Chapter 125: The black tower likes you, The black tower likes you

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The terrifying fivefold force of gravity suddenly crushed Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's shoulders with the speed of lightning. It was as if they had been crushed by a heavy mountain, and Tang Mo dropped to one knee, bracing his hands on the ground to ensure that he did not fall to the ground from the force. He clenched his teeth and turned his head to look.

At the entrance to the courtyard, a pale skinned teenager stared at him with an icy gaze. His hands were pressed into the ground, making no extra movements, the earth trembling slightly under his hands.

Ruan Wangshu.

The name immediately came to Tang Mo's mind.

Seeing Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo in a sorry state, Qi Heng laughed angrily, "I'll see how you can run away this time!" With these words, Qi Heng pulled out a dagger from his waist. He did not come at Tang Mo and the others, but slashed at the back of Ruan Wangshu's hand. Blood gushed out, and Qi Heng licked the blood from the blade before rushing forward.

In the entire courtyard, Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Yu Zheng were all pressed by gravity. Qi Heng, however, seemed unaffected, as he stomped to the ground and darted straight at Tang Mo like a bolt of lightning.

"Last time didn't count, this time I'll kill you!"

Under the pressure of gravity, Tang Mo rolls backwards, avoiding the blow. Qi Heng turns his head and rushes back.

Qi Heng, who is not restrained by gravity, is extremely fast and decisive, and his moves are as intense as rain. Tang Mo struggled to avoid his attacks time and time again, dodging and dodging, and was soon cornered. On the other side, Lian Yu Zheng tried to run towards Ruan Wangshu, but Fu Wenduo did not allow her to do so and stopped her.

The woman's fighting skills are amazing. She and Fu Wenduo fought to a standstill when they were both pressed by gravity. However, she was still a step behind. Fu Wenduo swept a leg into the lower part of Lian Yu Zheng's body and she leapt with her hands on the ground to avoid it. She subconsciously bends down to avoid Fu Wenduo's next punch, but instead of throwing a punch, Fu Wenduo swings his right hand and a sharp, black weapon immediately appears under his arm.

Practising Yu Zheng's face sank and she hurriedly leapt backwards, but the black sharp object had already cut through her cheek, revealing a sliver of white bone. Blood quickly stained her entire face.

Ruan Wangshu narrows his eyes and looks grimly at the black sharpshooter that changes in Fu Wenduo's right hand. With a sneer, he pressed harder against the ground. The gravity instantly doubled again. A full six times the force of gravity caused Fu Wenduo's entire body to sink downwards, his shoes embedding themselves in the ground by a centimetre.

Qi Heng saw Tang Mo, unstable by gravity, bent at the waist. He laughed out loud and drew his knife. Just as his knife was about to pierce Tang Mo's arm, Tang Mo suddenly stood up straight and moved quickly to the side. Qi Heng's knife only cut through Tang Mo's sleeve.

Qi Heng was startled, thinking that it had just been an accident, and he attacked again. Three seconds later, however, he realised something was wrong: "Head! He's not affected by your psychic powers anymore!"

Ruan Wangshu immediately looked at Tang Mo, before he could get a good look, only to hear Lian Yuzheng also grit his teeth and say, " Fu Wenduo is also unaffected." With that, she dodged Fu Wenduo's attack with difficulty under the pressure of six times the gravity and fell to the ground in a mess.

A look of dismay crossed the teenager's sickly pale face and the next moment Ruan Wangshu, without hesitation, released his hands from the ground and rushed forward.

The pressure of gravity suddenly disappears in this moment.

Ruan Wangshu and Yu Zheng joined forces and attacked Fu Wenduo from the left and right in a tacit agreement. Qi Heng was alone with Tang Mo. The five of them fought back and forth in the courtyard, the sound of heavy blows ringing out. Fu Xiaodi had already found a place to hide and was quietly observing everything.

Fu Wenduo gradually gained the upper hand.

Yu Zheng's fighting skills are impressive, but she has no experience in combat and is still not as good as Fu Wenduo. Ruan Wangshu also seems to be injured, and his limbs are moving in an uncoordinated manner. Originally, their plan was for Ruan Wangshu to use his gravity suppression powers to limit Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's movements, and for Yu Zheng and Qi Heng to capture and even kill them. But who would have thought that these two men would not be controlled by gravity?

Ruan Wangshu attacked while sweeping his icy gaze over Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

It wasn't a psychic power. Fu Wenduo wasn't able to resist his psychic power five months ago, and there's no way he can now. This Tang Mo's psychic ability is a rubber rope and has nothing to do with disarming gravity. What is it that allows two players to resist the pressure of gravity at the same time and not be affected by it ......

"Props! It's the same prop. Find that prop." Ruan Wangshu gave a quick order.

Qi Heng and Lian Yu Zheng paused slightly as they attacked again and began to notice something odd about Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's bodies. Soon, Lian Yu Zheng noticed, "Fu Wenduo's soles are glowing."

Qi Heng looked down, "The same goes for the boy's shoes."

Surprisingly, it's a shoe!

Ruan Wangshu immediately understood that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's shoes were odd, and that they must be resistant to gravity. These shoes are unbelievably powerful, and as a The black tower prop, there must be a certain limit to their use, such as only one hour per day. If they survived the use of the shoes and gravity worked again on these two men, they should be able to defeat each other. But they can't risk it.

One Fu Wenduo is scary enough, add to that the unpredictable Tang Mo, who can cause a bug in The black tower.

Ruan Wangshu's mind works quickly and in the blink of an eye he has made up his mind to retreat first. But just as he was about to tell his teammates to run away, he saw Tang Mo retract his pink parasol and leap into mid-air, stabbing Qi Heng from above and downwards. Qi Heng sidestepped it, but Tang Mo's parasol had not yet fallen. A thought came to Ruan Wangshu's mind and he pressed the ground with one hand as fast as he could.


Tang Mo was caught off guard by the force of gravity as it slammed into the ground again.

It was all so sudden that Qi Heng didn't even react. But Ruan Wangshu's eyes slowly brightened. The corners of his mouth curled up a little, and his voice, which hadn't quite changed, was clear and pleasant as he laughed lowly, "So, is this it ......"

As soon as Tang Mo's feet touched the ground, the terrible gravity pressing down on his shoulders disappeared once again.

Tang Mo pursed his lips as he lifted his head and for the first time met the head of this Chosen organisation on all fours.

Before meeting him, Fu Wenduo had told him that the leader of Chosen was only fourteen years old and a junior high school student. But it was this junior high school student, who was only six metres tall, that put Tang Mo under a lot of psychological pressure at this moment. The cold, mature look in his eyes made Tang Mo's heart tighten, and he knew that his opponent must have found out about the restrictions on the use of the shoes.

[Props: Magic Shoes]

[Owned by: Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo]


[Function: Wearing these magical shoes, you can ignore gravity and walk on any flat surface at will. For example, ceiling, water surface, etc.]

The Iron Shoemaker's shoes allow Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo to ignore gravity and be unaffected by any gravity, but only if they are standing on some flat surface. The earth is a plane, the water is a plane, but there is no plane in the air. If Ruan Wangshu finds a moment to use his powers every time their feet leave the ground, the situation can be reversed in an instant.

Tang Mo never put his hopes on the enemy's mistakes, and he decided that Ruan Wangshu had already discovered this. He turned his head to Fu Wenduo: "Go!"

Drinking Ruan Wangshu's blood can resist his gravity effect for a certain period of time. Five months ago Fu Wenduo used this technique to fight Ruan Wangshu and Qi Heng to a draw. This time, however, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were on the receiving end of a surprise attack. Tang Mo was unwilling to take any chances and decided to leave first. Ruan Wangshu did not allow them to do so.

"Knock them into the air!"

When the order was given, Yu Zheng and Qi Heng attacked Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo in unison, regardless of the reason. They kept attacking their legs, forcing them to jump into mid-air. Ruan Wangshu's reflexes are so fast that he uses his powers immediately when Tang Mo has only half a second to get his feet off the ground.

Tang Mo fell to the ground once more, propping himself up on one hand as he looked coldly at the teenager.


Tang Mo leaves Qi Heng behind and heads straight for Ruan Wangshu without looking back. Ruan Wangshu turned to the side to avoid Tang Mo's attack, but the next thing he knew, a blast of hot fire was smashing into his face. Ruan Wangshu's eyes widened as he struggled to avoid the blast, his hair scorched by the flames. He exclaimed, "Your powers aren't rubber ropes?!"

Tang Mo did not answer his words and attacked again.

Qi Heng said in annoyance, "Your opponent is me!" With that he also rushed over.

For a while, the three were entangled in a tussle.

With Tang Mo distracting Ruan Wangshu, he stopped using his gravity powers so often. The situation changed once again, as Tang Mo's constant stream of powers took Ruan Wangshu and Qi Heng by surprise, and the two of them combined their arms to fail to block Tang Mo's attacks. The unguarded attack was so fierce that one minute they were dodging a blaze, the next a gale of wind. Combined with Ruan Wangshu's wounded and slowed movements, Tang Mo quickly gained the upper hand.

On the other side, Fu Wenduo gradually overpowered Lian Yu Zheng. While Yu Zheng's body was covered in blood, Fu Wenduo was only slightly injured.

Ten more minutes and Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo will not be able to use their magic shoes. But these ten minutes are also difficult for the three Chosen ones. The five made their decision almost at the same time: to leave first.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other, certain of each other's thoughts. Without moving, they continued to attack the Chosen Three. Both sides were looking for a chance to end this dangerous battle.

As time passed, Tang Mo kicked Qi Heng in the chest and used his strength to run to the entrance of the courtyard.

After Fu Wenduo had knocked Yu Zheng out of the way, he took his foot off the ground and grabbed Fu Wensheng by the collar, who was hiding in the house.

Ruan Wangshu stopped him when Qi Heng tried to chase after him in anger.

The five of them froze in place.

As the sun slowly sets, only half a circle of the setting sun remains on the horizon. The sun pours down on a huge black tower in the middle of Beijing, its dark body reflecting a faint glow. The tower was less than a kilometre away from the five men, and Fu Wensheng was the first to notice the anomaly, saying with dismay, "What's that?"

Tang Mo immediately turned his head to look at The black tower. The crowd turned their heads in unison to look.

At the top of the giant The black tower, near the apex, a small white bright spot suddenly flashed. It flickered so fast, thousands of times in a matter of seconds, that Tang Mo's dynamic vision was unable to see how many times it had jumped. This familiar sight startled Tang Mo, as did several other people in the room.

After the first white dot has finished flashing, comes the second.

This time, the white dot flashed much slower and it finished flashing as Tang Mo counted in his mind: 8314 strokes.

Then there is a third white dot.

The black tower was updated 10 days ago with three white dots. The first one flashes nearly 10,000 times and the second one flashes over 300 times. The third white dot only flashed twice and dimmed before it was fully illuminated. Tang Mo looks at The black tower steadily, waiting for the third white dot to light up. This time, the third white dot lights up twice in full. It didn't dim or fade, it flashed every second, two times in total.

Tang Mo understood in a flash: the third white dot represents the third floor of The black tower.

According to Tang Mo's previous speculation, each white dot means a floor of The black tower. There are currently two people worldwide who have passed all three levels of The black tower. Russia's player was the first to do so, and he was the second.

But The black tower isn't about to be updated, so why is it suddenly flashing white now?

Tang Mo's heart swells with a sense of foreboding as he stares unblinkingly at The black tower. After two flashes of the third white dot, The black tower didn't even stop! A fourth white dot slowly lights up and flickers just below the third.

Tang Mo's eyes widened in astonishment at the white dot.

The next moment, a loud and pleasant music starts to play and The black tower glows with colourful light.

"Tick tock, sleeping beauty kisses you.

Tic-tac-toe, Granny Wolf wants to eat you.

Tick tock, Queen of Hearts envy you.

Tic-tac-toe, the circus needs you."

The white light did not attract the attention of all humans, with less than a hundred players worldwide noticing the unusual white light. However, when The black tower started singing, all players around the world turned their attention to the ever-silent The black tower.

In every corner of the world, tens of thousands of The black tower glowed in colour and sang in delighted unison -

"Three three stowaways, dead on the road.

Two two preppies, being eaten down the gullet.

One by one, official players, attacking towers without effort.

Only you, only you.

Tick tock, The black tower like you, The black tower like you."

A clear child's voice repeats " The black tower likes you" four times before the sound stops abruptly and the glow stops abruptly. Then, a loud voice was heard around the world -

"Dingdong! China Zone 3 player Mu Hui ......"

The black tower's voice suddenly stops.

The air seemed to stand still, and everything was silent again. The black tower's announcement came suddenly, the rhyme was sung suddenly, but it ended even more suddenly. It had just finished half a sentence when it said no more. Tang Mo squeezed his fingers together and waited for The black tower to say more. After a minute, The black tower's mechanical voice rings out -

"Dingdong! 27 March 2018, Data error, The black tower version 4.0 update stopped."

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