Chapter 139: Oh yeah, this is the fairness of the game ~

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What Liu Wansheng thought of, Tang Mo had already thought of.

If the players do move in "priority order", the only one who really controls the ending of the game is Tang Mo. Until then, no matter where Bai Ruoyao and Lin Qian go, even if they take up all the squares containing books, they will not pass the game if Tang Mo finally puts out the Mosaic squares.

There is nothing fair about such a game at all.

Liu Wansheng's view of the 'unfairness of the game' is that The black tower wanted two teams to work together, which is why the rules were set up in such a visually unfair way. His speculation is not unreasonable. Although Tang Mo is the key to the game, if Bai Ruoyao and Lin Qian wanted to mess up, they could have taken all the squares containing the book or done something else that would have prevented Tang Mo from passing the game.

So what Liu Wansheng is saying is: you have to beg us, to work with you.

Under the current rules of the game, Bai Ruoyao's side has no chance of passing the game on its own. If Tang Mo does not want to cooperate with them, they will definitely be eaten by the wolves. Once Tang Mo and Liu Wansheng have a chance to pass the game alone, they will not care about Bai Ruoyao and Lin Qian and will simply pass the game.

However, Tang Mo did not think that The black tower would set up such an unfair game. He looked up and met Bai Ruoyao's eyes. The sneer on the doll-faced young man's lips had not yet subsided, and when he noticed Tang Mo looking at him, he winked at him. Bai Ruoyao then gave Liu Wansheng a quick glance, gave an uncertain snort, and turned to walk back to his compartment.

Lin Qian seems to have listened to Bai Ruoyao and has returned to the grid.

Liu Wansheng's face is ugly. His body stiffened, his sweat stood on end, and it was blazing daylight, but his back was on the ground. After a few moments, he calmed down and turned his head to find Tang Mo looking at him calmly. Liu Wansheng, unable to keep his face down, drops a "Don't you regret it" to Bai Ruoyao and walks back to his compartment.

By the time the two had walked back to the grid, The black tower cue sounded and a wall of light film came between the two teams and they couldn't hear each other again.

Once the voices were separated, Liu Wansheng quickly said, "We don't need to work with them to win. The rules of the game say that at least one book will appear in each round, and since two books have just appeared, there is a good chance that three or four books will appear at the bottom. As long as more than three books appear, we have a chance of winning. There are only two of them and they can occupy at most two books, we can occupy the third book while you decide how light or dark the final grid is. That way, we can pass." Liu Wansheng's eyes shifted rapidly, as if he was silently calculating something, and he suddenly looked up: "Three books are not really enough insurance, it's the position of the books that matters. But all in all, we have a chance to get through, they definitely don't."

Liu Wansheng said a lot of things before he looked up and realised that Tang Mo's eyes must have been fixed across the room. He followed Tang Mo's line of sight and his face immediately turned green. He understood that Tang Mo and the arrogant psycho were not teammates, but they obviously knew each other.

Liu Wansheng gritted his teeth and said, "You want to work with him?"

"He just said that you were dying."

Liu Wansheng's face darkened: "That psycho!"

Tang Mo turned his head and looked steadily at Liu Wansheng.

Liu Wansheng: "What's wrong?"

Tang Mo curled his lips, "Although I don't like that psycho either, but if he says you're going to die, you're really going to die in all probability." Liu Wansheng's expression turned extremely ugly as Tang Mo's words fell. Before he could say anything, Tang Mo added, "Besides, I have no intention of begging them to cooperate with us. This game is not as simple as you think, it's not just a maths game. Bai Ruoyao is not as kind as you think either, and if he really wanted to kill you, it would probably be easier than if a werewolf ate you."

"You ......"

"For a werewolf to eat you, it would have to swallow you down bit by bit, which would take at least ten seconds? Bai Ruoyao would only take three seconds to kill you." The voice stopped and Tang Mo withdrew his smile and said coldly, "Don't go pissing off a stranger before you're not sure you can mess with the other guy. Also, I'll control the light and dark of the grid for the next round, and you take the book."

This was what Liu Wansheng had wanted to say, that they were going to change the choice of the Book of Cham. However, Tang Mo's tone upset him, and he said, "I know, but he may not be able to kill me."

"Then put it another way."

Liu Wansheng was stunned at the words.

He looked up, only to see the handsome young man cocking his head in the brilliant sunlight and smiling faintly at him, "I'll kill you in just one second."

Liu Wansheng's heart sank and his whole body fell into the ice.

Before the second round begins, Tang Mo stands in the grid and ponders, while Liu Wansheng also keeps his head down. As the five minutes of discussion pass quickly, Mosaic gets impatient and calls The black tower's name as time runs out, telling it to start the game quickly. The blue film of light faded and both teams were close to hearing voices from across the room when a scowling male voice rang out, "I remember ...... your name is Tang Mo?"

Tang Mo's thoughts were interrupted and he turned his head sideways to Liu Wansheng who spoke up. There was no acknowledgement, no denial.

"...... Are you the Tang Mo?"

Tang Mo looks calmly at the cautious Liu Wansheng, and after two seconds, he looks away.

Liu Wansheng pursed his lips and did not speak.

He really is Tang Mo!

If he is Tang Mo, then his words have 70% credibility. Tang Mo, the first person in China to clear the third level of The black tower, could indeed kill him in one second, a player who had only cleared the first level of The black tower, and the psycho across the street could probably kill him in three seconds.

Liu Wansheng mentally cursed, overturning many of his previous strategies.

The same applies to this situation. No wonder the woman didn't dare to question the psychopath's words, as she had already guessed that this Tang Mo was the same Tang Mo. If she knew Tang Mo, and was able to pester him and make him do nothing, she was definitely a pervert too.

Why do these perverts want to join together in this copy of reality?

This copy isn't important enough for all these people to enter!

Liu Wansheng's mind is spinning with a hundred thoughts.

Soon, the film of light dissipates completely and The black tower prompts the second round to begin. Twenty items slowly appear in the film of light.

The light disappears, and Tang Mo takes a good look and this time there's only one book!

The book is coincidentally positioned in compartment A4, right in front of Liu Wansheng.

"Ding Dong! In the second game, players may advance to the next number: 7."

"Players are asked to advance the number of squares in order of priority."

Bai Ruoyao gave a cheeky laugh, "Seven steps." With that, he took a big step and walked into the lattice in front of him.

Liu Wansheng's face lit up with joy. He looks at Tang Mo, nods, and then strides forward into compartment A4. Lin Qian is the third, and she walks into compartment A2.

This is a good opportunity that even Liu Wansheng didn't expect, as long as he holds the A4 square and keeps moving back and forth between it and the squares next to it, there is a good chance that he will retain priority possession of the A4 square.

Lin Qian is one step behind him every time. Bai Ruoyao needs seven steps to get here. Bai Ruoyao can only take priority on this grid if he keeps moving. But they still won't win, Liu Wansheng has a chance to win. Once Bai Ruoyao doesn't notice this, they win.

Liu Wansheng hides his delight and keeps hovering in the nearby compartments of A4.

As he had guessed, Bai Ruoyao spotted this and kept moving towards the A4.

Liu Wansheng is a little disappointed: this psychopath is really clever.

Bai Ruoyao approaches step by step and Lin Qian hovers near square A4. By the end of the fifth step, Bai Ruoyao is standing on frame B3, while Liu Wansheng, Lin Qian and Tang Mo are all standing on frame A4. The four of them are almost on top of each other. It is Bai Ruoyao's turn to take the sixth step and he moves forward one square to square A3. Liu Wansheng sighs inwardly and walks to cell A5.

Step 6: Bai Ruoyao A3, Liu Wansheng A5, Lin Qian A3, Tang Mo B4.

In the seventh step, Bai Ruoyao enters frame A4 as a matter of course, taking priority over frame A4. Liu Wansheng thinks nothing of it and prepares to move into compartment A4 as well. Suddenly, Tang Mo says, "You go to cell B5."

Liu Wansheng was stunned. Seeing Tang Mo's calm eyes, he quickly realised that he was still laughing and looked fearfully at the baby face and hurried into compartment B5.

The second round of games ended with no winner for either team.

The black tower announces that the game is over and all players return to their original squares. Liu Wansheng raises his step and prepares to go back to square A5, while Lin Qian also turns to square A1. Just as the two of them take a step, a white shadow suddenly moves, stomps on the ground, and jumps towards Liu Wansheng. At the same time, a black shadow also fled towards Lin Qian. Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao grabbed each other's teammates almost simultaneously and stopped their movements.

Liu Wansheng reacted quickly enough and pulled out a strange red apron to block his body. When the red apron touched the air, it was as hard as iron, turning into a surprising shield. However, Bai Ruoyao's butterfly knife sliced through the air with a silvery glint and the apron was cut into three pieces and fell to the ground.

While the butterfly knife was pressed against Liu Wansheng's neck, Tang Mo's parasol was pressed against Lin Qian's throat.

The two players who have just cleared the first level of The black tower are frozen in place, not daring to move. Bai Ruoyao heard a noise behind him and slowly turned around to see Tang Mo raising the small parasol and choking Lin Qian with its tip. His eyes flashed with surprise, then he deliberately said, "Ah, Tangtang, what are you doing, you're actually bullying a girl?" The look of disbelief was all over his face.

Tang Mo held the handle of his umbrella in his right hand and said faintly, "What you are doing, I am doing."

Bai Ruoyao said, "I'm just chatting with this little friend, right?", but he didn't let go of the butterfly knife in his hand, and the sharp blade slid slightly, cutting a shallow bloody slit into Liu Wansheng's neck.

Liu Wansheng was stiff, he was too frightened to speak, his last reason kept him calm and he could not fall into the trap.

Tang Mo laughed at this but said, "Then I'm talking to your teammate too. Isn't that right, Miss Lin."

Tang Mo didn't even turn his head when he was clearly questioning Lin Qian, but continued to look at Bai Ruoyao with a sneer.

On the interlocking grid, Mosaic watches excitedly as the humans fight each other, chanting "fight, fight". Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao stare silently at each other as the young girl cheers excitedly. Strangely enough, as the long stare-down progresses, the smile on Bai Ruoyao's face fades, while Tang Mo's smile grows wider and wider.

After a long time, Bai Ruoyao said, "Tangtang, you will not kill her. I know, you are not such an indiscriminate killer."

Tang Mo: "You can try it."

Bai Ruoyao raises an eyebrow as he replies with an incision in Liu Wansheng's neck.


The blood spurted out, a wound that would have been fatal before Earth came online and would have required immediate hospitalisation. But now, Liu Wansheng's face was only white and the wound would soon heal. When Liu Wansheng's wound healed, Bai Ruoyao smiled provocatively at Tang Mo, but the next moment, Tang Mo's right hand moved and the parasol slid downwards, piercing Lin Qian's chest.

The blood instantly stained the clothes.

Bai Ruoyao's smile came to an abrupt end.

Tang Mo pulled out the parasol and placed it against Lin Qian's throat again. As the wound that pierced his chest healed, Tang Mo smiled and said, "I told you, you can try."

Bai Ruoyao stares quietly at Tang Mo.

After a moment, he said again, "You won't kill ......"

The sound stops abruptly and Bai Ruoyao is answered by Tang Mo who, without hesitation, throws out the parasol, leaving a shallow bloody gash on Lin Qian's neck.

Neither of them said a word and just stared at each other in silence.

Three minutes later, The black tower cue sounded, asking players to return to their squares and prepare for the third round. All four players did not move. After another ten seconds, as The black tower prepares to cue a second time, Bai Ruoyao suddenly withdraws his hand, his beautiful butterfly knife spinning in the air as he retrieves it up his sleeve. With his hands in his pockets, he strolled back to his grid, saying innocently as he went, "Tangtang, you're so boring, you don't even allow people to make a joke."

After Bai Ruoyao returns to compartment E1, Tang Mo also puts away his parasol and returns to his compartment. He stood firmly and looked up at Bai Ruoyao, his voice calm: "If you're going to kill him, I'm sure I'll kill her."

Bai Ruoyao's smile faltered for a moment, and he shrugged without saying another word.

The film of light slowly appeared, blocking out the sound from both sides. Liu Wansheng's skull, tense to the point of explosion, relaxes completely at this moment. He breathed heavily, as if he had almost drowned. After he had easily slowed down, he looked at Tang Mo gratefully: "Tang ...... Tang Mo, thank you for saving me."

Tang Mo took the little parasol back to his waist: "I didn't save you."

Liu Wansheng looks stunned.

Tang Mo: "I'm not going to kill her, if you die I'm 1v2. the deck is stacked against me and it's almost impossible for me to win."

Liu Wansheng's expression became instantly recognisable, but he knew that Tang Mo was telling the truth. There was a 90% chance that his teammates hadn't wanted to save him at all, that they had only saved him in passing, and that what Tang Mo really wanted was to get through.

On the opposite side of the light film, Bai Ruoyao makes a gesture towards Tang Mo.

"You're bad."

Tang Mo doesn't care about him.

Bai Ruoyao turned to Liu Wansheng and said, 'You are so stupid.

Liu Wansheng clenches his fingers and also skims his eyes.

Bai Ruoyao laughed.

From the moment Bai Ruoyao said to Liu Wansheng, "I declare that you are dead", Tang Mo wondered whether Bai Ruoyao had seen Liu Wansheng's deadly aura, or whether he would definitely kill him.

In fact Liu Wansheng is wrong about one thing: it's not impossible for the team that goes first to get through the game. They don't need to plead with the team that goes after them, begging them to cooperate. All they need to do is kill the opposite team, leaving only their own team to win.

Once the game starts, each player is confined to a grid and cannot move around. By being aware of their position and not walking into the same grid they can avoid the opponent's poisonous hand. The only time the grid is not confined is for the few minutes between rounds and when the player returns to his grid.

Many people will overlook this and take it for granted that "players need to return to their grid, and of course there should be no confinement between the squares". However, this is the only chance to kill someone.

Bai Ruoyao's only chance to kill Liu Wansheng was to seize it.

So Tang Mo didn't even think about it, he grabbed Lin Qian as soon as the grid was lifted.

You want to kill my teammates? Fine, then I'll kill your teammates too!

Tang Mo put this choice in front of Bai Ruoyao, who chose to let Liu Wansheng go.

Fu Wenduo would never kill an innocent man, but Bai Ruoyao did not dare to bet on whether Tang Mo would kill an innocent man. He thought Tang Mo would not, but if there was a one in a million chance, he was afraid to do it and had to give up.

Liu Wansheng has his head buried in the sand, thinking about his next strategy. The most important point before him was that he could not go into the same cell as the baby-faced psychopath. If they were in the same cell, the psychopath could easily kill him, Tang Mo couldn't save him, and he wouldn't kill Lin Qian at all.

Liu Wansheng's forehead is gradually covered in a fine sweat.

At this point, the film of light dissipates and The black tower beeps...

"Ding Dong! Game 3, Player 1 may progress forward: 4, Player 2 may progress forward: 3, Player 3 may progress forward: 3, Player 4 may progress forward: 2."

Liu Wansheng looked up with a startled look at the little girl in the centre of the grid. In his afterglow, he noticed that Tang Mo's eyes were also wide open, as if he had not expected this result.

On the other side of the grid, Bai Ruoyao froze for a moment, then smiled cheekily: "Ah, so that's how it is. That's how fair the game is."

Liu Wansheng is furious: "You didn't say that each player can take a different number of steps!"

Mosaic was even more angry than he was: "Then you didn't ask me, huh? Besides, did you ask me? It was Tang Mo and that Little Bai face who begged me, who are you, I don't know you."

"You ......!"

"Ding Dong! As the number of squares a player can advance varies, all players except the player who advances the most squares can choose to advance any number of turns. For example, if player #2 can advance a total of 3 frames, after player #1 advances the first frame, player #2 may choose to forfeit this opportunity to advance and continue three times after that."

The black tower The crisp child's voice ends and there is a moment of silence for all four players as each ponders the meaning of the passage.

This is what happens when the peaks and valleys turn around, as the saying goes.

Looking at the four humans thinking in a comical manner, Mosaic tilted his chin and said, shaking his head in Bai Ruoyao's tone, "Geez, that's the fairness of the game~"


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