Chapter 126: The black tower likes you.

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The black tower's resounding voice was heard around the world, and by the time it had finished its last word, the rolling sunset was sinking just below the horizon. The sun fades and night falls. In the spacious courtyard, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo stand at the entrance to the courtyard, while the Chosen Three stand close to the small building.

Both sides quickly regained their senses from The black tower's mutation, and they looked at each other in silence.

The air seemed to freeze. After a few moments, Tang Mo suddenly turned around and left, while Fu Wenduo took his brother by the collar and led him away at speed. Qi Heng wanted to go after him, but was stopped by Ruan Wangshu when he took a step. He said urgently, "Head?"

The pale teenager looked silently in the direction where Tang Mo's trio had disappeared, his dark eyes drenched in a cold chill. "It's not good, it's a bit dangerous."

Qi Heng: "But with the time limit coming up, The black tower won't give us his location coordinates anymore."

"I'm not healed yet, and neither is Yu Zheng."

Qi Heng was about to say more when Ruan Wangshu pulled a thin, silvery metal sheet from his pocket. On this thin piece of metal was a miniature map of Beijing, and next to the location of the Forbidden City, a small black dot of light was moving slowly. When it reached the west gate of the Forbidden City, the black dot suddenly disappeared. The sheet of metal buzzes and twitches, breaking into pieces and scattering into the air.

Qi Heng gritted his teeth in frustration and, after holding his tongue for a while, could only curse in a low voice.

Ruan Wangshu looks uncertain, and walks away.

Qi Heng: "So we're just going to let them go? That's a rare item, and it's reusable. It's better than the King's gold coins and definitely better than Santa's gift bags."

Practising Yu Zheng glanced at him as he walked away, "If you hadn't let those four idiots act without permission, would they have known about it in advance and been prepared?"

Qi Heng: "......" A moment later, he followed, muttering, "They didn't know that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were teammates. If it wasn't for Fu Wenduo, the four of them would have gotten it by now with their time travel powers."

"He and Fu Wenduo were teammates."

Qi Heng and Yu Zheng look down at Ruan Wangshu in unison.

"He's strong, but not invincible. With Fu Wenduo, it's harder for us to get something from him. But also because his teammate is Fu Wenduo ...... we are still afraid we won't find him in the future?"

Beijing, Eastern District.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo walked as fast as they could through the Forbidden City and out of the second ring road of Beijing. Fu Xiaodi was not yet fit enough to keep up with their speed, so he was carried by the collar by Fu Wenduo all the way to an abandoned building. Fu Wensheng's cheeks were red from the oncoming wind, and when Fu Wenduo put him down, the child gasped heavily and his first words were, "My water, the water is still in the house!"

It was mineral water that he had worked so hard to fill for over ten days!

Fu Wenduo gave his brother a strange sweeping look and pulled out a small miniature chicken nest from his pocket. Fu Wensheng looked at him blankly, only to see Fu Wenduo take a white egg out of the nest and place it on the ground. In an instant, small mountains of mineral water appeared in the clearing.

Fu Wenduo: "I had planned to leave there today, so I put my stuff away last night."

This is arguably the biggest surprise of all.

The barbecue is no longer available and Tang Mo is forced to leave before he has a chance to see what the Fu family is really like. There is no doubt that Fu Wenduo's home will be a dangerous place and they will not return without special circumstances. However, Fu Wenduo had already taken everything he needed, so there was no problem in not going back.

With so much happening today, the three took a break.

Fu Wenduo retrieves the mineral water back into the chicken coop, long before it gets dark. The building is a half-built, abandoned structure, probably because the earth suddenly went online and it was impossible to build more, so it was left to rot. The walls of the building were not yet fully enclosed and the three of them did not dare to light up in such a place to prevent the light from being seen. By the light of the moon they sat in front of one of the walls and calmly analysed the events they had encountered today.

"This is Beijing East, which is within Beixinqiao. It's closer to Chosen's base camp, but if they have your coordinates, there's no use hiding anywhere we go." Fu Wenduo used a thin wire to draw two circles on the ground, marking their current location and the approximate location of Chosen's base in the eightieth grade, "It's obvious that Ruan Wangshu is seriously injured, and Practitioner Yu Zheng should also be injured."

Ruan Wangshu's injuries were easy to spot, as his limbs were uncoordinated and his movements were often sluggish when he fought Tang Mo. He was much better at practising Yu Zheng, but Fu Wenduo was able to spot her abnormality at a glance when he fought her.

Tang Mo nodded, "If they are injured, they should not come back to attack so soon. They didn't get the benefit of the doubt today, so at least they won't make their next move until Ruan Wangshu and Yu Zheng have recovered from their injuries."

The chances of Chosen sneaking in again tonight are less than 30%, but in Tang Mo's mind, the chances of them not attacking are 10%.

"Ruan Wangshu is a smart man and it only took him five minutes to realise that the boots we were both wearing were props and could resist gravity. He wouldn't have rushed into another attack."

Fu Wenduo also agrees with Tang Mo's view.

Fu Wensheng hugged his legs; it was still a bit cold in Beijing at the end of March. Looking at the two circles on the ground, he couldn't help but say, "I didn't expect the boss of the Chosen to be so young, he looks about the same as me."

Tang Mo reminisces for a moment. The resemblance between Ruan Wangshu and Fu Wensheng is striking.

Tang Mo: "He's like fourteen and you're twelve. You're kind of the same age."

Tang Mo has not seen many young children since Earth came online. In such a brutal apocalyptic environment, except for a very few people like Ruan Wangshu, whose powers are unbelievable and who have also been physically strengthened to a terrifying degree, other children, although physically strengthened, are ultimately weaker than adults.

Physical strengthening also builds on the original foundation. A child and an adult who are physically strengthened to the same extent will be much weaker than the adult. This is because in all aspects, whether in terms of strength, speed, explosive power, etc., a child is indeed far weaker than an adult.

Ruan Wangshu is an anomaly and no comparison can be drawn with him.

Fu Wensheng muttered, "Although we are the same age, I don't look anything like him. Except for the similarity in age, we don't resemble each other anywhere."

"There is another similarity."

Fu Xiaodi looks up at his big brother.

Fu Wenduo is sitting against the wall, with Fu Xiaodi sitting between him and Tang Mo. Fu Wenduo tilted his head up and leaned against the wall, glanced down at Fu Xiaodi and said lightly, "You are as short as he is."

Fu Wensheng: "......"

Tang Mo: "......"


Fu Wensheng held his head in silence for half a day and played with the earth in a resigned manner.

Tang Mo thought about it and said, "Xiao Sheng is actually quite tall, boys are slow to develop. He'll grow up in a few years. That Ruan Wangshu is a bit shorter." Well, it was Ruan Wangshu who was too short, but compared to his peers, their children were still quite tall.

Fu Wenduo: "I was 5'7" when I was 12 years old."

Tang Mo: "......"

Fu Wensheng: "......"

You're holding your tongue!

Although Fu Xiaodi did not dare to retort due to his big brother's lustful authority, the tension between the three of them was much lessened after this. Tang Mo gave Fu Wenduo a quiet look, suspecting that Fu Wenduo was deliberately changing the subject and making a joke to get everyone to relax. But there were only three of them there. Fu Xiaodi, being the target of the attack, could not laugh. Tang Mo couldn't get the hang of Fu Wenduo's straight joke either ...... ahem, couldn't get the hang of Fu Wenduo's very straight gay joke.

After a few moments, Tang Mo settled down and said seriously, " The black tower version 4.0 update, you've heard it all."

Fu Wenduo pursed his lips, and Fu Xiaodi's face grew serious.

Tang Mo: "From version 2.0 to 3.0, both times The black tower has been updated, it has given a few days' notice, giving a specific time and content for the update. But this time, it suddenly said it was going to be updated, and then suddenly stopped." Tang Mo focuses on the unfamiliar name: "China Zone 3, Player Mu Hui. I've never heard of that name before."

There are only four players in the whole of China that are well known.

Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, and Ruan Wangshu and Yu Zheng, who have just cleared The black tower level 2 difficulty mode.

These are the four people who have been announced by The black tower and are known to players around the world, but Mukai is a complete stranger.

Tang Mo's tone is solemn: "The black tower sings a song specifically for him. It mentions Sleeping Beauty, Granny Wolf, Queen of Hearts and the circus. The black tower has only sung to one player since Earth went live." Tang Mo looks up at Fu Wenduo.

Six months ago, The black tower had just launched and Fu Wenduo opened the tower attack game on the third day, surprising The black tower with an excited Thanksgiving rhyme to thank Fu Wenduo for opening the tower attack game. But since then, no player has been able to get The black tower to sing specifically.

Mourning back is the second.

Tang Mo's fingers tap on his knee as he closes his eyes in contemplation.

Fu Wensheng: "If you're the first person in the world to pass The black tower level 2 and The black tower level 3, you can't even get The black tower to sing exclusively. This Mukai must have done something very important to get The black tower to sing and also to enable The black tower to update. But the update failed, so he must have run into some kind of problem."

What else is important enough to make The black tower look the other way now?

It is not surprising that Fu Wenduo, the first player in the world to clear the second level of The black tower, and Andrei, the first Russian player to clear the third level of The black tower, have only received three global notifications of The black tower.

"He cleared the fourth floor of The black tower."

Tang Mo's eyes opened abruptly and he looked at Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wensheng was surprised: "How is that possible. The first person in China to clear the third floor of The black tower was Brother Tang, who only cleared it yesterday. Could it be that Mu Hui was right behind Brother Tang and he cleared the third floor just after Brother Tang cleared the third floor? And then he cleared four levels in one day?"

Tang Mo said calmly, "It's not impossible to get through the fourth floor of The black tower, as long as you get through the third floor of The black tower after me, you won't be announced by The black tower. But the third point, before The black tower made its announcement, only flashed twice. If that means the number of people worldwide who have cleared The black tower level three, that's two." He and Russian player Andrei.

Tang Mo paused, knowing why Fu Wenduo had guessed that his opponent had cleared the fourth floor of The black tower.

"Sleeping Beauty, Granny Wolf, Queen of Hearts and the Circus. The black tower would not name these four locations for no reason, they should have a deeper meaning. Assuming that Mu Hui has really cleared the four levels of The black tower, then these four locations are probably his four tower attacks." Tang Mo thought for a long time and looked up at Fu Wenduo, "So ...... stowaways, preppers, full players, The black tower all said. Three stowaways died on the road, two reserves were eaten down, and one official player attacked the tower without effort."

"Outside of those three, there's only Mu Hui. The black tower likes you."

Tang Mo said word for word, "What is a stowaway, a reserve, a full player ...... mu back?"


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