable!!!

Mosaic sullenly pulled a small, delicate matchbox out of his pocket and slipped it into Tang Mo's hand. Tang Mo was expecting another large match from her, but when he saw the matchbox, he was also slightly stunned. He opened it and saw that there were only three small matches in the empty matchbox. These matches were different from ordinary matches in that they had a golden head and a beautiful transparent handle.

Mosaic muffled, "That's my magic match. I only have three left, I'm giving them all to you, I don't have any more, not one, not one, not one!"

Lin Qian muttered, "This is clearly what it looks like to have."

Mosaic glared at her and said, "If I say no, I mean no! I don't want matches, I want my life. If you touch me, Mummy will eat you, all of you!"

Lin Qian retracted his neck and stopped talking.

Mosaic: "Hmph!"

As the saying goes, it's up to the owner to beat the dog, and Tang Mo was going to bargain to see if he could get more matches from Mosaic. Now it looks like the young lady is not going to give any more. He could beat Mosaic, but once Mosaic complained to the werewolves and asked them to kill them, it would be more than worth it.

After some thought, Tang Mo tucked the matchbox back into his pocket.

Got the first reward, next is the second ......

Tang Mo's eyelids fluttered as she saw the little girl reach out and wipe her mouth hard with the back of her hand. After half a day of wiping, she dropped her hand, "The kangaroo hair I ate this morning keeps sticking to my mouth. Whatever, Tang Mo, come here and let me kiss you."

Tang Mo didn't see anything wrong with it, even Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian didn't comment on it. It was an additional reward given to Tang Mo by The black tower, and although they didn't understand why The black tower gave such an odd reward, it must have served a special purpose. It's just a kiss, it's not like you're doing something you shouldn't be doing, it's not a big deal.

Tang Mo's expression, however, was a little odd.

Mosaic wiped his mouth and said impatiently, " Tang Mo, what are you doing, come and let me kiss you."

Tang Mo: "......"

Mosaic: " Tang Mo ?"

Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian look strangely at Tang Mo. Bai Ruoyao's eyes widened as he watched the scene with a grin on his face.

They will never know that after Mosaic said that, a low male voice rang out in Tang Mo's head -

[...... is it me I heard wrong? Tang Mo, there is a woman said to kiss you.] After a pause, as if he felt that his words were somewhat inappropriate, Fu Wenduo said in a calm voice: [What is this The black tower game.

Tang Mo: [...... This is The black tower reward.]

Fu Wenduo: [......]

[The black tower ...... would give this kind of reward? Letting a woman kiss a player?

Tang Mo: [......]

He also thought The black tower wouldn't give such a reward!

Mosaic's disdain is already bizarre, but now there's a Mosaic kiss! A kiss from a little girl is not really a big deal, Mosaic is still young and no one would think otherwise. He is still on the phone with Fu Wenduo, and when Fu Wenduo says this, even Tang Mo feels that something is wrong, as if he is taking advantage of The black tower BOSS.

Eh wait, Mosaic isn't a woman, it's just a little girl!

Tang Mo hurriedly explained: [She is actually ......] very young.

"Hee hee hee, Tangtang, you wouldn't be a first kiss, would you."

Tang Mo looks up at Bai Ruoyao, who is not far away, as the conversation is interrupted.

Mosaic also flinched, "Ah, first kiss?" With that, the little girl looked at Tang Mo's lips. No one could see her expression, but Tang Mo felt that this little girl was looking at her with contempt. As expected, the next moment Mosaic spat out, "How old are you to have a first kiss? Even I don't have a first kiss anymore, okay? Tang Mo, you're not still a virgin, are you?"

Old Virgin Tang Mo: "......"

Fu Wenduo, the old virgin on the other side of the fire and eggs: "......"

Bai Ruoyao's eyes lit up, "Wow, Tangtang, you're not really a first kisser, are you?"

Tang Mo, who hadn't even been kissed by his parents since he was a child, suddenly didn't know how to answer. He remained calm, his face unchanged: "No."

At the foot of the Glass Hill, Fu Wenduo is on his feet.

However, the next moment, Bai Ruoyao's playful voice rang out, "Hehehe, look at your face now, you wouldn't even believe Lin Qian, would you? So it really was a first kiss~"

The inexplicable Lin Qian: "......"

Tang Mo: "......"

God damn it, what's wrong with a first kiss! What's wrong with just being kissed by a little girl!

Bai Ruoyao shook his head and said, "Then we can't let this little friend take advantage of you. This kid has no first kiss, and we Tangtang is still a virgin. We have to give you a solution first ...... Ah, Tangtang, what do you think about Lin Qian?"

Suddenly named, Lin Qian was frozen in place: "Ah, me?"

Bai Ruoyao shook his head, "Well no, she's got a boyfriend, it's definitely not her first kiss."

Lin Qian's tone was odd: "How did he know I had a boyfriend."

Bai Ruoyao: "Hee hee, do you think I'm blind?"

Tang Mo looked at the engagement ring on Lin Qian's middle finger and didn't say anything.

Bai Ruoyao: " If Lin Qian can't, Liu Wansheng ...... Well, he's so ugly and wears these ugly yellow-rimmed glasses. Normal people wear black-framed glasses, if he wasn't so ugly wearing odd glasses, how could I have been swindled by you Tangtang and caught by you that I saw his dead breath. You can't kiss him, that's for sure. Not Lin Qian, not Liu Wansheng ......" The voice stopped and Bai Ruoyao blinked in mock surprise, "Eh, Tangtang, you actually want to kiss me? "

Tang Mo couldn't hold back any longer: "I kiss your sister!"

At the end of the sentence, Tang Mo stopped talking and walked over to Mosaic and picked the little girl up in his arms.

Mosaic: "Eh eh, what are you trying to do, Tang Mo you don't mess around ......"

Without hesitation, Tang Mo turned his face sideways and placed the right half of his cheek right up against Mosaic's mouth and pressed it straight up. Mosaic was frightened and said, "Wait, I haven't unlocked the Mosaic yet." But Tang Mo moved so fast that Mosaic had just unlocked the Mosaic near his mouth when Tang Mo's face was pressed against it.

There was a loud barb and Mosaic rubbed it in and whispered, "Eh, it's kinda slippery." With that, he barks another kiss.

Tang Mo who was taken advantage of by a little girl: "......"

Putting the Mosaic back on the ground, Tang Mo calmly walks back to his original position, keeping a distance of three metres from the Mosaic.

It all happened so suddenly that even Bai Ruoyao watched in awe as Tang Mo took the initiative to be kissed by Mosaic. After a long time, he said disappointedly, "It's not a kiss." After a few moments, he smiled and said, "Tangtang, do you want to save your first kiss for me? I don't like men, but for your sake, it's not impossible to be kissed by you. ......"

"Shut the fuck up!"

Tang Mo flung his right hand and a small knife flew out as a black shadow. Bai Ruoyao twisted his body to avoid the blow.

On the other side of the eggs, Fu Xiaodi stops in his tracks and turns his head in confusion to look at his big brother.

"...... Brother?"


Fu Xiaodi's whole body shook, and the middle-aged man accompanying him was startled.

Fu Wenduo faintly withdrew his hand, his tone calm: "Let's go."

Fu Xiaodi watched in awe as a large, arm's length hole appeared in the glass mountain, he swallowed hard and took half a day to catch up. A spider's web of cracks appeared on the alpine mountain wall made of glass and the three players continued on.

With all of Mosaic's magical matches and Mosaic's kisses in hand, Tang Mo rubbed his cheeks vigorously and asked, "What is the effect of your kisses?"

The little girl cocked her head, "I don't know."

This was the answer Tang Mo didn't expect: "You don't know either?"

Mosaic: " The black tower wants me to kiss you, I'll kiss you, how do I know what the effect is. Last time I gave you my disdain just because I wanted to, who knew that this time it would make you the lowest priority ...... ah no, it's not hurting you, I'm clearly helping you!"

Little did Mosaic know that her contempt would not only help Tang Mo this time. Six months ago Tang Mo entered a copy of the Great Mole, and the Mole smelled Mosaic's disdain on him, so he didn't kill him outright. The effect of Mosaic's Kiss has not yet been seen, but The black tower must have a role to play if it is a reward.

Mosaic, clutching a large match, looked up and saw the time on the clock tower. She said anxiously, "Oh, no, it's almost time, I have to go to the prairie! Everyone on the prairie must miss me so much, I have to go and set a fire to bond with everyone." As if remembering something, Mosaic sucks in a mouthful of water, gives a greedy look and scampers off, "The kangaroos must really miss me, I know it!"

The little girl in the red dress, clutching a giant match that didn't fit her body very well, bounced and ran towards the entrance of the North University and then disappeared in front of it.

The black tower BOSS leaves and the copy is completely finished.

However, Lin Qian reached out and blushed: "What's going on, we still can't get out."

Tang Mo also reached out his hand and found the four of them still trapped in the invisible wall. He felt bad, and before he could say anything, he heard a lazy voice come through the door: "I'm back. Mosaic, you damned little girl who doesn't like to study, did you study properly ......" The voice ended abruptly and the huge werewolf stood at the entrance to the schoolyard, staring in shock at the empty courtyard.

The next second, the werewolf's gruff roar rang out, "Ahhhhhhhh! Where's the bloody little girl!!!" Her head whipped around and she glared at Tang Mo: "It's you!" With that, she stomped on her hind legs and charged straight at her. Tang Mo immediately opened her little parasol to block the werewolf's sharp claws.

The crowd thought the werewolf was going to attack them again in order of priority. After Tang Mo deflected the blow, the werewolf turned her head and charged at Liu Wansheng, who was closest to her.

"It's you?! Let that damned little girl go!"

Liu Wansheng dodged the blow in a heap and suffered three bloody cuts on his arm.

Lin Qian was chased by the werewolf and she screamed out in pain as a piece of flesh was gouged off her back: " Tang Mo, you said the werewolf wouldn't kill us. She won't kill us!"

The last werewolf to attack was Bai Ruoyao: "I thought you were a good teacher, I was wrong, you stupid human, you let her go!"

Bai Ruoyao rolled on the ground to avoid the werewolf's three consecutive claw attacks. He whipped out his butterfly knife and, with a flick of his wrist, shot it at the werewolf's neck. The werewolf swung his wolfsbane and slapped his butterfly knife away into the ground.

The angry werewolf snarled, "I will eat you all!"

Four players and a werewolf kick off a chase through the blazing North University campus.

As Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian could not hold out any longer, the werewolf raised his wolfsbane and was about to smash Lin Qian's head. Suddenly, a terrified voice rang out from outside the campus, "No, no, no, Miss Wolf, your Mosaic has set fire to the Elven Savannah again!

The werewolf's movements suddenly stopped. Her face was suddenly green and white, and the next moment, she roared, "That damned little girl!" With that, she turned around and ran, shouting, "I'll kill her, I'll kill her this time," as she quickly ran off the campus of Peking University.

The four men were still sitting on the floor with their hearts in their mouths, keeping a wary eye on the door in case the werewolf returned.

After half a minute, the fire shattered the campus and the werewolves did not return.

Tang Mo whispered, "So that's why the players weren't eaten by werewolves ......"

The four men climbed up again and found that the invisible wall trapping them had suddenly dissipated. They could finally get out of here.

Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian have mixed emotions in their hearts. They shunned Bai Ruoyao. They also had mixed emotions towards Tang Mo, with little gratitude. After all, Tang Mo was the only winner of the game and they could accept the fact that they had lost to each other, but acceptance was one thing, and they also felt deep jealousy and injustice towards Tang Mo.

Liu Wansheng began, "I'll go first then."

Lin Qian also said, "I'm leaving too."

With those words, the two left quickly. On the one hand, they did not want to stay here, lest the wolves return and cause further trouble. On the other hand, they wanted to avoid Bai Ruoyao and Tang Mo. When the game was over, both Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao were no longer teammates or enemies with them. They are just powerful players.

Who knows if Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao will kill them and take away their props.

Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao were the only two people left on the large campus for a while.

Bai Ruoyao sits on the ground with his chin propped up in his hands, watching the grand display of flame with interest as the fire crackles and burns. Tang Mo ignores him and walks away. Just as Tang Mo was about to leave the campus of Peking University, Bai Ruoyao's smiling voice rang out from behind him: "Tang Mo, when did you get my powers?" He was clearly smiling, but his tone was cold to the core.

Tang Mo paused in his steps. He didn't have to answer the question, but this was one of the rare times the psychopath didn't call him " Tangtang" in disgust, and he didn't mind pissing the other man off, "The moment you fall into the bottomless pit of the jeweled corridor."

Bai Ruoyao pauses in laughter for a moment.

"Ah, it's so early. You got my powers so early ...... hehehe Tangtang, are my powers good?"

Tang Mo ignored him this time and left the BYU campus. He took a step out and suddenly remembered something, and without turning back, he said indifferently, "You're not following me up this time?"

Bai Ruoyao sounded surprised and full of surprises: "So Tangtang, you want me to follow you!"

Tang Mo did not answer.

"Ahhh, I really, really, really want to kill you right now. But I know, Tangtang, you can't die recently. So I won't follow you, I'll come back to you when my desire to kill you has subsided a little bit, Tangtang. Don't be lonely."

[No next time.]

[...... Next time I'll kill him.]

The voice suddenly sounded in his head and Tang Mo froze abruptly, then he said, [No, next time, I'll kill him].

Some things do come to an end, and Tang Mo didn't look back at the psychopath as he strode off the University campus.

It's late afternoon and it's getting dark. More and more players are appearing in the city of Beijing as they pass through the tower attack game. Tang Mo moves swiftly through the alleyways. He had to get out of his copy of Peking University as soon as possible. The real-life copy has attracted the attention of many powerful players and he needs to find a place to settle down. With ten minutes left in the archiving time for the fire eggs, he wants to hear as much as he can about the situation in Fu Wenduo.

Turning down an alleyway, Tang Mo's body is pressed against a brick wall as he walks cautiously. As he is about to turn the corner into a tree-lined lane, Tang Mo suddenly stops in his tracks. With great speed, he pulls out his small parasol, opens it with a snap, and stabs it behind him without looking back. A surprised male voice sounded in the air as Tang Mo withdrew the parasol and thrust it directly at the man's throat.

That psycho is catching up after all!

After a loud crash, Tang Mo braced his right hand on the ground and with a flick of his wrist, the small parasol was ready to smash into his opponent's ankle again. It was one of the more vulnerable parts of the human body, and if he could cut the opponent's hamstring, things would go more smoothly.

Just as the little parasol was about to pierce the other man's ankle, a cry of alarm rang out, "Don, don't! Don't do it! It's me!"

Tang Mo looked up in surprise as the tip of the umbrella stopped five centimetres short of his ankle. A huge figure blocked the light, like a mountain, in front of Tang Mo. The moon was rising in the east, and the darkness of the moon covered Jackass's face so that Tang Mo could finally see who he was.

"...... Jackass ?!"

With a start, Tang Mo immediately thought, "You're in Beijing? Are you alone?"

A voice that could not hide its joy rang out from behind Jackass: "Brother Tang!"


What the author has to say.

Mr. Fu: My Tangtang's first kiss was mine. [indifferent face

Tangtang: Your first kiss was mine too ^_^

She Huiyao: Hee hee hee hee, sit back and watch the two old virgins.

Mr. Fu, Tangtang: Heh, I'll kill you.

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