Chapter 140: Tang Mo, help me ......

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With the new rules in place, The black tower does not give players time to understand the rules and starts the game straight away.

In the centre of the grid, Mosaic is wrapped in a film of light, happily humming an off-key ditty. The humans have finally stopped chattering, time is running out and they are all thinking about the number of steps they can take in this round and the implications of when they will take them.

In all the times Tang Mo has played The black tower, this is the first time I have come across new rules. Each time, The black tower starts the game by explaining all the rules, setting up at most a plausible trap, and never adding new rules. However, when you think about it, The black tower never says that each player will take the same number of steps, it just says that it will announce the number of steps a player can take before the game starts.

This is what Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao have been thinking about, the key to balancing the game.

It's not really a new rule at all, it's just that players have fallen into the language trap of The black tower again.

Firstly, the number of steps players take is inconsistent. In this round, Bai Ruoyao could walk four squares, Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian could walk three squares, and Tang Mo could only walk two squares. This time only Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian can step into the grid containing the book, and the task of Bai Ruoyao and Tang Mo is to control the light and dark of the grid.

Secondly, apart from the player with the highest number of moves (Bai Ruoyao), the rest of the players can choose when they want to take the grid. For example, if Bai Ruoyao takes the first step, the other three players may forfeit the turn. They can wait for Bai Ruoyao to take the second square and then move again. This rule may seem pointless, but in fact it determines who is the last to go.

There is no doubt that Tang Mo had to leave a square to ensure that he was the last to go.

The third round went very quickly, with Lin Qian and Liu Wansheng both standing near square A2. Bai Ruoyao, for some reason, did not approach square A2, but instead took a step to square E4 and stood in front of Tang Mo. He grins at Tang Mo, who, after two rounds of stopping, finally takes his first step and walks into frame D5.

Bai Ruoyao, seeing him like this, does not hesitate to take his final step into compartment E5.

Liu Wansheng lifts his head cautiously and looks at the young woman in front of him. He stepped in with one foot and entered grid A2.

There was a snap and the light went out on the A2 grid.

At this point, as long as Lin Qian does not notice anything unusual and walks into grid A2, the lights on this grid will be lit. Bai Ruoyao had no control over the light film, so as long as Tang Mo ensured that Mosaic's light film was on, Liu Wansheng and Tang Mo would win. However, Lin Qian looks at Liu Wansheng for a moment and walks back into square B1 without lighting up square A2.

Liu Wansheng, despite having a suspicion in his mind, clenched his fingers in disappointment at the result.

"Am I that stupid in your eyes?" A clear, female voice rang out.

Liu Wansheng brushes his head up and looks at the young woman who has been acting so mediocre. Lin Qian's clothes were stained with blood, a wound that Tang Mo had made earlier to save Liu Wansheng's life. When Tang Mo threatened Lin Qian with the small parasol, the woman was too cowardly to move or resist. But now, she sneers, "I am also a player who has cleared the first level of The black tower. Liu Wansheng, ten minutes ago you could have dreamed that we needed to ask you. Now it's time for you to pray that if your teammate can only get one frame next turn and the book is far away from him, he has no control over the outcome of the game."

Liu Wansheng immediately retorted, "So it doesn't make sense for him to go or not, would The black tower give such an unfair game?"

Lin Qian rhetorically asked, "Was The black tower a fair game for our team until these two new rules came along?"

Liu Wansheng is speechless.

The third round of play ended with both teams failing to pass again.

Liu Wansheng's face turned rather ugly.

He thought about the game for a whole round, considering what changes the game had brought with the two new rules added. The more he thought about it, the more scared he became.

Lin Qian makes a good point. It is clear that this new rule has been added to counterbalance Tang Mo and reduce the imbalance in the game caused by the backhand advantage. With these two rules, there is a limit to the number of squares Tang Mo can move. Secondly, if, as Lin Qian says, "Tang Mo can only go one frame", then Tang Mo cannot change the light film of the Mosaic frame. In the worse case, if the book is in a 3 x 3 square grid, from A1 to C3, then Tang Mo is useless. With Tang Mo and without Tang Mo, there is no difference.

"No, The black tower wouldn't give such an unfair game, it's too unfair to us." Liu Wansheng kept convincing himself, but gradually the words of Lin Qian came back to him.

"...... Is The black tower a fair game for our team?

Liu Wansheng's heart sank.

Yes, the rules of the game are unfair. Before it was very unfair to Bai Ruoyao and Lin Qian, now the possibility of it being very unfair to Tang Mo and Liu Wansheng has arisen. Both teams suffered from the unfair rules of the game, and in a way, it was a fair game in a negative way.

After all external factors have been eliminated, does it mean that ......

"We have to compete to see who has the better luck!" Liu Wansheng was depressed, "We are lucky, the position of the books, the number of squares we can walk on is in our favour and we can win first. If they are lucky, they win. The black tower doesn't depend so much on the luck of the players ......"

At the end of the day, Liu Wansheng doesn't even believe it himself.

The black tower doesn't depend on the luck of the player?

The black tower has always believed that luck is also a form of strength and that every player who succeeds in loading a game is a lucky one.

Liu Wansheng mulled it over for a while and was ready to talk to Tang Mo about his idea. When he turned his head, he found that his teammate had been staring dead across the room. He followed Tang Mo's line of sight ......

I can't believe you're watching that psycho again?!

Liu Wansheng muttered in his heart, "Why keep looking at that person, what kind of relationship is this", then he said, "That, Tang ...... Tang Mo, there is nothing we can do underneath, or According to the old plan, I will go and occupy the position of the book ......"

Tang Mo: "Good."

After Liu Wansheng had spoken for half a day, Tang Mo still didn't look at him, still staring at Bai Ruoyao across the room, and gave a very perfunctory response. Liu Wansheng gritted his teeth and couldn't help but ask, "What are you looking at?" Is that psycho so good looking?

Liu Wansheng thought Tang Mo would not answer, and he was just angry with Tang Mo for ignoring him, but Tang Mo turned his head to look at him and asked, "What is he looking at?"

Liu Wansheng was stunned: "What is he looking at? Aren't you the one watching him?"

"He's been staring at me and you with this weird grin since the last round of games ended and the soundproof light film came down."

Liu Wansheng watches carefully for the psychopath not far away. Bai Ruoyao notices Liu Wansheng's gaze and he pulls the silver butterfly knife from his pocket. Fingers gripping the thin handle of the knife, the beautiful silver blade spun rapidly in the air. When he saw the knife, Liu Wansheng's neck hurt and he hurriedly looked away.

"Is his smile strange, he doesn't smile like that all the time ......" Liu Wansheng said.

Tang Mo gave Liu Wansheng a quick glance and didn't say any more.

Bai Ruoyao is not so laughable.

This time, this psycho was smiling strangely, he must have found something. Did he find a pass strategy for the game, or did he see something interesting to be so happy, looking at himself and Liu Wansheng with such eyes.

Tang Mo's mind was suddenly struck by a flash of light.

...... He sees dead air?!

Tang Mo's heart suddenly sank as he closed his eyes to see the death aura on Bai Ruoyao's body, but just as he was about to open them, he stopped moving again. A variety of complex thoughts flashed through his mind, but finally Tang Mo sighed softly and slowly opened his eyes without using his mortal death powers.

He had already watched Bai Ruoyao's death breath twice today and could only watch it one last time.

It's not time yet, it can wait until a more critical time.

Each of the four players had their own agenda, each plotting how to win the game. At the end of the five-minute discussion, The black tower's bright child's voice rang out again -

"Ding Dong! Game 4, Player 1 may progress forward: 4, Player 2 may progress forward: 4, Player 3 may progress forward: 3, Player 4 may progress forward: 2."

At the end of the sentence, a blue glow flickered in the middle of the courtyard. The blinding light dissipated and twenty items slowly appeared in the film of light. He saw that in the twenty compartments, apart from a few small dresses, some odd rag dolls and a large match, there were four books!

Liu Wansheng was also delighted at the sight.

With three books, his and Tang Mo's chances of winning had increased dramatically, and now there were four. However, Liu Wansheng was only happy for a second when he was thrown a cold shower: the four books were too far away from Tang Mo. Tang Mo could only go two squares, and he could not influence the lightness of the four books at all, only the lightness of the Mosaic squares.

And the four books are too close together. Even if Liu Wansheng steps into one of the compartments and gains possession of the books in that compartment, and the compartment is lit. As soon as Lin Qian walks behind him and steps directly on the darkness of this compartment, he has done nothing.

Damn the grid limit!

The black tower cue sounded and the fourth round began, with four players starting to walk the grid in turn.

Tang Mo, this time still opting to go to the grid on the last two turns, puts his foot on grid E3, extinguishing Mosaic's grid and making another failed pass for all four. The game has failed again and Bai Ruoyao is now on square D2. Seeing this, he shrugs with a smile and a look of indifference as he turns around to walk back to his own square.

"From just now ...... what you're looking at."

Bai Ruoyao's footsteps stopped abruptly and he turned his head to look at Tang Mo. After a moment, he laughed innocently, " Tangtang, am I looking at anything, why don't I know."

With a whoosh of wind, the little pink parasol was placed against Bai Ruoyao's neck. Bai Ruoyao didn't even blink, still looking at Tang Mo with a smile on his face. Suddenly he seemed to have thought of something and his tone was a little strange: "So, you want to fight me? Ah, if you die, you will not be able to protect that fool ...... so it is like that."

Bai Ruoyao's words were incoherent and confusing to Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian.

Tang Mo's heart gave a pounding and he felt as if he had caught something.

This was not the first time he had confronted Bai Ruoyao, the two had fought once before entering this copy of reality and neither had gained any advantage. Tang Mo raised his parasol to threaten Bai Ruoyao, just threatening, wondering what that strange look he had been giving him since earlier meant. Before he could put the parasol down, however, Bai Ruoyao suddenly pulled out his butterfly knife and lunged at Tang Mo.

The two butterfly knives were not as casual as Liu Wansheng's.

Tang Mo's eyes flashed and he bent backwards to avoid the two swinging silver blades. He leaps backwards with one hand on the ground and Bai Ruoyao seizes the opportunity to attack again. Bai Ruoyao took two steps backwards and steadied himself on one knee as Tang Mo waved the parasol over his shoulder.

Bai Ruoyao: "Hee hee, Tangtang?"

Tang Mo's eyes narrow.

The two men watched each other, and the next moment, moved in unison.

The sound of thumping resonated through the courtyard as Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian looked at each other and decided to stay put and find a safe place to avoid being caught in the crossfire. Mosaic had to sit immobile in the central grid, a little girl who had no fear of being mistakenly injured herself, watching Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao fight, instead she slapped the table in excitement, dubbing, "Fight, hey hey hey, fight!"

Tang Mo sidesteps a blow and throws a small parasol with his backhand.

Bai Ruoyao's fighting skills were far more powerful than his, and as Tang Mo threw out his parasol, he swung his right hand, sending a blazing ball of flame into Bai Ruoyao's face. Bai Ruoyao rolled over to avoid it and then attacked with his butterfly knife. This time, he seemed determined to kill Tang Mo, and his strokes were unrelenting. The black tower did not signal the start of a new game, as if they were acquiescing to kill each other.

Bai Ruoyao's crouching leg sweep has forced Tang Mo to fall backwards as he is unable to avoid it.

Bai Ruoyao attacked in a submissive manner, and Tang Mo's eyes were cold as he flipped his hand and prepared to take out the large match.

But in a flash of lightning, two voices rang out in Tang Mo's ears at the same time.

A rough, manic female voice: "Mosaic, get out of here! I was going to bring it to your Uncle Mole as a sacrifice, did you steal and eat it again!"

At the sound of this voice, everyone in the room, including Lin Qian and Liu Wansheng, who were hiding, Mosaic, who was excitedly shouting 'fight', and Bai Ruoyao, who was about to attack Tang Mo, were all frozen in place. Bai Ruoyao's face flashed in a variety of odd colours, as if he had suddenly realised his mistake. He immediately withdrew his hand and looked warily towards the door.


The gates of the University of the North were kicked down roughly by the giant werewolf, who ran into the courtyard with a snarl, and just as she entered, she saw that the little girl's desk was empty, without a single book.

The werewolf froze, then said angrily, "You four stupid humans, you couldn't get this bastard to read a book by now!"

Liu Wansheng and Lin Qian are startled, while Bai Ruoyao takes two silent steps back, gripping the hilt of his butterfly knife. Only Tang Mo, propped up on the ground with one hand, seemed not to notice the return of the werewolf, and he listened intently to the low male voice in his ears. Fu Wenduo's voice came steadily into his ears, he only said a few simple words, and his tone was not rushed, but Tang Mo knew that if it wasn't an emergency, he wouldn't have interrupted his game, nor would he have said anything more than a greeting.

"Tang Mo, help me turn on the archiver."

Tang Mo didn't have time to respond as he reached into his pocket and prepared to draw an "S" on the turkey egg. But just as his hand touched the egg shell, the werewolf stamped his foot on the ground. Like an earthquake, the ground trembled violently and a deep fissure opened up under the werewolf's foot, splitting the earth into two pieces.

"You useless governesses!!!"

Tang Mo rolls outwards twice to steady himself. He reached into his pocket again, intending to draw the "S" again. The werewolf looked up and stared at him, coming straight at him, "Well, let's start with you. You tell me why you didn't let this damn little girl read!"

Tang Mo: "......"



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