Chapter 127: Viktor

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According to the previous ranking rules for each region, China 3 is most likely to be Guangzhou.

Before today, The black tower had never broadcast any news about Guangzhou, and Tang Mo had never met a player from China 3 in The black tower game. Tang Mo takes the thin wire from Fu Wenduo and draws three circles on the ground. Fu Wenduo and Fu Wensheng knew right away that these three circles meant Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

Tang Mo wrote down the time it took to clear the three levels of The black tower, and then wrote down the time it took for The black tower announcement to return to its name.

Fu Wensheng looked at the two times and wondered, "It's less than 20 hours. Normally, it is impossible for a player to clear the third and fourth floors of The black tower in 20 hours. If he was that strong, he would have been discovered by The black tower long ago, how come he was not broadcasted globally by The black tower until now."

"The flow of time is not necessarily equal." Fu Wenduo's low voice rang out and the crowd immediately looked at him. Fu Wenduo said, "In your game of The black tower, you entered the game for five days, but in the game, you felt that only one day had passed. Time doesn't flow at the same rate. It's 20 hours for Earth, it could be 20 days for The black tower."

Tang Mo nods, "It's possible."

It's not impossible for Mukai to get through the fourth floor of The black tower, it's just extremely unlikely. This question is unanswerable for the moment, even if they don't even know whether the player is male or female. Tang Mo put the matter aside and the three of them continued to discuss the suspension of the The black tower update.

The black tower 4.0 will definitely be updated, but I don't know if the next one will be as sudden as today, without giving players any time to prepare.

"In any case, be prepared. I have a feeling," Tang Mo said calmly, under the influence of his psychic powers, "that the next update won't be easy. It might have something to do with players getting past the fourth level of The black tower. Not many players have cleared the tower now, but in six days, The black tower will force all players around the world who have not played the tower in three months to do so. At that point, there will be as many players who fail as there are who succeed. There will probably be a large number of players who will have cleared the third level of The black tower. Closer to the fourth level of The black tower."

Tang Mo looks at Fu Wenduo, who also looks at him. They did not speak, but they understood each other's meaning.

The Tower Attack game in six days' time is a big hurdle for the surviving players on Earth.

With the exception of those who have participated in The Last Man's Trash Game, all other players in the region who have not attacked the tower in three months will not escape this fate. After this game, all players in the world must have cleared at least one level of The black tower, the weak are eliminated and the strong are left.

Tang Mo: "If I were them, I wouldn't choose to be forced into a tower attack game by The black tower after six days."

Fu Wenduo said indifferently, " The black tower is a triple iron rule, please all players try to attack the tower."

Tang Mo looked up at the other man, the corner of his mouth curled up in a helpless sigh, "I hope they understand. The black tower is not purely a machine when it can sift through the endbringers and start the endbringer sweep. It requires players to attack the tower, and players who have literally never actively attacked the tower since Earth went online and evaded it until now ...... then that tower attack game in six days might be even more difficult."

When Fu Xiaodi heard this, his mouth opened to say something, but he finally closed it.

Five months have passed since Earth went live. Players who have not started a tower attack game in five months are either too weak to notice The black tower, or too weak to have the courage to attack it. These two types of players don't necessarily know the difference between an "active tower" and a "passive tower", and even if they do, they don't necessarily have the courage to take the initiative.

The three men leaned against the cold wall, shrinking their bodies into the darkness and resting with their eyes closed.

Fu Wensheng was really asleep, while Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were in better shape and did not feel sleepy. They appeared to be resting with their eyes closed, but in fact their spirits were tense all the time. Tang Mo listened carefully to the movements around him, not even the slightest sound of the wind escaped him. He said that the Chosen would not attack tonight, but nothing was certain. If Ruan Wangshu wasn't as sensible as he thought and did attack, they had to be prepared.

The faint sound of a child's breathing rings out. At midnight Tang Mo stands up and cautiously walks to the wall. He looked down at a section of a branch blown down by the wind, and stared warily for a long time before dropping his heart and walking back. Before he could sit down, he looked down and saw that Fu Wenduo had opened his eyes at some point and was looking at him.

Tang Mo's breath caught as his dark eyes locked on his own, and he walked back with a calm expression. He wanted to sit where he had been, but Fu Wensheng was not sleeping very well and had fallen to the floor, taking the place he had previously occupied.

Tang Mo stops still.

Fu Wenduo tapped the seat beside him and he moved to the side: "Here."

The man's low voice was a little nice in the cold, late night. Tang Mo sat over without changing his face. The position of the three men changed from " Tang Mo, Fu Xiaodi and Fu Wenduo " to " Fu Xiaodi, Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo ".

Tang Mo sits down and realises that the place is a little cramped and he feels a heat on his shoulders. The two shoulders rested together and Tang Mo's lips parted as he tried to move to the side, but there was no room and if he moved any further his body would be exposed to the moonlight.

"It feels like you've darkened a bit?"

Tang Mo was struggling with how exactly to get away from this man when he suddenly heard a voice and he faltered slightly, "...... darker?"

Fu Wenduo looks sideways at Tang Mo: "There is a little bit of it. On his forehead, it's more obvious." As he said that, Fu Wenduo suddenly reached out his hand and plucked the hair off Tang Mo's forehead. Tang Mo didn't expect him to touch it, so his eyes widened and he froze in place. Fu Wenduo ran his hand through the hair, then, after a moment of surprise, wiped Tang Mo's forehead with his fingers.

"It does go black, what is it?"

Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo's fingers and saw that there was a little bit of black on his long fingers, which had obviously just been rubbed off Tang Mo's face. Tang Mo was surprised, too, as he went up to smell it and understood at once: "It smells burnt. Ah, it's probably from the fire I was in for a few hours ...... being smoked in the Elven Savannah?"

A stifled laugh escaped Fu Wenduo's throat, which he quickly stifled.

Tang Mo: "......"

There was nothing he could do, he couldn't outrun the fire, so he had to draw himself into a trap and spend several hours in the fire. If Tang Mo's health had not improved, he would have been choked to death by the smoke and cooked alive by the fire. Now he's only slightly blackened, and that's the best that can be said for him.

Tang Mo thought about how Fu Wenduo would react to this. In the end he came to the conclusion that this guy might as well be him!

Suddenly, Fu Xiaodi spoke in a dreamy voice.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo are immediately startled, and when they look at the children, they are asleep again.

Tang Mo: "...... Your brother has a good heart."

Fu Wenduo was nonchalant: "It's stupid."

Tang Mo also wanted to save face for Fu Xiaodi: "After all, she's young."

Fu Wenduo thought about it and gave his brother some face: "Not stupid, just silly."

Tang Mo: "......"

He did his best!

Tang Mo actually envies Fu Wensheng for being able to sleep peacefully under such circumstances. He can't sleep at all. As soon as he closes his eyes, there's the Chosen Group hunting him down, the mysterious player Mu Hui, and The black tower's abrupt 4.0 update. The more he thinks about it, the more he feels a headache, but he can't just forget about it.

"You said that you used to be a librarian?"

Tang Mo: "Yeah, what's up."

Fu Wenduo nods slightly: "I used to go to the Beijing City Library to read books." After a pause, he adds, "Before I was eighteen."

Tang Mo understood what he meant. Fu Wenduo hadn't joined the army until he was eighteen, when he was probably just an ordinary high school student like most people. Tang Mo asked, "What kind of books do you like to read?"

"Armaments, weapons, warfare."

Tang Mo: "......" There's nothing fucking ordinary about this!

Fu Wenduo: "What about you?"

Tang Mo's hobbies are very popular: "I read more literature, and computers. I wanted to study computer science as an undergraduate, but I didn't get enough marks."

"Computers? You like playing with computers?"

I don't know why, but Tang Mo didn't think too much of it, and the two of them got to talking next to the sleeping Fu Wensheng.

"You don't play on the computer? Oh yeah, are there no computers in the army."

Fu Wenduo: "Yes, but generally only on the intranet. Except for special cases."

Tang Mo queried, "Special circumstances?"

Fu Wenduo said lightly, "I can go online if I want to."

"...... You're considered a special case?"

Fu Wenduo curled his lips without moving, "My fist is considered a special case."

Tang Mo: "......"

Fu Wenduo didn't make it too clear, but Tang Mo thought the man was joking again. It was clear from the first glance that he was a man of principle, so how could he really talk with his fists and break the rules? The joke wasn't very funny either, and Tang Mo touched his chilled arm before finally relenting, "Are you not very good at telling jokes?"

This time it was Fu Wenduo's turn to be silent. After a long time, he asked, "Isn't it funny?"

Tang Mo is very sincere: "It's not funny."

Fu Wenduo: "I tried my best."

Tang Mo: "I can see that."

Both men looked at each other and couldn't help but laugh.

"I'm better at playing games." Fu Wenduo speaks seemingly unintentionally, "I play a bit of games when I'm online, apart from contacting the necessary people." As he said this, his eyes quietly surveyed Tang Mo.

Tang Mo stares ahead with his arms in his hands, not noticing Fu Wenduo's meaningful look. He said casually, "You guys play games too? I thought you guys were more out of touch with the outside world. What kind of games do you usually play?"

Fu Wenduo did not say anything as he stared intently at Tang Mo. Tang Mo noticed his gaze and turned his head to look at him strangely, "What's wrong?"

Fu Wenduo: "Nothing, I usually ......"

"Ah! Brother Tang, Brother Tang, help me!" A shrill voice cut through the night, and Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were stunned in unison.

Fu Xiaodi was covered in sweat when he opened his eyes and saw Fu Wenduo. He was so frightened that he swallowed his mouth and fled towards Tang Mo. As he fled, he muttered, "My meat doesn't taste good, it doesn't taste good at all!"

Fu Wenduo: "......"

Tang Mo: "......"

Look how frightened the child is, what a psychological shock!

As the day dawns, Fu Wenduo walks out of the building to check the surroundings and make sure there are no Chosen men in ambush outside. Tang Mo and Fu Wensheng pack up their things and prepare to leave. Because of the nightmare in the morning, Fu Xiaodi is uncomfortable and doesn't dare to look at his big brother, and can't even open his mouth to talk to Tang Mo.

It was only after Fu Wenduo had left that the child said, "Brother Tang, I'm sorry, that was an accident this morning."

Tang Mo waved her hand, "I know." I know how horrible your brother is in your mind.

Fu Wensheng heard his off-color comment and hurriedly explained, "That's because you don't know what my brother was like in the past. Really, before he joined the army, he was much worse than he is now. He was particularly bad, always bullying me. And I don't know what's wrong with him, obviously I'm young, but every time the adults think it's my fault and I'm always scolded."

Tang Mo had no idea that there was such a side to Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wensheng is very upset: "My brother is very bad, really, he used to be very bad. But after my uncle died he went to the army, and when he came back he was a little better. But he's still very bad." Fu Wensheng thought for a moment, "Whenever he used to bully me, he used to buy me model planes in secret to make up for it, and my parents didn't like me playing with planes. He doesn't bully me much now, but the little planes are gone too."

Tang Mo: "......" So you were trying to get your brother to bully you?

Tang Mo is getting more and more confused about the minds of children nowadays, it's even harder to guess than women's minds!

Fu Wensheng hugged his backpack and whispered, "But it's not easy for big brother either."

There are a few people in this world who have it easy. Tang Mo didn't say a word and continued to collect things in silence.

Fu Wensheng said to himself, "I remember that my elder brother was ready to go abroad to study, but then he didn't go. Although he didn't have much education, he graduated from high school, but his English was quite good." Tang Mo didn't know where to begin, was the child's comment a compliment or a disservice to Fu Wenduo? "Brother Tang, I actually have an English name too. I don't want to be called Big Joe, can I change my English name?"

Only then did Tang Mo realise that Fu Wensheng was trying to change his code name.

Tang Mo changed his name to Donji and Fu Wenduo to Viktor to avoid being recognised. Fu Wensheng was the only one who didn't have a choice, and Fu Wenduo was the only one to say, "Your name is Da Qiao.

Fu Wensheng took the opportunity to say, "You both have normal names, why am I the only one with a woman's name? I want to use an English name like my brother, my English name is nice too, David. Brother Tang, talk to my brother, I'm afraid to talk to him."

Tang Mo was about to say "I can't control your brother's decision, but I'll ask for you" when he suddenly stopped moving and looked up at Fu Wensheng with an odd expression: "...... Your brother's name is Viktor?"

Fu Wensheng, rightfully so: "Yeah."


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